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Yellowstone National Park Immune From Wyoming Law Banning Certain Photos Of Water Resources

Jul 14th - 07:50am | ecbuck

Anon - I expect there is more to your picture story. Could you elaborate? Where were you, what were you taking pictures of, who gave you the ticket and what was the actual charge?

Jul 13th - 22:15pm | Sonarbat

BE WARNED! I just got a $340 fine for taking family pictures at Yellowstone. This law is bullshit and a racket. I'm from Washington State and I have to show up in person to contest it!? I am going to raise holy hell over this before I pay a damn cent!

Move In Congress To Overturn National Park Service's Ban On Disposable Water Bottles

Jul 14th - 07:47am | ecbuck

"it is the careless disposal of them that is often the fist striking the jaw." Yes - so why inconvenience the vast majority that buy the water and dispose of the bottles properly? The proper solution is to focus on the offenders.

Jul 14th - 05:38am | RODGER JOHNSON

Used to be a thing we called a canteen. It fit on ones belt or over a shoulder and you just filled it with water and when not near a faucet a drink could be had .

Jul 13th - 21:38pm | theconroy

the only thing those dolts are micro managing is the cash flow from lobbyists

Jul 13th - 21:34pm | graybeardwalking

they aren't micro managing the parks IMO, they are just protecting their cash flow from lobbyists.

Jul 13th - 21:26pm | rmackie

d-2, bascially yes.

Jul 13th - 20:56pm | Rick B.

Other people's right to do stupid things have limits. My right to swing my fist around ends just before it strikes you, and vice versa. Buying water bottles is most often stupid - it is the careless disposal of them that is often the fist striking the jaw.

Jul 13th - 18:16pm | ecbuck

"In my opinion purchasing bottled water is about as dumb as buying bottled air." Buying bottle water may be a stupid thing to do, but people have a right to do (what you deem) stupid things. Not everyone wants to live the same way as you.

Jul 13th - 16:44pm | Anonymous

In my opinion purchasing bottled water is about as dumb as buying bottled air. If only the NPS seems to be able to confront this gross idiocy on any decent scale, then I say bully for them.

Jul 13th - 16:22pm | d-2

rmackie, by "political ideology" I think you are saying "economic interest."

Jul 13th - 13:51pm | rmackie

Jim, I do think congress has a right to question executive agency policies, the problem is that, at times, political ideology often times becomes the over riding issue rather than good information and solid scientific input, at least that has been my experience.

Jul 13th - 13:31pm | Jim Burnett

Agree, ec, about the micromanaging.

Jul 13th - 08:26am | ecbuck

While I believe the bottled water ban is silly and as the Vermont study confirms even counter productive, I wish Congress wouldn't micro manage the parks.

Florida Congressional Offices Want To Block Biscayne National Park's Fisheries Plan

Jul 13th - 18:04pm | Bogator

They haven't done their job yet. They just put the decision off until September. Knowing Florida politics like I do, the ranchers have a lot of clout.

Jul 13th - 13:46pm | rmackie

Thank you Bogator and Matt Schwartz, your comments were right on. The Tampa Bay article was quite interesting. I have been on both sides of the table when good science is over ridden by political boards, it is the system, and depending on who is running the show, some bad decisions are made.

Jul 13th - 08:22am | ecbuck

"read what the Tampa Bay Times has to say" It says the Commissioners didn't pass a faulty plan. Sounds like they did their job.

Jul 13th - 05:49am | southfloridawild

Too bad the representatives drafting the letter were not in attendance at the meeting held by the National Park Service where hundreds of attendees were randomly assigned to about a dozen focus groups. Those groups talked and then reported their discussions.

