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Drastic Changes Possible As Acadia National Park Develops Transportation Plan

Oct 25th - 13:14pm | Megaera

Mount Desert Island is the Yosemite Valley of the East Coast when it comes to overcrowding.  Something desperately needs to be done in both places.

Is It Time To Ban Comments On The Traveler?

Oct 25th - 12:56pm | Rick B.

I have to admit it is a wonderful exercise in irony to watch a discussion about the worth of comments meander on like this.

Oct 25th - 11:29am | Siglin 1

Couldn't agree more. Feral cats should be trapped and euthanized wherever they occur, country or city. Pet cats should never be allowed to roam outside the house. Dogs can be a problem but compared to cats they tend to be pretty inefiicient predators of small animals. Unfortunately loose dogs kill people.

Oct 25th - 09:55am | argalite

I stick by my assessment, cats are indescriminate killing machines and they spread their disease; toxoplasmosis to wildlife and humans.  Here is something the Travelers readers should know: at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, they just completed the largest cat-proof fence in the U.S., 5 miles long to keep the Hawaiian petrels safe from thier primary threat, feral cats.

Oct 22nd - 20:20pm | Lee Dalton

Eliminate comments here and you will eliminate the opportunity for readers to try to share information regarding current events in conservation, such as this article from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Oct 22nd - 15:13pm | Alfred Runte

Yes, Argalite, it's too bad that when cats came to North America, there was no one around to build a wall. However, the same could be said for many dogs, could it not? Every few months, a pit bull in Seattle takes down some child or adult. And indeed, show me the postal carrier that has ever been bitten by a cat.

Oct 22nd - 10:34am | argalite

I grew up with dogs all my life and have one now.

Oct 21st - 17:59pm | MomakaSue

I have maybe commented once or twice on this forum . .

Oct 20th - 22:50pm | rmackie

Fun comment Alfred Runte, and yes I thought Gary's comment on his wilderness hiking companion, his dog, was special. You are right about these huge solar farms, many people working against them here in the states environmental community as well as other citizen groups. I also think Argalite's position on cats has merit.

Oct 20th - 21:07pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Who said I was talking about you, Gary?  It could have been anyone at the Great Smoky Mtns Association, a business organizationally tied to the National Park Service to sell products.           

Oct 20th - 15:25pm | Alfred Runte

You got that right, Lee! I just cleaned their litter box, including all fresh litter, and just now Gracie scattered it all over the floor. She always wants to "break" the new litter in. She had Christine and me broken in by the time she was eight weeks old, and still bosses around her brother George. Meanwhile, they have a cushy towel on my desk where they keep me company.

Oct 20th - 15:01pm | Lee Dalton

Hey, how can anybody accuse Alfred's cats of being stupid? They were smart enough to train him to feed them and clean their litter boxes, weren't they? C'mon, folks, we need some smiles in the world this morning .  .  .

Oct 20th - 13:57pm | Alfred Runte

Argalite, why do you need the adjective--"legitimate?" I never said those studies were illegitimate, did I? I merely pointed out what they failed to consider--that when comparing bird kills by wind turbines and cats, we need to consider the context of the "kills."

Oct 20th - 13:15pm | argalite

So you didn't address the fact that these are legitimate studies and not wind-power advocates.  Who cares about your stupid cats?

Oct 20th - 11:32am | Alfred Runte

Argalite, there is a big difference between a starling, pigeon, sparrow, and an eagle. And don't forget the bats. Any sane environmentalist concedes that free-roaming cats kill millions of birds (although mine have never killed any). George and Gracie, our family duo, prefer hunting down mice and rats. George proudly reports seven rats this year culled from our neighbor's garden.

