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UPDATED: South Entrance To Yellowstone National Park Closed By Grand Teton Fire

Aug 23rd - 21:50pm | Laura Turner

Please everyone, stay safe.  God bless you all.  

Fall Construction Begins Along Glacier National Park’s Going-To-The-Sun Road

Aug 23rd - 20:25pm | ken strain

When is something going to be done about the condition of the road from Babb, MT to Many Glacier? It's has been terrible for years.

Reader Participation Day: Are You Avoiding National Parks This Year?

Aug 23rd - 19:52pm | Robert Murphy

When you visit Acadia Nat park go over to the Schoodic Peninsula. Some locals told us to go there we were so glad we did it was very very nice and has all been renovated in 2015. Plus NO crouds and very few people. It is also part of Acadic. Enjoy you won't regret it. 

Aug 20th - 16:40pm | Lee Dalton

Leaving next Friday for Crater Lake.  Unfortunately will be there over Labor Day weekend, but can't avoid it because I just learned from the NPS Reports site that the trail to the lake from the rim -- and the boat rides -- will be closed after Sept 5 for construction.  But I called Xanterra's campground reservation number and scored a site in Mazama CG with no trouble.  Also rese

Aug 20th - 12:41pm | BB

We were at the Grand Canyon June 13-14, went down S Kaibab, stayed at the bottom, then up Bright Angel.  Saw maybe 20 people each day on the trails, was surprised how few were hiking.  Granted it was very hot, we were lucky enough to catch it right after the first extremely week and before the next very hot week and pipeline break.

Aug 19th - 07:31am | beachdumb

Going to my favorite National Seashore Recreational Area tomorrow for a week and then another National Seashore next month. Over the past decade the dramatic rise of restrictions, closures, regulations and "feel-good" rules have seemed to reduce vistors in the areas we try to go to. But I think that's what the NPS wanted.

Aug 18th - 13:46pm | ken

Visited Saguaro, Grand Canyon, Jefferson National Expansion and Cabrillio National Mounument on a recent trip. As with others I visted earlier in the day and avoided the biggest crowds. Was dissapointed that at Jefferson Expansion they choose this year to do a major rehab of the arch gounds and museum. Even with this and poor weather, the line to ride to the top was full.

Aug 17th - 17:22pm | Kurt Repanshek

Send us pictures, Megaera, or post some on our flickr site:

Aug 17th - 17:20pm | Megaera

I've been traveling cross-countries (U.S. and now I'm in Canada) for the last 2 1/2 months (a couple of months to go still), and have visited maybe 20 or so different national park units in the U.S. during that time.  The only place I ran into really bad crowds was Acadia.

Aug 17th - 17:16pm | Rick Farber


Aug 17th - 15:25pm | Kurt Repanshek

George, just an FYI, but October is cruise ship season at Acadia. Can be quite crowded.

Aug 17th - 15:09pm | George Sanders

I visited one park so far, Glacier NP. I avoided the more popular areas like Logan Pass and Lake McDonald, so I didn't run into the crowds. Acadia NP is also on my travel schedule, but not until late in the season, October, so I should avoid the summer crowds their.

Nesting Green Sea Turtle Apparently Run Over At Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Aug 23rd - 14:59pm | rmackie

Agree Dande,

Aug 23rd - 14:31pm | Dande

ORV's have no place on a National Seashore, National Park or National Forest.  Just because there is a demand for it from a vocal minority doesn't make it any more right than demands from mineral, oil or timber to use a national treasure and always at the expense of the treasure itself. We have a National designation and still can't do the right thing to protect it.

Aug 21st - 22:14pm | rmackie

m13cli, thank you I must agree. It is understandable that citizens enjoy the beach driving, however protecting the turtles should be the priority at least in my view.   

Aug 21st - 19:06pm | [email protected]

Once again, we find the Park Superintendency including the Law Enforcement Chief have little Respect for Biological Resources with Obvious Bias toward increasing tourism, at any cost.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Officials Believe After-Hours Driving Led To Sea Turtle's Death

Aug 23rd - 14:19pm | argalite

Control access

Aug 23rd - 12:21pm | Rick B.

I agree with both Lee and Rebecca. And since you won't get rid of the booze, put some commissioned LE rangers out there at night. Impound the expensive toys.

Aug 23rd - 09:54am | Lee Dalton

There is also the very distinct possiblity that the act was deliberate.  Perhaps as defiance against regulations, maybe fueled by some of those beverages that "remove No from the vocabulary."  

Aug 23rd - 08:04am | Rebecca Latson ...

Nowadays, the only way to stop after-hours or unauthorized anything is to actually have someone out there to spot them, stop them or at least get some sort identification for later reprisals.  I can't imagine a new proposal or printed warning, etc. will stop someone from taking their ORV and going for a little moonlight drive if they feel like it.

Quimby Family Transfers 87,000 Acres In Maine To Federal Goverment

Aug 23rd - 13:46pm | Lee Dalton

Do I hear echoes of John D. Rockefeller Jr and Grand Teton here?

Walking Le Chemin De St. Jacques In France - Part 1

Aug 22nd - 13:59pm | Dean Weldon

I go to Le Puy 04 Sep 2016. Thanks for your article! 

PEER Says National Park Service Whitewashed Problems At Effigy Mounds National Monument

Aug 21st - 09:15am | tahoma

"The operating budget there is between $1 and $1.5 milion dollars annually.

Aug 19th - 11:11am | Rick B.

Not the press the NPS wants ----

Additions To Lewis And Clark National Historic Trail Being Considered

Aug 21st - 07:36am | Janis Herbert

As the author of the book Lewis and Clark for Kids, I'm thrilled to think these important sites might be added to the Lewis and Clark Trail. I took care to include information about the months of preparation in Pittsburgh and the route down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in my book. Adding these sites to the official trail adds a significant educational element.

