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At New River Gorge National River, an Iconic Bridge Attracts Suicide Jumpers

Mar 12th - 17:11pm | Guy Mraz

Glad to see the thoughts on suicde. It is a dredful thing no doubt, no matter the method. Dont blame the method. As one of the comments said, it s an illness. My sloppy living created more problems than could be solved. You know the stigma around depression.My family is full of it, yet noone was wlling to talk about untill they were on the road of no return.

Mar 12th - 10:56am | Tom Perkins

I know nothing of the man but I know something about depression. It will suck the literal life out of you. Until you have experienced life-killing, debilitating depression, you cannot begin to understand the utter hopelessness of life and, of course, the Lie that it will never change.

Op-Ed | When The Bureaucracy Demands Permission: A Warning For Our National Parks

Mar 12th - 10:37am | Alfred Runte

Speaking of workplace issues. . .

Mar 11th - 23:17pm | trailadvocate

Gee, wonder who's she working for.

Mar 11th - 22:02pm | rmackie

Dr. Runte, I maybe a little confused here, I do not think "political correctness" and what ever interpretations that might apply to it, is an issue in your freedom of expression. Once you leave the classroom, job-site, etc, you are free to participate on any issue you wish.

Mar 11th - 20:47pm | ecbuck

And Loretta Lynch wants to prosecute people for their thoughts.  

Mar 11th - 20:24pm | Alfred Runte

"On "political correctness" it seems to me it is partly an attempt to ensure that our speech and conduct in the workplace, schools, etc. is not offensive to others, there is much at stake here." The problem again is: Who defines "offensive?" Life is offensive. Hard ideas are offensive. The truth hurts, as my mother used to say.

Mar 11th - 20:20pm | ecbuck

 On "political correctness" it seems to me it is partly an attempt to ensure that our speech and conduct in the workplace, schools, etc. is not offensive to others,

Mar 11th - 19:29pm | rmackie

Thank you d-2, a very informative post and yes it is a complex issue, there are many "shades of grey". I do think it was handled well, the reprimand was issued, the Director stated a mistake was made, well, these are tough jobs with many subtle and not so subtle consequences, I understand that.  The discussion here has been very informative. Thank you all.

Mar 11th - 19:14pm | ecbuck

Forcing binary only choices 

Mar 11th - 14:31pm | Alfred Runte

Excellent point, Rick. However, I think all of us know when we're being hypocritical instead of living those shades of gray, as you call them. Just once, I would like to see the President of the United States take the train. Indeed, I am only asking for once. Of course, the Secret Service would probably not allow it, but then, at least he could visit Union Station and make a speech.

Mar 11th - 13:22pm | Rick B.

The folks who perplex me are the grown adults who seem to think that binary choices between black and white, hot and cold, etc., are the only choices. From their isolated islands of disdain they don't recognise the shadesof grey that the rest of the world live in. ABC might be a principled stance, but DEF is nearly that but willl allow me to get to my work and home.  

Mar 11th - 09:56am | Alfred Runte

A good column by Mr. Hightower, and yes, the corporate conspiracy he mentions was true. GM, Firestone, et al. lost in court but were fined just one dollar. It is one of the most famous cases in American transportation history.

Mar 11th - 08:52am | ecbuck

Does he (or we) have a choice? 

Mar 10th - 20:11pm | Lee Dalton

Double Drivel.  Does he (or we) have a choice? 

Mar 10th - 19:47pm | ecbuck

Drivel.  You think Mr Hightower doesn't own a car and goes everywhere in a train?

Mar 10th - 19:27pm | Lee Dalton

Dr. Runte, this is especially for you from one of America's best political columnists:

Mar 10th - 17:43pm | Rick Smith

Gee, squirrel, many commentators on this site believe that it is the lust for money that drives the NPS.  I've seen ssmokiesbackpacker say that dozens of times.

Mar 10th - 01:11am | Earl the Squirrel

Max Weber the grest German sociologist was one of the first intellectuals to identify the insidiousness of bureaucracy.   The best book I have ever read on the  wickedness of bureaucracy is B. Traven's novel The Death Ship.    Traven is best  known for his novel The Treaure of Sierra Madre, made into a famous movie.  He was also a German by the way.

Mar 9th - 19:17pm | d-2

Yes Dr Runte, terrible things can happen in institutions.  When they run right, checks and balances -- even Ethics Offices -- can actually help.  I was subject, around 30 years ago, to a concentrated attack by political (non-professional) people, that should have taken me out.  But I was saved by people following the ethics rules, people I did not know.

Mar 9th - 14:27pm | Alfred Runte

A very long comment, D-2, but yes, I read every word. You make a valid point about the decentralization of the National Park Service. Superintendents often do get lots of leeway. I expect several to invite me into their parks this year to give talks on the Centennial. One has already called.

Mar 9th - 12:20pm | d-2

Dr. Runte makes some important points.  Points I think no one else is making.  (at the bottom I will suggest a few slight disagreements with Dr. Runte)

Mar 8th - 22:24pm | Former Californ...


Mar 8th - 15:54pm | RodF

Jarvis' book is truly inspiring! This is much of merit in Alfred Runte's essay... perhaps too much?  A tight edit might permit it a wider readership. 

A Winter Visit To Sequoia National Park

Mar 12th - 08:39am | Janet Goodban

Beautifully written, it makes me want to go visit this magical place now!

