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Couple Wanted In Connection With Grand Canyon National Park Vandalism Located

Jun 8th - 21:45pm | Lee Dalton

Unfortunately, vandalism of this sort is a misdemeanor.  But just maybe, maybe, the magistrate might include a few hundred hours of serious public service in the sentence.  Spending a week or two of full time litter clean-up might be a very appropriate lesson.  

Jun 8th - 15:02pm | Rick B.

Well, DO something to them this time.

Ocean Exploration Center Opens At Point Reyes National Seashore

Jun 8th - 18:36pm | Garry Gitzen

This will bring a lot more people to a natural area than a few cow roaming the countryside.  How hypocritical of the National Parks and those who promote natural areas.

Op-Ed | When It Comes To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct, College Sports Have More Conscience Than NPS Officials

Jun 8th - 17:04pm | beschundler

This article is great! And together with a number of other recent events and articles (like Corbin Hiar's editorial entitled "NPS2100: Park Service Leaders Break Rules but Skate By" Greenwire, June 7, 2016), it highlights how the National Park Service and Jon Jarvis and many of its other top leaders just haven't changed, and are still using outdated management techniques.

Jun 6th - 17:01pm | Another former ...

I'm a former NPS employee who worked in a "pink collar" occupation.  I was expected to tolerate incredibly contentious and discourteous conduct on a regular basis from certain superintendents and division chiefs.  My competetence and commitment to the mission were called into question any time I had to tell someone no.

Jun 6th - 14:58pm | Retired Ethical...

I am also a former employee of Grand Canyon National Park, who agrees with this op-ed article and SmokiesBackpacker.  The NPS would gave continued to ignore the boatman scandal if it hadn't become a national issue.  Leadership starts at the top.

Jun 6th - 14:41pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Yet another scandal in Jarvis and Jewel's agency.  What a surprise.  Can't wait for the NPS kool aid drinking club apologists to run to the rescue here again in...3  2  1.....

Young Man Seen Falling Into Hot Spring At Yellowstone National Park

Jun 8th - 15:56pm | Anonymous

I hope these idiots don't ruin these beautiful places for the rest of us who respect nature and the warning signs. 

Jun 8th - 14:42pm | [email protected]

Doesn't matter what signs, fences or posts NPS puts up, some tourists think they are at Wally World... or that these warnings not mean them. It's going to just keep happenng, whether picking up bison calves, grizzly bear maulings, or the "invincibles" who just want to jump into a hot spirngs for a little dip.  May be a long season in YNP.

Jun 8th - 08:07am | Anonymous

What a horrible way to die  

Creature Feature: The Banana Slug is Living Proof that a Slimy Little Gastropod Mollusk Can be Loaded with Charisma

Jun 8th - 15:54pm | KJ

Howdy, I was led to this article because I was looking for an answer to a question. Lets see if someone can answer it. I recently found a banana slug in a small pool of water. It wasnt moving so I assumed it drowned. But I didnt know if a banana slug could drown? I moved it to some dirt and it started moving again, definitely alive. So do slugs use puddles of water for something?

Photography In The National Parks: From Banff National Park To The Border Of Jasper National Park - An Armchair Photographer’s Guide Part 1

Jun 8th - 14:23pm | LindaLu

Your Photos are fabulous! We have been to Banff and Jasper twice in our 66 years of living and plan to visit this year from July 3 - 8, staying in the town of Banff. Your photos and "hints" for capturing the right exposure have been very helpful and made me realize I better brush up on the settings on my camera!

Jun 8th - 05:54am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thank you, AnnD for the kind comments.  I had to laugh over this all and I'm glad you liked the photos and article.

Jun 8th - 05:52am | Rebecca Latson ...

My hero!  The next time I write a single paragraph about metrics or math, I'm running it by you first (grin).

