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Utah Delegation Asks President Obama Not To Use Antiquities Act In Utah

Feb 13th - 20:31pm | RichK.

I think that he should be able to do that. Seems like a good idea .

Feb 13th - 13:45pm | Alfred Runte

President Obama is not Theodore Roosevelt. Suffice it to say that TR proclaimed national monuments that actually withdrew the public lands from occupancy, sale, or settlement. All that Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama have done is reclassify the existing public domain. Sure, they wind up looking "presidential," but for the most part it is a political stunt.

Feb 13th - 13:02pm | ecbuck

If that is true, Lee why don't the voters vote in someone for monument creation?  

Feb 13th - 12:13pm | Joseph Heegaard

I work for the Protect Our Parks Coalition in Cincinnati, OH and commend what President Obama is doing to save the last remnants of our wild places, along with the ecosystem services they provide.  According to the Outdoor Industry Association, outdoor recreation provides 6.1 million people with jobs (non-exportable) and nearly $80 billion in local, state, and federal tax revenue.

Feb 13th - 12:04pm | Lee Dalton

Quite the opposite.  Many more than one referendum has been taken througout Utah.  Results have been favorable to monument creation every time.  It's a protection from another popular version of the Golden Rule: Them that whines the loudest is the ones that gets all the attention.

Feb 13th - 10:23am | J. Lowell Nafziger

Might want to run a referendum on the opinions of the people who live in the area.  Make sure this isn't another application of the Golden Rule:  them's that got the gold make the rules in Utah.

Here's A Hiking Guide For Your Next Visit To Zion National Park

Feb 13th - 20:26pm | swiftriver

Do they have these maps available at a  rngr station some where at the park enterance?

National Park Service Proposing Changes To How Objects Left At Vietnam Memorial Are Handled

Feb 13th - 16:06pm | Charles Reed L/...

All items left at The Wall have a meaning for those who left it there. To have someone arbitrarily decide what is to be kept and what is discarded is an affront to all that gave the ultimate sacriface and to those who served, are serving, and will serve this Nation.

Feb 13th - 14:52pm | Kelly Coleman Rihn

my dads name is on the Wall. It is extremely important for me and my family to leave items in his memory. It also is important to me to see the other momentous left. It reminds me that my father and the other men on this wall are being remembered.  I am against disgarding any item left at the Wall. The VVM is a powerful monument that has meaning reaching far past the US.

President Obama Designates Three National Monuments In California

Feb 12th - 21:39pm | tom b

I've noticed an increasing number of "non-white" visitors in several western national parks during the past year. This is to be welcomed and encouraged. More of such visitors will make it more comfortable for even more to visit. My hope is, eventually, park visitation will better reflect our population. In the end, parks will have a larger constituency, more voices for protection.

Feb 12th - 16:33pm | Lee Dalton

But you're the one who mentioned him first . . . . Do you mean you fabricated him?

Feb 12th - 16:31pm | ecbuck

But if Rep. Noone's proposals go through, Who is this Rep Noone and where does he say he wants all federal lands turned over to the states and sold to the public?  Truth is, there is no such person or such a proposal.  Just another of your pure fabrications.  

Feb 12th - 15:59pm | Lee Dalton

  But if Rep. Noone's proposals go through, it will.  Although as you say, it's unlikely.

Feb 12th - 15:52pm | tomp2

I agree with ecbuck(!) and politely disagree with Mo Bettah: entrance fees are at most a tiny impediment.

Feb 12th - 15:13pm | ecbuck

and all that land is sold to private owners. Since noone is proposing that, its unlikely.   Since "pay to enter" fees are a miniscule piece of the cost of visiting a western park, I don't think they have anything to do with attendance - whether while, black, yellow or green.  

Feb 12th - 13:03pm | Lee Dalton

But, Mo, could that be due to other factors and not just fees?  Has anyone asked our African American neighbors about it? And think it's bad now?  Just wait until public lands are "returned" to the western states and all that land is sold to private owners.

