Traveler's Gear Box: The Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AW

Contributing photographer Rebecca Latson continues to prove she's a fan of Lowepro's Flipside series of bags by reviewing the Lowepro Flipside Sport 20L AW.

Photo Spot: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

How best can Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park be photographed? Let professional photographer QT Luong highlight the way for you.

Focusing on Wonder Lake in Denali National Park And Preserve

Autumn comes to Denali National Park and Preserve between the last week of August and the first week of September. During this time, the entire tundra floor (almost the whole landscape) turns shades of yellow and red. This is my favorite time to be in the Alaska interior (except for high-altitude mountaineering where conditions are better in the spring), with changing weather and the mosquitoes gone.

Have You Looked Recently at the Traveler's Flickr Page?

Death Valley borax wagons, copyright Kurt Repanshek.
Have you checked out the Traveler's flickr page yet? We've got nearly 300 photos from 43 members. If those shots don't whet your interest in arranging a national park vacation, I'm not sure what will. Check out the photos ... and share some of your own!

Share Your National Park Photos on Traveler's Flickr Site

We've made it easier for you to share your favorite national park photos with other travelers. You now can upload your photos to the Traveler's Flickr site.

Behind the Lens With a National Park Photographer

Wouldn't it be great to make a living as a photographer who focuses primarily on national parks? That's Ian Shive's life these days. If you recall, he recently published a book of some of his park images. This short video provides more insight into his work in the parks. It definitely makes one envious.

Free Digital Photo Workshops at Grand Canyon National Park

Photographers at Grand Canyon.
If you'll be at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon between now and July 27 and you'd like to learn how to take better photos, here's a great opportunity. You don't even need a camera to participate.

Selecting Lenses For Your National Park Visit

How many lenses do you need for your camera to capture all the beauty of our National Park System? That's a question that can be costly if you're not careful in your selections.

Panoramic Photography, Or "How Do I Get All of the Teton Range in the Picture?"

Few photographic presentations can capture the feel and magnitude of our scenic national parks like the panoramic print. When you walk past a wide photo, you can feel yourself getting drawn in. Here's how to make those photos happen.

Winter Photography Festival Coming to Yellowstone National Park ... In West Yellowstone

Think you've got a great winter shot of Yellowstone National Park? Then plan on heading to West Yellowstone on March 11 for the park's Winter Photo Festival.

Photography in the Parks: How To Solve Exposure Problems in Snowy Landscapes

Winter photography is a wonderful thing. I love putting on my macro lens and looking for frost and ice. The macro world of frost and snow really is quite amazing. That said, cold weather itself presents two very real challenges: fogging and battery life.

Curious About What To Consider When Shopping for a New Camera?

As winter fast approaches (or has already hit you if you are from South Dakota and other points snowy) people often start to look at buying cameras. Not coincidentally just about every major camera manufacturer released a raft of new models this fall.

Capturing Fall's Splendor in the National Park System

A few years ago we decided to brave the throngs of visitors and see Virginia’s fall display in Shenandoah National Park (where, ironically, the highest visitation month is October!) and drive the famed Skyline Drive. With the colors at their peak around our home in Pennsylvania, we figured that Shenandoah's forests would be nearing their peak as well.

Photo Shoot: Today's Cameras Make It Easier to Capture the National Parks

Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs. Copyright, Pat Cone.
Not everyone is a painter, musician, or sculptor, but it seems that everyone is a photographer. Whether tracking Yellowstone wolves, following Glacier’s goats, or watching Yosemite waterfalls, all it takes is a camera. And that’s exactly what camera manufacturers count on: Making it easier and easier, especially in the new digital world, to produce quality photographs.

Satellite Image Captures 747 Above Yellowstone National Park

Someone has found a satellite photo of a 747 flying over Yellowstone National Park using Google maps. Not much of a story here, I just thought the photo/technology is kind of cool. 'Read more' to see the full resolution image and map.

Amusing Looking Sign on Blue Ridge Parkway

"MLF_0412cropped"; '_MIMI_' photo via Flickr
I'm sure we all get the message this sign is trying to convey, it's just that it looks pretty silly! Can't you just imagine that rider saying "weeeeee"?

Cool Cave Photography

A Few Tips for Photographing Your Next Park Visit