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Musings About National Park Diplomacy

Feb 8th - 11:17am | Owen Hoffman

Thank you Lee for a wonderful article.  You prove once again that you can take the ranger out of the park, but you cannot take the park out of the ranger (America's best outdoor ambassadors).  Many more of us should follow your outstanding example and try our skills at Overlook Outdoor Ambassadors even though we no longer wear the green and grey of the NPS.

Feb 8th - 09:51am | Rick B.

Great article, Lee. I admire your experience, and have to wonder what sort o experience they would have had i one o the xenophobes who want to keep international visitors out, or to charge them a greater fee.

Feb 8th - 09:28am | Danielle Graham

Thank you, Lee Dalton.  You make Americans and grandfathers proud. 

Feb 8th - 07:24am | Rebecca Latson ...

Lee, I love this article!  National Parks not only make great introductions to others of America, but also great introductions to who we are as Americans - at least, for those of us willing to reach out and make that introduction to a stranger from a different country.

Hiring Freeze Leaves National Park Staffing In Limbo

Feb 8th - 10:45am | Sue Ann Wolven

I have been employed commercially on the north entrance of Yellowstone Park and I have seen first hand all the work park employees have had over the past several years.

Ten Important African American Sites You Might Not Know

Feb 8th - 10:31am | justinh

Great article.

Congressmen Wants To Restrict National Park Service Oversight Of Oil And Gas Development In Parks

Feb 7th - 22:33pm | Tim Slack

After native peoples were driven out of their lands onto what were thought to be barren portions of Oklahoma, those Oklahoma lands later were found to hold oil and gas. Greedy politicians & equally greedy corporations then lied, cheated and otherwise stole THOSE lands.

Feb 7th - 00:26am | Joe Arman

"I am in complete agrement"

Feb 6th - 10:49am | Lee Dalton

An extremist is anyone who doesn't fully embrace the Republican and Trump agendas. Okay, then, chalk me up as one very proud extremist. In 1962 I was in a freedom march in Memphis led by Dr. King.

Feb 6th - 09:43am | Lecia Elzig

They are National Parks for a reason; to protect the natural majesty of our country for all future generations.  They should NOT be touched in any manner for profit and the NPS is the most appropriate agency to have oversite of this.  And btw, I am a 63 yr old retired police officer, NOT an extremist.

Utah Position On National Monuments Could Carry Dire Economic Impact To State

Feb 7th - 21:31pm | SLCnative

Would personally like to see all the liberals boycott Utah.  The parks are overcrowded, and the infrastructure can't handle the growth.  I think Boulder, CO would make a wonderful new home for the show.   

Feb 7th - 20:18pm | ecbuck

Yes dahkota, you may boycott the state.  On the other hand, I may visit it.  The country is split 50/50. For every boycott, there is likely an endorsement visit. And no, fake news is not something you don't agree on.  Fake news is taking an event, comment, opinion.... and expressing it as significant fact when it is neither significant or a fact.    

Feb 7th - 19:41pm | ecbuck

1)Do the math - its minor fraction of a percent of business in the state.  2) Takes no account of the business that may flow because of the reversal.  At its worst, it might be called incovenient for some, they might "miss" it but "Dire"?  Hardly.  

Feb 7th - 19:36pm | dahkota

Yes, ec, it will have just a small effect. However, if many people decide to vacation somewhere besides Utah, and other companies/events start boycotting Utah, the small effect will add up. Just take a look at North Carolina. While the direct effect on tax revenue may be small, the economic impact on businesses that depend on tourist trade is large.

Feb 7th - 19:30pm | Rick B.

Thank you, Kurt. Let those businesses themselves tell us that they won't miss 45 million.

Feb 7th - 19:24pm | justinh

Agreed, Megaera.

Feb 7th - 19:22pm | Kurt Repanshek

$45 million direct to the Salt Lake/Wasatch Front market, mostly to hotels/motels/restaurants and bars, and "(T)he winter and summer Outdoor Retailer shows attract thousands of nonresident visitors who, during their stay in Utah, spend over $300 million on a variety of local goods and services."

Feb 7th - 19:02pm | ecbuck

Utah has a $13.5 Billion budget and $107.5 Billion GDP and the loss of $45 million of "economic impact"  (whatever that  is) is a "Dire" impact?  These companies that do these stunts do as much harm as good to themselves.  For everyone that applauds them, there is someone that won't shop there again.

Feb 7th - 18:12pm | Megaera

Go, Patagonia!  I really do think the only way to deal with the current political climate is to hit the buffoons in the pocketbook.    

Feb 7th - 17:39pm | justinh

Good for OIA and the OR, and Black Diamond and Patagonia--even happier to support them now.

Feb 7th - 15:14pm | Lloyd S

Let the Gov know that you will not even consider a vacation there unless Utah rescinds its opposition to Bears Ears NM.

Feb 7th - 12:12pm | Lee Dalton

I have a sticker on the back of my truck that draws frequent thumbs up . . . . and so far it hasn't gathered any other signs. It says "DON'T ACT STUPID -- WE HAVE POLITICIANS FOR THAT"  

Change In Administrations Puts Zion National Park In Bind Over Drilling Proposal

Feb 7th - 17:01pm | Rick

Odd that some people are talking about preserving Salt Creek and access to Angel Arch for future generations since its access is currently restricted to the current generation.  Right now the majority of the current visitors to Canyonlands National Park cannot see this area because somebody decided that it would be best to eliminate the roads in the area.  The people making this decis

Feb 7th - 15:54pm | RF

I think in some cases trails need to be better organized.  For example in Arches National Park there is an informal hike to Ring Arch.  Really overgrown and I never saw the Arch close up.  Saw it from a distance but too much brush to get through to get close.  How much damage did I do considering there was no trail?  No sign.  Wouldn't hikers do less damage with a

Feb 7th - 12:09pm | Lee Dalton

As is the case with many "roads" in Utah, the Salt Creek "road" is actually a live stream for almost all of its length.  It never has been a real road.

