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Senate Passes National Park Service Centennial Act Before Adjourning

Dec 10th - 19:33pm | Kurt Repanshek

Wild places, not sure why it makes NPS look life fools. Only Congress could increase that fee, not NPS.It'll take place once the president signs the legislation and the NPS/BLM/USFWS converts all its pricing information/programming, or whatever else is necessary from the mechanical side.

Dec 10th - 19:24pm | wild places

Still a bargain but an 8x increase makes the NPS look like complete fools.

Dec 10th - 19:23pm | Al Teski

When does this take effect?

Dec 10th - 19:06pm | Rick B.

Just curious if those who badmouth foreign nationals spending their cash in our national parks aree the same as those who want to build that mythical southern border wall.

Dec 10th - 17:40pm | Megaera

I knew that was going to go away by the time I hit 65.  Just like Social Security and Medicare will be gutted by then, too.

Dec 10th - 17:31pm | David moliga

If the NPS  was really serious about increasing funding, why do they not increase the park fees for the foreign national Bus loads that visit each year.  Many bring their own lunches and the tour buses pay a same fee for entrances.  

Dec 10th - 17:28pm | Richard Eberhardt

First Congress steals funds from Social Secunity and then they raise the Senior Pass 4 times the previous amount. I wonder if Congressmen and women have to pay to get in the parks.  

Dec 10th - 16:08pm | Kurt Repanshek


Dec 10th - 16:07pm | shelley

Those of us that already have the "pass" are grandfathered in,  right?

Dec 10th - 15:24pm | William Guy

I can live with an $80 lifetime fee. non seniors pay $80 per year. Now the need to force NF and BLM to accept pass at all locations and stop letting vendors ignor it.

Dec 10th - 14:58pm | Dennis

Again law makers refuse to fund our national parks adequately.  Instead let's place the burden on tax payers. We need to be vigilant against privatizing the national could happen.

Dec 10th - 14:54pm | Kurt Repanshek

Danner, you're channeling my editorial for tomorrow...

Dec 10th - 14:53pm | Danner


Dec 10th - 14:44pm | Diana L Owens

Because retirees visit our Nation Parks so much, this small fee, will help the park service maintain . A small sacrifice on our part.

Dec 10th - 11:51am | Becki

There goes my volunteering at National Parks. I  don't want to explain this to our senior visitors who get a minimal increase to their SSI that doesn't even cover the cost of the Medicare increase. 

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Dec 10th - 16:52pm | Rene Agredano

Ekim, I can't be certain but in the majority of national park campgrounds, a 35' RV would be pushing the limits in most campgrounds. It's best to check the park's individual websites to be certain. Usually the information provided regarding size limitations is pretty accurate.

Dec 10th - 16:49pm | Rene Agredano

I personally don't but maybe someone else can recommend a unit.

Dec 10th - 16:47pm | Rene Agredano

Bonnie, I'm pretty sure that public parks, at least those in the NPS, don't impose age restritions. I've never run into any.

Dec 10th - 13:21pm | Ekim

How large is too large? We travel with a 35 ft fiver.

Dec 9th - 09:44am | BarbaraB

Thanks for this info. Do you have one now that you *could* recommend?

Women's March On Washington Could Conflict With Trump Inauguration

Dec 10th - 14:41pm | Atascadero

The numbers, Mr. Dalton? Here's one article on the subject from the New York Times. . .

Dec 10th - 09:15am | Lee Dalton

Someone really needs to check the numbers they are citing.

Dec 9th - 22:28pm | Rick B.

Your arguments are sort of lyrically circuituous, atascdero. I just have to ask at the end, however, are asserting that those who lose an election lose their right to assemble and speak and protest?

Dec 9th - 16:35pm | Atascadero

With all due respect to America's fairer sex, 54 percent of college-educated women voted for Donald Trump. Why not march on them and let the rest of us enjoy the inauguration?

Dec 9th - 15:42pm | Lee Dalton

Good people of all kinds should plan to attend. Being targeted in Tweeter tweets will soon be the new Badge of Honor in America.

UPDATED: Latest Speculation On Trump Interior Secretary Points To Washington State Congresswoman

Dec 10th - 10:33am | justinh

McMorris Rodgers also outraged public land and national parks advocates last summer with a bill she sponsored to sell land from the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, a unit of the National Park Service, to the highest bidder for shoreline homes. The area was created for public use and recreation following the building of Grand Coulee Dam and the creation of Lake Roosevelt

Dec 10th - 09:17am | Lee Dalton

Well . . . . she might be a little better than turning Rob Bishop loose in the office.

Dec 10th - 07:59am | hatrasfevr

Finally, someone who might understand the taxpayer can only support so many parks, monuments and do it well. Where is the common sense that we need to divest thefederal government of managing over 50% of the lands in the USA.

Dec 9th - 23:08pm | Norcalgirl

Exciting to see someone who will remember rural communities out west surrounded by millions of acres of mismanaged public lands. Maybe public lands will be productive again instead of a massive fire hazard. 

Dec 9th - 19:57pm | James

As one that lives in a County that is comprised of more than 50% National Forest lands, I can attest that PILT payments have been decreasing for years.  Just one Link.   It's just another unfunded program, where the local folks pay the price.

