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Special Agents Seeking Couple In Connection With Grand Canyon Vandalism

Jun 7th - 10:19am | Bill

Don't forget to raise taxes to help build and operate all the prisions that will be needed for all that rotting flesh!

Jun 7th - 10:14am | Michelle

WHAT kind of people do THAT????  

Jun 7th - 07:40am | Mark

Stop giving out those $500 fines!!  $10,000 Fine Jail Time And have them clean up graffiti all over the state the crime was committed.  A message needs to be sent. You do go to jail.

Jun 7th - 07:23am | Lee Dalton

This made national news on one of the networks last night.  These folks are infamous nationwide now.  Nail the beggars!  And then broadcast their punishment world wide.

Jun 7th - 07:14am | S.B.

No need for all that, just have then clean up their message with Q-tips.

Jun 7th - 06:01am | Consciousness

Well said.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Let the punishment fit the crime.

Jun 7th - 00:50am | Anonymous

Can i come vandalize your house or a family heirloom and just have you brush it off so easy?

Jun 6th - 23:06pm | Kyle McHattie

Yeah, make them clean it up and let them know they will have to clean the whole grand canyon if they ever do it again.

Jun 6th - 20:56pm | BMT

THIS is our NATIONAL Park.  Our heritage.  Not my front door.  Deserves more punishment than you suggest.  Respect. Take care of our Natonal Parks.  Act like a responsible citizen.  (And an adult.)

Jun 6th - 19:46pm | Anonymous

Jail time, Big fine, And community service.  Some people are stupid.  Some are ignorant.  Both learn from significant emotional events.  These people qualify as both.  

Jun 6th - 19:10pm | Rick B.

Well, Mr "President Trump", above, you do know that the moderators are aware of your identity? Making death threats anonymously doesn't give you  moral high ground.   I want these inbred malfeasants to rub the living flesh off their knuckles making the rock paintfree again but it doesn't make me feel better to make empty deadly threats.

Jun 6th - 18:33pm | Hikeitup

I hope they get nailed. But I highly doubt they will. The NPS KNOWS that Casey Nocket defaced many National Parks. She even told them she did. And yet, a year and a half after she was identified, NO charges have been filed. I guess the NPS isn't interested in sending a message to EVERY piece of dirt who thinks vandalism isn't a crime.

Jun 6th - 18:29pm | crustycoyote

Make the punishment fit the crime.  give them children's beach sand pail and shovel and let them walk down the trail to the river and scoop up all the mule dung,  One bucket full at a time, down, back up, down, back up, down, back up, down, back up ........ until there is not a fleck of feces on the trail.   oh, it has to be done  between 15 July and 10 Sept.

Jun 6th - 16:04pm | Fredric L. Rice

Wow, how horrible. We need to expend every effort to spread the suspect's photograph and get this individual indicted, send a message to *all* of the sh!tters that this behavior on OUR public property is not going to go without punishment.

Jun 6th - 16:00pm | tippyguppy

Authorities have been notified of their identities and location

Jun 6th - 15:56pm | noname

Names and address have been given to the authorities. I hope they hang. Such disrespectful morons.

Jun 6th - 13:15pm | Marcia Higgins

It's saddening that people have no respect for history. To them it was just a rock and they wanted to leave their mark. I agree with several comments that they should have to pay a large fine and clean up the graffiti. I hope they are caught and prosecuted. 

Jun 6th - 12:04pm | Rhonda

It takes a special kind of stupid to sign your name to your crime. 

Jun 6th - 11:57am | Pam Fischbach

This is just a direct reflection of a society of people's attitudes who think they can do what ever they want......with no regard for any one else........if you punish them...they don't or won't  care.....I'm sure they don't even think there was any thing wrong with what they did......That is just sad......These people need to be more responsible with their actions......and more mindful of

Jun 6th - 11:37am | Sylvia

Why does is seem that now days gross stupidity is becoming normal?

Jun 6th - 10:46am | Anonymous

Parents know them

Jun 6th - 10:40am | xmundt

I suggest that we find out their address,  then, everyone that  is offended by this swing by and tag their house.

Jun 6th - 09:45am | LLB

Think maybe their last name is Evans? Idiots, More breed every day. 

Jun 6th - 09:35am | LGoulder

incarceration is unnecessary. Hard labor doing trail restoration would be better. 

Jun 6th - 09:31am | Anonymous

Yes they should clean it up and pay a fine to the Park Service f for Park Maintenance forever.   They probably posted a picture on their Facebook page    

Jun 6th - 09:24am | Xstryker

They should have to hike their fat arse to the bottom and pick up trash that people throw in the toilets, in the middle of summer. Pathetic that people have such disregard for places that are deeply enjoyed by others.  

Jun 6th - 09:06am | Anonymous

Well you know his last name is Evans.

Jun 6th - 08:12am | Ken Hackman

Donate?  More like a $10,000 desecration fine! Put some teeth into vandalism of our National Parks!