Oct 20th - 10:50am | argalite

Alfred just gave the perfect example of how comments get blown up.  He assigns reading, but when I gave him the reference for the millions of birds killed by cats and how nothing compares to their estimated destuctive ability on record, he says it was a hit piece.  Here Alfred, this is not a made up paper, and the authors are legitimate scientists with a peer-

Oct 20th - 10:47am | Gary Wilson

That's hilarious coming from you johnny.  The fact is I never commented on this site, until I grew tired of reading your baseless accusations and constant garbage that you post in this comment section.  That is what triggered me to comment on an article in which supplied baseless accusations that eventually were proven false in a court of law.  Like Trump, you could'nt handle the

Oct 20th - 07:28am | SmokiesBackpacker

Is is quite interesting to hear Danny Bernstein complain about anonymous comments when the chief antagonist and one of the primary reasons this whole thread is even in play is because one of her own GSMA employees is the chief ad hominem protagonist.  I know for a fact there have been many complaints about this guy who feels the need to attack people, instead of the subject matter.

Oct 20th - 07:13am | Rangerskip

Lee, Thanks for bringing up THUNDERBEAR. I have been out of the loop since I retired in 2000. I will definitely Google and sign up!

Oct 19th - 20:32pm | rmackie

Well Alfred, I just ordered the book for my kindle. The brief review on Amazon got my interest also. 

Oct 19th - 14:36pm | Alfred Runte

Don't forget, Argalite, that the Obama Administration made climate change one of its salient issues, and speedily applied it to the national parks. So, yes, it comes up from time to time, since the so-called solution, as I would put, recommends cutting off our leg to save our toe.

UPDATED: Company Applies For Permit To Build Oil Refinery Near Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Oct 25th - 08:00am | Lisa Cantrell

This must be stopped!

A View From The Overlook: Nudity And The National Parks

Oct 25th - 06:39am | Hunter

It's actually wildly unsanitary to enter a body of water in anything but your birthday suit(nude).

Oct 23rd - 11:31am | Lee Dalton

I dunno, my battered old body is in such wretched shape that I have trouble just looking at it in the mirror.  That's why I've covered all the mirrors with towels. If I tried skinny dipping, I'd cause a massive outbreak of public nausea.  It would be a major public health crisis.  

Oct 23rd - 10:26am | Alan

I have to agree, If you don't like what you see, Then don't look. It is just a body.

Fatal Fall from Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Oct 24th - 19:24pm | Kham

I just did this hike! There's a good 10 min where there's no margin for error - I imagine there'd be more than 5 deaths. Don't go by what the Zion website states - isn't it a government site?

Commenting On The Traveler

Oct 24th - 07:57am | Quite Please

GOOD MORNING AMERICA, I love the National Parks that the good Lord gave us to enjoy.  

Oct 23rd - 20:46pm | Rick B.

Dear "Anonymous" - you do realize that the man you are calling out knows exactly who you are?   He didn't promise to throw out comments. He asked what people thought. He did what most folks suggested. Which, in fact, gave you the ability to post your "outrage".

Oct 23rd - 19:47pm | Lee Dalton

Incredible!  It didn't take long to see why the question was valid.

Oct 23rd - 19:00pm | ecbuck

Not sure what is "incredible".  He raised the question and the overwhelming response was to keep the comment section. 

Oct 23rd - 18:39pm | Anonymous

Incredible! You decide to keep the comments section after raising the question of eliminating it. A faux threat, You should really work for the NPS. 

Oct 23rd - 11:52am | Alfred Runte

And in the next comment, we might be talking about the Chicago Cubs. If we get there honestly by starting with the national parks (as we did with cats), it should make no difference how we end. Today, I can just see President Obama declaring Wrigley Field a national monument (how's that for relevance?), perhaps linking the Cubs to Yellowstone's bears.

Oct 23rd - 10:38am | wild places

Well written Kurt and a part of the job I certainly wouldn't want. I had one other thought. Perhaps a "pop up" reminding those of the code of conduct that would appear before one posts would serve as a needed reminder to stay on topic and keep things civil. I was shaking my head when I revisited the topic and found myself reading about cats.

A Surprising Option for a Western River Trip

Oct 24th - 05:49am | Leo

Can I launch from Willow Beach and catch a shuttle back from Eldorado Canyon ?