Jul 12th - 20:17pm | Bogator

In answer to Anon of 12/12 where he says " Are these State fish and wildlife management agencies ignorant or uncaring of the science? I doubt it", read what the Tampa Bay Times has to say about those same fish and wildlife people and what they plan to do about the critically endangered Florida Panther:

Jul 12th - 20:10pm | Anonymous

"Noticing a career politician's political politicalizing is not quite the same as me politicizing a discussion." There was no "political politicalizing". There were Congressmen looking to get all affected parties involved. ec

Jul 12th - 19:54pm | Anonymous

" you might be interested in the findings of the National Park Service AND the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on the benefits of a similar area at Dry Tortugas National Park, called the Research Natural Area." And if the Commission came to the same conclusion in Biscayne, there is nothing in the proposed legislation that would prevent the plan from going forward.

Jul 12th - 19:49pm | Anonymous

"Noticing a career politician's political politicalizing is not quite the same as me politicizing a discussion." What the heck does that mean?

Jul 12th - 19:30pm | Rick B.

Sorry folks have to observe the ad hominem towards me. Noticing a career politician's political politicalizing is not quite the same as me politicizing a discussion. In deference to Kurt's living room here, I'll leave it at that.

Jul 12th - 19:09pm | Kurt Repanshek

For those wondering about the benefits of a marine reserve zone at Biscayne National Park, you might be interested in the findings of the National Park Service AND the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on the benefits of a similar area at Dry Tortugas National Park, called the Research Natural Area.You can find the report here:

Jul 12th - 14:51pm | Anonymous

I suspect the NPS "science" is the problem, it's been proven over and over to be biased and inadequate. I'll bet the USFWS doesn't agree with the NPS.

Jul 12th - 14:44pm | Anonymous

Once again Rick, in his attempt to politicize the non-political, mis-characterizes the issue to make it seem more dire than it is. All this does is ask that the State fish and wildlife management agencies participate in the process. Are these State fish and wildlife management agencies ignorant or uncaring of the science? I doubt it.

Jul 12th - 11:31am | rmackie

Agree Rick B., and even more troubling, little if any respect or understanding of the issue of sustainability of this ecological wonder.

Jul 12th - 03:21am | Rick B.

Yet another case of the republican office holders defying science for the benefit of special interests.As the superintendent mentioned, disappointing, but not surprising.

Expect Crowds At Yosemite National Park This Holiday Weekend

Jul 13th - 16:22pm | Kurt Repanshek

There's the Merced Grove at Yosemite along the Big Oak Flat Road, the North and South Calaveras Groves at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Grants Grove at Kings Canyon National Park and, perhaps best of all, the Giant Forest at Sequoia National Park.

Jul 13th - 16:18pm | Cyndy

If someone had their heart set on seeing the Giant Sequoias and Mariposa is closed, do you have a suggestion to see them somewhere else either in Yosemite or in the SF Bay Area?

Lost in the Desert: Proposed Mojave Trails National Monument Remains In Limbo

Jul 13th - 14:39pm | Jarrell Jackma

Excellent article by a leading scholar of the history of NPS.

Jul 12th - 17:46pm | Linda Earls

This is just the craziest thing! I remember traveling Route 66 just because that's the road we always took to go back East. 40 was already there, but we always wanted the scenic route. We love Route 66! They need to get their priorities straight. Millions of tourist dollars are aimed for Route 66 each year. Please fix this now!

Traveler Housekeeping: Missing Forums And Parkipedia

Jul 13th - 09:59am | Kurt Repanshek

If you mean the "Browse by Topic" and "Browse by Date," yes, we're working on that.

Jul 13th - 09:50am | Anonymous

Is the story archive feature going to be restored? That was a quick way to see at a glance what was missed when not visiting for a few days.

The Ghosts Of Yellowstone National Park

Jul 13th - 00:46am | Philip Wilson

When I was about 10 I saw an arm come out of a hot pot near Old faithful. Its one of those things you remember as a child. I never had any confirmation about my sighting. In fact for 30 years I've never told anyone about it. Reading about LR Piper has convinced me it was real.

Congaree National Park Has A Hog Gone Wild Problem

Jul 12th - 18:18pm | Shannon Noble

I visit this swamp all the time and only once came across a pack of coyotes in hunting mode. It was an amazing sight. There is so much fear and emphasis on wiping out these amazing animals but they help keep the wild hog population in check. Lack of these apex predators means the wild hog numbers grow.

