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Reader Participation Day: Which Presidential Nominee Would Be Better For The National Park System?

Oct 27th - 12:25pm | Ottoman

Gary, words like " teabagging consortium", to me, throws your entire statement into the toilet. We get that you don't care for them, (or whomever you don't care for) but name calling makes you look like... nevermind.

Oct 27th - 12:10pm | Lee Dalton

Maybe what we really need is the option to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE in all elections.  If None wins, incumbents remain in office and another election is scheduled within 90 days or so.  This is repeated until a decent candidate comes forward.

Oct 27th - 11:08am | ecbuck

Okay, explain the falsehoods.

Oct 27th - 00:24am | trailadvocate

Okay, explain the falsehoods, Rick.   Lots of very high quality Uraniumin deposits in the Grand Canyon vacinity (just outside the Park).  What would she take to swing that?

Oct 26th - 23:58pm | Rick B.

Wow - what a blitzkrieg of rapid-fire Republican speaking points, paranoia, and falsehoods! We'd been doing fine and fairly politely here, TA.

Oct 26th - 23:43pm | trailadvocate

Unbelievable what many of you would accept.  Geez, unbelievable!  Maybe George Soros should run on a Pro-Environmental Platform.  Big big supporter of Hillary and everything anarchy.  How about someone that doesn't have their fingerprints on everything that is wrong with the world at present.

Oct 26th - 21:03pm | Lee Dalton

Thanks, Kurt, for pointing out the role of the cesspool in governing our country and creating the mess we are in.

Oct 26th - 19:47pm | wild places

I'd probably give the edge to Hillary not because I think she values the Parks at all but would tend to try to appease those who do for the sake of votes more than Trump. And not that I think my view on this topic will influence anyone in any way but I refuse to vote for either of these candidates.

Oct 26th - 19:19pm | momakasue

After questioning whether comments should be allowed, you picked a live one, Kurt!  Your re-framing gets close to the case -- we need to look at those folks and issues where we can have the most impact.  Not to say that presidential or or party matters are unimportant, but look to local and state reps, congressfolk, and initiatives to make the real difference . .

Oct 26th - 19:07pm | ecbuck

Kurt - with you until the FICA ceiling and means testing.  That's nothing but income redistribution.  But bottom line is, we need our fiscal house in order if we are ever to get our Parks properly funded.  Conservative economic policies work.  Unfortunately, Republcan policies haven't always been conservative.    

Oct 26th - 18:55pm | Kurt Repanshek

In hindsight, the question should have been, "Would a Democratically-controlled or Republican-controlled Congress be better for the National Park System?"

Oct 26th - 18:43pm | Rick B.

Frankly, I don't really care about Trump's plans [if any] for the NPS, any more than I care about Jill Stein's. As abstract conjecture, maybe, but as a real exercise, not so much. Today, the chances of either of those two being inaugurated this coming January are identical to the chances of Eric and I holding hands on a long moonlit walk. [Sorry Eric - it isn't you; it's me].

Oct 26th - 18:40pm | ecbuck

  However, from what I see when there is a democratic president, and a slightly red house our deficiet tends to go down.  When it's heavily republican at all levels, or heavily blue at all levels that is when things go out of whack.     You need to learn that correlation is not causation

Oct 26th - 18:27pm | Gary Wilson

Go for it then.  I'll play your games today, since i have some time to kill.  When have you ever shown restraint to not venture beyond the topic at hand?  So, go for it.  I have experience living in deep red states.  I more than likely have lived in deeper red states than you, so I'll play the game.

Oct 26th - 18:21pm | Alfred Runte

A word about that term "reduced the deficit." In a few annual budgets, yes, but NOT in actual, long-term fact. That is another sleight-of-hand used by both political parties when it suits their interests. To actually reduce the deficit, that is, the $20 trillion sitting on the books, MANY annual budgets would have to address it seriously, and neither political party wants to do that.

