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Congressman Requests Interior Department Briefing On National Park Service Mismanagement

Sep 1st - 16:51pm | ecbuck

Telling of what?  That oil & gas companies and aerospace companies want to support a candidate that favors the development of oil & gas and national defense?  Where is the surprise in that?  Happens by both sides all over the country.  

Sep 1st - 16:41pm | Kurt Repanshek

Well, Veritas, the discussion centered on Mr. Bishop, a congressman from one district in Utah, not someone running for president.That said, Hill AFB is in the district, too, which explains Defense Aerospace donations, and there's quite a bit of oil and gas in the district, too. But isn't it telling that so few donations come from within his district? But that's off-topic.

Sep 1st - 16:37pm | ecbuck

My point Al is that people give money to people they agree with.  People they want elected.  Elected officials don't change votes for money, the get money because of the way they were going to vote anyway.  

Sep 1st - 16:31pm | Alfred Runte

Hmm. That's a new one, even for me, EC. Exactly how does money follow the people? Perhaps you have a dog named "Money." Otherwise, money has no legs that I know of, but people sure do. And yes, Mr. Bishop, Hillary Clinton, et al., are beating a path toward money. How do they get it? By thanking people who give the money, and yes, by hiding their emails when they return the favor. Oops!

Sep 1st - 16:19pm | Veritas

Now, can we see those same figures for Hillary Clinton, Mr. Repanshek? No, they will not be "out of district," but why stop with Mr. Bishop? Or Donald Trump?

Sep 1st - 16:14pm | ecbuck

Yes Kurt, those are the aggregate of all donations.  That same source will give you by individual donor.  

Sep 1st - 16:09pm | Alfred Runte

Remember Parkinson's Law. No bureaucracy is ever satisfied with the money it gets. Mission creep demands new increments of money, which are always labeled projects "in arrears." Would taxpayers accept the mission creep without its being justified as "making up" for some "loss?" If park roads were still 35 mph, would there be a $12 billion backlog? Think about it.

Sep 1st - 16:02pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, not sure what docs you're looking at, but over at, they list the following for Mr. Bishop for the current election cycle:Oil and Gas: $113,616Casinos and Gambling: $61,000Defense Aerospace: $38,000

Sep 1st - 15:58pm | Ethical Retired...

Right message, wrong messenger.  

Sep 1st - 15:56pm | ecbuck

Smokies, I am curious what those numbers are supposed to be.  They are not the enacted budget. Nevertheless I agree the between Congressional funding, higher visitation and major hikes in fees, the trend has been up.  

Sep 1st - 15:49pm | ecbuck

Not perfect?  Its hard to find an attribute or policy that is acceptable.  I will take an honest thin skinned narcisicist with the right policies over a lying, deceitful, globalist who thinks and acts as if she is above the law and cost peoples lives in the process.  

Sep 1st - 15:48pm | Anonymous

The National Parks have been mismanaged for far too long. Its time to clean house instead of covering it up.

Sep 1st - 15:21pm | Rick B.

Pretty colors - what is   Eric - it's real simple. I have two hands On one hand I have her, who isn't perfect, and on the other hand we have an incredibly thin skinned narcicist with anger management issues. [[ apologies to all. I hadn't wanted to bring the political race into NPT. ]]  

Sep 1st - 15:00pm | ecbuck

starting with documenntation of his funding sources.

Sep 1st - 14:44pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Rick, sorry to disparage those of you with crumb catchers.  Here is a graph of the NPS budget over the years.  Can you imagine what this would balloon to if you included the donations from Friends groups and the like?  Not to mention stimulus funds.

Sep 1st - 14:25pm | Rick B.

That's what the tin foil helmet contingent would have one believe. Those closer to the reality know about having to do with fewer staff, shorter budgets, plans unfunded.   Two realities in this thread are that Bishop is grandstanding and that Smokies Backpacker has a mustache phobia.

Sep 1st - 13:09pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Mike, you may want to educate yourself about park budgets because they have steadily increased since 2000.  But the NPS would have you believe otherwise.  Even after consistent budgetary increases, they manufacture a "maintenance backlog" that goes from 4 to 6 to 12 BILLION dollars in just a matter of years.  A little education goes a long way.

Sep 1st - 12:57pm | Mike Painter

It would be nice if Rep. Bishop were as concerned with increasing the budgets for the Park Service and the other land management agencies so they could do their jobs properly.

Sep 1st - 10:18am | Matt M

It's not that I question whether or not NPS could use some investigating, I just question whether Rob Bishop is capable of doing it. 

Sep 1st - 02:26am | Rick B.

I would love to have Bishop testify under oath about congressional malfeasance, starting with documenntation of his funding sources.

Renewed Effort To Build Tramway At Grand Canyon Draws Concern

Sep 1st - 16:29pm | Victoria Muenchow

Where's the Monkey Wrench Gang when you need them...

Sep 1st - 16:25pm | Terra Douglas

we can see the Grand Canyon as nature presented it.  Greedy people want to come in and exploit what God so freely gave us. NO, NO! no to this development.    

Sep 1st - 16:24pm | Barbara freeman

just say no...protect the land

Sep 1st - 15:48pm | Alfred Runte

You forgot a couple, folks. "Nothing dollarable is safe, however guarded." John Muir "Money is patient." Michael Frome

Sep 1st - 15:35pm | Janet Boykin

Pleasr stop this from happening !!