Jun 6th - 07:14am | Anonymous

Really, they did not murder someone. I DO NOT condone what they did and they should have to return and clean up their vandalism, do community service (real community service) and donate money to the park clean up fund. I believe that is fair justice.

Jun 6th - 05:44am | Susan Brooks

Please increase punishment for vandalism. 

Jun 6th - 04:34am | Rhio Hirsch

Catch them, prosecute them, convict them, incarcerate them, and let them rot in prison. 

Jun 5th - 20:05pm | Jerry D.

 Dirtbags but you know that the courts will let them go with a slap on the wrist like they did in Goblin Valley! We need more conscientious justices!

Photography In The National Parks: From Banff National Park To The Border Of Jasper National Park - An Armchair Photographer’s Guide Part 1

Jun 7th - 09:58am | J. Ewing

Converting from km to mi you DIVIDE by .6 or multiply by 1.6, or multiply by 8 and divide by 5.  Miles are bigger than km.  same with km/h. 

Op-Ed | When It Comes To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct, College Sports Have More Conscience Than NPS Officials

Jun 6th - 17:01pm | Another former ...

I'm a former NPS employee who worked in a "pink collar" occupation.  I was expected to tolerate incredibly contentious and discourteous conduct on a regular basis from certain superintendents and division chiefs.  My competetence and commitment to the mission were called into question any time I had to tell someone no.

Jun 6th - 14:58pm | Retired Ethical...

I am also a former employee of Grand Canyon National Park, who agrees with this op-ed article and SmokiesBackpacker.  The NPS would gave continued to ignore the boatman scandal if it hadn't become a national issue.  Leadership starts at the top.

Jun 6th - 14:41pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Yet another scandal in Jarvis and Jewel's agency.  What a surprise.  Can't wait for the NPS kool aid drinking club apologists to run to the rescue here again in...3  2  1.....

OIG: National Park Service Director Skirted Ethics Office In Writing Book, Reprimanded

Jun 6th - 09:06am | trailadvocate

Yep, crucify Jarvis.  Only BHO and Hillary are allowed to break the rules.   How about cleaning up the whole damn mess.

Jun 5th - 21:54pm | rmackie

Must agree Bruce.

Jun 5th - 19:52pm | Bruce E Schundler

Traveler Special Report: Separating Oil And Water At Big Cypress National Preserve

Jun 5th - 20:08pm | Lee Dalton

 The Gov. had the opportunity to buy rights and turned it down.  True.  But WHY? There's that stench drifting down the Potomac from Capitol Hill again.  

Jun 5th - 20:02pm | ecbuck

Property has to be legitimately held.  And what is illegitimate about the property owned by the oil and gas companies?  Not a thing.  The Gov. had the opportunity to buy rights and turned it down.  Your gripe is with the wrong folks.  

Jun 5th - 19:28pm | Theodore Roosevelt

Among the 18 million words of history I wrote in my lifetime was this reminder about personal property. Property has to be legitimately held. I proved that on San Juan Hill, and will gladly prove it here. The exploitation of anything entirely for personal gain is likely to get you into trouble, i.e., someone charging up the hill to remind you what it is you don't control.

Jun 5th - 18:50pm | ecbuck

 I would declare Big Cypress a national monument, advancing its status well past a preserve. That's right, property rights don't mean anything these days. We can just ignore them.  

Jun 5th - 18:49pm | ecbuck

What is in the long term interest of the American people and future generations, some oil and gas now or the preservation of a unique wilderness with all of its associated wildlife for future generations. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Jun 5th - 18:49pm | ecbuck

What is in the long term interest of the American people and future generations, some oil and gas now or the preservation of a unique wilderness with all of its associated wildlife for future generations. The two aren't mutually exclusive.

Jun 5th - 17:11pm | Theodore Roosevelt

My good friend Mr. Muir is right. Here is what I would do--and what President Obama should do. I would declare Big Cypress a national monument, advancing its status well past a preserve. The special interests would howl and the public would love it! Didn't I read just last week that Congress is down to a four percent approval rating? Four percent?

Public To Decide How $2 Million In Grants Will Be Split Among National Parks

Jun 5th - 19:58pm | ecbuck

John - would I like to see more private donations?  Absolutely, but I am not going to criticize someone because their contribution is only $2 mil.  How much have you contributed?

Jun 5th - 19:01pm | John D. Rockefe...

Adjusted for inflation, the contributions to the national parks of the Rockefeller Family today would total in excess of $1 billion. That $2 million may be private money, Mr. Buck, but it is not what we would call philanthropy. Mr. Gates? Mr. Buffett? Why haven't they stepped up for parks? It is well and good to save the world, but how about saving our corner of it first?

Jun 5th - 18:46pm | ecbuck

Perhaps the NPS could get Coca Cola or some other corporation  to match the money? Now there is an original idea.  This is already private money.  

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Jun 5th - 17:26pm | Lu

I learned the hard way in a New Mexico campground :(

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide