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Exploring The Parks: Saguaro National Park In Spring

Feb 3rd - 06:39am | Virginia

I visited the museum maybe 10 years ago. It's like no other museum I've ever seen. Rather than dusty antiquities behind glass, it showcases wonderful living and breathing species. My favorite? The Elf Owl! Definitely worth a visit. I envy people who live nearby and can visit regularly.

Feb 2nd - 22:04pm | Dick Shattuck

Hmmm, "Non-Recreational" makes me wonder... Organ Pipe is on AZ Route 85, which is the road that leads to/from Puerto Pensaco, Mexico, a popular recreational destination for Arizonans.

Feb 2nd - 15:33pm | Kurt Repanshek

Dick, you raise an interesting point. Using, if you look at the annual visitation by year, you get the 224,548 figure you cite, but if you go to Monthly Public Use stats they show the stats mentioned in the story. But what's even more interesting is that the monthly "non-recreational visits" are more than double the "recreational visits." 

Feb 2nd - 14:10pm | Dick Shattuck

Organ Pipe Cactus NM is certainly a spectacular destination, but I think the visitation numbers for both 2014 & 2015 are way too high... much higher than even at the more-accessible Saguaro NP. According to, visitation to Organ Pipe was 224,548 in 2014; that's the most recent year for which they've published figures.

As The Trademark Turns: Delaware North Amends Yosemite Lawsuit

Feb 2nd - 20:17pm | James Chism

Delaware North should be forever banned from doing business with the Federal Government!!!

Feb 2nd - 18:58pm | Lee Dalton

I just trademarked the word "trump." As soon as I collect, I'll fund some really neat stuff for the parks and everyone else.

Feb 2nd - 18:16pm | Edward Souza

All parties have some fault here.The court system needs to fix the wrong. I don't know how DNC could even own the rights to the name Yosemite National Park. Doesn't the American people own it? Does that mean I can buy the rights to the name "America?" Let's be real.

Congressmen Want President To Seek Funds To "Wire" National Parks

Feb 2nd - 18:39pm | ecbuck

. I want to hear birds chirping and waterfalls flowing What makes your "wants" any more relevant than someone elses?  You can "hear birds chirping and waterfalls flowing" whether there is wifi in the park or not. 

Feb 2nd - 18:01pm | Edward Souza

I totally agree. The visitors center and that's all. I want to hear birds chirping and waterfalls flowing. They're call natural wonders because they're not man-made. We get away for the peace and quiet. 

Feb 2nd - 17:59pm | Edward Souza

Almost every time Congress wants to do something for the National Park Service, it's not for the right reasons. Ie- trying to kill the antiquities act. Need I say anything else. It's a place for us to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A way to disconnect from the demands we go through, and connect with Mother Nature. 

Feb 2nd - 13:14pm | ecbuck

Why is it people feel it is their right/obligation to dictate how others enjoy a Park?  You enjoy it your way, let others enjoy it theirs. Someone looking at their texts or browsing the web has no impact on your ability to enjoy. 

Feb 2nd - 12:00pm | Ray Bane

Please - NO!  Cut the electronic umbilical cord!  Be absorbed by the wilds.  Shed the digital security blanket.  National parks should be more than just scenery.  They should be places of solitude and personal adventure where visitors can at least briefly experience some surviving semblence of what the natural world has to offer.  

Feb 2nd - 10:57am | SmokiesBackpacker

Yes, Rick.  It's called the Truth channel, not the NPS kool aid club channel.

Feb 2nd - 10:35am | Rick Smith

backpacker--I guess you watch diifferent hearings than I do.  Must be a special channel you get down there.

Feb 2nd - 10:04am | SmokiesBackpacker

"The National Park Service is accountable to no one, hardly even the President of the United States. They can do anything, short of murder, and get away with it."   Congressman John Duncan  TN

Feb 1st - 22:58pm | ecbuck

I have no problem with wifi in the Parks.  You dont like it, don't turn it on.  At the same time, I think NPS monies could be better spent. Let the wireless companies fund it.  Its a service to their paying customers.  

Feb 1st - 22:51pm | Rich Granberg

No, Hell No!  There's enough distracted people walking around outside the National Parks.  The Natiional Park Experience is not about being distracted and disconnected from what the best gift these parks give to folks, peace and something bigger than their gadgets.

Feb 1st - 22:22pm | rmackie

I have mixed emotions on the issue, but agree with Tahoma, for many reasons, not the least of which are operation, it is going to happen. 

Feb 1st - 21:14pm | Rick Smith

backpacker--just how many politicians does Jarvis (by the way, Smoky the Bear is a USFS symbol) have in his pocket?  Have you ever watched a Congressional hearing when he was a witness?  The ones asking the questions must have slipped out of his pocket.  Get real.

Feb 1st - 13:39pm | Eli

Many parks need the bandwidth to support existing users before we add more demand.

Feb 1st - 10:51am | SmokiesBackpacker

Wait a minute.  The NPS is screaming that visitation is out of control and the sky is falling, but they want to provide WIFI to attract more visitors?  I also go to the parks to get away from that crap.  It's just another way Jarvis can scream for money.  He is unbelievable.

Feb 1st - 10:21am | Sandiawho

Parks Canada has embraced adding wifi which has allowed users to receive park updates & book campgrounds. 

Jan 30th - 14:15pm | Mike Painter

It's kind of disappointing to see that list of august names as authors, though they don't provide any details as to the location or kind of services they're talking about. And you know what they say about the Devil being there ...

Jan 30th - 11:57am | Anonymous

Noooooooo!!!  That's why I go to the Parks -- to get away from the electronic assault.

Jan 30th - 10:05am | tahoma

Resistance is futile; you and the parks will be assimilated!

