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Musings From Crater Lake National Park

Nov 4th - 08:48am | ecbuck

I've been there.  Don't recall the drive being particularly hairy. Worst part was probably the narrow roads to the park with bikers flying downhill.  

Nov 4th - 08:03am | Kurt Repanshek

Steve, you reminded me of another road: Has anyone driven the one to the summit at Haleakala National Park?

Nov 3rd - 20:11pm | Rick B.

The last time I was out there I had white knuckles for a good section of the road from Lake Crescent out to Neah Bay. Narrow, no room off the road inland and a drop-off to the Puget Sound on the other side. And yes, folks trying to take their half of a two lane road out of the middle.

Nov 3rd - 19:58pm | Steve Nelson

I thought I had a fellow white-knucker from Wawona! I am surprised no one seems to know about Capulin NM.  No guardrail, and straight down the side of a dormant volcano if you mess up.

Nov 3rd - 08:49am | Gary Wilson

My memory must have slipped...  Also, it's Tioga Pass road (highway 120), not Wawona that I was referring to.

Nov 3rd - 08:24am | Kurt Repanshek

No guard rails on Trail Ridge Road, Gary.

Nov 3rd - 08:07am | Gary Wilson

I'd say Wawona road takes the cake as the craziest main road leading out of a park.  Going up into the park on that road isn't bad, it's when you are driving it the otherway.

Nov 2nd - 23:12pm | Lee Dalton

It really wasn't so much the road that causes white knuckles.  It's those folks who take their half out of the middle.  That and humongous RVs on a road never intended for them. It's not the wildest I've ever driven by a long shot, but it's one that needs a driver's full attention.  

Nov 2nd - 22:15pm | justinh

Another great piece, Lee. I'm with Kurt--Trail Ridge Rd at RMNP; never want to drive that one again. Hiking Wizard Island is indeed a lot of fun.  My girlfriend (now wife) actually got in the lake for a (very short) swim.  Pretty brave.

Nov 2nd - 22:05pm | Quite Please

All I can say is that is the only body of water that took my breath away on a clear day.That water is BLUE. We found the food at the lodge to be some of the best served at any National Park. As we drove around the rim we came upon an accident that had just occurred, it happened to be seasonal employees.

Nov 2nd - 20:23pm | Megaera

Do go back and take that boat ride.  In addition to the ride, you also have the chance to get off and hike around Wizard Island.

Nov 2nd - 16:10pm | Lee Dalton

Thank you, m13, for the link to Crater Lake Institute's website.  It looks like a real treasure trove.

Nov 2nd - 13:55pm | [email protected]

Compare:  and Also:

Nov 2nd - 13:26pm | Rick B.

Lee - I like that in your park reports you mention park staff by name when complimenting them. These are folks with a low enough paying job that public acknowledgement makes it more worthwile.

Nov 2nd - 13:14pm | Amarillobymorning

For your White Knuckle Index, nothing beats the road descending into Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. Yeah, I know it's a state park, but after you've driven it a few times, Trail Ridge and the others will seem ho-hum. My best experiences have involved me pulling a 16-foot horse trailer, going up out of the park with the dropoff on my right, coming radiator-to-radiator with Mr.

Nov 2nd - 13:03pm | Owen Hoffman

Very interesting observation about the high aesthetic quality of the Keiser Studio at Rim Village, which for decades has served as the VC for the rim.  Thanks too for voicing your concern and getting that restroom cleaned at Manama Village.  I'm so sorry your bronchitis was acting up.  Otherwise, you would have enjoyed the boat ride and the hike back up the Cleetwood Trail.

Nov 2nd - 12:42pm | Lee Dalton

But don't let concern about narrow roads and steep mountainsides keep you from visiting other parks, Steve.  Just use abundant caution and enjoy. Heck, driving on most city streets and freeways has to be a lot more dangerous.

Nov 2nd - 12:35pm | Steve Nelson

Like I said, Theodore Roosevlet looks nice and flat!  

