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UPDATED: "Unofficial" National Park Service Twitter Accounts Challenge Trump Administration

Jan 25th - 22:41pm | Alfred Runte

Tomp2, I have a salient fact--Ryan Zinke, who in Congress openly expressed his love for the national parks. Now, tell me what fact you have? None that I can see, except your assertion that I am the one being "disingenuous."

Jan 25th - 22:23pm | Lee Dalton

I've read only part of Thunderbear 302 --- only as far as the beginning of the Safety Message.  But I'll finish it before bedtime. P.J. Ryan is a genius.  His writings should be spread as far and wide as possible.

Jan 25th - 22:04pm | Bill Hardy

I suggest they just invert the Emblem - maybe reverse the lettering - and post it like the American Flag as a "distress" signal...

Jan 25th - 21:52pm | tomp2

1: I'm partial to BadHombreLandsNPS @BadHombreNPS mostly for the name.

Jan 25th - 21:47pm | Lee Dalton

Tahoma is right.  There are ways of quietly resisting without getting fired.  We do, however, need people with courage to stand up to Drumpf.  Just be careful that you don't sacrifice your career and your family's security. We will need you to begin leading the parks again in four years.

Jan 25th - 21:09pm | Alfred Runte

Say again, Rick? Don't tell you what to fear or trust? Well, you're telling the rest of us to fear and mistrust our president. How about taking your own advice?

Jan 25th - 20:55pm | tahoma

Thanks, Sara!  How about just flipping it upside down, like the flag, as a symbol of distress?A couple of previously crucified NPS employees, Rob Danno and Teresa Chambers, offer excellent advice for those brave souls behind this resistance:

Jan 25th - 20:45pm | Sara

"In  accordance  with 36 CFR  Part 11, no entity  outside the Service  may  use  the  Arrowhead without  approval from the  Director or  the Director's delegated  representative." 

Jan 25th - 18:33pm | Rick B.

Al - at this point, after the past few months, you no longer have the professorial authority or altitude you left behind in the late 80's in academia. You are just, denials aside, another enabler and apologist for Trump. You don't know my life; don't tell me what or not to fear or trust.

Jan 25th - 18:04pm | Alfred Runte

Really, you good people are starting to sound ridiculous. Life is more than a protest march. In World War II, the "resistance" meant people who died for their beliefs. I hardly think President Trump is asking any of you to die for yours. But yes, it's hard to forget all of that marching, now to equate Donald Trump with the college president. Call to arms!

Jan 25th - 17:59pm | Pedergraham

hurrah!  I have resisted responding to any comments on any threads on this site because of ecbuck.  But, now I just donr care if he picks on me.  And, I also want to say that I am a big fan of Lee Dalton.  I admire all of the articles he has written for this publication.  Let the tr and freedoms ring.

Jan 25th - 17:53pm | ecbuck

Sorry, but its not the "official NPS" account.  Which is the point.  They are using the official NPS logo and are not the "official NPS" account. They can tweet anything they want, but I am not going to condone their misappropriation of the logo.  

Jan 25th - 17:49pm | Gary Wilson

Sorry, but its not the "official NPS" account.  So, whatever floats your boat.  I'm not cheering this either, but if they start posting facts and scientific related information related to parks, then maybe i'll listen.  I'm willing to give anything a listen if it is going to inspire and make me think about subjects in a new manner..

Jan 25th - 17:46pm | ecbuck

Who said anything about being scared?I just noted the theft of federal property which you seem to condone.  You would likely be the first to complain and screem for the shutting down of the account if somebody used the logo to distribute information about the manufacturing of temperature data or the plethora of failed AGW predictions (the real science).

Jan 25th - 17:45pm | Rick B.

His and Putin's idol/puppet in the WH can't resist a negative tweet or song or comment without an emotional overeactio.

Jan 25th - 17:37pm | ecbuck

Who said anything about being scared?  What is pathetic is that you would cheer on the theft of government property.  I'm sure you would be the first to complain and call for the shut down of the account if someone was using the logo to expose the manufacturing of the numbers and the plethora of inaccurate AGW predictions.

Jan 25th - 17:21pm | ecbuck

 It is a PRIVATE endeavor. Is that not the NPS logo they are using?  Do they have rights to that?

Jan 25th - 16:49pm | SW Rick

Bravo!  Must resist the Borg!

Jan 25th - 16:29pm | Cheryl Hopster

Thank you for believing in us to believe in you...

Jan 25th - 16:08pm | David Crowl

As with any fascist regieme, they will try to suppress the truth with lies...or should I say "alternative facts."

Jan 25th - 15:54pm | Rebecca Latson ...

I think that's awesome!  I think it's even more awesome that their following has doubled since I started following them this morning.  And for you grumblers out there, I guess you are glad that the administration (and I use that term loosely) wants to dumb us all down and keep us in the dark by actively closing down sites and banning information that would help us make our own decisions.

Jan 25th - 15:44pm | Rick B.

Theft of government assets? Pound sand. It is a PRIVATE endeavor.

Jan 25th - 15:35pm | Gary Wilson

This is getting ridiculous.  This administration is coming off like a bunch of clowns, and it's getting hard to take them seriously. 

Jan 25th - 15:26pm | ecbuck

Not surprising you folks would endorse the theft of government assets. 

Jan 25th - 14:12pm | Lee Dalton

There are some brave people out there!  Excellent!

Jan 25th - 13:49pm | Wayne & Meg Voi...

Awesome - love it!

