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  • The Consequences of the Legal Bear Hunt in Katmai   6 years 45 weeks ago

    I believe that the statements are not anti-hunting, but are against unethical hunting. I would guess that ethical hunters enjoy hunting because it provides meat for sustenance and a challenge for the mind and body. What joy or purpose is there in a hunt when the "prey" animals will walk within a few dozen feet of the hunter, totally uncaring of the hunter's presence, and when the hunter leaves the meat behind?

  • NPS' Washington Headquarters Supports Snowmobiles in Yellowstone   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Let's not shift the focus's NOT the George and Dick Show that created this mess. It's been EVERY administration in modern times. The Washington flag wavers have, without exception, continued to disregard their constituents when it comes to the issue of public lands.

    The last time folks in this country stood up to an unjust government, the slogan was "no taxation without representaion". Since that time, government has insulated itself from the masses and what was once a system to govern the masses has now become a system to rule them. The shameless and total contempt that our elected officials have demonstrated for the constituency in our land is infuriating. I honestly can't see anyone being duped by political rhetoric after the being first-hand witnesses to the actions and policies of those who have spoken so plainly by their deeds. Whatever happened to the 60's mantra, "Question authority" and all the demonstrations against politcal tyranny? Oh yeah, the leaders of those groups are now sitting in various political offices, aren't they? I guess tyranny abroad is the only one worthy of fighting against.

    But hey, after all, it's only the general public, and a bunch of goofy environmental scientists who were hired by the government to conduct an environmental impact study that are upset. It's not like it's anybody who's actually IMPORTANT. And this decision was, after all, only made by a group of appointed people who were placed in charge of the best usage of our environment and the future of our national treasures by the very people we elected to public office, largely based on a series of lies bandied about during the course of a political campaign, all of which have been conveniently forgotten by those who uttered the words. So it's not as though there is any chance that someone is actually culpable. The core values of the current political system, "successful insulation from the issues without accepting any responsibility or blame so that it can't be proven that I lied, and therefore I remain the best person to guide you, the ignorant masses, throught these most difficult times" remain intact!!!

    Having said that, only a true, purest in form idiot would allow for such blatant disregard of the data and the public's opinions. But I'll wager the farm that he is a richer idiot by doing so. Can I borrow some paintballs which are sure to come back empty? And I'm ruling out a ground offensive...........don't want to become too predictable or one dimensional. Look what happened to the Packers Sunday night. If those Bears can win one, I would hope the Katmai Bears could follow suit. Maybe they need a new coach?

  • Katmai Bear Hunt: Outfitter Says It's No Walk in the Woods   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Alright boys, break it up. OF COURSE original writer wasn't talking about the IDENTICAL specimens that ate the fool and his guest. And as for the origin of my comments being somewhere between at less than the 3rd grade level, I guess that still qualifies as higher education by rifle-totin' redneck standards, so I'll bring it down a few notches so that all might understand.

    The animals on the top of the food network judge how much food is around. In good years, momma bears make more baby bears. When the food is harder to find, momma bears don't make as many baby bears. All the little animals in the forest want to stay there, so they make enough babies to be sure that there will always be enough of them to survive when food is hard to find, and when to many are getting killed by other animals. But man is not recognized as a part of this system, so the animals don't know how to act. Sometimes, even when their numbers are low, man comes by and kills too many of them, and then they have a hard time making enough babies. This is because many kills every animal, the momma bears, the momma bears with child, the daddy bears and even the little baby bears, because somebody gave him a piece of paper that says he can do just that. But the man only takes the fur and the head, leaving the part of the animal that most others kill for laying in the dirt. This is good for other animals, because now there is "free food". So many creatures, like birds, small mammals and rodents come by and enjoy a free buffet. When they are done, special little bacteria from a family called decomposers will turn whatever the animals left into food for plants. This is good for the ground because now more plants can grow. It was also good for the birds and other animals who ate the bear, because now they can have more babies. And with all the extra bear meat laying around there will be LOTS of new babies next year for other animals. But the decomposers take years to make plant food. So that now many of next year's babies won't have the food the need, and they will starve. Let face it, how many years are there so many extra bears left to rot in the fields? This extra food is good now, but it will make for more problems in both the near and long-term. By the time the plant food is ready, there won't be enough extra plant-eating animals to eat the extra plants, so reforestation begins to happen. Oh GOD I hate writing to a 3rd grade audience! The system of checks and balances will have already over-corrected itself due to nature causes of too much glut in the system initially and returned the numbers of upper preditors to near normal levels. All of those, of course, EXCEPT the critters that function as the normal prey of the bears, whose numbers will swell such that their density per square mile will approach the maximum that the ecosystem can support, and then more hunting permits will be issued to "correct" the imbalance. So what the park service is doing is creating their own after-market sales. Along with proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is NO long-term plan in place to manage the complex issues pertaining to an ecosystem. The Alaskan Refuge was the last opportunity on this continent, and one of a precious few remaining on the planet, where you could observe the natural processes involved in a system sustained solely by complex interactions between animal and environment, without the "management" or interfering, meddling, underinformed methods of man. This was a learning tool to be taken advantage of, not a system in disarray that required correction, natural or otherwise. But in the real "world according to man", the context of the word environment is limited to only those items with monetary value, and the more they're worth, the more they're hunted and the faster they're eliminated from the environment. Buffalo, hunted solely for hide and tongue; rhinocerous, hunted solely for horns; elephant, hunted solely for tusks; various species of whales, hunted mostly for oil; various fish species which at one time were plentiful now cannot be found in numbers; various birds, hunter to near or total extinction for their feathers; there are too many others to list. To date, this is our legacy in environmental mismanagement. Please don't start writing back listing the few successes in respeciation. Yours will be a VERY short list, and the point is that they have all been returned to the bastardized environments of man, so that the very nature of the animal has been forever altered, as the eons of learned behaviors have been forced out of the nature of the beast.