Oct 26th - 18:16pm | ecbuck

Gary, I would enjoy exposing your ignorance (or intention distoration) of the aboved mentioned events but that would be off topic.  Lets stick to Trumps policy on the National Parks  To the best of my knowledge he has not expressed a policy and thus accusations he will sell of the parks is utterly baseless.  

Oct 26th - 18:02pm | Gary Wilson

Please, let's not act like republicans are stewards of job creation let alone masters at controlling the debt or getting the deficit under control.  Since i've been alive, when a republican has become president, the deficit has always spiraled up.  However, Clinton and Obama have lowered the deficit during their respected administrations.

Oct 26th - 17:24pm | Alfred Runte

Right, EC. We keep ignoring the context to make an ideological case, and are in fact encouraged to ignore the context when our candidate is being scrutinized. Nowhere have I seen any compelling evidence that Donald Trump is anti national parks. Here is a relevant article done by Snopes:

Oct 26th - 16:39pm | ecbuck

There is nothing unethical about declaring bankrupty.  And who said that was his strategy for running a national economy?  Is Tim Tebow using football strategies to play baseball?   Does a former prosecutor turned defense attorney use the same arguments and tactics?  Does a doctor perform brain surgery to fix a broken leg?

Oct 26th - 16:14pm | Rick B.

Bankruptcy may be a common and legal method of doing corporate business, all considerations of ethics aside. Not so much for running a national economy.

Oct 26th - 15:24pm | Alfred Runte

Yes, Lee. A good idea, but again (and just for the record), the Secretary of State is fourth in line for the presidency behind the Vice President, Speaker of the House, and president pro tem of the Senate. It's a very powerful office indeed.

Oct 26th - 15:00pm | Lee Dalton

Right, Alfred.  You just provided support for my thesis that it's extremism on the left and right that is, I believe, the greatest danger we face. Look where it has taken us . . . two completely unpallatable candidates for president. Two of Trump's "ideas" I can agree with : The Swamp needs to be drained (although I call it a cesspool); and Term Limits.

Oct 26th - 14:54pm | Gary Wilson

Trump lacks substance, and it was evident during the debates that he had a limited understanding of how our government works.

Oct 26th - 14:19pm | Alfred Runte

Lee, what angry young liberals are you talking about? The last time I heard, universities were indicting the author of the Declaration of Independence as a Virginia slaveholder and womanizing hyprocrite. There is even talk now at the University of Virginia of repudiating Jefferson entirely.

Oct 26th - 14:15pm | ecbuck

Gary, I believe you are accurate in saying he has no set plans related to federal lands which is what makes Michigan's accusation so baseless.  But to say he has no plans at all is foolish.  He has well defined goals and plans in many areas including the economy, immigration, energy, healthcare, child care, national defense, taxes, trade  ........

Oct 26th - 13:20pm | Gary Wilson

Just think of all the posibilities for Mt Rushmore, Lee.

Oct 26th - 13:15pm | Gary Wilson

Trumpty Dumpty is all over the place.  One day he says he doesn't support transferring lands when he's being interviewed by a outdoor oriented magazine, then in another state at another venue he says to the contingency that wants to hear he would sell them that land - that he should do just that.  So, I guess it depends on whose listening at the time.  In the end, it's obvious he

Oct 26th - 13:13pm | Lee Dalton

He won't sell them.  He'll just buy them. I can see it now.  Advertisements enticing us to visit Trumpowstone or Yosetrump or Donaldsbad Caverns.  He'll probably update the Statue of Liberty, too, with a bikini and Miss Universe Tiara so she won't be only a 4 any more.

Oct 26th - 12:57pm | ecbuck

So MichiganRunner, what policy statement has Trump made that indicates he would sell off the parks to private industry?

Oct 26th - 12:37pm | MichiganRunner

Not even close. Secretary Clinton. Trump would sell off the parks to private industry as soon as he had the chance, including mining rights if he could. 

