Tree-Ring Research in Sequoia National Park is Hard Work with Important Payoffs

Tree ring data obtained from 52 ancient trees in Sequoia National Park has provided scientists with 3,000 years of record. It didn’t come easy, though. Working with the gargantuan trees required special equipment, ingenuity, and heavy labor.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park Is Updating Its Approach to Fire Management – Comments are Welcome

Firefighters at work.
How should wildland fires be managed at Great Smoky Mountains National Park? The park is updating its plan to answer that question, and has prepared an Environmental Assessment as part of the process. If you have an opinion, now's the time to let the park know your views.

Wildfire Victims Rescued at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Are Suspected Criminals

Three men and a teenager rescued from a wildfire at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area on Wednesday were in a closed area where a marijuana plantation had been spotted. Two undocumented Mexican nationals have been arrested and are scheduled to be deported. A third man is being treated at a burn center.

Great Smokies Fire Contained