Feb 7th - 11:09am | RF

Is the entire length of the Salt Creek Road in environmentally sensitive areas?  Given that the road was in bad condition then why is it not possible to repair the road?  Maybe there is a way to place the road where it avoids the sensitive areas.  Some visitors do not have the energy or the time to hike the approximately 20 miles to the arch.

Feb 6th - 22:04pm | rmackie

I agree tomp2, thank you for the post. 

Feb 6th - 21:44pm | tomp2

I'm not sure I understand your last sentence, Concerned Citizen, at least with respect to Angel Arch in Canyonlands.  

Feb 6th - 07:49am | Concerned Citizen

So being a disabled vet how does one hike 20 miles to see a National Park treasure   The Parks are for all people and not just a few who are in good shape.  They are for the average person or family with small kids who may not be fit to hike 15-20 miles and be equippped camp out.

Feb 5th - 23:36pm | Lee Dalton

I drove in to Angel Arch several years before the area was closed.  Most of the route was actually IN the creek.  Where it was on land, the landscape had been badly torn up in places where people had driven around, instead of through, wet and muddy spots.  I camped out there and took a cooling dip in the creek only to find an oil slick on the water.  (Some of it probably cam

Feb 5th - 21:59pm | wild places

I'm confused as to why park officials need guidance as to how to respond just because there is an administration change. Shouldn't they respond the same regardless of what administration is in place?

Feb 5th - 21:54pm | ecbuck

Thank you SUWA, for making this kind of thing possible for those who are still tough enough to make it. Wasn't it possible to hike it before if that is what you wanted to do?

Feb 5th - 21:54pm | James Robideau

The National Parks belong to all the people , please leave the them alone so all Americans can continue to enjoy for all time.

Feb 5th - 18:04pm | Joe Rossi

You're opposed to the idea of an arch that you have to out in some effort to see?

Feb 5th - 13:31pm | Bill Smith

You can thank SUWA for making a visit to Angel Arch a 20 mile round-trip hike instead of a short hike off the road.  These are the same people that did that.  

Nearly $100,000 Grant To Fund Research, Restoration At Sequoia And Kings Canyon National Parks

Feb 7th - 16:52pm | Sequoia and Kin...

Thank you for your comment and concern for the funding of research for giant sequoias. The great news is that giant sequoia research in the parks is being and has been funded through additional ways.  

Culled Gettysburg Deer Provide Nearly 8,500 Pounds Of Venison For Food Banks

Feb 7th - 15:53pm | Buck Finster

8436 lbs./246 deer = 34.29 lbs per deer ... What the hell?  These must be pretty small deer or some people from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank are taking a lot of deer meat home.  Perhaps they are paying the butchers with meat?   Buck Finster

Feb 7th - 13:32pm | M Carlson

This is the way all biology programs should be run instead of hunting. 

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Feb 7th - 09:26am | SuZsZoo

I haven't seen the RV age restriction in Natl Parks, but have seen it in some campgrounds that are park adjacent.

Wildfire Experts To Review Deadly Chimney Tops 2 Fire At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Feb 5th - 17:05pm | beachdumb  

Feb 5th - 10:51am | rmackie

Thank you Gary for an informative post. I agree, a well conducted review will bring out the totality of the incident.

Feb 5th - 09:51am | Gary Wilson

Beach,  Can you point to where you are getting your "alternative facts".. .  We've been through this before, and that is not facts.

Feb 5th - 09:39am | Gary Wilson


Feb 5th - 09:34am | beachdumb

US wildfires are down 75% since the 1930's. In 1937, fires burned 22 million acres, compared to to 5 million this year. But the actual decline is much more than that, because the recent numbers include Alaska and the 1930's numbers didn't.

Feb 4th - 20:41pm | rmackie

Smokiesbackpacker, "Inferno by Committee" was extremely well researched. Tom Ribe had an extensive fire backgroud at the grass roots level plus. Tom documents the problems beginning with the ecological history of the area to the changes inherent in growth, sprawl, conflicting management policies, the human factor, could go on and on.

Bypass Road Provides Access To Cape Point On Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Feb 5th - 05:34am | beachdumb

Rick, Ive known all along that anything you post doesn't mean anything. 

Feb 4th - 13:37pm | Rick Smith

Beach--I have finally figured out that "unscientific" means anything you don't agree with.   This will help me understand your posts.

Rainbow Trout Stocked At Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Feb 4th - 20:05pm | Becki Vowles

thank you Hildy Angius and all those you worked with to make this a reality. 

Get To Know What Grizzlies Could Bring To The North Cascades

Feb 4th - 15:22pm | Bette Ford

Great information, especially for those of us who are planning a visit to national parks in the northwest.

Development of Valley Forge National Historical Park Inholding Gets Green Light from Planners

Feb 4th - 15:04pm | Jeni Hartleyy

I was looking for information on Pawlings Farm and came across this article. Please leave the beautiful area known as Pawlings Farm alone. It is such a quiet and beautiful place, a refuge from the chaotic and noisy world in which we find ourselves on a daily basis. To destroy this to put up a museum and information center would be a travesty. 

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