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This Internship with NPS Submerged Resources Center Could be a Diver's Dream

Aug 6th - 19:10pm | Bryan Smith

I'm a Assistant Scuba Instructor,and Head Tech repairman at the world headquarters for Scuba Educators International-{The old YMCA scuba program}, We also operatate PDIC agency. I'm very interested in becoming a National Park Diver!  I've logged close to 3000 dives, most of witch are saltwater dives.

Op-Ed | Anti-Ranch Activists Use Familiar Playbook

Aug 6th - 14:07pm | Sarah Rolph

The notion that either Phyllis Faber or I are paid publicists is absurd.  Ms. Faber is a respected scientist and environmental activist. She co-founded the Marin Agricultural Land Trust and was on the founding board of the California Coastal Commission. She is highly informed on this issue and would be the last person to oversimplify environmental issues. 

Aug 6th - 09:30am | Laurel Golden

I understand Ms Rolph had a point of view and a book to sell but her depiction of the oyster farm operation is incorrect. They oyster farm was not benign but diplaced the ecosystem that belongs in Drakes Bay. Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times writer, is currently on a trip down California's coast and stopped at Drakes Bay.

Aug 5th - 20:45pm | FL

Ms. Rolph obviously hasn't gotten over her disappointment at the loss of the oyster farm's lease. Many of us who love oysters love wilderness even more, though, and we were not sorry to see that Secty. Salazar did not renew Mr. Lunny's lease.

Aug 5th - 20:03pm | Gordon Bennett

Pro-Ranch Activists Use Familiar Playbook Ms. Rolph's simplistic celebration of Mr. Lunny's pro-ranching claim about the environmental benefits of current ranching practices at Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS) are intemperate boasts that have brought down upon PRNS ranchers themselves the similarly intemperate accusations of anti-ranching advocates.

Aug 5th - 10:02am | Phyllis Faber

This is a wonderful and accurate statement.

Xanterra Parks & Resorts Abandoning Efforts To Trademark Business Names On South Rim Of Grand Canyon National Park

Aug 6th - 13:53pm | David Corban

This effort to trademark historic names that belong to the people of the United States must stop.

Summer's Crowds Bursting At The Seams In Some National Parks

Aug 6th - 08:17am | Jane

I juste visites Canyonlands too, the south rim anyway, and it was the only actual park I visited where I felt surrounded by wilderness. There was one moment where all other cars had departed from trailhead and I was left alone near a series of petroglyphs, and for just a few fleeting moments I had what I would call the "national parks experience." All other parks were packed. My pet peeve?

Aug 4th - 13:38pm | Cristin Rojas

Just spent a few days in Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs.  Sequoia was pretty chaotic, starting around 10am and going until at least 6pm.  However, Kings Canyon was much less crowded.  As stated above, get an early start and it will be more fun.  Better light for pictures, too!

By the Numbers: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Aug 5th - 22:13pm | Lee Dalton

Amen, Rick.  We may not be able to change history, but we should all be working hard not to repeat our past errors instead of trying to Make America Hate Again.  

Aug 5th - 16:37pm | Rick B.

Sorry, Fred, about your headache, but your justifications would excuse the excesses of the Crusades and every other roughshod and genocidal memory. Frankly, I'd rather treat every body better, and have less history to complain about.

Aug 5th - 15:43pm | Fred T Coffman

All of the whining on here makes me wonder just how smart America is. Do the Indians really believe the land is theirs? Where did they get it from? Simple answer is they conquered some other people that were there before them. That is the way all of history went down. Russia just annexed Crimea, do you think they will give out reparations?

Conversation With A Concessionaire: Running The Pisgah Inn On The Blue Ridge Parkway

Aug 5th - 09:13am | Lynda Damrill

This area is close to my childhood home so I know how beautiful it is.Thanks to your incredible pictures more of your readers will be able to share its beauty as well. It is always wonderful to hear about the little guy winning over the conglomerate .Great job Bruce.Wish there were more like you.Thanks for your heartfelt article ;t gave me lots to smile about.

Adventure-Journal: Mr. Uberuaga Should Not Have Been Given Grand Canyon National Park Promotion

Aug 5th - 01:13am | trailadvocate

Well, don't stop at Jarvis or his superior or her superior.  They all serve at the pleasure of , who?  It's all rigged!  What a mess!  Good people are being eliminated because of who?   What a mess!  Clean house and I dont mean just the fall guys!

Aug 4th - 15:17pm | treehugger

Items such as this are 100% not dead and in the ground.....rather they are indicative, demonstrative and proof of the level of unethical blurring of the lines that continue to be condoned with Jon Jarvis at the helm. No Confidence.  

Aug 4th - 12:16pm | Anonymous

I understand that the Interior Dept. Inspector General recommended criminal prosecution for Mr. Uberuaga's deceptions in the real estate deal, but he instead received a written reprimand by Jon Jarvis.  

Aug 4th - 10:31am | Ethical Retired...

