Floodwaters Force Closings in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

In northeastern Ohio, heavy rains have sent rivers out of their banks and triggered the closing of flood-vulnerable facilities in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

More National Parks Brace for Hurricane Earl

As Hurricane Earl assails the Outer Banks parks, producing damaging winds, rough surf, overwash, and beach erosion, Cape Cod National Seashore and other coastal parks in the Middle Atlantic and New England regions get ready for the powerful storm's arrival.

Update: Hurricane Earl Remains on Track to Impact the Outer Banks Parks

Packing winds of 125 mph, Hurricane Earl continues along a path toward the national parks of North Carolina's Outer Banks region. Parks further north and east along the coast are likely to feel Earl's impacts within a few days.

Ida Gives Many Atlantic Coast National Parks a Severe Beating

The remains of Tropical Storm Ida have inflicted some of the heaviest damage that Atlantic Coast beaches have seen in quite a few years. NPS units in the impacted area will have a major cleanup & fix up job on their hands.

Gulf Islands National Seashore Battens Down for Hurricane Ida

As the season’s first Atlantic hurricane takes aim on the northern Gulf of Mexico coast, Gulf Islands National Seashore closes vulnerable areas and gets visitors out of harms way.

Update: Tropical Storm Claudette Arrived at Gulf Islands National Seashore on Short Notice, But the Park Service Was Ready

Tropical Storm Claudette strengthened with surprising speed before making landfall in the Florida Panhandle, but the Park Service was ready to protect Gulf Island National Seashore visitors on very short notice. With Bill and Ana gathering strength over warm tropical waters, more powerful storms could soon arrive.

Ana through Wanda, This Year’s Hurricane Names are Ready to Go

NOAA forecasters expect a normal- to low-activity hurricane season this year, but you never know for sure. There are 21 storm names pre-selected for use in 2009.

Heavy Rains and Flooding from Hurricane Ike Remnants Left a Mess at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

The torrential rains, high winds, and flooding that plagued northwest Indiana as the remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through were some of the worst on record. They left a big mess at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, too. The big storm came at an awkward time, necessitating hurry-up cleanup and repairs to get the new Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk ready for dedication ceremonies on October 16.

Hurricane Ike Prompts FEMA to Task the National Park Service with a Search and Rescue Mission in Houston

With Hurricane Ike on the way and forecasters warning of potentially serious flooding in Houston-Galveston, FEMA requested National Park Service help. The NPS is supplying 21 two-person boat crews for the urban search and rescue task force. This is the fourth time this year that FEMA has tasked the NPS with a search and rescue mission.

Texas Coast National Parks Brace for Hurricane Dolly

Two Texas Gulf Coast national parks have implemented plans to deal with the impacts of Hurricane Dolly, which is expected to make landfall Wednesday afternoon near Brownsville. Damage is expected to be minimal at Padre Island National Seashore and at Brownsville’s Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site.