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OIG: National Park Service Director Skirted Ethics Office In Writing Book, Reprimanded

Jul 17th - 13:53pm | C. Hartman

I disagree.   The Director is fully aware because of his position of the legal requirements, and admittedly skirted them because he thought they would take too long to get approval.  He also lied about it being his idea, and lied about using the govt. computer to write it.   He should be removed from office.....

Ruminating On Interior Appropriations, Bishop's PLI, And Political Convention Platforms

Jul 17th - 13:42pm | Threeful

I suspect you are not familiar with college educational system.  Most of the primary course books or additional course books required by my professors, were written by them.  There is a saying in university academia, "publish or perish".   She should not be condemned for publishing a that is a requirement.

Jul 16th - 22:58pm | Lee Dalton

Esteemed Comrade, I genuinely pity you.  In your deaf blindness, you have no idea what you are missing.

Jul 16th - 20:57pm | ecbuck

 Because maybe now -- hopefully now -- she'll have more time to put her words and phrases on paper to reach a wider audience of people whose hearts have not been jaded by dollars.

Jul 16th - 19:57pm | Lee Dalton

I'm sitting here beside our creek reading Terry's book, The Hour of Land watching one of our families of resident mallards as I turn between pages while the water's music mutes sounds of the city outside our tree shaded condo community.  As I do, it hits me. I feel a little tightness inside my throat as I read some passages.  This is not a book one reads with the brain.

Jul 16th - 18:23pm | ecbuck

    Terry's dismissal for lack of production wasn't proof of any political pressure.  And in Hillary's case, Intent wasn't necessary. The mere act of putting them on a private server was illegal whether there was intent to risk them or not. If there was intent there could have been additional charges.  

Jul 16th - 17:37pm | Alfred Runte

EC, you do make a valid point about "proving" what is said. I believe the point being made here is that the "proof" is in the action. Hillary Clinton wants us to believe that she never "intended" to risk classified information. The point is: She was being careless long after she was told not to be careless.

Jul 16th - 12:56pm | ecbuck

Rick - Exactly what field did I appoint myself an expert in?  Reading english?  Noticing the absense of facts?  Tell us, who provided the political pressure, who was pressured and how was the pressure was applied.  You don't have to be an expert in any field to answer those questions if the answers in fact exist.

Jul 16th - 12:26pm | Rick B.

Boy oh boy. Watching folks self-appoint themselves as experts in various fields and then argue against established __actual__ experts in a fieled. Climate change, academia... the list goes on. To paraphrase a phrase, now THAT is 'baseless ego'.

Jul 16th - 10:38am | ecbuck

Terry Tempest Williams was not let go because she didn't teach enough. Her own words.  "I was being classified alongside other fellows, my value seen solely on the basis of how many hours I was teaching, not what I have written or published or contributed to the wider world"

Jul 16th - 10:23am | Alfred Runte

EC, the term is "Publsh or Perish," not "Teach or Perish." I taught six classes with over 300 upper division students every year. Lisa Birnbach's College Book named me my university's most popular professor. I guest lectured in many other programs on campus, including Landscape Architecture, Forestry, Native American Studies, and Geography.

Jul 16th - 10:15am | Lee Dalton

Secretary Jewell has been visiting southeastern Utah for the past three days.  She has been touring the proposed Bears Ears monument and has been meeting with people both pro and con monument.  Here is the latest from Deseret News:

Jul 16th - 09:50am | Gary Wilson

Why do you folks continue to feed this worthless troll?  Pretty much for many many years now, all forum threads are hijacked and completely thrown off course by this lowlife.  Just move one, and ignore. He's not worth the effort.  

Jul 16th - 08:49am | ecbuck

Note all the dodging, twisting, turning and contradictions. Name one.There isn't a dodge, twist or contradiction in any of my posts.  More baseless accusations. 

Jul 16th - 07:59am | Lee Dalton

Take a few moments to read all the comments posted by our Esteemed Comrade.  Note all the dodging, twisting, turning and contradictions. Alfred and Kurt, y'can't win.  Kinda like the greased pig game at the county fair. And before you say it, Comrade, we'll let other readers read and decide for themselves.  No point trying to discuss it further.

