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Tour Of Utah Bike Race Hopes To Pedal Through Zion National Park

Dec 11th - 13:43pm | Kurt Repanshek

Mark, quick question: Are you this Mark Skarpohl, a member of the Flanders Cycle Elite Team?

Dec 11th - 13:32pm | Kurt Repanshek

Mark, the time impacts on the park I cited were spawned by the NPS saying a similar type of bike race through Colorado National Monument would require a 12-hour shutdown of the road through the park. So my estimate could be way short. Again, the park has to study all the factors and determine the answers to the questions I raised. 

Dec 11th - 13:23pm | ecbuck

A statement like that But then, nobody made that statement.  Ah, but that doesn't matter, it makes a good strawman for you to attack.  

Dec 11th - 13:23pm | Mark Skarpohl


Dec 11th - 12:40pm | Rick B.

Your day being interrupted for an estimated period of time is fine for the greater good of me being able to ride my bike. A statement like that definitely positions the speaker on one end of a discussion, and I'm not certain that it is a position that will give full value to the park's concerns.

Dec 11th - 12:40pm | Kurt Repanshek

I hear you Mark, but Springdale and Zion National Park are not Escalante. And visitation levels at the park are going through the roof, and can only be expected to grow next year with the NPS Centennial.

Dec 11th - 12:35pm | ecbuck

We have had the Pro Challange Tour come through Breckenridge for the last several years so I can speak from some experience.  Delays tend to be relatively short maybe an hour or two for most of the course as there is no "set up" or "shut down".  Starts and finishes do have longer delays.  However Zion, with its shuttle system seems like it could handle it well.

Dec 11th - 12:09pm | Mark Skarpohl


Dec 11th - 11:22am | Kurt Repanshek

Mark, I think you might be underestimating the time of delay. I'd figure more like three or four hours, at least, when you factor in set-up, support wagons, TV film crews, take down, and cleanup.You'd also have to close both the south and east entrances to the park to visitor traffic in mid-August, little more than a week before the National Park Service Centennial on August 25.

Dec 11th - 10:59am | Mark Skarpohl

I think the Tour of Utah is appropriate for Zion.  Im sure they will be in and out of there in no time.   Many of the communities down here love the attention the Tour of Utah brings to there towns.  Its not like the Ironman or Ragnar, where thousands of athletes are streatched out for miles and hours.

Is There A National Park Shutdown In Your Future?

Dec 11th - 12:14pm | Terry and Cathe...

Being from the beautiful state of N.C. we have many beautiful parks and folks we know that work in them. We will not forget the people in Congress that caused such hardship to our state by voting these obstructionist out of office. This will be a top priority.  

National Park Service Continues To Sag In "Best Places To Work" In Federal Government

Dec 11th - 08:29am | tahoma

Of course, the top dogs in the top-heavy NPS have a rosier view and think training will stop their decade-long slide toward the bottom of the survey rankings.  Many of them got where they are because of who, not what, they know and they are rarely troubled by transparency or accountability.

Yellowstone National Park Wolf Population Holding Steady, Healthy

Dec 11th - 08:11am | Kurt Repanshek

More recent info on Yellowstone's moose population from the Traveler archives:

Dec 11th - 05:43am | Flatlander

Curious about the actual moose population in the Grand Tetons so I did a quick search and came up with this:

Dec 10th - 19:18pm | ecbuck

Jon, You mean the one with the Brit that calls elk "deer".  Yeah, that was a real scientific investigation.  I don't know if the wolfs are good or bad but it is the reliance on such pseudo science that taints much of the "environmental" crowd.  

Dec 10th - 18:48pm | Jon

apparently you missed the PBS show that shows all the positive changes that have come to Yellowstone since wolves were reintroduce.

Dec 10th - 13:19pm | Rick Smith

Bill--If you don't see them, they are acting like moose ought to act.  And diversity is the sign of a healthy ecosystem, and wolves are part of that diversity.

