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Restoring The Everglades Will Benefit Both Humans And Nature

Jun 20th - 02:07am | Rob Kanter

We already have so much land set aside north of the Lake!

Jun 20th - 02:06am | Rob Kanter

It will be a complete and utter waste of money!!!

Jun 20th - 02:05am | Rob Kanter

Please please please!!! DO NOT SEND THE WATER SOUTH

Jun 19th - 20:28pm | Natalie Canto

Sending the water south: WORST IDEA EVER

Jun 19th - 20:28pm | Natalie Canto

There is already more than 100,000 acres of land in public ownership which is south of the lake and could be used to water storage

Jun 19th - 18:02pm | Brandie L

I disagree with sending water South because that really is just sending phosphorous ridden water through the waterways, but storage in the North is an amazing idea!

Art Exhibit Coming To Alcatraz Island Keys On Long Prison Sentences

Jun 19th - 21:15pm | Anonymous

Speaking of political advocacies, perhaps cleaning out the Capitol Building and sending all those advocates for political nonsense to Alcatraz might be a great step forward...

Jun 19th - 20:36pm | ecbuck

No thanks. I don't want my park monies being spent on political advocacies that have nothing to do with the parks.  If you do, you have no right to complain about underfunding.  

Jun 19th - 18:47pm | Lee Dalton

And ALL the rest of us.  Not just those at the top. They will benefit too because it's true that everyone does better when everyone does better.  So will our parks.

Jun 19th - 00:33am | ecbuck

 suggest something that will benefit everyone. You mean the unemployed and the dying?

Jun 18th - 22:44pm | Lee Dalton

Great idea Esteemed Comrade. Good of you to suggest something that will benefit everyone.

Jun 18th - 17:54pm | ecbuck

Imagination on fire?  Please explain.  Oh, thats, right, you don't

Jun 18th - 10:28am | Rick Smith

Nothing like a little art to set your imagination on fire, huh ec?

Jun 18th - 09:50am | ecbuck

I suppose the NPS will be spending your park money on lobbying for a higher minimum wage and single payer healthcare next. 

Watch President Obama’s Speech At Yosemite National Park

Jun 19th - 20:45pm | rmackie

Thank you Traveler, I was not in the Yosemite Valley during the President and his families visit, but know both visitors and employees, the vast majority anyway, that I contacted were thrilled.

Segways in the National Parks: Do We Really Need Them?

Jun 19th - 20:36pm | E.Works

May your wish to see and vist new things not out last your bodys ability to do so.

Photography In The National Parks: Remembering My Photographer Father On Father’s Day

Jun 19th - 16:32pm | Janice D'A

what a great article on your Dad! I did not realize that he was so gifted. Obviously he passed those skills on to you. A tremendous gift.

Jun 19th - 12:32pm | Rick B.

What a rich family legacy!  

Jun 19th - 09:27am | Cynthia Killip

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad and the National Parks. I really enjoyed looking at your Dad's photos. You definitely take after your father. Great article!

Creating Acadia National Park: The Biography Of George Bucknam Dorr

Jun 19th - 09:14am | Acadia on my mind

Not only was George B.

Essential Park Guide Summer 2016: Posters, Canal Quarters, Crater Lake And More

Jun 19th - 08:47am | [email protected]

How to get on mailing list or a travel guide to the parks ??   Order information can be found at:

Studies Show Bear Spray More Effective Than Guns Against Grizzlies

Jun 18th - 23:34pm | Jim Bering

What kind of an idiot would belive this?  Serioulsy, pepper spary is only effective out to 8 yards.  Does anyone think that a grizzly going over 30 mph is going to stop when hit by pepper spray?  The truth is the study is an example of Procrustean research.  They have the result they want and the cut and stretch the data to meet the result.

President Obama's Visit To Yosemite National Park Will Add To Crowds, Congestion

Jun 18th - 22:27pm | Anonymous

It's disappointing that he waited this long to visit parks. Might things have been different if our parks had attracted him six years ago. But maybe even that wouldn't have made any difference because, as Kurt says, his budgets and virtually everything else he might have done for our country has been DO A in Congress as they worked to make him fail.

Jun 18th - 15:30pm | Todd White

i think of all the poor travelers, many of which may be visiting Yosemite and Carlsbad Caverns for their first and only time. Often, these visits must be planned months in advance. Many visitors will have theit Father's Day plans ruined, so a sitting president can have a wonderful weekend frolic.

Jun 16th - 21:08pm | ecbuck

Add to the commentary above about why he should or should not go here, we should all just file away that this is where a dad decided he wants to take his kids this summer.  I think he has that right.

Jun 16th - 20:15pm | Rick B.

I'm married to a park employee who has been very grateful over the past 7 1/2 years to have a leader as sane and inspirational. And that's about as far as I want to go in critiquing Presidents or possible Presidents in this forum.  

Jun 16th - 19:23pm | ecbuck

Ron, this guy has been in office for 7 1/2 years and hasn't done diddly for the parks.  You think once he is out of office he will care more?  The only influence this guy is going to have in the long term annals of history will be to move Jimmy Carter one notch down on the list of worst Presidents. 

Jun 16th - 17:46pm | rmackie

These all good pints Kurt, however, Yosemite is, in one sense, the birthplace  of of our public lands, some argue Hot Springs, some Yellowstone, but the concept had much of its start in Yosemite. It is a world iconic park, I do not know for sure Kurt, but what happens in Yosemite has much influence over the rest of the NPS. This is true of Yellowstone and Grand Canyon also.

Jun 16th - 16:39pm | Kurt Repanshek

Ron, has a president ever visited Theodore Roosevelt, Badlands, Wind Cave, Canyonlands or most of the others?

