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Boating Industry Aims To Block Marine Reserve At Biscayne National Park

Jul 2nd - 08:34am | ecbuck

Ron's comment about the paucity of unbiased news sources is exactly right

Jul 1st - 23:34pm | Lee Dalton

Alfred and Ron, both good comments.  They (and others here) help illustrate the fact that we have become so polarized in so many things, not only climate change but a few hundred others, that any discussion means digging in our heels and repeating the echoes in our heads instead of carefully LISTENING to what others are saying.

Jul 1st - 22:45pm | rmackie

Thank you Alfred for an interesting comment. I agree "describe, analyze, tell the public what is going on", I think that is an excellent statement. There are many citizens and organizations trying to do that. Unfortunately we have the Communications Act of 1996 which has resulted in six major corporations now owning 90% of the TV stations, including Disney, Comcast, there are 4 more.

Jul 1st - 20:33pm | Alfred Runte

But Lee. The threat of global warming isn't alarming anyone, only those "instructed" to be alarmed. I recall, in 1968, Paul Ehrlich instucting us to be alarmed about overpopulation. "By 1973, when President [Edward] Kennedy takes office, the great famines will have begun." The moment he dropped science to become an alarmist, his credibility was entirely shot.

Jul 1st - 19:30pm | Lee Dalton

EC, I'm sorry about your misinterpretation of my note.  Try reading it again and I'll try to interpret it in simpler form for you.  It's not about "holocaust deniers."  It's about holocaust victims, who like many humans who have faced horrible fates, often resort to a kind of false hope that whatever faces them somehow isn't real.

Jul 1st - 16:45pm | Alfred Runte

Now, boys! Be nice! But EC does have a point. There is no equation between the Holocaust and climate change. Those denying the Holocaust today are neo-Nazis. Those "denying" climate change aren't "denying" a thing. They are rather debating it--which scientists are supposed to do. No debate in science ever closes. The minute it does, it becomes a belief.

Jul 1st - 15:54pm | ecbuck

Rick, you make Forest Gump look like a turtle.  It is interesting that you are more than willing to engage with your snarky comments and put downs but when you are asked a simple question of fact you suddenly clam up.  You don't answer because you don't have an answer.  

Jul 1st - 13:01pm | Rick B.

Eric...  a voice for such a minority opinion forces itself to be loud. None of us are under any obligation to engage with you. You are not our professor, spouse, boss, or anything other than a loud voice of a minority opinion. Have a very nice smurfy day. We aren't running away from you, just turning our backs and walking away.

Jul 1st - 08:28am | Ralph Steele

Although a marine reserve would indeed help preserve and restore the reefs, as stated by many, have the FWC, and Park Rangers check ALL boats coming in at public and private marinas for illegal catches. If they would enforce the already existing rules plus check on anchorages a lot of the existing problems would not be there. The answers lie in the enforcement of existing rules!

Jul 1st - 07:50am | ecbuck

Both are. So Rick, if you are so confident about climate change "science", please tell us why the predictions by that "science" have been so wrong.  Simple question from which the Ricks, Ron, Tahoma, et al run like hell.  Now that is what I call disgusting.

Jul 1st - 02:06am | Rick B.

Yup. Both are.

Jun 30th - 20:55pm | ecbuck

Lee - all I can say is "disgusting".  Equating holocaust deniers to climate deniers?  Disgusting.  

Jun 30th - 20:48pm | Lee Dalton

I watched an excellent, but heart wrenching movie about the Holoaust recently.  One scene in it reminded me in a shocking way of what seems to be an excellent parallel to today's climate deniers. It's human nature to try to deny things that seem threatening and frightening.  If I can deny that it's really happening, then maybe it's not.

Jun 30th - 19:30pm | ecbuck

but would add that our human contributions to climate change are part of the issue Part of the issue?  What part?  How big is that part? What part of the zero increase over the last 18 years was caused by human contributions?  

Jun 30th - 17:34pm | rmackie

Agree Dr. Runte, but would add that our human contributions to climate change are part of the issue in the name of "economy and growth". 

Jun 30th - 16:18pm | Eileen Kilroy

Protect our parks from corporate profit.

Jun 30th - 11:57am | Alfred Runte

Oh, oh. I think we're getting perilously close to global warming again. But yes, science is as easily corrupted as history. Just ask the two courts that recently ruled against the BLM for preparing woefully inadequate environmental impact statements favoring "green" energy at Searchlight, Nevada, and Steens Mountain, Oregon.

