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House Committee Grills National Park Service Deputy Director Over Misconduct

Sep 24th - 16:26pm | R. Wilson

Cynthia Lummis may be all that you say, but there is bi-partisan support by the Oversight committee against the policies and practices of NPS. 

Sep 24th - 16:22pm | R. Wilson

The Natinal Park Serice is in crisis. Why aren't outsiders being brought in to make cultural and oprational changes? 

Sep 24th - 11:27am | trailadvocate

None of this should come as any surprise considering the absolute sewer that the highest positions in Washington DC have become.  It all trickles or floods down routinely on a daily basis.  All seemingly accepted by the environmental community for mere gifting of a monument here or there.  The new normal it would appear!  

Sep 24th - 09:03am | [email protected]

To quote Ethical Retired Ranger:  Conversely, the NPS comes after whistleblowers with unbelievable vindictiveness and resources This revolting development has long been true at Redwood NP where many superintendents arrive only seeking their highest executive pay grade prior to retirement or seeking other better paying positions; they have had LITTLE PASSION for protecting

Sep 23rd - 14:13pm | Ethical Retired...

I forgot to mention in my previous post, regarding the 1987 voyeurism incident the witness mentioned at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon:  The accused Ranger's problem was common knowledge among his peers in 1987, as was the National Park Service's unwillingness to meaningfully confront the issue.

Sep 23rd - 13:01pm | Ethical Retired...

It is interesting that the infamous "Peeper" has made yet another appearance in this story.  I was at the Grand Canyon and briefly worked with him there in 1987.  As mentioned elsewhere, he was caught several times peeking into women's restrooms at various National Parks where he worked.

Sep 23rd - 10:51am | ecbuck

Don't know much about her, Gary, but looking at her website she seems pretty solid on the issues.  Perhaps you could identify some of her corrupt acts - but probably not.  

Sep 23rd - 10:31am | Lee Dalton

While housecleaning may be needed, we also need to remember that this is an election year.  A time when members of the House desperately seek headlines in their continuing efforts to fool voters into believing they may actually do something once in awhile.

Sep 23rd - 07:45am | Gary Wilson

I can't believe that hack, Cynthia Lummis is quoted in this article.   She's a long time pawn of the killing and grilling industry, and is no fan of National Parks or public lands. She'll run to any microphone if she can make the NPS or any public land service look bad.  She's one of the most corrupt politicians in congress. 

Sep 22nd - 23:10pm | Quite Please

Gosh,our government sure knows how to waste money. No sexual harassment is right but it has been going on since the beginning of time. Look at how our past presidents have acted in of all places the Oval Office.  

Sep 22nd - 22:15pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Wow.  Wow.  Wow. I'll bet Jarvis response will be to decry lack of funding and harp some more on the maintenance backlog.  Seems the only backlog here is Jarvis culture.  Clean house at NPS and fire every super in the system.  

Sep 22nd - 20:29pm | Jean Franklynn

I watched a guy get fired because of "boby language" yes our supervisor said his body language said he didn't care and no that was not the real reason, (he didn't do the supervisors friends job).  This reason (body language) was on his termination papers.  When that supervisors successor (yes the supervisor made sure his friend got the supervisory position) tried the same s$

Sep 22nd - 19:17pm | Anonymous

You get labeled as a trouble maker if you speak up

Sep 22nd - 16:55pm | Ilex_Opaca

This is why I left after 13 years with the NPS. I witnessed someone in law enforcement stealing from visitors and he asked me to turn a blind eye so he could keep doing it. I turned him in, he received a promotion to another park and I ended up with some false allegations made against me and they tried to force me to resign.

Visitor Survey: Bryce Canyon National Park

Sep 24th - 16:03pm | jim sheldon

Mary Kay at the Bryce Lodge was helpful, professional, and fun!

Petrified Forest National Park is Still Being Stolen One Piece at a Time

Sep 23rd - 21:02pm | Brian Saint Louis

The park is 147 square miles with numerous roads running through it. Even if there was one ranger, per square mile, 24 hours a day ... it would be next to impossible to stop the theft.  It is simply too large and there is no way the national park system could even begin to afford this kind of added security.  Most National Parks run on a very low ranger to area ratio.

Trails I've Hiked: Tundra Communities Trail At Rocky Mountain National Park

Sep 22nd - 20:59pm | Debbie B.

If you walk at a leisurely pace, it's not hard.  And the mushroom rocks are fascinating! People were carrying their small dogs up the hill as we were descending.

