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Interior Secretary Cautions All Employees To Be Cautious In Wake Of Malheur Verdict

Oct 30th - 11:43am | Lee Dalton

Good morning, Trail.  Just curious, were you at the lecture last night at Rowland Hall? 

Oct 30th - 10:49am | trailadvocate

Lee, I don't think Brokaw went far enough by limiting his thrust to just online sites.  While the Interior Secretary Jewell bemoans the decision at Malheur there is the decision by Obama's Attorney General, Lorretta Lynch, to plead the 5th rather than provide information that she could be prosecuted for.  Im proving Brokaw's point albeit expanded.

Oct 29th - 23:35pm | ecbuck

Trail, he doesn't know who Gruber is much less listened to his comments.  If he does and has, we know who the "dolt" is. 

Oct 29th - 23:15pm | Lee Dalton

I just came home from a lecture by Tom Brokaw.  Absolutely awesome.  I wish everyone here could have been there.  If I can find a recording of this, or another similar talk by Mr. Brokaw, I'll post it here.

Oct 29th - 23:00pm | Gary Wilson

You obviously wrap that tin foil hat around your head so tight that it's stopping the flow of oxygen from reaching your brain. 

Oct 29th - 22:57pm | Anonymous

You obviously wrap that tin foil hat around your head so tight that it's stopping the flow of oxygen from reaching your brain. 

Oct 29th - 22:38pm | trailadvocate

Let me get this right.  You say Obama has run a scandal free administration?  Pure as the wind driven snow?  If I hear you right and I hope I haven't, you are definitely what Mr. Gruber, the architect of Obamacare, was quoted as saying that he was depending on the stupidity of the American People to make it happen.  That's what he said, sir.

Oct 29th - 22:35pm | Gary Wilson

Obama has ran a scandal free administration.  Keep up with the delusions, trail.  You're sounding more and more nuts with each post.

Oct 29th - 22:07pm | trailadvocate

Could endless lies and deception by those that hold the highest positions of power in DC playing us like never before be a factor (understatement)?  Anyone here read Alinsky and who his star pupils are in today's DC?  Am quite sure there some of the well read people on here have but might not have paid much attention.  In any event there needs to be a serious correction.

Oct 29th - 16:01pm | Lee Dalton

What really scares me is that the amount of ugly venom flowing in our country these days is beginning to rip apart long friendships.  It's even affecting church congregations and other similar organizations.  We are seeing it here, too. What ever happened to sensible discourse with respectful disagreement?

Oct 29th - 13:50pm | Alfred Runte

Rick, and just what is it to "act" like one? Simply to be called one and dare respond? Example:I have recently heard the assertion that Donald Trump is another Adolph Hitler. Excuse me, but there is no comparison. Hitler had an army long before he was "elected" Chancellor. Where is Mr. Trump's?

Oct 29th - 12:00pm | ecbuck

Well when those terms get so diluted, everyone will be acting like one.  Then the words will have no meaning.  

Oct 29th - 11:31am | Rick B.

From the interviews I've read with locals around there, a bunch of outsiders with firearms threatening to use them if they don't get their way, and their way being other than what the law allows, they felt kinda terroriszed.

Oct 29th - 11:22am | Alfred Runte

A good point, EC, but I don't believe Greenpeace and/or Occupy Wall Street carried guns. When you carry a gun, you carry with it the threat to use it. You can say forever you are "defending" yourself, but consider that you put yourself in jeopardy. Meanwhile, the whole point of the gun is intimidation, and that makes you a terrorist.

Oct 29th - 10:57am | ecbuck

Nothing to do with safe zones Alfred, it has to do not diluting the meaning of words to where they have no meaning.  Do you really think BLM or Occupy Walls Street or Greenpeace or the folks trying to block the Dakota pipeline deserve the same title as ISIS?

Oct 29th - 10:55am | Alfred Runte

Okay, everyone. Would you like Kurt to establish a "safe zone" on the Traveler? No more talk of "domestic" terrorists? It offends your sensibilities? Yes, these guys were domestic terrorists, and deserved to go to jail. My wife's parents grew up in Burns, Oregon. We visit the refuge all the time. We certainly couldn't do that when it was "occupied." What?

