Biscayne National Park's Proposed Marine Reserve Drawing Criticism From Some Quarters

A move being proposed by Biscayne National Park officials to create a 10,000-acre marine reserve in their waters to protect coral reefs and offer divers and snorkelers a place to explore without worrying about fishing lines is not going over well with everyone.

Turtle Nesting Season Has Biscayne National Park Officials Asking Visitors To Be Careful

With sea turtles coming ashore at Biscayne National Park for nesting, officials are urging park visitors to keep their distance from turtles and any nests they see.

12th Annual March For Parks Heads To Biscayne National Park On Saturday

If you live in south Florida, or are visiting the area this week, you might want to make plans to join the 12th Annual March for Parks to Biscayne National Park on Saturday.

Telling Rays Apart At Biscayne National Park

Can you tell the difference between manta rays and spotted eagle rays at Biscayne National Park?

Biscayne National Park Visitors Concerned About Climate Change And How It Could Impact the Park

A slight majority of Biscayne National Park visitors are worried about climate change, and about one-third believe the park already is being harmed by a warming climate, according to a survey conducted by Colorado State University researchers.
BISC-Climate Change Survey.pdf936.27 KB

Holiday Video Greetings from Your National Parks

The National Park Service is using modern technology to share holiday greetings from parks across the country. Short videos filmed in 15 parks are airing on the National Park Service's YouTube channel through the end of the month.

Biscayne National Park Seeks Recollections of Homestead's "Blacks Only" Beach

The National Park Service wants to interview people with firsthand knowledge of a racially segregated beach that once occupied the site of Biscayne National Park's main visitor center.

Biscayne National Park Working On Update To Its General Management Plan

Biscayne National Park officials are working on revising their General Management Plan to address a range of issues, from climate change and sea-level rise to declining fisheries and coral reefs.

Botanical Artworks Coming To Biscayne National Park

That national parks inspire artists is no surprise. And if you're heading to Biscayne National Park between September 16 and late November, you can see the results of that inspiration at the park's Dante Fascell Visitor Center.

East Coast National Park Units Bracing For Hurricane Irene

As Hurricane Irene continues plodding towards the Eastern Seaboard, units of the National Park System up and down the coast are preparing for the storm.

University of Georgia Study Finds That Cold Water, As With Warm Water, Can Kill Coral Reefs

University of Georgia researchers have determined that unusually cold seawater, as with unusually warm seawater, can be deadly for the coral reefs that can be found in places such as Virgin Islands and Biscayne national parks.

Groups Urge National Park Service To Block Transmission Lines Along Everglades National Park

A proposal to string a ribbon of high-voltage power lines along the edge of Everglades National Park is being met with strong opposition from a number of groups that want the Interior Department and Park Service to reject the request and purchase the land it would traverse.
Final_NPS_Avian_Report-10-6-10.pdf1.61 MB

Corporate Relations And The National Parks: Good Deal?

While corporate support can be vital to the health of national parks, whether to accept that support can be a challenging question, particularly in these times of financial stress and overall declines in charitable giving.

Biscayne National Park Ready to Launch Maritime Heritage Trail Snorkeling Adventures

One of the best ways to experience a national park is to partake in an interpretation program of some sort, one that delves a bit deeper into the landscape or history of the park. At Biscayne National Park, officials are ready to lead you underwater to explore some of the marine wonders of the park.

Kicking Off National Park Week By Getting Dirty At Joshua Tree National Park

National Park Week arrived in Southern California with hot, dry, sunny weather, and a volunteer effort indicative of the good that can be done for national parks when the need is demonstrated.

Design A Logo For the Everglades Foundation And Pocket $15,000

Who couldn't use an extra $15,000? You could pocket that much, or come away with a new laptop, if you design a winning logo for the Everglades Foundation.

Blimp Used For Natural Resource Monitoring at Biscayne National Park

Aircraft have been used effectively for many years as an efficient way to monitor wildlife and other resources in parks, but a staff member at Biscayne National Park wondered if there might be a better way. The end result of this "trial balloon" was a literal one – a flight in a blimp.

Biscayne National Park's Upcoming Family Fun Fest Keeps Up With the Joneses

Attend Biscayne National Park's Family Fun Fest! in February and not only will you have some fun, but you'll learn a little bit about Israel Lafayette Jones as the park explores Black History Month.

Ranger-Guided Canoe Trips This Winter and Spring At Biscayne National Park

If exploring the backwaters of Biscayne National Park appeal to you, consider joining a ranger-led paddle into some of the park's backcountry this winter and spring.

National Park Mystery Spot 20 Revealed: No Trucks in This Convoy

It helped to remember that a key is not always a tool for unlocking something.

Concerns For Biscayne and Everglades National Parks Voiced Over Proposed Nuclear Plant Expansion

How great of a threat would be posed to Biscayne National Park by an expansion of the Turkey Point nuclear plant?

Marine National Parks Have Experienced Vast Losses of Coral Reefs to Bleaching and Disease

Decades of "bleaching" events and diseases have been devastating to coral reefs surrounding national parks in the Caribbean and off South Florida, so much so that the losses are akin to "losing the Redwoods."

Want to Escape the Cold? Winter is a Great Time to Visit These Desert and Coastal Parks

For some park travelers, winter trips conjure up images of snow-covered landscapes, but for others the season means sun and sand. Here are some suggestions for NPS sites where milder winter weather offers a fine time to enjoy parks that are just too toasty or buggy for most of us during the summer.

Winter, A Season of Contrasts Across the National Park System

This week the Traveler offers you a series of stories to help you enjoy the coming months in the national parks. We'll take a look at some great lodges to call home for your visit, point out some cold-weather -- and warm-weather -- parks to enjoy (and how to enjoy them), touch on seasonal wildlife moves, and even offer some suggestions on how to stay safe in the parks.

The Columbus Day Weekend Party in Biscayne National Park: "Mardi Gras on the Water"

The Columbus Day weekend is about to begin, and that means that thousands of boaters will soon gather at Biscayne National Park for a boisterous party-on-the-water.

At Biscayne National Park, Proposed Boat Anchoring Restrictions Trigger Protests and Send Management Back to the Drawing Board

After Miami area boaters complained that a proposed Mooring Buoy & Marker Plan for Biscayne National Park excessively curtailed boat anchoring practices they rely on, the park decided to redraft the plan.

Eat a Lionfish, Help National Parks, And Win Cash Prizes!

A series of lionfish fishing derbies is scheduled for the coming weeks with hopes the poisonous fish that is invading coastal national parks in Florida and the Virgin Islands can be cut down before it gains a significant foothold and impacts native fishes and corals.

Dangerous Lionfish Invading Waters of Biscayne National Park

Non-native lionfish, a venomous fish that poses problems for marine life and humans, seem to be making inroads into the waters of Biscayne National Park, according to park officials.

Photo Collage of Florida's Coastal Seabirds Reminds Us of What's At Stake With Deepwater Horizon

Passage of time can, on occasion, be an insidious eraser of events. As we near the two-month "anniversary" of the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, are we becoming numbed to its impacts, realized and potential?

As Oil Comes Ashore at Gulf Islands National Seashore, Republican Calls for Renewed Drilling Along Outer Continental Shelf

More oil was coming ashore Friday in parts of Gulf Islands National Seashore, with tar balls several inches in diameter seen near Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island. In Washington, D.C., meanwhile, a top Republican was calling for the Obama administration to lift the moratorium on off-shore drilling.