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President Trump's Freeze On Federal Hiring Will Impact National Parks

Jan 23rd - 23:04pm | rady_wildfire

Im a wildland firefighter, I rely on seasonal employment in region 5 of our countires forest service. I am without a job.

Jan 23rd - 22:30pm | beachdumb

All the snowflake NPS staff will have to stop wasting time with thier identity politics and fake climate change and have to actually work. I'm sure there is a pile of administrative staff that could do the work. Go Trump Go!

Jan 23rd - 22:29pm | Billdo

Are you banned from visiting national parks in other countries because you are a foreigner?

Jan 23rd - 21:57pm | Anonymous

That's not a solution.

Jan 23rd - 20:54pm | Rick B.

You xenophobes would be cute if we hadn't just elected a xenophobic jingoistic isolationist. Until his impeachment, it is going to be interesting times [in terms of the ancient Chinese curse].

Jan 23rd - 20:18pm | Lee Dalton

The Great American Entitlement Mentality will eventually come into play in some way here.  When Entitled Americans suddenly realize they are not going to be receiving the services and infrastructure they have come to depend on, the screams of agony will be loud and prolonged.

Jan 23rd - 19:57pm | Kathryn Turney

I simply cannot believe that you advocate banning foreign tourism. That won't solve anything but put our parks in a more dire financial situation. We, like other countries, rely on tourism to EMPLOY people, directly and indirectly. Let's see how you like it when you can't access America's parks, or perhaps you simply do not care. 

Jan 23rd - 19:48pm | bluejay

Yes, I want to go back to what the founding fathers envisioned and yes the wild west or maybe even before that.

Jan 23rd - 19:30pm | wild places

"Parks already have 10 percent fewer rangers and other staff compared to a few years ago". So where was the outcry when this took place under Obama? A hiring freeze can mean many things. It can be temporary in that if cuts are deemed warranted that it would be cruel to have people take jobs which are soon to be eliminated or combined in another part of the country.

Jan 23rd - 19:17pm | Bill Baehr

If the NPS staff can't handle the crowds then reduce the crowds by banning foreigners from our parks that are for the enjoyment of the US citizens. 

Jan 23rd - 19:15pm | Joe Smith

I suggest you tell the Amercan people to stay home ths summer. No business experiences record growth without hiring help. Maybe you can answer the complaint letters when customer service goes down the toilet for the NPS.

Jan 23rd - 18:58pm | ecbuck

Elle - that is some people's opinion, others have a different opinion.  Either way, you must admit, these are different times.  

Jan 23rd - 18:51pm | ecbuck

I know what my end goal looks like.  It looks like the goal the authors of the Constitution envisioned.  My end goal is to radically reduce the size of the federal government and return its reach to the designated powers of the Constitution.  Our forefathers had the brilliance to create a representative republic with a clear seperation of powers.

Jan 23rd - 18:39pm | Elle

If you look back at other times a federal hiring freeze was enacted you'll see that it actually costs the government more money and doesn't solve any problems. 

Jan 23rd - 18:35pm | not ecbuck

These bureaucracies did not emerge overnight as some widescale socialist welfare handout, but emerged in an organic manner over centuries to serve the needs of the American people. These needs have grown more complicated over time, and even with the monumental structure of the federal government, most agencies, like the NPS, remain chronically understaffed and underfunded.

Jan 23rd - 18:26pm | ecbuck

If this were a situation that was specific to the NPS, I would be sympathetic with the NCPA's complaints.  But it is not.  It is an action being taken across the entire federal government in recognition of the fact that our government has gone far beyond its Constitutional mandate and is creating an unsustainable level of debt.  Will this action reverse that immediately? No.

Coalition To Protect America's National Parks Has List Of Suggestions For Trump Administration

Jan 23rd - 18:04pm |


Jan 23rd - 17:58pm | Eugene H. Edwards

I've been to fifty National Parks and many more National Monuments.  My "Total History" is of the great array of geological diversity such as the Zion, Bryce, Smokey Mountains, Wind cave, Death Valley and Glacier NPs..  They aint makin any more Devils Towers.  I'll stick with the mountains you stick with the history.  Actually, I'm not radical right but a deplorable.  T

Jan 23rd - 13:34pm | trailadvocate

There are aspects of NPS that I and many others find troubling.  I, like most on here atribute these wild places to transformational and resatorative experiences whether the wild places are Parks or not.  I have a couple of generations of DNA in my veins that have great attachment to and contributions to the National Parks.

Jan 23rd - 12:06pm | d-2

Well Eugene H Edwards, you seem to think parks are like shopping malls or (jeepers, you actually said this !) like retail stores ! Set 'em up or shut 'em down based on your business plan? 

Jan 23rd - 11:10am | d-2

Well Lee Dalton, you are right about Reality TV. But for a government agency, the parks punch way above their weight. Whenever there is a Govt shutdown, you see parks on TV.

Jan 23rd - 10:28am | trailadvocate

My wish list is for IRAN to give back those plane loads of Gold and International Currencies (Billions) that the previous POTUS sent over under cover of darkness and without Congress authorizing, to NPS.  Great idea, no?  All they're using it for is to kill Americans, Jews and share power in Syria with that nasty Putin.  Trumps's friend, right.  LOL.  

