Bad News for Wild Condor Chick at Pinnacles National Monument

Condor and egg.
The birth of a chick earlier this year to a pair of nesting California condors was cause for celebration at Pinnacles National Monument, but scientists tracking the health of the young bird have bad news. Due to extremely high levels of lead in its blood, it's been necessary to evacuate the bird from its nest to a specialized facility for intensive treatment. Is lead ammunition the culprit?

Some Denali National Park Wolves Are Capable Anglers for Salmon

Is a fish diet healthier for wolves than one comprised solely of red meat? That's hard to say, but some wolves in Denali National Park and Preserve have found that salmon is a great supplement when moose or caribou are scarce.

Which National Park Is Home to the World's Largest Beaver Dam?

Aerial view of beaver dam.
Not so many decades ago, the beaver population in North America was in decline, thanks largely to the fur trade. Beaver numbers are on the rebound, and the animals can be found in a number of national parks. Do you know which park can claim it's home to the world's largest beaver dam?

Hazing of Yellowstone National Park Bison, A Controversial Rite of Spring

In one of the more controversial rites of spring across the National Park System, Yellowstone National Park bison are being hazed on the ground and from the air out of the Montana countryside.

Keeping Track of Panther Kittens At Big Cypress National Preserve

There were, at last count, at least five dens with panther kittens this spring in and around Big Cypress National Preserve, which offers arguably the best habitat for the big cats. But how do biologists keep track of these kittens?

Is There Good News, Or Bad News, To Relate Concerning the Florida Panther?

Among the pine forests and palmetto thickets of south Florida something of a miracle in wildlife biology has played out during the course of three decades. A creature once thought destined to endure a fate similar to that of the Passenger Pigeon has rebounded and seems poised to move towards a sustainable population.
Florida Panther Recovery Plan.pdf1.74 MB

Gulf Islands National Seashore Wildlife At Risk From Oil

When oil comes ashore at Gulf Islands National Seashore from the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon well, what impacts might wildlife that use the seashore encounter? Here's a look.

Glacier National Park Taking Comments On Bear Management Plan Revisions

Changes to Glacier National Park's bear management plan, made in part to reflect recommendations stemming from the killing of the "Oldman Lake" grizzly sow and one of her cubs, are open for public review until May 7.
Bear Removal BOR - Final Report 3-18-10.pdf217.08 KB

Cape Cod National Seashore Officials Revisit Plan To Kill Crows To Help Piping Plovers

Cape Cod National Seashore officials, who earlier this year were proposing to kill crows in an effort to protect piping plovers, are backing away from the plan due to the prospective of being sued over the matter. Instead the seashore will spend this year reviewing its shorebird management plan.

Isle Royale National Park's Wolf Population Loses Two Packs, Moose Population Steady

A decline in the moose population at Isle Royale National Park, along with inbreeding, are being blamed for the loss of two of the island's four wolf packs. Where once the island's wolf population had numbered more than 50 individuals, by the close of 2009 there were fewer than 20, researchers say.
ISRO-2009 Wolf Report.pdf1.59 MB

Spring is a Great Time To Watch For Migratory Birds in the National Parks

Spring is a fantastic time to be outdoors. Along with the beauty of plants in bloom, a trip to a national park can reveal mammals emerging from their hibernation and frogs singing up a storm. But the one spring event that brings countless new and life-long nature lovers to our nation’s parks is the return of migratory songbirds.

Bears Are Out and About in Grand Teton National Park

Spring visitors to Grand Teton National Park, here's your warning: the park's bears are out, about, and hungry.

Spring Nesting Season at Cape Hatteras National Seashore Breeds Vandalism

In what's being called the "first deliberate vandalism incident" of the spring nesting season at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, someone drove through a resource closure area set up to protect a nesting pair of American Oystercatchers.

Forum Created To Help Further Protection Of Migratory Species

Almost like stepping stones in a stream, national parks play a key role in protecting migratory species as they move back and forth between the United States and Central and South America. They are in many ways both resting areas and protected areas where species can recharge as they migrate.

