More Calls For "National Park" Designations Across The National Park System

What's in a name? Apparently a lot when the name includes "national park."

Updated: NPCA Names Dirk Kempthorne to Its Board of Trustees

Former Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has been appointed to the Board of Trustees of the National Parks Conservation Association, a somewhat curious, and likely controversial, move in light of his oversight of the national parks.

Progress Continuing on New Visitor Center At Dinosaur National Monument

If all goes as planned, in about a year you'll be able to walk into the new visitor center at Dinosaur National Monument and once again inspect a cliffside studded with fossils.

Odds and Ends from Around the National Park System

Irony can't be overlooked when one considers the move by Wyoming officials to hold up the federal government for millions of dollars for two square miles of land surrounded by Grand Teton National Park.

Keeping Tabs on Construction of Dinosaur National Monument's Visitor Center

Construction is progressing smoothly on a new visitor center at Dinosaur National Monument, where the old one was torn down due to structural concerns. You can keep tabs on the new center's progress by checking out a website run by the monument's paleontologist.

Curious About Landing A Permit to Float Dinosaur National Monument? Call This Number for Available Dates

Who says those automated phone answering systems, the ones that incessantly ask you to push this number for that information or that information for this tidbit, can't be helpful? A new one operating at Dinosaur National Monument helps you relatively quickly learn when you might be able to land a permit to float the Green or Yampa rivers in the park.

Upon Further Review: Ill-Advised Swim Leads to Rescue at Dinosaur National Monument

Sp;it Mountain Campground and the Green River.
Summer is here and warmer weather has arrived in most parts of the country. For many park visitors that prompts the desire to go for a swim, but taking a dip isn't always a good idea. A recent "not so excellent adventure" at Dinosaur National Monument led to two rescue attempts, and the first effort nearly ended in disaster.

Best National Parks for Admiring "Rock Art"

There are a handful of places in the National Park System where you can view petroglyphs or pictographs. Some are walk-up panels that you can ponder for hours, others require a float down a river or a long hike. Here's a quick look at some of those units and what you can expect to find.

Republicans, Democrats Differ Over Whether National Park Designations Should Block Energy Projects

When the Bush administration late in 2008 tried to auction energy leases near national parks in Utah, there was an outcry by many who considered siting oil and gas exploration projects next to parks was anathema. The Obama administration quickly reversed the decision, but the debate over whether to locate energy projects next to parks continues.

Tamarisk, aka "Salt Cedar," A Thirsty Scourge Of Western National Parks

The showy tamarisk tree, aka "Saltcedar," long has been reviled as a thirsty scourge of Western national park riparian areas. But new research shows it's not any thirstier than some native species. However, tamarisk isn't valued as highly as cottonwoods and willows by some bird species, the studies say.

Work Progressing Smoothly On New Visitor Center At Dinosaur National Monument

Work is progressing on schedule to build a new visitor center at Dinosaur National Monument.

Spring Is A Good Time To Be Thinking About River Trips In the National Park System

Snowmelt's running around the National Park System, which makes it a perfect time to start thinking about paddling trips in the parks. Here are some ideas, and contacts, that can help you get wet in the months ahead.

Going to Dinosaur National Monument? Note These Changes During Construction in the Area

Hikers on Fossil Discovery Trail.
Work on the badly-needed new visitor center and quarry exhibit hall at Dinosaur National Monument is getting underway, and that has prompted some changes for visitors to the park. Here's what you need to know before you visit the area.

Is A Tar Sands Project Coming Close To a National Park You Love?

Back in January 2008 the Traveler warned about a movement in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to allow tar sands development in Utah. Well, it seems that project could soon be sprouting near Arches National Park and Dinosaur National Monument.

National Park Mystery Photo 19 Revealed: The Tiger Wall

Tiger Wall, Dinosaur National Monument, Kurt Repanshek photo
Most national park travelers won't spot this site, for it takes a river trip to reach it. But for those who paddle the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument, the Tiger Wall is well-known.

