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Reader Survey Day: Should Appalachian Trail Be Rerouted Away From Katahdin?

Sep 2nd - 22:10pm | Lee Dalton

Okay, anon, agreed.  BUT when they are not respectful, then what?

Sep 2nd - 20:48pm | Don

There has been too many restrictions set byour so called leaders, This is the peoples country. as long as they are respectfull let them stay on the trail.

Sep 2nd - 19:57pm | Woodman

The ATers brought this on themselves. End it at Abol Bridge.

Sep 2nd - 09:59am | Rick

They are going overboard, though no doubt there is also some hiker abuse. The obvious solution is one that works too great effect in other places like the Green Mountains and Adirondacks - a summit steward.

National Park management

Sep 2nd - 20:22pm | Retired Ranger

I don't lose sleep over the mangement of our National Parks, since they seem to have survived despite a regressive, corrupt culture.  The Parks are still good places to visit because of dedicated field-level employees, especially seasonal rangers.  Fortunately, their efforts aren't completely negated by a horrible, self-serving management structure.

Fines Being Handed Out For Dogs Off Leash At Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Sep 2nd - 19:46pm | Rick B.

I have no problem with dogs on a beach as long as they are leashed and their people bag their poop.   And no, no matter how loudly you assert it, "voice controlled" equals uncontrolled in my experience.

Sep 2nd - 16:01pm | Rangerskip

Dogs used to be the biggest pains in the rear in seashore areas where I mostly worked through the years. It seemed like dog owners thought it was cool to let their pets run rampant and could care less that other visitors are put off by their dog shaking sand all over them or being aggressive. I don't envy today's rangers having to enforce the regulation.

Interior Secretary Officially Renames Mount McKinley As Denali

Sep 2nd - 19:44pm | Rick B.

Eric, off topic cheap shots are, well, cheap.

Sep 2nd - 18:20pm | ecbuck

"I have found those that only sit behind desks are usually much less informed and effective than those who "get around". " Unfortunately this President doesn't "get around" to get informed. 

Sep 2nd - 16:56pm | Alfred Runte

A good point about getting around, Ron, but why did he wait until the seventh year of his administration to do it? Clinton and Bush were the same, only flying into the national parks when it suited some other agenda.

Sep 2nd - 11:57am | rmackie

Thank you Rick B and d-2, I agree. Thanks also to the President for making this trip. In my own experience, I have found those that only sit behind desks are usually much less informed and effective than those who "get around". 

Sep 2nd - 09:27am | drew hanson

As a geographer, I generally look to the locals to know the names of the places near them and to pronounce those names correctly. Plus, since most Alaskans seem to have wanted the great one to be called Denali for a long time, I am happy for this change.

Sep 1st - 20:44pm | Alfred Runte

The point of being president, I should think, is to set an example that the American people can follow and trust. As Harry Truman put it, the buck stops here. Would Truman have flown to Alaska to point out climate change? Maybe. But more likely, he would have given that speech from the Oval Office as a reminder that he was serious.

Sep 1st - 20:10pm | ecbuck

His "approved method of Presidential travel" is to move his chair from the desk to press room.  Its no wonder you don't get the irony of one berating fossil fuel based consumption by burning fossil fuels to do it.  Personally, enivironmentally I have no problem with him flying though it is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars. 

Sep 1st - 19:31pm | Rick B.

Al...   What is the Runte-approved method of Presidential travel? Please pass your suggestion on through the Us Secret Service, who have a lot more say in this matter than President Obama himself.   Personally, given that you agree with the name change, which is the only topic of the original post, seems to me everything else is a bit of horsefeathers.

Sep 1st - 15:10pm | Alfred Runte

No, anonymity is the weapon of the weak, D-2. Who in God's name are you? Sign your name, and don't forget to sign it once on a check to Kurt. He needs money to keep this website going.