Jun 30th - 11:04am | ecbuck

Agreed Rick - all science that can produce predictable and reproducable results matters.  Science that repeatedly makes grossly inaccurate predictions based on made up data, biased assumptions and manipulation is not "science".

Jun 30th - 10:45am | rmackie

Thank you tahoma, unfortunately it appears science does have dictated values and results. On a related issue, dealing with "Today's New Contagions", a very informative article by Sonia Shah in this issue of the Nation Magazine lays it pretty well.  Different issue but, as Lee Dalton point out in many of his posts, same results. 

Jun 30th - 10:33am | Rick B.

All Science Matters.  

Jun 30th - 10:27am | ecbuck

tahoma - if they are so right, why are their predictions based on their "science" so wrong?  And why is the "science" produced by the state of Florida and less valid than the "science" used by the NPS? Or for that matter, the otherway around.  I think all science should be considered.  But I will say, I wish Congress would quit micromanaging.

Jun 30th - 10:08am | tahoma

"Additionally, the bill calls for science produced by the state of Florida to take precedence over the science the Park Service used to justify creation of the marine reserve."Holy guacamole!  Real science doesn't have legislatively dictated values or results.  The Florida delegation appears to have a serious case of cranial-rectal insertion:

Jun 30th - 07:55am | Gary Wilson

The only thing I have to say is only 6%?  Jeez...

Jun 30th - 07:45am | Lee Dalton

Ah, nothing like bipartisan Congressional greed and pandering to their contributors.  After all, aren't $$$$$$$$ more important than a bunch of coral and a few smelly fish?  (Unless you've just caught one of them on your hook or want to drop your anchor on a reef.)

A Walk In The Woods

Jul 2nd - 08:25am | ecbuck

Agreed.  This movie didn't capture the humor of the book or the essence of hiking the trail.  Waste of time.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Extends Comment Period For Camping Fee Increases

Jul 2nd - 06:45am | SmokiesBackpacker

Yeah.  And they will stuff the ballots with employee comments indicating that they love the fee, meanwhile the public comments, the true, non NPS comments, will overwhelm them in the NO direction.

Two Dead, Four Saved After Fishing Boat Capsizes At Glacier Bay National Park

Jul 1st - 21:51pm | Larry A.

I personally know the owner of this boat.  I had the pleasure last August to fulfill a lifelong dream of halibut fishing in Alaska. My heart is filled with sadness for everyone as I know they were having a great time and to have it end so tragically is mindnumbing.

Concerts Coming To Homestead National Monument Of America

Jul 1st - 19:37pm | Lee Dalton

Sounds like great fun.  It might even be worth driving all the way over there from here.  Homestead and its surrounding community, Beatrice, are a couple of the most delightful places I've ever visited. I sure wish I could go . . . . . 

Changing The Designation Of Colorado National Monument Not In The Offing

Jul 1st - 18:09pm | Terri Chappell

I'm late to comment on this because I just came across it but am doing so because it si still on the web.  As founder of Grand Valley Region Citizens for a national park I wanted to correct some errors in the above post.

What Should The National Park Service Do With The Enchanted Valley Chalet At Olympic National Park?

Jul 1st - 17:42pm | Rangerskip

The chalet brings back many fond childhood memories of hiking across the Olympics from Lake Quinault to Dosewallips back in the early 1960's. Those early experiences had a lot to do with my decision to become a Park Ranger. My attachment to the chalet is purely sentimental. The rational side of me thinks it is impractical to save in place.

Voyageurs National Park Officials To Continue Discussions Into Proposed Campsite Reservation System

Jul 1st - 06:45am | 18576

First come first served was much better.  I visited VNP for many, many years.  It is my favorite spot on Earth.  It essentially has been taken away from me with this pay/reservation policy.  I already pay for parks in my taxes (did anyone think first before voting in the conservative right wing repubs?).  $90.00 for four nights in a tent?

Traveler's Gear Box: Wind Warrior

Jun 30th - 19:42pm | Wind Warrior

Thank you Kurt, for the great review. I just want to let your readers know we have addressed the stake going into the bag issue. We now round the corners of the square part of the stake and the pointed tip comes with a protective tip on it for when it's stored in the bag.

