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High Cost Of Replacing Grand Canyon Water Line -- $100-$150 Million -- Means It's Done Piecemeal

May 2nd - 14:31pm | ecbuck

This makes defeat of the developers' plans for Tusyan all the more critical.How does Tusyan effect the pipeline water?

May 2nd - 13:21pm | Lee Dalton

When I was at Albright in 1968, almost all water was brought in by railroad tank car.  Construction on the pipe was underway and some water was, as I recall, pumped up from Indian Gardens.

May 2nd - 11:14am | Jim Burnett

This pipeline is certainly an example of critical infrastructure. There is no viable backup plan for providing this much water to the South Rim.

May 2nd - 05:05am | just a differen...

This should have been the highest priority for NPS. Not the 100 million given to Xanterra.

May 1st - 07:57am | Lee Dalton

And if the big proposed mega-development at Tusayan is allowed to proceed, this pipeline will become even more vital to the park.

Provocative Bud Light Campaign Doesn't Concern National Park Service, National Park Foundation

May 2nd - 10:09am | Lee Dalton

A fine idea, Harryb.  Before the day is over I will have mailed a paper letter to Director Jarvis.  On Monday I'll be at the door of Senator Hatch's local office with a letter to him.  Let's try to start a movement here.  What might happen if there was a deluge of letters to people who might be in positions to act? 

May 2nd - 09:31am | ecbuck

Sorry Jim, can't buy the $224 billion number.  "lost productivity'?  Well then, I guess laziness cost the economy $1 trillion. Let's outlaw laziness.   And of course that number isn't net of the contribution that alcohol makes to the economy in the form of sales, jobs, taxes etc. BTW - how does the government pay for "lost productivity'?  Are these mostly government workers?

May 2nd - 08:46am | Harryb3570

Director Jarvis. I think we would like to hear from you on this issue. Do you still think associating the Park Service with Budweiser represents a positive message to young generations of Americans. Do you really want this to be part of your legacy as Director?

May 2nd - 08:29am | Lee Dalton

Let's reduce the advertising phrase "introduce a new generation of beer drinkers to the national parks" to its real meaning.  What it really means is "to entice a new generation into the world of alcoholic irresponsibility and potential addiction."All in the name of money.

May 2nd - 07:45am | Jim Burnett

In response to a question above, CDC link for economic costs of alcohol use was provided above, and here's some more related directly to the current pitch by the industry to connect a "new genera

May 1st - 22:39pm | ecbuck

the issue is displaying the logo of a beer company in our park visitor centersIf that is "the issue", I am in 100% agreement.  No, and not the logo of any other corporation either.

May 1st - 21:57pm | rmackie

I agree Alfred (thank you again), the numbers are quite compelling and take up a huge amount of time for the park protection staff. Not only tragic accidents, severe disruptions to other visitors, time consuming litigation and court time, it is the single most time consuming duty I had on the night shift in Yosemite.

May 1st - 21:26pm | ecbuck

Some will shrug off 88,000 deaths a yearAssuming that number is true it is less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the population.  Tragic for them - yes.  But are we to base national policy on that? PS Do you have a source for "$224 billion as a result of alcohol misuse"?

May 1st - 21:09pm | Jim Burnett

Some will shrug off 88,000 deaths a year and an estimated annual cost to the nation's economy of $224 billion as a result of alcohol misuse as "minor," ... but others of us put a different value on those individual lives that were wasted.

May 1st - 20:47pm | ecbuck

Sorry, Eric. Not going there.

May 1st - 20:33pm | Rick B.

Sorry, Eric. Not going there. I gave you my professional opinion based on close to 30 years in the business. And that's as far as I'm going. Have a nice day.

May 1st - 20:29pm | ecbuck

Does someone commenting here have large stockholdings in Budweiser?I don't know Lee.  Who would you suggest?  Do you have any knowledge that someone posting here as a large holding in AB?  Or, is this just one of your typical unsubstantiated ad hominen attacks?