Fascinating New Discovery At Dinosaur National Monument Features Complete Skull

The fossil fields at Dinosaur National Monument continue to yield their ancient treasures. In a find being hailed for producing the only complete "sauropod skull in the entire Western Hemisphere from the last 80 million years of the Age of Dinosaurs," paleontologists have tapped into a trove of fossilized bones that they hope will produce a complete skeleton of this particular plant-eater.

Dinosaur National Monument Visitor Center Temporarily Closed

So construction can begin on a permanent visitor center at Dinosaur National Monument, the temporary visitor center is being relocated just down the road.

Dinosaur National Monument Crews Recognized For Removing Ruins From Recommended Wilderness

Not all proposed wilderness areas are always pristine. Some have waning vestiges of an early day. In Dinosaur National Monument, for instance, there long have been some falling down structures in an area along the Green River that has been recommended for wilderness designation. It took a while, but crews from the monument were able to remove all the facilities from the setting.

Artwork Depicting Prehistoric Past Donated to Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument has received a donation of artwork depicting what the landscape might have looked like when dinosaurs walked about.

Wanna Float Through Geologic History? Sale On For Utah Raft Trips Down Yampa, Green, And Colorado Rivers

Ever get the itch to take a float through the colorful landscape of Utah's canyon country? Well, the folks at Holiday Expeditions are offering a 20 percent-off sale on select trips through Dinosaur National Monument and Canyonlands National Park.

Winter at Dinosaur National Monument: Bring Your Snowshoes and Cross-country Skis

It's certainly true that travel schedules and seasonal weather patterns dictate that the heaviest traffic flows to national parks come during the summer months. But that doesn't mean there's nothing to do in the parks in winter. At Dinosaur National Monument, for instance, a park that showcases geology, paleontology, and rivers in summer, winter brings opportunities for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and even snowmobiling.

"Core Ops" Budgeting in the National Park System Goes Silently Into the Night

A succinct, four-paragraph memo from National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis two weeks ago spurred an outpouring of comments from Park Service employees and marked, potentially, a sea change in how park superintendents go about budgeting for their parks. But is it something the general public should take note of?

Updated: NPS Director Jarvis Ends "Core Ops" Budgeting Across The National Park System

In a brief, four-paragraph memorandum, National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis has brought to an end a controversial budgeting process that stripped arguably key positions from parks. Dubbed "core ops" for its approach to analyzing a park's core operations, the process failed to produce wise budgeting decisions, the director said in a letter to his regional directors.
Jarvis-Core_Ops.pdf436.48 KB

The Priceless Value of Parks: Wounded Warrior Rafting Trip at Dinosaur National Monument

Rafting trip for Wounded Warrior Project
An intangible but priceless value of parks is the opportunity they provide for healing of mind, body and spirit. A recent example occurred at Dinosaur National Monument when the Wounded Warrior Project led a group of wounded veterans on a rafting trip through Lodore Canyon.

Interior Issues Report on Drilling Near National Parks in Utah

A review of how the U.S. Bureau of Land Management handled energy leases near national parks in Utah shows some areas where the system broke down and carries recommendations for, at a minimum, review of previous leasing decisions. Some tracts, the report said, should be removed from leasing.
BLM_Utah77LeaseParcelReport.pdf349.5 KB

Officials Working to Ensure Recovery Of Endangered Fishes In Upper Colorado River Basin

A longstanding problem for fisheries in the Upper Colorado River Basin is the competing demands for water. It's needed for irrigation, it's needed to generate power, and it's needed, not surprisingly, to sustain fisheries. With drought a frequent visitor to the states of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, how that huge watershed is cooperatively managed is critical for all these demands.

Rafting Accident in Dinosaur National Monument Claims Colorado Woman

A Colorado woman has apparently drowned on the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument after being thrown from her raft while going through a rapid.

Dinosaur National Monument Releases Renderings of New Visitor Center, Quarry Exhibit Hall

Designs for a new visitor center as well as an "exhibit hall" that would both protect and display a cliffside studded with fossils have been released by Dinosaur National Monument officials, who now must find companies that can build the two facilities.

Ancient Mammal Footprints Excite Paleontologists at Dinosaur National Monument

In a remote canyon in Dinosaur National Monument, paleontologists found hundreds of tiny fossil footprints left by primitive mammals that lived 190 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled the earth.