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  • Leadership Summit: Building For the Future   6 years 26 weeks ago

    "Our children have been seduced by the dark side of video games," Park Service Director Mary Bomar said at one point. "Is there anyone surprised that more Americans know Homer Simpson's home town than Abraham Lincoln's? Yes, Springfield (Ill.).

    "... We are locked in battle to make sure that we get the hearts and minds of Americans back, to re-engage the American public with their national parks."

    Since when is it the job of the NPS director to be "locked in battle" over the hearts and minds of anyone? Why doesn't she stick to the more mundane task of preserving and managing the resources under her agency's purview and leave the task of attracting visitors to the free market?

    I also don't think it is Mary Bomar's role to fight the "dark" forces that are supposedly seducing America's young away from a wholesome frolic in Yosemite and resulting in more awareness of Homer Simpson than Abe Lincoln. If you want to point fingers Mary you might want to start with our wonderful government run schools.

    I urge Ms. Bomar to refocus her energies on the less glamorous job of making sure that park roads are free of potholes, that hungry bears and raccoons are staying out of garbage dumps and that the toilets are clean and flushing properly along the Blue Ridge Parkway. You need to leave the winning of hearts and minds to someone else.

    Mary, from where I sit it seems that you've got more than enough on your plate to keep you plenty busy. Before you start reaching into realms you have no business posturing on why don't you get your own house in order first!

  • Yellowstone Bison Population Healthy; Montana Priming For Hunts   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Of all meat sources, buffalo is by far the healthiest. Per gram, or ounce for the metrically challenged, it ranks as lowest in fat, highest in protein and is very tasty. But I'll continue to obtain mine as I have for years, from private buffalo farms well beyond the borders of the park service, thank you very much. They're still free-range animals on the farm, and require such treatment to maintain their limited content of fat. Good genetics don't hurt either, which is why cattle can't compare.

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Congradulations Katmai bear hunters, you have replaced my previous perception of an un-talanted, un-educated, and un-ethical hunter. In the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, where I currently reside, deer hunters had once held the dubious honor due to their relentless "baiting" tactics, which in many cases take place no more than 50 yards from thier heated blinds where coffee pots steam and hunting videos play on their portable televisions. I used to think this was un-ethical, at least many of these hunters use the meat to feed their families. These so-called hunters in Katmai just want a trophy prize without actually haveing to earn a trophy animal. I am a hunter, but I believe I hun the right way. Hunting should be hard, the more difficult the hunt, the more rewarding. Buying a license, having a guide company fly you in, eating breakfast, and then shooting an eating bear no more than 50 yards or less away that has grown accustomed to people all summer long is not sport...and your kidding yourself if you think it is... So once again CONGRADULATIONS on your dubious accomplishment.

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Formerly a proud ALaskan, I now live in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan where deer hunting takes precedence over virtually all aspects of life at the end of October and throughtout November. While I do hunt, I am against all forms of baiting (unless you depend of the deer meat to feed your family which many people do in this area). I have heard stories from other so-called hunters who shoot deer from the comfort of thier blinds, sipping on a cup of coffee seconds before and after they pull the trigger. This is not hunting! I hunt for the pure enjoyment of being out of doors and interacting with nature, rarely do I shoot anything, if ever. Hunting these bear in Katmai is less of a challenge than shooting a deer that has been baited for months over the summer and fall. I used to think this type of hunter was weak, cowardly, lazy, and not a true sportsman. NOW I BELIVE THOSE WHO HUNT GRIZZLY BEAR IN KATMAI HAVE DEFINED THEMSELEVS AS UNAPPRECIATIVE, UN-SPORTSMAN LIKE, AND UNABLE TO HUNT LIKE REAL MEN....CONGRADULATIONS KATMAI HUNTERS...

  • Federal Real ID May (Not) Be Required For Park Visit   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I 'googled' this site after a confrontation I had yesterday at a Social Security office in Iowa. Going to the office to report my mother's death I was immediately met in the 10x10 waiting room by an armed SS guard (Dept of Social Security was on his badge). After my wife presented her driver's license I questioned the guard why this was necessary. He abrubtly stated it was a requirement at all federal facilities and because there was a sign posted at the entrance. Before reacting (or over-reacting) I decided to research this violation of my freedoms to walk into a public facility (non-fee). Here are my conclusions: (Btw: This relates to the NPS system blog at the bottom)

    1.) EVERY instance needs to be challenged despite the convienance (or lack of) instead of trying to organize on a large scale. Organization on large scales are important but individual refusal to accept totalitarianism is fundamental. Doing right is always more important than doing what is easy (in this case doing nothing).