Photography In The National Parks: Remembering My Photographer Father On Father’s Day

Jun 30th - 16:44pm | Barbara K. Bobo

Yes, wonderful photography....I cherish the pics my dad took too, of 50's-and 60's vacations in  a 50's era Chevy station wagon....pole tents and Coleman camp stoves and those finger pinching fold up cots!

Scientist’s Research On Dark Skies Above National Parks Aids In Study Of Light Pollution

Jun 30th - 16:35pm | Barbara K. Bobo

I would think that Great Basin National Park would qualify as well!

New Cooking Techniques With An Old Pot

Jun 30th - 16:27pm | Barbara K. Bobo

I am an avid Dutch Oven cook, and although the weight of these pots are considerable, they are TOPS in flavor and ease of use.  I recommend real lard for seasoning, and cooking with as well, your pies will never taste better!  I travel the American west and Mexico with my  pots and use a claw hammer to lift my pot lids.

Four-Year Rehabilitation Of Grand Canyon Of Yellowstone Overlooks, Trails Underway In Yellowstone National Park

Jun 30th - 07:54am | Gary Wilson

I'm surprised this is just beginning, but i'm grateful for the Yellowstone Foundation for starting this!!!  I remember taking my pops here in the latter part of last decade and some of the steps and walkway was eroded to the point, where I had an uneasy feeling just being on sections of it.  Glad to see they are finally rehabing this.

Two Bears Struck By Vehicles, Killed Sunday In Grand Teton National Park

Jun 30th - 07:38am | Lee Dalton

Dare I try to point out that some comments here speak volumes about the mentality of some who hold extreme views regardless of which side of the fence they happen to be on?

Jun 29th - 23:37pm | Rick B.

Funny Bubba [or Bu - how many IDs do you have?]. It is actually the orange faced R candidate who has been censoring media. You just go ahead with as many generalizations as make it easy for you. Me? I was a conservative R thirty years ago, was on staff for both Jerry Ford and Ronald Reagan, but I evolved and don't affiliate with a party these days.

Jun 29th - 22:19pm | Bu

kurt, I apologize for calling you a democrat. If you were, my post would likely been censored. I still believe that MOST democrats are idiots and most stupidity in the parks is caused by people who identify as democrats. 

Jun 29th - 22:18pm | rmackie

EC, a nice response. My own experience is that speeding on park roadways is a serious problem. It is not only our own citizens, but visitors from countries all over the world. Employees with long commutes also have an issue.

Jun 29th - 21:14pm | Steve Nelson

I am a registered Democrat, so I guess Bubba would screen me out, even though I came up with the idea.

Jun 29th - 21:14pm | ecbuck

Bubba - Idiots come in all persuasions, particularly the ones that do idiotic things in national parks.  I can assure you, whatever persuasion, Kurt is not an idiot.

Jun 29th - 20:35pm | Kurt Repanshek

No, actually I'm not. 

Jun 29th - 20:20pm | Bubba

of course you would disagree, you are a democrat.

Jun 29th - 14:52pm | Kurt Repanshek

Bubba, I'd disagree. Partisanship and idiocy can, and do, often go hand-in-hand.

Jun 29th - 14:49pm | Bubba

ive found that most idiots are registered democrats. The safest we can do for the animals and environment is to ban them from entering our parks. NPS could check your political affiliation at the gate. 

Jun 28th - 19:30pm | Steve Nelson

When I was driving in Glacier, at night, serveral years ago, I had the high beams on and drove very slowly.  I was deathly afraid of hitting one of the many large mammals there, as such a collision could be fatal, FOR ME, if I was going too fast.  Apparently some people can't figure this out.  Amazing.  Too bad we can't invent an idiot detector.

Festivities, Closures Part Of Independence Day Celebrations At National Mall

Jun 29th - 13:56pm | ecbuck

Fire away!  

Jun 29th - 10:15am | tahoma

“Independence Day culminates with a spectacular fireworks display over the National Mall. The fireworks will be launched from the area of the Reflecting Pool, and will be visible from many locations throughout D.C. and Northern Virginia.”A NPT story earlier this year reported on fireworks pollution at Mt. Rushmore:

UPDATED: Congressman Asks For National Park Service Director's Resignation

Jun 29th - 08:07am | Bubba

sorry rick, the progressives are bad. you guys are so gullible and so far from reality it's scary. Jarvis is a progressive and no one is surprised of his dishonesty. Remember Drakes Bay Oyster farm, he should imprisioned based on that mess alone.

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