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Op-Ed | Livestock At Point Reyes National Seashore Should Go

Mar 24th - 09:01am | beachdumb

Any proposal that cites "global warming" or "climate change" can not be taken seriously.

Mar 23rd - 22:04pm | rmackie

Thank you Traveler for an informative op-ed by George Werthuer. I think the plaintiffs have a reasonable position, the impacts of grazing, extending the leases, etc.  by doing an EIR is important. There is much science behind the plaintiffs decision to file, the environmental review needs to be done. 

Mar 23rd - 13:55pm | argalite

You don't know what I know, so don't pretend you do.

Mar 23rd - 00:36am | Wolverine

George Wuerthner has forgotten more about this issue than you know.  As to your specific points:   1. The only grazing required in order for ecosystem health is that done by native ungulates.  Cattle are a scourge in the west and do far more harm than any good they could possibly do, which is very little anyway.

Mar 22nd - 12:08pm | argalite

Many natural landscapes require grazing or fire to be maintained in a healthy state.  Some weeds would spread more without a certain level of grazing.  There is enough forage for cattle and Tule Elk.  What about the non-native Fallow deer and Axis deer?  I don't hear many voices for removing them from the park landscape.  Discussing the health effects of eating meat is

Plan Your National Park Escape Strategically This Year

Mar 24th - 08:00am | Kurt Repanshek

Good catch, spellchecker. We fixed it.

Mar 24th - 01:37am | Spellchecker

Bumpass Hell not Bumpus Hell   

In the Final Hours Before Silence Comes, Forever

Mar 23rd - 14:02pm | argalite

That's great that the park is using a crowder, but their approach to get there is not something that looks like anything she would recommend.

Mar 23rd - 09:32am | Cate Fischer

Wouldn't it be great if the cattle ranchers could raise bison and/or cattle. With the public request for eating more bison, I would think there is some money to be made by the ranchers. The outcome is the same; the bison die. But unless we humans want to give our home and city space back to the bison, we need to reduce the herds.

Mar 22nd - 14:42pm | Cyn

So you're willing to have them in your back yard?

Mar 22nd - 14:40pm | Cyn

You don't even know what country your meat comes from, let alone what state.  Maybe you should find a better solution.

Mar 22nd - 14:30pm | Yellowstone Nat...

@argalite: We do use equipment recommended by Temple Grandin. We use a hydraulic chute, with rubber louvers, like the one featured at 2:47 in this video:

Mar 21st - 17:34pm | argalite

The National Park Service does not need to treat bison inhumanely with their traps. There is no call for that.  Read up on Temple Grandin

Mar 21st - 14:26pm | Michael Kellett

We need to expand Yellowstone National Park. It would not only help to save bison, but it would also save wolves and grizzlies. The park is almost completely surrounded  by public land, but most of it is not safe for any of these species. There are adjacent key private lands that could also be acquired.

National Park History: Big Bend National Park

Mar 23rd - 13:09pm | Clayton Webb


Isle Royale National Park Officials To Decide Whether To Import Wolves To Help Island's Vanishing Pack

Mar 23rd - 12:41pm | Barb Perkinson

I remember Durwood Allens research of the wolves there. We still have much to learn about predator prey relationships and the introduction of wolves would perpetuate the unique laboratory situlation that Isle Royal represents.

Mar 22nd - 17:24pm | justinh

I wonder if wildlife corridors toward the island (if and when a land bridge were to reform) have been diminished since the wolves first arrived.  If so, that would seem to be another reason that justifies, according to NPS policy, the introduction of more wolves to the island.

Mar 22nd - 15:03pm | irene S

  I feel that the Isle Royale Wolves need immediate help.  New wolves should have introduced two years ago, when the treat of extinction had first been known.

Mar 21st - 04:15am | Dave Blake

To think that Isle Royale might be wolfless - even though I have never been there and am very unlikely to go - is chilling. Durward Allen's "Wolves of Minong" was a seminal book in my development as a wildlife biologist.

More Fallout From Grand Canyon Sexual Harassment Complaints

Mar 22nd - 23:13pm | VGina Wolfe

VGina Wolfe * in a few seconds

Mar 22nd - 11:49am | ecbuck

"My kid is entitled to do whatever he or she wants to do, when they want, it and how they want it without fear of accountability." 

Mar 22nd - 09:29am | Lee Dalton

No, ec, it's not "political correctness" that prevents a swat or two to the behind to enlighten the head.  It's part of the Great American Entitlement Mentality.  "My kid is entitled to do whatever he or she wants to do, when they want, it and how they want it without fear of accountability."  It goes right along with the Conservative Entitlement Mentality which says, "I want ser

Mar 22nd - 00:38am | ecbuck

No Rick, no one is minimizing anything - except maybe you but certainly not me.  I am pointing out that it is not a male vs female issue, its not a racial issue, its not a conservative vs liberal issue.  It is an issue of what is approriate and what is not.  There was inappropriate behavior across the board.

Mar 21st - 22:26pm | Rick B.

I have to agree, Lee. Most who complain about the blanket term "policically correct" are those who are upset that the century has evolved, and that they are no longer given a pass for saying or doing the lousy things that they think inside.  

Mar 21st - 20:03pm | Lee Dalton

So now common decency is some kind of political correctness that is somehow a bad thing? Gee whillikers.  I learned a great lesson about common decency when I was in eighth grade.  I made a very rude comment to one of the girls in my class and it wasn't long before I was visiting the principal.   I knew I couldn't fib my way out of it so admitted what I'd said.

Mar 21st - 19:35pm | trailadvocate

It appears it went both ways, Rick B.  It's like being on another planet being on the River for a week, two weeks or even three.   You want everyone walking around with the PC police handbook.  There wouldn't be anybody on the river if you ran things, Mr. B.  

