How To Boost Kids' Science Aptitude? Encourage A National Park Service Career

Earlier this month you no doubt heard that America's 15-year-olds' science scores, when compared to those of their peers in other countries, were just average. How might they be improved? Well, if your daughter or son enjoy visiting national parks, nudge them in the direction of a career as a scientist working in the parks.

Exploring John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

Hidden within the sagebrush covered hills and badlands of eastern Oregon is evidence of past worlds covered by ancient forests and inhabited by strange looking beasts.

Earliest North American Beaver Thought To Have Sharpened Teeth Near Site Of Today's John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

It might not look so good to a beaver these days, but once upon a time the landscape in and around John Day Fossil Beds National Monument kept beavers happy.