Midnight Mission Plucks Climber off Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve

A brief weather window allowed rangers to pluck a Belgian climber off Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve three days after his companion died in a fall.

Fire Season Arrives Early and Vigorous In Alaska's National Parks

Though the wildfire season really hasn't started in the Rockies, Sierra Nevada, or Cascade ranges, it's been well under way in Alaska, where national park fire managers are reporting unusual fire behavior.

Belgian Climber Falls 100 Feet To His Death on Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve

A Belgian mountaineer leading an ascent up a technical section of Cassin Ridge on Mount McKinley in Denali National Park fell roughly 100 feet to his death when his anchor seemingly failed, park officials said Tuesday.

Two Killed By Backcountry Avalanche in Denali National Park and Preserve

Two men climbing in the Ruth Gorge area of Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve were killed when an avalanche swept down upon them, park officials said Monday.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

A grizzly bear that emerged from a thicket and charged two backpackers in the backcountry of Denali National Park and Preserve was shot and killed by one of the two who was carrying a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol, according to park officials.

Schedule For Denali National Park and Preserve Road Lottery Announced

For those of you lucky enough to be in Denali National Park and Preserve in September, it's time to start thinking about entering the annual lottery for permits to drive the park road.

French Climber Dies in Fall on Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve

A French climber working his way up Mount McKinley fell to his death while trying to stop a sled holding his gear from sliding off a section of the West Buttress, according to Denali National Park and Preserve officials.

Some Denali National Park Wolves Are Capable Anglers for Salmon

Is a fish diet healthier for wolves than one comprised solely of red meat? That's hard to say, but some wolves in Denali National Park and Preserve have found that salmon is a great supplement when moose or caribou are scarce.

Denali National Park and Preserve Just About Ready for Summer Season

While spring in the 49th state does tend to lag a bit behind the season in the other states, it is beginning to take root in Alaska, and Denali National Park and Preserve is working on opening its facilities for the summer season.

National Park Service in Alaska Takes Steps To Counter State's Approach to Wildlife Management

In moves designed to counter Alaska's current approach to wildlife management, National Park Service officials in that state are instituting hunting and trapping bans to protect wolves and bears in their parks and preserves.

Ever Try Cycling Your Way Through Denali National Park And Preserve?

Taking a hike in Denali National Park and Preserve is one thing, going for a bike ride is something entirely else. Fortunately, the park staff has created a webpage that outlines how to attack the park's 93-mile-long main road by bike

Here's a Great Resource For Planning A Backcountry Trek In Denali National Park and Preserve

While it's hard to say whether the folks at Denali National Park and Preserve are trendsetters without first exploring all the other websites in the National Park System, their site for planning a backcountry trek should be a model, if it's not already.

Updated: NPS Employee Sentenced For Guiding Moose Hunt in Denali National Park and Preserve

An Alaska hunting guide who conducted a moose hunt in Denali National Park and Preserve has been fined $7,000 and placed on probation for three years.

Group Calls For Boycott on Alaska After Game Officials Allow Wolf Trapping Near Denali National Park

A decision by Alaska's Board of Game to eliminate a wolf non-take zone on land surrounded on three sides by Denali National Park and Preserve has prompted an animal rights group to call for a boycott on tourism travel to Alaska this year.

Alaska Board of Game Asked To Increase Wolf Buffer Zone at Denali National Park and Preserve

During its lengthy meeting in Fairbanks this week the Alaska Board of Game is expected to consider a proposal to extend a wolf protection buffer zone that is surrounded on three sides by Denali National Park and Preserve.

Alaska Officials Considering Proposal To Kill Predators in National Parks Without Park Service Approval

Alaska wildlife officials, in a move certain to flare jurisdictional issues between the state and federal governments if OKed, are proposing that they be allowed to kill predators in national parks and preserves without prior approval from the National Park Service. The proposal has prompted a message from National Park Service officials that Alaska's wildlife management powers "are not absolute when we are dealing with Federal lands within the State."

