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UPDATE: 'Creepytings' Vandal Pleads Guilty To Defacing Western National Parks

Jun 16th - 04:50am | Fred Fox

She's not done yet. She has a Restitution Hearing coming up at a later date. It's in the fifth paragraph.

Jun 14th - 21:11pm | jdog

what a bunch of bs. 100 years ago it was rock art and now its defacing. first world problem forsure. people are so controlled by the media and government its stupid. live with morals not restrictions. open your mind not your wallet. people that think this is vile or disgusting are the problem with the world. human error natures savior population birt control

Jun 14th - 14:51pm | Rick B.

FWIW, prosecutors and judges are restrained by the law and regulations. We can all fantasize about an ideal sentence for a particular malfeasant, but to do that you need to change the laws and regulations. If statutes say that Crime #XYZ is a misdemeanor, you will get no where agitating for a Class A felony level of punishment.  

Jun 14th - 13:57pm | KJ

What a moron!

Jun 14th - 12:40pm | Angela Bates

Dumb ass should have been fined the actual cost of restoration, and sentenced to a year in prison for each incident. Federal prosecutors and judges are pathetically weak. 

Jun 14th - 12:00pm | Retired Ethical...

Unfortunately, most Federal prosecutors and judges are exposed to mainly urban types of crimes, and don't take the resource ones very seriously.  It's up to law enforcement officers to educate them as much as possible, including taking them into the field to show how vulnerable and valuable our natural and cultural resources are.

Jun 14th - 11:49am | Nick Ryan

If the Park Service wants to cut down on vandalism they need to work to increase the penalties. Right now there is really no reason for a vandal not to commit acts of vanadalism. There is almost zero risk of being caught, and if you are caught the consequences will be inconsequential. In this case the vandal got a slap on the wrist and lots of free publicity.

Jun 14th - 07:53am | Lee Dalton

Vandalism is only a misdemeanor.  Should some cases be felonies? Probation and a few hours of "service" are outrageously light sentences for this young woman.  It would have been much more appropriate if there had been 200 hours of service for EVERY ONE of her escapades.

Chinese Visitor Fined $1,000 For Going Off Boardwalk In Yellowstone National Park

Jun 15th - 23:51pm | Tony

I agree with the fine, but I don't see this as a solution.  This is a fragile and precious area.  And just like fine works of art in museums are closely monitored at all times, so should Yellowstone features.

Jun 15th - 20:41pm | FredA

$1000 fine is not enough. Damage from clowns like this take 10's to 100's of years to recover. Make the fine $100,000 and 30-days community service. Advertise the stupid and selfish people mug shots on social media. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP BEHAVING LIKE THE RULES DON'T APPLY TO THEM.

Jun 15th - 19:28pm | Jon Barrett

Is this the year of exceptional idiots visiting Yellowstone?

Jun 15th - 19:25pm | Mary Jo Dias

in my five years working at Yellowstone, I witnessed visitors doing may dangerous things. The biggest one is violating the rule of staying back away from the animals. Bears, Bison, Elk, Pronghorn,etc are wild animals. You are visiting their home. I think that if an employee says " Please stay back," guests need to listen because we know. We live there. We have been taught.

Jun 15th - 18:16pm | Valerie Hess

I have spoken to Asian visitors who had food and drink on boardwalks clearly marked that they are prohibited. I think that if these people are on a tour, you also ought to fine the guide and/or tour company. Too many guides turn a blind eye to violations because they want a good tip at the end and don't care about what their tours do at each stop.

Jun 15th - 17:42pm | ljriley

Kudos to the visitor that was able to get enough evidence for the park service to find the violator. With modern obsession of people using smart phones to take selfies, and photos of the wonders of the park, it's hopeful a few conscientious people would also take photos of those violating these critical rules and tattle on them.

Jun 15th - 16:54pm | Carolyn Foster

He should be fined, he's describing the park, and putting himself as well as his potential rescuers in danger. 

Jun 15th - 16:06pm | Yvonne

its about time! I repeated caution visitors, foreign and domestic about the safety issues they are breaking. I do report violators. If everyone looked out for the park's well being, we wouldn't have so many stupid tourist incidents.  Prople, please protect the parks and human beings who are too stupid to take care of themselves. 

