Guided Ranger Tours, Educational Programs In Florida National Parks Underwritten By South Florida National Parks Trust

More evidence of the value of national park friends groups can be seen in Florida, where the South Florida National Parks Trust is underwriting environmental education programs, ranger-guided tours, and resource protection projects in the parks.

Time Running Out To Comment On Draft Seagrass Management Plan At Everglades National Park

With hopes of reducing damage caused to seagrass beds in Florida Bay, officials at Everglades National Park have crafted a management plan that strives to reduce prop scarring of the beds while also restoring damaged beds.

Everglades National Park Ranger Survives Potentially Deadly Bite From Rattlesnake

These days if you hear the terms "snake" and "Everglades National Park" in the same news story, you might logically expect the subject to be Burmese Pythons. The pythons can be very large snakes, but they aren't venomous. A bite from an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake is a much different story, as one ranger at the park can readily confirm from his recent harrowing experience.

State Of Florida Pledges $90 Million To Help Fund A Bridge To Somewhere In Everglades National Park

In 1928 a highway known as the Tamiami Trail was built across the southern Florida peninsula, and while it was a boon for developers, the dam-like road fill created serious problems for Everglades National Park. A partial solution—replacing some of the road's berm with bridges—got a welcome boost with a recent pledge of $90 million from the State of Florida.

Butterflies Native To South Florida Most Likely Extinct

Two butterflies native to South Florida are most likely extinct, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

While Campers Slept, Lanterns Set Fire To Oyster Bay Chickee At Everglades National Park

Despite being surrounded by water, the Oyster Bay Chickee at Everglades National Park was destroyed when lanterns left burning by campers while they slept set the structure on fire.

Around The Parks: Solar Power At Death Valley, Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Tamiami Trail Through The Everglades

Solar power at Death Valley National Park, the Ice Age National Scenic Trail in Wisconsin, and the Tamiami Trail that crosses the Everglades are just some of the items in our roundup of what's going on in the National Park System.

Tamiami Trail Bridge Dedicated, Latest Structural Component To Help Restore Everglades Water Flows

A ribbon cutting that drew flocks of birds as well as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar marked the completion of a mile-long bridge over the Tamiami Trail, the latest structural component to help restore natural water flows to the Everglades in south Florida.

"Save The Florida Panther Day" Is Saturday In Florida

This Saturday has been designated as "Save the Florida Panther Day" in the state of Florida, the last stronghold of these big cats.

Traveler's View: Congress, National Park Service Need To Restructure Fees For Centennial Celebration

"Mountaineers are always free" is West Virginia's state motto, but that sentiment is getting harder and harder to find in the National Park System, where an imbalance in fee structures charges you for sleeping on the bare ground but not for burning gas as you negotiate the 11-mile loop of Cades Cove.

Everglades National Park Pursuing Higher Fees For Backcountry Use

Under a proposal open for public comment at Everglades National Park, you would pay more than four times as much to explore the park's backcountry for a week by canoe or kayak than you would to drive into the park over that same period of time.

Grand Canyon National Park Ranger Honored As Park Service's Top Ranger

A Grand Canyon National Park ranger, one who you might see dangling from a helicopter to help an injured visitor, has been honored as the National Park Service's top ranger.

Python Challenge 2013 Results Offer Help For Florida Parks – And Bad News For Pythons

The results of Python Challenge 2013, a multi-agency effort that offered cash prizes to promote the removal of non-native Burmese pythons from the greater Everglades area in southern Florida, are now in the books. Although the end result was bad news for exotic pythons, winners included the successful hunters, scientists and parks—and three lucky snakes.

Everglades National Park Looking For Volunteers To Pull Weeds This Saturday

Interested in lending a hand at Everglades National Park? On Saturday park staff will be looking for volunteers to help with removing invasive plants in the "Hole" in the Donut restoration area.

Lodging May Be In The Works For Everglades National Park

The National Park Service recently issued a prospectus soliciting bids to provide lodging, food service, retail, and boat tours in the Flamingo area of Everglades National Park. The concession will also include the operation of the park’s two developed campgrounds, Long Pine and Flamingo, that have historically been managed by the National Park Service.

Everglades National Park's Wading Birds Nesting Success Falls Far Off Average

South Florida, including Everglades National Park, has seen a precipitous decline in nesting success among wading birds, according to a report by the South Florida Water Management District.

Birding In The National Parks: In The Wake Of The Christmas Bird Count

Did anyone partake in a Christmas Bird Count in or around our national parks? Preliminary reports from the field indicate some robust species counts.

Nesting Birds Prompt Seasonal Closure Of Paurotis Pond At Everglades National Park

Hundreds of endangered Wood Storks are settling down for the nesting season at Paurotis Pond in Everglades National Park, and that means the pond and the surrounding area have been temporarily closed to visitors.

Popular Chekika Area Reopens In Everglades National Park In April

The popular "Chekika" day-use area in Everglades National Park has reopened, and will remain open through April.

Everglades National Park To Try Moveable "Eco-Tents" For Flamingo Area Lodging

With an eye on people's needs, as well as on climate change and the possibility of more potent and more frequent tropical storms and hurricanes, Everglades National Park officials have come up with a portable tent of sorts for visitor housing at Flamingo.

Budget Cuts Forced On National Park Service By Failure To Avert Fiscal Cliff Could Be Crippling

Don't start planning your 2013 national park vacation just yet, for poised like the sword of Damocles over the National Park Service is the looming "fiscal cliff" that threatens to impact not only the agency but anyone considering a trip into the national parks next year.

When Ordering The "Everglades Pizza," You Might Want To Hold The Python

The "Everglades Pizza" might be the rage in some parts of Florida, but before you sink your teeth into the pie with frog legs, gator meat, and ground python, check where the python came from, because the big snakes slithering through Everglades National Park are incredibly high in mercury.

South Florida Snake Hunt Aims To Dent Population Of Pythons Slithering About The Everglades

A python hunt, with cash rewards, will be held in south Florida beginning in January and running into February with hopes of denting the population of non-native pythons slithering around the Everglades, though the national park will be off-limits to most hunters.

Going, Going, Guam: Non-Native Snakes Threaten National Park Ecosystems

The threat posed by the introduction of non-native giant snakes into the United States has become an increasingly large concern. The American Bird Conservancy (ABC is joining in the fight to ban importation of several species of such snakes with support of H.R. 511 –"To Prohibit the Importation of Various Injurious Species of Constrictor Snakes."

List Of Candidate Species Under Consideration For Endangered Species Act Protection Include At Least 12 From National Parks

In its annual list of species considered to be candidates for Endangered Species Act protection, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has cited at least 12 species that either can be found, or were found, in the National Park System.

More National Park Units Getting Ready To Withstand Hurricane Sandy

National parks along the Eastern Seaboard from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to coastal Maine were preparing Saturday to withstand the brunt of Hurricane Sandy, a slowly evolving storm that meteorologists were predicting would be historic for its devastating impact.

A Primer On The Hardwood Hammocks Of Everglades National Park

Sure, we know Everglades National Park is a low-lying tropical park in the state of Florida. But, as this video shows, it does have its high points. Well, relatively high.