Trails I've Hiked: Bechler River Trail In Yellowstone National Park

Jul 12th - 16:55pm | Kurt Repanshek

Anonymous (Jeremy), no bridges across the Bechler River or Mountain Ash Creek further east. The boardwalk through the marsh remains.

Jul 12th - 16:49pm | Jeremy Johnson

I did this hike 3 or 4 times during my early teen years to late teen years in the late 80's to early and mid 90's. There used to be little bridges to cross some of the bigger areas of the bechler river. Is this not the case anymore? There was a bridge at the end of the meadows to cross. Not there any more? If anybody can respond to this that would be great! Thank you.

100-Foot-Fall Proves Fatal To Zion National Park Canyoneer

Jul 12th - 16:46pm | Barbra Bloomfield

Prayers to his family, the canyons are beautiful but can be treacherous.

Lodging In Limbo On The Blue Ridge Parkway

Jul 12th - 15:05pm | D Cecil

These properties should be sold or leased (25 yrs.) for long term investments to private enterprises under clear strict rules to retain historical integrity and design, but pricing should be at the owners discretion.

Echoes of the Cold War in the Tropical Warmth of Everglades National Park

Jul 12th - 13:28pm | Danford Sawyer

Anyone out there serve at the site just north of Vamo on Little Sarasota Bay? (Between Gulf Gate and Osprey near the Oyster Bar Restaurant just north of what is now Pelican Cove?) Anyone out there serve at the Hawk site on top of the Mercury Outboards test center later the condo at the southern tip of Siesta Key? How about the Hawk site on top of the Hilton on Longboat?

Hunter Who Killed Gray Wolf That Roamed From Yellowstone To Grand Canyon Won't Be Charged

Jul 11th - 15:23pm | Mike Painter

If he'd killed because he hated wolves, it's unlikely he would have reported it himself. At least that's my take on the situation.

Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Wolf At Grand Teton National Park

Jul 11th - 14:37pm | Kurt Repanshek

Traveler's always open to help in covering the parks...or contributions to help us do the job. If you want to help out, you can reach me at

Jul 11th - 14:23pm | bytecourier

After reading the headline of this article, I assumed it meant someone saw a car hit the wolf and "take off", as this is the what newspaper articles and TV newscasts mean by "Hit-and-Run".

Jul 11th - 08:52am | sunsetryder

Was there cell coverage at the site? Did the driver have a cell phone? Was there much traffic on that particular road that time of night? What was the weather? Where there other wolves nearby? Was the driver an 85 year old women? The point of the headline should have been the dead wolf, not that the driver went elsewhere to make the call and file the report as required by law.

Op-Ed| SOS--Saving Our (National Park) System

Jul 11th - 13:09pm | Rick B.

I've noticed the same disparity, Eric, and have also noticed that the times can be similarly different. It'll work out.

Jul 11th - 09:28am | ecbuck

Kurt - see the comment on this thread after yours. In the "Recent Comments" widget it shows Harry's name but the post itself only says "anonymous". Real time the connection isn't too hard to make. After the fact the link is harder to make. Not complaining, just noting.

Jul 11th - 08:24am | Harry Butowsky

Great discussion and many wonderful comments. I hope Director Jarvis and his staff is reading these comments.

Trails I've Hiked: A Trio Of Watery Jewels At Rocky Mountain National Park

Jul 11th - 10:53am | JeanBjerke

I'm enjoying your articles on a few of the trails in RMNP. Haven't been there since I was a child and don't remember much. We plan a trip in August with a photographer friend who used to live in Colorado and she put the hike to Dream Lake at dawn on the top of her list of places we must go!

Exploring The Parks: Cedar Breaks National Monument In Summer

Jul 11th - 07:57am | Jim Burnett

Cedar Breaks is another of those "under the radar" gems that deserve a visit. If you plan to do any hiking, just pace yourself. With most locations in the park at an elevation of over 10,000 feet, this scenery will literally "take your breath away" :-)

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