Jul 15th - 22:28pm | ecbuck

 is a prolific writer and scholar by any university standard

Jul 15th - 20:17pm | Alfred Runte

Oh, come on, EC. Terry Tempest Wiliams is a prolific writer and scholar by any university standard--and then some. My university told me the same thing. "Lack of scholarly growth," they said.

Jul 15th - 19:01pm | ecbuck

So be it.

Jul 15th - 18:16pm | Kurt Repanshek

Obviously a foundation whose mission is to "...ignite change. We support transformative leadership and courageous storytelling, inspiring action toward a peaceful, just, sustainable future" thought Ms. Williams brought plenty to the university and they invested $50,000 in it. Now that money will go somewhere else.

Jul 15th - 18:06pm | ecbuck

It seems the U was determined to fire/dismiss/retire Ms. Williams Yes, because she wasn't doing enough to earn her salary.  That seems pretty clear.  It looks to me like you guys are grasping at straws to excuse her underperformance.  

Jul 15th - 17:59pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, in her resignation letter, Ms. Williams said point blank that she was "being forced into phased and early retirement."Further, she wrote:

Jul 15th - 17:57pm | Lee Dalton

Alfred, I don't believe I ever singled out "conservative" or "liberal" universities.  I'm an equal opportunity disgustee at the current state of politics in our country.  

Jul 15th - 17:16pm | ecbuck

 is it really surprising there's no hard paper trail that would show political pressures on the University of Utah to force her into retirement?

Jul 15th - 16:52pm | Alfred Runte

Unfortunately, it works both ways. So-called liberal universities are just as adept at firing people who disagree. So that no one considers this a "baseless accusation," I share with Terry Tempest Williams the stigma of having "disappointed" my university. The courts ruled in the university's favor that I "should have known" they were committing fraud. Statute of limitations to the university.

Jul 15th - 16:29pm | Rick B.

Re Bishbop ---

Jul 15th - 16:09pm | Lee Dalton

Attempts to silence TTW have not been secret nor subtle for years. Perhaps the difference now is that some of her enemies have gained membership on legislative committees that control university purse strings. Then there are those shady secretive backroom deals where too much of our government decisions are made. Only a fool would believe they don't exist.

Jul 15th - 15:54pm | Kurt Repanshek

Come on folks, enough with the brick tossing at each other. Let's stick to the issue at hand.That said, it would seem logical and a reasonable request that if one is to raise an accusation that they be able to back it up.

Jul 15th - 15:45pm | ecbuck

Has anyone else noticed the phenomenon where Rick B is more than happy to jump into a conversation and attack but when he is asked a direct question he claims its beneath him to respond and runs for the hills?

Jul 15th - 15:35pm | ecbuck

Sure anon - if they actually say somtheing isn't true.  But, if they merely ask for someone to provide evidence to support a claim, as I have, that is not stating whether something is true or not.  Its asking for substantiation.  Lacking substantiation, the claim is baseless.  

Jul 15th - 14:49pm | Rick B.

Bishop is #1 on the list of the Anti Parks Causus.

Jul 15th - 11:35am | Anonymous

But when somebody says what somebody else says isn't true souldnt they give something to prove its wrong? If they can't do that than isn't that a baseless accusations to?

Jul 15th - 10:13am | Rick B.

Has anyone else noticed the phenomenon where, if you pick out a word at random, any word, and say it over and over in your head it ceases to even sound like a word, let alone have any meaning?   That happens in discussions as well, witness the mindnumbing overuse of the catch-phrase "baseless accusations".

Pruning the Parks: Castle Pinckney National Monument (1933-1956)

Jul 17th - 13:17pm | Carolyn William...

My mother Carrie Hilton Williamson lived on Castle Pinkney from 1916 to 1926. She lived there with her family Father Thomas Alexander Hilton, mother Maggie Balentine Hilton, half brother Julian Bunch and brothers Eugene and David.