Oct 29th - 10:47am | ecbuck

You are right.  There is no comparison to ISIS. That was my point.  ISIS are terrorist, the Oregon group, BLM and even Hillary's thugs are not.  But if we continue to call the likes of the latter three terrorist, the label will lose its real meanng just as calling legitimate prejudicial activities "racist" has diluted the meaning of that word.   

Oct 29th - 10:37am | Kurt Repanshek

C'mon, EC, now you are acting like a troll. There's no comparison with ISIS, which is trying to subjugate a culture. As for the death of LaRoy Finicum, I believe he was shot by an Oregon state police officer. And he was trying to flee authorities and appeared to be reaching into his pockets at the time, according to the FBI.

Oct 29th - 10:35am | ecbuck

So you equate their activies to those of ISIS?  How many people died?  Only one and that was by the hands of the Feds.  By your definition BLM are terrorists as well. Heck, even Hillary's thugs that are sent to start fights a Trump rallies would fit that defintion.  

Oct 29th - 09:23am | Kurt Repanshek

Terrorism defined: "The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes," or, "a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government."Seems to fit the bill, no?

Oct 29th - 09:15am | ecbuck

Cut and paste doesn't fix spelling errors. You mean like double "jeoprody"? I would assume the prosecuters went with their strongest cases.  A further pursuit of these people would likely end in the same result.  Acquittal.

Oct 28th - 23:13pm | trailadvocate

Another freeking English Major.  You obviously feel quite superior.  Enjoy!

Oct 28th - 22:58pm | Rick B.

Cut and paste doesn't fix spelling errors. By the way - the name Hammonds was not mentioned in the Moonie Times that you linked to.

Oct 28th - 22:47pm | trailadvocate

  Free the Hammonds  Our friends are serving 5 years (60 months) for burning under 140 acres of sagebrush. This career criminal is sentenced to 6 months for the fire + 7 months for lying to USFS law enforcement... And a free trip to Mexico. Equitable? Time to #FreetheHammonds!

Oct 28th - 22:33pm | Rick B.

TA, you're babbling.

Oct 28th - 21:49pm | trailadvocate

No government overreach involved?  Probably hard to see for some not connected to rural private sector livlihoods.  

Oct 28th - 21:45pm | Rick B.

I'm not clear on how double jeaprody works. Having been cleared [by a jury of their peers, obviously], of the conspiracy charges, why couldn't they be charged witn one or a dozen of the many other charges they obviously committed?

Oct 28th - 20:56pm | [email protected]

You Need To Understand Mormonism If You Want To Understand The Oregon Standoff Mormonism has a long, complicated history of conflict with the federal government, and that history is deeply informing the actions of the militia members and ranchers who took over a government building Saturday.

Musings From Lava Beds National Monument

Oct 29th - 22:01pm | Theresa E Tucker

Why is murder in quotes? I live about an hour & a half away ( that's local in the rural west! ) and have explored and read all about Lava Beds. While you can make a case the Army should not have been there, I think what happened to Canby was murder. They were there to talk not fight. What's justified about killing Canby at that time? It wasn't a battle. 

Reader Participation Day: Which Presidential Nominee Would Be Better For The National Park System?

Oct 29th - 19:42pm | Gary Wilson

Well age can also brings senility, dementia, and short and long term memory loss, which I think not only Trump suffers from, but half of his supporters seem to be inflicted with it, as well.  

Oct 29th - 17:05pm | Alfred Runte

Wow! The adjectives are flying this afternoon. How about a few more nouns? Such as respect--and appreciation. But no, it's still all about the adjective "old."

Oct 29th - 16:27pm | Gary Wilson

Yep, I agree Lee.  Living in the South, I do get to witness a handful of people running around shooting off their mouths like they are on the right side of history, thinking that the "South will rise again" and they'll set things right.  I wouldn't even want to hang around with these people.  To me these people are just moronic and want a future that is bland.