Jun 15th - 16:04pm | Betty Banks

YES!!! It's very ridiculous that it's come to that, but since so many people visit national parks and since too many these days think rules are just suggestions to be ignored, WHERE VERY IMPORTANT, like this case is, RULES NEED to be ENFORCED STRICTLY!!!

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Jun 15th - 22:17pm | Don Penney

consider putting the pictures in Onenote or Evernote so you have it everywhere. 

Yellowstone Campaign Urges Visitors To Carry Bear Repellant

Jun 15th - 20:38pm | George Merrill

I have been a back country guide in Yellowstone for a while now. We are so lucky to have Yellowstone as well as other National Parks so close and available to us. Ten minutes from the moment you leave your car you can be in a wild natural place that animals like bears and wolves thrive within. In africa you would be required to be accompanied by an armed gaurd.

Jun 15th - 18:05pm | Dave Smith

Yellowstone National Park, and all other agencies in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho that belong to the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, give people lousy information on how to carry bear spray, when to spray, and how to spray. Carry bear spray in hand. If a bear is close enough to spray, spray it!! Use two hands when spraying.

Fireside Read: Guidebook To American Values And Our National Parks

Jun 15th - 15:22pm | Alan Wasner

Sarah, thank you for bringing to light what very few people are aware of. The pervasive mismanagement of our National Parks starts at the top. The fact that Jarvis is still in his position and was only disciplined is telling. Mismanagement is rampant throughout the NPS. On June 14, 2016 when he appeared before Congress, the honorable Rep.

New Cooking Techniques With An Old Pot

Jun 15th - 12:09pm | Rick B.

Well, reading this first thing in the morning sure gave me an appetite for breakfast today!

Centennial Series | Will Future Generations Preserve The National Parks?

Jun 15th - 11:59am | ecbuck

 I voted for a Republican once. Sure, there are many Republicans that are as bad as the Democrats when it comes to spending.  But prove you haven't cost the economy $40 Billion.

Jun 15th - 11:18am | Lee Dalton

Actually, I've cost the economy more like $7.5 billion.  I voted for a Republican once.  

Jun 15th - 08:36am | ecbuck

Ron, where is the money?  On the printing press?  Borrowed from the Chinese?  $20 trillion in debt and you think we can just spend willly-nilly?

Jun 14th - 22:13pm | rmackie

Thank you Ward Luthi, and thanks for your service on the Presidential Commission. I agree with your post, protecting our natural, cultural and historic heritage needs a higher priority. The money is there, the political will is not. 

Jun 14th - 21:53pm | ecbuck

You can't win You have that part right.  By the way Rick, if the science is settled, why have all the predictions based on that science been so wrong?

Jun 14th - 21:13pm | Rick B.

B ack away, Lee. You can't win a piddling contest with a Cruz apologist.

Jun 14th - 21:03pm | ecbuck

by the way Lee-I think you have cost the economy $40 billion.  Prove I am wrong.

Jun 14th - 20:51pm | ecbuck

Let's see your proof that it's not. Ah, once again your "defense" is to ask for the proof of a negative.  The tactic of one who has no basis for his allegations.  But I will offer this.

Jun 14th - 20:14pm | Lee Dalton

"Fictional?" Let's see your proof that it's not.  

Jun 14th - 18:01pm | ecbuck

When a senator can shut down the government at a cost of more than $40 billion The government is $20 trillion dollars in debt and you are worried about some fictional $40 billion number?

Jun 14th - 15:19pm | Ward Luthi

Excellent article.  Thank you.  Having worked as a staff member for the President's Commission On Americans Outdoors in 1985-1986, it's sad to see the overcrowding and lack of funding for our National Parks.  The shortfalls in funding are not due to a lack of money, but to a lack of political will and understanding that our National Parks are National Treasures.

Jun 13th - 18:58pm | Green Thumb

I personally cannot support adding additional property or units to the NPS until I see evidence of organizational change leading to increased accountability and a reduction in the maintenance backlog.  

