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Standing Rock Tribes Requested Public Safety Assistance From Interior Department

Feb 20th - 23:12pm | Tammy ricker

it a shame what has been happening to the pipeline protesters and the police should be jailed .to hold peaceful protest is a constitutional right making up fake charges and arresting people shouting them with rubber bullets causing injuries. Trespassing on their land. Read the treaty and honor it and run your pipeline away from there these billionaire oil guys can do that no problem .

Feb 19th - 09:03am | ecbuck

My question is whether their pay is coming out of the NPS budget or some other agency. 

Feb 19th - 07:26am | Rthawk1

they are already being is a transfer or reassignment.  It is not a new hire.

Feb 18th - 12:12pm |  

Feb 18th - 08:11am | Regnar

Rangers have been called to assist BIA LE operations many times in the past. BIA officers are DOI, NPS Rangers are DOI and have a standing agreement for mutual aid request.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Feb 20th - 23:07pm | JS

The senior discount is available only to US citizens age 62 and older. I presume this is because nearly all of us have been paying federal income taxes for our entire working lives, amounting to many tens of thousands of dollars from each of us. The park service is supported primarily by our taxes and entrance fees pay for only a portion of operating expenses. 

Favorite National Park for wildlife? Tips for viewing?

Feb 20th - 22:12pm | Chris Jones

I have visited only one National park that too only once, Jasper National park in the Canadian Rockies. It's so beautiful that you feel like shouldn't leave it ever. More than the wildlife, I love the weather and the scenery there. We saw bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goats and some porcupines and as far as I know, these are pretty common there.

House Oversight Committee Investigating Bryce Canyon National Park's Monumental Tweet

Feb 20th - 19:23pm | Glad2bretired

Chaffetz is a world-class waffler, whose congressional oversight committee only investigates cases which fit his ideological agenda.  He was an embarassment when supposedly offended by the Billy Bush tape, quoted as unable to vote for Donald Trump for President because of moral turpitude.  He reversed himself and voted for Trump anyway.

Feb 20th - 14:41pm | Lee Dalton

Rick, that is just one small part of it all.  But yes, the lines were redrawn to include him in the district.  But there is no law -- at least in Utah -- requiring a member of Congress to live in the district they represent. Repeated attempts to require that drawing of district maps every ten years be done by a non-partisan committee have been shot down time and again.

Feb 20th - 10:49am | Amanda Mckean

I have worked for the Trinity National Forest as a cartographer.  I can tell you that our department was one of the first to be notified when anything "new" was being added before any announcements.

Feb 19th - 23:58pm | Rick B.

Lee -- is the story true that I read, that the initial gerrymandering to Chaffitz' benefit was redrawing the lines so that he actually residedin his district?

Feb 19th - 22:24pm | ecbuck

lee, draw us a district that would have had Chaffetz lose.  I suspect it would make a checkerboard proud. 

Feb 19th - 22:10pm | Lee Dalton

Amelia and Mega, Utah's gerrymandering has been cited as some of the worst in the U.S.  Using computerized voter registration data, the GOP was able to carve out district boundaries that snake up and down streets, between back yards and in any way that can jam as many registered Republicans into a district as possible.  In one case in Salt Lake, a boundary includes two buildings in a

Feb 19th - 19:00pm | ecbuck

"I know his district hates his guts and have for years." And that is why he won by a 47 point margin in the last election? There may be people that hate him, but as a whole, it would appear the district loves him.

Feb 19th - 17:56pm | Megaera

Just out of curiosity, how gerrymandered is his district?

Feb 19th - 15:03pm | Amelia

Can he be re-called? I know his district hates his guts and have for years. People have wondered how he's been re-elected, because of how much people in the Cottonwood Heights area hate him.   

Feb 19th - 14:25pm | Scott Barger

Rep. Chaffetz is a total POS that has no interest in the enviroment. The people of Utah need to vote him out.

Feb 19th - 11:39am | Lee Dalton

Chafe is merely helping the White House distract gullible Americans from what's really going on.

Feb 19th - 10:09am | Matt M

Chaffetz really is embarrassing himself these days.

Feb 19th - 09:54am | tahoma

"This isn't normal, and it's not OK":

Kettle Falls Marina At Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area To Close April 30

Feb 20th - 16:11pm | Carrie Gibbs

I posted this "story" on the Face-book page for Stevens county.  A member of the group pointed out a fact you need to give some thought to.  The Search and Recue dive team uses one of those slips for their boat.  Do you not understand that by making that team go to the Casino for fuel it could cost a life?  The same for the time to get their boat in the water when needed.

Feb 20th - 14:57pm | Debra Morgan

The Kettle Falls Marina is VITAL to the safety of the residents and visitors of Lake Roosevelt. Not having to pull their boats out of the water or go clear down to Two Rivers for fuel in the middle of a search or rescue! Then you have the economic impact to one of the more economically depressed areas in the state!

Feb 20th - 12:59pm | George Thomas

The PS around here has run Rampant for many years, kicking people off beaches, boat ramps, and the Lake for there own petty reasons!! Why do they think they control this? This belongs to the People of the United States!! Not this Ranger!!!!!!