Mar 21st - 18:24pm | Former NPS partner

The Huffington Post article was mostly about sexual harrassment in the Forest Service, especially in crews fighting wildfires. What happened in the Grand Canyon was terribly wrong, and the corrective response has been inexcusably slow, but I find it interesting that all of the comments I've seen have focused on Grand Canyon, with no mention of the Forest Service's much slower response.

Mar 21st - 17:50pm | ecbuck

The fact that they may or may not be equal is irrelevant.  Inappropriate behavior was exhibited by both sexes.  

Mar 21st - 14:36pm | Anonymous

How can you equate "provocative dancing" and a joke straw to groping someone and denying them food or the ability to do their job? 

Mar 20th - 13:53pm | rmackie

Ec, you have a point, it is a lack respect for both genders. i think it is a also a breakdown of supervisory and management oversight and responsibility. You cannot correct inappropriate behavior (also unlawful), on the job site, consensual or not, unless someone is minding the store and is held accountable for it.  

Mar 20th - 12:15pm | ecbuck

So it isn't a matter of lack of respect for women.  Its a matter of lack of respect for their co-workers, man or women.  Or it was consensual if inappropriate behavior.  

Mar 20th - 11:49am | Rick B.


Legislation Could Provide More Revenues For National Park Service

Mar 22nd - 12:53pm | sjpound

I'll be eligible to get my senior pass next year and I'd be happy to pay $80 instead of $10 if the money goes to fund the parks.  

Mar 21st - 21:35pm | Mike Painter

Likewise here ... It figures.

Mar 21st - 19:44pm | Megaera

Of course, just in time before I could get my senior pass.  Thanks so much. [/sarcasm]

Cattle Grazing At Point Reyes National Seashore Challenged In Lawsuit

Mar 22nd - 12:19pm | argalite

It is only fair to request that an EA or EIS is written to analyze the efects of continued grazing at the park.

Mar 22nd - 09:27am | Kurt Repanshek

OK, folks, let's keep the conversation out of the gutter...

Mar 22nd - 09:23am | trailadvocate

Don't you know Norcalgirl these folks with law degrees are the enlightened ones, not.   Im sure they keep their degrees where the sun doesn't shine.

Mar 22nd - 00:23am | Norcalgirl

Exactly what is the big hazard here? Cattle have coexisted with the natural environment here for 130 years for crying out the loud!  Enviro groups think they should control everything; their way or the hiway. They ran the oyster farmer out of business not they

Mar 21st - 23:28pm | trailadvocate

You asked the question, Mr. B.  The litigation comment apparently doesn't refer to you but to those that do litigate these cases.  The North Cascades is a wonderful area of Washington State.  Discourse is often bothersome but enjoy your retreat just the same.  It's pretty much required to hold onto any sanity in all the BS going on today.

Mar 21st - 23:19pm | Rick B.

TA - I just bought and settled on five acres of temperate rain forest in the North Cascades.   Other than that comment there is nothing in your babble worth responding to. Nor did you have an answer to my question about the actual topic, your 'temptation of millions of dollars from litigation". Go bother someone else.      

Mar 21st - 22:34pm | trailadvocate

Rick B, screw the theory world and all the cerebral crap.  You need to step up and become part of the environmental litigation world.  Build a Redwood house on some beautiful landscape while espousing the evils of Capitolism.  Need to step up your game, Rick and retire to Sedona instead of a parkie pension and become politically active.

Mar 21st - 19:40pm | Rick B.

So, for those of us who are not paranoid conspiracy theorists, please explain - in non emotionally or politically laden terms - just how a particular parkie is going to succumb to the "temptation of milions of dollars from litigation".

Mar 21st - 18:49pm | trailadvocate

You are correct, hatrasfevr.  Have deep connections to NP's.  My father was part of a team that dedicated a Mt. in the Olympics years ago.  president of an outdoor club that was very much like the Sierra Club before it became so political.

Mar 21st - 06:52am | hatrasfevr

The NPS and DOI are systematically removing the public from lands they manage all over the US. This is another case where the American taxpayer will have to supply millions in legal fees to them when they finally have enough unfounded evidence to remove the ranchers.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Mar 21st - 22:11pm | Slinky

I was charged by a neighbors bull that got on our property one time while out walking with my dog. I didn't ask the bull what was wrong or what he intended to do. I let 6 rounds of M855 fly from my AR when he started barreling towards me with all he had.

PEER Calls On Grand Canyon National Park To Withdraw Report On Bison, Says They're Not Native

Mar 21st - 11:33am | tahoma

Since at least the 1971 barring of the Craighead brothers from Yellowstone grizzly research, so-called 'science' in the National Parks has sometimes been a thin reed in the bureaucratic winds:

On The Road: To Three Texas Jewels Of The National Park System

Mar 21st - 11:05am | Raphael

I'm surprised you don't mention the LBJ Ranch. It's a marvel not just for its historical importance, but also its preservation of midcentury kitsch.

Glacier Bay National Park Rangers Use Satellite Technology to Help Tangled Whales

Mar 20th - 17:42pm | Dan and Linda Cooper

Looking for Wendy Bredow who was a Ranger at APIS in 1997. We were VIPS on Stockton at Quarry Bay. Our son Nat, aged four at the time. was (and maybe still is) in love with Wendy and Preston Krueze. If anyone knows of their where-abouts, please respond.

Get Trash(ed) At Assateague Island National Seashore

Mar 20th - 11:50am | Larry and Liz

What a good article, if only more people would care.  Mark and Alex are making a difference by cleaning up and making people aware of what is going on out there today.  They are good examples of what we should be doing everyday In our own neighborhoods. Keep up the good work, it matters!!  

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