    2.) The recent case of the woman riding a public bus to work, and her subsequent arrest, through a federal facilty will provide some light on how serious this will be as the DHS is going to start needing 'case-laws' for future violators of this 'law'.

    3.) If you think this is about the war on terror, then you are an idiot. The war on terror is a fabricated enemy to keep us in fear and the need for a strong government with its surveilance, policing, and intelligence agencies. How will we know when we've won? Seriously people, instead of viewing porn on your internet, research ALL the inconsistencies of the 9/11 'attack'. If it was by terrorists, why hasn't anything happened since then? Are our security measures SO amazing that we've eliminated every single possible majot/minor terrorist action since 2001? Possibly research the recent transfer of armed nuclear weapons from Minot AFB, ND to Louisiana LEAK that resulted in every single person involved inthe leak dying of mysterious deaths since Aug 30, 2007 (leak date) (ie, car accidents, plance accidents, heathly people dying of cancer, etc). Point: SOME people are speculating that the low-grade weapons were not intended for Iran but to secretly be detonated on OUR soil to give the war on terror new 'life'.

    4.) To the person that said they don't mind because the government already has our information, wants them to know what parks are getting the traffic, and .. since the corporations have already been collecting personal data on us for year ... that it is okay. Repsonse: OMG!! You have serious trust and/or lack of discernment issues. You are, or also probably surround yourself with, victims that are constantly being 'enabled' and never cured.

    5.) Lastly, you all are concerned about the welfare of the NPS but it is just microscopic compared to the bigger things that are going on. Below are to google video sites that should be viewed. Once you see eith of these you will stand up against EVEN the idea of an encroachment of our freedoms ... in any area.

    Directors cut (AWESOME):

    15 minute PROMO (Very Good):

    I look forward to your replies: I dare you to watch the/a above video(s) and see what your think about the Real ID Card in our 'national' park system.

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Anonymous, thanks for mentioning that information and thank You for your great comment. Katmai Lover, I am very familiar that region and where the hunting camps are set up is very close to where the bears have been feeding on salmon for the last 4 months. remember that it wasn't that long ago the Alaska Board of Fish and Game moved the bear hunting season up from the middle of October to October one. This no doubt left the bears stuck at the end of their feeding season in larger concentrations for obvious reasons. very easy pickens for bear hunters indeed!!! I agree totally with the comment just above, this is nothing more than a duck pond shoot! I do think the Alaska Board of Fish and Game will come around and do the right thing in Katmai National Preserve and limit or eliminate the easy slaughter of bears in this region. I do understand why the hunting outfitters love this because it's very easy money for them and easy prey for their clients, but I think it's time for us to have a shred of dignity and humanity and do what's right! Alaska Board of Fish and Game, please concider moving the bear hunt out of GMU 9C 703? Thank You!

  • Yellowstone Bison Population Healthy; Montana Priming For Hunts   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Gunner Jack: Ever hear of a Polish rifle? The barrel is bent towards the hunter...use it on this hunt. Just joking! Seriously, in all candor, this a issue where the forestry range managers should work in dire effort to expand the rangeland for the buffalo...beautiful animal! The question is, how do we appease and convince the Montana rhinestone cowboys to give up some of there prime rangeland to enhance the health of the buffalo. Who came first...cowboy or buffalo? This is nothing more then a turkey shoot for the fabulous 38. Enjoy the easy pickens!

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Katmai Lover, the Craighead Wilderness Institute in Montana whom specializes in wildlife studies would be a great source of help. Highly praised for their work in bear and animal research in Northern America. But, I doubt the Alaskan Board of Game, or the National Park Service would allow them to look at their sloppy book keeping and data (privilege information?) on the bear population in Katmai. This is a sensationalized story that should of been sought out sooner. I applaud the NPT and the media for bringing this story forth. Again, this actually is what this story implies: a unethhical bear hunt that amounts to nothing more "then easy pickens"! Now for the Buffalo fiasco in Yellowstone National Park...another unethical duck pond hunt!

