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President Obama Designates Three National Monuments To Preserve Cultural History

Jan 13th - 15:24pm | argalite

Ecbuck, Reagan cut hiring, created a hiring freeze, which (I'm guessing) resulted in the same thing, not being able to hire seasonals

Jan 13th - 14:53pm | ecbuck

The largest amount of our tax dollars goes to the Department of Defense.

Jan 13th - 14:38pm | Alfred Runte

Kurt, a good point. Common ground historically has been a major sponsor. Grand Canyon (1908) the Santa Fe Railway. Jackson Hole (1943) John D. Rockefeller, Jr. And so on for most of the bigger national monuments that wound up becoming parks. Some influential individual, group, corporation, etc., was behind the designation, so Congress allowed it to stand.

Jan 13th - 11:17am | Kurt Repanshek

We'll have a story Sunday that examines a good part of the money problem the NPS faces.

Jan 13th - 11:11am | Lee Dalton

The largest amount of our tax dollars goes to the Department of Defense.  The only agency that has never submitted an audit of its spending.  Perhaps that would be a good place to start looking. There is an upcoming PBS program about the crisis in our parks.  That should be mandatory viewing for everyone who values our parks.

Jan 13th - 11:04am | Alfred Runte

I know that history is a Debbie Downer, but here comes the Debbie Downer. NEITHER political party has been that great for national parks. On that score, I have to agree with Harry and EC. Why the rush for so many national monuments? Well, we historians will be answering that question for a good many years to come, but here is a hint.

Jan 13th - 10:52am | ecbuck

Do you have evidence they didn't?   Ah, once again the old prove a negative tactic.    I was there when we were told that Reagan had cut funding.

Jan 13th - 10:41am | Kurt Repanshek

Perhaps, rather than revisiting history or casting political blame, working on a solution that both major political parties would accept would be time better spent. Naive in thinking it could be sold to Congress, maybe, but it would be proactive, no?

Jan 13th - 10:38am | Lee Dalton

Do you have evidence they didn't?  I was there when Nixon froze hiring a few weeks before we needed seasonals to open our parks.  I was there when we were told that Reagan had cut funding.  And we all remember President Cheney.

Jan 13th - 10:24am | ecbuck

The answer to your question Lee is 22.  So there were 16 years where the Dems controlled both houses and the Presidency.  But then the notion that a President would veto an omnibus funding bill because there was too much allocation to the National Parks is absurd.

Jan 13th - 10:05am | Lee Dalton

As one who experienced one of the freedom marches with Dr. King, I applaud the president for preserving some of the history of that effort.  As to the question of can we afford them?, I have to ask this: Can we afford to allow them to be destroyed or simply sink into oblivion?

Jan 13th - 09:06am | Harryb3570

I believe Obama has abused his powers under the Antiquities Act to  subjugate more lands and waters than any other president. I expect that the new Congress will pass legislation to curtail the power of the President to declare national monuments.

Jan 13th - 08:30am | ecbuck

Mike, the Democrats have controled both House and Senate for 38 of the last 62 years.  If it were a priority for them and only concervatives refusing to fund the Dems had plenty of opportunities to get it done.  The fact is, they have far more desire to control lives through entitlements and have sent the money that way instead.

Jan 13th - 01:24am | Rick B.

Personally I like the idea of the federal government protecting monuments to civil rights in Alabama.

Jan 12th - 22:36pm | Mike98765

Harry - the reason why there is a backlog is because conservatives refuse to adequately fund the NPS - simple as that. These places deserve protection for current and future generations.  If you don't like conservation, just say it, but don't hide behind that sham of an argument.  

Jan 12th - 19:31pm | Rick B.

I'm much more worried about the raping and pillaging and plundering that is incoming with the new administration than I am a budget stretch in a good cause.

Jan 12th - 18:27pm | Harryb3570

Wonderful, three more parks added to an already overburden system. Obama will leave office soon and it will up to the NPS to find the money to manage these sites. There needs to be a moritorium on the creation of any new national parks, monuments etc until the issue of the maintenance backlog and lack of adequate staffing is addressed.

