No Charges Yet In "Creepytings" Vandalism Case That Left Painted Images Across The National Park System

An investigation into a case of vandalism that left painted images on rock outcrops in at least eight Western national parks is continuing with charges yet to be brought in the case, National Park Service officials say.

Polling Shows Most Westerners Approve Of Federal Land-Management Agencies, Oppose Giving Lands Over To The States

A public opinion poll of key Western states has produced somewhat contradictory results when it comes to federal lands in those states. While strong numbers voiced positive views of agencies such as the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service, strong numbers held their state governments in higher esteem than the federal government. Overall, though, a slight majority opposes proposals to turn those federal lands over to the states.

National Park Foundation Grants Will Help Get Students To The Parks

Almost $500,000 is being doled out by the National Park Foundation to help 65 parks across the country underwrite the Ticket to Ride program that helps students visit parks near them.

Muddying The Waters Over Redesignating Colorado National Monument As A National Park

Discussions in western Colorado to have Colorado National Monument redesignated as a "national park" have spawned a draft document, in the form of Senate legislation, that has drawn concerns from the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees.
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Proposal Calls For Renaming Colorado National Monument As Rim Rock Canyons National Park

After much discussion, a proposal is being floated to rename Colorado National Monument as Rim Rock Canyons National Park.

Nearly Two Dozen National Parks Ban Sales Of Disposable Plastic Water Bottles

Nearly two dozen units of the National Park System have instituted bans against the sale of disposable water bottles, a move proponents say will greatly reduce trash.

How Big A Difference Is There Between Professional And "Recreational" Bike Events In National Parks When It Comes To Impacts?

When it comes to cycling events in national parks, how heavily should the National Park Service weigh whether an event is a professional race when deciding if it's a worthwhile event, and what other factors should it take into consideration?

Is National Park Service Abrogating Its Responsibility With The Tour Of Utah Bike Race?

Federal lands make up the majority of Utah's landscape, so it shouldn't be surprising that state roads crisscross those lands. But when a state road crosses a national park, and that road is going to be traversed by a bike race, should National Park Service approval be required?

Politicians Form Executive Committee To Help Them Draft Legislation To Designate Colorado National Monument As A "National Park"

For two years a working group in western Colorado has studied the possibility of redesignating Colorado National Monument as Colorado National Park. Now an executive committee has been designated to help U.S. Sen. Mark Udall and Rep. Scott Tipton come up with proposed legislation to achieve the name change.

Organizations Want Veto Power Over National Park Service At Colorado National Monument

There's a story in western Colorado involving Colorado National Monument that bears watching. The gist of the story is that some local community organizations are in support of redesignating the monument as a national park, but only if they can veto Park Service decisions on what uses the monument is appropriate for.

Traveler's View: National Park Service Is Sending Conflicting Messages Concerning Bike Race At Colorado National Monument

Sadly, in less than four months the National Park Service seemingly has reversed itself and cracked open the door to a professional bicycle race climbing through Colorado National Monument.

Guest Column: Chipping Away At The National Park Service Mission One Park At A Time

Is the National Park Service about to do an "about face" on its position opposing a professional bike race through Colorado National Monument? In a guest column Joan Anzelmo, the monument's former superintendent, expresses her confusion over this possibility and voices hopes the Park Service will stand by its mission and Management Policies.

Musings From Colorado National Monument

There is one good word that can sum up the first impression of Colorado National Monument. Wow!

National Park Service Again Refuses To Allow Professional Bike Race Through Colorado National Monument

National Park Service officials again have declined to approve a professional bicycle racew through Colorado National Monument, saying the event "conflicts with federal regulations and agency management policies."

Joan Anzelmo, After a Long National Park Service Career, Honored By NPCA

Joan Anzelmo, who can trace her National Park Service career from Yellowstone to Washington, D.C., to Grand Teton and finally to Colorado National Monument, which was her last posting before retirement, has been honored by the National Parks Conservation Association for her commitment to the Park Service ideal.

Summer Special: Windshield Touring in the Western Parks

The windshield touring season will see motorists from all over America and the world converging on the scenic drives in our national parks. Here are some traverses, loops, and shuttles in the western parks that belong on anybody's short list.

National Park Service Director Refuses Request To Run Professional Bike Race Through Colorado National Monument

Holding that a professional bike race is neither "necessary nor appropriate" for a national park, National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis has endorsed a decision by the Colorado National Monument superintendent not to open the monument to such an event.

Nesting Golden Eagles Lead To Some Closures At Colorado National Monument

A pair of nesting golden eagles apparently likes the view overlooking Monument Canyon in Colorado National Monument. Unfortunately, that has forced monument officials to place some climbing and off-trail hiking restrictions in place through September 1.

Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, National Parks Conservation Association Oppose Bike Race At Colorado National Monument

With supporters of a professional bike race through Colorado National Monument soon to sit down to discuss the matter with the National Park Service, both the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees and the National Parks Conservation Association are united in opposing the race.

Fee Increase Approved At Colorado National Monument

Beginning in May it will cost you a little bit more to enter Colorado National Monument.

Traveler's View: No Professional Bike Racing At Colorado National Monument

If a professional bike race charging through Colorado National Monument is the key to the rugged red-rock landscape and its treasures in western Colorado being redesignated as a "national park," then it's time to end the discussion over a name change.

U.S. Senator, Colorado Governor Lobby National Park Service To Allow Bike Race Through Colorado National Monument

National Park Service officials are being lobbied by U.S. Sen. Mark Udall and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to allow a professional bike race to zoom through Colorado National Monument.

National Park Quiz 90: Cold

January cold has lots of us holed up inside, hugging the wood stove. To help you while away the hours until warmth returns to the land, the quizmeister has whipped up a little cold-related quiz (liberally defined). Answers are at the end.

Welcome The New Year With Fireworks Display At Colorado National Monument

If you're still looking for a unique way to ring in 2011, you might consider heading to western Colorado and Colorado National Monument, where a special fireworks display will mark the end of 2010.

Park Potpourri – A Sampling of Upcoming Events in Parks Around the Country

Looking for a change of pace for your late autumn schedule? Here's a sampling of upcoming special events in several parks around the country.

Entrance Fees Reduced At Colorado National Monument During The Winter

With winter bearing down on Colorado National Monument, officials are planning to close the middle stretch of Rim Rock Drive. However, to offset that they're also planning to reduce entrance fees during the winter months.

Fossils At Colorado National Monument To Remain On Display Through Year's End

A set of rare fossilized footprints discovered in Colorado National Monument and unveiled to the public earlier this month will remain on display through year's end, according to Superintendent Joan Anzelmo.

Rare Fossilized Footprints Exhibited at Colorado National Monument

The unveiling of an exhibit displaying three sets of rare fossilized footprints highlighted the celebration of National Fossil Day at Colorado National Monument.

More Calls For "National Park" Designations Across The National Park System

What's in a name? Apparently a lot when the name includes "national park."