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President Trump's Freeze On Federal Hiring Will Impact National Parks

Jan 25th - 15:25pm | ecbuck

That's why it's called "General Welfare." Yes - "General Welfare" not specific welfare. There really is no difference between tax breaks for big business and a check to help a person who needs a hand up.uge difference.

Jan 25th - 15:06pm | Brian G. Bardy

May I remind President Donald Trump that allocating federal dollars to build "The Wall" at the U.S. border with Mexico has no upside to the overall economy.  Eliminating Park Service positions, which would detriment the operation and safety at all of the National Parks - if they remain open, would negatively impact the tourist industry and states' economies across the country.

Jan 25th - 14:37pm | Phil Knight

Meanwhile Trump is forcing the American people to pay for a $15 billion wall on the Mexican border. So much for budget hawks. This is where your tax dollars are going to go - walls and weapons. No more fun the the parks, it's time to suck it up. America First!

Jan 25th - 14:20pm | Lee Dalton

"And folks that have not taken the time to read and study the Constitution tend to miss the fact that "promote the general welfare" was referring to designated powers that helped everyone" Exactly.  And our founders were smart enough to know that everyone does better when everyone does better.  That's why it's called "General Welfare."

Jan 25th - 13:22pm | ecbuck

And folks that have not taken the time to read and study the Constitution tend to miss the fact that "promote the general welfare" was referring to designated powers that helped everyone, not non-designated powers meant to help specific people.  

Jan 25th - 13:13pm | Rick B.

Folks without hearts and conscience always tend to miss that part of "promote the general welfare" in their self-declaration of what is and isn't in the constitution. I'm surprised as many of them are cleanshaven as there are - looking oneself in the mirror with no soul isn't easy.

Jan 25th - 12:54pm | American

Jobs, jobs, jobs= privatize, privatize, privatize He is for companies. .Can you say private property. This land is not for you and I.

Jan 25th - 09:13am | ecbuck

But they certainly don't mind taking it whenever they can find a way to get some of it. Only from those willing to give it without duress

Jan 25th - 08:58am | ecbuck

Billdo, read the GAO report.  It is very limited (and short term) in the scope of its analysis. It does say the was little reduction in employment primarily because OMB didn't enforce.  It makes no assessment or conclusions regarding the longer term impacts.  Perhaps you have some other report that indicates that.  If so, I would enjoy seeing it.  

Jan 25th - 08:57am | Lee Dalton

"conservatives doen't hate helping people.  They hate the federal government taking their money and spending it in ways that were not authorized by the Constitution and that don't actually "help" the people.  " But they certainly don't mind taking it whenever they can find a way to get some of it.  

Jan 25th - 08:54am | ecbuck

Rick, conservatives doen't hate helping people.  They hate the federal government taking their money and spending it in ways that were not authorized by the Constitution and that don't actually "help" the people.  

Jan 25th - 08:43am | Lee Dalton

I've watched many hours of Senate hearings on cabinet nominees.  I've heard a lot of dodging and skipping around pointed questions from one side and a lot of lavish praise from the other. The more I see and hear, the more worried I become.

Jan 25th - 06:52am | hgrate

No, it is not an opinion, ecbuck, it is an actual fact based on studies of previous federal hiring freezes. It is true others have a different opinion, but it is just that, opinion not based on actual facts.  

Jan 24th - 23:47pm | Rick B.

Oooooh - "ENTITLEMENTS".  Makes it sound like a baby looking for a free lollipop.  

Jan 24th - 23:01pm | tomp2

[To be clear, I'm not an NPS official.  This is just one (my) view and gaming out from the trenches.]

Jan 24th - 21:47pm | Gary Wilson

Beachdump... I see you're still stuck in a state of delusions.  By the way dumbdump, it's the 7th warmest january from global mean temps on record so far.  

Jan 24th - 21:43pm | Angela Caldera

Kathryn, a few years ago I did research on foreign national parks.  The goal was to find out what these foreign national parks charged their foreign visitors.  Africa, Australia and others had different tiers of admission price.

Jan 24th - 21:21pm | beachdumb

News this morning that the DJT administration has put a gag order on the Environmental Protection Agency. One part of ending the climate change scam and disinfection of progressives from our government. Go Trump Go!

Jan 24th - 20:23pm | pscansetzer

Pay to play......I love the national parks!  I would pay fees in ALL the parks to see.  If our parks became self-sufficent then this would be a moot point.

Jan 24th - 17:53pm | ecbuck

On the whole past hiring freezes (Carter and Reagan) were dismal failures.

Jan 24th - 17:32pm | Happy to be retired

On the whole past hiring freezes (Carter and Reagan) were dismal failures. They did not lead to dramatic decreases in Federal employees nor did they save a damn dime in the long run. They do, of course, make good political optics.

Jan 24th - 15:39pm | Shelley

i thought he was all about jobs! Liars dont know the truth or how their actions will impact society! 

Jan 24th - 15:36pm | ecbuck

Yes Rouge, the programs are popular.  Who doesn't like a freebee.  But as popular as they may be, they are unsustainable.  Reagan's term may have seen a increase equivalent to the prior 27 years, Obama's saw an increase equivalent to the prior 200 years, including the eight of Reagan's.  Further, spending was not cut during Reagan's years.

