New Dock Ready For Boaters Visiting San Juan Island National Historical Park's English Camp

If you take your boat to the English Camp of San Juan Island National Historical Park this coming summer, you'll have a new dock to land at on Garrison Bay.

Whale Watching: Here's Your National Parks Traveler 2013 Vacation Planner

If National Parks Traveler’s blue whale creature feature got you in the mood to do some whale watching, we’ve put together a guide of the best national parks for just that. From coast to coast and throughout the year, each park provides the opportunity to enjoy these majestic creatures.

Begging Red Fox A Traffic Hazard At San Juan Island National Historical Park

He's cute, and possibly charming, but a red fox that has been panhandling along the Cattle Point Road at San Juan Island National Historical Park in Washington state has turned into a traffic hazard.

NPCA Report: America's National Parks Have Troubling Problems With Natural, Cultural, Historic Resources

A report out today from the National Parks Conservation Association paints a distressing picture of the health of the National Park System just five years out from the centennial of the National Park Service.

European Rabbits Facing Death Sentence at San Juan Island National Historical Park

Where's Elmer Fudd when you need him? Although, the folks at San Juan Island National Historical Park, who have a rabbit problem on their hands, could use a hunter who's a little more successful than Bugs Bunny's archenemy ever was.

This "Living History" Project at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area Required Some Very Sharp Instruments

Pruning historic apple trees
The term "living history" is often applied to programs using costumed interpreters, but it can also have another, more literal application: historic orchards. A recent project at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area used some sharp instruments to apply some tender loving pruning to historic apple trees in the park.

Historic Pear Trees and a Pig are Part of the Story at this Beautiful Island Park

Historic orchard in spring.
There may not be any partridges in these pear trees, but they're some of the oldest surviving specimens in the country. They're located in a beautiful setting on an island, where a pig had a starring role in a key event in our nation's history.