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House Oversight Committee Investigating Bryce Canyon National Park's Monumental Tweet

Feb 23rd - 16:32pm | ecbuck

nothing happened "last night."

Feb 23rd - 16:21pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, I really hope we get to sit down over a bottle of that Breckenridge bourbon you've mentioned, but right now I can't agree with your interpretation of what Trump said. You're the only one I've seen who ties his reference of "last night" to the Fox news piece.This is what Trump said: 

Feb 23rd - 16:00pm | ecbuck

Kurt, look at the first "lie" they recorded.  The story on Sweden.   That is a total fabricated story. Trump never indicated there was an "sinister occurence" or as other outlets reported "terrorist attack" , "terrorists", "incident"  etc.  He made the factual statement that Sweden was having increasing problems with immigrants.

Feb 23rd - 15:57pm | Rick Smith

ec--your comments are laughable.  Trump is a world-class liar.

Feb 23rd - 15:48pm | Kurt Repanshek


Feb 23rd - 15:46pm | ecbuck

That is were you are confused, Rick, no one is apologizing. We are applauding.  Trump got elected for what he said he was going to do and now he is doing what he said he was going to do.  How refreshing to have an elected official actually live up to his campaign promises.  

Feb 23rd - 15:06pm | Rick B.

And the usual suspects of his apologists would support him. QED

Feb 23rd - 13:36pm | ecbuck

I have never witnessed anyone at such a high level as the president of the United States actively trying to discredit media that doesn't parrot what he says. 

Feb 23rd - 13:17pm | Rick B.

Like you say, Kurt. If the media reported that he had a large wart on the end of his nose, he would declare it false news despite video evidence of a large wart-like lump on the end of his probiscus and a bottle of Compound W wart removal medicine in his hand. And the usual suspects of his apologists would support him.

Feb 23rd - 13:09pm | ecbuck

I have never witnessed anyone at such a high level as the president of the United States actively trying to discredit media that doesn't parrot what he says. 

Feb 23rd - 12:36pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, in my nearly four-decades long career as a journalist, I have never witnessed anyone at such a high level as the president of the United States actively trying to discredit media that doesn't parrot what he says. Trump is not pointing out biases, but actively trying to discredit mainstream media while catering to those who don't question the words that come out of his mouth.

Feb 23rd - 12:18pm | ecbuck

Rick, if anything it is the left that wants state control of social and economic life and it is the left that actually shuts down dissent.  The fact that Trump is pointing out the fake news doesn't mean he is trying to shut down news outlets.  He is just pointing out their obvious biases.

Feb 23rd - 11:23am | Rick B.

Agreed, Lee. Good cartoon, and knowing the usual appetitie of bears, even more chuckles.

Feb 23rd - 10:24am | ecbuck

extremism" in America is today's Republican party. Extremism?  That is laughable.  It is not extreme to want to protect our borders and our economic health and return to the country's foundation as laid out in the Constitution.  

Feb 23rd - 10:07am | Lee Dalton

THIS CARTOON IS A HOOT!  It captures the whole situation in one look and a big laugh.

Feb 23rd - 09:57am | Glad2bretired

If we're complaining about "Extremist spin", then Rep. Chaffetz' conduct is a perfect example.  He is using his congressional oversight committee to further an extremist anti-environmental agenda.  As Kurt has pointed out, his committee limits itself to investigations which further his political views.

Feb 23rd - 09:49am | Kurt Repanshek

Well, beach, when you find the time, I'd sincerely be interested. While we support the NPS mission, we strive to be middle-of-the-road with our coverage and definitely don't try to spin anything.

Feb 23rd - 09:42am | beachdumb

Not wasting my time on your challenge Kurt. I will retract that "most" part and say some...

Feb 23rd - 09:18am | tahoma

Great reply, Kurt!  I find the Traveler pretty middle-of-the-road politically.  IMO, the main source of “distortion and… extremism” in America is today’s Republican party.

