Heavy Rains Causing Problems For National Park Units In And Around Washington, D.C.

Flooding problems, possible sewage overflows, and downed trees were causing problems Friday for Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Rock Creek Park, and other National Park System units in and around Washington, D.C., and officials said things could get worse this weekend.

Elite National Park Service Helicopter Unit Marks Forty Years Of Service

News of a dramatic rescue via helicopter in a national park often involves locations like Yosemite or Grand Teton National Parks, but there's also an elite National Park Service helicopter rescue team based in the East. This year marks 40 years of service by the United States Park Police (USPP) Aviation Unit, and the group has been involved in some unusual and high-profile incidents

List Of "Most Endangered Rivers" Flows Through National Parks

A number of national parks are clustered around some of the 10 rivers whose health is being threatened by mining operations, pollution, dredging, proposed dams, and other impacts that American Rivers found them deserving to be listed as America's Most Endangered Rivers.
A Photographer Natural beauty in the National Park System is not harbored solely in the Rocky Mountains, the High Sierra, or the Cascades. Drift through the pages of a new book that revolves around the nation's capital and you'll be treated to snow drifts and Swallowtail butterflies in perhaps the most unexpected places.

Enjoy The National Parks This Summer...But Don't Overlook Your Safety

With the summer travel season officially here, millions of folks will be heading out into the National Park System in the coming months. If you're one of them, just remember to be mindful of your safety, and that of your family and friends.

"If You Enter the River, You Will Die."

Great Falls of the Potomac
One of the deadliest stretches of whitewater in the eastern U.S. is located in an unlikely location—just outside the nation's capital. An interagency effort is underway to focus attention on the dangers of the Potomac River Gorge and the Great Falls of the Potomac with a very pointed message: "If you enter the river, you will die."

Heavy Flooding Impacts C&O Canal National Historical Park, Great Falls Park, And Other D.C. Area Parks

National Park Service officials and volunteer crews near the nation’s capital have their hands full these days, cleaning up after a flood.

A Romantic Miscue Led to a Helicopter Rescue at Great Falls Park near Washington, D.C.

Park Police helicopter
Eagle 2 is a U. S. Park Police helicopter used in the Washington, D.C. area and it's participated in some dramatic missions. Few, however, have involved a more unusual situation than a recent rescue at Great Falls Park—and it all started with a romantic miscue.