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'Not A Pretty Picture': Biscayne National Park Works To Remove Underwater Debris

May 11th - 17:40pm | Alfred Runte

I am no cranky old grandpa, although I do qualify by age. When I was a kid, my aunt moved to Florida from Binghamton, New York. I looked Florida up in my World Book Encyclopedia and saw it had just under 3 million people (the 1950 Census). Now how many people does it have? Try 19 million (the 2010 Census). 60 years and a sixfold increase.

May 11th - 16:57pm | ecbuck

 He thinks he is a scientist

May 11th - 16:12pm | Rick B.

Don't get into it, Rick. He thinks he is a scientist and Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't. He's not going to change - just let his grandchildren be quietly embarrassed by cranky old grampa.

May 11th - 11:11am | ecbuck

 I would not want you confused with scientifically-supported facts. Tell us Rick, why have the predictions based on those "scientifically-supported facts"  been so wrong?  Maybe because they are neither scientific nor facts.  

May 11th - 09:50am | Rick Smith

Good, Joe.  I would not want you confused with scientifically-supported facts.

May 11th - 06:11am | joe rice

I stopped reading when I reachd "global warming"

Creature Feature: The American Crocodile is Florida’s Comeback Kid

May 11th - 13:33pm | kylei

It does not tell me about what i wantto know!!!!!

Photography In The National Parks: Prime Time In The National Parks

May 11th - 11:50am | Rebecca Latson ...

Yes, everybody, all your reasons (Jerrye9, you made me laugh) for using zooms are totally valid.  This particular article just advocates thinking a little more about using a prime sometimes - not all the time, and not if you have limited luggage space.  If I was only able to take two lenses with me on a trip, they would be zoom lenses.

May 11th - 09:23am | Jerrye9

I used to carry two bodies and 4 prime lenses.  I found that it never mattered which camera/lens I had in my hand at any given moment of photo opportunity, it was the wrong one!  As a result, I have a great shot of a coyote's ear.  I had the 500mm lens on and he walked right past me!  Since then I have used a single high-quality 28-300 zoom for everything.  I still occa

May 10th - 19:23pm | Cornell

Primes can produce a blurrier background because you can open the aperture up more. The more that you can open up the aperture, the smaller the depth of field. Yes, the prime lenses most people are apt to use weigh less than the zooms. However, when you would need more than one prime lens to have the same range that a zoom can have and more prime lenses mean more weight. 

May 10th - 06:46am | Anonymous

gorgeous pics - and yes, the moving parts can be trouble bit is true for just about anything. I love the super closeup of the prickly pear. Nice work!

An Iconic Way To Drink Your Beer

May 11th - 11:46am | Rebecca Latson ...

These are so cool!

Draft Report On Recognizing National Park Philanthropy Calls For Logo Placements, Naming Opportunities

May 11th - 00:09am | Steve Watters

unnecessary and devoid of critical long-term thinking, please find another course of action

May 10th - 19:38pm | Sarah Blexrud

Our awesome and precious national parks are refugeS from the advertising and other signals of corporate presence which occlude our literal and figurative vision of the grandeur of our nation's original natural riches. No, No, a thousand times No to the proposal to pollute our parks with advertising, signage, or any other indicators of corporate presence.

May 10th - 18:31pm | Karen Neary

No No No!!!   People go to public parks to get away from a world full of advertising, chain restaurants, and all the other accourterments of twenty first century corporate capitalism.

May 10th - 10:08am | Retired Ethical...

This is "Director's Order #21:  Philanthropic Parterships" which can be accessed on the official NPS website.  Public comments can be made online until May 16.  To me, this proposal looks like a slippery slope which should be avoided.  In the future, will NPS Managers be evaluated based upon the number of such corporate sponsors and the amount of money collected?&n

May 10th - 06:03am | scouternurse

what next?...bison in Yellowstone having corporate logos branded on their bodies? ..blimps  gliding over glaciers, Mt Denali, and more? I won't ever visit a park that succumbs to such nonsense...thanks for showing us what is going on...