Sep 1st - 14:29pm | d-2

PS;  Speaking of specious: Dr. Runte, once again another inexplicable bit of cynicism and sarcasm, which i had been told is the weapon of the weak. Alaskans have wanted to get rid of this vestage of colonialism for a long time.  The National Park Service believes in naming its primary resources for what they are, and naming parks for what they are. 

Sep 1st - 14:18pm | d-2

The United States Board of Geographic Names did not avoid action in 1977 in deference to or in expectation of Congressional action.

Sep 1st - 12:23pm | tahoma

Great point, Dr Runte.  The presidential road show seems more than a bit hollow coming on the heels of approving arctic drilling.  I don't think the American public is concerned with political correctness as much as celebrity:  Obama gets to play on a National Park glacier with Bear Grylls!   How's that for 'optics' obscurring irony?

Sep 1st - 11:31am | Alfred Runte

Why stop there? Why not rename Air Force One Denali? Translation: Heap Big Burner of Fossil Fuels on Way to Discuss Global Warming. Does no one else see the irony, or is everyone just afraid to seem not PC?

Sep 1st - 10:52am | tahoma

"The official shift to Denali will have perhaps the biggest impact at Denali National Park and Preserve, which has scattered the name of its iconic peak throughout the park.Park spokeswoman Kathleen Kelly said the park buys its brochures in bulk quantities of 500,000, which means a lot of incorrect mountain names are lingering in its literature.

President Calls On Congress To Bolster National Park Service In Time For Its Centennial

Sep 2nd - 19:22pm | dennis opl

Has anyone looked at the price of lodging in the National Parks.  The prices certainly are not affordable for a typical middle class family.   Take a look at lodging prices in Yellowstone & the Tetons.    

Sep 2nd - 19:11pm | Megaera

What the parks *need* is more tax dollars.  What the parks -- and the people who visit them -- do *not* need is lodging and camping prices so high people won't be able to afford to visit the parks that they own.

Sep 2nd - 12:14pm | L. C Johnson

Here we go again.... We seniors worked, paid our taxes to support the park system.... Now we are retired and can and want to use the parks and the government raises our entrance fees.   Raise social security to match the increase.

Sep 2nd - 09:25am | Lee Dalton

Uh Oh!  Our parks are really in trouble now! If Obama wants it, Congress will vote to abolish it.

Creature Feature: The Common Raven is an Uncommonly Intelligent Bird

Sep 2nd - 14:54pm | Gary F. Logan

EXCELLENT SITE!!!  I have a Raven "friend" whom I have known for at least 15-years.

National Parks Traveler Turns 10

Sep 2nd - 12:39pm | M13CLI@YAHOO.COM

Hey, Kurt,   THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND ALL YOU DO TO ENCOURAGE A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE NATURAL VALUES inherent in OUR NATIONAL PARKS especially BEAUTY.  OUR CHECK is in the Mail, and THANK YOU AL RUNTE for all  your clever Input and, of course, your Books,   Ron  

Sep 1st - 05:46am | Rebecca Latson ...

Happy Birthday and congratulations!  I feel honored to be a part of this awesome site!  Here's to many more years ahead and many more readers and fans!

Aug 31st - 20:40pm | Alfred Runte

Glad to hear it, Lee. My check just went in the mail. We need to remind ourselves what this website costs--which is plenty. If we lose it, there is no replacement, at least, nothing on the horizon that I can see for now. Others should be doing it, but they aren't. Of course, Kurt can always ask the folks at Budweiser! Find Your Beer, or is it Find Your Park?

Aug 31st - 19:34pm | Lee Dalton

A great idea, Dr. Runte.  Count me in.

Aug 31st - 14:29pm | Alfred Runte

The article mentions nothing about how the Traveler is funded, and is that not the bottom line? If you are to have another 10 years, what will that cost--and why are your readers not picking up their share of the tab? As a start, may I suggest a birthday present of $100 from everyone who has commented here?

Aug 31st - 13:47pm | Random Walker

Thanks Kurt for a decade of NPT.