Jan 25th - 13:10pm | Rick B.

Viva la resistance

Jan 25th - 13:02pm | Joan Lopardo

Keep the faith!! Thank you!!!'n

President Trump's Freeze On Federal Hiring Will Impact National Parks

Jan 25th - 21:38pm | M.E.

Do you have any idea how important tourism including foreign tourism is to the economy of the National  Parks?

Jan 25th - 18:38pm | Kurt Repanshek

OK, folks, getting close to that time when the moderator institutes that "three comment" limit on individual know who you are.

Jan 25th - 18:36pm | Rick B.

I've taught myself well, however unlike you there were classes on compassion, humanity, and ethics. Go away. If my son offers me a gook of manga, of which I have no interest at all, I'm more likely to read it than anything you mention.

Jan 25th - 18:26pm | ecbuck

to presume to teach me. I would rather you made the effort and taught yourself.  I will give you a hint.  Check out Federalist Paper 45.

Jan 25th - 18:24pm | ecbuck

Luke - perhaps you haven't read all the comments, let me summarize.  Yes, the country is different than it was in the 1700s.  But the basic principles of limited federal government and personal liberty are just as valid today as they were then.  Do we have too many employees?  Maybe not for the work we have granted the federal government.

Jan 25th - 15:42pm | Rick B.

Right. Like I'm going to let someone defined by the same attributes as our new fuhrer try to presume to teach me.

Jan 25th - 15:40pm | Luke the Drifter

Your comment makes no sense. I don't see you offering any solutions, but rather you just typed a bunch of buzz-word laden generalities that have nothing to do with the fact that this is the year 2017, and the USA is a much more complicated place than it was in the late 1700s. The population in the first census in 1790 was found to be just under 4 million. Now, we're around 320 million.

Jan 25th - 15:25pm | ecbuck

That's why it's called "General Welfare." Yes - "General Welfare" not specific welfare. There really is no difference between tax breaks for big business and a check to help a person who needs a hand up.uge difference.

Jan 25th - 15:06pm | Brian G. Bardy

May I remind President Donald Trump that allocating federal dollars to build "The Wall" at the U.S. border with Mexico has no upside to the overall economy.  Eliminating Park Service positions, which would detriment the operation and safety at all of the National Parks - if they remain open, would negatively impact the tourist industry and states' economies across the country.

Jan 25th - 14:37pm | Phil Knight

Meanwhile Trump is forcing the American people to pay for a $15 billion wall on the Mexican border. So much for budget hawks. This is where your tax dollars are going to go - walls and weapons. No more fun the the parks, it's time to suck it up. America First!

Jan 25th - 14:20pm | Lee Dalton

"And folks that have not taken the time to read and study the Constitution tend to miss the fact that "promote the general welfare" was referring to designated powers that helped everyone" Exactly.  And our founders were smart enough to know that everyone does better when everyone does better.  That's why it's called "General Welfare."

Jan 25th - 13:22pm | ecbuck

And folks that have not taken the time to read and study the Constitution tend to miss the fact that "promote the general welfare" was referring to designated powers that helped everyone, not non-designated powers meant to help specific people.  

Jan 25th - 13:13pm | Rick B.

Folks without hearts and conscience always tend to miss that part of "promote the general welfare" in their self-declaration of what is and isn't in the constitution. I'm surprised as many of them are cleanshaven as there are - looking oneself in the mirror with no soul isn't easy.

Jan 25th - 12:54pm | American

Jobs, jobs, jobs= privatize, privatize, privatize He is for companies. .Can you say private property. This land is not for you and I.

UPDATED: Hiring Freeze Blocks National Park Service Permanent Hiring, Seasonal Jobs Up In The Air

Jan 25th - 20:40pm | Rick B.

Now is the time that seasonal hiring has begun. The process in a normal year is lengthy and cumbersome. NPS HR is not all that functional on a good day recently. Days lost now will impact negatively on visitors' park experience this summer.

Jan 25th - 20:01pm | ecbuck

K - in the last "freeze" seasonal hires at traditional levels were allowed.  I suspect the same will happen here.  Much ado about nothing.  

Jan 25th - 19:39pm | K Light

This will really hurt the Smokies. It is the most visited park in the country and there is no admission fee. Seasonal rangers are a big help, especially in the summer time.  

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Jan 25th - 16:16pm | Mike Jones

how can I buy a pass?

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Jan 25th - 16:06pm | Susan Marjamaa

I got a  Senior Pass about 4 years ago after my husband died.  Last year I remarried so my name is different on the pass than my drivers license.  Do I need to pay for a new one? Susan Marjamaa 34951 County 39 Laporte, MN 56461   [email protected]

Newfound Gap Road In Great Smoky Mountains National Park Being Considered For National Scenic Byway Designation

Jan 25th - 13:26pm | SmokiesBackpacker

 Lifting the deed restriction is the most likely goal of the Newfound Gap road ruse . And wise are those who see through the Smokies manipulators.  It's just a smoke screen and we know that the SMokies mgmt is good at creating those.

Jan 25th - 12:57pm | AargleBargle

Whew. Lots of fear mongering in America today. First, the proposed designation described above does not require, authorize, propose or permit a fee. Really.

Jan 25th - 11:39am | SmokiesBackpacker

For a little bit of historical perspective for folks who are not from the area, most of the fee comments are coming from locals because the new Superintendent has been talking about how he is restricted from imposing an entrance fee because of the deed restriction on Newfound Gap road.  People here in E.

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