Making A Difference Through Hard Work With The Student Conservation Association

I had two job offers the summer before my junior year of high school. I chose the job that came with new boots.

Free Cave Tours At Wind Cave National Park During Presidents Day Weekend

Find yourself near Wind Cave National Park during Presidents Day Weekend and you should drop in to take a free cave tour.

"Adventures In Nature" Program For Kids Coming To Wind Cave National Park

A program specifically designed to get youngsters out into nature, and the national parks, is coming to Wind Cave National Park in a couple of weeks.

Motorists Prove A Great Threat To Bison At Wind Cave National Park

It's been a century since bison were returned to Wind Cave National Park via a recovery program for the shaggy animals, and while they're thriving, overall, in the park, motorists are proving to be a great threat to them.

Wind Cave National Park's Annual Bird Count Sunday

Birders can get a jump on the year's Christmas Bird Count by heading to Wind Cave National Park for its annual bird count this Sunday.

Wind Cave National Park Seeking Higher Fees For Cave Tours, Campgrounds

Fee increases, some up to 100 percent, are being proposed at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota.

Student Conservation Association Crews Erect Trail Markers At Wind Cave National Park

It was hot, dusty, back-breaking work, but someone had to do it. And in the case of planting 116 posts to mark trails at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, that chore fell to two Student Conservation Association crews.

Three Bison Killed At Wind Cave National Park When Motorist Runs Into Them

It's always wise to observe the speed limit in national parks, and even slow down more after sunset. Proof of that comes from Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, where three bison were killed when a truck plowed into them after dark.

Memorial Day Weekend Brought Record Crowds To Wind Cave, Bryce Canyon National Parks

Summer got off to a record start at Bryce Canyon and Wind Cave national parks, where holiday weekend crowds set records.

Wind Cave National Park To Reopen Elk Mountain Campground

A shuffling of money has enabled Wind Cave National Park officials to reopen the Elk Mountain Campground for the summer.

Wind Cave National Park Sends Elk Herd To Neighboring Custer State Park

Airborne cowboys have herded hundreds of elk from Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota into neigboring Custer State Park under a plan to both reduce the elk population in the national park while boosting it in the state park.

National Park Service Sequestration Update: Closed Campgrounds, Fewer Seasonal Employees, Sunday Closures

Closed campgrounds, Sunday closures of National Park System units, and 900 permanent positions that will go unfilled are just some of the latest details of how the National Park Service is responding to the ongoing federal budget sequestration.

Wind Cave National Park Programs Will Lead Kids Into The Backcountry

Programs for exploring nature with children and discovering the park’s backcountry will be offered this winter and spring at Wind Cave National Park.

Wildlife Pose Problem For Inattentive Motorists At Wind Cave National Park

Winter driving in Wind Cave National Park can be troublesome for inattentive drivers due to short hours of daylight, snowy weather, and bison drawn to the roads by salt used to melt snow and ice.

A Halloween Creature Feature: The Burrowing Owl, Not Your Average Raptor

The classic picture of an owl is typically one associated with Halloween: large, nocturnal creatures with wide eyes and a wise mind. With Halloween here, it’s the perfect time to take a look into a lesser-known owl species that can be found in some national parks: the Burrowing Owl.

White-Water, Apple Harvests, And Indian Summer On The Coast Are Among 10 Great Fall National Park Activities

Fall is, in many people's eyes, the best season to enjoy the National Park System. Temperatures are moderating, insects are a thing of the past, forests wrap themselves in dazzling colors, and wildlife is easy to see and often vocal. Here are ten great fall destinations in the park system.

Wind Cave National Park Latest Park To Institute Fire Restrictions

You can add Wind Cave National Park to the growing number of parks that are instituting fire restrictions due to the extreme fire conditions that are popping up across the country.

Day-Long Celebration Planned To Mark Addition Of Land To Wind Cave National Park

A day-long celebration, complete with chuck wagon dinner and an appearance by President Theodore Roosevelt, is planned to celebrate the addition of more than 5,500 acres to Wind Cave National Park.

Cave Tours, Visits To Buffalo Jump, On Tap At Wind Cave National Park This Summer

Just because "cave" is part of Wind Cave National Park's name, that doesn't mean the only thing you can do at this South Dakota destination is go underground.

Elk-Antler Poachers Busted At Wind Cave National Park

Elk antlers wind up in art, are ground into perceived aphrodisiacs, and grace fireplaces. But they're also illegal to collect in national parks, as three Minnesotans found out when they were busted last weekend in Wind Cave National Park.

Wind Cave National Park Collars Elk To Learn From Them

Not even elk at Wind Cave National Park can escape the eye in the sky these days.

High Arsenic Concentrations Lurk In Underground Lakes At Wind Cave National Park

While underground lakes at Wind Cave National Park test high for arsenic levels, they have no bearing on the safety of the park's drinking water, according to studies

Wind Cave National Park Officials To Discuss Management of "Casey Addition"

Most national park boundaries are fairly static, not growing or shrinking over the years. But Wind Cave National Park is growing by more than 5,500 acres thanks to an acquisition arranged by The Conservation Fund, and now park officials are working on a plan to manage that addition.

Reward Fund Established In Connection With Poaching Incident at Wind Cave National Park

A reward fund has been established for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the poaching of two bull elk at Wind Cave National Park.

Wind Cave National Park Rangers Investigating Apparent Poaching Case, $1000 Reward Offered

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual responsible for shooting two elk in Wind Cave National Park.

Free Cave Tours At Wind Cave National Park Over Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Weekend

If you find yourself in South Dakota during the long Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday weekend, swing by Wind Cave National Park to take one of the free cave tours being offered then.

Explore Wind Cave National Park With Your Kids This Winter

Winter is no reason to ignore the national parks, and at Wind Cave National Park this winter and into the spring months they're offering special programs to help you and your kids enjoy the backcountry.

Holiday Events On the Calendar At Wind Cave National Park

Do you live in South Dakota, or are you planning a trip there in mid-December? If so, stop by Wind Cave National Park, either to take part in the park's Christmas Bird Count or to enjoy the holiday open house.

Winter Brings Increased Hazards for Wildlife and Humans on Park Roads

Winter, with its lack of crowds in most parks, can be a great season for a visit ... with a caveat. While the need to use caution on snowy and icy highways should be obvious, another potential hazard may not be on your mental radar during a winter drive: wildlife on the roadway.

Call To Action: Updating The Leopold Report For National Parks in the 21st Century

Nearly 50 years after it was completed, the Leopold Report on wildlife management in the national parks is perhaps overdue for revisions to take into account the realities of climate change, sprawl, and greater visitation to the parks.