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Fort Union National Monument Receives Funding For New Exhibits

Mar 2nd - 12:03pm | ecbuck

Lee, if you paid attention to my comments rather than trying to find ways to attack them, you would see that I have repeatedly said any new information should be incorporated.  And, I have no objection to updating the technology.  What I object to is changing the history or its interpretation merely to please a "changing society".

Mar 2nd - 09:03am | Lee Dalton

It's not at all uncommon for historians to discover "new" history as they dig through old archives and find information that has never been published before.  Just one example is the sudden surge in elderly veterans of WWII who are now telling their stories after years of remaining silent because memories were too painful.  Or the recent case of a family from North Carolina who found

Mar 2nd - 08:46am | trailadvocate

Hmmm, sounds like we're witnessing elements of Faux News the way some make words and history what they want them to be.  Pretty disturbing, really.

Mar 2nd - 08:05am | ecbuck

Why do you think exhibits from 40 years ago better represent "Actual events as they occured in the context of the day?" I don't know that they do.  However, I do no that the history should not be changed do reflect today's changing society.   you're saying that exhibits (and history books) shouldn't exist at all.

Mar 1st - 22:52pm | Young Scholar

Why do you think exhibits from 40 years ago better represent "Actual events as they occured in the context of the day?" People had biases and blind spots  in the past, too. The only way your criticism makes sense is if you're saying that exhibits (and history books) shouldn't exist at all.

Mar 1st - 21:12pm | ecbuck

No Young, I want the exhibits to reflect actual history.  Actual events as they occured interpreted in the context of the day.  I don't want some PC spin of today to change the meaning of what actually happened.  If there is new information that changes our historical understanding, then fine, show it.

Mar 1st - 20:25pm | Young Scholar

That's a dodge. So, you think you get the complete story of the fort and road to Santa Fe with the current exhibits? That they reflect some immutable truth handed down from on high? That some people today wouldn't want to hear about women and slaves and Indian people and the Civil War?

Mar 1st - 08:27am | ecbuck

Young, I think it means exactly what you (and Lee in his post) indicate.  "new histories"  There are no noew facts since the 1960s, At least none identified in the stury, only new interpretations shaped by todays "changing society".  It is the typical, in my opinion, improper judging of older cultures and long past people by today's standards.  

Feb 28th - 22:40pm | Lee Dalton

Changing Society? You mean like the Texas textbook commission trying to remove any mention of slaves in history texts to be used in Texas?  Referring to them instead as "immigrant farm workers." "Political correctness" depends entirely upon one's point of view.  

Feb 28th - 20:18pm | Young Scholar

Do I have to repeat myself? Changes in society were why those new histories were written! What do you think that phrase means? Be explicit.

Feb 28th - 18:38pm | ecbuck

Those primary sources were known then but not a lot of secondary sources had used them yet. Good point, and a reasonable reason for making changes.  Unfortunately, that is not what the story indicates is the reason for the change instead it cites "our changing society".

Feb 28th - 17:45pm | Young Scholar

All history reflects the society in which it is written. Historians - real ones - learn that on almost Day One. That doesn't mean that facts don't matter but history books and exhibits are interpretations where actual human beings make conscious and unconscious choices about what to include.

Feb 27th - 19:14pm | ecbuck

tomp2 - If indeed scholars have discovered more artifacts and more contemporary accounts of events, I have no problem incorporating them them into the interpretation.  But, that would have nothing to do with our "changing society".  I suspect, the changes aren't motivated by new information from the time  

Feb 27th - 19:00pm | tomp2


Feb 27th - 08:59am | ecbuck

displays are outdated in content, theme, perspective and relevance to our changing society, park officials said I'm not quite sure how the "theme, perspective and relevance" of something from 150 years ago changes because of a different society today.  Do we have to rewrite history to make it politically correct?