Jun 16th - 16:04pm | rmackie

Traveler, I think the visit is extremely important, Yosemite has not been visited by a sitting President since JFK. I think it is also important that the President see the park at the peak visitor season. He will see first hand the operational and policy issues that are of concern to both employees and citizens.

Jun 16th - 15:13pm | ecbuck

I don't necessarily disagree, Kurt. I am merely pointing out that there are those that use "inconvienced visitors" as a rational to ban a bike ride that causes an hour delay but, like you don't want to ban a Presidential visit even though its inconvience factor will be far greater.  That just tells me, "inconvience factor" isn't the real reason for their objection.  

Jun 16th - 13:52pm | Kurt Repanshek

I didn't say that. But why go to one of the most crowded national parks? Why not truly put Find Your Park into play and go to one that's not already jammed with visitors? Show some true love for other deserving units.

Jun 16th - 13:50pm | ecbuck

So you are up for banning Presidential visits to the parks?

Chinese Visitor Fined $1,000 For Going Off Boardwalk In Yellowstone National Park

Jun 18th - 21:20pm | Jerry

Just returned from a six week tour of seven national parks in Utah and Arizona.  Noticed that the Asian tourists ignored most all posted regulations.  This included camping in picnic areas with no camping signs in plain view, as well as car camping overnight in parking lots posted the same.  They appear to believe the rules don't apply to them.  And, if fined, do they pay be

Jun 17th - 20:31pm | Harold

 I did not think that some of these people need protecting. You are right, someone needs to look out for them, but not at the risk of the rescuscer's saftey as someone else in need may truly need them.

Jun 17th - 08:06am | SteveB

A fine needs to be something the person can afford or it simply won't be paid. $1000? He can probably pay that. $100000? Almost certainly not.

Sequoia National Park Hiker Dies In Apparent Fall From 300-Foot-Tall Waterfall

Jun 18th - 19:43pm | Ron

i camped at panther creek 4 times in the last couple years and after reading this I felt obligated to share my experience in this exact spot. 2nd trip at Panther gap, the 1st morning I wake up early and decide to get some water and start coffe before my gf wakes up.

Backroads and Byways – Balsam Mountain Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Jun 18th - 17:21pm | Greg Laramore

My wife and I made the trip today down the trail. You can make it through in a car, but I wouldn't advise it. Use the restroom before you go. lol

Cameron Sholly Named New Associate Director To Guide NPS Visitor and Resource Protection

Jun 17th - 21:23pm | Vincent Stevens

Sholly get a hold of me. [email protected]  Charlie Near.

Death Valley Considers Fee Increases To Fund Fixes At Scotty’s Castle

Jun 17th - 20:36pm | Bill Borrie

Charging $32 for an ranger-led interpretive walk?   Once that becomes the norm, how much will it cost for a map of the park or to go to the bathroom?   

Jun 17th - 20:27pm | ecbuck

quit spending on subsidies to oil.    LOL  Another one who has drunk the kool aid.  On a net basis oil companies pay a massively higher level of taxes than the typical corporation.  Or to be more accurate, the oil companies' customers pay a massively higher level of taxes.  

Jun 17th - 19:06pm | Billy Bryant

Maybe we should elect a working senate and congress that will return the funding and quit spending on subsidies to oil. 

Is It "Elitist" To Try to Visit All 58 National Parks?

Jun 17th - 19:01pm | Shirley Hasenyager

My husband and I always loved visiting our National Parks.  One day he counted how many we had been to over the years and it was 35. We then decided to "do" them all, and did.  We definitely did not make windshield visits.  Some hiking at most places.  We have been to Yosemite many times and Death Valley several times.

Oh Boy! The Prospect Hotel! What Room Will I Be Staying In?

Jun 17th - 13:05pm | Thomas Cunningh...

I spent 12 year on the property across the street from the hotel. I was surprised that someone took on the job of renovating the old hotel. Frances Preason was my alltime faverate teacher I spent part of the 1st grade in her home while ther renovated the grade school. My mother (Gladys Cunningham) told my that, Mrs Pearson taugh her as a student teacher in Ashland.  

Oregon Man Just Wanted To "Dip His Toe" In A Yellowstone Hot Spring

Jun 17th - 13:00pm | Gregg Gerich

I have been to the Park 9 times. I have seen disturbing behavior many times like rocks being thrown into a thermal pool, people getting to close to bison. People petting a elk. Walking off the boardwalks. If you are not willing to abide by the rules and respect the Park, please do not go. This is not Disneyland.

Japanese Climber Dies Of Unknown Causes On Denali

Jun 16th - 20:17pm | Rick B.

Condolences on the loss of your friend.

Jun 16th - 19:46pm | Yasuhiko HATAKEYAMA

Thanks for the detail of the accident! I am a friend of Mr. Ikeda's. Many Japanese online news have reported the accident. However, the contents was too simple. This site would be very helpful for not only Mr.Ikeda's friends but also his families to know the process of the accident and accept the situation. Thanks, again!  

New Research Shows Threats To Coral Reefs The World Over

Jun 16th - 20:09pm | Rick B.

Reef degredation from sediment run-off near the Monsanto plant in Molokai is a dramatic example of human-caused effects.

Take A Closer Look At Proposed Ancient Forest National Park

Jun 16th - 16:59pm | Gary Wilson

I do think this area, and the North Woods in Maine are the best places for new National Parks.  I'd also throw a collection of places in the central Idaho wilderness too.

Jun 16th - 16:04pm | Scotsman

The Klamath Siskiyou contains more conifer species in one acre than any in the world. The geological complexity of the Klamath is nearly unmatched anywhere in North America which allows a complex botanical setting only surpassed by the Great Smokey National Park in the Applachachians.

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