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Cell Phone Tower Issue At Theodore Roosevelt National Park Raises Questions Of Connectivity In National Parks

Nov 28th - 12:08pm | Rick B.

If my can opener breaks I deal with it like you do. If my femur breaks I'll need some help, regardless of what the Wilderness Act, the Bagavad Gita, or the playbill from 42nd Street says. I haven't downloaded Spotify yet, but thanks for the recommendation.

Nov 28th - 10:56am | Allen

I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with almost every other comment here. Wilderness managers have an obligation to protect the unique wilderness values of their unit, and one of those values is "opportunities for solitude or primitive and unconfined recreation".

Nov 22nd - 14:56pm | SkyJedi

I created and developed a federal  antenna program within a property-holding federal agency designated as the lead agency to implement wireless siting on federal facilities.  The program was a roaring success and I became the federal "expert" on siting wireless antennas on federal property for many years, being a resource to other agencies, and state and local Govts.  

4-Year-old Dies in Fall off South Rim of Grand Canyon

Nov 27th - 22:08pm | Lynette

God Bless this family.  Pray for peace & help them heal. What a tragedy for everyone.

Efforts Continue To Douse Wildfire At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Nov 27th - 19:54pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Here is a video of the fire from this afternoon.

UPDATED: Company Applies For Permit To Build Oil Refinery Near Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Nov 27th - 15:10pm | Zach

ease sign, share and help fight against this refinery!

Bat Survey Underscores Threats To Species Across National Park System

Nov 27th - 13:37pm | Atascadero

"I discovered that literally hundreds of parks are all dealing with the same challenges. For example, 10 years ago we thought widespread species like the little brown bat and the hoary bat were fine," Rodhouse said. "Now, they're suddenly facing extinction because of white-nose syndrome and wind turbine collisions."

National Park Service Extends Dozens Of Concessions Contracts

Nov 27th - 10:06am | Rick Smith

Harry--You're kidding, right?

Nov 25th - 19:56pm | Harryb3570

This is just another example of the shortage of qualified staff and lack of resources needed to manage our parks. Our great system of National Parks is slowly being degraded by the lack of people and funding to manage and care for what we have. We can only hope that with the change of administrations next January that these issues will be addressed.   

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Nov 27th - 09:24am | The Schmed

the bear charged them.  Was it shot in the back ?  If no, move on, sorry bear.  If they are so concerned with BLM ( Bear Lives Matter), cut off hiking in the region during high bear activity.

Vision For Paved National Capital Trail System Comes With 121 ‘Achievable Goals’

Nov 26th - 16:31pm | Trudy Kelley

Well this tells me about your bureaucratic needs...but...not the needs of users of the trail...

Traveler's View: Concerning Times For National Park System

Nov 26th - 13:27pm | wild places

The country is some $20 trillion dollars in debt. That is the biggest threat to the parks and the country as a whole. Both parties have their pork projects and I suspect this one will be no different but this should be our top priority. I don't see declining visitation to our parks as a negative. In fact it is something I would make a goal.

Nov 25th - 20:26pm | [email protected]

Eventually, our economy will be bogged down ina dreadful recession because of US Cumulative DEBTestimated today at $20 Trillion, but going to $30Trillion with any approval of Trump's Spending Binge.

Nov 25th - 06:10am | [email protected]


Nov 22nd - 20:42pm | Lee Dalton

There are still a number of apparently reliable reports out there that Sarah Palin is under serious consideration to become Trump's Secretary of Interior.  Here is a post this morning from PEER:

Nov 22nd - 19:17pm | Kurt Repanshek

But EC, aren't they just taking advantage of the existing legal system the way folks like Trump and Romney do when they pay a lower percentage of their incomes in taxes than their secretaries, or no taxes at all? If it's OK for them to "milk" the system, why shouldn't federal employees?

Nov 22nd - 19:12pm | Rick B.

Eric - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The x's are where I deleted my sincere request for you to closely examine yourself, intimately.  

Nov 22nd - 18:44pm | ecbuck

Hiring freezes, an end to automatic raises, a green light to fire poor performers, a ban on union business on the government's dime and less generous pensions -- these are the contours of the blueprint emerging under Republican control of Washington in January.  

Nov 22nd - 15:13pm | [email protected]

Leon G. Billings, Architect of Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, Dies at 78  

Yosemite Nature Notes: Soundscapes

Nov 26th - 06:45am | BillN from Warwick

Very nice, informative too.

Nov 25th - 06:18am | Rebecca Latson ...

This is a wonderful article and video podcast!  Living in a town and working in a large office building in a large city, I hear the "noise" in some form every day, from the moment I wake up to when I finally go to bed.  It's those lovely visits to a national park that de-stress me - not only for the photography but also for the park's geophony and biophany (got those from this video podcast).

Some Members of the Continental Army That Wintered At Valley Forge in 1777-78 Were "Fond of Strong Liquor"

Nov 25th - 21:27pm | Frost

Your link no longer functions.

By the Numbers: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Nov 24th - 17:48pm | Taylor

i just dont see why still to this day, people point fingers for people failing to succeed in the world. now a days, for the most part everyone has an equal chance to do well for themselves. I know theres circumstances where this is not true. but thats life and everyone gets treated unfairly at some point.

Around The Parks: Savoring Winter In Comfort

Nov 24th - 13:24pm | ecbuck

I saw it.  Don't quite understand why it is irreverant to have a human diver go in but OK for a remote camera.  Indeed a capitvating program.

Nov 24th - 09:38am | Lee Dalton

Did any of you catch the excellent program on PBS last night about the USS Arizona Memorial?  NPS divers explored the inside of the ship with remote cameras.  It's well worth making an effort to find it and watch.

