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Colorado River Flows Will Keep Shrinking As Climate Warms

Feb 25th - 15:26pm | wild places

Lee, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you just said. The problem is that is not what I see happening. Any time someone suggests the science isn't perfect the environmental lynch mob shows up.

Feb 25th - 10:47am | Lee Dalton

Maybe what the article is saying is the same thing scientists are saying.  This is an extremely complex question with thousands upon thousands of variables THAT NEED TO BE STUDIED CAREFULLY. Part of good science is to look at all possibilities -- especially at any apparent or seeming contradictions.

Feb 25th - 10:45am | wild places

I am not a man-made climate change denier, more of a healthy skeptic of the state of the current science and it is exactly because of articles like this one. Unless things were taken completely out of context the only place this study should be published is in the Onion. Here's why.

Feb 24th - 22:24pm | beachdumb

Man caused climate change makes it even worse. Argalite you should stop reading the fake news.  The temperature of Earth's troposphere (where the greenhouse effect occurs) has hardly changed for 25 years.

Feb 24th - 16:00pm | argalite

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.  Of course it is over allocated.  Man caused climate change makes it even worse. Just like the increase of CO2 and acidity in the oceans, we need to reduce our greenhouse gasses or we will pay much more than we ever made in temporary monetary increases

Feb 24th - 11:46am | ecbuck

The problem is EC, the Colorado is over allocated, I totally agree.  The issue is not warmer temperatures, it is over allocation.  Within Colorado, we handle that well with tiered water rights.  Unfortunately, the state has committed to letting too much water leave the state where water rights are handled differently.  

Feb 24th - 11:36am | argalite

EC just can't believe a thing that does not support his conspiracy theory. The problem is EC, the Colorado is over allocated, just like most of the streams and rivers in the west,

Feb 24th - 10:52am | Tim M

Is it strange that I now quickly scroll through an article just to see what's EC's primary complaint is?

Feb 24th - 09:27am | Lee Dalton

No problem.  We'll just build a big pipeline from Great Slave Lake to the upper Colorado and there'll be a never ending water supply. And Canada will pay for it.  

Feb 24th - 09:01am | ecbuck

Current climate change models indicate ....  And like the models of the past, they are likely to be horribly wrong.  They attribute 1/6 to 1/2 to warming temperatures?  Now there is precise science.  With the upper Colorado snowpack at 150% of average, I suspect the river will be ripping this year.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Feb 25th - 15:12pm | Mitchell Reisner

How do I get this.pass?

Fight Over New National Monuments In Utah Grows

Feb 25th - 13:56pm | justinh

I'm in, too.

Feb 25th - 12:20pm | Lee Dalton

Kurt, that's a GREAT idea.  Trouble is, Ken Ivory and his friends can stir up a lot more than that.  But what if Traveler readers each ponied up $10 or $20????? If you decide to really go for it, let me know and I'll be first to send a check.  Will $100 make a good down payment? Trouble is, there's not much time . . . . .

Feb 25th - 11:14am | Kurt Repanshek

It'd be a real shame to see that property transformed into some other use. With the small size of the Squaw Flat (aka Needles) Campground, just 26 sites, the Outpost offered a needed spill-over campground for folks who made the long drive to the Needles District hoping to score a campsite only to find them all taken.

Feb 25th - 11:09am | Lee Dalton

Well, it looks like the deveopers who have been salivating over a chunk of land just outside the entrance to the Needles District in Canyonlands will finally be able to start building their condos and trophy homes.

Feb 24th - 10:05am | Lee Dalton

Despite claims by Utah's legislature that a "majority" of Utah residents support Trumpian efforts to eliminate or reduce Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante, a large number of residents of Kanab apparently haven't received the message.

House Oversight Committee Investigating Bryce Canyon National Park's Monumental Tweet

Feb 25th - 12:25pm | Lee Dalton

Yup, Alfred.  There ain't any place that's safe any more.  (If there ever was one.) Us retirees need to lead the charge.  If nothing else, it helps fill empty time. But those darned windmill paddle wheels sure hurt when they knock you off that poor ol' horse time and again. Thank goodness for Excedrin.  

Feb 25th - 11:31am | Alfred Runte

"We all need to make sincere efforts to read and listen to everything we can from as many divergent sources and points of view as possible."

Feb 25th - 10:36am | Lee Dalton

I agree with much of what you say, Alfred.  I've been entirely disgusted with much of the devolution of American common sense and morality. But I also think you have fallen for at least some of the nonsense that rattles around inside the echo chambers on both sides of the fence.

Feb 24th - 16:41pm | Alfred Runte

Fair enough, Lee, except the "none other" part. Indeed, where have you been all these years? A university professor, I watched a half dozen colleges and universities devolve into Animal House with nary a peep from Donald Trump. In 1965, my university had curfew for both men and women. Our curfew went first, and then the women's, followed by co-ed dorms soon after I graduated.

Feb 24th - 11:40am | argalite

I want to see the orange clown's tax returns so we can tell if there is a conflict of interest

Feb 24th - 11:29am | Lee Dalton

But Alfred, with all due respect, none of those presidents bragged about grabbing and kissing women because, "you can get away with it when you're a star."  None of them treated us to so many outright obvious lies on a nearly daily basis.  None of them accused the press of fakery because the dirty press insists on playing videos of those lies that he says he never said.  None of

Feb 24th - 11:23am | Alfred Runte

I'm afraid so, and it doesn't "translate" if I post a link. You only get the first paragraph or two. However, it should be widely available in a day or two.

Feb 24th - 11:07am | trailadvocate

Mr. Runte, does one need to subscribe to WSJ to access the article?