Latest TOPO Maps Offer More Detail On Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Oct 23rd - 20:33pm | SmokiesBackpacker

If you zoom in very closely, perhaps you can see where they diverted Ace Gap trail away from former Gov. Don Sundquist's home and gave him land from within the park.

New ‘Eco-Tents’ Coming To Campground At Virgin Islands National Park

Oct 23rd - 10:44am | wild places

This has been on my bucket list ever since first visiting for a day nearly 30 years ago. I don't recall a gift shop or snack bar back then. Hopefully it still gives a visitor a feeling of being off the beaten path a bit. One of the most beautiful bays I have ever visited.

Oct 22nd - 17:54pm | Stephen W Smith

So I am trying to book one of the most basic tents from Jan 1-Jan 7   Regards, 

Site Of Sir Francis Drake's Ship Grounding Honored At Point Reyes National Seashore

Oct 21st - 20:27pm | Michael Von der...

The public is free to examine the evidence.  The conclusion is that Drakes Bay is the "most likely" and "most probable" place Drake landed. The fifty pieces of evidence all fit.  

Oct 20th - 13:42pm | Rangerskip

The first park I worked as a Seasonal Ranger is still my favorite park for many reasons. I remember patrolling in the fog and listening to the waves crash and sea lions barking in the distance. A very special place!

Statue of Liberty About To Get New Neighbor: A Museum That Honors Her

Oct 21st - 16:51pm | Rick B.

Looks like it will be a marvelous museum. What staffing is budgeted for?

Musings From Lava Beds National Monument

Oct 21st - 11:26am | Anonymous

I was there last summer, and would you believe that I camped next to another group from Angwin (they were older kids, and it was around the first of June, so the end of the school year).

Annual Elk Hunt Coming To Grand Teton National Park

Oct 21st - 09:37am | Anonymous

They have to run program B because they run program A. Wouldn't it be simpler to stop running program A, thus eliminating the need for program B? Then the time, effort and money spent on both programs could be redirected elsewhere?

Op-Ed |Hispanic Heritage Month And The National Parks

Oct 21st - 06:38am | wild places

Or we could just try to stop segregating ourselves.

Oct 20th - 21:26pm | Maya Lawler

The issue here is that not "all experiences" have been acknoledged equally. 

Oct 20th - 18:23pm | Lee Dalton

May I make one observation here?  Ms. Torres wrote: "The Latino experience is the American experience." How about if we edit that line to read: "The Latino experience is ONE OF MANY AMERICAN EXPERIENCES."

UPDATED--OIG: Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Superintendent Failed To Report Alleged Sexual Harassment

Oct 20th - 09:23am | SmokiesBackpacker

Sadly, even if they cleaned house at NPS, which won't happen, this culture is three layers deep.   This is what happens when too much goodwill is afforded an agency.  The "Ken Burns" effect in full force.  After the popular PBS airing, the NPS has taken that historical goodwill and run amok under Jarvis.  They are cash drunk and above the law.  

US Fish And Wildlife Service To Reconsider Wolverine For ESA Protections

Oct 19th - 19:23pm | justinh

Thanks for those links, tahoma.  Good reads.

Oct 19th - 15:46pm | tahoma

I was lucky and privileged to spot a wolverine crossing the road one winter night at Mount Rainier forty years ago.  Here's some interesting links to Gulo gulo news in the Washington Cascades, where the estimated current population is 20-25 individuals.Goat Rocks Wilderness, southeast of Mount Rainier, 2016:

Oct 19th - 13:30pm | john928gt

Glad there are groups that challenge these type of decisions to make sure we protect the wildlife that needs protection. Thanks for the story.

Musings From Redwood National And State Parks

Oct 19th - 13:43pm | john928gt

As an East Coast native I've dreamed of seeing the Redwoods and the Sequoias since I was a kid. This past summer I finally took a trip to California and experience The Avenue of the Giants and Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Everyone should see these magnificent trees and support protecting them.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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