Interior Secretary Zinke: Infrastructure Legislation Needs To Address National Park System Needs

Mar 2nd - 10:59am | Shelby Lindley

This is truly the FIRST positive position I've heard from this new administration.  Secretary Zinke I honestly hope your reteric is honest and you can defend our public lands from the GOP.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Planning Solar Eclipse Party

Mar 2nd - 08:21am | JimCasada01

Joy--Chances are that concessionaires gobbled up all the tickets in advance. That certainly happens, and on a regular basis, with choice back country campsites in prime camping time frames. There is abundant evidence that they enjoy favored status.

Mar 1st - 19:34pm | Grant McCreary

I don't know about the concessionaires, but through the reservation system there was a limit of 4 tickets per person, and it said that you had to show an ID to board the bus, and the ID had to match the purchaser's name, and the purchaser had to be with the group. That would prevent some scalping, at least.

Mar 1st - 14:01pm | SmokiesBackpacker

First of all, the reservation system is rigged to support concessionaires and guide services who have backdoor logins to the system.  So they probably got in there before anyone else, they do it all the time with the backcountry reservation system.

Mar 1st - 09:50am | Lee Dalton

Joy, that sounds like what happens frequently in many places where it's not illegal to scalp tickets.  Someone buys up a huge number of tickets in a block and then sells them independely for big profits.  Ticket scalping is big business in some states.

Mar 1st - 09:11am | Joy Coats

I was prepared and online prior to the 10:00 AM opening for tickets to Clingmans DOme.  At 10:00 I put all pertinent information online and as I was preparing to enter my credit card number I am told all tickets sold.  How is that possible if they only started selling at 10:00 AM.  I am very disappointed about this. 

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Mar 2nd - 02:16am | Cath Boerlin

What's the price today? Am I too late? I'm 80 and Grand Canyon's on my bucket list!

Mar 1st - 18:15pm | Rick B.

I bought my pass years ago. I just pulled it out of the dark recesses of my wallet yesterday at a FWS Bird sanctuary on Kauai. I got my free admission plus the three adults with me. Even at the increased rate that can be a real deal.

Mar 1st - 14:57pm | tomp2

DJ Norris-- There _are_ free annual passes for members of the US Military, good for them or their family (the service member must be present to obtain the pass, but one dependent can be the second signature on the pass and then the family can use it without them the rest of the year).

Mar 1st - 10:33am | Susan Erickson

I just bought one 2/27/17 at the Joshua Tree National Park, so no they aren't blocked yet. 

Bears Ears, Jigsaw Piece In Southeastern Utah's National Park Landscape, Declared National Monument

Mar 2nd - 00:19am | Jeff S.

It is heartening that no presidential designation under the Antiquities Act has yet been successfully challenged, beginning with TR's designation the Grand Canyon as a national monument.  I'm sure that many in the Utah delegation and those of other western states believe that there should be no Grand Canyon National Park (or monument).

House Oversight Committee Investigating Bryce Canyon National Park's Monumental Tweet

Mar 1st - 20:40pm | Young Scholar

It isn't plagiarism to describe the situation accurately and succinctly. Which is nearly the exact opposite of Runte's reading of my situation.

Feb 26th - 19:52pm | trailadvocate

I really appreciate your style, Mr. Runte!    

Feb 26th - 15:51pm | Alfred Runte

"Young Scholar," is it? What have you written? Probably nothing but a plagiarized term paper, right? Okay, you bought it on the Internet, so it wasn't technically plagiarized. But I still doubt it was your own work. How can I tell? You're the one telling me. Not an insult in your post is original to you.

Feb 26th - 11:53am | Raphael It's not hard to carve out a GOP-favoring seat in Utah, so I don't know if I'd say this is egregiously gerrymandered. DailyKos (not exactly nonpartisan) thinks Utah would look like this if it boundaries were drawn more fairly. Chaffetz might still win in their "district 2".