Nov 2nd - 10:35am | Kurt Repanshek

Steve, I'd put Trail Ridge at the top of the list, largely because there aren't any barriers between you and a very, very, very long roll down. 

Nov 2nd - 10:26am | Steve Nelson

Thanks Lee.  I realize Going to the Sun has the boulders and stone walls, but that still is a steep drop in the middle third of the road.  The other 2/3 of Going to the Sun is pretty tame. Wawona Road is OK going in, but going out there is a pretty steep drop on the right. Kurt, I have never been to Rocky Mountain National Park!  One day...

Heaven or Hell? Election Results Could Severely Affect Our National Parks

Nov 4th - 00:04am | Rick B.

Right, Eric. So you say.   There is a handful of known FBI agents in the NY office who attempted to start an investigaation of Secretary Clinton based on the book 'Clinton Cash', a Breitbart propaganda piece. You're being played.

Nov 3rd - 23:19pm | trailadvocate


Nov 3rd - 22:44pm | ecbuck

Rick, even the Huffpo has turned on her. This isn't Brietbart it is the FBI But you are blinded by your ideology.  

Nov 3rd - 22:03pm | Lee Dalton

" It is amazing the ethics, morals, integrity people will sacrifice for their cause and the blind eye some will turn to it because it is their cause as well." I agree. Those words describe his supporters to a T. I'm thoroughly nauseated by the prospect of whichever of them may be in office.

Nov 3rd - 21:43pm | Rick B.

Yes, yes, sure. But I don't have the Breitbart-scripted alt-right blinders on, Eric. Whatever you say, sure.   I do have to agree with your last sentence, of course. Hope those tight shoes don't pinch ya too tight.

Nov 3rd - 21:41pm | ecbuck

National instability with Trump?  Have you been paying attention for the last week - much less they last 30 years?  Hilary is about to get indicted.  You think that will create stability?  It is amazing the ethics, morals, integrity people will sacrifice for their cause and the blind eye some will turn to it because it is their cause as well.    

Nov 3rd - 20:14pm | rmackie

Nice post Traveler, thank you. 

Nov 3rd - 20:07pm | Rick B.

I know of zero NPS employees eager for the national instability inevitable in a Trump presidency.

Nov 3rd - 19:26pm | Concerned Taxpayer

How does the protection of our National Parks/Forests become a racial issue?  Ridiculous!

Nov 3rd - 13:27pm | trailadvocate

How would the dramatic difference in approaches to immigration affect the Parks and Country long term?  More pressure, less pressure on resources and scarce dollars dollars available for the Parks?  Anyone want to venture a guess?     

Nov 3rd - 10:34am | RickyAZ

Maybe someone could offer a little balance here:  Couldn't one read the candidates in a different way? One would stuff the Boards and Departments with cronies and favor-seekers, competence be damned.  The other would build monuments and take care of public infrastructure by cutting through red tape (Wollman Rink ring a bell).

High-Flow Release Coming To Grand Canyon National Park

Nov 3rd - 17:03pm | Lee Dalton

The water will be captured by Lake Mead and other lakes downstream.  It probably won't even be enough to raise Lake Mead's water level at all but it will help the health of the Grand Canyon's Inner Gorge.

Nov 3rd - 15:21pm | Allen

is this such a great idea since California and most of the southwest is in the middle of the worst drought in 100 years? 

Nov 3rd - 00:21am | Steve Hindman

Will there be a live cam of the release? That would cool to see.

Report From Zion Visitor Use Management Plan Public Meeting

Nov 3rd - 14:08pm | John T Schuldt

Dear Ms Moench, Please pass on to all your collegues at Office of Tourism my sincere thanks for the work they do. I just returned to Washington State from a one month camping trip to the National Parks and Monuments in Utah plus Dead Horse Point State Park. I felt very welcomed and appreciated all the information available to help me on the trip.

Nov 3rd - 11:14am | Lee Dalton

Here's another example of impacts of parks' and other public lands' impacts on surrounding communities.  

