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Traveler's View: Federal Lands Poised To Suffer Under Next Interior Secretary

Dec 9th - 09:18am | Harryb3570

For those reader who are interested in learning about the long history of the National Park Service I recommend you visit for additional information. I have about 20,000 reports and documents on this site all pertaining to the National Park Service and parks. Reading these documents will put the discussion of the possible impact of the Trump Administration in historic context.

Dec 9th - 08:31am | ecbuck

Well Rick, since I don't know who Darius Rubics is,  I doubt I cited him.  But then, you do like to hear what you want to hear so you can make your attacks.  

Dec 9th - 07:55am | Lee Dalton

" I am looking forward to the change and hope for the best.+" Gee, weren't HOPE and CHANGE bad words for the last eight years? I just HOPE we get through the next four and don't expect much CHANGE. I won't be surprised at all if the next NPS director comes from the upper management levels of Disneyland, Busch Gardens, or Universal Studios.

Dec 9th - 06:28am | Harryb3570

Interesting thoughts on this subject but I think we will just have to wait and see what happens. I continue to think that the change of administrations will have a positive impact on the management of our national parks. The years under the Obama administration with Jarvis and his friends in control of the national park system have not been good.

Dec 9th - 00:08am | Rick B.

Thanks, Al, for the advice, but already did it. After studying management in college initially I spent a decade or so in the corporate world. Hated it but partially vested a pension. At age 40 I went back to follow my dream and calling, got a nursing degree and spent the next 20 years in medicine. Saved a lot of lives, literally, improved even more, and retired 5-6 years ago.

Dec 8th - 21:34pm | ecbuck

It's just economics, ya?  If it makes realtors obsolete? Ya.  It will be up to realtors to add value to keep themselves relevant, and valuable.  It won't be up to the government to force people to pay realtors.  

Dec 8th - 21:07pm | Lee Dalton

Esteemed Comrade, do you have any idea what really happens to workers who can't find a job that pays living wages?  Try volunteering to help and you will have plenty of opportunities to meet them and learn that they are not always the "parasites" that some of our hate groups pretend them to be.

Dec 8th - 21:05pm | Lee Dalton

Ah so . . . . now have you heard of a new website called Homie that will make realtors obsolete?  It's just economics, ya?

Dec 8th - 20:59pm | ecbuck

do you have any idea what really happens to workers who can't find a job that pays living wages? Yes, they either obtain the skills that help them find jobs that provide living wages or they live the consequences of not doing so.  If they demand ( or the government forces) wages that aren't justified, the jobs go away or are replaced by robots. 

Dec 8th - 20:11pm | ecbuck

Lee, do you have any concept of what happens to workers whose wages are more than the value they add?  Hint:  The whole concept of a "living wage" is fake news.  

Dec 8th - 19:08pm | Lee Dalton

We are already seeing America's new version of greatness playing out.  Today, among other things, The Tweeter in Chief tweeted an appointment for Secretary of Labor who feels that many American wages are too high.  However, the appointee has stated that anyone who cannot find a job providing a living wage will be able to receive free catsup on any hamburgers they buy at Hardee's or Ca

Dec 8th - 17:54pm | ecbuck

Rick, perhaps that is what you wanted to hear but that is not what I said.  I suggested it as a possibility and did not state it as fact so there is nothing for me to prove.  

Dec 8th - 17:45pm | Alfred Runte

Rick, what you think you know about European history is sadly lacking in the facts. But yes, you are right. The sickness that is now the American university is confident that Donald Trump is Adolph Hitler. No brown shirts, of course, and no SS. No concentration camps that I can see. But hey, why spoil a good rant with the facts?

Dec 8th - 16:12pm | Kurt Repanshek

Just a friendly remindernudge from the moderator to try to stay civil.....

Dec 8th - 16:10pm | Rick B.

Sorry, Al. When i try to trudge my way through your standard-issue overly written post, i can't help but think "apologist/enabler of trump publish or perish many words to say apologist/enabler of trump". Tenured historians of the future, if they are allowewd to, will make point by point comparisons of Hitler's rise and Trump's rise.  

