Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project Yields Yosemite Valley Views Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

The National Park Service and xRez Studio have created one of the world’s largest photographic images, an amazingly detailed photographic map of the rock faces rimming Yosemite Valley. Believe me, you won’t need to squint!

Would Free "Loaner" Personal Locator Beacons Save Lives and Money in Parks?

Benbo PLB.
There are plenty of remote locations in parks where you can't call 911 when trouble strikes. There's been some lively discussion on the Traveler on the pros and cons of various electronic devices that can summon help in the backcountry, so here's an idea from two national parks in Australia: loaning personal locator beacons to backpackers—free of charge.

Resource Managers Are Using Visitor Impact Mapping at Oregon Caves National Monument

Oregon Caves National Monument celebrated its 99th birthday July 12. The park’s marble cave has suffered significant physical damage and secondary effects since its discovery in 1874. Resource managers are using a survey method called Visitor Impact Mapping to better understand where and how visitors have affected the condition of the cave.