Tour Fort Pulaski National Monument By Lantern And Candles

You can help keep a 152-year tradition going by attending the traditional Confederate Nog Party at Fort Pulaski National Monument and taking part in night-time tours of the fort by candlelight and oil lamps.

Cannon Fire Will Roar Across Fort Pulaski National Monument This Summer

Want to get a feel for the sound and fury of cannon fire? Plan to stop by Fort Pulaski National Monument in Georgia on a weekend this summer when cannon firings will occur.

Explore Fort Pulaski National Monument By Boat

A relentless barrage of Union cannon fire prompted the Confederate forces in Fort Pulaski near Savannah to surrender in April 1862. Today you can gain a new perspective of this assault when national monument rangers offer a special water tour of the fort.

National Park Service Looking For Kids Interested in Becoming Junior Civil War Historians

Kids who visit a handful of Civil War-era units of the National Park System will be able to earn a special Junior Ranger patch, one that recognizes them as Junior Civil War Historians.

These "Christmas Past" Events Included a Stars and Stripes Santa, a Nog Party and a Legendary Winter Ride

A glimpse into holiday celebrations from Christmas Past was offered by a number of parks around the country in recent days. Here's a sampling from three historical parks that includes a Stars and Stripes Santa, an 1861 Nog Party and legendary Christmas Eve ride to a frontier fort to call out the cavalry.

Park Potpourri – A Sampling of Upcoming Events in Parks Around the Country

Looking for a change of pace for your late autumn schedule? Here's a sampling of upcoming special events in several parks around the country.

Visit Savannah’s Fort Pulaski National Monument and See Why Brick Masonry Forts Became Obsolete in April 1862

Savannah’s Fort Pulaski National Monument celebrates its 84th birthday today, October 15. Brick masonry harbor forts like Fort Pulaski were thought to be impregnable until an astonishing thing happened on April 11, 1862. After that day it would never again make sense to build a harbor fort of brick masonry.