Feb 23rd - 08:28am | Kurt Repanshek

Ok, beach, then I challenge you to defend your position that "most stories on here have a heavy left distortion and environmental extremist spin."Indeed, I'd ask the other readers out there if they agree with you?

Feb 23rd - 06:01am | beachdumb

Kurt, I call a spade a spade.

Feb 23rd - 00:05am | Kurt Repanshek

Beach, I guess you see what you want to see. 

Feb 22nd - 21:40pm | beachdumb

zb39 don't expect real news here. Most stories on here have a heavy left distortion and environmental extremist spin. 

Feb 22nd - 17:34pm | Rick Smith

  I called Congressman Chaffetz's office to ask how he could be interested in when the Supt. of Bryce knew about Bear Ears and ignore the ties between the Trump administration and Russia.  As soon as I said, "I'm Rick Smith from AZ", the staffer hung up on me.  So much for chairing a committee that represents, supposedly, all of us.  

Feb 22nd - 15:51pm | Rick B.

Enjoy retirement; I certainly am. Just put out a little less of that Trumpian party line and you'll make even more new friends.

Feb 22nd - 14:23pm | zb39

It is a great nation, always has been.  Which is why I spent 6 1/2 years flying jets for the USAF.  1500 hours of jet time and 58 combat missions.  Of course I'm a little older now and prefer to just visit all the NP in my RV.

Feb 21st - 16:52pm | Rick B.

zb39    ---   your allegation is what the party line says. Unfortunately for you guys, the majority of the citizens of the nation disagree with you. Is this a great nation or what?

Feb 21st - 13:02pm | zb39

The first paragraph of this is nothing but fake news.  None of it is true.

Study Points To Great Economic Beneft Of Arches, Canyonlands National Parks and Surrounding Recreational Lands

Feb 23rd - 14:28pm | Jim Scott, jsco...

The figures for economic impact are so couched in the local economy it is impossible to determine the real impact of the two adjacent properties. While Arches is the main attractioin to the area CLNP is not so visible and therefore can be classified as a destination rather than a driveby. So also is Grand Staircase.  What is the 'real' impact of these properties.

Benefits Of Expanding Ocmulgee National Monument Outlined As Bill Heads To Senate

Feb 22nd - 16:48pm | justinh

And all those people who flock to national parks are the best defense against those who want to exploit the land.   A great point that's worth remembering.

Feb 22nd - 15:15pm | Michael Kellett

Given what the NPS has done to our parks in the last 20 years or so I'm coming to the conclusion the quickest way to destroy a natural area short of mining is to hand it over to the NPS. Really? Worse than logging, livestock grazing, fracking, industrial agriculture, wind installations, and urban development? Because those are banned in national parks.

Feb 22nd - 13:58pm | wild places

Given what the NPS has done to our parks in the last 20 years or so I'm coming to the conclusion the quickest way to destroy a natural area short of mining is to hand it over to the NPS. It sounds like this area is doing quite fine on it's own.

Feb 22nd - 09:04am | justinh

Be great to see this monument expanded to become a nation park.

Feb 22nd - 08:41am | ecbuck

but also bring increased economic growth and prosperity to middle Georgia." Does Watson think that is the mission of the NPS or is he just throwing that out because he thinks he can get more people on board by promising that?

UPDATED: National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers Being Called To Standing Rock

Feb 22nd - 12:15pm | lonnie wright

yes a misuse of the people equipment and money Park service is supposed to protect the park from industry

Is NPS Getting Ready To Toss Bluffs Lodge On The Scrap Heap?

Feb 22nd - 10:56am | Tucker Smith

I can't believe this place is still closed!!!  It was a shot to the gut when I tried reserving a room a few years ago and found out it wasn't going to open!!  I guess the Forever Resort company wasn't making money on it.  I'm still playing the Lottery hoping I will win and reopen Bluff's Lodge!  Notwithstanding I have zero experience with running this kind of operation.

