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Traveler's View: Passage Of Centennial Act A Good Start, And Hopefully Just The Beginning

Dec 12th - 06:47am | hatrasfevr

I gotta laugh at you guys!

Dec 11th - 18:41pm | ecbuck

We should not be policing the world at our expense,

Dec 11th - 16:36pm | Lee Dalton

"We should not be policing the world at our expense, but again, tell that to the contractors and suppliers feeding off those wars. Did Barack Obama do anything to stop the process? Ha! Would Hillary Clinton have stopped it?"

Dec 11th - 15:11pm | Kurt Repanshek

Ok, let's keep on topic, please, and try to remain somewhat cordial.

Dec 11th - 14:48pm | ecbuck

Wrong,as usual, not my idiots.  Still whining about losing the election I see.  As I said, I'm willing to bet he will be tougher on the Russians that Obama.

Dec 11th - 12:55pm | Rick B.

He was paid the Presidency.   For my friends who have been physically bashed by your idiots, one idiot with a baseball bat, fist, or torch was enough. You are really speaking from a point of white privilege. If you had ever proven capable of feeling shame, now would be a good time.

Dec 11th - 12:50pm | Alfred Runte

The point is: When have the parks EVER been properly funded, if by "properly" we mean what the agency wants? No bureaucracy ever wants less. No matter the final budget, the Park Service (and the Pentagon) will always be pleading poverty, because that is what bureaucracies do. As for the contractors and suppliers, they will always be raising the price.

Dec 11th - 12:45pm | ecbuck

He is bought and paid for by Russia. Really?  How much was he paid?  

Dec 11th - 12:18pm | Rick B.

He is bought and paid for by Russia. Most students of modern Russia know about Putin = KGB.   Few of my black friends feel the KKK is meaningless. Congrats on your privilege.    

Dec 11th - 11:35am | ecbuck

The KKK is meaningless.  Show me where the KGB endorsed Trump. I'm willing to bet that Trump will keep Russia in line far better than did Obama.  

Dec 11th - 11:20am | Rick B.

Well Trump, if inaugurated, certainly won't make Russia pay it's share. First Presidential candidate endorsed by both the KKK and the KGB.

Dec 11th - 10:37am | ecbuck

Not sure I understand your birthday party analogy.  

Dec 11th - 10:12am | Kurt Repanshek

EC, this bill is kind of like taking a birthday present to a party and giving it to the person who paid for it. As for the military, the U.S. defense budget represents more than a third of the world's defense spending, and is equal to at least seven other countries' total.

Dec 11th - 08:55am | ecbuck

Kurt, I was encourage by the start of your piece and then disappointed as you became critical with the "not enough" (my quotes) tone.  Its like the folks that complain about Trump and Carrier by saying he didn't save all the jobs.  This bill does more than was done before. Just as Trumps reversal of Carrier (and serveral others now), even before he is inaugurated, has done more.

Oregon Man Just Wanted To "Dip His Toe" In A Yellowstone Hot Spring

Dec 12th - 00:23am | DrMe

You're not crawling or swimming out of 200 degree F acid.

Senate Passes National Park Service Centennial Act Before Adjourning

Dec 11th - 19:44pm | Rusty Austin

Unless we can honestly address the problem of recalcitrant Republicans in Congress and not just blame this debacle on the generic "congress" we'll never get adequate funding for our parks and forests. It's not Democrats holding up progress. It's Republicans.

Dec 11th - 18:58pm | Mike W

When does it go into effect?

Dec 11th - 18:41pm | Uncle Sparky

They should have raised their fee structures across the board, rather than lump it all on the lifetime passes.   Grand Canyon charging $30 per car for 7 days, regardless of how many people are in said vehicle, is almost theft.  

Dec 11th - 15:01pm | KYE

No word yet, but it's unlikely to take effect before Jan. 1. Your husband can buy one online, but there's a $10 additional processing fee. Here is a link to where he can go buy one in person as of his birthday: 

Dec 11th - 14:04pm | Dave V

The word "retiree" no longer applies to most of us just turning 62.  Our privatized "retirement" funds went to buy new yachts for a few ultra wealthy fund administrators linked to our employers.  You are actually talking about an entire generation being locked out of our national parks.

Dec 11th - 12:18pm | Susan W.

Why don't we charge citizens/residents one price, and non citizens a higher entrance price? After all, my tax dollars already support the parks. But visitors, who visit the parks extensively, don't pay their fair share for maintenance. 

Dec 11th - 12:13pm | xctraveler

NPS is funded from user fees, contributions and Federal tax dollars. I really don't want to see a National ID card needed to prove we are US Taxpayers to get into the parks, which is what would be needed to be able to charge non resident aliens an excess fee. The states depend on license plates or drivers license for proof of residence.

Dec 11th - 10:41am | Sharon Greene

Oh all means increase the annual fee by a ton after their Social Security did NOT get an increase even though Senior visitors make up a large proportion of the parks visitors! Whose great idea was this?

Dec 11th - 10:06am | Lee Dalton

People who can afford to travel and "camp" in $200,000 motor coach can certainly afford $80 for a lifetime pass.

