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  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I remember that! I picked up a bunch of those bags of Doritos and threw them in my truck and put them in the dumpster at the beach entrance. Thats a habit of all the fishermen I know, picking up trash found on the beach. I love going to the Outer Banks and using my truck to access the beach that is offered to me.

  • Researchers Say Meteorite Impact Created Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park   6 years 26 weeks ago

    This is a cool find! I was just up there this past summer. Glad to see some research taking place in the park, and being published too!!

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Snowbird, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that you truly want free and open beaches for all with a balanced plan in place to allow for the native wildlife to flourish unfettered by human involvement.

    If the course that we are currently on, with a judge who has shown that he leans one way more than the other, is seen through without some common sense applied to the situation. Access to all seashore in the Cape Hatteras Seashore Recreational area will be denied, at a minimum for the next three years. This is the projected time frame for completing an accepted and agreed upon management plan for the park.

    In three years how much of the local economy do you think will have survived? Perhaps your thoughts are, the strong will survive or perhaps you think that it can't possibly suffer that much in just three years. This summer the tourist from all over North America will descend on the Outer banks only to discover to there dismay that they can't go to the beach driving or walking. This is what the Plaintiffs in the Lawsuit are after. They won't make return reservations for 2009. This fall the fishermen and wildlife enthusiast won't return. The local economies depend on these two events for their very survival. When the tourist industry on Cape Hatteras crashes it will open the door for whom. I can assure you it won't be tree huggers. It will be investors with an eye toward development. If you understand the politics and the economics of a state such as California perhaps you think that this would never be allowed. But this isn't California its North Carolina and this is not a rich state. Other than Charlotte and The triangle area the Outer banks provides a substantial part of the tax revenues for the state. Without this revenue the state will be desperate to replace these revenues. The investors with powerful political friends will have their way and the thing you claim to hate most will happen at Cape Hatteras. The unspoiled beauty of the Outer banks will be lost forever and it will become the next Myrtle Beach. Wonder what happened to the birds down there?

    I respect your passion and this is not an attack, but don't become blinded to the reality of life in the 21st century.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Jimmy, Big Red,Big El, Reel Beach User, Justwannafish, 525Mag, Bird Dog, Hatteras Lady, Longcaster, Former Environmentalist, Hannibal...................
    I wish I had your eloquence.........Anyone who cannot feel the passion of this group to preserve this perishable resource for all users and the users to come has missed the boat in more ways than one.

    Snowbird, This group and thousands of users at Cape Hatteras are distinctly better stewards of the environment than many that oppose ORV access for this reason.....these folks are not paid to be stewards they do the right things for the right reasons out of their own pockets !!

    NCBBA #5559 Life Member

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago


    You seem about as far left as it comes. So I must ask do you buy carbon credits? I suppose you drive an electric hybrid if you dont ride a bike.... those poor insects you must kil.. Do you walk to work? Are you a vegetarian? How dare you kill those plants then. Why are you using that terrible computer, don't you know that the production of plastics releases terrible toxins into the environment, and God knows its not all recycable? Speaking of God, are you him? you seem to know what is best for everyone else on earth, yet have shown zero knowledge other than your opinion, on quite frankly a place you only wished you could live in.

    In case you did'nt know these disgusting dirty beaches, were rated #1 in the country two years ago (with the gas guzzling suvs).

    And if you believe everything everyone tells you, including the Audobon society, and the DOW, I guess you also would agree with all the reasons we went to Iraq. And Everything Pres. Bush says must be fact.

    There is a reason a food chain exsists, and like it or not we are on the top. Well most of us anyways.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Dear Snowbird
    I have sat here and read all of your you say "over here in California" you are on the other side of the country ,never been to Cape Hatteras, and have never seen the beauty we all cherrish here ....never met the wonderful people you are commenting on , calasly talking of destroying their lives....Well I am one of those people who will lose everything if the beaches are closed to orvs business depends on it ..I will be forced into bakruptcy...My grandparents brought me here in the 60s..I have been coming here every since....I always wanted to live here , for the beauty , the incredible wildlife ,and ofcorse the fishing ....I saved and struggled to be able to do so .It took everything I had, to open my business ...I make an honest living, I am not getting rich by any means .But I am able to live in what I consider to be the most beautiful place in the world and have met some great people from all around the world....The DOW and the Audobaun are gonna end all of that ....I guess my concern is that the great people who ACTUALLY LIVE HERE ,don't is sad that this country has come to this point , Thanks again Snowbird for confirming that ...Its a sad situation for all of us ,for I will not be alone in losing everything.