Standing Rock Tribes Requested Public Safety Assistance From Interior Department

Feb 22nd - 01:19am | Dwb812

No, it's Army Corp of Engineers land in question, it's technically government land.

Feb 21st - 08:53am | ecbuck

Tammy, it is the protesters that are trespassing on and destroying private property, not the other way around.  If they were protesting on the reservation, nobody would have an issue (at least not with the protests)  For mags - could you elaborate on trumps "war against parks".  What exactly has he done that reflects was against parks?

Feb 21st - 02:05am | Mags monroe

i know this is just ttally  random thought, but... is it possible, in light of trumps war against parks, and environment etc that perhaps the nation called them there To work together to protect the environment in some way?  Im just saying cuz, aren't park wardens number one priority keeping the land and animals safe... 

Feb 20th - 23:10pm | Tammy ricker

it a shame what has been happening to the pipeline protesters and the police should be jailed .to hold peaceful protest is a constitutional right making up fake charges and arresting people shouting them with rubber bullets causing injuries. Trespassing on their land. Read the treaty and honor it and run your pipeline away from there these billionaire oil guys can do that no problem .

Outdoor Retailer Show Will Leave Utah Over Stance On Public Lands

Feb 21st - 21:21pm | wild places

Rick B. The conservatives have the kochs and the liberals have soros. They both have undue influence. As I said, it would be nice to keep the money out of politics but neither party has the will to do that.

Feb 21st - 19:05pm | ecbuck

I did a little research and can put to rest the gerrymandering story.  Chaffetz won his district by 125,000 votes.  Only two counties in Utah went Hillary.  In Summit, the CD candidate was Bishop who lost by 10,000.  The other county was Salt Lake which actually has portions of 3 CD districts.  In district 2 the Republican lost by 26,000.

Feb 21st - 12:55pm | Donald Scott

Why not move this to Bozeman or Missoula, Montana, or Carson City/Reno, Nevada.  Carson is now putting major emphasis on outdoor recreation, Reno is close with lots of hotel space.  Montana is the place where even the conservative Republicans fight for their wilderness.

Feb 21st - 12:53pm | Donald Scott

If there was ever an opportunist, it's that hypocrit Chaffetz.  Starts as a Jewish Democrat, decides to become a Mormon Ding-Dong Republican.  Shades of Ronnie Raygun.  Wonder who's paying Chaffetz off?

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Feb 21st - 18:01pm | tomp2

DJ Norris-- There _are_ free annual passes for members of the US Military, good for them or their family (the service member must be present to obtain the pass, but one dependent can be the second signature on the pass and then the family can use it without them the rest of the year).

Feb 21st - 17:58pm | Glad2bretired

Barbara:  Your Senior Pass gives you half-price camping in the National Parks.  I don't have any problem with an increase in the cost of this pass, but $10 to $80 at once is ridiculous.

Feb 21st - 16:56pm | Rick B.

DJ Norris--  a lot of us have a DD214 and mine does include the time I spent in a hostile fire zone. One of the things I fought for is for people I disagree with to have the same rights as people I do agree with including freedom of speech.

Feb 21st - 14:21pm | Dj Norris

Not sure where you get your information but the military does NOT get any break on fees. The bill was quashed along with others. Only families of 4th graders have free entry. As far as perks, have you sacrificed anything for your country? If not, stand down...

Kettle Falls Marina At Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area To Close April 30

Feb 21st - 12:48pm | Donald M. Scott

I'd guess that the brutal reduction in national park service funding has something to do with this decision.  The parks are running in large part on volunteers because they don't have enough funding for a full-time staff.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Feb 21st - 11:44am | Mel

I agree, we have two small dogs that are like our children. scaring away wildlife etc. well,, children and people in general do that...those that comment to just leave the family pet at home are not dog lovers. They may as well say just leave the kids at home. Perhaps the national parks should prohibit children also. 

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