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Is Global Climate Change A Threat to National Parks? Another Response

Jun 5th - 09:14am | Jim Burnett

I presume a previous comment citing information from a website named "The Daily Caller" as a "credible source" is  intended to be satire. I'd never heard of that that site, so took a look.

Jun 5th - 09:07am | beachdumb

See? I rest my case.Stop staring in the mirror, you might learn something... 

Jun 5th - 08:34am | ecbuck

This is why the new "study" is not science and not credible.

Jun 5th - 07:31am | Lee Dalton

See?  I rest my case. 

Jun 5th - 07:07am | beachdumb

But but, Obama says the cold weather is responsible for a .7% drop in the GDP.A co-author of the ‘Report’ writing on The Conversation said:

Jun 4th - 21:33pm | rmackie

Owen, thanks for the post. I attended a climate change workshop this last weekend in conjunction with other agenda items. Heading the panel was Jim Stewart. PhD, a noted expert on the issue here in California. Have you come across any of his posts?

Jun 4th - 20:33pm | ecbuck

There is increasing evidence that Homo Sapien is the dumbest species on earth.Really Lee.  Please show us the comparative study of the intelligence of Homo Sapiens against every other species.  Just another of your unsubstantiated accusations.

Jun 4th - 19:42pm | Lee Dalton

There is increasing evidence that Homo Sapien is the dumbest species on earth.It's not only the lesser animals that foul their nests.  Humans are doing a great job of fouling ours.  Thus compelling proof of our collective lack of intelligence. 

Jun 4th - 18:29pm | ecbuck

EC, I'm not aware of a credible method of scientific analysis that permits manipulation of data in order to support a pre-determined conclusion.Neither am I which is exactly why I find the claims not credible.  They take raw data and make adjustments to "account for anomolies and quirks".  But then when the results don't fit, they adjust again. 

Jun 4th - 15:52pm | Owen Hoffman

EC, I'm not aware of a credible method of scientific analysis that permits manipulation of data in order to support a pre-determined conclusion.  However, it's become more than obvious that the majority of one political party in this country has chosen not to believe present scientific evidence that human-caused climate change is real and serious.   

Jun 4th - 14:23pm | ecbuck

"The scientists replotted average annual surface temperatures since 1880 while accounting for changes and quirks in the readings, particularly anomalies from ocean ships and buoys."In other words they remanipulated the data to get the results they wanted.

Jun 4th - 14:10pm | Owen Hoffman

More Than 200,000 Said To Voice Opposition To Development On Grand Canyon National Park's Doorstep

Jun 5th - 07:43am | Lee Dalton

But why can't those developers simply buy the services of a few Congressmen to push through a big pipeline from Lake Powell to provide water for their development forever and ever?I just read that in the early 19th Century, members of Congress regularly came to the floor with knives in their belts.  Today they come with wads of lobbyist money in their pockets.

Spring In the National Parks: Where Can You Find Wildflowers?

Jun 5th - 06:14am | Acadia on my mind

The rhodora of Acadia National Park create a profusion of pink this time of year on trails and mountaintops, while smaller blooms like bluets dot the trails and sides of the Park Loop Road.

Bison Gores, Tosses Australian Visitor Several Times At Yellowstone National Park

Jun 4th - 11:24am | gutz54

Ya thunk?

Jun 3rd - 10:39am | Lee Dalton

There is mounting evidence that Homo Sapien is one of the dumbest species on Earth.

Jun 3rd - 07:58am | laborman

On a beach in Hawaii I saw an Asian family sit their infant kid right next to a nesting giant sea turtle for a picture.  People apparently think all these wild animals are tame zoo animals.  You would think peole would know better by now.

Jun 2nd - 19:13pm | Rick B.

Approaching that close looks like a pretty simple Action => Reaction.

Jun 2nd - 18:22pm | Megaera

Sigh.You'd think an Australian would know all about dangerous wildlife (at least my Australian friends seem to). 