Outside Magazine Dug From Its Archives A Photo Promoting Illegal Camping In Arches National Park

Jul 17th - 12:40pm | ecbuck

before temporarily violating a couple of regs What regs did they violate?  If they did, then no it isn't OK but if they pitched a tent for a photo op and didn't camp, I don't see any violation.  

Jul 17th - 12:16pm | Rick B.

"Nothing", because there was forethought and planning before temporarily violating a couple of regs. OK, then, whatever you can justify.  

Jul 17th - 09:22am | ecbuck

Its likely this was a planned and staged shot and after taken, everyone packed up and left. Much ado about nothing.  

Scofflaws Piloting Drones In The National Park System

Jul 17th - 12:36pm | Lee Dalton

After air operations at a current fire in Utah were shut down more than five times by drones, the Utah legislature passed an emergency bill authorizing law enforcement officers, both state and Federal, to knock drones out of the sky by blocking their control frequencies or by using a device that will lead officers to the controller in the scofflaw's hands.

Jul 17th - 12:19pm | Rick B.

ChrisF - the Department of the Interior IS a federal agency. I'm afraid I'm not going to take your personal declaration that they have no authority over their lands.

Jul 17th - 09:23am | ecbuck

 is no law that bans drones over NPS adminstered lands. If there isn't, there should be. 

Jul 17th - 04:07am | ChrisF

It's not illegal as there is no law that bans drones over NPS adminstered lands. They aribrarily put in place a policy which they have no legal authority to enforce. A policy is not a law. If they want a ban they must follow the proper procedures and establish law. Furthermore they do not have authority to administer airspace.

Scientist’s Research On Dark Skies Above National Parks Aids In Study Of Light Pollution

Jul 16th - 22:11pm | Anonymous

Blue, gray, and black are the best. In the east, you can see hardly any black and some gray. However, in the west the black and gray increase. 

UPDATED: PEER: National Park Service Ignoring Requirement To Establish Visitor Carrying Capacities

Jul 16th - 10:12am | Lee Dalton

I was in Arches before the real visitor season started this year and it was already full.  Full of CARS. I asked several people about the idea of some kind of public transport system and was met with a stock supply of answers explaining why it was impossible. Impossible?  Or just very, very difficult? Expensive?  Yes.  But what are the alternatives?

Jul 16th - 09:54am | John Austin

Jul 15th - 11:31am | Bob Washburn

It should be noted that the back up onto the State Highway was caused because Arches does have a visitor limit based on number of vehicles.  Once that limit is reached no car enters the park until one leaves.    One result is a iine of cars waiting to get into the park.  Canyonlands has a similar limit but due to its more remote location does not cause the same back up

Exploring The Parks: A Visit To The Harry S Truman National Historic Site

Jul 16th - 10:08am | Ron Damrill

Truman is one of my favorite presidents. He really was a true salt of the earth American who met overwhelming obstacles and stepped up to some of the county's 'most challenging events.  Thanks for this most through article and for reminding us that the presidential libraries should not be overlooked when we have the opportunity to visit. 

Rough Conditions Ground Chicken Strip Runway In Death Valley National Park Backcountry

Jul 16th - 07:49am | Lee Dalton

Yellowstone Ranger

Jul 16th - 06:05am | Ghost of Steven...

We lost one heck of a Ranger!    

New Campground Opening At Acadia National Park

Jul 15th - 19:56pm | Acadia on my mind

It's the first full season for Schoodic Woods Campground, and campers give it rave reviews. Even without any showers on site, they are happy campers.

Western National Parks Contaminated By Airborne Heavy Metals, Pesticides

Jul 15th - 15:32pm | kickas-s

You really make me laugh. You are on a National park site saying there is no such thing as climate change or warming and yet almost all of the glaciers are gone and are vanishing faster then expected. Natural cycle but we humans are helping without a doubt.

Jul 15th - 15:26pm | kickass

It's people like you that are continuing to prevent progression of the human race to improve the world and life for everyone. Stop thinking about yourself and think about the global planet and what it means to everything that needs it to live. You should know Global warming is an explanation of Climate Change, which means some places will cool, some will warm some may not change.

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