Feb 12th - 12:51pm | kb

Mojave National Preserve is not 'pay to enter'.  I'm pretty sure the new Monuments won't be either.  In fact, you can visit Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park without paying, if you enter and exit via certain roads.

Feb 12th - 10:35am | Mo Bettah

Let's continue to create "pay to enter" sites so fewer minorities are able to visit.  The antiquities act is becoming an elitist adventure that further separates the haves and the have nots.  Think I am mistaken?  Visit any national monument in the west and see how many African Americans are visiting.

Feb 12th - 09:21am | Lee Dalton

Now we need two in Utah.  Bears Ears and the Canyonlands National Monuments.

Feb 12th - 08:55am | Gila Monster

Good news.  Castle Mountains should probably merge with Mojave NPRES somewhere in the future.

National Park Service Developing New Guidelines For Resource Stewardship

Feb 12th - 15:45pm | tomp2


Feb 12th - 10:22am | tahoma

Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Jarvis.  How do you reconcile these statements:

Feb 12th - 09:53am | Lee Dalton

Two sentences struck me: "...the overarching goal of resource stewardship is to manage NPS resources in a context of continuous change that we do not fully understand," wrote the director." and:

Traveler's View: President's FY17 Request For National Park Service Disappointing

Feb 12th - 09:46am | rmackie

EC, I have always thought you do like the Parks and I agree that fiscal responsibility is an important issue. One of these days, if our trails cross, we can discuss the other issues in another venue. I was reading an article last night in the Nation magazine by Ann Jones, "A Crash Course in Social Democracy", Feb.15 issue.

Feb 12th - 08:40am | ecbuck

 But let's not allow unbridled waste.

Feb 12th - 08:34am | ecbuck

not gained from much of our cable media

Feb 11th - 23:38pm | rmackie

EC, a complex issue at best and I am getting away from the topic of parks, but you might be interested in some books on the subject, starting with Naomi Kline, "The Shock Doctrine", Thom Hartman, Unequal Justice, or his latest, The Crash of 2016", a recent one, Robert Pollin, "Greening the Global Economy", well the list is quite lengthly.

Feb 11th - 23:02pm | trailadvocate

Hmmm, what could we save to go to parks if all the kickbacks to the Democratic Party via crony Solindra type (investments) funded by the American Taxpayer going back to the cash for clunkers episode at the very beginning.  All BS including todays action to demand the Pentagon consider Global Warming in their combat directives.

Feb 11th - 22:15pm | Lee Dalton

So would I.  But let's not allow unbridled waste.  Just think what could be done, not only in our parks, but also in the rest of our country, if we found the courage and wisdom to stand up to what Eisenhower warned about and use all that money wisely.  Did you actually read Kurt's article?

Feb 11th - 17:11pm | ecbuck

But still a minor fraction of what we spend overall and a minor contributor to the deficit and debt.  So your statement that large budgets, signifcant deficits and overwhelming debt is due to two wars is just a fabrication.   Besides, I can quote you the language in the Constitution that said it is the role of the Federal Government to provide national defense.

Feb 11th - 16:28pm | Lee Dalton

Every hour, taxpayers in the United States are paying $615,482 for Cost of Military Action Against ISIS. Every hour, taxpayers in the United States are paying $4 million for Cost of War in Afghanistan.

Feb 11th - 14:17pm | ecbuck

That's what you get when you put two major wars on the credit card. The wars are a minor fraction of those numbers.  

Feb 11th - 13:49pm | Lee Dalton

A $4.1 Trillion budget, $616 billion deficit and federal debt of $20 trillion is "neo-liberal austerity'? That's what you get when you put two major wars on the credit card.

Feb 11th - 12:10pm | ecbuck

neo-liberal austerity budgets of Friedman and Greenspan,  What dream world are you in?  A $4.1 Trillion budget, $616 billion deficit and federal debt of $20 trillion is "neo-liberal austerity'?

Feb 11th - 11:45am | rmackie

Mundsy, nice post. I am a fan of Lee's posts, but am with you on this issue.  I would like to thank Traveler for the article on the NPS maintenance backlog and the thom2 post.