A Few Musings From An Increasingly Dusty Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Jun 3rd - 19:52pm | Rangerskip

Lake Mead as I remember it from 1973-1977 is so different from today. I am sure I would have difficulty recognizing Echo Bay and the Overton Area. I was assigned to Callville Bay but spent time on all areas of the lake including Temple Bar, and of course, Las Vegas Wash and Boulder Beach. It was a great time to be a Park Ranger at Lake Mead.

May 30th - 07:58am | Gary Wilson

I was always under the assumption that Lake Mead was what built Vegas, not vice versa.  There's a satellite timelapse from NASA that they put out showcasing the rise, and fall of Lake Mead over the course of 30 or 40 years, and it was pretty telling what has happened.  You basically see Lake Mead shrink as Vegas bursts outward.  I'll try and dig up that video later today.  So, it seems that eve

May 30th - 03:41am | Rudy Stefancik

So why not drain Lake Powell and send that water to Lake Mead instead of building a giant pipeline to divert water from the edge of the Great Basin to "Lost" Vegas? Wasn't Lake Powell supposed to hold additional "surplus" water above Lake Mead in case it was needed in Vegas or further down the Colorado destribution points?

May 29th - 15:46pm | Jim Burnett

Great article with some sad news. Echo Bay is a much different place than it was when I worked there 30 years ago.

May 29th - 14:56pm | Gary Wilson

There are many interesting NPS sites around the area showcasing civilization swells, and then village/site abandoment due to long term mega droughts -  Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Wupatki, and the list goes on.  It's happening again, although I fear this one is going to be worse because the population numbers are much much greater.  Back then there weren't millions sucking down

May 29th - 11:40am | Owen Hoffman

Thank you Lee for sharing your personal experiences at Lake Mead with us.  It's an outstanding article.

Photography In The National Parks: Capturing Moonbows In Yosemite National Park

Jun 3rd - 12:20pm | sanctuaryphotos

Thanks for an excellent column, Deby. I've been following you since you got to Yellowstone. Read this several times yesterday before going up to the valley to shoot Yosemite Falls last night under a strawberry moon.

Birding In The National Parks: "Can't You See It? It's Right There!"

Jun 2nd - 18:49pm | MM

Thanks Kirby!   I, and my wife, live this story on every birding trip.  Your advice will make for more productive, and less stressful, birding.  The only thing left is to get our eyes at the same level.  Maybe I can find some lifts for her shoes! Mike

Op-Ed| Addressing The Backlog With New Backbone: History And The National Park Service Centennial

Jun 2nd - 18:39pm | Rick B.

Mundsy -With respect, your note and your pointed comments would be more meaningful if you clarified who the 'you' is you are addressing it to. Author of the original article? Author of the last previous comment? Etc?

Jun 2nd - 18:01pm | Mundsy

I feel like I just read a diatribe written by Grampa Simpson while he shook his fist and yelled at those durn kids to get off his lawn.  Required reading with tests?  States taking over NPS sites?  Accusations of the agency not teaching administrative history and mission?

Exploring The Sunny Side Of Mount Rainier National Park

Jun 2nd - 18:25pm | Megaera

I was at Paradise last week, and I couldn't believe how little snow there was.  Just a few plowed piles in the parking lot and a bit in the shady places, and that was about it.The early flowers are already spectacular.  It looks like early July up there.

Bryce Canyon, Cedar Breaks, Zion All Raising Fees

Jun 2nd - 16:14pm | ecbuck

More background on the traffic jam at Arches National Park and the reluctance of local businesses to endorse a park reservation system.That is the same article Lee posted. The one that said the issue wasn't a crowded park but rather a back up at the entry. 

Jun 2nd - 15:31pm | Owen Hoffman background on the traffic jam at Arches National Park and the reluctance of local businesses to endorse a park reservation system.

Jun 2nd - 14:20pm | Owen Hoffman

Obviously, EC is an overcrowding denier, with reports of recent surges in park visitation and traffic congestion exceeding park's capacities being merely the outcome of the limited and local effect of traffic bottlenecks.   

