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Photography In The National Parks: Your Armchair Guide To Arches National Park – Part 2

Sep 30th - 11:38am | Winnie

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Reader Participation Day: Can You Share A Tip?

Sep 30th - 09:28am | NP_Day_Hiker

I agree, the biggest thing for me is to hike early in the morning.  I also hike in the evenings sometimes.  I've noticed that the farther you hike from a trailhead the more the crowd thins out.  Even a mile-long hike will be far less crowded than a scenic vista or turnout.

Sep 30th - 07:14am | Acadia on my mind

We've been able to avoid the crowds in all the years we've been going to Acadia National Park, by taking these steps: Get to the trailhead early or late, pick a trail in the less crowded part of the park, or go in May or June or after Labor Day, and avoid 3-day weekends.

Delaware North Companies Sues United States Over Loss Of Yosemite National Park Contract

Sep 30th - 01:32am | slc72

Why should a company not get compensated for a name that it came up with in the first place and then made famous over the years.  I contend that this was all by design by our first director.

Sep 29th - 13:28pm | Paulette Baker

Any concessionaire's attempt to trademark place names in a national park is ridiculous, especially when those place names preceded their contract. Greed, pure and simple.

Sep 29th - 13:06pm | Owen Hoffman

Al, I wonder sometimes whether or not our recollections of things in our past aren't influenced by rose colored glasses.  I understand that you are a very strong supporter of the railroads and their role in advocating the development of national parks as tourist destinations.  In my early teens, I too often preferred to ride the trains whenever possible.

Sep 24th - 22:23pm | Megaera

Considering what a wreck DNC has made of the concessions at Yosemite (I have *never* seen such dirty bathrooms as I have at Curry Village, among many other issues), their executives deserve to be laughed out of court.  Then they need to be fined in the millions. Yes, this is a moral and ethical opinion, not a legal one.

Sep 24th - 16:16pm | Greg

I really hope DNC improves it concessions in Yosemite. It is one of the few weak spots at Yosemite

Sep 24th - 15:54pm | Alfred Runte

Now you see what I miss about the railroads. They had class.

Photography in National Parks

Sep 29th - 23:48pm | Amarillobymorning

The Minute Man National Monument just north of Boston is worth seeing, some pretty scenery and some historic sights (including a memorial to the British soldiers who were killed). Gettysburg is extremely moving and you can get some very creative shots of statues, etc.

Deer Culling Coming To Gettysburg National Military Park

Sep 29th - 08:14am | Anne Barton

If this were an effective method of managing deer and forest damage they would not have to continue it forever as they seem to be doing.

Sep 29th - 07:17am | Greer Ashton

And how has the culling worked out over the years, so far?  Have deer number decreased, or is that number lower only immediatley after the"'cull"? Have there been any years in which it wasn't "necessary" to perform the cull? The answer should be obviouols if the hunting continues.

National Park management

Sep 28th - 14:27pm | George

Thanks for the memories of Bill Jones and Carl Sharsmith, who were my mentors during the summer of 1961.  I used what they taught me both in my career with the BLM wilderness program and conservation groups and, since retiring, in my volunteer work.

Sep 22nd - 11:34am | Ray Bane

Mackie, Thanks again for the book reference.  I have been reading it for the past few days and find it captivating.  I can related to some of the writer's experiences, especially the intrusion of politics into the managment process.

Sep 18th - 21:27pm | rmackie

Thank you Ray for an informative post. In my own limited experience I must agree. 

Sep 18th - 21:09pm | Ray Bane

Regardless of whatever they may be called, the primary issues remain implementation and accountability.  My first NPS career job was as an environmental planner working as an assistant to John Kauffmann, Chief Planner for what eventually became Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve.

A Visit To City Of Rocks National Reserve

Sep 25th - 18:04pm | Lynda Damrill

Amazing place.I do suggest a picnic since a bit isolated,but you can expect seasonal insects.Best part are the signatures left on these strange outcroppings of rock by California Trail immigrants.

New Campground Opening At Acadia National Park

Sep 24th - 18:45pm | wild places

So nice to see a campground instead of a huge resort. I have friends who just visited their first national park (Yellowstone) after in part hearing me talk them up. Needless to say they came back less enthused than I had hoped due to the overwhelming crowds. More is not always better.