Park History: Kings Canyon National Park

Jan 13th - 12:03pm | Coolestdogboy

Your info for this website is great because im using it for a project and so far its good

House Members Pushing To Permanently Delist Gray Wolves From Endangered Species List

Jan 13th - 11:18am | Greg Taylor

 Ugh..We need to eradicate the Cheney Clan  before they infest the whole planet.

Jan 13th - 09:56am | Lee Dalton

Thank goodness we have people like Ms Clark to stand up and do whatever is necessary to try to overcome politically driven wildlife management decisions. She, and others like her, will be especially important in the coming four years.  

Jan 13th - 05:41am | som sai

Well we have the best wildlife biologists in the world working for our own US Fish and Wildlife Service and they are the entity we the people have decided to entrust with all endangered species listings, maybe we could have let them make these kinds of decisions. Instead orgs driven by donations and fear mongering like Ms.

Jan 12th - 19:57pm | A. Olson

This is so disheartening. I'm disgusted Minnesota Congressmen Nolan and Peterson are supporting this folly.

Jan 12th - 13:27pm | Rick B.

And she is very very very close to her father; one of the most malignant men to ever rise to power in this country.

Jan 12th - 12:39pm | Lee Dalton

Heaven help us.  Another Cheney has been let out of the asylum.

Reservations Coming To Needles District Campground In Canyonlands National Park

Jan 13th - 10:41am | KBenzar

You think 40% is too high? Try this. Mendenhall CG charges $10 per site per night, half price for Senior and Disabled passholders. But you can't occupy a site without paying a "reservation" fee of $9 if booked online or $10 by phone. So that's a 90-100% premium for one night, or a 300% premium for Seniors and Disabled.

UPDATE: Yosemite National Park Spared Worst Of Flooding

Jan 12th - 19:48pm | Gary Wilson

That chart only goes to 2011, and skips a portion of this decade.  Californias severe drought is not even factored in there.  Play on.

Jan 12th - 18:49pm | ecbuck

Exceptional drought patterns (ie the most severe) are increasing, especially over the last 2 decades.  BS - as this chart shows they are neither increasing in frequency or intensity.

Jan 12th - 18:02pm | Gary Wilson

you obviously don't understand what drought severity means.  There are different levels of "droughts" as stated on the Palmer Drought Severity Index.  While a "drought" could extend for 200 years, that could mostly mean that during a certain phase, the moisture levels were slightly lower than during more stable eras.

Jan 12th - 12:53pm | ecbuck

What I did say is that drought severity seems to be taking on an increasing trend, and on a global scale..

Jan 12th - 10:07am | Gary Wilson

I really wish you would do some research, before spouting off your mouth, EC.  Otherwise, you wouldn't look so consistently ignorant on this subject..  Never have I suggested that droughts were not a factor of previous climates, nor did they not occur.  What I did say is that drought severity seems to be taking on an increasing trend, and on a global scale..

Jan 12th - 09:19am | ecbuck

More BS from Gary.   One of the worst in 1200 years?  Hardley,  In fact the last century has been the wettest for california in the last 7,000 years.  Drought is and has been a natural phenomenon that has occurred for millions of years and there is not evidence it is get more frequent or more severe. 

Jan 12th - 07:17am | Gary Wilson

Thanks Ron, the parallels are eerily similar in the southern Appalachians as well.  From the recent fire, certain forest types like Northern Hardwoods, that are not fire adapted and exist at the southern most extent of their range were incinerated in many areas.

Jan 11th - 22:37pm | rmackie

Gary, a huge issue. Both Dr. Pyne's book "Between two Fires" and Tom Ribe"s book. "Inferno by Committee" deal in depth with much of the history of forest management and what we can do restore forest health. Interestingly enough, the University of California at Berkeley did several transects on a 15,000 acre parcel on the northwest border of Yosemite in the Stanislaus National Forest.

