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Reader Participation Day: Which Presidential Nominee Would Be Better For The National Park System?

Oct 27th - 21:30pm | Gary Wilson

Ok, bucky, I'll just close my eyes and click my heels three times and pretend that trump isn't a racist, nor has rhetoric that is demeaning towards practically everyone that isn't like him.  One must obviously play like a blind, and deaf ingoramous in your little neck of the woods to be viewed as "logical".. .

Oct 27th - 21:27pm | ecbuck

Gary, you need to take a course in Logic.  The fact that some racist supports Trump does not mean that Trump endorses that racist's views.    

Oct 27th - 21:13pm | Gary Wilson

"Blah blah blah blah blah... blah blah blah"...

Oct 27th - 21:07pm | ecbuck

Well I will confess Rick, I have never heard of this guy nor his "alt-right" group.  I had assumed your "alt-right" designation was your term for conservatives.  Trump in not a member or endorser of this "alt-right" group, nor is any  leader in the Republican party a member or endorser of this group.  I certainly don't agree with this group. 

Oct 27th - 20:56pm | Rick B.

The alt-right is not your Barry Goldwater conservatism:

Oct 27th - 20:36pm | Harryb3570

If Hillary Clinton is elected I think she will keep Sally Jewell as Secretary and Sally Jewell will appoint another Director like John Jarvis thus nothing will change. More of the same.

Oct 27th - 20:32pm | ecbuck

Ok Gary, so you can't provide the name of an "alt-right" racist.  You can't refute you claimed you had the "short list" when you didn't.  But it is me that is here to inflame.  Your answer?  Block the guy that makes you look like a fool.  Kind of the approach of the AGW folks - "hide the decline".  

Oct 27th - 20:16pm | Gary Wilson

Alright, i'm putting that clown on ignore.  It's evident he's just hear to inflame, and his life is so pathetic that living on this site looking to flame up the threads is what he lives for.  I'm over it.  And i'm not going to fall for his cheap bait.

Oct 27th - 19:51pm | ecbuck

So Gary, once again you fail to identify any "alt-right" leaders that are racist.  The only action I see at Trump rallies, who is neither alt-right nor racist is the fights instigated by the dems (see wiki leak emails).   

Oct 27th - 19:39pm | wild places

Forgive me for asking but where in the article did it ask who's supporters were more racist?

Oct 27th - 19:26pm | Gary Wilson

I think he overestimates his intelligence. He's a poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Oct 27th - 19:13pm | Rick B.


Oct 27th - 19:04pm | Gary Wilson

Seriously, you have the internet by your side. All one has to do is youtube a trump rally to see it in action.  You're a big boy, and im not your babysitter, nor am I here to guide you through life.  I don't have to show you anything, but it's clear as day to those of us that are surrounded by the rhetoric.

Oct 27th - 18:54pm | ecbuck

No Gary, you did not say "rumored"  Your exact words. Trumpty's shortlist for secretary of the DOI are Forrest Lucas, Butch Otter, or his son.   

Oct 27th - 18:41pm | Gary Wilson

You live with your head in the sand, EC.  It's easy to scream about not seeing these people from a place like Breckenridge, but I see the bigotry and fanaticism quite a lot living in the south.  Every day, i'm reminded of it when I see people driving in their vehicles while flying a confederate flag off the back and there is a big old trump bumper sticker.

Oct 27th - 18:36pm | ecbuck

Wow Dahkota - thanks for the link to the article.  First because it has a link to the actual interview.  You should watch it.  Then you would hear 1) He never said he would consider his sons to head the DOI.  He said he would listen to their input.  Your "source" is totally bogus.

Oct 27th - 18:23pm | ecbuck

Dakota, I will say the same to you as to Gary.  When your sources cite people that couldn't legally serve I have to question their credibility.  

Oct 27th - 18:22pm | ecbuck

Racism in the "alt-right" is solely in your imagination. Please name an "alt-right" leader that is a racists. And dont bother with Trump because he is neigher alt-right or a racist.   

Oct 27th - 17:56pm | Alfred Runte

In fact, this election is still neck and neck. (Rasmussen Reports) Don't like the poll? Yes, you can find another, but Rasmussen was dead-on in 2012 and 2008.

Oct 27th - 16:27pm | dahkota

One candidate said she'd like open borders and letting 600 million new immigrants into the country.

Oct 27th - 16:13pm | Rick B.

With the rise of the white supremists of the alt-right embracing him, and he not denying them, he isn't too far. From what I see of his supporters online, the angry racist embodied in the 'alt right' is a large part of his base. Between most of America's repudiation of the alt-right racism and his serial sexual predator self proclmations, his loss has been coming for months.

Oct 27th - 15:04pm | ecbuck

Rick, that was the case months ago when Trump became the candidate.  He is a long ways from the "alt-right"  But maybe that can be fixed in 4 years rather than 8.  Hard to believe that we will go 2 elections in a row without better candidates than these.   

Oct 27th - 15:00pm | Rick B.

At this point the alt-right only has fantasies to live on for the next 8 years.

Oct 27th - 14:41pm | ecbuck

Well Gary, you need some better literature sources if they are touting an illegal candidate.  Mere speculation in articles, such as the one I posted, is a far cry from someones "shortlist"  

Oct 27th - 14:33pm | Gary Wilson

EC, I must read a lot more than you because many articles have talked about those possible selections.

Oct 27th - 14:31pm | Alfred Runte

Well, this is fun! You go away for a few hours and the roof comes off the house! So let's cut to the chase. This is an election, in Peggy Noonan's view, between Depression and Anxiety. If you want to be depressed for another four years, you will vote for Secretary Clinton. Liberals just love being depressed.