  • Trekking to Dick Proenneke's Cabin in Lake Clark National Park   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Dick Proenneke left a wonderful legacy of self-reliance and living in harmony with nature. He was a true inspiration.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Snowbird06 sez;
    If one considers that 90% of are beaches in the world today are slowing dying from of lack of conscientious environment care, then I consider Cape Hatteras National Seashore is surely one of them. Now, get those oil dripping gas guzzling ORV's off the beaches. We have enough human crap fouling up the oceans today. Just asked any competent marine biologist.

    Do you live near any streams? Do you drive a car? Ever wonder where the water goes when it rains? Into the streams in many cases. Oil from your car (and millions of others) drips on the road and washes into the streams, streams go to the rivers, rivers to the sea. Which has more impact on the oceans? Trucks on the beach or cars on the road?

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    You keep asking the question how can vehicles be good for the beach environment. This is really not a valid point. You might ask the same question about yourself and anyone else. How is any human activity or even our existance good for the environment? What thing do any of us do that actually improves the natural environment? The point is you limit your adverse impact. I have been going to the outerbanks for over 20 years. I can tell you for an absolute certanty that my vehicle has always left with more trash than we brought. Most of the time it is trash that has washed in (I assume) from the village beaches or boats. I have seen and done it my self, people chase a windblown piece of trash 50 yards down the beach. The vast majority of beach drivers follow all regulations and are good stewards.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    It will be interesting if Judge Boyle takes into consideration the argument that the Intervenors for Dare & Hyde Co in NC that the Judge has no standing in dictating ORV management required by the Executive Orders. Their argument is he can order the Park Service to follow the Orders & develop a plan, which is being done with public input and thru NEPA as required by law. The Plaintiffs state the NPS has failed to develop a formal plan, which past superintendents have failed to do, but why should current park users suffer for their negligence?

    Active management by Superintendent Murray resulted in the best plover fledging in years, despite the sub-optimal habitat. As in years past, eggs & biddies were lost to storms and predation, not to ORV users. And the least terns, which are claimed to have disappeared have found a wonderful, and successful nesting site on a spoil island in Hatteras Inlet.

    If it were about the birds, NPS folks would shoo the birds away and hope they find Portsmouth Island and Cape Lookout National Seashore where there are miles of ideal habitat with excellent sound-side foraging areas for the chicks. Or create foraging areas around The Pond at Cape Point which has been off limit to ORV's for years.

    I'm fascinated with the mantra of oil-dripping ORVs. I've had a 4X4 since '73 and beginning with a Subaru Wagon in '83 I haven't seen the first drop of oil in my driveway.

    And Superintendent Murray's staff did an exhaustive job researching the name of the Seashore. And as pointed above, on the books it is still formally known as Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area.

    Finally as for the Organic Act and “Primitive Wilderness”, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge snapped up a big piece of the north end of Hatteras Island and is the most man-modified section of the Island - berms , impoundments, controlled fires, extermination of resident Canada Geese, etc, etc. Other than a few ramps, minimal paved parking areas, a few campgrounds (no complaints about these) and the areas around the Lighthouse, the land in the Seashore has remained in a primitive condition with the ORV tracks on the beach rubbed out regularly with storms.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I simply advocate let the courts decide the case and await for the decision and proceed from there. Perhaps ad-hoc committees can dissect the decision and hash it out intelligently with some guide lines that we ALL can live by. I'm all for sport fishing when a decent environment can be provide without hassling the wildlife in it's natural habitat. In fact, out here in California we lost the salmon industry due to "poor resource planning"...and hopefully this won't be the case at Cape Hatteras. I think Big Red has done some good homework on the subject here on this blog and would be a good point man to take it one step about it Big Red!? The ball is in your lap now!