Jun 7th - 16:43pm | AnnD

Five comments and only one regarding the traveler's photos and comments; so I will be 2 of 6 and say thank you! I visited Banff, Jasper, and Lake Louise September 2011 and would love to go back in late spring some time to see the wildflowers and more snow on the peaks.

Jun 7th - 16:38pm | Mike Painter

@J. Ewing: You are correct: Miles are bigger than kilometers. That means it takes FEWER miles to cover the same distance. So you MULTIPLY by .6 to get the approximation. 10 km ? 6 miles. Rebecca was correct in that regard. (Dividing by a decimal < 1 gives you a LARGER number.)

Jun 7th - 12:15pm | Rick B.

Rebecca... we just returned from living in Alaska on the Canadian border and learned to glance at my speedometer for a quick conversion table, as the numbers for metric and American are next to each other. It's mickeymouse as a tool, but works.  

Jun 7th - 11:22am | Rebecca Latson ...

Hmmm. What I am doing is simply taking the number itself and multiplying by .6.  So, when someone enters a 5k run, all I really do is multiply the 5 by .6 and get 3, which is analogous to 3 miles.  This is what I learned from a fellow photographer on a photo tour I took several years ago.  So, much to your annoyance, I guess I worded that sentence incorrectly.

Jun 7th - 09:58am | J. Ewing

Converting from km to mi you DIVIDE by .6 or multiply by 1.6, or multiply by 8 and divide by 5.  Miles are bigger than km.  same with km/h. 

DNC Parks & Resorts Retains Concessions Business At Sequoia National Park

Jun 8th - 13:52pm | Frequent park goer

This is disappointing.   We stayed at the park a few years ago and DNC was the worst service, food and attitude we've ever experienced in the park system.  We puposely avoid Parks where they are the vendor.  We did express our concerns to management and where , effectively, blown off.  

Traveler Special Report: Separating Oil And Water At Big Cypress National Preserve

Jun 8th - 12:27pm | d-2

!.  The Big Cypress legislation provides no special protection for oil and gas development. 2.  There is no legal "multiple use" because the site is a Preserve.  A Preserve under the law is managed as a park except where specific exceptions are in the law, the Act of 1916, as is all National Park units.

Traveler’s View: Grand Canyon’s Sexual Harassment Chapter Demands Transparency

Jun 8th - 11:58am | d-2

The Canyon harassment is a horror.  Although it looked like a lower-level person would take the hit, in the end the NPS pushed out the Superintendent.  Forcing him to resign, which is what the Director did, is much surer than ending up in litigation and in court.

Snakes Alive! There's An App For That At Everglades National Park

Jun 8th - 08:02am | great

awesome application

Special Agents Seeking Couple In Connection With Grand Canyon Vandalism

Jun 8th - 08:00am | Hartie

Fools names in fools places!

Jun 8th - 00:10am | TP in SL

While I am sympathetic that they should be prosecuted for vandalism, when I was pickpocketed in Yellowstone Park's gift shop I couldnt even get access to the videos without a Federal Court Order, much less any other information. The issue could have been resolved within minutes, except the park and store and rangers all report to different agencies who refuse to communicate.

Jun 7th - 16:24pm | Karen

We need federal and state laws with uniform, enforceable policies. Pay for clean up, community service in the park, mandatory class about the park/monument they defaced, barred from parks for life ... things like that.

Jun 7th - 14:04pm | Sarah Calvert


Jun 7th - 11:55am | Anonymous

Not smart  to leave your name when you commit a criminal act. Big fine and news release of their identities should make them think twice before doing something like this again.

Jun 7th - 11:13am | Sherry C

They just happened to be carrying a can of spray paint. I wonder how many other sites along their trip route have been desecrated as well. I'm guessing this isn't the only one.

Jun 7th - 10:31am | Angie Garcia-Johnson

These people need MUCH. More serious severe punishment. $50,000 fine and 5 years in jail would hardly be enough IMO. They are defacing every American.