Dec 10th - 07:01am | Ranger

What a bunch of garbage.  Bill, if you did just a little research you will see that the introduction of wolves has helped just about every animal in Yellowstone.  In fact, willows (a favorite food of moose) has recovered since the reintroduction of wolves.  While it is true that wolves do take a moose now and again (3 confirmed in 2014) it is the coyote that has benefited least f

Dec 9th - 21:56pm | Bill Baehr

The wolves have made no positive contribution to Yellowstone's ecosystem except for tourism thaqt hopes to see a wolf. There are much fewer moose in the system and the elk population remains constant. I've worked in Grand Teton Park for 13 seasons since 2003. I used to see moose every week iin the early years when there were few if any wolves.

Op-Ed | Congress Should Extend, Not Weaken LWCF

Dec 10th - 22:16pm | Rick B.

Another indicator of Bishop's malignance towards the Parks, not that his apologists will admit to it.

Dec 10th - 14:38pm | Mike Painter

"This past October, Congress failed to meet the necessary deadline to extend the LWCF program. Instead, it was argued in the House that LWCF should not be extended without alterations, despite its demonstrated success."  

Rockefeller Family Turns Over More than 1,100 Acres to Grand Teton National Park

Dec 10th - 14:41pm |

CAN ANY MORTAL HUMAN PLACE A PRICE ON BEAUTY ?  The Murie Family ALSO allowed their ranch to become part of Grand Teton NP when Marty herself needed additional personal funding to live out her last years on what has become The Murie Center. Imagine the Price of The Murie Ranch Property today if Grand Teton NP were asked to pay full market value !

Dec 10th - 11:54am | dii keyaá naheeyeé

Being apache..i would only have to wonder why people would claim the best parts of the land for themselves..only to want to be praised when given back..the other thing is this..if you buy this land for a purpose only to say. "No..this is to nice to share...its mine"..then i could honestly say it looks like somebody did some type of swindleing...just a thought....

Fans of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Being Asked to Contribute Ideas to Lakeshore's Future

Dec 9th - 18:45pm | Dave B

A clothing optional beach along the lake shore will stimulate business for the resturants, and all other manner of businesses gas stations, hotels, lodging shopping etc. It's nude not lewd... 

Backcountry Use In National Parks: Big Increase In Some, Decrease In Others

Dec 9th - 13:47pm | SmokiesBackpacker

BS.  Unmitigated BS.

Dec 9th - 11:13am | Anonymous

The people who believe the pristine nature should be preserved should be very concerned with this trend.  Visitation is way up overall but backcountry use is down.  If that continues, there will be ever increasing pressure to expand the front country experience at the expense of the backcountry.  

Maine's Second Congressional District Favors National Park For North Woods

Dec 9th - 07:17am | Acadia on my mind

No matter which side you favor in the current debate over Burt's Bees founder Roxanne Quimby's proposal to donate up to 150,000 acres and $40 million for a new national park in Maine east of Baxter, our latest blog post about some of the issues that have confronted the Baxter and Acadia regions may provide some insight: 

Op-Ed | Sacrificing The Grizzlies Of Katmai: The Plan To Turn Brooks Camp Into A Theme Park

Dec 8th - 16:08pm | Ray Bane

Sarah, concerned friends of the bear can write to the Director of the National Park Service, Secretary of the Interior and even the President to experess concern for the welfare of the bears of Brooks Camp based on the reversal of the original Brooks River Final Development Plan.

Dec 8th - 13:23pm | Sarah

how can we help 

Federal Transportation Bill Carries Significant Increase For National Park Infrastructure Needs

Dec 8th - 15:36pm | John Weeks

We are full time RVer's and travel to many National Parks. My wife and I have traveled over 100,000 miles, we have stayed at National Parks, State Parks, and Federal Parks (TVA Camp Grounds) Many Military Campgrounds. All these parks need money for repairs and all these parks are important to our nation along with our National Forest.

Burros Inadvertently Save Life Of Hiker Lost In Death Valley National Park

Dec 8th - 02:15am | Tonja Greenlaw

I don't think they needed to kill any stragglers. They could have caught them as well and transplanted them or sold them.

Fort McHenry Cannon Breech Failure After Weeklong Celebration

Dec 7th - 19:17pm | Bill Swartwout

I have some photos here: - that may answer your question. I will soon post an update on the last of "making it right" to repair/replace the defective cannon. 

Congressman From Maine Trying To Block President From Designating A North Woods National Monument

Dec 7th - 19:04pm | Kurt Repanshek

OK, this thread has degraded far enough to be shut down. Thanks for playing.