    Anybody for a more in-depth biology lesson? I think I'll starting to speak over the heads of the 3rd graders out there. Sorry. So as not to lose anyone, I was trying to focus on the Jethro Bodine level, 'cause even he gadiated fr'm 6th gray, according to story 'bout a man named Jed..........

  • NPS' Washington Headquarters Supports Snowmobiles in Yellowstone   6 years 45 weeks ago

    This type of callus in your face attitude, "it's my way or the highway" is a typical response that the Bush administration shoves down are throats. It's this kind of response that's been handed down to every govermental agency from the White House and down to the NPS: damn public opinion, and the general consensuses, and the fervor outcry. This total disregard for the holistic health of Yellowstone National Park during it's winter time use is another callus example-- it's all about money. Nothing more! Yes, Mr. Secretary Kempthorne, pacify the American public with your false rhetoric and bombast half lies. Your like the rest of them in the Bush & Cheney administration, talking through both sides of your mouth and with no accountability.

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Well the comments about his bear being the wrong bear surprises me, but in the same instance it does not, this is the same person saying good job hunters. Most REAL HUNTERS, would not consider this hunting..... I will try to educate you on some bear facts!!!

    I have spent over 30 years nestled in the middle of grizzly bears and bear habitat(perhaps not as dense as in Alaska, bears that are not habituated to humans will not tolerate us that much. Normally they will take off, and are typically scared and fearful of humans because normally our encounters are negative for the bears (great indication in this video). These bears are human habituated, they are also preoccupied with consuming heaps of food, and because there is ample food they are more likely to 'deal' with a greater presence be it humans or other bears.
    Due to the human habituation we have taught these bears that humans will not harm them, they do not need to be wary, we have ultimately lead them to their own demise.

    You call this your right to kill, I can disagree and I can choose to not support this....I do not think this is ethical.

  • Sunrise at Bryce Canyon   6 years 45 weeks ago

    If you are interested in seeing more photos I would invite you to look at: Some good and some not so great photos.
    I'm still learning. Still think every photo I take should be perfect.

  • Sunrise at Bryce Canyon   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Thanks for the comment.
    I have lived here all my life and really am just now growing to appriciate the beauty of my surroundings now that I have invested much money and time into photography.

  • Sunrise at Bryce Canyon   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Beautiful work Mr. Littlefield, I have visted there several times..ever changing..step back in time, when life was so simple or was it? Even then it was about making the best of what you have. Look forward to more photographs.

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Katmai National Preserve BEAR KILL

    The footage from the cameraman was very good. As a matter of fact he was showing Bears that had nothing to do with the hunt, great footage though.
    The article claims the filmed Bear was the one Killed, in fact if you look at the footage again you will see he’s not even on the same bear or even on the same side of the water as the hunters.
    He’s more than likely an Interfering animal rights buffoon trying to stop the HUNTERS RIGHT TO KILL THAT BEAR.
    To think the animal rights groups really believe bears are suppose to show aggression and attack the hunter before WE KILL THEM, are clearly out of there minds.
    I sure hope the Skull and Hide turn out as well as the bear hunt. Fantastic hunt and GOOD JOB HUNTERS

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Let's hope that when "hunting" like this takes place, there will be some rogue bears who are into the "other white meat," MAN, and they fight back. This is the most horrendous thing that I have witnessed in wildlife. It surely make me wonder if these men respect themselves, their families, and their humanity. They are NOT men of integrity and morality!!!

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    What about us humans that are overpopulating the earth...the bears were here in our space before we came and we have the RIGHT to choose when they get hunted and when they don't becuase we choose...who are you? At least if they die from starvation or disease it is natural!!!