Jun 13th - 13:32pm | SmokiesBackpacker

The main thing that Jewell needs to do is reconnect with the old sentiment when NPS officials had intergrity and were viewed as stewards of the land instead of whores for the concession industry.  The only true way for her to do this is to can Jarvis and five or six of his henchman.

Jun 13th - 13:17pm | Siglin1

In the meantime places that could have been National Parks will be destroyed forever.

Jun 13th - 08:44am | Harryb3570

Before we expand our system of protected areas we need to find the money to preserve what we now have. The current estimate of the maintence backlog is $12 billion. The real question facing the American people is can we keep our current system for this and future generations or will we begin to lose parks and protected areas due to lack of money and neglect.

Alaska Trip Helps High School Students Learn About Climate Change

Jun 15th - 04:24am | Jake

The National Park Service and No Barriers Youth work together to promote awareness and action on climate change. The National Park Service Climate Change Response Program and No Barriers Youth partnership is a commitment to provide climate change learning opportunities for youth and educators nationwide. 

Catch Live Yellowstone National Park Webcasts, Live, Twice a Week

Jun 15th - 03:34am | Manuel

That is cool

Couple Wanted In Connection With Grand Canyon National Park Vandalism Located

Jun 14th - 12:47pm | Stephen Hawkins

Good Point LeeTwo weeks, transportation and expenses are on the convicted, litter cleanup and grafiti removal and a hot location. NPS has plenty of them

Oregon Man Just Wanted To "Dip His Toe" In A Yellowstone Hot Spring

Jun 14th - 12:46pm | Eric Traveler

No one ever said the human condition was without stupidity. We too traveled to a number of national parks (22) this past fall and it never ceased to amaze us the number of times we saw tourists engaged in stupid, if not life threatening, activities, especially around wildlife. People, it's called "wildlife" for a reason...respect it.

Death Valley Considers Fee Increases To Fund Fixes At Scotty’s Castle

Jun 14th - 08:35am | ecbuck

Curious.  Does the NPS not insure their buildings?

Traveler Poll: Should President Obama Designate A National Monument In Maine's North Woods?

Jun 14th - 08:06am | Lee Dalton

Thank you, Mr. Kellett and Mr. King for your excellent posts.  And thank you, too, Esteemed Comrade for your long list of reasons why this area should be a park. Let's hope Mr. Obama finds the right stuff to do what's right not only for the Maine Woods but also for Bears Ears here in Utah.

Jun 13th - 19:22pm | Robert King

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama: Please, please, please exercise your powers within the Antiquities Act to create a National Monument from the land that the Quimby Family will donate.

Twenty-One-Year-Old New York Woman Named As Suspect In "Creepytings" Vandalism In Western Parks

Jun 14th - 00:10am | Rick B.      

Frog, Turtle Species Being Reintroduced To Yosemite Valley

Jun 13th - 17:04pm | argalite

Removal of large woody debris along the Merced wasn't as bad as removing the glacial morainne at the end of the valley.

Jun 13th - 13:46pm | Mike Painter

It's always nice to see these projects happening! A note for the NPT stylebook: Ecologists prefer to use the term "restore" rather than "reintroduce" when talking about native species, since the species were not "introduced" in the first place. :-)

Traveler's View: National Park Service Wrong To Permit Zion Bike Race

Jun 13th - 08:06am | Lee Dalton

A story from Southern Utah News, the weekly newspaper in nearby Kanab.  Kanab is one of several towns that have benefitted tremendously from nearby national parks and monuments.

Engineering Eden: The True Story Of A Violent Death, A Trial, And The Fight Over Controlling Nature

Jun 13th - 06:31am | SmokiesBackpacker

Non scientific, Superintendent level decision making.  Man, has nothing changed?  Well at least the NPS is taking it out on bears in the Smokies these days.  So far, these geniuses have used nascent DNA technology to euthanize two "problem" bears in the past two years.  Only problem is, they have killed the wrong bear in both instances.

Historic World War II Building Mistakenly Torn Down By National Park Service

Jun 12th - 22:35pm | Aloha

At least the wreck of the USS Arizona is safely under water.

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