Park History: Obed Wild and Scenic River

Mar 11th - 14:28pm | Anonymous

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth. - Henry David Thoreau

Woman Dies in Fall From Angel's Landing

Mar 11th - 09:57am | K joness

I'm very sorry for your loss!! I think safety harnesses is a great idea

Petrified Forest National Park is Still Being Stolen One Piece at a Time

Mar 11th - 09:50am | Garrett Stanger


Op-Ed | Strengthening The National Parks

Mar 11th - 00:42am | Cornell Tramontana

With respect to Grand Canyon NP, if I'm reading you correctly, you've not been to the North Rim, which is a shame. This is a higher, forested area. The North Rim is not open year round. In late May 1990, my wife, I ,and another couple went to both rims. If you place your nose in the a Ponderosa Pine's bark's crack you will smell either vanilla or butterscotch.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Mar 10th - 23:38pm | Sandy

The National Parks are one of the only places left for me to hike that I don't have to be wrried about dogs coming at me. I am glad there are some places left for me to hike without pepper spray or tazer.

UPDATED: While Some Rangers Head To Greener Pastures, Their Horses Aren’t So Lucky

Mar 10th - 20:53pm | cowgirl

I work at a National Park and we have horses. Believe me, this would not happen here, we have people lined up to adopt them. They are not old enough to retire, but when they do, we will be there. Also, we do not brand our horses. I have not seen that done before. Our horses are nurtured, and have a job every day. We love them. I am sorry this happened to these other NPS horses.

Politicians, Conservationists, And National Parks

Mar 10th - 20:27pm | Lee Dalton

The Utah 2016 legislative session winds up tonight.  Here's one of the last gasps: Thank goodness they meet for only 45 days a year.  Can you imagine how much damage they'd do if they had more time?

Fireside Read: Guidebook To American Values And Our National Parks

Mar 10th - 19:37pm | Lee Dalton

Rod and Owen -- even though the "review" may have been repugnant to many of us, isn't it important that we be given the opportunity to read things written by people whose views may clash dramatically with our own?  If we are unwilling to read and even consider thoughts from the opposition, how are we going to be able to argue effectively to try to counter it?

Mar 10th - 12:07pm | Owen Hoffman

I'm sorry.  I didn't find this "book review" to be helpful at all.  The bias of the author is quite transparent, and I am surprised that Kurt found this type of  "fireside reading" to have any merit whatsoever for posting on NPT as a featured article.

Mar 9th - 20:08pm | ecbuck

I do not agree in reading the legislation and the legislative history that a case can be made that the law required the NPS to renew the lease.

Mar 9th - 19:06pm | d-2

RodF, I love the high tone of your points, and agree completely about the meaning of Parks.  I have not read Jon Jarvis' book but intend to.

Mar 9th - 16:53pm | ecbuck


Mar 9th - 16:16pm | ecbuck

In a Nevada TV ad I watched last month, Senator Ted Cruz promised, if he is elected President, to return all of the State's Federal lands "To their rightful owners", whatever that means.  He made no distinction in that ad between BLM, Forest Service, and NPS adm. lands.  John Kasich has made a similar campaign promise.

Mar 9th - 16:16pm | RodF

Kurt asks: "What makes this book so superb, Rod?"

Mar 9th - 15:13pm | Ethical Retired...

ecbuck:  This is in response to your question to d-2.  In a Nevada TV ad I watched last month, Senator Ted Cruz promised, if he is elected President, to return all of the State's Federal lands "To their rightful owners", whatever that means.  He made no distinction in that ad between BLM, Forest Service, and NPS adm.

Mar 9th - 14:13pm | ecbuck

d-2 - could you please identify these Republicans that would eliminate Point Reyes or any other National Park and turn it to grazing and commerical acquaculture?  Fact is, the oyster farm was there first on those that wrote the enabling legislation for Point Reyes never intended for the osyter farm to be removed.

Mar 9th - 10:36am | d-2

I agree with ecbuck, Lee Dalton and Rick Smith among others on this review.  

Mar 9th - 06:41am | SmokiesBackpacker

 If we did an audit of government computers and employees logging on under multiple alias's I'll bet the number of Jarvis defenders around here would diminish. What he did and does is indefensible.

Mar 8th - 16:47pm | Kurt Repanshek

What makes it so superb, Rod?

Mar 8th - 16:37pm | RodF

Everyone interested in our National Parks to read NPT will find inspiration in Jon Jarvis' superb book

Hub Of A Red-Rock Playground

Mar 10th - 12:39pm | Tours by Edge o...

Definitely take the Aztec Butte hike while in Canyonlands.  It is one of the highest points in the park and the views to prove it.  Just before you get to the top, there is a technical rockface that you need to go up. We found that the inching your way up (and back down) on your posterior as the best and safest way to acomplish that task to be able to enjoy the view.  

Mar 10th - 10:54am | John Veninger

About ten years ago I spent a week vacationing in Moab, with then my 13 year old daughter. Spent a few days hiking Arches and driving some trails in a rented Grand Cherokee. Finished with a 4 day trip down the Colorado and plane ride back. Was a wonderful experience.

Bears Coming Out Of Their Dens In Yellowstone National Park

Mar 10th - 08:07am | Corinne Garrett

We are visiting Yosimite in a couple of weeks.  I imagine it will be the same story there as well?  Looking forward to spotting a bear, but not too close by.

UPDATED: Forest Service Rejects Permit Request That Could Have Led To Development Near Grand Canyon

Mar 9th - 21:42pm | NormH

I think the NPS and environmental groups may have just missed a golden opportunity to remove much of the commerical development and NPS infrastructure from the park.

UPDATED: USFWS Proposes To Remove Yellowstone, Grand Teton Grizzly Bears From Endangered Species Act Protection

Mar 9th - 18:22pm | Mary Jo Cook

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