Dec 7th - 18:58pm | Rick B.

New catchphrase repeated over and over - "baseless accusations".   Adds nothing to a discussion, but maintains your teflon state of never being wrong.   Sheesh.

Dec 7th - 09:15am | ecbuck

Claiming you never said it is incoherent isn't it?  Or is it just dishonest? Not when I never said it.  More of your baseless accusations.  Show where I said the feds wanted to claim a state?   I will expect you to run as usually since it never happened. 

Dec 6th - 22:11pm | Lee Dalton

I did.  It struck me as odd that you might be trying to call out the president on his count of states with an erroroneous count of your own.  But, as I said, that's nothing new. Wait, you're the one who mentioned proCLAIMations.  So you either need to support that claim or admit you were wrong again and that you have been making baseless accusations.

Dec 6th - 21:45pm | ecbuck

So it went over YOUR head instead. Yep, Obama's citation of 57 states went over my head.  I am sure you understood.  But are you afraid the Federal government is trying to claim a state or something?

Dec 6th - 21:23pm | Lee Dalton

So it went over YOUR head instead. Nothing new there. But are you afraid the Federal government is trying to claim a state or something?  Your comment about the proCLAIMation is a bit incoherent, isn't it?  Or are you into some sort of new conspiracy theory?

Dec 6th - 20:27pm | ecbuck

Oops I was wrong.  Obama said 57 states.  He was even more off than I thought.  

Dec 6th - 20:07pm | ecbuck

52 states????? I thought that Obama reference would have been over your head.   this would ban a president from proclaiming a national monument in any of the 50 states No it would ban a proclaimation without state support.   

Dec 6th - 20:03pm | ecbuck

Well Kurt, that makes perfect sense to me.  If the legitimate process is for the state's delegation to make the introduction and Congress to then approve, we shouldn't have the President doing an end run around the process. 

Dec 6th - 19:59pm | Lee Dalton

52 states????? Is that incoherent or is it a baseless accusation? As I read his letter and the proposed act, it really concerns me when it says: "the measure succinctly states, "proclamations may be made only for national monuments that have been approved by the State legislature and governor of each state in which the monument would be located."

Dec 6th - 19:48pm | Kurt Repanshek

No, it means that if Congress fails to pass legislation to create a national park, the Maine delegation doesn't want the president to turn around and create a national monument.

Dec 6th - 19:19pm | ecbuck

Kurt, I am relying on your article.  You state "The draft legislation is aimed at preventing President Obama from designating a "North Woods National Monument" if Congress won't endorse a national park on the land owned by Burts Bee founder Roxanne Quimby. "  That sure sounds to me like he wants a National Park instead of a National Monument.  

Dec 6th - 19:11pm | Kurt Repanshek

"He wants a national park"?Please show us where he ever said that, EC. Surely not in that letter to the president asking that he not designate a national monument. Though he and his colleagues on the delegation did ask for federal assistance for the manufacturing industries -- primarily forest products -- in the area.

Dec 6th - 18:55pm | ecbuck

 like when you called Lee Les.

Dec 6th - 18:50pm | ecbuck

when in fact 67 percent of the voters in his district 

Dec 6th - 16:56pm | Rick B.

"he does w[hat] HE wants or rather what Republicans are noted for - ex[t]ractive industries which destroy"   Well, with the simple typos cleared up it makes perfect sense to most of the rest of us. You know about making simple typos - like when you called Lee Les.  

NPCA: Olympic National Park Can't Possibly Afford Its Visitor, Infrastructure Needs

Dec 7th - 10:41am | tahoma

I can't speak to the adequacy of Olympic's funding, since like most NPS units, there is little or no transparency regarding finances.  What federal agency ever thinks its allocation is adequate?  I'd bet there are very few examples of bureaucracies (or their fellow-travelers like NPCA) issuing press releases admitting that the country has more serious problems and they have enough to get by.

Yosemite In Winter

Dec 6th - 19:19pm | ecbuck

Kurt, I am relying on your article.  You state "The draft legislation is aimed at preventing President Obama from designating a "North Woods National Monument" if Congress won't endorse a national park on the land owned by Burts Bee founder Roxanne Quimby. "  That sure sounds to me like he wants a National Park instead of a National Monument.  

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