Talks On Maritime History Coming To Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Maritime history and how it ties into the port of Salem, Massachusetts, will be the focus of two talks coming up at Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

"Down Rigging" Underway For Sailing Ship "Friendship" At Salem Maritime National Historic Site

The sailing ship Friendship of Salem is a popular attraction at Salem Maritime National Historic Site, but visitors to the park in coming months shouldn't be concerned if it appears the vessel has been "demasted." Removal of sections of the masts and rigging began last week as part of a two-year project to inspect key parts of the ship, and make any repairs that are needed.

The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming....To Salem Maritime National Historic Site

The calendar will be turned back a few centuries later this month when re-enactors stage a British encampment at Salem Maritime National Historic Site in Massachusetts.

"State Of The Parks" Reports Provide Insights Into Conditions Of National Parks

What condition are the national parks in? That's an easy, and important, question to ask, but one not always easily answered.

Can You Identify These "Historic Firsts" In The National Park System?

The country's first National Historic Site celebrated its 75th anniversary earlier this month, and the occasion offers the opportunity for some fun challenges for NPS trivia buffs. Can you identify the NPS area claiming this historic "first"? How about the location of America's first National Battlefield, or the former national park that's now a national monument?

Updated: The Aftermath Of Superstorm Sandy On The National Park System

Nearly 70 National Park System units along the Eastern Seaboard were either fully or partially closed due to impacts from "superstorm Sandy," and it could be days before some reopen.

Preserving History At Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Creaking on the tides under the weight of its three masts and 55 miles of rigging, the Friendship is a floating reminder of a time when the upstart United States laid a commercial claim to the high seas.