    The fact is not the food source, that we kill our animals that we eat, these bears are being hunted purely for SPORT...and killing a human conditioned bear doesn't sound like a TRUE hunter (which they are not), they are hunting the bear not to eat, they hunt the bear not to sustain themselves they hunt the bear for the hide, no meat, no real reason!!!

    This is the problem, they are "hunting" a bear that has no fear of humans, a bear that has learned to trust humans, a bear that is only trying to eat enough food to get fat enough to survive the winter doramant period that is approahcing quickly!!!

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    If you want to state your own opinion on this subject, you might want to write to

    National Parks Conservation Association – (GOOD GUYS)
    Jim Stratton
    1300 19th Street, NW, Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20036
    Toll Free: 800.628.7275
    Fax: 202.659.0650

    Alaska Fish and Game
    Commissioner Denby S. Lloyd
    PO Box 115526
    Juneau, Alaska 99811-5526
    Phone:(907) 465-4100
    FAX: (907) 465-2332

    Alaska congressional members
    Ted Steven
    Anchorage, AK
    Federal Building, Room 569
    222 West 7th Avenue #2
    Anchorage, AK 99513
    Phone: (907) 271-5915
    Fax: (907) 258-9305
    Email: haven't got it yet

    Lisa Murkowski
    Anchorage Office
    510 L. Street, Suite 550
    Anchorage, AK 99501
    Fax 907-276-4081

    or anyone else you can think of who might recognize the ridiculous inconsistency of what goes on in the Katmai.
    I live in British Columbia and work hard to help protect grizzly bears and can not even wrap my head around the concept of sport hunting let alone a complete and all out slaughter! this is an attrosity, what kind of people do this?....please write and make your comments and feeling known...the public and public pressure is a powerful thing!!!

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    How can those hunters possibly say that the bear hunting in the Katmai is fair? I was there this past summer, and saw for myself how close the bears came and how comfortable they were with humans. Now the guides, of course, are out for the money....but the hunters? What a joke...These areas need to be preserved, and the hunts better controlled and way more limited to make it fair and a real sport, not a free-for-all slaughter. Shame on all those who have a Katmai bear hanging on their wall!

  • NPS' Washington Headquarters Supports Snowmobiles in Yellowstone   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Frank his name is Wenk not Wank, though I must admit the latter works much better than the former in the current context.

    As to your question about the continued faith most supporters of the national parks place in an organization that openly ignores the public it supposedly serves is a good question. I think part of the answer lies in the government education most citizens receive which stresses conformity and obedience to their tax funded masters. After all the government tells us that they are killing and maiming Iraqis to bring them freedom, testing bombs in Nevada to promote peace and allowing the slaughter of habituated bears in Alaska to help maintain a healthy population. Why should their most recent decision on snowmobiles in Yellowstone be any different? Is anyone really surprised? Newspeak is no longer just in the pages of Orwell's 1984.

    Kids today are taught in public schools that self-interested independent action is evil and selfish while coerced collective effort is always for the benefit of all, even when we don't understand why our masters blatantly ignore the collective will. They are further taught that they must eventually come to the enlightened realization that all government action is intrinsically good and that they must submit regardless of their own selfish motives and desires.

    The screwy logic of the current political management of the parks is best summed up at the end of the piece: "Notwithstanding the prospect of additional legal wrangling over this issue, the departure of the Bush administration could very likely lead to another change in policy, particularly if the Democrats take the White House."

    Is this any way to run our national treasures?

    Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.
    -----H.L. Mencken

  • Haleakala National Park Officials Institute Moratorium on Bike Tours   6 years 45 weeks ago

    I think if you want to ride down, you should earn it by riding up it!

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Testosterone ...Testosterone...Testosterone...maybe somebody should buy them A Playstation

  • NPS' Washington Headquarters Supports Snowmobiles in Yellowstone   6 years 45 weeks ago

    So long as we can shoot them from the air, I'm all for it. ;-)

    PS -- I'm just joking -- I would only use paintballs...

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Let me begin by saying that I lived in area for more then 30 years. I went to Katmai National park in 6th grade. I grew up in the area on subsistence hunting and helped fish and hunt for elders in the area. Maybe I am old school of hunting but this is just wrong. The National Park Service needs to get it's priorities straight on wether they would like sight seeing income or a hunting income. I am astonished about the talk of fair chase there is nothing fair about hunting these bears in this area. They are to familiar with mankind because of the sight seeing and sport fishing vistors that come from all over the world to vist the park. I have read some other peoples comments on bait hunting but lets think about this, for how many years do the bears migrate to this area to feed on the fish in preperation of hibernation and only nature can dump several hundred thousand fish in one location and have generation of bears know to come to this area for preperation on hibernation. Why they just did not direct hunters to local land fill and shoot the bears going into there? Maybe because it is against the law. Have some self respect and Dignity on hunting as a person or the branch of goverment that manages the resources. There is so many other locations to hunt in the Bristol Bay Area then in the park.