Feb 24th - 10:41am | Alfred Runte

A lifelong Democrat and political insider, Ted Van Dyk lives in Seattle and supported my run for mayor. This morning he writes in the Wall Street Journal as follows: "Fellow Democrats, Your Effort to Destroy the President is Abnormal." Among many, here is a paragraph that caught my eye: "My own political involvement dates to 1948, when I canvassed door to door for President Truman.

Feb 24th - 08:15am | trailadvocate

Beach, you underestimate Obama's generosity to Iran and other enemies of our country.  It was billions.  If those planeloads of foreign currencies, gold and silver that landed in Tehran had just been shuffled over to Interior.  Just think of the possibilities.  

Feb 24th - 05:02am | beachdumb

So, this Jewish reporter walks into a White House press conference.. Oh boy. I guess this is another attempt to spin Trump into the boogie man. More fake news... Obama pandered and gave millions to Iran and left was okay with that. 

Feb 24th - 00:12am | trailadvocate

The elements of the swamp are really becoming more transparent everyday.   For everyone to see.  Rock on, President Trump.

Feb 23rd - 21:55pm | ecbuck

So, this Jewish reporter walks into a White House press conference.. So what is the point?  I don't understand why those stories are part of this conversation or why you believe they are condemning. 

Feb 23rd - 20:16pm | Alfred Runte

Fair enough, Kurt, but the point remains. These reporters are not asking questions; they are rather delivering speeches. Do they ever stop to think how they sound? "Despite what some of my colleagues may have been reporting, I haven't seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself of anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic."

Feb 23rd - 19:33pm | Kurt Repanshek

Actually, he didn't accuse him of being a racist.“Despite what some of my colleagues may have been reporting, I haven’t seen anybody in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic. We understand that you have Jewish grandchildren. You are their zayde,” which is Yiddish for “grandfather” and often a word of great affection.

Feb 23rd - 19:03pm | Alfred Runte

So, this reporter walks into the White House, and effectively accuses the president of being a racist. Who cares what the reporter's religion is? He is still supposed to be a reporter.

Feb 23rd - 18:04pm | Kurt Repanshek

So, this Jewish reporter walks into a White House press conference...

Feb 23rd - 17:53pm | Alfred Runte

Here's what troubled me this week about the American "press." On Tuesday morning, President Trump visited the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, accompanied by Dr. Ben Carson and his wife. Even I was unaware, until the president disclosed it, that one of the featured exhibits honors Dr. Carson for his contributions to American medicine.

Feb 23rd - 16:46pm | Kurt Repanshek

Ah, the old "next day" spin...OK, back to work on national park issues.

Feb 23rd - 16:41pm | ecbuck

You're the only one I've seen who ties his reference of "last night" to the Fox news piece.

Feb 23rd - 16:32pm | ecbuck

nothing happened "last night."

Feb 23rd - 16:21pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, I really hope we get to sit down over a bottle of that Breckenridge bourbon you've mentioned, but right now I can't agree with your interpretation of what Trump said. You're the only one I've seen who ties his reference of "last night" to the Fox news piece.This is what Trump said: 

Feb 23rd - 16:00pm | ecbuck

Kurt, look at the first "lie" they recorded.  The story on Sweden.   That is a total fabricated story. Trump never indicated there was an "sinister occurence" or as other outlets reported "terrorist attack" , "terrorists", "incident"  etc.  He made the factual statement that Sweden was having increasing problems with immigrants.

Feb 23rd - 15:57pm | Rick Smith

ec--your comments are laughable.  Trump is a world-class liar.

Feb 23rd - 15:48pm | Kurt Repanshek


Feb 23rd - 15:46pm | ecbuck

That is were you are confused, Rick, no one is apologizing. We are applauding.  Trump got elected for what he said he was going to do and now he is doing what he said he was going to do.  How refreshing to have an elected official actually live up to his campaign promises.  

Feb 23rd - 15:06pm | Rick B.

And the usual suspects of his apologists would support him. QED

Feb 23rd - 13:36pm | ecbuck

I have never witnessed anyone at such a high level as the president of the United States actively trying to discredit media that doesn't parrot what he says. 

Feb 23rd - 13:17pm | Rick B.

Like you say, Kurt. If the media reported that he had a large wart on the end of his nose, he would declare it false news despite video evidence of a large wart-like lump on the end of his probiscus and a bottle of Compound W wart removal medicine in his hand. And the usual suspects of his apologists would support him.

Feb 23rd - 13:09pm | ecbuck

I have never witnessed anyone at such a high level as the president of the United States actively trying to discredit media that doesn't parrot what he says. 

Feb 23rd - 12:36pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, in my nearly four-decades long career as a journalist, I have never witnessed anyone at such a high level as the president of the United States actively trying to discredit media that doesn't parrot what he says. Trump is not pointing out biases, but actively trying to discredit mainstream media while catering to those who don't question the words that come out of his mouth.

Feb 23rd - 12:18pm | ecbuck

Rick, if anything it is the left that wants state control of social and economic life and it is the left that actually shuts down dissent.  The fact that Trump is pointing out the fake news doesn't mean he is trying to shut down news outlets.  He is just pointing out their obvious biases.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Feb 24th - 20:57pm | Jesse masterson

its east to second guess someone when it's not your bones the bear is snacking on. Could a should a is easy to do.

Study Points To Great Economic Beneft Of Arches, Canyonlands National Parks and Surrounding Recreational Lands

Feb 23rd - 14:28pm | Jim Scott, jsco...

The figures for economic impact are so couched in the local economy it is impossible to determine the real impact of the two adjacent properties. While Arches is the main attractioin to the area CLNP is not so visible and therefore can be classified as a destination rather than a driveby. So also is Grand Staircase.  What is the 'real' impact of these properties.

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