  • What is YOUR Favorite Park Experience?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I agree with Frank--difficult to choose just one. Most recently, I remember that a Park Service Law Enforcement Ranger found me and a friend staring slack-jawed at the base of a cliff, playing an amateur game of guess-the-petroglyph. Apparently, he decided our water bottles, tank tops, and sneakers made us unlikely pothunters, and spent the next hour leading us on an unofficial, on-the-trail, but not-in-the-guidebook, tour of New Mexico’s mysterious Chaco Culture National Historical Park. We saw oyster shells embedded in desert rocks, and discovered ancient etchings of small men, snakes, and mountain lions. Later, as the sun set, we examined a pile of rocks next to the Pueblo Bonito ruins. How many other visitors had walked past these same red-orange rocks and not noticed that the curvature of the rock pile echoed the rolling mountain peaks in the distance? He urged us to stay for the night sky program (trust me--you’ve never seen so many stars as you see at Chaco!) and then climbed in his truck and drove off. We counted the jackrabbits darting across the road, and then counted our lucky stars. Thanks, Ranger John.

  • Yellowstone Bison Population Healthy; Montana Priming For Hunts   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Thanks for the info on what sounds like a great hunting opportunity. Bison meat is good meat, low in fat.
    Here's my rifle:
    What do y'all carry?

  • Yellowstone Bison Population Healthy; Montana Priming For Hunts   6 years 26 weeks ago

    "Flight connection?" Don't jets cause global warming?
    But I guess you don't fly in your own private jet like Algore. lol....

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Chris Day wrote "Overflying the area before landing we observed nine hunting camps. Every camp without exception had bears within 200 yards of their tents ". Doesn't that sound like A LOT of bears in one area? Maybe too many? I don't buy the argument stated Oct. 17 by Anonymous that "big money" is the reason we don't have any numbers on the Katmai bear population. I don't see a big effort by the authors of this article to find out about bear population trends in Katmai, and that is disappointing. There is a way to get people interested in proper management and conservation, and THIS IS NOT IT. Conservation groups are a good idea and I'm glad groups like the NPCA exist, but NPCA should support their cause with sound data, not sensationalized articles. If this bear hunt is cruel and unethical, then it is also cruel and unethical for wind turbines to kill birds.

  • NPS Director Bomar Not Inclined to Overturn Yellowstone's Snowmobile Backing   6 years 26 weeks ago

    " compromise the scenery and the natural and historic objects and to harrass the wildlife therein and to impede the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them forever impaired solely for the eternal amusement of a handful of knuckleheads in annoying fart machines."

  • The Consequences of the Legal Bear Hunt in Katmai   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Is hunting baby deer legal?

  • Katmai Bear Hunt: Outfitter Says It's No Walk in the Woods   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Wow Anonymous---Do you realize Congresspeople do not listen to people named anonymous? Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous do not get to vote and for that reason they are not heard. For your information, I also did not appreciate the hunt that was portrayed in this particular video.

  • Yellowstone Bison Population Healthy; Montana Priming For Hunts   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Thanks for pointing out the error, Jim. That's what happens when you're trying to get a post up and not miss your flight connection.

  • Yellowstone Bison Population Healthy; Montana Priming For Hunts   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Yellowstone buffalo, like elk, are probably at numbers well beyond their historic numbers within Yellowstone. The problem is that bison have not been allowed to expand their range. I fear for the buffalo this winter caught in the usual pissing match among humans and their proprietary claims.

    FYI, your article is in error. The NPS has claimed that there are 4,700 bison after the summer count (just below the 4,900 record). After last summer, the count was 3,900. The NPS news release is at

    Jim Macdonald
    The Magic of Yellowstone
    Yellowstone Newspaper
    Jim's Eclectic World

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Thank You Channel 2 News, Magen and everyone else for an oustanding job. Yes the video is but just a short epic of what's going on out on Katmai viewed by some as biased and not telling the whole story. Well, to show the rest of the story would be to show even more grotesque slaughter of the bears in this region on Katmai National Preserve. Rest asure, that is not the only footage and images of whats going on out there. The rest of the filming will surface when it's most appropriate. The eyes and ears are everywhere bear hunters and evry move is being recorded and documented.

  • NPS Director Bomar Not Inclined to Overturn Yellowstone's Snowmobile Backing   6 years 26 weeks ago

    The fact that she has the chutzpah to keep a straight face after having just spent $10 million on a snowmobile "study" is reason enough to dismiss whatever lock-step she is keeping with her fellow bureaucrats in support of the insupportable. In fact, I think this is an extremely useful illustration of the folly that is inherent in the continued support of this agency to manage wilderness much less picnic tables or rest rooms.