Jan 11th - 20:47pm | Gary Wilson

Thanks Ron, I read an article recently that stated over 100 million trees have died in the forests of California from the latest 5 year drought that is estimated to be one of the worst in 1200 years.  It's mindboggling to think of the reprucussions and changes to the forest this will have in the future.  

National Park Service Reaches Out To Workforce To Measure Harassment

Jan 12th - 19:33pm | Rick B.

Onn that we are agreed.

Jan 12th - 18:32pm | Harryb3570

This is long overdue. I just hope that when the results come in the NPS takes the necessary corrective action and just doesn't ignore the report.

Jan 12th - 17:36pm | Rick B.

OK, then. If you want to sneer at an attempt to get into the problem, what is your suggestion to solve human nature?

Jan 12th - 17:28pm | Anonymous'

Oh sure. Take a survey and this will serve to eradicate years of management misconduct and harassment within the ranks of the National Park Service. So when I take this survey, years of abuse by management will go away.  We have been down this road. We have taken survey's and listened to the Park Services sensitively training.

Jan 12th - 07:22am | Anonymous

Oh sure conduct the survey when the vast majority of NPS seasonal employees are laid off and don't have access to DOI email.

Congresswoman Calls For Investigation Into Handling Of Dog Regulations At Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Jan 12th - 19:33pm | Thomas Roop

Congressional Oversight of the GGNRA has been a hallmark request of Ocean Beach Dog for quite some time: Thomas Roop  

Jan 12th - 17:57pm | Anne ODriscoll

Thank you Representative Speier. As a native San Franciscan I grew up walking my dogs on the beaches of San Francisco. I have been involved in the Dog Management Plan through two beloved dogs' lives. The process has been a sham since inception. At each meeting the tone of the NPS has been condescending and ineffectual.

UPDATE: Harriet Tubman National Historical Park To Be Formally Established

Jan 12th - 18:34pm | Harryb3570

I undrstand the Tubman House if in poor material condition so just bring a hard hat when you visit.

Culling Feral Hogs Requires Temporary Restrictions In Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Jan 12th - 18:30pm | Harryb3570

Close the entire system for however long it takes and get rid of all of the hogs. They are an invasive species and should b totally removed.

Heated Restroom Provides Sanctuary For Stranded Crater Lake National Park Visitors

Jan 12th - 16:05pm | Rick B.

An open, heated restroom in all wintery parks sounds like a lifesaving step that wouldn't cost that much.

Jan 12th - 15:26pm | [email protected]

TYPO  CORRECTION  Above Comment Will the Snows of this Winter,  2016-17  Exceed the Previous Record ? Also:  for Bend, OR. ca. 100 miles north of Crater Lake

Jan 12th - 15:02pm | [email protected]

Sourse:  Smith (Twins) Brothers Chronological History: Will the snows of 1916-17 Break the previous snowpack record at Park HQ ?April 3, 1983

Officials Propose Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan For North Cascades National Park

Jan 12th - 14:38pm | Rick B.

There is a lot of local discussion here [I live in the North Cascades area]. Much of it, from what I've heard so far, is fairly uninformed and fearful. "Don't put a grizzly in my back yard". As far as I can tell the plan is to slowly locate them out in the wilderness area, far from towns.

Will Trump's "All Of The Above" Energy Policy Impact The Parks?

Jan 12th - 12:23pm | wild places

I share Lee's sentiment that the parks may be the least of our concerns but keeping my fingers crossed that that is not the case. As for Rebecca's comment on Trump voters not blaming him for anything. That is politics these days and would be true regardless of who was elected.

Jan 12th - 10:43am | Lee Dalton

Here's an interesting, and very alarming article from today's SLC Tribune regarding a GOP attempt to gut the civil service laws.

Protecting Molokai’s Sad History At Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Jan 12th - 08:32am | Cheryl Aughton

Interestingly, several Sisters of St. Francis, from the same community as St. Marianne Cope, still reside at the convent at Kalaupapa. They are committed to remaining on the island until the last patient leaves.  

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