May 1st - 20:10pm | Lee Dalton

Does someone commenting here have large stockholdings in Budweiser?

May 1st - 20:05pm | Harryb3570

Mr. Dan Wenk First of all let me say that I think many of us who support and are concerned about the future and wellbeing of our National Parks do appreciate that you took the time to respond to the growing chorus of criticism concerning the partnership between the Park Service and Budweiser.

May 1st - 19:49pm | ecbuck

would offer a different opinion,Fine Rick - what percentage of the population engages in rapes, drunken driving incidents, deaths and serious impacts due to alcohol?  Please document.

May 1st - 19:46pm | Rick B.

Not to be overly argumentative, EC, but your stating that it is a minor portion of the population doesn't make it so. Some of us who have had to sweep up after the parade, so to speak, would offer a different opinion, based on hard won experience.

May 1st - 19:35pm | ecbuck

According to the CDC, injuries, deaths and serious impacts on the nation's economy due to excessive alcohol use involved a lot more people than "a few."

May 1st - 19:10pm | Jim Burnett

You are painting an entire legal industry and nearly ubiquitous practice with an evil brush due to the despicable behavoir of a few.

May 1st - 17:40pm | Alfred Runte

Actually, EC, all of the statistics here are very compelling. An estimated one half of all automobile fatalities are due to drugs and alcohol. For young people under age 24, the primary cause of death is auto accident. So, where does that leave us in the parks? As I recall the Walt Disney movie, Pollyanna fell out of a tree.

May 1st - 17:12pm | ecbuck

believe it or not, 75% were related to alcohol or drugs. In my case I would say it was closer to 80%.

May 1st - 17:01pm | rmackie

Thank you Dr. Runte. Right on. Interesting enough, people are taking notice, received a call from the local newspaper on this issue, other friends have as well. Alfred, I would like to see your post in letter form.

May 1st - 16:54pm | Rick B.

Smokies Backpacker - my very sincere wish is that no female relative or friend of yours experiences the very real tragedy of rape, which is such a different reality from your use of the word to describe policies you disagree with that there is really no comparison. Don't let your passion for your issues belittle by comparison what women experience in these crimes.

May 1st - 15:50pm | tahoma

Not too disagree with Dr. Runte's fine post, but be aware that delays of several weeks or even months are common before letters reach Congress-critters in DC.  This is a hangover from the anthrax attacks years ago.  This article suggests that if you must, write to the official's office in your state: 

May 1st - 14:23pm | Alfred Runte

I enjoy venting as much as the next person, but the deeper issue still remains: This is our culture. This is what we have become. If you don't want your Park Service "selling out," how might you better--and far more effectively --get your message across?

May 1st - 13:13pm | SmokiesBackpacker

If rape is too offensive then you may want to cover your ears.  Because that is precisely what Jarvis is doing with public lands.  Whoring them out to the highest bidder. Morals are great, unless they apply to the beloved NPS. Hypocrites. 

May 1st - 12:53pm | laborman

"the perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.” You find that a ridiculous accusation?  Seriously?  It so blatantly encourages rape and drunk driving.  Those are not serious issues to you?  What are?  Denying climate change?  Giving kids assault weapons?  Tax breaks for polluters?  You are truly unbelievable and breathtakingly clueless.

May 1st - 12:51pm | Jim Burnett

"The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.”

May 1st - 12:35pm | Rick B.

Speaking as a former nurse who has had to care for rape victims, I don't find calling an alcohol campaign that promises to ignore no to be 'encouraging a culture of rape' to be a 'rediculous' [sic] 'aqusation' [sic].

May 1st - 10:48am | wild places

"A risqué Bud Light campaign that critics said encouraged a culture of rape "It is hard for me to get past rediculous aqusations like this and while it may serve the purpose of getting a headline, it distracts from the real issues and for me greatly diminishes any arguments used after that.  

