"Moon Buggies" Quietly Cruise the Roads at Craters of the Moon

Operating a couple of little GEM e2 electric vehicles is an interesting facet of this park's greening strategy.

Greening the Parks: APS Gives a Solar Boost to Grand Canyon’s South Rim Visitor Center

Thanks to APS, Arizona’s major power utility, solar panels will be supplying about 30% of the electrical power for the Grand Canyon’s South Rim Visitor Center by March. APS considers this a wide investment, since the project will show millions of park visitors that Arizona takes solar energy very seriously.

Greening the Parks: A Former Brownfield is Converted to a Lakefront Gem at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

A former brownfield on the Lake Michigan shoreline now sports a marvelous new recreational facility. The Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is finally up and running, thanks to years of planning, an innovative partnership, and a $10 million construction project incorporating green technology.

Greening the National Parks: Environmental Achievement Awards Highlight Sustainable Design, Energy-Efficiency, and Recycling

To encourage eco-friendly operations, the National Park Service presents Environmental Achievement Awards each year to parks and concession companies that have excelled in incorporating high environmental standards into their operations. The 2007 awards were presented to Blue Ridge Parkway, Yosemite National Park, Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts, and Xanterra Parks & Resorts.