Jan 23rd - 10:11am | Eugene H. Edwards

d-2 You are absolutely Mr. Sunshine.  So you think adding Stonegate was a great idea or a plum for the New York congressman?

Jan 22nd - 21:22pm | Lee Dalton

Many good points there, d2.  Especially the idea of leading with exciting ideas.  But these days, exciting ideas have to compete with Reality TV and big sporting events to meet the short attention spans of too many Americans.

Jan 22nd - 20:34pm | Rick B.

I would suggest that the Administration, and the President, tell the truth. For a change. It is hard to work on expectations with a pathological liar in charge.

Jan 22nd - 20:08pm | d-2

Come on, people. Where is the thrill? Why no sense of uplift? There is no vision in this piece. Who writes this stuff? Who possibly is the audience? It is so full of jargon, foggy outcomes.  Read just about any sentence.

Jan 22nd - 18:52pm | Eugene H. Edwards

Stop adding additional units untill original parks are in better shape.  New units only eat away at the current budget pie.  It is like Radio Shack when going bankrupt saying "Lets open about 30 new stores, that should help the problem."

Jan 22nd - 17:43pm | Lee Dalton

Perhaps, but $20 million divided among the denizens of Congress might attract some attention.

Jan 22nd - 17:03pm | ecbuck

Well I was thinking the Payee would be the NPS.  I seen no evidence that anyone has changed a vote for a $100 check.

Jan 22nd - 16:39pm | Lee Dalton

"About 20 million signatures on $100 checks.  Every year." Yeah, that just might buy the services of enough inhabitants of Congress to get them to listen.  Maybe.

Jan 22nd - 16:36pm | ecbuck

About 20 million signatures on $100 checks.  Every year.

Jan 22nd - 16:05pm | Christina

how many signatures would it require from the American public?

Jan 22nd - 16:03pm | Harryb3570

I agree with Megaera, This is a wonderful wish list but it will never happen. All we can hope for is to get one or two parts of this list done, That is all. 

Jan 22nd - 14:44pm | Megaera

That's lovely.  If you think any of it is going to happen under the current administration, I'd love to know what you're smoking so I can have some, too.

National Park Service Director Jarvis Announces Retirement

Jan 23rd - 17:57pm | Ranger Ranger

Jon did a good job and these ax grinders are being opportunist for knocking a political appointee who gets pushed out for political reasons. It's obvious they have never been in a challenging management position.

UPDATED: Trump Administration Orders Interior Department To Shut Down Twitter Accounts

Jan 23rd - 15:56pm | Marci

1/4 of the people of this country elected him.  

National Park Service Back On Twitter After Apologizing

Jan 23rd - 12:03pm | d-2

It is actually pretty stupid just to act out and show up the new President. Because there is no reason to post the comparison of 2009 to 2017 unless you wanted to play to the low popularity of this new President. So it was not just straight history, it had attitude and made a point to say the President is not popular. that is politics

Jan 23rd - 11:25am | Raphael

I agree with your point, but the apology was not for the mockery, but for being "mistaken"

Jan 23rd - 11:24am | Raphael

I would be somewhat ok if they apologized for being impolitic. But they apologized for being "mistaken", when they were 100% correct. That's disturbing.

Jan 22nd - 20:30pm | Rick B.

And Variety mentions the Neilsens:

Jan 22nd - 16:30pm | Lee Dalton

It's interesting to note that the article itself belies what Spicer and Trump are claiming.

Jan 22nd - 14:46pm | ecbuck

Jan 22nd - 13:58pm | Rick B.

You are right to a degree this once, Eric. He sent his press secretary out to lie on his behalf.   You must be so proud.

Jan 22nd - 13:36pm | Sara

For two decades, it has been NPS policy not to make official statements regarding crowd size on the National Mall.  Didn't this tweet violate this policy?  

Jan 22nd - 12:56pm | ecbuck

this all simply matches his established pattern Yet he didn't tweet a word about the NPS post.  But go ahead, keep building up your boogy man.  Its going to be fun watching you whine the next 8 years.  

Jan 22nd - 12:52pm | Rick B.

Rebecca - this all simply matches his established pattern of thin skinned kneejerk twitter responses to the slightest insult, or more often to published and verifiable facts that he doesn't like.   Scary time for the whole world.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road, Not A Good Place For Vertigo

Jan 23rd - 10:22am | ecbuck

If your are going to die in Rocky Mountain National Park, driving off the roads is one of the least likely causes.  Don't let this article scare you away from a beautiful place.   RMNP gets more than 3 million visitors a year.  There have been 21 deaths since 2011 and I can't find a single one related to a car accident on Trail Ridge Road.

Jan 23rd - 10:00am | Stan P

I've watched videos of this road. My wife and I will be driving out there this year but we have decided the Trail ridge Road will not be part of our journey. No guard rails and STEEP drop offs, not my cup of tea.

Sights And Sounds From The Storm That Closed Yosemite National Park

Jan 23rd - 10:21am | Joyce Cory

amazing amount of water flowing into the valley.  Closing the Valley to the public was a wise decision.  I can imagine there will be much time and effort spent getting the park ready for visitors. 

Condor Reintroduction Plan For Redwood National Park Moves To Comment Phase

Jan 22nd - 12:49pm | Rick B.


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