Dec 8th - 15:57pm | Lee Dalton

How much of Tweet's win may have been due to voters who were so frustrated with both parties that when it came time to vote voted for him as protest believing he had no chance of winning.  How many of those folks are now wondering what the heck happened.  Ron and Alfred are both right because the bottom line of it all is the this nation --- and its ordinary citizens have been slipping

Dec 8th - 15:47pm | ecbuck

That is right Rick, nobody with a vested interest voted for Hillary.  LOL.  By the way, what is my vested interest?  The only ones that are clueless are the ones like Pelosi and Reid that think Trump won because his supporters were clueless (or deplorable).  But keep thinking that way - it will lead to a long run for the Republicans.  

Dec 8th - 15:21pm | Alfred Runte

Intolerance, Rick? Yesterday you were the one implying that an African-American surgeon lacked the skills and experience to be running HUD. A master demagogue, Ron? I believe it was Hillary Clinton who called the working class "deplorables" and "irredeemables." Yes, I would agree that Adolph Hitler was a master demagogue. Both the term and the history fit. But the term fits nothing about Mr.

Dec 8th - 14:27pm | Rick B.

Nope. There are the other two groups that make up your minority of the votes. Those who have a vested interest in some way and ignore the ethics and those who are too clueless and just follow what they are misinformed about. I figure you for the first group.

Dec 8th - 14:22pm | ecbuck

Rick, so you really believe half the country is into fear, intolerance and bullying?  Keep thinking so and we will keep electing officials with an R by their name.

Dec 8th - 13:29pm | Rick B.

Ron - I agree with you. Trump's win had everything to do with fear, intolerance, and bullying. As long as these are the tactics of the right, closer comes the day when they find how painful the equal and opposite reaction will be.    

Dec 8th - 12:43pm | ecbuck

Ron - the media has you blinded.  Trumps win had nothing to do with fear, intolerance or bullying.  As long as the left continues to believe that to be the case, the Republicans will win at the voting booth.  

Dec 8th - 12:37pm | rmackie

Lee, I also respect Dr. Runte and many of his accomplishments. That said, I disagree with his post. Mr. Trump is a master demagogue, at least in my view. he taped into the politics of fear, intolerance, bullying, beyond the pale attacks on anyone in disagreement.

Dec 8th - 12:12pm | Lee Dalton

While I agree with much of what Dr. Runte wrote above, I must doubt the last sentence: "Well, at least he seems to understand the working class." I'm not at all sure of that.

Dec 8th - 11:59am | Alfred Runte

Lee, along with the interminable election cycle Kurt describes, we have a veritable maze of checks and balances. In his own frustration, President Obama reached for executive orders, only to find that the courts rarely went along. Mr. Trump will find the same. Sure, he is not about to appoint a cabinet from Portlandia. No matter, they, too, will have no choice but to obey the rules.

Dec 7th - 20:30pm | Lee Dalton

We are facing either a promising future or a major disaster. At this point, I find very little about which to be optimistic.

Dec 7th - 20:27pm | ecbuck

Kurt - I was making a general observation not a comment specific to the Traveler.  I think you do a good job of destingishing opinion pieces from those that are reporting the news.      

Dec 7th - 18:15pm | Kurt Repanshek

Al, many times the process is part of the event. If it weren't, we wouldn't have had to endure the past 18 months of campaigning.

Dec 7th - 18:13pm | Kurt Repanshek

Not saying that you're casting aspersions, EC, but the Traveler long has committed itself to the following:

Dec 7th - 18:07pm | Alfred Runte

Okay, Rick. Let's talk about "experience." Do I first need to jump off the Empire State Building to know that it would hurt? Ben Carson, a distinguished brain surgeon, has no "qualities" he can bring to HUD?

Dec 7th - 17:18pm | ecbuck

Reporters should report the facts as they are with no agenda or intent to influence.  Commentators have broader latitude and can legitamately interject their own opinions with the intent to influence.  It's important that journalist and the audience know which is which.  Unfortunately there has been far to much commentary and very little actual reporting.  

Dec 7th - 16:38pm | Kurt Repanshek

Al looks at events through the lens of an historian, which is rightly so. Journalists look through a different lens. They typically are asked to analyze and condense what is happening now, on a daily basis...not wait for it to happen and then go back and analyze the aftermath.

Dec 7th - 16:01pm | Rick B.

OK, Al. Personally, I find you losing credibility with each sentence you add to this., other than "Of course, I could be wrong. The point is: Speculation is merely that".  