A Wild And Wet Weekend At Dry Tortugas National Park

Nov 3rd - 08:07am | Elaine Lee

This article made the Dry Tortugas sound very good.  Will try and make it there some day.  

Morel Mushrooms Pop Up, Cluster Together After Yosemite National Park Wildfires

Nov 3rd - 02:33am | Carol Reed

Finding morels in the forest even though it follows a fire is a wonderful way to experience growth and the beauty of the area. I agree that an increased harvest would not hurt the forest. It is like an easter egg hunt. Roast the morels over a camp fire with Balsamic and olive oil and you will become addicted!

Dry Conditions Lead To Backcountry Fire Ban, Water Shortages In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Nov 2nd - 21:55pm | Gary Wilson

I was just out catloochee area today, and was up on the boogerman trail.  It's dry as a bone along that entire ridge.  With all the dead hemlocks that litter the forest floor, it could definitely create bigger fires than what used to occur.  The litter on the ground from the hemlocks is probably the main concern..

Nov 2nd - 18:32pm | SmokiesBackpacker

What I appreciate about NPT is they will clarify that they are putting out unedited pr's from the park.  So many local rags do not take the time to verify Smokies Pr's and accept them as gospel.

Interior Secretary Cautions All Employees To Be Cautious In Wake Of Malheur Verdict

Nov 2nd - 21:34pm | Daniel B.

Equate their activities to ISIS? No. However, this is not about equating, rather qualifying. So under the previously stated definition of terrorist, and my their own actions they are terrorists. How many people died? One who was killed by a federal officer, but you fail to mention he was killed for drawing a weapon with intent to kill. This is called probable cause.

Nov 2nd - 12:44pm | ecbuck

Well Rick, the officers aren't feeling it. If you believe it is important to keep our officers safe you don't endorse an organization that threatens them. That's why the Fraternal Order of Police are endorsing Trump and have never endorsed Obama or Hillary.

Nov 2nd - 12:21pm | Rick Smith

Sorry for the multiple posts.  My computer is going haywire.

Nov 2nd - 12:16pm | Rick Smith

EC--And many don't.  For every comment the President has made about Black Lives Matter, he has made equally strong comments about the importance of keeping our officerssafe. Let's be truthful about this.  That was the genisis of my comment to Trail.

Bad Weather Hampering Search For Missing Plane At Lake Clark National Park And Preserve

Nov 2nd - 21:14pm | Quite Please

Took that flight from Anchorage to Lake Clark about 15 years ago.What I remember most about that experience was as you looked out your windows you had mountains on both sides of your plane.It was exciting but scary just the same. You  have to be a very skilled pilot I felt to navigate between the valley with all the turbulence you feel in a small place.

Musings From Lava Beds National Monument

Nov 2nd - 17:00pm | argalite

It is right next to Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Two "High On Life" Vandals Plead Guilty In Connection With Yellowstone, Death Valley Incidents

Nov 2nd - 13:00pm | Cisco Nichols

Much higher fines and, perhaps, some time in jail to think about what idiots they are.

Nov 2nd - 10:06am | Lee Dalton

Agreed, Ottoman.  But it would help if magistrates were much more severe in sentencing -- and if the penalties in laws were increased from mere wrist slaps to some jail time and large doses of public service.

Drastic Changes Possible As Acadia National Park Develops Transportation Plan

Nov 2nd - 11:48am | Charlotte Boyd

The National Park Service is changing the way of life for Schoodic Peninsula. The bikers I have seen at Schoodic feel they are the only people who should be allowed here. Most of the local people on the Peninsula have accessed the Park their entire lives. We certainly don't feel comfortable or wanted now due to the campground and the Park.

Nov 2nd - 09:58am | Julie Bell

Just wanted to correct Mr. Kellett's statement that Acadia is the only national park in the Northeast. The Northeast Region includes 80 national park units ranging from wilderness areas, coastal habitats, historical and recreational trails, historic sites, battlefields.

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