  • NPS' Washington Headquarters Supports Snowmobiles in Yellowstone   6 years 45 weeks ago

    How can anyone support Washington after reading this article? Mr. Wank hides the fact that he and the agency has succumbed to interest pressure and the agency has (again) disregarded science in favor of dollars.

    The park's decision also once again ignores the vast number of people who took the time to comment on the draft plan.

    When a public entity is no longer accountable to the public, it's time to start looking at alternatives to political systems. The NPS ignores the public, but so many people remain faithful to the bureaucratic, calcified, parasitic system. When will people wake up and demand something different, something better? How long will government ignore its citizens desires before its citizens force the government to listen?

    Reform the National Park Service!

  • Grizzly Attacks Man in Grand Teton   6 years 45 weeks ago

    My wife and I had a VERY close encounter with a grizzly "cub" (had to have been at least 400 pounds) this summer while camping in the open in Coulter Bay campground. Fortunately, the bear was curious and only "sniffed" us as it was moving through the area at dawn on August 30, 2007. I awoke to a "clicking" sound on our plastic ground cloth. I slowly lifted my head, then startled to see the bear starting at us not 12 inches away! Its front feet were standing on the ground cloth. Talk about an adrenaline rush! The bear was not aggressive in the the least and I'm sure it was just checking to see who the fools were sleeping amidst the lodge poles and overcast sky. It's an experience we'll never forget and, yes, we did report "visit" to park officials...

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Nature can self regulate without our "help". My opinion -- animals at the top of the food chain should not be hunted for sport - period. We've hunted most of them to the brink of extinction and now we claim that more hunting is what's needed to address the problem. Sounds a lot like the argument for a perpetual presence in Iraq to me... (You know -- we're there, and now people are attacking us, so we need to stay there and fight them until they stop -- that sort of skewed logic).

    No, it doesn't bother me that a bear might die of starvation or that half of them might die when the next volcano in the park blows its top -- what bothers me is that another creature on this planet associates pleasure with the death of another creature. That's what I'd classify as mental illness.

    The bears are happy? Hmm... Watching too much Yogi & Booboo?

    I'm off to New Mexico. I'll read your cheerful, well-considered responses when I return.

  • Sunrise at Bryce Canyon   6 years 45 weeks ago

    Beautiful photograph... exquisite light and composition. Makes my soul scream to be there...

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    I couldn’t watch the whole video. I didn’t even get halfway. After seeing the hunters standing slack-jawed in such close quarters to the bear’s calm presence, I knew what would happen next. Taking candy from a baby doesn’t even begin to make a comparison – more like just killing the baby.

    The difference here is between true hunting and lazy hunting. I think we all know which this is. I feel like those lazy hunters have no appreciation for what they’re taking.

    I’m outraged.

  • Centennial Projects: Fighting Mosquitoes in Grand Teton National Park   6 years 45 weeks ago

    my opinion is that they need to eliminate non native species which follow the central fly-away via "trash dumps" from Jackson hole and Cody as others in the area that allow the refuse to stay uncovered to long and etc. which give these "critters" a trail to follow from Mexico to Canada.I also agree with the fact of re-introducing more bats,purple martins and etc. to naturally fight them. And after a little checking, I found that from Jackson hole to Cody, east to Dubois,Lander and Riverton. there NEVER has been as area hospitals and clinics tell me a death or illness attributed to the park but some west nile has been reported from a few that had been hiking and hunting near dumps(seems that dumps are great places to hunt/trap fur bearing game as they are attracted to them) But as usual, the powers that be, keep their priorities in a unusual order to say the least! this is why money does not get allocated to the things that need it most!

  • Is the Bear "Hunt" in Katmai National Preserve Sporting or Ethical?   6 years 45 weeks ago

    So what do all of you people that are complaining suggest we do with the bears once they overpopulate? Disease themselves and die or die of starvation??? You can't have it both ways. And what about the poor fish the mean old bears are biting their heads off?? It is all relevant, isn't it?? All of you probably eat fish, chicken, beef, ham, etc., etc. etc. And those "poor animals" are standing in a 5X5 foot pen, gorging themselves on food we feed by hand. THEY TRUST US, right??? And then a bullet is put between their eyes...IS THIS "FAIR CHASE"????
    GET OVER IT!!! It is all relevant. "One man's garbage is another man's treasure". Believe it: the bears are simply happy there is more food for them the following year!! SMILE and go to bed!!