Sep 24th - 18:28pm | Acadia on my mind

Just got back from a trip to Schoodic Woods, and we've put together a blog post on everything you need to know about it: best camp site, with view of Cadillac; what you can see on the new year-round hiking and biking trails; and why there are no shower facilities.

Musings From Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

Sep 24th - 18:33pm | Rosalind Santini

I spent a week in Skagway and enjoyed every minute. I did avoid the shopping and instead took a bike ride to  the Jewel Garden for a great meal and tour of their park like landscape, sculptures and miniature train set up in the gardens.

Sep 24th - 11:55am | MN born, Skagwa...

How sad, another tourist comes to our town, never leaves the one street consisting of 6 blocks of the tourism area (we are 23 block by 4 blocks), and thinks he knows what our beautiful alaskan community is like.  Did you hike our trails that hold beauty that is second to none?  did you visit our school that provides an iPad for ever single student?

Sep 23rd - 06:57am | Dimitra Lavrakas

Well, as a journalist, I found your story about the town I lived in and was the town's editor for six years, snarky and missing of come important history. Skagway has always been a town where people come off of boats in droves, if as a Parkie you know the town's history. During the gold ruch toruists came to just watch the stampede, and yes, ride the train.

Sep 19th - 10:26am | Rick B.

We did the bush plane flight 'over the top' when we went to Gustavus a few months ago, and everything about the trip was wonderful. Glad you got some of the fever.

Sep 19th - 08:32am | Lee Dalton

Thanks, Rick.  This was my first experience in Alaska and even with Skagway, it was incredibly astonishing.  I want very much to return soon.  When I do, I may even include Skagway and may stay longer than just 24 hours.  I didn't make it to Dyea, I didn't go looking for Orcas or humpbacks or salmon, I didn't do any real hiking, and honestly, I didn't really carefully explor

Sep 18th - 23:47pm | Rick B.

Lee - you're right, of course, but there is a lot more there for those who persevere to avoid the traps. I've got a wonky connection tonight and this is the fourth time I've tried to reply to you.

Sep 18th - 22:51pm | Lee Dalton

Yes, Rick, I knew you were going to be gone.  Otherwise I'd have hunted you down.  Sure would be fun to meet you in person.

Sep 18th - 22:16pm | Rick B.

Lee - I wish I'd still been there to buy you  cuppa, but I left the end of July for NOCA.  

Sep 18th - 19:31pm | Lee Dalton

I'm sincerely curious, Mega, what was it like then?  

New Bridge Coming To Tie Outer Banks Together

Sep 24th - 10:58am | Buxton

SELC is a wonderful conservation organization with dedicated lawyers and staff. Their advocacy in trying to stop an ill conceived plan of bridges on a national wildlife refuge was commendable. The state's plan called for 2 additional bridges to be built on the refugee, keeping the refugee in a perpetual state of construction for 10 to 20 years.

Sep 22nd - 14:42pm | Doyer Research

Ocracoke Island is only accessible by ferry. 

Sep 21st - 15:07pm | hatrasfevr

The SELC (Southern Environmental Law Center) is responsible for at least 10 years of litigation and tens of millions of dollars spent at their law firm opposing the bridge replacement in the name of saving the birds of Pea Island NWR into which the bridge returns people to land on highway 12 in NC.

Take To The Open Road On The Natchez Trace Parkway This Fall

Sep 24th - 09:45am | John Harrison

It starts in Natchez dummy NOT Nashville,,, study just a little History,,, They came down the river and traveled UP the trace.

National Park Slot Canyons Are Alluring, But Also Deady

Sep 22nd - 13:33pm | Nancy DeYoung

was there several years ago and it is an eerie feeling...the high walls and unsure footing of rocks and river stones ...the Rangers all over the Park Service DO tell people of the rules and has always amazed me how people think it will never happen to them. This area is not can be warm and sunny and in seconds you can be swept up and banged against the walls.

Sep 20th - 08:24am | Lee Dalton

The video is spectacular.  But we need to note that its location WAS NOT IN THE NARROWS.  This was actually right at the end of the paved  Gateway to the Narrows Trail.  The Narrows themselves are about a mile upstream.  I hope they gave the park service a copy and that it will be used in some way to try to educate visitors.

