National Park Quiz 80: Water

All of these statements about National Park System water bodies are true except one. Can you find the ringer? The answer and explanations are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “If there is any magic on this planet, it is water.”

House Republicans Say Interior Secretary's Proposed Snake Ban Bad for Business

Republican members on the House Natural Resources Committee seem never to be at a loss for words when it comes to Democratic initiatives. This week the GOP members are shaking their heads over Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's efforts to get a grip on invasive snakes invading national parks in Florida.

Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to List Loggerhead Turtle Species As Endangered

Loggerhead sea turtles, one of four turtle species that have come ashore to nest from Cape Hatteras National Seashore south to Gulf Islands National Seashore, are not doing well, population-wise. The species currently is being proposed for listed as "endangered" under the Endangered Species Act.
Loggerhead Turtle Proposed Listing.pdf629.87 KB

Comments Being Taken on Proposal To Stop Importation, Transportation of Burmese Pythons

The public comment period is now open on a proposal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to ban the importation and interstate transportation of the Burmese python and eight other larger constrictor snakes.

Everglades National Park Introduces Newcomers to Camping via Reality TV and CAMP

CAMP kids on a wet hike in the Everglades. NPS photo by Allyson Gantt.
Camping in the Everglades doesn't hold much appeal for many Americans today, especially if they're city dwellers. Throw in worries about bugs, alligators and giant pythons, and a campout in the 'Glades can be a hard sell. Everglades National Park is overcoming those hurdles with a new approach that started with a reality TV program and an approach called CAMP.

Unlikely Weapons Against a Deadly Exotic Species: Cat Food and Ants

Adult cane toad
From large Burmese pythons in the Everglades to tiny Quagga mussels at Lake Mead, exotic animals are a growing problem in our national parks. A recent story from Australia demonstrates that the battle against exotics can sometimes employ some low-tech weapons, including cat food and ants.

Everglades National Park Works to Control Boaters' Speed To Protect Manatees

With hopes of reducing collisions between boaters and manatees, officials at Everglades National Park are establishing speed limits in Chokoloskee Bay near Chokoloskee Island.

Paddling The Nobel Hammock Trail In Everglades National Park

I must admit that the only paddling I've done south of the Mason-Dixon Line was on the white-water rivers of West Virginia. The thought of paddling the watery tendrils of Everglades National Park conjures thoughts of swarms of insects that'd keep me swatting the air more than paddling the water. But a recent report by the park on paddling the Nobel Hammock Trail has given me a change of heart.

Cold Snap Kills Fish and Raises a Big Stink in Everglades National Park

The recent spell of unusually cold weather in South Florida triggered widespread fish kills due to cold water. Biologists are studying the impacts on Everglades National Park. One thing they already know is that the rotting fish are going to stink for a while.

Salazar Wants to Protect Everglades National Park With Ban on Importing, Transporting Pythons, Other Constricting Snakes

Well, the intention is good, but Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's request that there be a ban on importing or transporting pythons and other constricting snakes might be coming just a bit too late to help Everglades National Park.

Everglades National Park Awarded Nearly $300,000 For Boat Grounding In Park Waters

A boater who ran his craft aground in Everglades National Park four years ago has agreed to pay the park $295,000 to help restore damage caused to seagrass beds in Florida Bay.
Repairing Paradise: The Restoration of Nature in America "Repairing Paradise." That's a somewhat inauspicious title for a book that examines how to restore natural settings in the national parks. But in light of many scenarios that are playing out across the National Park System -- from parks being overrun by elk, deer, and even people to ecosystem subterfuge -- repairs are exactly what need to be made.

2009 in Review: Traveler’s Checklists

We posted Traveler’s Checklists for 19 different national parks in 2009. Check ‘em out. You’re sure to find helpful advice and useful tips a-plenty.

Everglades National Park To Offer Second Season of Nike Missile Base Tours

A Cold War relic surrounding by Everglades National Park will be opened to the public for tours through the end of March.

Everglades National Park Launches “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign to Help Battle Invasive Species

Florida’s new “Don’t Let It Loose” Billboard Campaign is further evidence that the National Park Service and other federal and state land management agencies are getting real serious about using public education as a tool to combat the spread of harmful nonnative plant and animal species.

