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Is Global Climate Change A Threat to National Parks? Another Response

Jun 24th - 21:03pm | ecbuck

"The colored temperature lines are the modeled estimates " Your "facts" are "modeled estimates". In other words they were made up. But hey, the fabrications support your beliefs so I guess that makes them "facts".

Jun 24th - 20:53pm | Anonymous

"The colored temperature lines are the modeled estimates " Rick, your "facts" are "modeled estimates". In other words, they are made up.

Jun 24th - 20:33pm | beachdumb

Hey Kurt, is the rich editor not available anymore? HTML is not interpreted anymore or is it because I'm on a detected mobile device?

Jun 24th - 20:24pm | Alfred Runte

Hold on just a minute. Does this graph really mean to suggest that deforestation is the difference between "lighter" and "darker" areas? I rather thought deforestation to be the difference between the absorption and non-absorption of CO2. If we cut down the trees, we lose the carbon sink. Who cares whether the deforested area is "lighter," and thus allegedly prone to reflecting sunlight?

Jun 24th - 19:45pm | ecbuck

Facts Rick? Perhaps you can explain how the measurements were created. But then how they were created isn't important to you because facts are never important to the "believers" .

Jun 24th - 19:39pm | Rick B.

Thanks, Owen. Facts never convince the deniers, sadly.

Jun 24th - 19:35pm | beachdumb

In the 1990 IPCC report, the Medieval Warm Period was much warmer than the late 20th century. But the truth doesn't fit tye political agenda...

Jun 24th - 18:45pm | ecbuck

Lee or Owen, Perhaps you can explain how they isolated the influence of the axis, solar or volcanoes every year since 1880? (Hint - they made the numbers up)

Jun 24th - 17:34pm | Lee Dalton

Owen, that graphic is terrific! Thanks for finding it.

Jun 24th - 13:57pm | Owen Hoffman An interesting graphical comparion of various factors that might affect global warming

Reader Participation Day: Should BASE Jumping Be Legal In National Parks

Jun 24th - 18:36pm | ecbuck

"Deaths per attempt is the better statistic"

Jun 24th - 18:18pm | NormalReactionS...

So, don't do your dangerous activities near me. I can avoid your rock climbing and rafting areas. Someone falling on my head is not under my control. Your hazard guess is a classic simpleton argument meant to sway unintelligent people that don't know statistics. Deaths per attempt is the better statistic, not a pure count.

Jun 24th - 16:54pm | ecbuck

Very reasonable Wild. In other words, treat it just like rock climbing and rafting.

Jun 24th - 16:35pm | wild places

Require a permit and limit the numbers and places. Increase the penalty for breaking the law and work with the base jumpers so it becomes self policing. And while I am generally opposed to charging for SAR efforts I would have as part of the deal make sure the jumpers fund the cost of the inevitable recoveries.

Jun 24th - 14:01pm | ecbuck

"BASE jumping is much more dangerous than the two other activities you mention." So what? I would hazard a guess that there have been far more fatalities from rock climbing and rafting than from base jumping. Besides how are we to decide how dangerous an activity someone can engage in. Seems like that is a personal decision.

Jun 24th - 13:45pm | NormalReactionS...

BASE jumping is much more dangerous than the two other activities you mention. To highlight one aspect, the landing area after deploying the parachute is unknown and could be into a sensitive area. Another aspect, the landing area, if reached before deploying the parachute, is unavailable to others until after the coroner is done with clean-up.

Jun 24th - 12:57pm | ecbuck

So Anon -we outlaw rock climbing, rafting, peak bagging? These are all activities that would appear to be for enjoyment for their own sake. Heck by your definitions it would seem fishing wouldn't be a legitimate use of the park.

Jun 24th - 12:28pm | Rick B.

Save it all for a one-day Challenge Darwin Day. You could even do a tasting - a little taste of each experience. Over here the base jumping, over there the rattlesnake wrestling, and in this corner is the Russian Roulette. Everybody signs the same liability releases, the herd gets thinned a bit, and clean-up is all over within a day.

Jun 24th - 12:24pm | Jonathan Davidar

In August 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed an act creating the National Park Service.

Jun 24th - 11:59am | Bill Borrie

Is base-jumping legal? According to the Organic Act of the NPS, it may not be. The Sullivan decision (District Court ruling regarding snowmobiles, Sept 15, 2008) includes the following judicial opinion: "While it is true that "enjoyment" is also a fundamental purpose of the parks, enjoyment is qualified in the Organic Act in a way that conservation is not. ...

Jun 24th - 10:35am | ecbuck

Why single out base jumping? Why is it any more a "spectacle" or any less appropriate than rock climbing in Zion, or white water rafting in the Grand Canyon or Dinosaur?

Jun 24th - 08:03am | Lee Dalton

Absolutely YES!

Jun 24th - 06:28am | NormalReactionS...

Yes, as a regular day-to-day legal activity, BASE jumping should be banned in the parks. Is it a spectacle that takes away from most visitors experience. That said, there could be special days or events to allow BASE jumping.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Biologists Kill Wrong Bear In Effort To Catch One That Attacked Backpacker

Jun 24th - 14:11pm | Rick B.

And you have objective links to document who the 'they' were and what the 'poison' was? The whens, all that?

Jun 24th - 13:29pm | SmokiesBackpacker

This is the Smokies modus operandi. Several years ago they poisoned many of the streams in efforts to kill off the rainbow trout and reintroduce brookies. Some genius forgot to deal with the tributaries so the whole effort was a wasted taxpayer boondogle, not to mention all the poison in the streams that were closed indefinitely. NPS meddling. It is never ending.

Jun 24th - 11:27am | ecbuck

And you can be assured those packs had smellables or lingering smells.