Frogs Are A Sure Sign of Spring, But That Doesn't Mean You Won't Hear Them Now

If you want to know whether Spring is on the way, don’t look to groundhogs for the answer. Instead, listen for the frogs. Certain species of frogs, such as the wood frog, begin singing even when there is still snow on the ground.

New "Chief Musher" Selected at Denali National Park and Preserve

Jen Raffaeli "hopping" one of Denali's sled dogs back to its kennel slot after a sled dog demonstration.
There's no doubt you have a great job when the top dogs at Denali National Park and Preserve take orders from you. In this case over two dozen sled dogs answer to the "chief musher," and the park has announced its selection for the person who will fill that job.

How to Manage Vehicles at Denali National Park? The Discussion is Underway

Park shuttle bus at Denali.
Denali National Park offers one of the premier wildlife viewing opportunities in the country, along with superb scenery, vast wilderness areas … and that famous mountain. Faced with growing visitation, the park is pondering how to manage vehicle access, and you're invited to participate in the discussion.

Here's the Denali Road Lottery Schedule

There are lotteries for landing backcountry campsites in the national parks, lotteries for winning the privilege for floating down the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park, and even lotteries for the chance to drive down the Denali Road in Denali National Park & Preserve during the fall color season.

Teacher Scholarships Available for Summer 2010 Courses in Denali National Park and Preserve

Moose at Denali National Park
Good teachers are on the lookout for opportunities to expand their knowledge, and it would be hard to find a more appealing "classroom" than Alaska's Denali National Park in the summer. Teachers can apply now for scholarships for seminars and training in the park next summer.

Reservations For Denali National Park Shuttle and Campgrounds Can be Made December 1

If Denali National Park and Preserve is in your travel plans for next summer, beginning Tuesday you'll be able to make your reservation for a ride on the park's shuttle buses and for a site in one of the park's four largest campgrounds.

Is This the Most Unique Job in the National Park Service?

Dog team at Denali.
The National Park Service employs men and women in some unusual and challenging positions, but one that's a good contender for the title of "most unique job in the system" is currently open at Denali National Park and Preserve.

Visiting Alaska National Parks – By Train

Turnagain Arm view by Jim Burnett
It's not too soon to start dreaming about and planning for next summer's trip to Alaska, and the Alaska Railroad offers an appealing means of travel to a pair of outstanding parks: Denali National Park and Kenai Fjords National Park.

Wolf Biologist Killed In Plane Crash in Denali National Park, Pilot Survived

A noted Alaskan wolf biologist has been killed in a plane crash in a remote area of Denali National Park and Preserve. The pilot, though he suffered burns, was able to walk out and alert authorities.

Plane Missing at Denali National Park and Preserve With Noted Wolf Biologist Aboard

An aerial search was under way Thursday across the northern half of Denali National Park and Preserve where a single-engine plane with a noted wolf biologist went missing.

Melting Permafrost May Help Explain Why Many Denali National Park Wetlands Are Drying Up

Scientists working in Denali National Park suspect that melting permafrost might be an important reason why many of Alaska’s shallow lakes and wetlands have shrunk or disappeared. If the trend continues, wetland-dependent wildlife might be severely impacted.

Going to Denali National Park? Check Ahead – the First Serious Snow of the Winter Has Fallen

Denali National Park scene.
September visits to Denali National Park and Preserve offer their own rewards, but it's important to check ahead about road and weather conditions. The park has reported the first significant snowfall of the season, and that has resulted in a few changes for travel in the park.

Several New Trails Proposed at Denali National Park. Comments are Now Being Received

Denali and the park road.
Several new short trails are being proposed at Denali National Park to help protect park resources, improve visitor safety and add additional recreational and interpretive opportunities. The park is now accepting public comments on the plan. Here's a summary of the project.