Rep. Zinke Confirmed As Interior Secretary

Mar 1st - 19:31pm | ecbuck

Or perhaps both. 

Mar 1st - 17:51pm | Anonymous

It Will be interesting to see if he is an enabler for the oil industry or a protector f the lands he claims to love.      

President's Budget Proposal Would Be "Devastating" To National Parks

Mar 1st - 19:21pm | ecbuck

Oh the tolerance of the left.  You embarass yourself as much as the sitting dems did last night.  

Mar 1st - 18:32pm | William Burgess...

We have had national parks since long before any of Trump's ancestors were on this continent, and long before Ryan's or McConnell's ancestors could read or write.  It's time to throw these vandals out of our government and hang them as a warning to the other barbarians and anarchists in the Neo-Republican Party.  

Feb 28th - 19:44pm | [email protected]..

our land!!!!

Trail Work To Close Great Falls Overlook Along Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

Mar 1st - 12:16pm | JoAnne&Steve Ni...

We are very pleased to see these improvements!

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Mar 1st - 07:52am | Dan M.

Your link for the Mountain Directory Travel Guide brings up a book site but no results for that book. Try this instead.

Feb 26th - 11:32am | Jeanique

Hi everyone

Bald Eagles Trying To Nest Again At Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Feb 28th - 21:41pm | Gene S

You can get a great view of the nest while riding on the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad.

President Trump's Call To Kill The Clean Water Rule Criticized By Conservationists

Feb 28th - 21:17pm | SmokiesBackpacker

There is a blight on the land and it is called Bishop and Trump.  Putting Amerika back in the stoned age.

Fight Over New National Monuments In Utah Grows

Feb 28th - 14:55pm | M.L. Reynolds

Headwaters Economics are producing "alternative facts". We had a real socio-economist look at their study and he pointed out its MANY flaws: 1. The Methodology used cannot and does not answer the question because it does not compare privately held lands with similar characteristics with Federal lands.

National Parks Traveler Housekeeping: Passwords And Policies

Feb 28th - 08:08am | Kurt Repanshek

Thanks beach, we'll pass it on to the techs.

Feb 28th - 04:33am | beachdumb

Not entirely related but I always seem to get stale pages from this website. I have refresh the pages more than other website I frequent. It seems that caching policy is too aggressive. 

Windows On Nature: The Ten Best National Park Webcam Sites In America

Feb 27th - 12:46pm | [email protected]


Feb 27th - 11:52am | Colleen curato

Very very cool...I am trying to spread the word about these Web cams..Thank you very much..

Archaeological Survey Coming To Little Round Top In Gettysburg National Military Park

Feb 27th - 09:22am | GETT EC

 The west face of Little Round Top had been logged several months prior to the battle. Over the last decade, the Park service has worked to return the vegetative patterns present in this location in July 1863.  This slope  is very rocky and impossible to mow.  Using fire is an excellent method to manage the vegetation and is the most cost-effective. 

Feb 26th - 11:07am | Thomas Chisler

I am a metal detectorist and would like to volunteer to assist in finding artifacts for your exploratory research.

Feb 26th - 08:57am | RD

Wasnt there trees there during the battle? So is this going to destroy the history of the hill and battle.

Your Guide To The National Parks, 2nd Edition

Feb 26th - 16:28pm | BJ

LOVE everything about this book! There's so much useful information, lots of great maps, and plenty of photos to make this guide the only one I need! 

Is NPS Getting Ready To Toss Bluffs Lodge On The Scrap Heap?

Feb 26th - 08:52am | Wayne Watkinson

I was a frequent visitor to Bluffs Mountain Lodge and I was very disappointed to see it closed. The area is beautiful and the coffe shop at the bottom of the hill was a great place to eat. The cobblers, with fruit in season, were the best ever. I also didn't mind the required 20 minute wait for fried chicken. I spent many evenings fighting off the chill in front of the 'walk-in' fireplace.

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