Democrats Introduce "Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act" To Help Wildlife Cope With Climate Change

With some impacts of climate change already evident, and others projected, wildlife will need a means to move across the landscape to cope with the changes. With that in mind, two Democratic congressmen have introduced legislation to identify and protect wildlife corridors across the country.

Bat at Great Smoky Mountains National Park Tests Positive for White Nose Syndrome Fungus

Bat with WNS.
The news from Great Smoky Mountains National Park to start the week wasn't good: a bat in the park has tested positive for Geomyces destructans, the fungus and the presumptive causative agent of White Nose Syndrome (WNS). WNS has killed over 90% of the bats in many caves in the Northeast.

Crews Searching For Fishers in Yosemite National Park

Olympic National Park has been a relatively successful landscape for a program to restore a stable population of fishers on the landscape. Against that success, biologists are wondering how Yosemite National Park's fisher population is doing.

Condor Chick is First to Hatch at Pinnacles National Monument in Over a Century

Condor with egg. NPS photo.
There's good news in the effort to bring the California condor back from the brink of extinction: Biologists at Pinnacles National Monument have verified the first successful hatching of a condor egg in the park in over 100 years.

National Park Service in Alaska Takes Steps To Counter State's Approach to Wildlife Management

In moves designed to counter Alaska's current approach to wildlife management, National Park Service officials in that state are instituting hunting and trapping bans to protect wolves and bears in their parks and preserves.

Yellowstone National Park's Wolves Seem to Prefer Elk Loin Over Goose Breast

When wolves in Yellowstone National Park are hungry, they overwhelmingly choose elk, not goose, from the park's wildlife menagerie, according to studies of the predators. And they could care less about the revered status of bald eagles.

Even The Lowly Prairie Dog Has Its Day at Bryce Canyon National Park

Consider the lowly prairie dog. Food for black-footed ferrets and eagles, maligned by ranchers, victims of plague. Well, even these lowly critters have their day, and it's April 30 at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

Can Hunting of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia Hurt Grizzly Populations in Glacier National Park?

Should we care that grizzly bears are hunted in British Columbia? The Natural Resources Defense Council and the David Suzuki Foundation think so, saying those hunts could end up harming grizzly populations on this side of the US-Canadian border.

Eaglets Hatched At Channel Islands National Park

Forgive the staff at Channel Islands National Park if they popped open some champagne this past weekend. It turns out that a pair of bald eagles on Santa Cruz Island are the parents of two eaglets.

Rangers At Devils Tower National Monument Watching For Nesting Prairie Falcons

While peregrine falcons are the main birds of concern at some Eastern parks, in Wyoming the rangers at Devils Tower National Monument are keeping an eye out for prairie falcons that might be nesting.

Has Winter's Unusually Cold Weather Tamped Down Python Population in Everglades National Park?

Has this winter's unusually cold weather in Florida tamped down the python population in Everglades National Park?

National Park Service, Alaska Game Officials Publicly Settle Differences Over Wolf Killings

In a joint release, officials for the National Park Service and the Alaska Fish and Game Department have publicly resolved their differences over the killings of radio-collared wolves that roamed in and out of Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.

Yellowstone National Park Developing "Native Fish Conservation Plan"

Cutthroat trout, LeHardy Rapids, Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park long has been renowned for its "museum quality" cutthroat trout fishery. Sadly, that fishery is in danger of collapse due to non-native lake trout. There are other threats to Yellowstone's fisheries, though, and that's why the park is developing a Native Fish Conservation Plan.

Mount Minsi Closed at Delaware Water Gap NRA For Nesting Raptors

You can add Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to the list of units in the National Park System where a temporary closure is in place to give nesting raptors some privacy.

Updated: NPS Employee Sentenced For Guiding Moose Hunt in Denali National Park and Preserve

An Alaska hunting guide who conducted a moose hunt in Denali National Park and Preserve has been fined $7,000 and placed on probation for three years.

House Republicans Say Interior Secretary's Proposed Snake Ban Bad for Business

Republican members on the House Natural Resources Committee seem never to be at a loss for words when it comes to Democratic initiatives. This week the GOP members are shaking their heads over Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's efforts to get a grip on invasive snakes invading national parks in Florida.
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