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When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Jul 31st - 15:36pm | Nichole

Amen to that. Such a shame people have to cause a scene and throw a fit when it does nothing for them.

Jul 31st - 15:31pm | Nichole

When you back talk the police, refuse to comply with heir orders, resist arrest, etc., you are asking for trouble. These people were idiots and were asking for it. No I do not think dancing anywhere should be a crime as long as it is done resoectfuly, but the rules are the rules and people need to respect authority PERIOD!

Did Someone Borrow The National Park Service Centennial Logo On The Way To The Democratic National Convention?

Jul 31st - 14:01pm | ecbuck

Al - with your platform, I'd vote for you.  

Jul 30th - 13:17pm | rmackie

Well Alfred, I like it.

Jul 30th - 11:59am | Alfred Runte

Maybe someone will steal my logo.

Jul 30th - 11:52am | Mad Man

Yes, and had Donald Trump done the "borrowing," you can bet the Democrats would have let out a howl. But hey. A zero can be replaced with anything, including another zero.

Jul 30th - 11:42am | Colleen H Bjerke

Now that's a controversy! Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention. Seriously guys, find something to do. 

Jul 30th - 10:42am | Rick B.

There are similarities; I don't see sameness.  

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Jul 30th - 13:32pm | Nancy

I would like to buy s senior pass for a couple of my brothers as gifts. Am I able to do that if I have proof of their agea?

Texas Man Sentenced To Jail For Carving Initials Into Roosevelt Arch At Yellowstone National Park

Jul 29th - 22:23pm | Gary B.

Hanging's too good for the likes of him.

Jul 29th - 11:11am | Waco

Actually, he should be hanged.

Jul 29th - 10:13am | Otis

You should have to be forced to travel back to Wyoming and spend the time in jail at his own expense

Jul 29th - 09:27am | Marlene Puaoi

Three days may be all that the law allows. If not, this sentence is woefully insufficient. He should spend more days cleaning up after people like himself. 

Jul 29th - 08:48am | Chuck

Come on people! Lets stop acting like Texans!

Jul 28th - 13:46pm | Wayne martin

get used to it . You soon may see the word trump caraved into all our national treasures

Jul 27th - 19:42pm | Kris

...any day is "inconvenient". Good on the folks At Yellowstone. The published embarrassment is enough punishment, but 3 days will do. Those calling for harsher may or may not have done more stupid things in their young adult lives to warrant a punishment they may or may not have received. I know I did.  From a Texan.

Jul 27th - 18:49pm | Brian Watson

I think that he should serve his 3 days in the local county jail. Make those 3 days inconvenient. 

Jul 27th - 18:02pm | Whatsthe world ...

He gets 3 days in jail which isn't enough but the same amount of time a guy 2 weeks ago for kicking a dog to death....

Jul 27th - 17:18pm | Geni C.

What a thoughtless act. Three days is not enough time for him to think about his destructive  behavior.

Jul 27th - 16:59pm | Susan D.

Would have liked to see him ordered to clean up his own damage as well as spending at least a week working with park staff to clean up other grafitti, litter, toilets, whatever.

Jul 27th - 16:30pm | Gwen

I agree....three days and $250 fine is not enough punishment .... the Code of Federal Regulations is 3 - 6 months! Under the Code of Federal Regulations, it is prohibited to destroy, injure, deface, or damage national park property. Vandalism of national parks is a federal misdemeanor, and is punishable by three to six months in prison and as much as a $500 fine.  

Jul 27th - 15:08pm | WannaMontana

3 days in jail not enough for defacing the iconic entrance to our national treasure.

National Park Service Leadership Team Explains Zero Tolerance Sexual Harassment Policy

Jul 29th - 20:56pm | Ethical Retired...

At least Also Anonymous's Human Relations Specialist was honest, and not pretending to be the employee's friend and confidant like mine was. Like Also Anonymous, I asked for advice on how to handle my supervisor, who among other things was drinking on duty. Nothing was done about this for years because the Superintendent liked him.

Jul 29th - 15:41pm | Also Anonymous ...

Many years ago, a kind Employee Relations Specialist in the late, lamented Pacific Northwest Region told me - when I went to talk to him about my supervisor, who once said that he had to have women on staff so that the "homo-gene" would not be passed if we were needed to give CPR to male individuals - that he wanted me to be very clear on his role: He could advise me.

Jul 28th - 13:00pm | Ethical Retired...

I agree with both responses to my post.  The NPS Personnel Officer who broke a promise of confidentiality 30 years ago, and went straight to the person who I had serious concerns about taught me a valuable lesson, never trust them.

Jul 28th - 10:34am | tahoma

It is a common misconception that Human Resources has some allegiance to employees.They serve one master: management.That is as it should be. Their task is to put workers in jobs, maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost.

Jul 27th - 16:22pm | another anonymo...

The accused sexual harraser still working at the Grand Canyon is still there because of the fact that just because he's accused, he was  not convicted.  Matter of fact, since he filed a EEO complaint against the twerking Pe$3s straw girls, to punish him would be viewed as retribution for him filing a complaint, matter of fact, the complaintaints going to Sally Jewell to

Jul 27th - 13:57pm | aargle bargle

It is a common misconception that Human Resources has some allegiance to employees. They serve one master: management. That is as it should be. Their task is to put workers in jobs, maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost.

Jul 27th - 12:52pm | Ethical Retired...