Dec 9th - 18:37pm | ecbuck

would like to sell them off for development. Can you cite a single statement or action that indicates she wants to sell off the National Parks?

Dec 9th - 18:07pm | Anonymous

Sounds as if this person is not a supporter of NatioanlnParks in general and in specific would like to sell them off for development. She is another poor choice for the job. 

Dec 9th - 13:57pm | Bill

it is past time that the funding being held back by the Federal government was distributed out to the parks as it was suppose to be! Millions that were appropriated need to be released.

Senate Holds Fate Of National Park Service Centennial Act

Dec 9th - 17:07pm | Deborah Schoon

The National Parks are an unparalleled treasure  I have spent many nights in them, cherishing the experience for my family and for me   Many of those nights were spent in a tent, open to all the natural world offered me beyond d a thin skin of nylon   Unfortunately, many of those nights were also spent the beside huge recreational vehicles plugged in and humming all night from a

Traffic 'Queuing' Could Slow Your Drive Along Grand Teton National Park's Moose-Wilson Road

Dec 9th - 15:11pm | Anonymous

Ah. Thanks. Of course, subject to regulations promulgated by the Secretary, such as those which will be  implementing this new plan.   That said I think the plan is bunk, but not because the state or the driving public have overriding interest.

Dec 9th - 13:54pm | WIlliam Baehr  Moose Wilson Road is a right of way. 

UPDATED: Debris Believed From Missing Plane Spotted In Lake Clark National Park And Preserve

Dec 9th - 11:40am | Ray Bane

Unfortunate.  The Lake Clark weather and terrain can be challenging for pilots, particularly in the winter.  

Traveler's View: Federal Lands Poised To Suffer Under Next Interior Secretary

Dec 9th - 10:45am | ecbuck

One last one Kurt, I indeed linked to an article by Darius Rubics.  I got fooled with that particualrly "fake news" story.  But I am not fooled by the concept.  As wages are artificially forced up, automation will replace workers.  Its already happening.   Been to Yavapai Lodge recently?  In the resturant you place your own order at a computerized kiosk.

Dec 9th - 09:32am | Kurt Repanshek

Ok, folks, we've really strained the limits of the original post, so we're going to shut down the comments. 

Dec 9th - 09:27am | Lee Dalton

Ah, but Esteemed Comrade, you did indeed cite Darius Rubics.

Dec 9th - 09:18am | Harryb3570

For those reader who are interested in learning about the long history of the National Park Service I recommend you visit for additional information. I have about 20,000 reports and documents on this site all pertaining to the National Park Service and parks. Reading these documents will put the discussion of the possible impact of the Trump Administration in historic context.

Dec 9th - 08:31am | ecbuck

Well Rick, since I don't know who Darius Rubics is,  I doubt I cited him.  But then, you do like to hear what you want to hear so you can make your attacks.  

Dec 9th - 07:55am | Lee Dalton

" I am looking forward to the change and hope for the best.+" Gee, weren't HOPE and CHANGE bad words for the last eight years? I just HOPE we get through the next four and don't expect much CHANGE. I won't be surprised at all if the next NPS director comes from the upper management levels of Disneyland, Busch Gardens, or Universal Studios.

Dec 9th - 06:28am | Harryb3570

Interesting thoughts on this subject but I think we will just have to wait and see what happens. I continue to think that the change of administrations will have a positive impact on the management of our national parks. The years under the Obama administration with Jarvis and his friends in control of the national park system have not been good.

Dec 9th - 00:08am | Rick B.

Thanks, Al, for the advice, but already did it. After studying management in college initially I spent a decade or so in the corporate world. Hated it but partially vested a pension. At age 40 I went back to follow my dream and calling, got a nursing degree and spent the next 20 years in medicine. Saved a lot of lives, literally, improved even more, and retired 5-6 years ago.

Dec 8th - 21:34pm | ecbuck

It's just economics, ya?  If it makes realtors obsolete? Ya.  It will be up to realtors to add value to keep themselves relevant, and valuable.  It won't be up to the government to force people to pay realtors.  

Dec 8th - 21:07pm | Lee Dalton

Esteemed Comrade, do you have any idea what really happens to workers who can't find a job that pays living wages?  Try volunteering to help and you will have plenty of opportunities to meet them and learn that they are not always the "parasites" that some of our hate groups pretend them to be.

Dec 8th - 21:05pm | Lee Dalton

Ah so . . . . now have you heard of a new website called Homie that will make realtors obsolete?  It's just economics, ya?

Parks Canada Wants Input From Canadians On How Their Parks Should Be Protected, Presented

Dec 9th - 06:16am | Harryb3570


Great Smoky Mountains National Park To Reopen Friday

Dec 8th - 21:56pm | Gary Wilson

While the great forests of the Great Smokies will return... I recommend people stay out of Gatlinburg.  The disaster zone is not safe for public consumption.  I was just in it today. Stay in Pigeon Forge, stay in Bryson City, stay in Cosby, stay in Maggie Valley, stay in Cherokee, stay in Townsend.  STAY OUT OF GATLINBURG!

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