Aug 31st - 12:25pm | NP_Day_Hiker

Happy Birthday and Congratulations NPT!  I've been a big fan for years and plan on continuing to check out the site every day.

Aug 31st - 12:12pm | Rick B.

Best of wishes for continued success, Kurt.

Aug 31st - 11:36am | Lee Dalton

Congratulations and many, many thanks for the hard work you all do.  Checking Traveler is one of the first things I do every morning. I've wandered around and looked at a couple of other similar sites, but Traveler is far and away the best out there.

Storm Cleanup Continuing At Olympic National Park

Sep 2nd - 09:26am | tahoma

All park facilities have reopened except Mora Campground & Spruce Nature Trail at the Hoh rain forest:

Photography In The National Parks: Your Armchair Guide To Glacier National Park – Part 3: Many Glacier

Sep 2nd - 01:52am | Charles Buck

Thanks for all the nice photos and information, Rebecca. It brought back many wonderful memories of our stay there in September 2014. During our time there it snowed, transforming the landscape into one big Christmas postcard!

Sep 1st - 11:28am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thanks, everybody for all the nice words.  And thanks to the  commentor who mentioned the conditions encountered when they recently visited.

Sep 1st - 09:31am | Christiana

These are absolutely beautiful photo's. I am headed to GNP with my father the 22nd of this month and am hoping for some clear skies! 

Sep 1st - 08:32am | Lee Dalton

Whoa!  Looking at those photos, I was sure I could smell the fresh air, water and all the trees and flowers. Outstanding! Now I'll read the article.  

Sep 1st - 08:31am | Alan D

Great pictures Rebecca. I will save this information for next time.  We were in Glacier last week and it's is nice to see what we missed.  The smoke from the wildfires obscured all the mountains and made hiking a chore.  Logan Pass was the clearest but for photographers I would recommend waiting until the smoke clears before heading to Glacier.

Sep 1st - 08:30am | Jim Burnett

Thanks, Rebecca! As we've come to expect, more wonderful photos and some practical photo advice. I was there only a year ago, but your article has me wishing for a return trip!

Sep 1st - 06:30am | David Centifanto

Very infomative. Viewing all of the photos makes me want to visit there soon. Another great article by Rebecca.

Congaree National Park Has A Hog Gone Wild Problem

Sep 1st - 17:54pm | Alfred Riley

I would be more than happy to help with the feral hog problem in congaree if i were permitted to. I also agree with a previous comment, that if the park employees would institute a fe to the hunters it is benifiting multiple objectives.

Op-Ed| The National Park System: Why It Should Continue To Grow

Sep 1st - 11:16am | d-2

RANDY TURNER -- I wish you would explain what you concluded specifically, and the distinctions between your objective view and that of NPS.  My recollection is in 1999, the Senate and the Senate committee and staff were suffering with new conservative doctrines standing in stark contradiction sometimes in the same Senator or staff member with other doctrines.  There was a strong desir

New Campground Opening At Acadia National Park

Sep 1st - 09:34am | Dana Wade

can't wait to go there, will see you next week. We will be visiting next year also. D&D Wade Fort pierce Fl.

Wildfire Closes Washington 20 Through North Cascades National Park Complex, Evacuations Ordered

Aug 31st - 23:13pm | Rick B.

The Newhalem Visitor's Center today was being aired out, due to significant smoke presence.

Aug 31st - 15:54pm | tahoma

The scenic North Cascades Highway (SR 20) has reopened, along with the visitor center and some campgrounds.  Many trails remain closed:

Summering at Cape Lookout National Seashore: The Logistics

Aug 31st - 15:45pm | Lisa

a recent camping adventure at Cape Lookout National Seashore.  Thanks for your post, I didn't know about the shell limit, interesting.

In The Right Place, At The Right Time To See WildlifeThis Fall

Aug 31st - 09:49am | David Crowl

Great Smokies also has some salamanders that are only found in that area. My brother showed us several by knowing where to look.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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