Feb 11th - 10:35am | Lee Dalton

Mundsy, my good friend, that was supposed to be sarcastically satirical. I just hope that electronic entertainment never overtakes the wonder of our parks.

Feb 11th - 09:01am | Mundsy

Lee, your disdain for technology in national parks is astounding.  I've read your comments for years on NPT and while you do make solid points about the parks, this is one where you are completely wrong.  The internet, smartphones, computers and those other high fangled devices are here to stay.

Feb 10th - 20:30pm | Lee Dalton

No worries, friends.  Soon all the parks will be wired and everyone can just stay home on their comfortable couches and make virtual visits muncing popcorn and slurping beer or soda while flipping back and forth between a football game and Old Faithful.  (Of course there will probably be commercial breaks between views of the elk and chipmunks, but Americans are so well conditioned to

Feb 10th - 16:16pm | tomp2

Your link on salaries lagging isn't quite salary data showing differences among agencies.  Rather, those data are % of employee survey respondents satisfied with salary, which is lower in NPS than in other DOI bureaus, let alone than in most government agencies.

Feb 10th - 16:11pm | Michael Kellett

It is true that the National Park Service needs a larger budget. However, as I have noted before, this is an artificial "crisis" created by anti-national park interests and their allies in Congress, who would be happy to starve the National Park System to death.

Flora Of The National Parks On Display

Feb 11th - 17:15pm | Megaera

Wow, I wish I could go see that.

Congressmen Call For More Wi-Fi In Parks, But Can National Park Service Manage It?

Feb 11th - 09:32am | ecbuck

Forcing Wi-Fi and Cell Service Nobody is forcing you to do anything  is very much counter to anything ever thought of as an appropriate use of these National Parks Maybe anything you ever thought of, but others think differently and their thoughts are just as valid as yours.  

Feb 11th - 09:25am | David Crowl

I remember back when I was 18, in 1980, I took a trip to Yellowstone with a couple of friends. We hiked to the top of Mount Washburn and low and behold there was a phone booth in the fire look out so I called my Mom. In todays terms, there are very few phone booths left and today you may only send a text and a picture, instead of a post card.

Feb 10th - 21:00pm | trailadvocate

Forcing Wi-Fi and Cell Service in the name of progress one would think is very much counter to anything ever thought of as an appropriate use of these National Parks.  Ask many that have witnessed the transformation at Phantom Ranch even among the work mate of Park Ranger.   Me, me, me instead of gratitude for being in such a place.

Feb 10th - 19:01pm | rmackie

David, interesting comment. Like many others on the listserve, I have mixed emotions, but from my own experience the last 8 years working as a Fire Information Officer, I have changed my own view on the issue. I work in a major park and interact with visitors from all over the world, the best part of the job.

Feb 10th - 17:41pm | ecbuck

 National Parks are about getting away from it all, renewing our resolve to make the world a better place and restoring the natural balance in our lives. That may be how you use them but others use them in different ways. And those other ways are just a valid as yours.

Feb 10th - 16:05pm | Peter B (NSW Au...

Suck it up Princess and go without. National Parks are about getting away from it all, renewing our resolve to make the world a better place and restoring the natural balance in our lives. We need somewhere to get away from the political rat races that seem to dominate our electoral processes.

Another Yellowstone National Park Wolf Reaches Colorado

Feb 11th - 09:21am | Xm

Wolf sighting la veta pass San Luis valley Colorado 2/10/16 this was NOT a coyote very beautiful ! I Wish this wolf all the best!

Shenandoah National Park Tallies $90 Million In Deferred Maintenance

Feb 11th - 07:58am | SmokiesBackpacker

Is there any dollar amount from taxpayers that would shut Jarvis up?  Is there any appropriation that would get him to say, "Thanks"? Just wondering.

Canaveral National Seashore Moves Camping Reservations System Online

Feb 10th - 15:39pm | Anonymous

This Really Stinks and its spelled m-a-n-a-g-e-m-e-n-t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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