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When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

May 23rd - 18:47pm | Jeff

You mean like the absolute regulation and enforcement of a no dancing rule?  Yeah,  that's what this country needs ;more doing what you're told to do.  Because,  you know,  that worked so well for our ancestors in colonial America.  

May 23rd - 18:05pm | Nick

Licensing: When the government takes away your rights and then sells them back to you. Jefferson would be heartbroken. 

May 23rd - 12:26pm | Previosly Gandhi

But this monument doesn't belong to the government, it belongs to the people who paid for it. . .  and if the people want to dance so be it. So Thomas Jefferson said: "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." "The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave."

The Real Story About The Bison Calf That Took A Ride In The Car

May 23rd - 17:41pm | Susan Fanning

This was a wonderful article.  Thank you for bringing this harsh reality to light to make people aware of what happens in the wild with these beautiful creatures.  It certainly can be heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.  I'm sure those people who took the calf in their vehicle were only trying to help.

May 23rd - 16:48pm | cynthia olsen

Thank you for clarifying this heart breaking situation. As humans, we think along our human ways. Nature lives in their ways. It's good to try to understand the differences.

May 23rd - 16:37pm | Pat

Don't worry, I avoid those who are "so very righteous"

May 23rd - 16:12pm | Kelly G

Deby,  I agree w well written and explained with such eloquence, it brought tears to my eyes. I was heartbroken over seeing this poor baby separated from his mother and lost in the vastness of his world.

May 23rd - 15:31pm | K

You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? Next time, leave the calf alone. You are not God. And you certainly did not help. I am sad and angry that you thought you did.

May 23rd - 15:10pm | Corrinna

I like many other people here, do not agree with the killing.  The Rangers could have found the baby a home, one where he could have had the chance to live a long and happy life.  I understand a lot about nature and the wildlife and maybe it was wrong that the tourists tried to help the poor baby calf, but as cruel as nature may be, there is no reason when someone has tried to save a

May 23rd - 15:05pm | Corrinna

As wrong as it is, I would have tried to save the baby too....I know that you are not supposed to mess with nature, but if the calf was alone for a few days and in such a bad way, then I do think the Rangers could have taken it to a safe place and asked for someone to help to rear it, like many people have commented on previous posts, there are plenty of farmers, parks etc that could have been

May 23rd - 15:00pm | Lou Ann

I agree that the calf should not have been shot.  There are sanctuaries and rescue places.  Looks like the ranger was trigger happy.  So devastating.

May 23rd - 14:02pm | Rose

Very well written....

May 23rd - 14:01pm | Rose

EXACTLY.....BUT this was not NATURAL & if a HUMAN is to make the error & intervene I stand by sending calf to the Sanctuary.  MURDER is wrong on every level!

May 23rd - 13:55pm | Rose

I totally agree,  I checked & there are many BISON Sanctuaries in NW Territory.  Killing them is not the answer, we are keeping MANY types of aniamls on the EXTINCT List in captivity to Breed & Hope to reintroduce once again to their native land, if there is any left?????   Humans are taking their natural habitat & DO NOT seem to CARE!

May 23rd - 13:51pm | Jeff Jackson

Very eloquent, poignant, well-written bullshit. The calf could have been saved. End of story.

May 23rd - 13:44pm | Jan Amundsen

Thank you Debbie. Males me cry!

May 23rd - 13:43pm | Ellen Kwait

I agree. These people tried to save the calf and there are a lot of wildlife sanctuaries. They should have at least tried to call and see if one would take the baby. I think the people who took it did a wonderful thing and wanted it to live.

May 23rd - 13:41pm | austin stoner

Thank you for this enlightening article!!

May 23rd - 13:33pm | Dawn

The park service explained why that was not a feasible option.

May 23rd - 13:24pm | Ella Frell

Yellowstone's whole goal is to let nature be as best it can and preserve it.  Would you have wolf pups go hungry because their parents are stopped by humans every time they try to bring a bison calf home to their babies.   Yellowstone is better off without people like you.  I, for one, look forward to never seeing you there.

May 23rd - 11:01am | Pat

Yes, what the visitors did wasn't right but I am glad to hear the full story as it seemed that the National Park Service was throwing the visitors under the bus in order to make a point - certainly from what I had read, I - like many others - had come to believe that the visitors in effect signed the death warrant for the calf, when in actuality they just brought the calf to the attention of th

May 23rd - 10:09am | Marcia Tarrant

Beautifully spoken Deby.

May 23rd - 10:09am | rmackie

Thank you Deby Dixon for this excellent post. As you point out, education is the key. I agree with Maureen Dennis, others, that a balanced agreement between the NPS and the visitors involved can be reached. It appears they were only trying to help. Thanks again.

May 22nd - 22:08pm | Jo Anne Richards

Thank you, Deby for connecting the dots, and revealing the facts about the baby bison.  While it is a common and sad story, it is filled with compassion and hope for understanding and acceptance.  This is a good lesson for each of us.  Again, thank you.

May 22nd - 15:15pm | Maureen Dennis

I have searched FB daily to see any updates on this story, as I knew it would take many twists and turns. Thank you for setting things straight. I hope there is also a fair and balanced agreement between the NPS and those who gave the ride to the calf. Thanks again for this article. I am headed to Yellowstone next month and anxious to show one of my kids its beauty.

May 22nd - 14:56pm | Molly

very well written and sad... As beautiful as the wild is, there are some very sad, ugly but necessary parts.

May 22nd - 11:51am | Angela Bates

Debi, your treatment of this complex ethical situation is so eloquent and beautifully written. I wiped away tears as I read it, the same tears had I been there witnessing this calf confronting the profound forces of nature.