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    So Snowbird...what do you suggest be done so that we can ALL get along?? because i completely agree with you.

  • Moonrise Over Crater Lake   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Well said Kurt...well said!

  • Snowmobilers Continue to Roam Illegally Into Yellowstone National Park   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Hopefully someone can come up with a solution for this problem. As for US 191 patrol, it seems to me that a public road, not necessarily a Park road, should be patrolled by local law enforcement folk instead of Rangers. We need our dwindling numbers of Rangers to protect the wildlife and the Park visitors, not be traffic cops.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I see the army coming after me but I won't flinch on my stand to help protect and stand for the preservation of all fur, fin and feather. I expect negative attacks coming at me, but that's part of the flack one takes for taking a hard stand. So, be it! As I said before, I did work in a similar environment like Cape Hatteras, but it was destroyed by over zealous politicians, planners and developers. So, I care about your backyard and other beautiful places (called our "crown jewels") and besides what makes your place so special that others can't debate and SHARE what can be (or at least contribute) done for the common good for the general environment at the Cape. Don't we all share the same common good to protect the environment from greed, rape and pillage? My back yard is your back if your willing to SHARE...and there's no need to be snotty about this Anonymous.
    I have spent a lifetime outdoors as a government employee, backpacker, mountain biker and mountain climber. I'm definitely not elitist in any sense of the word, nor a professional tree hugger, or a hardcore Earth First member, but a concerned private citizen who truly wishes to see the Cape develop a major masterplan that meets the basic needs for it's wildlife to survive without undue harm, and with hopes that it would meet the common needs of visitors. Like Rodney King once said: "Can't we ALL get along"!?

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    What is really not emphasized enough in any ofthtese posts is the extreme detrimenatl effect to those humans living on the island. And last time I checked our Heavenly Father placed humans on this earth to be the top of the pyramid, so to speak. It isn't just a few tackle shops that might go out of business. The entire economy of the island is based on the tourist industry and the greatest majority of that is based on surf fishing. Ride around and look at the rental homes, especially in the off season. The great majority of them have ORV's parked in their driveways with all the gear for surf fishing. The economic effect will begin wiht the tackle shops and like a domino will effect the rental industry, the restaurants, the motels, the other types of stores. People will be suddenly without jobs. As more and more businesses close, people who are native to the islands will be forced to leave the island altogether and that will begin to have an effect on the schools, the medical community, the public service agencies and obviously, the real estate industry.

    One must consider that Hatteras Island is a unique recreational area. It isn't just a running 60'ish miles of government owned land. There are 8 villages interspersed along that line of national seashore recreational area. Those villages were there BEFORE the land was given to the government..long before. You cannot now go in there, some 50 years later and take away everything that these people need to survive. It would be comparable to the formation of Yellowstone around 8 individual towns and then shutting off access to those towns. What becomes of the people? Are thier lives and their histories so insignificant?

    There is a marvelous history and culture to Hatteras Island that few people take the time to know. The natives are mostly descendants of shipwrecks off Diamond Shoals who scratched out a living on a sandbar. It is the home to submarine battles from WWII just off the coastline and before that the island played a pivotal role in the civil war. Some folks believe that Hatteras Island is the final destination of the Lost Colony and there is a great Native American Museum on the island to honor it's true original inhabitants.

    What a shame and a loss when the island becomes simply a ghost town due to the lack of access to the beaches that draw the visitors there time and time again.

    Doomsday? You bet 'ya. And anyone who doesnt believe that this is what the island will become has absolutely no idea of what Hatteras island is about and what make it work.

  • Moonrise Over Crater Lake   6 years 26 weeks ago


    I think you nailed it: Folks are passionate about the parks, and for so many varied reasons. When we stop being passionate about them, I think that's when we fail them.

  • Moonrise Over Crater Lake   6 years 26 weeks ago

    What a beautiful image of a beautiful park!

    I love these photos. It's nice with all the legitimate passionate disagreements this site offers on important concerns to our parks, the site also takes the time to remind us of what we passionately fight for: beautiful, sacred, culturally-significant lands.