Dec 11th - 09:51am | Karen

B I  Most seniors who can afford to travel can afford to pay a ONE TIME FEE of $80 to visit the national parks. One pass is good for 4 people if they are also 62 or over. We got ours at a local Park office for $10. Thanks for volunteering, please don't stop. Thanks again, K

Dec 11th - 01:33am | Geneva Walker

I would  think  it would start 1/1/17 .Last time an increase was started on that date. If you're 62, grab your card now!

Dec 11th - 00:07am | Stacey

Agreed. I believe non-us citizens should pay a higher fee.   

Dec 10th - 23:33pm | REG

I can live with the $80 lifetime fee. At least the current administration recorgnizes the need for increased funding in order to support our national parks. 

Dec 10th - 22:57pm | SusanS

When does this officially go into effect? My husband turns 62 on December 17.

Dec 10th - 20:32pm | Rick B.

I'm just uncomfortable when shades of xenophobia show their face.

Dec 10th - 20:20pm | Steve Sharp

Seniors have been paying taxes their entire life. Non-resident tourists pay the same rate as U.S. citizens, and pay no taxes.. A large percentage of visitors to our National Parks are forign visitors. Why not charge them a higher non-resident fee, much like you have to pay when visiting an out-of-state park? This is really unfair to Seniors.

Dec 10th - 19:33pm | Kurt Repanshek

Wild places, not sure why it makes NPS look life fools. Only Congress could increase that fee, not NPS.It'll take place once the president signs the legislation and the NPS/BLM/USFWS converts all its pricing information/programming, or whatever else is necessary from the mechanical side.

Dec 10th - 19:24pm | wild places

Still a bargain but an 8x increase makes the NPS look like complete fools.

Dec 10th - 19:23pm | Al Teski

When does this take effect?

Dec 10th - 19:06pm | Rick B.

Just curious if those who badmouth foreign nationals spending their cash in our national parks aree the same as those who want to build that mythical southern border wall.

Dec 10th - 17:40pm | Megaera

I knew that was going to go away by the time I hit 65.  Just like Social Security and Medicare will be gutted by then, too.

Dec 10th - 17:31pm | David moliga

If the NPS  was really serious about increasing funding, why do they not increase the park fees for the foreign national Bus loads that visit each year.  Many bring their own lunches and the tour buses pay a same fee for entrances.  

Dec 10th - 17:28pm | Richard Eberhardt

First Congress steals funds from Social Secunity and then they raise the Senior Pass 4 times the previous amount. I wonder if Congressmen and women have to pay to get in the parks.  

Dec 10th - 16:08pm | Kurt Repanshek


Women's March On Washington Could Conflict With Trump Inauguration

Dec 11th - 10:13am | Lee Dalton

It is not 45 percent of all college educated women.  It is 45 percent of those who were polled in exit polls.  That is very small number of actual college educated women.  It does not include those who did not vote and did not include those where not polled.

Dec 11th - 09:17am | wild places

Yes, groups (and people) who are honest about their convictions.

Dec 10th - 23:39pm | Rick B.

So, are therre any groups you're not trying to alientate, Wild Places?

Dec 10th - 23:18pm | wild places

Interesting times we live in. Women and LBGT groups marching with and in support of Muslims and vice versa? If it weren't so sad the hypocrisy would be humorous.

UPDATED: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildfires Sweep Over Gatlinburg, Kill Three

Dec 11th - 09:48am | dwmorton

Glad you have it all figured out, but I question the thought of the age of trees you note and basing your theory of past years of change based on what you are stating, as I think you should consider the logging history of these mountains.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Dec 11th - 07:17am | James Davis

Yes, I Agree, Priorities In This Moronic, "Politically Correct, Sham", We Currently Live With, Have Seriously Been Re-Arranged, & Need A Big Dose, Of Common Sense!! This From A Dedicated, Conservationist, & Wildlife Champion. Law Abiding, Responsible, Citizen's, Must Have The Right

UPDATED: Latest Speculation On Trump Interior Secretary Points To Washington State Congresswoman

Dec 10th - 22:06pm | Megaera

Speaking as someone from Washington state, all I can say is oh, god, no.

Swirling Above Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve

Dec 10th - 21:31pm | Ray Bane

I have done two winter dog team trips into Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, one along the Yukon River and the other into the headwaters of the Charley River with Dave Mahalik (supt.), the chief ranger and three local seasonal Rangers.  It is truly a magical land well worth the effort of seeing it in its winter garb.

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Dec 10th - 16:52pm | Rene Agredano

Ekim, I can't be certain but in the majority of national park campgrounds, a 35' RV would be pushing the limits in most campgrounds. It's best to check the park's individual websites to be certain. Usually the information provided regarding size limitations is pretty accurate.

Dec 10th - 16:49pm | Rene Agredano

I personally don't but maybe someone else can recommend a unit.

Dec 10th - 16:47pm | Rene Agredano

Bonnie, I'm pretty sure that public parks, at least those in the NPS, don't impose age restritions. I've never run into any.

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