National Park Mystery Spot 35 Revealed: A Tragic Accident

An accidental explosion killed hundreds at this site.

It's Official - Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial is the Newest NPS Unit

Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial
It's a long way from the big city with the same name, and the park's history may not be familiar to many Americans, but Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial has a compelling story, and it's now the newest addition to the National Park System.

World War II Sites in the National Park System

U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial; Jeremy Sullivan photographer.
Did you watch all 15 hours of the Ken Burns mega-series "The War" which wrapped up last night on PBS? I did! Having watched the series, I have wondered, what are the World War II sites managed by the National Park Service? I've come up with this list, with some parks units that you might not expect.
Port Chicago AftermathOn July 17, 1944, a giant explosion occurred at the Port Chicago Naval Magazine, near San Francisco. It was the largest US home front disaster during WWII, killing 320 men, 202 of whom were African American. This location should be a National Park Unit. Our latest audio program has more detail.