Oct 27th - 14:23pm | ecbuck

Interesting that you have such insight into his "shortlist"   Perhaps you can share your source.  This recent article has a much longer list of candidates but notes that these are only candidates identified by others not identified by the Trump organization.

Oct 27th - 14:21pm | Gary Wilson

Trump also has admitted to sexually harassing women.  Something, I find ironic on this comment thread, since some that post on here  (and obviously are trump supporters) reguarly fire off accusations that the culture of the NPS is rampant with people like Trump.   I guess it's ok to turn the blind eye if the leader you want for President does that.  And, I do believe ma

Oct 27th - 14:09pm | ecbuck

Podesta emails may not contain any references, at the least the ones we have seen so far but the NYT was awfully convined in 2015 when the article I cited was written. Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal You think they wrote that headline because they thought there was no connection?  

Oct 27th - 14:02pm | Kurt Repanshek

Hillary happens to do a favor for you.Well, that doesn't seem to have been proven, according to the Times.

Oct 27th - 13:59pm | ecbuck

Snopes has found your argument as unfounded

Oct 27th - 13:54pm | trailadvocate

The Uranium Deal, Rick?  EC referenced the New York Times above.   Reaching back awhile I remember you said you acquired a conscience.  I suspect (respectfully) that you and many others have lost the ability to think critically.  

Oct 27th - 13:32pm | Rick B.

Snopes has found your argument as unfounded, and sourced from a Breitbart propaganda article.

Oct 27th - 13:31pm | ecbuck

From the NY Times  

Oct 27th - 13:18pm | trailadvocate

Be specific, Rick, please.  What do you dispute?  Hillary as Secratary of State signing off to the sale of 20% of US Uranium reserves to Russian interests via a Canadian Company that donated millions to the Clinton Foundation?  Lots and lots of that sort of thing revolving around the central theme of corruption, serious corruption.

Oct 27th - 13:15pm | ecbuck

you haven't gotten back to me about that long moonlit walk, Didn't see a request or need to respond.  Didn't run from anything.  Unlike your challange to Trail who was accurate in every respect.

Oct 27th - 13:10pm | Gary Wilson

Ohh goes on. I don't like teabaggers.  Never will, and never shall.  They are the scourge of the american political system and need flushed out of the system.

Oct 27th - 12:36pm | Rick B.

TA - start with Snopes and get back to me with any source material that doesn't involve a path from or through Breitbart.   Eric - you haven't gotten back to me about that long moonlit walk, so don't talk to me about running away.

Oct 27th - 12:25pm | Ottoman

Gary, words like " teabagging consortium", to me, throws your entire statement into the toilet. We get that you don't care for them, (or whomever you don't care for) but name calling makes you look like... nevermind.

Oct 27th - 12:10pm | Lee Dalton

Maybe what we really need is the option to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE in all elections.  If None wins, incumbents remain in office and another election is scheduled within 90 days or so.  This is repeated until a decent candidate comes forward.

Oct 27th - 11:08am | ecbuck

Okay, explain the falsehoods.

Oct 27th - 00:24am | trailadvocate

Okay, explain the falsehoods, Rick.   Lots of very high quality Uraniumin deposits in the Grand Canyon vacinity (just outside the Park).  What would she take to swing that?

Oct 26th - 23:58pm | Rick B.

Wow - what a blitzkrieg of rapid-fire Republican speaking points, paranoia, and falsehoods! We'd been doing fine and fairly politely here, TA.

Interior, National Park Service Officials To Consider New Park Units In Alabama

Oct 27th - 20:27pm | Harryb3570

There are other ways to preserve and commemorate these sites. We cannot continue to expand the number of our parks until we can take care of those sites we now have. We need to stop these additions no matter how worthy. At the very least we can wait a year or two until the new congress and administration can make their feelings known about the national park system.

Oct 27th - 18:32pm | Gary Wilson

Rhetoric from the ol' stodgy status quo, aside.   I think this is an important inclusion into the NPS and should be added.  A museum shop, as well as private donations from a non-profit could more than likely keep an important place like this going year in and year out.  

Oct 27th - 18:19pm | Alfred Runte

Don't worry, Harry. Bernie Sanders showed us how to solve the problem. Just say gimme the parks for free! From now on, it's all going to be okay, Harry. The millennials are paying for it, after all. Seriously, do you expect sanity, let alone accountability, on a sinking ship of state? 

Oct 27th - 18:09pm | Lee Dalton

As one who experienced the fear and ugliness of a civil rights march (in Memphis in 1961 - and it wasn't even one of the worst ones), I'm that many of our stories of that awful time are in danger of being lost. Perhaps we do need a moritorium -- but could we add one caveat? How about "unless they are endangered by development or some other degradation."  

Oct 27th - 17:44pm | Harryb3570

I think we need to call a halt to the continued expansion of the National Park System until we can fully fund and staff the parks that are now in the system. Lets take a break for now and not add any more areas to the National Park system. 

Commenting On The Traveler

Oct 27th - 15:37pm | Anonymous

I don't know about the Good Lord but Roosevelt, Mather, McFarland, Yard, Wilson, Wirth and even Rockefeller sure put in the time...

A Walk In The Woods

Oct 27th - 08:55am | ecbuck

Been a while since I read it.  Bryson is entertaining and quite humerous in all his books and this was no exception.  Not sure he really captured the true spirit of the hike and many thru hikers are disturbed by his cavalier attitude towards his yellow blazing.  I say "hike your own hike" so am not as bothered by their "cheating".

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