Jun 7th - 10:19am | Bill

Don't forget to raise taxes to help build and operate all the prisions that will be needed for all that rotting flesh!

Jun 7th - 10:14am | Michelle

WHAT kind of people do THAT????  

Jun 7th - 07:40am | Mark

Stop giving out those $500 fines!!  $10,000 Fine Jail Time And have them clean up graffiti all over the state the crime was committed.  A message needs to be sent. You do go to jail.

Jun 7th - 07:23am | Lee Dalton

This made national news on one of the networks last night.  These folks are infamous nationwide now.  Nail the beggars!  And then broadcast their punishment world wide.

Jun 7th - 07:14am | S.B.

No need for all that, just have then clean up their message with Q-tips.

Jun 7th - 06:01am | Consciousness

Well said.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Let the punishment fit the crime.

Jun 7th - 00:50am | Anonymous

Can i come vandalize your house or a family heirloom and just have you brush it off so easy?

Jun 6th - 23:06pm | Kyle McHattie

Yeah, make them clean it up and let them know they will have to clean the whole grand canyon if they ever do it again.

Jun 6th - 20:56pm | BMT

THIS is our NATIONAL Park.  Our heritage.  Not my front door.  Deserves more punishment than you suggest.  Respect. Take care of our Natonal Parks.  Act like a responsible citizen.  (And an adult.)

Jun 6th - 19:46pm | Anonymous

Jail time, Big fine, And community service.  Some people are stupid.  Some are ignorant.  Both learn from significant emotional events.  These people qualify as both.  

Jun 6th - 19:10pm | Rick B.

Well, Mr "President Trump", above, you do know that the moderators are aware of your identity? Making death threats anonymously doesn't give you  moral high ground.   I want these inbred malfeasants to rub the living flesh off their knuckles making the rock paintfree again but it doesn't make me feel better to make empty deadly threats.

Jun 6th - 18:33pm | Hikeitup

I hope they get nailed. But I highly doubt they will. The NPS KNOWS that Casey Nocket defaced many National Parks. She even told them she did. And yet, a year and a half after she was identified, NO charges have been filed. I guess the NPS isn't interested in sending a message to EVERY piece of dirt who thinks vandalism isn't a crime.

Jun 6th - 18:29pm | crustycoyote

Make the punishment fit the crime.  give them children's beach sand pail and shovel and let them walk down the trail to the river and scoop up all the mule dung,  One bucket full at a time, down, back up, down, back up, down, back up, down, back up ........ until there is not a fleck of feces on the trail.   oh, it has to be done  between 15 July and 10 Sept.

Jun 6th - 16:04pm | Fredric L. Rice

Wow, how horrible. We need to expend every effort to spread the suspect's photograph and get this individual indicted, send a message to *all* of the sh!tters that this behavior on OUR public property is not going to go without punishment.

Jun 6th - 16:00pm | tippyguppy

Authorities have been notified of their identities and location

Jun 6th - 15:56pm | noname

Names and address have been given to the authorities. I hope they hang. Such disrespectful morons.

Jun 6th - 13:15pm | Marcia Higgins

It's saddening that people have no respect for history. To them it was just a rock and they wanted to leave their mark. I agree with several comments that they should have to pay a large fine and clean up the graffiti. I hope they are caught and prosecuted. 

Public To Decide How $2 Million In Grants Will Be Split Among National Parks

Jun 7th - 14:58pm | ecbuck

We, the tax paying public, should insist that the parks get funded properly. Would love to see it happen but we have a $544 billion deficit and $20 trillion in debt that we need to address first. 

Jun 7th - 14:33pm | Kurt Repanshek

Excellent point, Danny!

Jun 7th - 13:41pm | Danny Bernstein

I'm clicking and clicking but I resent it.Why should the Smokies win a popularity contest to get repairs on Clingmans Dome?That's like a child hoping for socks at Christmas. We, the tax paying public, should insist that the parks get funded

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