Reader Participation Day

Reader Participation Day: What's Your Solution When the Weather Doesn't Cooperate During Your Trip?

Any park traveler knows that sooner or later Mother Nature will dish out a generous and sometimes unexpected helping of rain, snow, bone-chilling cold or scorching heat on your park vacation. When that happens, what's your approach to salvaging the trip?

Reader Participation Day: What If You Could Wave a Magic Wand?

What would you cause to happen for the benefit of the National Park System with just one wave of your magic wand?

Reader Participation Day: How Should National Parks Handle Overgrown Vistas?

How should national parks deal with vegetation that has grown up and, in some cases, altered landscapes or blocked views?

Reader Participation Day: Would You Stop Donating To the Parks If You Lost the Tax Deduction?

Would you still contribute to charitable organizations such as the National Park Foundation and park friends groups if you couldn't deduct the donation on your income taxes?

Reader Participation Day: What Lures You To Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Fall Colors Or Backcountry Trails?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is renowned for its fall colors...and it's also famous for its hundreds and hundreds of miles of backcountry trails. Which do you base a Great Smoky trip around?

Reader Participation Day: Do National Parks Provide Ample Wildlife Warnings to Visitors?

In the wake of last week's fatal grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone National Park, and last fall's fatal goring by a mountain goat of a hiker in Olympic National Park, are park officials doing enough to educate visitors on wildlife?

Reader Participation Day: What Brings You To Yellowstone, Wildlife Or Water Works?

When you sit down to plan your vacation to Yellowstone National Park, do you think first of where best you can view wildlife, or strategize how best to visit all of the park's geothermal areas?

Reader Participation Day: Where Do You Find The Best Art In the National Park System?

Where do you find the best art in the National Park System? We're not talking about cheap, foreign trinkets, but nice artful objects that you take home, and put on display, and which trigger memories of your visit when you gaze at them.

Reader Participation Day: Have Campground Or Lodging Reservations Gotten Too Hard to Obtain In Some National Parks?

Has the difficulty in obtaining a reservation for either a campsite or lodge room in a national park become too much hassle to deal with in some cases?

Reader Participation Day: What Draws You To Yosemite National Park, Big Rock Or Big Water?

When you first enter the imposing valley at Yosemite National Park, your eyes are drawn both to the towering walls of granite that frame the valley, as well as the wispy waterfalls. But which brings you to the park?

Reader Participation Day: What Do You Do When You See A Visitor Doing Something Inappropriate In A National Park?

Dog on the Abrams Creek Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
What do you do when you see a visitor doing something inappropriate in a national park? I struggle with this as I think it is different from breaking the rules on the street.

Reader Participation Day: What Would You Like To See On National Park Websites?

One of the first websites folks head to to research national park matters is, of course, that run by the National Park Service. What suggestions would you make to the agency to improve its sites?

Reader Participation Day: Is It Appropriate For Artillery To Be Used to Control Avalanches In Yellowstone National Park?

Do you think it's appropriate, and in the best interests of its mandate, for the National Park Service to be using artillery to control avalanches in Yellowstone National Park?

Reader Participation Day: Has The National Park Service Been Led Astray By Congress and Become A Catchall Agency?

Earlier this week we had a spirited discussion of whether the National Park Service needs to add a site to honor Cesar Chavez, who orchestrated the farm labor movement in the 1960s. That discussion nips at a larger question: Has Congress led the Park Service astray and turned it into a catchall agency?

Reader Participation Day: What Do You Want To Read About National Parks?

Here's your chance to help us plan our editorial calendar for the rest of the year.

Reader Participation Day: Do Rising Gas Prices Have You Reconsidering That National Park Vacation?

With gasoline prices having already soared above $4 a gallon in some parts of the country, and the peak summer driving season yet to come, are you starting to reconsider your summer national park vacation?

Reader Participation Day: Is April A Good Time To Mark National Park Week?

Is April really the best month to celebrate National Park Week? After all, some northern tier parks such as Glacier, Yellowstone, and North Cascades have limited access, and many kids are in school and can't get away to the parks.

Reader Participation Day: Does Low Visitation Justify A National Park?

There are a surprising number of units in the National Park System that are visited by scant few folks. Should visitation be the gauge against which a park's continued existence in the system is justified?

Reader Participation Day: What's On Your National Park Bucket List?

What's on your national park bucket list?

Reader Participation Day: Would You Ever Go On A Multi-Week, Or More, Hike?

Would you ever head off down a trail for a multi-week, or longer, hike, carrying all you need in a pack on your back?

Reader Participation Day: Should Costs Of Operating Special Programs In the Parks Be Shared By All?

Should the National Park Service do away with special use fees and simply spread the costs of running special programs across all those who enter the parks?

Reader Participation Day: Should A Federal Budget Stalemate Lead To Closure of National Parks?

With Congress struggling to come to terms on a federal budget, should the politicians extend the Continuing Resolution to keep the national parks and the federal government operating beyond March 4, or should they let the government shut down?

Reader Participation Day: Where in The National Parks Do You Head To Bird, and What Birds Do You Hope To See?

Birding is one of the many popular activities in the National Park System, and by carrying your binoculars and perhaps a field guide to help you identify what you see, you quickly can expand your "life list" during a park visit. If you're a birder, where in the system do you go, and what are you looking for?

Reader Participation Day: Are You Heading To A New Park This Year? Which One, And Why?

Many of us go to the same national park, or parks, year after year after year. Do you fall into that category, or are you someone who looks to a new park every year, or every few years? If you're planning to visit a park for the first time this year, which one, and why?

Reader Participation Day: What Do You Look For In A National Park Vacation?

What do you look for when you start thinking about a national park vacation? Are you looking for some great hikes, perhaps a paddling vacation, or prefer to steep in some of the country's rich history?

Reader Participation Day: How Far In Advance Do You Plan Your National Park Escape?

How far in advance do you plan your national park trips? A year? Six months? Two weeks out?

Reader Participation Day: How Important Are National Park Visitation Data to You?

How important is it to you to know that Glacier National Park saw record visitation in 2010, that visitation to Great Smoky Mountains National Park dipped, or that overall visitation to the National Park System declined by 1 or 2 percent or rose by 1 or 2 percent in any one year?

Reader Participation Day: What Is The Most Unusual, Interesting, Or Silly National Park Souvenir You've Seen?

NPS Silly Bandz
National Park Service stores sell books, photographs, postcards and T-shirts. But every once in a while, you can also discover some gems, both silly and fascinating, in the visitor center stores. What have you found?

Reader Participation Day: What Do You Do With Your National Park Photos?

What do you do with all the photographs you shoot on your national park trips? Each year millions of pictures are taken of settings in the national parks. While a few get published, most don't. What do you do with yours?

Reader Participation Day: Will A Rap Video Connect Younger Generations With National Parks?

Is a rap video a good way to bring younger generations into the national parks?
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