NASA, National Park Service Team To Offer Climate Change Podcasts

While rising sea levels are a concern for some national parks, dropping lake levels are a concern for others. A unique partnership between NASA and the National Park Service examines these issues in two podcasts for your listening ease.

National Park Quiz 76: Ringer I

Only nine of these ten statements about national park-related personalities are true. Can you spot the bogus one?

Everglades National Park Opens Two New Campsites for Backcountry Travelers in Florida Bay

If you're good with a paddle or like to tool around Florida Bay in your motorboat, here's some good news: Everglades National Park has opened two new campsites for the bay's backcountry travelers.
EVER-WildernessTripPlanner.pdf1.9 MB

New Coalition Brings Groups Together to Push for Water Stewardhip in Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, Everglades, and Puget Sound

There was a news event earlier this week that seemed to sail under the radar, but it's something to keep an eye on. A large coalition of groups has come together to lobby for the waters that flow through Everglades National Park, the parks and lakeshores that dot the Great Lakes and touch the Chesapeake Bay, as well as many other watery ecosystems across the country.

Interior Secretary Praises Groundbreaking of Tamiami Bridge, Effect it Will Have on Everglades National Park

The groundbreaking Friday for a 1-mile-long bridge along the Tamiami Trail is a key step toward reviving the Everglades, according to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

Groundbreaking For Tamiami Trail Bridge That Will Aid Everglades National Park Water Flows Set for Dec. 4

It'll be a short ceremony, but when officials gather December 4 to mark the groundbreaking of the Tamiami Trail Bridge, they'll set in motion a construction project that should carry significant benefits for Everglades National Park.

Traveler’s Checklist: Everglades National Park

The largest federally protected wilderness east of the Rockies is a wildlife cornucopia offering an abundance of recreational choices. In this park, knowing where and when to go is as important as knowing what to do when you get there.

Friends of the Everglades is Down, but Not Out

Friends of the Everglades, a National Park Service partner of 40 years standing, is going through some tough times. Plagued by declining membership and budget shortfalls, the iconic NGO must now regroup and rebuild.

Brown Pelican Removed from Endangered Species List

If you've recently visited any of the national parks in Florida, or the national seashores on the Gulf Coast, or even Channel Islands National Park, Cape Lookout National Seashore, or Cape Hatteras National Seashore, you might wonder why all the fuss over the removal of the brown pelican from the Endangered Species List.

Everglades National Park Officials Considering "Pole and Troll" Boating Zone to Protect Resources

In a move that might not go over well with motorboaters, officials at Everglades National Park are thinking of creating a "pole and troll" boating zone in Florida Bay to protect seagrass and marine-life. However, such a zone could prove popular with paddlers, wildlife viewers, and some anglers.

New USGS Study Says We Have Good Reason to Worry About Giant Snakes Loose in America

A new USGS report with a long title has this short take-away message: All nine giant constrictor species capable of colonizing areas of the United States pose moderate to severe ecological risks, and some pose a credible risk to humans.

Fall and Winter Are Prime Seasons for Camping in These Parks

Campsite at Organ Pipe Cactus Nat. Mon.
It's just too hot to enjoy camping in some parks during the summer, but fall and winter are prime times for outdoor activity in those areas. Here's a sampling of NPS sites where the "off season" in the rest of the country can be the best season for camping.

Bridge Over Needed Waters: Contract Awarded for Tamiami Trail Bridge at Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park aerial view
If the Everglades could talk, one answer to "how do you spell relief?" would be "water." After years of wrangling, a contract has been awarded to replace a one-mile section of the highway known as the Tamiami Trail with a bridge. The work will allow badly needed water to begin flowing again to part of Everglades National Park.
Take a trip into the swamps of Everglades National Park to explore the botanical wonders.

Here's a Handy Website For Following National Park Issues Concerning World Heritage Sites

Quite a few U.S. national parks are listed as World Heritage Sites, and they're often in the news. There's a handy website out there run by the National Park Service's Office of International Affairs that can help you stay abreast of issues involving this sites.