National Park Service Leadership Team Explains Zero Tolerance Sexual Harassment Policy

Sep 22nd - 17:33pm | Ilex_Opaca

I wish they would ask former employees as well. I was told which men I had to avoid and when I did complain I was told to "just ignore it, he'll be retiring soon."

Sep 22nd - 05:44am | what's up really

NPS procedures make it impossible for seasonal workers to complain.  Process take so long and emphasizes long term solution, and seasonal folks who complain just won't be hired by the supervisor they complained about.  Totally disfunctional.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road, Not A Good Place For Vertigo

Sep 22nd - 15:18pm | Stan B

You might also try the old Fall River rosd. Uphill one way dirt/gravel with ruts and washboard but well worthwile. No barriers at all. Makes me think of the videos of the South American roads except they are two way.

Move To Change Access To Fiery Furnace In Arches National Park Draws Ire

Sep 22nd - 14:21pm | No_One

I definitely side with the Superintendent.  These commercial guiding busnesses are just irritated they won't make as much money.  They could care less about the park.  That being said more permits need to be available.

Sep 21st - 10:38am | Emily Walker

My family had the opportunity to participate in a commercial guided hike through the Fiery Furnace this summer and could have not asked for a better experience. The ranger led hikes were reserved like a year in advance, not something that is always obtainable for the average American worker's schedule. Even a smaller group size of 25 seems far from ideal.

Exceptional Mountains: A Cultural History Of The Pacific Northwest Volcanoes

Sep 22nd - 09:17am | Gary Wilson

Thanks, I wasn't aware that snowmobiling was so extensive on Mt St Helens.  I'm sure eventually this will change.  I wouldn't be shocked if Mt St Helens is the next cascade volcano to become a national park...  I know there are many in the region that want to see it managed by the NPS vs the USFS, and i'm sure if that ever happened, snowmobiling would be heavily curtailed on the

Sep 21st - 09:55am | tahoma

Even Mt St Helens is protected quite well under the USFS.Mount St. Helens is overrun with snowmobiles and large parking lots to accomodate them.  They don't even have to purchase the summit permit required of climbers and skiers:

Sep 21st - 09:15am | ecbuck

 "Run very effectively" here is code for 'run for a profit', Only in your mind.  My words "private foundations" and example "Mt Vernon" demonstrate there is no profit motive in my comment - not that there would be anything wrong with it if there was.  

Sep 20th - 19:51pm | Gary Wilson

To be fair, while not all the volcanoes in the cascades fall under the National Park Service, a majority of them are protected as USFS Wilderness areas.  The Three Sisters, Mount Washington, Mount Jefferson, a large portion of Mount Hood, Mount Adams, Glacier Peak, Mount Baker, and even a large part of Shasta all fall under the protection of the wilderness act.

Sep 20th - 18:22pm | Rick B.

I like that the NPS is active as a force to preserve our national history. "Run very effectively" here is code for 'run for a profit', and I think that the intrinsic value of our national history and wilderness wonders are ample justification for themselves, even if preserved at a net loss.

Sep 20th - 17:49pm | ecbuck

Agree with you Kurt.  Many of these units could be run very effectively by private foundations.  Think Mt Vernon.  

Sep 20th - 16:36pm | Kurt Repanshek

Not flippant at all, RodF. For instance:Edgar Allen Poe National NHSClara Barton National NHSGlorida Dei Church NHSLittle Rock High NHSSaint Paul's Church NHS

Sep 20th - 16:01pm | RodF

Kurt writes "some sites might fit better under a "National History Department" rather than an agency launched to protect and preserve natural wonders."

Is NPS Getting Ready To Toss Bluffs Lodge On The Scrap Heap?

Sep 22nd - 08:12am | Susie Lentz

When we would take day trips to The Parkway, we always stopped at The Bluffs for the best peach cobbler in the world. We still take the day trips and always sigh when we pass the restaurant. Hopefully, one day we'll be able to stop and get some of that most fantastic cobbler and a cup of coffee!

New Superintendent Chosen For The Western Arctic Parklands

Sep 21st - 21:52pm | Rick B.

I'm a white male; not an NPS employee but married to one.   I think it stinks that people are hiding behind anonymity here to increase racial tensions, even by allusion.

Sep 21st - 13:42pm | Anonymous

Tough to be a white male in the NPS these days 

Sep 20th - 14:48pm | Anonymous

One word: Sitka.

Sep 20th - 00:50am | Rick B.