Feb 20th - 01:50am | Raye Nichols

This is a decision that affects our community. To not offer these services affects revenue for Stevens County and wii hurt our tourism.  In our economy we need to sustain viability for our region.  Please reconsider this decision 

Utah Position On National Monuments Could Carry Dire Economic Impact To State

Feb 20th - 15:46pm | ras

The irony is that it hurts the SLC area most. That's the most progressive part of Utah, the place where you'll find more people in favor of public lands, national monuments, etc. (It's the only part where a Dem can get elected, for example.)  The farther you get from there, the more anti-environmental (anti-everything, really) the state gets.

Trails I've Hiked: The Howard Eaton Trail To Lone Star Geyser In Yellowstone National Park

Feb 20th - 09:23am | Kurt Repanshek

No recent pictures, Steven, other than the one above of the illegal campsite. That said, the campsites are level in scattered lodgepole and grassy meadows. Not particularly great grizzly habitat, compared to other areas in the park, and while I've never encountered bears there, the backcountry office will alert you to any bear issues when they issue your permit.

Feb 20th - 09:16am | Steven OA1

I am interested in camping at Lone Star OA1, do you have any pictures of this campsite you could share, and how is the reported grizzly population in that area? Thank you.

UPDATED: National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers Being Called To Standing Rock

Feb 20th - 08:01am | Margaret Fritz

Spot on! Can I share this?

Feb 19th - 16:12pm | Please SHARE Ev...

  Waters Life Exposing Hydraulic Fracturing Exposing Oil 

Feb 19th - 12:13pm | ecbuck

Read the article Lee.  The ruling had nothing to do with disclosure rules.  It had to do with jurisdiction.  But then I guess you are merely helping the anti-oil folks distract gullible Americans from what's really going on.

Feb 19th - 11:49am | Lee Dalton

On the other hand, it didn't take much effort to learn that oil company appeals of disclosure rules didn't fare well in courts:

Feb 19th - 09:06am | Markie


Outdoor Retailer Show Will Leave Utah Over Stance On Public Lands

Feb 19th - 19:34pm | Rick B.

Places...   If OIA bought and controlled the day to day reins of the politicians of the area, they would be doing the same. On the other hand, if Koch Bros et al were to simply move their business to an area they like they would be the same.   Both are financial manipulation, but one is more severely morally impaired than the other.

Feb 19th - 17:39pm | wild places

While I respect the right of companies like Patagonia and others to express their political views I personally think it is bad business. I tend not to do business with companies who get involved in politics although I admit its nearly impossible these days. One last point since hypocrisy is one of my pet peeves.

Feb 18th - 19:38pm | justinh

Good for OIA.

Feb 18th - 19:28pm | ecbuck

Here is another interesting cut Kurt. Last three Presidential elections Dems spent approximately twice the level of Republicans (eye balling off the chart).  

Feb 18th - 19:22pm | ecbuck

How many votes does Citizens United have?  BTW - Here is a list of the top 50 organizational donors in the last election.  Dems get the money nearly 2 to 1.  

Feb 18th - 19:05pm | Lee Dalton

And very careful gerrymandering of Congressional districts, Jerry.  Back in 2010, when it was pointed out that Jason Chaffetz didn't live in the district he was supposed to be representing, the district boundaries were adjusted to "move" him into that district.  .  (It was just cosmetic, though, because there is no legal requirement that a Congressperson must live in their distri

Feb 18th - 19:05pm | Lee Dalton

I'll post this again because it does and excellent job of telling the story:

Feb 18th - 19:04pm | Lee Dalton

  From this morning's Tribune:

Feb 18th - 19:03pm | Kurt Repanshek

And then there's Citizens United....

Feb 18th - 18:52pm | ecbuck

Matt, how many votes do extraction industries and large corporate interests have?  ZERO  How many votes do the citizens of Utah have?  ALL OF THEM. 

Feb 18th - 18:17pm | matt

It's not the citizens of Utah being represented here. It's extraction industries and large corporate interests that are looking to make a quick buck while spoiling large tracts of Utas natural beauty. It's short sighted and stupid, but fits the current administration.

Feb 18th - 11:04am | Angela Bates

I second your suggestion! I live in northern New Mexico, and can attest that we citizens, as well as our senators Heinrich and Udall, love and appreciate our federal lands. Our governor, a republican, will be replaced in the next election, we all hope.  We have found that outdoor sports create a strong, sustainable economy.

Feb 17th - 23:51pm | Rick B.

Jwerry2  --- Wouldn't you think so? Apparently the campaign donations rom big oil and others have more pull. Illustrating my point are the disgusted citizens of Chaffitz at the town hall meeting.

A Masonic Marker On the Blue Ridge Parkway

Feb 19th - 19:06pm | LYDIA & JUNIOR ...

Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and reverant. Worth a look see for certain.

Lewd Behavior Prompts Closure Of Camping Area In Gulf Islands National Seashore

Feb 18th - 16:48pm | Sheila

Except this is northwest Florida.

Feb 18th - 14:27pm | GR

hey it's South Florida what do you expect

No Backpacking In Arches National Park For Now

Feb 17th - 22:15pm | Danielle Graham

Moderator, the comment thread on here is why I cringe coming to this site.  I know you ran a poll a while back, but please, please, please, reconsider getting rid of comments on your articles.  Instead, use some of these "human" resources and maybe hold a moderated round table one e in a while.

Feb 17th - 21:34pm | Lee Dalton

Excellent, Tomp and Kelly.  But you're probably confusing some folks by laying out facts.  Let's see what kind of responses you get.

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