Reader Participation Day

Reader Participation Day: Will Gas Prices Affect Your Plans To Visit A Park This Summer?

The year began with a gloomy outlook for travel, with forecasts of $5 per gallon or more for gas all summer. Recent price trends, however, have been downward, with the latest predictions for a national average price of $3.79 per gallon—not much different from 2011. Will the ups and downs of gas prices affect your plans to visit a park this summer?

Reader Participation Day: How Long Should Park Personnel Look For Someone Reported Missing?

Earlier this year rangers searched extensively for two men In Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The searches went on for about a week without success. Which brings up this question: How long or how hard should park personnel look for someone reported missing?

Reader Participation Day: What Should The National Park Service Work On Leading Up To 2016?

It's National Park Week, a time to celebrate the national parks and get out and enjoy them. But it should also be a time for you to ponder the future of the National Park System. With that in mind, what do you think the National Park Service should focus on leading up to its centennial in 2016?

Reader Participation Day: Where Do You Find The Best Meals In, Or Near, The National Park System?

While many national park concessionaires are working to raise the level of their culinary creations, not all are rising as fast as others. But there are some great meals out there, both in and nearby the national parks. What meals and restaurants would you recommend to your friends?

Reader Participation Day: Do You Read Nevada Barr's National Park-Based Anna Pigeon Mysteries?

Nevada Barr is the premier writer of novels dealing with national parks and the people who manage, work in, and protect them. If you've read any of the best-selling author's 17 Anna Pigeon Mysteries, please let us know what you think of them.

Reader Participation Day: Should Locals have More Say about a National Park Issue than Others?

Should locals living around a National Park have more say on an issue affecting a Park than other Americans?

Reader Participation Day: What National Park Place Names Should Be Changed?

Place names in long-standing public use are seldom changed, but it does happen from time to time. What named places in the national parks should be given different names? Should we re-name any of the 397 national parks?

Reader Participation Day: Does Availability of Cell Phone Service Affect Your Decision to Visit a Park?

Are you anxious about being out of cell phone contact during a park visit? Would you actually decide to skip a trip to a park just because the answer to "can you hear me now?" is ..."no"?

Reader Participation Day: Should You Keep On Clicking To Earn A Donation For Your Favorite Park?

Companies are pitting one national park friends group against another before donating money. Is clicking on a website or Facebook page the best way for them to help our parks?

Reader Participation Day: Has the Presence of Pythons Changed the Way You Feel About Visiting Everglades National Park?

The National Park Service believes that the big pythons that now living in Everglades National Park are very unlikely to harm visitors. Has the presence of the pythons changed the way you feel about visiting Everglades National Park?

Reader Participation Day: Have You Ever Called A National Park In Search of Information?

GRSM-Cherokee Mac's Indian Village
Have you ever called a national park for specific information? What was the response and the quality of information you were given?

Reader Participation Day: What is the Most Romantic Place in the National Park System?

Where's the most romantic place in the National Park System to spend the most romantic day of the year?

Reader Participation Day: Which Park has the Most Scenic Picnic Area?

Picnicking is a popular activity in parks across the country, and there are plenty of great spots to enjoy a meal with a view. Which picnic area gets your vote for the most scenic in the National Park System?

Reader Participation Day: Did The Stimulus Work Conquer All the Infrastructure Needs of Your Favorite Park?

Much has been made of the more than $750 million that was infused into the National Park System courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. But did that cash solve all the infrastructure woes in your favorite national park?

Reader Participation Day: When Do You Feel You've "Done" a National Park?

When do you feel you've done a park? Is it when you've been to the visitor center? Spent a day walking its trails?

Reader Participation Day: What's On Your National Park Reading List?

Throughout the year we get a fair number of books related to the national parks for review, but we couldn't possibly keep track of all new -- or old, but good stalwarts -- books with park connections. Which books would you recommend to park lovers?

Reader Participation Day: Rewrite a National Park Warning Sign

Haiku warning signs
Can haiku, limericks, and poems improve on national park warning signs? We're inviting national park travelers to give it a try.

Reader Participation Day: Why Are National Parks So Controversial?

Why are national parks so dang controversial?

Reader Participation Day: Do Your Holiday Plans Include a Visit to a National Park?

The combination of time off from work or school and an appealing destination will entice some Americans to spend at least part of the upcoming holidays in a park. For some it's an annual tradition; for others it's a special, one-time trip. Does a visit to a national park figure into your holiday plans?

Reader Participation Day: Which Is Your Favorite "Historical" National Park?

Tell us, travelers, which is your favorite "historic" or "historical" unit of the National Park System, and why?

Reader Participation Day: Should Economics Be Considered When Adding Units To The National Park System?

When Fort Monroe National Monument and Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park were added to the National Park System recently, officials touted their economic benefits. Which has the Traveler wondering: Should economics be a factor when considering the merits of potential units of the park system?

Reader Participation Day: Is The Current Level Of Visitation To National Parks A Concern?

Latest visitation figures show that tourism to the National Park System dipped somewhat in 2010, dropping from 285.5 million in 2009 to 281.3 million last year. Is that a concern?

Reader Participation Day: How Do You Decide Which National Parks To Visit?

With the snows of winter on their way, most people are bringing an end to this year's travels and looking ahead to 2012. Which has us wondering: How do you decide which national parks to put on your travel calendar?

Reader Participation Day: Where Do You Go To See Fall Colors In The National Parks...And To Flee the Crowds?

It's easy to name colorful parks come fall. Acadia National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Shenandoah National Park are just three. But where do you go to see spectacular fall colors...without the crowds?

Reader Participation Day: What National Parks In Other Countries Are On Your Agenda?

The United States has not cornered the market on national parks. While it did start the national park movement with Yellowstone back in 1872, many other countries have set aside many spectacular parks. Which has us wondering, which parks abroad are you hoping to visit?

Reader Participation Day: Should More American-Made Products Be Available for Purchase in America's National Parks?

Most souvenirs and other durable goods sold in national park bookstores and concessions are imported. Do you think it's important to offer a greater selection of American-made products?

Reader Participation Day: What Was Your Most Memorable Ranger-Led Experience in the National Parks This Year?

What was your most memorable ranger-led activity in the National Park System this year?

Reader Participation Day: Do Grizzly Attacks Have You Leery of Hiking in Yellowstone National Park?

With two fatal grizzly maulings in Yellowstone National Park this summer, it's understandable if some feel intimidated about hiking in the park's backcountry. Would you cancel a hike because of those incidents?

Reader Participation Day: How Many National Parks Do You Want To Visit In Your Lifetime?

Is 'bagging all of the national parks' a goal you've set for yourself?

Reader Participation Day: Are you a VIP (Volunteer in the Parks)?

Danny in the Smokies
Volunteers are an integral part of the functioning in national parks. We want to know if you're a Volunteer In the Parks.
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