UPDATED: "Unofficial" National Park Service Twitter Accounts Challenge Trump Administration

Jan 25th - 14:12pm | Lee Dalton

There are some brave people out there!  Excellent!

Jan 25th - 13:49pm | Wayne & Meg Voi...

Awesome - love it!

Jan 25th - 13:10pm | Rick B.

Viva la resistance

Jan 25th - 13:02pm | Joan Lopardo

Keep the faith!! Thank you!!!'n

Newfound Gap Road In Great Smoky Mountains National Park Being Considered For National Scenic Byway Designation

Jan 25th - 13:26pm | SmokiesBackpacker

 Lifting the deed restriction is the most likely goal of the Newfound Gap road ruse . And wise are those who see through the Smokies manipulators.  It's just a smoke screen and we know that the SMokies mgmt is good at creating those.

Jan 25th - 12:57pm | AargleBargle

Whew. Lots of fear mongering in America today. First, the proposed designation described above does not require, authorize, propose or permit a fee. Really.

Jan 25th - 11:39am | SmokiesBackpacker

For a little bit of historical perspective for folks who are not from the area, most of the fee comments are coming from locals because the new Superintendent has been talking about how he is restricted from imposing an entrance fee because of the deed restriction on Newfound Gap road.  People here in E.

Jan 25th - 10:33am | Brad G.

Not sure why everyone is panicking and mistakenly thinking this means a fee.  Nowhere is that mentioned. Plus there are lots of other scenic byways all over the southeast, none of which have a fee.  This simply means the park will be eligible for extra federal funds to maintian the road. Seems like a good idea.

Jan 25th - 10:14am | Rick Hays

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of Almighty God's greatest creations. It should NEVER have an admission charge. Also, adding the suggested road to the National Scenic Byways with USA Government subsidy should be done ASAP. Then, visitors and their dollars being spent at National Park venues will help keep these fine areas operating for many years to come.

Jan 25th - 09:24am | Read the fine print

Please read the print before commenting on things people?

Jan 25th - 09:08am | Ruth lucas

There should never be a fee for our National Park.  No fee means no. Fee.

Jan 25th - 08:54am | Lee Dalton

Wow.  The Great American Entitlement Mentality is on full display here today.  (But I'm puzzled because I see no mention of fees in either the article here or in the planning documents linked to the article.) But get ready -- there may be a lot of fees coming to other facilities near you.

Jan 25th - 08:19am | ScottF

My wife and I travel National Scenic Byways every chance we get.  None of the ones in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas charge any kindividual of fee, though there is sometimes a small fee for camping in the developed campgrounds.     Do they charge to drive the Scenic Byways elsewhere?  

Jan 25th - 08:06am | Jo

I thought the Great Smoky Mountains should ALWAYS be free for the people to enjoy!! First the Backcountry fee and now this!!! Just say NO to any more fees!!!

Jan 25th - 06:20am | [email protected]

Been going on vacation in the Great Smokey Mountainso for years!! Can't believe that they would charge for it now!!!!!!!!   

Jan 25th - 04:52am | Nancy

Please stop making it so difficult for people to enjoy our beautiful land!

Jan 25th - 03:59am | Linda Braithwaite

.  Anytime government tries to improve something they screw it up!! It's perfect now.  Leave it alone! !

Jan 24th - 21:03pm | The Watcher

"No toll or license fee shall ever be imposed by the United States of America or any Agency.."   NO MEANS NO! 

Jan 24th - 20:58pm | Beverly Trent Q...

Hopefully Senator Alexander doesn't want his legacy remembered by Tennesseans  as being  one of  taking  public lands from the people of his state  and country.  

Jan 24th - 20:35pm | Mills

    Cash should be fired over the Chimney Tops Fire, he's been nothing but destructive to East Tennessee Values and Our Way of Life.    The Great Smoky Mountain National Park will be FOREVER FREE!!! 

Jan 24th - 20:11pm | SmokiesBackpacker

This is how Ca$h and Lamar have figured to get around the deed restriction on Newfound Gap road so they can start charging an entrance fee.  Very clever, Ca$h.  But we are going to remind you that the 1952 deed prohibits that road from ever incurring a toll or user fee.  You will get a fight if you try this.  Be prepared.

83rd Annual Civilian Conservation Corps Reunion At Shenandoah National Park

Jan 25th - 05:34am | Diane Shelton L...

My dad was in the CCC. Is there a history of the workers?

Coalition To Protect America's National Parks Has List Of Suggestions For Trump Administration

Jan 25th - 03:57am | Danny Bernstein

$100 a year?If every "national park lover" would send $100 to the friends group of their closest park, imagine the message that Congress would get.Note that I didn't say necessarily your "favorite park" but  your closest park unit.Danny Bernstein

Jan 24th - 22:57pm | tomp2

The Gibbons--

Jan 24th - 19:12pm | The Gibbons'

Just a few suggestions below:  I think the American public can and should get involved with this effort.  Our National Parks, Historic Sites, Recreation Areas, etc. are the "jewels" of our country.

Black Powder Demonstrations Coming To Gulf Islands National Seashore

Jan 25th - 01:26am | Mike Lawrence

Back in the mid 1980s I gave Black Powder Musket firing demo at Fort Pickens

Donation Helps Virgin Islands National Park Grow By Nearly 12 Acres

Jan 24th - 20:10pm | justinh

More great news!  Really great park.

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