May 22nd - 11:31am | Joe Calabrese

A very enlightening article! I disagree with Joanna T's response....

May 22nd - 11:28am | Julia White

You don't get it do you?  "To accept nature on it's own terms" isn't explicit enough?  I'm guessing around a hundred bison calves a year die for various reasons. The number of Bison in Yellowstone have the system pretty well maxed out. If they all lived there wouldn't be anything for them to eat. This is natural history 101. Unfortunately humans have forgotten this. 

May 22nd - 11:02am | Joanna Tallarico

This is bullshit. No help for the calf really? I'm sure there is a sanctuary somewhere that could have helped the calf.  Such a beautiful creature to be put down is a sin. I will never travel to Yellowstone. They need to rethink their responsibility to the wildlife.    

May 22nd - 10:20am | andrea lankford

Well done Deby! Thanks for writing this. 

Coming To Terms With Death In The Backcountry

May 23rd - 15:53pm | Mike Painter

Thanks for the nice reflection, Kurt.

Wrong Bear Put Down In Connection With Hiker Attack At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

May 23rd - 14:11pm | Kurt Repanshek

Hiking Diva, not entirely sure what is inaccurate about the above story.This is what park officials said last June about the bear that was put down:"On the morning of June 8, a bear was caught in a culvert trap set at campsite 84. Biologists euthanized the bear and collected a sample for DNA analysis."

May 23rd - 13:46pm | Hiking Diva

Your article is incredibly inaccurate about the attack last June. Although DNA revealed the bear the rangers took down was not the bear involved in the horrific attack, the bear still exhibited excessive aggression that the rangers felt necessary to shoot.

National Park Service Approves Seismic Testing For Oil In Big Cypress National Preserve

May 23rd - 10:44am | sray

Margo,  You are absolutely correct.  Gopher Tortoises are found in Collier County.  I have seen many of them.  That being said they are not found in Big Cypress National Preserve.  It is just the wrong habitat and the wrong hydroperiod

Fake USGS Site Urges Evacuation of Yellowstone National Park

May 22nd - 20:18pm | BGS

Why worry if it does blow then the best place would be right on the edge. Would not want to be alive the next 10 year5s with the silicosis, The winter and ice age it would bring on, Be bet65ter to be right there and chere it on.

Lodging In The Parks: New Badlands Cabins A Major Upgrade

May 22nd - 18:17pm | Arletta

Was looking forward to staying in the Badlands until I checked the price. Won't be staying in the park!!

May 22nd - 18:06pm | J Pace

We stayed in one of the Cedar Pass cabins Sept. 2015, and we found them to be very nice. In fact, it was much nicer than the western cabins we had at Lake, Canyon, and Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park-and the cost per night was less. I was really happy to have A/C, refrigerator, microwave and TV-none of which we had in Yellowstone.

May 22nd - 17:38pm | R Boone

I stayed in Cabin 124 In October 2015.  My stay was delightful.  The cabin was clean and very comfortable.   It was wonderful waking up inside the park with spectacular views all around me rather than waking up to highway veiws from a hotel in a nearby town.   

May 22nd - 17:23pm | kenny p

I agree...was surprised how spendy they have become. We did stay there one night..floors were very sticky, coffee pot hadnt been cleaned and the table hadnt been wiped off. Dont know that we'll be staying there again. Cabins are cute but....

May 22nd - 14:41pm | Lee Dalton

I'm right with ya, Mega.  178 / 2 = 89 per person.  That's still a hefty chunk of change.  Yet on the other hand, it's hard to find a decent motel in most towns that are much lower.  That's why I love my little portable motel.  But it's becoming increasingly harder to find a place to park it unless it's a Walmart parking lot . . . . .

May 22nd - 14:04pm | Megaera

And now another national park has priced its lodging out of the reach of a lot of us.  I cannot begin to describe how frustrating that is.

National Park Service Supports Delisting Of Grizzly Bears...To A Point

May 22nd - 16:35pm | Lee Dalton

CaliforniaFarm Bureau? And how many other times have you decried the unreliablity of various government agencies on these very web pages? How much personal experience do you have working with cattle or sheep?  In Utah, the main source of polluants in streams such as the Bear River is --- ready for this --- animal waste from ranches.

May 22nd - 16:30pm | Rick B.

An d I'll simply take it that you know a good bit about bovine end product.

May 22nd - 15:58pm | ecbuck

  Not by any stretch of the imagingation are they benefits in any but a very unusual circumstance. I will take the word of the BLM over your baseless rants.  

May 22nd - 14:33pm | Lee Dalton

Ah, Esteemed Comrade, look at the contradictions in your post above.  It looks like Fernando spotted them. You repeatedly use the words "well managed grazing."  Show me a rancher who manages his rangelands well and I'll show you a very rare individual --- at least in the desert southwest. Several are simply bogus:

May 22nd - 11:24am | Fernando Pamenes

Are you serious, or this was a bad joke?

Program Takes Youths Into Backcountry Of Denali National Park

May 22nd - 16:28pm | Rick B.

Great to see this. The more kids we get to the parks, the better future for the kids and the parks.

Armchair Photography Guides

May 22nd - 15:49pm | Kurt Repanshek

Well, it's probably Rebecca. She has an "armchair guide" to Banff National Park coming out June 7. Later this week we'll have a somewhat similar guide to Yosemite Valley, by Jean Bjerke.

May 22nd - 15:44pm | Amarillobymorning

That sounds like the author's name. I know it was posted sometime before Sept. 30, 2015 because that was the date on the file where I saved some of the information. And I suspect it wasn't a whole lot earlier that it was published because I usually visit the NPT site at least weekly.

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