I understand that the Interior Dept. Inspector General recommended criminal prosecution for Mr. Uberuaga's deceptions in the real estate deal, but he instead received a written reprimand by Jon Jarvis.  Then Jarvis promoted him to GRCA Superintendent. "The buck stops here", said President Truman.  That should apply to the NPS Director also.

Aug 3rd - 23:26pm | StraightFacts

Well, this "prime example of great leadership" has been relieved of duty at Grand Canyon for ignoring sexual harrassment complaints. So maybe the author of this article hit the nail on the head afterall. As far as Jarvis goes, I think he should be out, too.

Bear Kills Dog At Shenandoah National Park, Trail Closed

Aug 4th - 14:16pm | Pamela Paine

My husband and I were also hiking in the Park in mid-July this year and encountered a bear that did not exhibit any fear of our presence. We were on the Appalachian Trail, not too far from the Lodge. The bear eventually left in response to our banging our hiking poles together and making loud calls.

Rim Village At Crater Lake National Park Could Face Evacuation Due To Wildfire

Aug 4th - 12:50pm | [email protected]

The real fire danger in Rim Village and Park HQ are all the wood shingled roofs which the Historians have called for; once the roof catches fire from hot embers, all is lost especially the historic Watchman Fire LO and CRLA Lodge.

Zion National Park Visitors To See Traffic Delays Due To Pro Bicycle Ride

Aug 4th - 11:21am | ecbuck

Yes, I saw that one.  Sounds like they were quite respectful.  I guess the predictions of armageddon in the park were as accurate as the AGW predictions have been.  

Aug 4th - 11:12am | Gila Monster

Apparently Zion NP survived the event somehow... The riders themselves were pleased:

Aug 4th - 08:34am | ecbuck

Any follow up on this?  I Googled the race and didn't see any mention of the massive congestion, disappointed vacations, wildlife harrasment, vegistation destruction, litter ....... that was predicted.

Reader Participation Day: How Crowded Are The National Parks?

Aug 4th - 08:53am | KathrynB

I just got back from four days in Great Basin National Park and it was great! Although campsites were full, we never felt like it was crowded. There were some very beautiful and pleasant hikes, in addition to some of the most amazing stargazing in the US. My favorite National Park is Channel Islands and it never feels crowded because it's only accessible by boat.

Aug 3rd - 21:15pm | Sherry C

We were in Glacier in July and totally agree with your experience. Ridiculously crowded everywhere. Maybe it's time to set a limit to the number of daily visitors. Wish the Park Service would stop advertising to encourage more visitation. 

Aug 3rd - 19:10pm | Mary M

I love all of the national parks, national monuments and national forests - everyone should see as many as possible. However, my advice is to go to the most popular parks off season. Arches in mid-May was not crowded; neither was Canyonlands; even Zion was not crowded in May. In the height of the season, people should be smart and go to see those places that are less well known.

Aug 3rd - 19:06pm | Mike Painter

Wednesday and Friday 2 weeks ago, there were cars parked along Tioga Pass Road in Yosemite like I've never seen before. It was so bad, I didn't even think of stopping to look for a place to try to park for a short walk at Tuolumne Meadows, Tenaya Lake, or even May Lake.

Aug 3rd - 15:47pm | SmokiesBackpacker

There are a higher number of windshield NPS tourists here in the Smokies this summer.  By that I mean folks who drive from Cherokee to Gatlinburg and get out of their car at Newfound Gap to punch a ticket on "visiting the Smokies".  And the NPS is very happy to count them coming and going.

Aug 3rd - 14:19pm | RD Payne

I'll second mtgnppics comments regarding Glacier.  June set an all-time record of nearly 430,000 visitors; overall visitation to Glacier is up 8.7%. Logan Pass fills by 9am and even the illegal parking spots are full at Avalanche Creek during the day.

Aug 3rd - 14:10pm | TomH...

 We have been to 17 national parks  this year starting in January in Hawaii and just finishing with the badlands and they all have been busy, with cheap gas prices and the fact that people just want to get away from the real world for a while and enjoy life makes for very busy parks......

Aug 3rd - 13:20pm | Rick B.

We currently live just outside the Highway 20 entrance to North Cascades NP. Traffic in, in particular the motorcycles who love the windy roads as well as a lot of the oversized houses-on-wheels who shouldn't, is steady. A visit to the New Halem visitor center last weekend showed a nearly full, but not overflowing, parking lot.

Aug 3rd - 12:48pm | mtgnppics

Glacier's ridiculously crowded!  ALL campgrounds are constantly filled by 8-10am. Often at 6:30am cars are driving through waiting to pounce like vultures on someone leaving. Parking is non-existant.  Over the past 2 years they added more/extended parking areas for the crowds.