Updated: Man Shoots Sea Turtle With Speargun At Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Sep 21st - 15:29pm | John Madert

The public is only interested in the apprehension of this loser.  If it's a federal crime, get the FBI involved.

Photography In The National Parks: Your Armchair Guide To Arches National Park – Part 1

Sep 21st - 10:43am | Rene

Great pictures.  Arches is one of our stops on the Southwest Field Trip.  Nice to see it with snow dusting.  Amazingly good coverage an yert no pictures of arches.

Rabid Deer Charges Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Historical Park Ranger

Sep 21st - 09:53am | Get Bats Out

Rabies is a very serious illness. Bats get a bad rap however. Only between 3-5% of bats have rabies. But when in doubt, leave it alone.

Black Bear Put Down At Glacier National Park

Sep 20th - 22:26pm | Ray Bane

"Why not set up feeding stations in locations (away from human activity) where bears would normally find berries etc.? It would supplement in times of low berry production & help prevent the bears 'intrusion' into populated areas," Anonymous.

Sep 20th - 17:22pm | Ray Bane

This sad tale highlights some important concerns of managing the interface of people and wildlife in the parks.  A bear or other wildlife that seems docile or even "tame" around humans is still fundementally a wild animal and should be treated with respect and caution.  The more we intrude on wildlife habitat the greater the possibility of unfortunate conflicts taking place.

Sep 19th - 14:39pm | Melanie

Why not set up feeding stations in locations (away from human activity) where bears would normally find berries etc.? It would supplement in times of low berry production & help prevent the bears 'intrusion' into populated areas.

Fire Island National Seashore Officials Searching For How Best To Manage Breach

Sep 20th - 19:03pm | Kevin roden

thank you, keeping the breach seems to be a great idea the bay is definitely cleaner

Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail To Stretch From Glacier To Olympic

Sep 20th - 14:52pm | Random Walker

Time to spend a winter planning!Professional cartographer Ted Hitzroth thru-hiked the Trail in 1983 and has annually updated his maps ever since.  His current version is available at the link below for free download if you wish to print his excellent maps yourself.

Around The National Park System: Vandalism, Record Visitation, Possible New "Parks"

Sep 20th - 08:28am | Lee Dalton

Agreed, wild.  But what do we do about it when they insist on vandalizing our parks through neglect and political game playing? Maybe be careful about who we vote for?

Sep 20th - 02:51am | Rick B.

I just don't understand why it is taking so long to take action in the vandalism case. Can anyone share insight?

Sep 19th - 16:44pm | wild places

I see those horrible republican congress critters are at it again. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Names Of Canyoneers Drowned At Zion National Park Released

Sep 20th - 00:45am | Sam Walton

They may be gone but they lived doing what they love. Although they will be missed dearly, their lives are a tribute to really living, which takes great courage. Being afraid and not taking chances in life is not really living at all. Do as they do follow your dreams and love what you do.

Joppa Church Open For Day-Use Only At Mammoth Cave National Park

Sep 19th - 11:27am | Kurt Repanshek

I do believe the supports were added much, much later, Lee. Why they left them in place...perhaps it was cheaper than a more intensive rehabilitation to keep the church standing.

Sep 19th - 08:36am | Lee Dalton

A question --- were those large braces part of the original church?  I can understand what they are supposed to do, but why are they there? (Sorry, I guess that was actually two questions.)  

Video Shows How Climate Change Is Impacting Glacier National Park

Sep 19th - 10:27am | Steve Nelson

This is a nice video.  The ranger in the video is Bob Schuster, who has been working summers at Glacier since 1967.  I had the pleasure of being a member of his hiking groups and attending his lectures in 2009 and 2010, and apparently he is still going strong (and stronger than me at his more advanced age).  He works at Many Galcier, where the daily hike starts for the Grinnell G

Young Woman Dies After Being Submerged in Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park

Sep 19th - 02:47am | YoungPatty

Same thing happened to me.  I was young and extremely foolish back in 1973.  I joined many visitors in jumping off the cliff at the "swimming hole."  But then it rained for 4 or 5 days.  We went back and the river was so much stronger.  My friends warned me.  Like an idiot, I went ahead and body surfed through the canyon all by myself, out of view.  Whooosh!

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