Oct 26th - 11:40am | ecbuck

 someone who has a history of multiple bankrupcies as a planned method of escaping debt. Bankruptcy is a legitimate and common business practice.  I would hope we would have a president that would exploit every arrow in his quiver to serve his constituency.

Oct 26th - 11:28am | rmackie

Secretary Clinton. 

Oct 26th - 11:26am | Lee Dalton

I dunno, Alfred.  What about those angry young liberals who signed the Declaration?

Oct 26th - 11:17am | Gary Wilson

Oh gosh, here comes the tin foil hat brigade.

Oct 26th - 11:12am | ecbuck

There's not even a question that it would be Hillary

Oct 26th - 11:11am | Alfred Runte

Of course, those old angry white guys still made the country that everyone else in the world is running to.

Oct 26th - 11:02am | Gary Wilson

I see plenty of hispanics, indians, and asians in our National Parks.  Enjoying National Parks is not strictly a whitewashed venture, so i'm not sure I agree with you Trail.  I don't think race as a big of a factor in protecting landscapes as some want to con us into believing.  At this point in our human evolution, conservation is an internationlly accepted concept that crosses

Oct 26th - 10:46am | trailadvocate

In a speech she did in Brazil.   One of those short $250,000 per ones. What happens when the demo's of immigrants don't have the same connections to these natural landscapes.  How would these politicians pander for their votes?

Oct 26th - 10:40am | Rick B.

I also don't think the economy willl be saved by someone who has a history of multiple bankrupcies as a planned method of escaping debt.

Oct 26th - 10:30am | Gary Wilson

Trail are you sure she stated she wants 600 million to enter the US?  Are you sure about that?  Right now there are about 350 million people in the US, and I doubt very much by the end of Clinton's first 4 years we would see this country grow to around 1 billion people.  That sort of hysteria doesn't hold much weight. 

Oct 26th - 10:26am | Alfred Runte

Yes, Bruce Babbitt was one of the better secretaries of the interior, but that is no indication whom Clinton would appoint--or Trump. Meanwhile, the Democrats persist in reminding us how "great" they have been. We're not supposed to look behind the curtain and concede how much they, too have given away of our public lands.

Oct 26th - 10:05am | trailadvocate

One candidate said she'd like open borders and letting 600 million new immigrants into the country.  How would that impact the National Parks System in the long term.  That, I would think, would require some serious thought as to "real" outcomes.   Crashing the economy as well might have an impact on dollars to the Parks, no?

Oct 26th - 09:58am | Gary Wilson

I wouldn't be too upset if it was Mark Udall.  He's a progressive, and a westerner, and has definitely been a large supporter of the National Park system. 

Oct 26th - 09:55am | Lee Dalton

Utah Republicans would like to see someone like Rob Bishop or Cliven Bundy in the secretary's office.

Oct 26th - 09:34am | justinh

Certainly like the bloodline, Kurt.

Oct 26th - 09:26am | Kurt Repanshek

What about a Udall...?

Oct 26th - 09:23am | justinh

Love to see that, too, Gary.  But with Ken Salazar heading up Clinton's transition team, I'm not holding out too much hope for getting someone like Grijalva.

A Walk In The Woods

Oct 27th - 08:55am | ecbuck

Been a while since I read it.  Bryson is entertaining and quite humerous in all his books and this was no exception.  Not sure he really captured the true spirit of the hike and many thru hikers are disturbed by his cavalier attitude towards his yellow blazing.  I say "hike your own hike" so am not as bothered by their "cheating".

National Park Service Proposing To Let Nature Take Its Course With Breach At Fire Island National Seashore

Oct 26th - 18:16pm | Debra Collins

Let nature take its course.  

Drastic Changes Possible As Acadia National Park Develops Transportation Plan

Oct 26th - 16:25pm | Cornell

My wife and I went to Acadia for 8 days in the first half of June, 2016, about 2 weeks before the Island Explorer was due to start. We were always able to find a place to park without a great deal of difficulty, most times without any difficulty at all. There were a not insignificant number of cars on the road, nor was the roads crowded in the park itself.

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