Can we be assured that the persons assigned to monitor the "Confidential" sexual harassment hotline will be more sympathetic towards assisting complainants than protecting Management?  While employed by the NPS, the promise of confidentiality made to me by a personnel officer was not kept, and I suffered reprisal.  And, remember that this pledge of confidentiality&

Jul 27th - 01:21am | David J Gill

The term "Zero tolerance" is almost always strictly for CYA (cover your ass) purposes. It means the decision makers and individuals in a position of authority will sacrifice you and the truth, as required, to protect their self-interest.

Jul 26th - 19:41pm | Siglin1

I am not  or never have been a member of the FOP. I also hate Facebook so guess I will never know.

Jul 26th - 14:36pm | Anonymous

What is the re-design of law enforcement vehicles all about? @Siglin1: Yawn. But if you really must, visit the Facebook page for the United States Park Ranger Lodge for the Fraternal Order of Police. Seldom have so many cried so much about so little. Well...until the 2016 election season, anyhow.

Jul 25th - 17:17pm | Siglin1

What is the re-design of law enforcement vehicles all about?

Jul 25th - 15:41pm | Ron W

See read above comment by Anonymous Dude. Says all you need to know about what's gone wrong. Why is the director still in his position?

Traveler's View: Park Service's Zero Tolerance Policy Good Step Forward, But Not Without Challenges

Jul 28th - 08:45am | Someonewhocares

As Anonymous stated above, a Performance Improvement Plan is for performance, not for misconduct. Dealing with misconduct is a separate process from dealing with performance issues. Depending on what the first offense is, penalties can be up to dismissal from the agency for a first misconduct offense.

Jul 26th - 12:19pm | Siglin1

I went through the performance improvement process with a couple of employees during my career. I think I was only allowed to list 10 or 12 things they needed to improve. They would do that and at the same time do a crappy job in all other respects. After 6 months of doing the things you listed  you had to start the process all over again with a new list.

Jul 26th - 01:32am | Ethical Retired...

The Director seems to be in full damage control mode, spouting empty promises and making excuses.  The good news is that all of the adverse publicity has forced the NPS to confront problems it has ignored for decades.  30 years ago, administrative misconduct in many NPS units was very bad, as it is today.

Jul 25th - 18:45pm | Anonymous

It isn't as difficult to discipline an employee as Director Jarvis makes it seem.  A PIP is used for performance problems.  Sexual harrassment  not a performance problem.

Jul 25th - 15:30pm | Ron W

Jarvis is full of excuses, not accountability. This crisis is his legacy.  

Sexual Harassment Chapter At Grand Canyon National Park Leads Superintendent To Retire

Jul 28th - 07:47am | Virginia Woolf

I am just a citizen that wrote emails to end the sexual harassment of employees.  I am so happy to hear that changes have been made.  I hope the employees continue to speak out when problems are not handled.  This is the only way the general public will be able to have any influence.  I was glad to hear a report on our local radio news here in Arizona 7-27-16 that other park

Centennial Series | How Strong Is A Conservation Mandate In National Park Service Legislation?*

Jul 27th - 19:57pm | RodF

The 1916 Organic Act is scarcely the last, nor is it the strongest, legislation directing Park conservation.  Its conservation goal is "for the enjoyment of future generations".  The Wilderness Act and legislation designating specific Parks are perhaps more significant.

National Parks Are Managed In Very Inconsistent Ways...Or Are They?

Jul 27th - 18:53pm | ecbuck

informed by three decades in NPS leadership, are scarcely "unsubstantiated hearsay". 

Jul 27th - 16:40pm | pete345

More on death valley, two events, death valley 49ers and the ultramarothon. parks sevice likes to change policy depending on managment, localy and federel. the 49ers were spopped from there long time horse driven wagon train. the runners were stopped from running during the day. Both these changes were done for "safety", but there were no previous incedents to justify there changes!

Jul 27th - 15:45pm | RodF

Maureen Finnerty's interview, informed by three decades in NPS leadership, are scarcely "unsubstantiated hearsay".  They reflect her deep understanding of NPS policy and experience in decisionmaking in which she has many times been called on to balance various competing internal and external interests in Parks.

Jul 27th - 12:33pm | ecbuck

from what we understand, there's a lot of politicial pressures brought to do this From what I understand, and I didn't talk directly to him, he wasn't going to be allowed to say no Nothing in those statements reflect opinion.   But they were unsubstantiated hearsay.

Jul 27th - 12:22pm | Rick B.

Squack squack. There was specific attribution of a subjective opinion in a piece of reporting. It weasn't court testimony. It WAS a thoughtful piece.

Jul 27th - 08:50am | ecbuck

Ms. Finnerty said. Kurt, I'm disappointed you used unsubstantiated hearsay in an otherwise thoughtful piece.  

What Should The National Park Service Do With The Enchanted Valley Chalet At Olympic National Park?

Jul 27th - 14:57pm | RodF

It's easy to remove the Chalet further - it's already up on steel beams on skid plates on its moving rails.  The steel can remain as a permanent foundation. A protected location is available 400 feet NE, in the corner of the meadow below the bear wire / campsite ridge.

Coyote America: A Natural And Supernatural History

Jul 26th - 13:48pm | [email protected]


Climbing Guide Was Trying To Free Gear When He Fell To His Death At Grand Teton National Park

Jul 26th - 13:31pm | Dennis

Rest in Peace and prayers to the family 

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