Training for Volunteer Weed Watchers Coming Up at Point Reyes National Seashore

Volunteer weed watchers at work.
If you mention the terms "weed" and "California" in the same sentence, some people will make an assumption about the subject at hand. NPS areas in the San Francisco area are looking for some volunteer "weed watchers," and the purpose of this project may be different than you expect.

Unlikely Weapons Against a Deadly Exotic Species: Cat Food and Ants

Adult cane toad
From large Burmese pythons in the Everglades to tiny Quagga mussels at Lake Mead, exotic animals are a growing problem in our national parks. A recent story from Australia demonstrates that the battle against exotics can sometimes employ some low-tech weapons, including cat food and ants.

Creature Feature: Feral Burros are "Equina Non Grata" in the National Parks

Guys who holler “watch this!” just before they do something incredibly stupid aren’t the only jackasses in our national parks. We’ve got the real kind too, and where there are feral burros the habitat is degraded and native wildlife suffer. Cute though they may be, burros are unwelcome in our national parks.