May 10th - 05:52am | Laura VR

I would not want to look across a hill side or down into a valley and see a McDonald's logo or any corporate logo. Tasteful recognition (like a sponsor's wall) is appropriate.  I don't go the to parks to see corporate brands though I understand their potential importance for the welfare of the National Parks.  Non-obtrusive representation should and can be created.

Favorite National Park for wildlife? Tips for viewing?

May 10th - 23:49pm | TMac

Obviously you have not spent much time in Yellowstone.

A Grizzly-Sized Hole In The Landscape Of Yellowstone

May 10th - 23:46pm | TMAC

I loved this story but do not believe we should be showing a grizzly that close to humans since we are suppose to stay at least 100 yards from them. This story did not mention that so some people will see this and think it is OK to get that close.

Video Of Vandals At Devils Hole Released By National Park Service

May 10th - 22:06pm | Rick B.

And now, for an update on the actual topic of the thread instead of this tangential quibble, the vandals have been identified.

May 10th - 20:00pm | ecbuck

Desert - Sorry you didn't understand my question.  Yes I understand what monitoring does.  The question is, what is the purpose of gaining "a better understanding of the species'?

May 10th - 18:05pm | DesertTrecker

 ecbuck - "To what purpose?" Are you serious?   If you don't understand the purpose of how "Monitoring helps gain a better understanding of the species, as well as tracks its continued existence on Earth." There is really no hope for you.  

May 10th - 12:48pm | Harry Hunt

Is it possible to get DNA from the boxer shorts, beer cans (finger prints?), or vomit?

May 10th - 12:13pm | ecbuck

Monitoring helps gain a better understanding of the species, as well as tracks its continued existence on Earth. To what purpose?  Obviously, in light of recent events, part of the threat are humans.

May 10th - 11:28am | Kurt Repanshek

Monitoring helps gain a better understanding of the species, as well as tracks its continued existence on Earth. That might not appeal to you, but it does to others. And it's required under the ESA.  Obviously, in light of recent events, part of the threat are humans.

May 10th - 11:25am | ecbuck

Sorry Kurt, seems counter productive.  What exactly does "monitoring" do and what exactly is the threat, other than natural causes?

May 10th - 11:05am | Eagle Feathers

Once, not so long ago (the 1970s), the California condor was down to 25 animals--or thereabouts. The few eggs available were spirited away to a laboratory in Santa Cruz and carefully incubated--and the species survived. There are now about 300 condors, some back in the wild. Question for the day: Is 300 condors enough?

May 10th - 10:12am | tom Reynolds

I think what they did socks. But how about they use the reward money to beef up the security of the place so it us less likely to happen again.

May 10th - 09:15am | RMW3RD

This is a complex issue. First, the men that did this should be punished. Second, it's great that rare things like this are being preserved. Third, something like this that is being preserved because of rarity needs to be made so I, and everyone else, can go see if whenever we want.

May 10th - 09:08am | Kurt Repanshek

EC, the fencing, platform and stairs are due to the critically endangered Devils Hole pupfish. The stairs and platform allow USFWS and NPS personnel to monitor the pupfish and their habitat. 

May 10th - 08:33am | ecbuck

I've never been to DV or Devils Hole but I am currious.  Given this is supposed to be preserving a special place why is there all this equipment, stairs, platforms.... erected on this site? BTW - interesting video re Devils Hole here

May 9th - 22:29pm | Badtux

For additional incentive, the Center for Bio Diversity is offering an additional $15,000 reward on top of the NPS reward. So you can get an easy $20K by narcing out these jerks. Go for it!

America's Smallest National Park Lodge

May 10th - 21:51pm | John and Judy C...

  Stayed at these wonderful cabins when our son was born. He's now 40 years old and they look to be exactly the same. Rustic and quiet, just the way we like it.

National Park Service Approves Seismic Testing For Oil In Big Cypress National Preserve

May 10th - 20:40pm | Follow the Money

If you look carefully into the owners and operators of Burnett Oil, and follow their financial records of political contributions, more will become clear.    