Jun 24th - 09:48am | Jimmy Smythe

Bears have become accustomed to a bag or pack being a source of food. A few of the Park's shelters have bears that are notorious for taking packs because they have associated packs with food.

Jun 24th - 09:29am | ecbuck

Only if he had a Snickers bar in his pocket. Bears aren't attracted to the look of a food bag, they are attracted to the smell. Seems like the "biologists" were a little hasty, first in shooting bear 1 and then euthanizing the second.

Jun 24th - 08:32am | djrmar

Just a thought, could someone in a hammock, look like a hanging food bag to a bear?

Your Yosemite, A Threatened Public Treasure

Jun 24th - 13:07pm | rmackie

Traveler, I just received an advanced copy of "YOUR YOSEMITE, A Threatened Public Treasure", by Bob Binnewies. I think your brief summary of this book has badly missed the marked. Bob Binnewies has a resume that is much more than a top flight assignment as Yosemite National Park Superintendent.

Jun 24th - 13:07pm | rmackie

Traveler, I just received an advanced copy of "YOUR YOSEMITE, A Threatened Public Treasure", by Bob Binnewies. I think your brief summary of this book has badly missed the marked. Bob Binnewies has a resume that is much more than a top flight assignment as Yosemite National Park Superintendent.

Wild Horses in a Georgia Wilderness? Cumberland Island National Seashore Completes Annual Count

Jun 24th - 08:33am | Valerie

I have not been to Cumberland Island as if yet. I didn't even know that it exists. However I am planning on coming this summer to see these beautiful horses. I wish stupid people would leave these horses alone. This country would not be the same without them. They are in their natural habitat. Even in the wuld there is hunger and death at times, but that is what happens in captivity as well.

Photographing National Parks: A Guide For Scouting And Shooting America's Most Cherished Lands

Jun 23rd - 19:13pm | Rebecca Latson ...

I thought I replied awhile ago, but apparently not. Anyway, my bad, Mr. Luong. Thank you for keeping me an honest woman.  I was exaggerating to make a point.  I used search terms on Amazon such as "photography" and "national parks" and did pull up thousands of publications dealing with photography and national parks.

Jun 23rd - 14:17pm | QT Luong

The reviewer makes it sound like there are already tons of books about photographing the national parks. There are books about the national parks that feature photography (of course). There are quite a few books (and e-books) about photographing a particular national park. There are books about photographing a particular geographic area, which happen to include some national parks.

Jun 23rd - 13:23pm | FRANCES THOMPSON

I am so eager to own a copy of this new publication as soon as it is available in August 2015.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore To Adjust Wildlife Boundaries

Jun 23rd - 18:05pm | beachdumb

Buxton, why weren't these possibilities documented before?

Jun 23rd - 18:02pm | beachdumb

The staff didn't cave, they got to use common sense and reasonableness. No one has or will drive on the dunes, it's never been allowed. ORV access is different here, meant to get families and beach gear to remote areas.

Jun 22nd - 21:16pm | rmackie

It looks like the the staff caved in here, I hope that is not the case. It is important that the that the endangered species of the area are not compromised.

Jun 22nd - 19:45pm | Rick B.

I guess it's like the old story of "how long is too long depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on". What's a problem for a chick trying to live is different from what's a problem for a guy driving on the dunes.

Jun 22nd - 19:03pm | Buxton

The usual, chicks being run over by vehicles when they try to hide in the ruts. Birds run off their nests by vehicles that sort of thing. It will eventually get docummented if these regs stand.

Jun 22nd - 15:03pm | beachdumb

Never was a problem before, what problems do you expect?

Jun 20th - 05:28am | Buxton

I expect there will be some problems allowing vehicles along the ocean shoreline with unfledged chicks.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Beach At Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Jun 23rd - 11:30am | Jim Burnett

Wild places - The site has undergone some major changes in the past week or so. There have been problems posting comments, so one this is a test :-) Kurt has his tech team working on this. One big change - the most recent comment on a thread will be on "top" of the "stack"  of those posted, so you don't have to scroll down through a long series of posts to see the latest ones.

Jun 23rd - 10:59am | wild places

Is the web site experiencing problems or modifying the format? Appearance is a little different and comments were not working. Just checking to see if it's my computer or something at NPT.

Visiting Dinosaur National Monument's Quarry Exhibit Hall

Jun 22nd - 21:02pm | Lee Dalton

I could barely hear it too. The first few moments, Kurt's introduction comes through fine, but narrative through the rest of the video is almost completely inaudible even with volume turned up as high as possible at my computer.

Jun 22nd - 20:17pm | Acadia on my mind

Must have just been a glitch on the smartphone. Thanks for checking, and glad to see Web site is allowing comments again. Cleaner look with the new Web design, making it easier to surf - thanks for thinking of us users!

Jun 22nd - 08:18am | Kurt Repanshek

Volume is working on our end, Acadia, so not sure what the issue is.

Jun 21st - 08:57am | Acadia on my mind

Couldn't hear anything when played the YouTube video, although I checked volume settings on this end. Hope it's something that can be fixed on NPT'S end? Just shared it with friends who volunteer at the monument. Never thought of Dinosaur National Monument as something for the bucket list, but NPT'S reports from there - volume or not - are making us rethink that.

Should Anything Be Done With Angel's Landing?

Jun 20th - 20:25pm | Lee Dalton

Here's a recent article from the Salt Lake Tribune that might interest some readers:

Reader Participation Day: Would You Support A Reservation System For Visiting National Parks?

Jun 19th - 21:05pm | Robert0117

For most the planning and expense to visit National Parks is considerable. Hundreds of miles of travel, gas, airlines, motels, camping fees, etc. etc. It would be very nice to be assured that when you arrive you can visit the park. So for that reason, I would support a reservation system where the parks are turning people away.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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