Aug 3rd - 09:00am | Lou

Great point, schoodic was wonderful with absolutely no crowds! But if you don't mind getting up early, mdi works too. I did bee hive and sand beach at 6.30 and saw literally 3 people 

Aug 3rd - 08:53am | dahkota

We are in Acadia NP now. Luckily, we have a site in Schoodic Woods Campground, away from the chaos on MDI. It is packed there and at every parking lot for hikes or carriage roads or views, the traffic is like bear jams in Yellowstone. Over here on Schoodic, we might see five or six people at any given time, though there may have been twenty at Frazer Point for sunset.

Aug 3rd - 07:28am | Lou

Acadia National Park was extremely crowded in July and had I not been willing to do sight seeing very early in the morning, it would have seriously detracted from my experience. Cadillac Mtn sunrise had hundreds of visitors at 5 AM, each trying to one up each other, and move in front for pictures without other people in view.

The Land Before The National Park Service Began

Aug 4th - 08:16am | Ricardo Perez

Thank you for your work. For those readers wanting to learn more about the 1776 Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, please visit the parks website at or for programs and activities visit the Moores Creek National Battlefield's Facebook site.

Aug 4th - 07:24am | Doyle Sapp

Excellent article, Tim. Thanks for including the rich history of Am Rev and War of 1812 parks.

Backroads and Byways – Balsam Mountain Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Aug 4th - 07:49am | Walter Haydel

The Balsam Mt Rd was closed/ gated just beyond the Masons Memorial back in June 2013. Few years before that, the gate was always locked at the end of the paved road. I'm assuming that the road is entirely opened now? Is the National Forest campground also opened ?  I used to cruise down the road by motorcycle to Cherokee in the 90's and ford the creek at the bottom.

New Mexico Company Lands Mammoth Cave National Park Concessions Contract

Aug 3rd - 19:09pm | Mike Painter

The Ortegas run the boating and snack concession at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, too. They're all over!

Meet The Press: National Park Service Director Addresses National Press Club

Aug 3rd - 13:14pm | Rick B.

And just to be clear, the Mike Reynolds being discussed is a different fellow, same given name, from the Mike Reynolds who has been in the news including Traveler as the current superintendent of Death Valley. He is doing a nice job of handling the recovery from flood damage at Death Valley, as he did previously steering National Park of American Samoa through their recovery from a tsunami.

Aug 3rd - 11:21am | Ethical Retired...

Maybe I'm not quite as uninformed as a couple of commenters have assumed.  I have heard mixed things about Mike Reynolds.  His previous position was Associate Director in charge of Workplace, Relevance, and inclusion for about 2 1/2 years.  This would seem to have oversight into sexual harassment issues.  Ms.

Aug 3rd - 10:40am | cyclemama

Ha h....a a survey done by Gary Machlis! For over how many years has never been seen at a aconference without being surrounded by bevy of interns........."mentoring."

Aug 3rd - 10:13am | tahoma

D-2 claims the NPS's decade-long decline in BPTW scores are a poverty-driven "morale problem" rather than a clear sign of poor leadership.  Jarvis sees his 'another survey' response to NPS sexual harassment as a model for other agencies "...that are seeing what’s happened to the Park Service and are following our lead.”  Welcome to the parallel universe of bureaucratic spin.

Aug 2nd - 22:29pm | rmackie

Thank you rebecca and d-2 for informed and well written post. I am with you both. 

Aug 2nd - 18:17pm | Green Thumb

I don't think Mike Reynolds can be given much credit for his work with HR with the information we have so far.  I'm not sure it is clear the changes are working or will work.  I guess time will tell.  The employee viewpoint survey index score for HR specialists under his watch are pretty low in comparison to other federal agencies.

Aug 2nd - 18:01pm | Rick Smith

Backpacker--As to the latest "Jarvis scam", there was already a maintenance backlog when I retired, long before Jarvis became Director.  I saw it in every park in which I worked.  Give it a rest.

Aug 2nd - 17:18pm | Anonymous

It has been more than chair shuffling. The number 2 person in this agency who has been largely responsible for so many things being swept under the carpet for so long to protect the NPS, is now in one breath gone.

Aug 2nd - 16:42pm | Ethical Retired...

D-2:  On #2:  The "Senior Leadership Team" ratings I was referring to is the one which was in place when the 2015 "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" survey was taken.  This can be easily accessed on Tahoma's link.  The NPS was ranked 278 out of 318 "Agency components", well into the lowest quadrile (0-25%), and with a lower score from 2014. 

Aug 2nd - 16:25pm | SmokiesBackpacker

D-2 You are saying that money will fix the cultural problems in Jarvis NPS?  Jarvis couldn't have said it better himself.  Or maybe he just did?  Maintenance backlog?  The latest Jarvis scam.  Only an NPS person would make such a statement, harrass women then ask taxpayers for more money.  Thank you sir, may we have another!  LOL.

Texas Man Sentenced To Jail For Carving Initials Into Roosevelt Arch At Yellowstone National Park

Aug 2nd - 22:38pm | Dick

True, but I suspect the guy is so stupid that a longer sentence still wouldn't have hit home with him. The one way to really make an impression would be a harsh monetary penalty, which he definitely didn't get, as well as a "work-it-off" sentence.

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