Sep 1st - 15:05pm | Joyce Line

Hell no! That would devistate the conyon !

Sep 1st - 11:53am | Roberta hoover

do not allow this......

Sep 1st - 11:14am | Saxon Holbrook

Having the good fortune to have floated through the Grand Canyon on the mighty Colorado for the first time last may, the mere thought of the project causes me to recoil in disgust and horror.  This would be a tragedy and destroy an absolutely magical section of one of The Wonders of the World.  Not just NO, but HELL NO!

Sep 1st - 06:05am | Kira Miller

This is an outrage.  The grand Canyon should be left in its natural state not turned into a tourist destination mess. 

Aug 31st - 20:22pm | Debra

No! Just no!! 

Aug 31st - 14:54pm | Jeannie Walker

It breaks my heart that this is even being proposed.  Stop!

Aug 31st - 13:20pm | Ottoman

Would Confluence Partners, LLC be for this if they were getting 8% and the Navajo Nation the remaining 92%? I think not.

Aug 31st - 09:25am | Mark Foster

After having flown over 1000 tours to the WeSt Rim, driven over a thousand people to the Reservation and down to peach Springs I have seen some of the "projects" they've come up with. I'm prettt sure this project was proposed to the Hualapai about the same time the Eagle Rock visitors center and observation deck was built. They turned it down do to concerns about damaging the Canyon wall.

Centennial Series | Forward Into The Next Century

Sep 1st - 13:05pm | Alfred Runte

So, Gary. Your national park begins off the road. Sorry, but mine begins at the gate. The boundary is the national park--not what a developer wants. Agreed. There are many geysers and waterfalls in the backcountry of Yellowstone, but the entirety of Yellowstone, not just the backcountry, was supposed to be the national park.

Concessions Worker At Yellowstone National Park Falls To Death At Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone

Sep 1st - 02:57am | Mike Cotton

It proves nothing of the sort, ridiculous comment. 

Aug 31st - 19:17pm | Charles O. Slavens

3 AM.... I can empathise with anyone who might want toexperience the solitude and the beauty of such an etherial time of night. I'm sure that being at that locationwas an enthalling moment in the lives of all those present. Such an emotional experience must have filledthis young lady's mind when she took just one carelessstep.

Aug 31st - 18:38pm | Jim Mault

very sad. It proves the fact that nothing positive happens after midnight, whether in the mountains or city.

Nesting Green Sea Turtle Apparently Run Over At Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Aug 31st - 20:54pm | beachdumb

Its a criminal act that an ORV was being operated in the park after the new time restriction, no ORV access from 9pm to 7am. An NPS LEO usually ends thier patrol of beaches well after dark and I highly doubt it was them but possible. Mostly likely someone trying to break the new rules and drive on with headlights off and didn't see it. Here ORV means trucks/SUVs not "4 wheelers"/ATV.

Aug 31st - 09:01am | ecbuck

Rick, what accusation did I make?  You said " feel free to point out the visible diffences between the recreationalists and the criminals."  I asked (not accused) if you believed every four wheeler was a criminal.  That is certainly what your statement suggests.

Aug 30th - 20:25pm | Rick B.

Another unbased accusation from the guy who lives under the bridge.   Edited to add - you'll notice it was our friend dumb, above, who raised that term. But you don't have him on your Automatic Rejoinder list like you have Lee and I.

Aug 30th - 19:51pm | ecbuck

So Rick, anyone that rides a four wheeler is a criminal?  

A Promising Future For Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument

Aug 31st - 17:28pm | justinh

Thanks for the information, Michael.  And for the ongoing work of RESTORE.

Aug 31st - 12:33pm | Michael Kellett

I want to correct some misconceptions by commenters.

Aug 31st - 09:32am | tahoma

I'm not very impressed by another NPS unit with snomobiles, hunting, and a development agenda.  So much for that so-called 'gold-star' level of preservation.  What next to appease the locals, trapping and wood gathering?  This generous donation of land might have have been better directed to the adjacent and more-protected  Baxter State Park.

Aug 31st - 09:03am | ecbuck

"now have another reason to return" Why do you have any more reason now than before?

Aug 31st - 08:02am | drew hanson

Thank you, President Obama, for following the will of the voters in Maine's Second Congressional District by designating this newest national monument and thank you, National Parks Traveler, for the fine reporting. You make me proud to be an American.

Aug 31st - 07:02am | Brucefl

I have seen all that without a NM or NP. And still in other areas that are not a NM can still see it.

Very Active Wildfire Day Expected In Yellowstone National Park

Aug 31st - 14:26pm | Linda Mullaney

Respect to the safe!

Study: Roughly One-Third Of Yosemite National Park Lost For Resource Extraction

Aug 31st - 12:01pm | Michael Kellett

Time to put those lands back in Yosemite, which would provide better protection for park ecosystems. For example, a good portion of the Rim Fire lands that have been butchered by "salvage" logging by the U.S. Forest Service would have been protected in the original Yosemite. We also need to add other surrounding National Forest lands to protect them from resource extraction.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Aug 31st - 09:31am | Anonymous

Pretty laughable that Parks are "allowing dogs". Pictured Rocks in Michigan, you can have them at your campsite, but not on any trails or anywhere outside your campsite. That's effectively a ban without a ban. Who is going to sit at their campsite the whole day or otherwise leave their dogs in the kennel all day?

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