Jun 1st - 17:54pm | Rick B.

Sounds like yet another variation on Yogi's "If people don't want to come out to the ball park, nobody's gonna stop 'em."

Jun 1st - 16:18pm | ecbuck

First time visitors who experience overcrowding, might be reluctant to return for a second chance to visit.Yeah, nobody goes there anymore - its too crowded.

Jun 1st - 15:59pm | Owen Hoffman

Overcrowding in popular parks is a serious problem.  Yet, there seems to be a reluctance to some form of peak season and peak weekend reservation system.  

Jun 1st - 13:13pm | ecbuck

Actually, regardless of what the article might have said, the park is usually crammed.Its your article Lee, if you don't believe it why did you post it?  But what is your point anyway?  People are going to the parks.  Is that a bad thing?

Jun 1st - 12:35pm | Jim Burnett

I've not been there for many years, but an interesting quote from the story cited above: "The entire Moab area was experiencing what many residents say was the heaviest traffic, by far, that they have ever seen. For much of the weekend, cars headed for many destinations in the region created bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way through town, for a distance of several miles.

Jun 1st - 11:26am | Lee Dalton

Actually, regardless of what the article might have said, the park is usually crammed.  Parking lots overflow and cars park off the roads for long distances along main roads near turnoffs to parking lots.  In this case, the situation at the gate became so bad that the highway patrol actually stepped in and closed the park entrance road.  They sent people who had been waiting on the highway down

Jun 1st - 08:39am | ecbuck

The article did point out that the issue wasn't crowding in the park it was a back-up at the  gate. 

Jun 1st - 07:56am | Jim Burnett

Thanks for the link, Lee. A very interesting article. Is Arches the next Yosemite Valley in terms of severe over-crowding during peak season? The story says the park staff is trying ways to encourage people to visit outside of peak hours and seasons (including higher entrance fee at peak hours, lower fee at off-peak)  and even raised the idea of a reservation system during peak season.

Jun 1st - 07:16am | Lee Dalton

This from KSL TV news in Salt Lake:

May 30th - 17:39pm | ecbuck

Gee - the lands are being used for exactly the purpose they were established - raising school funds.   Horrors!.  If it so ridiculously low Lee, why don't you go buy it.  It is an auction after all so you have as much right to buy it as "their good friends".  As usual, you totally mischaracterize the situation. 

May 30th - 12:03pm | Lee Dalton

For a picture of what State "Management" of public lands means, here is an example from today's Salt Lake Tribune.  While this particular land is actually owned by the state, it is land that was set aside upon statehood as "school lands."  Developers have been drooling over these lands for years, and now the legislature has seen fit to grant some of their wishes.  Note the ridiculously low pric

Flooding Closes Land, Water Trails At Big Thicket National Preserve In Texas

Jun 2nd - 11:26am | Jim Burnett

An unfortunate situation for this, and other parks affected by the recent flooding.

Higher Entrance, Camping Fees Coming To Rocky Mountain National Park

May 31st - 10:59am | Jim Burnett

re: "As for the camping fees being “based on comparable fees for similar services in nearby campgrounds.” I would like to know if that includes private campgrounds that are operating for profit."

May 31st - 10:18am | wild places

Using 2005 as the base and applying the CPI inflation index to the $25 annual fee, it should only be $30.29 today.   Yes, I know all the arguments, was the fee in 2005 correct, things are different today etc. but it does give a frame of reference to the magnitude of these increases.

May 31st - 10:08am | ecbuck

Not sure how one would determine "correctness" in this case.  Is the 7 day pass priced "correctly"?  I just appreciate that they recognize someone there for a day isn't going to use as much infrastructure as someone there for a week. 

May 31st - 09:20am | Kurt Repanshek

But is it priced correctly?

May 31st - 09:15am | ecbuck

Nice to see they are implementing a single day option.

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