Dec 7th - 15:41pm | Alfred Runte

The point is, Rick. President Obama snubbed anyone the moment that someone disagreed with him. Barely a month after the election, President-Elect Trump has met with his staunchest critics, up to and including Al Gore. That shows me a man who wants to govern, not just give a speech.

Dec 7th - 15:36pm | Ray Bane

PE Trump just picked Scott Pruitt, OK attorney general, to be the head of the EPA.  Mr. Pruitt has a record of attacking efforts to address global warming, particularly those dealing with fossil fuels.  This is equivalent to having the fox guard the hen house.  Not a promising sign for the parks.  

Dec 7th - 14:46pm | Lee Dalton

I agree with Dr. Runte insofar as his comment about what sound bites have done to thinking. Now we will have governing by Tweetings.

Dec 7th - 14:01pm | Rick B.

Hehehehe. So sorry President Obama snubbed you. Obviously, with monitoring Saturday Night Live and skipping intelligence briefings, Trump has chosen prioritizing you better. Hehehehe.

Parks Canada Wants Input From Canadians On How Their Parks Should Be Protected, Presented

Dec 9th - 06:16am | Harryb3570


Great Smoky Mountains National Park To Reopen Friday

Dec 8th - 21:56pm | Gary Wilson

While the great forests of the Great Smokies will return... I recommend people stay out of Gatlinburg.  The disaster zone is not safe for public consumption.  I was just in it today. Stay in Pigeon Forge, stay in Bryson City, stay in Cosby, stay in Maggie Valley, stay in Cherokee, stay in Townsend.  STAY OUT OF GATLINBURG!

UPDATED: Congress Trying To Pass National Park Service Centennial Act

Dec 8th - 10:39am | Anonymous

I'm with the NPCA. In THIS or the upcoming Congress?!? I'll take this bone, in recognition that even a broken watch is right twice a day.

Dec 8th - 08:58am | Tom Banks

I'm for it. While it's not quite "half a loaf," Better to have a slice of bread than no loaf of bread at all. It's a first step that will add value. John Muir said, "Everyone needs beauty as well as bread. Places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike."

Traffic 'Queuing' Could Slow Your Drive Along Grand Teton National Park's Moose-Wilson Road

Dec 8th - 10:37am | Anonymous

...charter to the park...   I'm unaware of what park charter you are speaking of. Parks don't generally have charters, I'm not aware of one. Are you meaning the Congressional law establishing the park? If so, the road was a wagon track when that happened.

Dec 7th - 21:06pm | Troy

I visited this section this year.  A lot of people use this as a pass through rather than slowing down to look at wildlife.  The plan seems to be a good plan.  Restricting access during high peak times is necessary to protect the resources.  Best advice anyone can give is get there early.  You probably won't see a lot of wildlife in peak times.

Dec 7th - 19:27pm | William Baehr

If  any visitors  to the Park should be limited it should be foreign visitors not US Citizens. The National Parks are for the enjoyment of the American People and the American People should be given priority in Park visitation ques.

Dec 7th - 19:23pm | William Baehr

I agree. The charter of the Park mandates Moose-Wilson Road to be open to the People. 

Dec 7th - 12:02pm | Anonymous

I despise this plan almost as much as I despise the Yellowstone Winter Adaptive Management Plan. Solving a problem that exists largely in people's imagination. -Extremely liberal park supporter

New Pier Opens At Santa Cruz Island In Channel Islands National Park

Dec 7th - 16:48pm | Kurt Repanshek

Good catch, Dan. We got it fixed. Thanks.

Dec 7th - 16:44pm | Dan Wakelee

This pier is on Santa Cruz Island (as stated in the text of the article) not Santa Rosa as stated in the headline

Olympic National Park's Mountain Goat Population Grows Past 600 Animals

Dec 7th - 15:15pm | Forest Shomer

But it IS possible to know with certainty that the Olympic Mountains were part of the native range of wolves, and that wolves predate upon mountain goats. Anyone opposing a NPS management strategy to keep mountain goats from devouring the entire alpine flora, would necessarily have to advocate for reintroduction of wolves.

Mount Rainier, “A Significant Winter Playground”

Dec 7th - 13:19pm | Peter Aschenbrenner

For this easterner, these lower reaches of Mt. Rainier truly are a skier's paradise. Thanks for the great photos & article, Gary.

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