A View From the Overlook: “How Do You Get A Permanent Job With The NPS?”

Aug 20th - 10:38am | Scott Williams

Guards work at malls. Most rangers need to take a shower I have noticed. I guess that's what you get for working for a free shirt. 

New Study Finds Many Appalachian Trail Hikers Are Unable To Identify Key Sign Of Lyme Disease

Aug 19th - 12:12pm | JCE

The reason the reported numbers are low is that if Lyme is suspected, oft times it is treated as such with antibiotics and not tested to confirm. This was my case. After spending time in New Hampshire with countless contact with ticks, I developed painful symtoms consistent with Lyme.

Centennial Series | National Parks Are A Gift To Our Youth

Aug 19th - 10:11am | Lee Dalton

Thanks for a fine essay.

More Than 200,000 Signatures On Petition Against Corporate Advertising In National Parks

Aug 19th - 09:03am | ecbuck

Good points Ron, but the key point is that the "evil" is not in the corporate contribution but in the failure to use the monies appropriately and allowing the quid pro quos.  And your are right, its an issue for the NPS, univerisities, charities and even one of our Presidential candidates.  But I'm guessing that's not going to keep you from voting for her.  

Aug 18th - 23:30pm | rmackie

No sweat EC, your point is well taken and is true with some managers but not all. d-2 thank you for the post, you make many excellent points. My own limited experience matches yours but only in one iconic park, not the breath of your efforts.

Aug 18th - 14:46pm | Some Guy

Spot on. Branding has been in the parks from the beginning, DO21 dates back to 1998. I have a "temporary" sign with a logo on it that dates prior to 1998. Spot on.

Aug 18th - 13:32pm | ecbuck

d-2 - I am sorry you think I am taking "swipes" at people.  As I said, I am sure Ron has made contributions to the parks.  I am merely pointing out the hypcracy of those that lament the lack of funds for the parks but rise up to fight a funding mechanism that in no way inhibits ones ability to enjoy the parks or the NPS to fill their mission.

Aug 18th - 13:21pm | d-2

I agree with one thing ecbuck says here:  this headline IS misleading.  "Donor Recognition" is NOT advertising. 

Aug 18th - 11:31am | ecbuck

I have no doubt that Ron has made (non- monetary) contributions, I would wager that a Park Super would take $10 mil in corporate money over having Ron on his staff.  

Aug 18th - 10:46am | Lee Dalton

ec, Ron has already contributed far, far more to our parks and to you and countless other park visitors than any dollar amount any corporation could possibly "donate."  

Aug 17th - 22:43pm | ecbuck

So Ron, you willing to step up and contribute what the corporations are willing to contribute?

Aug 17th - 21:35pm | rmackie

Thank you Sue Wanzer. I agree and was happy to sign this petition. 

Aug 17th - 15:50pm | ecbuck

Headline is a little misleading as we aren't really talking about advertising.  I too would be agains full fledged advertising but see nothing wrong with a small plaque acknowledging a gift.  Are all you anti guys & gals willing to step up and replace those corporate contributions?

Aug 17th - 15:18pm | Sue wanzer

lets just say the parks are the citizens parks - not to be be bought and sold and a promotional tool for corporations- enough is enough- give us our parks! 

Yellowstone's Canyon Re-Do Nearly Done

Aug 18th - 16:23pm | Lynda Damrill

My husband and I stayed at one of the now torn down rustic cabins some years ago. We were last minute walk-ins who were surprised to find any accommodations at all. We spent most of our days touring and evenings at lovely places like the sun room described in the article so I didn't mind the quaintness of the cabin the first night.

Op-Ed | The True Meaning Of Soda Mountain: The White House Is Giving Away Our Public Lands

Aug 18th - 13:09pm | ecbuck

My nephew is one of the atmospheric deposition experts in that study.    

Aug 18th - 12:27pm | argalite

Here is a legitimate link, instead of a link to some funny farm: Subject is Chemtrails:    

Aug 17th - 18:09pm | ecbuck

Beach - a very good watch.  Clearly shows the many horrendously inaccurate predictions of AGW "science" as well as the massive manipulation of data.  Also an interesting story about how his mentor had his government funding cut off after he told Al Gore (then VP) that he didn't believe in Al's GW theories.  

Aug 17th - 16:32pm | Siglin1

          +1# wantrealdemocracy 2016-08-17 14:05 "There is no doubt what's heating up the atmosphere: it's the carbon and methane we're pouring into the atmosphere" WRONG!!

Aug 17th - 14:05pm | beachdumb

Here is the best overview of why a lot of people are skeptical of the climate change agenda. It's a video made last month.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Aug 18th - 11:43am | Lee Dalton

This op-ed appeared this morning on the SLC Tribune:

Aug 17th - 15:50pm | robert quinn

I also cant find my senoir pass. It it computorized that can be looked up when I enter the park?

Doctor Pleads Guilty To Looting Artifacts From Death Valley National Park

Aug 18th - 10:55am | Lee Dalton

In southeastern Utah, he'd be a home-town hero and the legislature would be trying to find a way to pay his fines for him.  Blasted gummint overreaching again!  

Will Congress Pass A Centennial Bill For The National Park Service?

Aug 18th - 10:53am | Lee Dalton

"The Congress has too many other issues needing attention. "

Aug 18th - 09:25am | thatotherguy

When I was a kid it cost nothing to go to any of the state or federal parks (or recreation areas) around vegas.  Now it's $10 just to get into lake mead.  I lived in socal most of my life and I never had the money or time to go on vacations like my parents did so retirement is the only good thing I'm looking forward to but $80 is pretty steep.

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