May 10th - 14:17pm | Fred J Fagergren

What is shocking to me is the fact that an earlier, extremely similar, proposal for seismic surveys was proposed in the 1980's.  Everyone from the superintendent, Retional Director and Director Bill Mott, agreed that an EIS would be required.  When this became the position of the Department of the Interior, the seismic survey was vastly reduced and conducted solely on publlc roads.

May 9th - 18:49pm | Interested Onlooker

It's been fought numerous times in state and federal courts.  The mineral owner is allowed access to their "minerals".  It can be delayed, but it may be wise to allow them access now and reap the possible benefit, or fight them and pay dearly with enviornmental damages.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

May 10th - 19:41pm | Sarah

I will never forget my last trip to Yosemite, Sequoia NP & Kings Canyon.  One of the giants is surrounded with a fence along with a sign that clearly reads "Keep Out".  I pointed this out to the family who was climbing on the bottom of the tree as they posed for a picture and I was basically told to mind my own business.

"The Last Spike" - Separating Fact From Tradition At Golden Spike National Historic Site

May 10th - 19:36pm | shayne

if you have a photo of them that day i can get the names   e-mail me at [email protected]

Op-Ed | The True Meaning Of Soda Mountain: The White House Is Giving Away Our Public Lands

May 10th - 18:42pm | Alfred Runte

Welcome back, Argalite, but yes, I do find an organization supported by the wind power industry a bit suspicious when it comes to "science." Allow me another short story. Years ago, when I was a seasonal ranger in Yosemite, I told visitors the story of the comeback of the peregrine falcon.

May 10th - 15:16pm | argalite

I guees no matter what science I bring up, climate change deniers will always come up with a reason that they don't believe. The author argues about facts and not beliefs, but them shuts down the facts when they don't fit his beleief system, and says the facts are skewed.  I guess 7 billion people spewing Co2 is nothing to care about and lets just have a tea party.

Concert Will Help Yellowstone National Park Celebrate Park Service's Centennial

May 10th - 14:45pm | Doug Easterling

Is there any kind of venue at or near the arch that can host such an event?

New Visitor Center and Museum at Chaco Culture National Historical Park Come With Challenges

May 10th - 13:25pm | pple

Have it in 2014  

Was This the Best-Ever Use of a Bra in a National Park?

May 10th - 13:08pm | Amber

Lorraine and Deane were my great aunt and uncle. Loved seeing them at the Houtman reunions and then coming to visit our home as a child!! 

Group Thinks NPS Uniforms, Vehicles, Play A Role In Lack Of Diversity In National Parks

May 9th - 20:10pm | Dave

Eight National Park Service , Park Rangers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. Two in recent years at Mount Rainier 2012 and one at Organ Pipe 2002 .  If your afraid of the uniform then you probably are up to no good.

Coalition Of Conservation Groups Urge NPS To Reject Permit For Energy Exploration In Big Cypress National Preserve

May 9th - 19:51pm | Karen Esty

Drilling for oil in Big Cypress is beyond incompatible.  It's in line with roads being referred to large can openers through communities and sensitive lands.  What will it  cost and at what cost to our environment will this do?

Enthusiast Builds Website To Collect, Share Free National Park Maps

May 9th - 17:53pm | RD Payne

As Harry mentioned in the previous comment, we have a growing online brochure collection which can be found at:  Most of the pre-Unigrid brochures have the complete contents available for viewing online, whereas the Unigrids are covers only (due to copyright restrictions as most of the photos ar

May 9th - 15:57pm | Harry

Beverly, Do not throw out any of your boxes. I would love to use them for my wed site Please email me at [email protected]  

Tusayan Shuttle To Grand Canyon’s South Rim Extended Due To Popularity

May 9th - 16:50pm | Travis

That is one of the best  articles i have ever read especially paragraph 6

Vandals Break Into Devils Hole, At Least One Pupfish Killed

May 9th - 15:38pm | John

Please find them and prosecute them to the max. 

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