    Thanks, NPT!

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Snowbird said: "Your crocodile tears don't slay me for I have seen enough damage in my own backyard from ORV's...and that angers me with tears."

    Well, the choice sounds clear to me - focus your efforts on your own backyard and stay out of ours. Ours has been doing quite well long before you or I were impacting anything.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Snow bird,

    You strike me, per your comments, as someone who doesn't get off the couch much. Forgive me if that stings but in order to offer a valid and informed comment on the current situation at Cape Hatteras National Recreational Park you need to have been there at least once.

    Do you live in a typical suburban neighborhood? How’s the wildlife doing? Are all the birds, insects, Turtles, snakes, worms and squirrels under stress and threatened by all the vehicle and pedestrian traffic that is typical in a suburban setting? Perhaps we should file a lawsuit to stop all vehicular and pedestrian traffic until an environmental impact study can be completed. Surely such a staunch defender of wildlife would be willing to give up your home and neighborhood on the slight chance that there might be a species of animal that is endangered by your impact on their environment.

    I would suggest that the patrons of Cape Hatteras National Recreational Park are far better stewards of the environment than you and your neighbors are of theirs. Visitors to Cape Hatteras National Recreational Park don't dump insecticides and fertilizers on the ground to enhance the unnatural beauty of their environment. Most if not all are respectful and deeply appreciate the natural wonder and beauty of such a dynamic and special place.

    My suggestion, for what it's worth, is for you to stop bloviating. and learn both sides thoroughly before offering up such a slanderous and unsubstantiated point of view.

    Have a nice day.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    God bless this wonderful country that allows such a freedom of speech even for uninformed persons such as "Snowbird". He is allowed his opinion without regards to it's merit.

    The shame of it all is that this we also have a freedom of litigation which allows lawsuits no matter how ignorant and unformed they may be.

    That category fits the DOW and Audobon, who imo have no real concept of the beaches, wildlife, park service, or people who inhabit and PROTECT and PRESERVE the very areas that they are trying to close. If they had a clue (which they don't) they would see that the very people whose access they are trying to prohibit are the real stewards of the seashore.

    How much money does the DOW and Audobon pull by promoting these ill-founded lawsuits? I bet they are giving themselves a good salary. What a scam they are.

    Good luck to the OBXers,

    Steve C.

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Get real, Ride a bike? on sand? and with all the tackle you would have to carry, oh but you would say we don't need the tackle cause we would be out to hurt the poor little fishes. You should really learn to think your way through life instead of FEELING everything. If you were to think intelligently about this whole thing you would see that we conserve and protect the flora and fauna of the outer banks as well as recreate. Like I said, GET REAL!!!!!!!

  • Researchers Say Meteorite Impact Created Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands National Park   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Boy, talk about finding a needle in a hay (salt) stack. Geologists have been hunting for coesite and stishovite evidence at Upheaval Dome for years to no avail. Finding shock quartz in Jurassic sandstones fills an important part of Upheaval Domes puzzle. The paper will make an interesting read. Great News!

  • Battle Mounts Over Off-Road Vehicles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Former environmentalist: I truly feel sorry for your doomsayer comments...pathetic but also sad! Nobody wants to lock stock your playland but only to see that there is a fine balance between man and wildlife, a masterplan that can be implemented to please all responsible parties at the Cape. Your crocodile tears don't slay me for I have seen enough damage in my own backyard from ORV's...and that angers me with tears.

  • House Parks Committee To Hold Hearing On ORVs on Federal Lands   6 years 26 weeks ago

    I definitely agree with Jack Gregory's (retired law-enforcement ranger for USFS) statement:" irresponsible off-roading has become such a menace that it is now the single greatest threat to the American environment". You can just see this about anywhere in the American landscape: from majestic mountains, to the expansive deserts, to are fragile wetlands and to are beautiful coastal beaches...a pitted chewed-up landscape from extreme excessive usage from reckless ORV drivers. Such disrespect for these special places tends to portray us as society of reckless irresponsible stewards of the land...or poor custodians of the earth if you will. Matthew Schwartz's photo caption for this article speaks well for my comments.