    As for Mary's adoration of the mean Management Policies (the sacred capitalization emanating from her official statement, not mine) should come as no surprise. This is the modus operandi of an unresponsive bureaucracy: wantonly spend $10 million of the taxpayers money on a "study" and then blatantly ignore their input before stonewalling when confronted with a reasoned response. I couldn't make a better argument for wholesale change in the NPS if I spent of a month of Sundays on it.

    Thanks for the vivid display of bureaucratic arrogance Mary. You're making my point about the bankruptcy of your agency way better than I ever could!

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Sam, and pro bear kill significant others, it's quite obvious that your all upset about this videos pathetic contents in which it displays: the gross unethical slaughter of a innocent animal at feed. Your simply upset because it displays a open picture, or a small scope of the major UNETHICAL practices of hunting in Alaska. This video is a small mirror in what is truly happening in Alaska (ask the native Alaskan Indians) as far as illegal and gross mis-management practices of it's NOT so infinite resources. The BOG and the other Alaskan wildlife services have not provided enough data to the general public about the status of the Katmia bear population and else where. Why would they? The boards are stack with pro gut pile hunters who nourish and relish the fact that a bear trophy is a nice attraction for big bucks. It's not about sound and sane game's about about a resource for BIG MONEY!! Why don't we get the famous Craighead Institute from Montana involved in this, and see what they say about this video Sam.

  • NPS Director Bomar Not Inclined to Overturn Yellowstone's Snowmobile Backing   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I will absolutely honor and obey the Management Policies.

    Commandment #11: Honor and obey thy Management Policies.

    Let's all bow down to the sacred Management Policies and not question their validity or purpose. To question would be blasphemous. We must honor them absolutely.

    No wonder the NPS is so ineffectual: dogma, the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization, thought to be authoritative and not to be disputed or doubted.

  • Alaska Regional Director Responds To Outrage Over Katmai Preserve Bear Hunt   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Living with Bears, there are people writing comments who are native Alaskans and have years of experience living with bears and spending time out on Katmai. I personally get my information from many of these people some of them bear biologists. I have also been coming to Alaska for many years and some years twice. Over the past 8-9 years there has been a steady decline in bear numbers in GMU 9C 703 and I get some of that information by spending time out there year after year. When I'm out on Katmai, I trek for miles every day. How many of those wealthy bear hunters do you think are Alaskan natives? I bet NONE!! My family and I spend double the amount of money each and evry year on Alaska's economy than any bear hunter and it's already been pointed out to you that Katmai National Preserve is a public park and I've paid my park dues. you just read the comment from FACT, a native Alaskan who stated plenty of facts for you. I'm currious where you get your factual information? of course being the wife of a bear hunting guide your's must be the most accurate!! You don't have to have cancer to know it's bad and wrong. Once again pay attention to the isses people are upset about.. shooting the bears while they're still at th their dinner table. Moving the hunting season up to October one was the stupidist thing that could have been done. Most are not asking for the bear hunting to be stopped, just moved away from this region.

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    This video has about as much credibilty as Algore's POS.
    It figures that all you enviros believe it! LOL!!!!

  • Alaska Regional Director Responds To Outrage Over Katmai Preserve Bear Hunt   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Living with Bears. I do live in Alaska, in Fact I was born here. Where are you from. I have spent over Twenty years in the Katmai Park and Preserve. In all that time have never seen an over population of Brown Bears. Just a declining population, more so since 1999 when the hunting season was moved forward. Katmai Park was set-up in 1918 by President Teddy Rosevelt to protect the Brown Bears. The Presrve was laidout in 1981 as part of ANLCA. The way that the bear counts are done there is NO science to it. They fly a pattern and if they see ten bears they say there must be fifty. ( Using thier formula). The higher the supposed bear numbers the more they can kill. The Katmai Preserve is about 300 sq. miles. GMU 9C 703 is about 25 sq. miles. Let the hunters go to the far west end of the Preserve where the bears are not as use to being close to humans.

  • What is YOUR Favorite Park Experience?   6 years 26 weeks ago

    My very first night in the desert. Jumbo Rocks campground in Joshua Tree NP (then NM) in early May. A perfect day, a perfect evening with the round sand stones glowing deep red in the last light. And me on top of one of them. Then the night, still a bit chilly, with all the stars you can see in the desert but never in the city. Up again before sunrise, looking far out in the desert in the clearest air possible, the light had a blue hue in the last minutes before the sun crossed the horizon. In the next twenty minutes I was busy taking pictures of Joshua Trees as silhouettes against the sky, the sun, the barren land, the rocks and the other bizarre desert vegetation.