May 1st - 10:28am | parklover

As long as we keep electing representatives that would rather spend money on wars than parks, the park service is going to have to continue to accept grants wherever they can get them.

May 1st - 09:41am | rmackie

Thank you for your reporting Traveler and thank you Lee, I could not agree more. I attended a function where the issue of the Bud advertising slogan on this National Park F a oundation campaign was raised, very negative reaction to it. "PEER" laid it out very well. 

May 1st - 07:55am | Lee Dalton

I'm afraid we are already sliding rapidly down that infamous slippery slope of lubricated money.  When dollars take priority over other values, we all lose.Removing "NO" from the vocabulary for the night doesn't only include rape.  There's drunk driving among just a few thousand other possible bits of alcohol enhanced stupidity.

Traveler Experiences Technical Meltdown

May 1st - 08:32am | Harryb3570

Welcome back.

Apr 30th - 22:07pm | Gary Wilson

Ahh the wonderful and sometimes frustrating world of webdev.

Apr 30th - 21:25pm | Lee Dalton

Kurt, I think we'll all survive.  Might be hard, but we can probably make it.Thanks for all you and your crew do.

Apr 30th - 20:48pm | rmackie

Thank you Traveler, thanks for all the good work.

National Park Service Waived Policy To Allow Budweiser's Centennial Partnership

Apr 30th - 17:10pm | Whipperin1

Budweiser has been losing market share to Keystone Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon because so many of the young Park beer drinkers drink those brands. So it makes good sense for Budweiser to try to recover some market share and sponsor the NP. The NPS may be encouraging drinking because the drunks are too hungover to hike much or do anything but sleep it off and leave less human footprints.

Apr 29th - 11:12am | Alfred Runte

Thank you, Ron. I'll look up Professor Scott's article. Meanwhile, some excellent points above. I think we're all starting to get to the heart of the matter--commercializing the national parks is a slippery slope. In 1931, Coca Cola did a major series of ads on the national parks, one of which I frequently show in my lectures.

Apr 28th - 17:08pm | rmackie

Thank you Alfred, but it is not just the NPS, it is a mindset well established in our nations political leadership and their faith in the economic theories of Hydak, Freidman, Greenspan, others, in my own perhaps uniformed opinion.

Apr 28th - 16:20pm | Jim Burnett

The beer industry's ads have done a masterful job convincing plenty of Americans that a beer in the hand is a necessary adjunct to fully enjoy a sporting event or a day at the beach.

Apr 28th - 16:17pm | ecbuck

If you truly want to support the parks, then you should be content to do so without expections in return.

Apr 28th - 15:46pm | Ranger Kevin

I think that drawing fine distinctions about what products are appropriate or inappropriate for sponsorship is a rabbit hole worth avoiding. Alcohol and tobacco are prohibited, but (theoretically) pharmaceuticals and fast food chains are OK? We'd need a phone book sized document to spell out what's "appropriate" and what isn't.

Apr 28th - 15:33pm | Ghost of Steven...

Mr. Runte, the issue is not about how much money a corporate sponsor can or will provide, nor how long their committment is to giving.  The issue is about influence and what that money buys.

Apr 28th - 15:23pm | Alfred Runte

Exactly, Ron. The point is to get us thinking, which sometimes requires the writer to write tongue-in-cheek. I did say the Park Service was selling its soul. My point is to remind us when corporations did NOT force us to do that. They respected the culture, too. Is the Park Service that out of touch with its past? You bet it is, and therein lies the problem.

Forest Service Opens Scoping Period For Development On South Rim Of Grand Canyon

Apr 28th - 20:08pm | Lee Dalton

I'm going to post this comment in an attempt to draw attention to what I think is an extreme threat to an American treasure.  Arguing about beer logos seems to be diverting us from what could be an even more critical issue.What can be done to stop this?

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