I think it is great that the NPS reached outside themselves and hired an Inupiat who, per this article, seems to have the education and experience to truly connect responsibly with the lands she will be managing. She is already quite experienced in the issues of the land, although she will have a steep learning curve of the climate within her new agency.

Scandal-Plagued Canaveral National Seashore Superintendent Moved To Regional Office

Sep 21st - 20:48pm | C Beau

This woman needs to be FIRED!!!  The entire park service should be embarrassed and outraged that she continues to be employed - specially in a job that was specially created just for her!!  

Sep 21st - 13:25pm | Richard R. Mason

I have been dealing with park management, at the manament, superintendent and administratoion levels as well as at the city, county, state and federal government jurisdictions  and have, i believed, developed a pretty good opionion  of the qualities and character of those individuals that I have had dealings.

Lost to Hurricanes, the Flamingo Lodge at Everglades National Park Will be Hard to Replace

Sep 21st - 12:33pm | Karen S.

My mom and I stayed at the Flamingo Lodge in the winter of 2003. She was quite elderly and camping was not an option for her. We had a wonderful week staying there, dining there, and touring the park. These are cherished memories since mom always wanted to do this and finally got the chance!

Rebirth Spreading Across Burned Area Of Shenandoah National Park

Sep 21st - 10:08am | Kim

Fantastic story of rebirth in Shenandoah!

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Sep 20th - 19:03pm | Anonymous21

This is a ridiculous policy!!   I live in Arizona and visit the Grand Canyon all the time.   I watch continuously as people, KIDS and people visiting from foreign countries, constantly disrespect our National Parks.   They leave the trails, stand precariously at the edge of the canyons, trample sensitive planting areas, etc.

UC Berkeley And The National Parks: A Centennial Retrospective

Sep 20th - 14:10pm | Donald M. Scott

A provocative article, Al.  We need to meet over brandy someday to discuss it.    Cheers,   Don Scott

Photography In The National Parks: Prime Time In The National Parks

Sep 20th - 06:11am | Jim Archer

Your comment on the possible mal function of zooms made my rethink my 'kit" for Glacier Natl Park.I willl be taking some primes also.

"Animal Life As An Asset Of National Parks," A Path-Breaking Essay

Sep 19th - 22:51pm | RD Payne

Those interested in reading "Animal Life as an Asset of National Parks" a copy is available at:

Finding Pura Vida In Costa Rica

Sep 19th - 20:47pm | SmokiesBackpacker

I was there for 10 days in June.  It does seem a little bit scattered management wise.  We were down in Tortuguerra and up in Arenal.  Beautiful.

Sep 19th - 18:03pm | Rick Smith

CR has some beatiful parks, but I am a bit worried about the management of those areas.  Many CR rangers on Spanish language forums complain about the lack of attention the government pays to them.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Sep 19th - 20:32pm | J. Randall

Just a question for the adventurers that choose to go into griz territory. That is thier backyard why go in it? Bragging rights? Too many people crawling all over this planets' remote wilderness areas like ants. Just stay out and no harm to wildlife and your selfish selfs. Unless of course you need to boast about it in the bar and impress people that don't care anyway.

Information Sought By Park Users, And That Provided By The National Park Service, Can Be Miles Apart

Sep 19th - 11:08am | Ethical Retired...

"Public comments do not constitute a vote".  That is true, the merits of a plan are what's important.  However, when 85% of respondents oppose the plan, that indicates that there is some kind of problem that needs to be addressed.  As noted above, too often the public involvement process is merely a formality rather than being substantive.

Sep 18th - 20:47pm | SmokiesBackpacker

"Public comments do not constitute a vote."    Superintendent Dale Ditmanson, 2012 following the inconvenient disclosure that 85% of respondents opposed the backcountry camping fee in GRSM. And they marched on in defiance of the bothersome taxpayers.

Sep 18th - 20:37pm | trailadvocate

Kurt, you have to know yourself after I provided you all of the public comments to an issue at Grand Canyon National Park that it is as BAhiker stated.  Just another formality then proceed to their preferred alternative.  You do remember don't you?  Where NPS released a statement that public comments supported their decision when they clearly did not?

Hunting, Fencing Part Of Plan To Address White-tailed Deer At Fire Island National Seashore

Sep 18th - 15:22pm | Millie P. Schaf...

Once again, the NPS failed to manage deer humanely.  Killing fixes nothing and this curelty will never end.  I hope the people rise up and fight this aggressively.  There are humane options - that work!  

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