Oct 29th - 16:12pm | Lee Dalton

I agree, Gary.  There is promise in the future.  Someone wrote that conservativism is a fearful mindset, afraid to let go of what they imagine was a secure and happy past -- afraid to face the changes and challenges of the future.  Liberals don't wallow in fear, but embrace the future and work to make it better by learning from mistakes of the past.

Oct 29th - 16:06pm | Gary Wilson

They still read 1984 in school.  

Oct 29th - 14:01pm | Alfred Runte

No, George Orwell, aka EC, makes a very good point. And back in the day when high school was HIGH school, people read 1984.

Oct 29th - 11:32am | Rick B.

Don't flatter yourself, Eric.

Oct 29th - 09:00am | ecbuck

Remember, a sane man in an insane world will be judged insane.

Oct 28th - 23:40pm | Lee Dalton

I agree, Alfred.  What I have been wrestling with is which of two horrible candidates is the least dangerous.  A lying politician or a psychopath? Just when you start to think this whole disgusting mess can't become any more bizzare, the director of the FBI writes a letter . . . .

Oct 28th - 21:16pm | trailadvocate

How about which candidate would be the best for the Country as a whole, including the Parks.  All these divisions just empower the politicians and their donors and cronys.  What a concept, no?  Yah, I know, naive.  

Oct 28th - 20:09pm | trailadvocate

Should I continue with Gary's theme in kind, Kurt?  Until Kurt gets a chance to respond, Gary, could you present any evidence that any of what I presented is in error or are you just a common retired disconnected hack?

Oct 28th - 19:37pm | Gary Wilson

Good thing I do my part by recycling aluminum.  I couldn't imagine the horror you would go through if you weren't able to make your hats.

Oct 28th - 19:05pm | trailadvocate

Something refreshing to me about Trump is that he's exposed warts and all unlike Hillary which has been doing focus groups for two years to be able to project someone you might want. All deception all the time and it continues.   Something more on the possible "Environmental" candidate and the Uranium aspect:

Oct 28th - 15:40pm | ecbuck

Kurt - re quid pro quo   The whole list is damning but items 9,14,27,32,60 & 64 are of particularly interest when it comes to quid pro quos.  Don't know how the Times could come to the conclusion the claims are unproven but perhaps item 33 might explain it. 

Oct 28th - 14:39pm | Alfred Runte

Good, Lee. You found it. That article is another reason I like Peggy Noonan. Indeed, what if Donald Trump were not a nut?

Rockefeller Family Turns Over More than 1,100 Acres to Grand Teton National Park

Oct 29th - 03:29am | Lynne

Everything I have read says Rockefellers had to set up companies or go elsewhere to buy land there because as soon as the name Rockefeller came up fair market value went out the window. Prices going as much as up 10 times value. Which would have made the park out of the question.  And that was a fact for a few sights for parks at the time. They did not come to be when looked at.

Fireside Read: Guidebook To American Values And Our National Parks

Oct 28th - 17:02pm | Kevin W

If you read this book and knew nothing about the NPS and Mr. Jarvis, you would think it was a great portrayal of American values and how our National Parks reflect them. That's the way it should be which I would view it as a success.

Groups Want National Park Service To End Ties With Alcohol Companies

Oct 28th - 15:33pm | RickyAZ

We clearly don't need a Prohibiton National Park; we live with it every day.

Oct 28th - 12:14pm | Uncle Sparky

So entering into funding partnership with a company that sells alcohol is now tantamout to the NPS selling alcohol to minors in perpetuity? Sorry. That doesn't logically follow. Should we also then take umbrage that Coca Cola has been giving money to the NPF for the better part of 40 years and commence hand-wringing about childhood obesity?

5-Mile-Long Cat-Proof Fence Protects Endangered Hawaiian Petrels On Mauna Loa

Oct 28th - 14:24pm | justinh

Ha!  Good one, Michael.

Parks Canada Striving To Help Whitebark Pines Avoid Extinction

Oct 28th - 12:45pm | [email protected]

VISIT:  Website for The Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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