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Nov 24th - 10:05am | Terry Friend

I recently purchased a lifetime national parks membership and I lost my card before I could get it put in the proper place. How can I get another one?

How Will A Trump Administration Treat The National Park System?

Nov 23rd - 21:15pm | rmackie

EC, you are right, there is the 12th amendment to the constitution ratified in 1804, that established the electoral college. If I remember my history lessons correctly (our historian Alfred Runte can please correct me if my history lessons have lapsed with age and memory), there were issues regarding the election of both the president and vice president. They got quite complicated.

Nov 23rd - 18:50pm | ecbuck

Every year is hotter acording to NASA and NOAA,

Nov 23rd - 18:23pm | ecbuck

Lee and Rick - read rather than rant.  "might be".  There is (at least) one report to that effect this election and there has been a study earlier that put the number as high as 2.8 million in a previous election.  Do I know?  No, which is why I use the words "might be".

Nov 23rd - 14:19pm | Lee Dalton

About "illegal votes" :

Nov 23rd - 11:52am | Rick B.

Back it up Eric, or go away. Your WAG about illegal votes is ONLY a WAG.

Nov 23rd - 11:46am | argalite

Wow, what a bunch of...  First off what is AGW? Second, someone keeps sayignt he predictions are wrong about climate change, but they fail to see that every year it is hotter, and that is the prediction, so, you see there is nothing wrong with the predictions, things are getting warmer every year.  Every year is hotter, don't you see?

Nov 23rd - 11:45am | argalite

ecbuck, Who made you king?  Every year is hotter acording to NASA and NOAA, and I looked at your deplorable website, and who cares that Texas got cold.  The world is hotter, and there are variations, which is why it is called climate change, not global warming.  Next time give me something that does not look like a third grader put together as a reference.

Nov 23rd - 11:11am | ecbuck

Every year is hotter, don't you see? No,  I don't see. The only way you see that is if you manipulate the #s.

Nov 23rd - 08:38am | ecbuck

Yet another plea to abandon our Constitution.  Not to mention 2 million might be less than the count of illegal voters, most of which would have voted for Hillary.

Nov 23rd - 00:12am | Rick B.

I dunno. As of today the popular vote count is over 2 million difference in favor of Secretary Clinton, and climbing. If more states mandate that their electors pledge their electoral college votes for the majority vote winner of the state, the sturm und drang of the past few weeks could end up as merely a bad dream

Public Comments Favor Removing Enchanted Valley Chalet From Olympic National Park's Backcountry

Nov 23rd - 13:27pm | RodF

For key readings on this topic, see:  "Keeping It Wild in the National Park Service: A User Guide to Integrating Wilderness Character into Park Planning and Management" (NPS, 2014)

Nov 23rd - 13:23pm | RodF

A Tale of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Nov 23rd - 12:48pm | RodF

Tahoma, Enchanted Valley Chalet was continuously open as a public shelter from 1954 until moved in 2014.  (When unstaffed, the public had access to the entire Chalet until 1984, to the first floor only from 1985 to 1995, and to one room only since 1995.)  It has never been, as you stated, "NPS use only the past several decades".

Nov 22nd - 15:34pm | tahoma

It will be interesting to see how the design of the eventual action alternatives is influenced by these public comments.  I'm in agreement with Tim that Wilderness is a national issue and the local's opinions should not carry extra weight; at least the out of state "cut-and-paste" commenters cared enough to respond.

Nov 22nd - 13:12pm | Tim McNulty

Kurt, your headline is spot-on, and your article is on the mark.

Nine Black-Footed Ferrets Released At Wind Cave National Park

Nov 23rd - 12:40pm | KJ

Very Cool - thanks for sharing!

National Park Service May Reopen the Statue’s Crown at Statue of Liberty National Monument

Nov 23rd - 11:45am | The man

Well it's open now and an awesome experience. Now if only they would look into the torch.

Mount Baldy At Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore To Remain Off-Limits Indefinitely

Nov 22nd - 22:06pm | Mike Stewart

Mt. Baldy update: Unfortunately Mt. Baldy is still closed to general visitors (save some special ranger-led hikes). The mighty dune has now moved southward almost up to the north side of the parking lot so it's looking like time has run out for visiting here (if it's eventually deemed safe again) unless new parking/access is constructed.

Nov 22nd - 21:56pm | Mike Stewart

Update:NPS finally opened Central Beach and parking lot HOORAY! Beach erosion still present but they fashioned a "sideways" ramp down to the now-ample beach; access has been good all Summer and they even kept it open through the colored leaf Fall season.  I commend them for this. Hopefully 2017 will be smooth sailing!

Hiking all the Trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Nov 22nd - 14:44pm | Gary Wilson

Hi David, Congrats on completing that journey...  Here's a PDF that you can fill out and send.  I believe it's still active:

Nov 22nd - 12:44pm | David Kirby

Just finished the 900 last week and was wondering if there was a patch or certificate. But to be honest those  aren't really necessary for me...I got a patch on my soul for the achievement. The hikes have been my solace during some rocky times over the last couple of years. But actually it's taken me over 40 yrs to knock it out. Good thing there's no time limit.

Yellowstone National Park Lone Dissenter To Plan For Managing Grizzly Bears If They Are Delisted From ESA

Nov 22nd - 14:37pm | Robert Aland

Owen Hoffman's comments are thoughtful and no doubt correct technically correct in the abstract.  However, as a practical matter there is absolutely no chance that Mr.

Fence Proposed To Keep ORVs, Target Shooters Out Of Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

Nov 22nd - 13:05pm | drew hanson

ATVs are also a problem along many northern segments of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. In some places where barricades have erected following ATV abuse, ATVists create new routes around the barricades.

Newest National Natural Landmark Preserves Clues To The Earth’s Past

Nov 22nd - 12:59pm | drew hanson

Super! Well done!

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