National Park Service Releases $48 Million For Centennial Challenge Projects Across The System

Feb 2nd - 12:46pm | Ray Murray

The amount of FY2016 funds from Congress for the Centennial Challenge projects was $15 million which leverage the matching friends from park partners.

Jan 30th - 11:13am | Joe Llewellyn

Excellent news.  The needle is moving.  The Centennial year ahead will be exciting and hugely beneficial for the parks and the people - the people and the parks. They are one and not separate!

Essential Paddling Guide: Exploring Parks By Canoe, Kayak, Raft, And Even SUP

Feb 2nd - 11:41am | Ray Bane

Now that looks like a fun book.  

Traveler's View: Utah Public Lands Initiative Defines Political Chasm Over "Conservation"

Feb 2nd - 10:36am | Lee Dalton

Just when you think it can't become any smellier . . . . From the article:

Feb 1st - 11:46am | Lee Dalton

Feb 1st - 08:02am | Gary Wilson

Apples and oranges, John Quillen.  The llamas are not allowed to graze on park vegetation, and do very little to any damage on the trail.  Llamas and horses are also allowed for transport in wilderness areas as stated by rules and regulations within the wilderness act.  Not that the wilderness act applies in the Smokies, but they still follow similar guidlines  Horses and ll

Feb 1st - 07:31am | SmokiesBackpacker

What irony to see someone pontificate about the devastation wrought by stock on public lands who makes videos promoting the use of llama trains to "stock" a private lodge in the Smokies. Thank you for my daily share, gary.  We are thoroughly amused.  

Jan 31st - 22:20pm | Gary Wilson

Lee, perhaps one of the best things to do is toss some donations at Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and keep pounding the pavement at these meetings.  It's evident, even in the comment section of most publications based in Utah that these bills are not supported by the majority of citizens in that state.

Jan 31st - 22:07pm | Gary Wilson

Trust me, Lee, i've seen my share of it over the years.  I spent over a decade of my life living in Central Idaho. I used to hike and climb in the Pioneer mountains of Idaho and knew the range extensively, and this was an area that was a wilderness study area.

Jan 31st - 21:54pm | Lee Dalton

Thanks, Gary.  You get it.  Probably because you've actually witnessed it. That's refreshing. Truth be told, however, there are a LOT of my fellow Utahans who get it, too. We just have to keep trying to spread the word to the rest of the world.

Jan 31st - 21:47pm | ecbuck

So enjoy Every bite.  

Jan 31st - 20:01pm | Lee Dalton

Gary, remember that cattle raised on most western BLM grazing leases -- particularly those on rangeland in dry areas like Utah and southern Idaho -- are NOT grass fed.  Native grasses in these dry lands are long gone.  These poor critters have to walk a mile for a blade of grass.  As a result, they easily overgraze the land and wind up foraging on whatever they can manage to find

Jan 31st - 18:41pm | Gary Wilson

You must think I care what you do.  I don't.  I rarely come on this board, because Kurt let's you have free range to inflame and constantly incite on this board.  Most cattle are sent off to holding pens in feedlots before they are slaughtered, where they are fed gen modified feed, and steroids regardless if they grew up on the range or not.

Jan 31st - 18:23pm | ecbuck

Best way to change it, is to skip beef on the dinner plate.  I like beef, and grass fed is much healthier for you than corn fed.  Having a steak tonight.  

Jan 31st - 16:50pm | Gary Wilson

Crazy.  These politico's from utah are delusional, and to think that any land can be designated wilderness with cattle grazing in a FREAKING DESERT is just pure stupidity.

Jan 31st - 14:04pm | Lee Dalton

For anyone still interested, an op-ed from this morning's Salt Lake Tribune:

Jan 30th - 21:55pm | rmackie

Lee, very troubling, here in California it has yet to come that. It is not that I oppose people speaking their piece, presenting their views, but the hostility and weapons permitted at these meetings, if that is the case, is very alarming. As a former Army Training officer preparing troops for Vietnam and a commissioned NPS Ranger for 34 years, I have no problem with responsible gun ownership.

Jan 30th - 18:15pm | Lee Dalton

I hope that Traveler and other similar publications will help get this information to our fellow Americans who live in eastern states.  My family members back there -- say they had never heard of any of this stuff.  It would be interesting to hear from some eastern Traveler readers.  What do you guys think?  These are your lands, too.

Jan 30th - 17:41pm | ecbuck

The BLM allotments Western ranchers use are not really public land, but rather grazing reserves to which ranchers hold a "property right" that the federal government has no authority to infringe. Pure fantasy - if in fact that is what is being taught.  

Jan 30th - 17:37pm | rmackie

Thank you Lee, a very sad sad of affairs. 

Jan 30th - 14:54pm | Lee Dalton

This from an article in the Tribune:  "Boise * The BLM allotments Western ranchers use are not really public land, but rather grazing reserves to which ranchers hold a "property right" that the federal government has no authority to infringe.

Fossilized Remains At Petrified Forest National Park Point To New Species

Feb 1st - 12:03pm | Regina Sabia

Was there this summer.  Don't miss the exhibit.  It gives you a totally different aspect.

Climate Change Offers Mixed Bag For Pikas In Western National Parks

Jan 31st - 16:13pm | Megaera

I'd have liked to know what they had to say about the pikas at Mt. Rainier, where their voices just echo all over the place at Paradise in June.

Sounds Of Yellowstone Come Alive On Your Computer, Tablet, Or Phone

Jan 31st - 08:51am | Lee Dalton

Next thing ya know, someone will hook up a 3-D printer and you'll be able to simply import a copy of the whole park into your living room.

Ride the Rails to Yosemite National Park

Jan 30th - 10:21am | Anonymous

Thanks so much for all this information, makes our travel experience easier ...  

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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