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NPS: Systematic Failures Led To Desecrations At Effigy Mounds National Monument

Aug 11th - 19:49pm | timothy mason

lt"s not as slmple as,...ready to move forward." All the dlsgutngilly ugly garbage that they illegally bullt boardwalks/ brdges/ decks etc. must be removed and return the damaged little park to lt's pre-crime spree condtion.

Are National Parks An Appropriate Backdrop For Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue?

Aug 11th - 19:07pm | Kurt Repanshek

OK, folks, we're closing this one down. It's exceeded its "use by" date.

Aug 11th - 18:59pm | Alfred Runte

Gary, my last backpacking trip was High Divide in Olympic National Park. I did it in honor of my good friend Carsten Lien, the author of OLYMPIC BATTLEGROUND. Perhaps you read my article here in The Traveler, also the article I wrote about Michael Frome.

Aug 11th - 18:03pm | Gary Wilson

King Alfie, I realize, you like to come off as a smug elitist, emulating this vast superiority over others, but the reality is I have read many books from those authors. The other reality is that many of those authors have spent a lot of time in solitude within the wilderness, and I definitely speak their language.   Do you?  Do you know what that is like?

Aug 11th - 17:11pm | Alfred Runte

Nice shortcut, Gary. Now read their books.

Aug 11th - 17:06pm | Gary Wilson

I don't have respect for conmen.  At least those other folks you reference spent portion of thier lives in national parks.  So, please don't place yourself in the same league as people like Muir, Frome, Williams, or Cactus Ed. 

Aug 11th - 15:40pm | Alfred Runte

Gary, when you're caught with your pants down (like the young ladies in this photo shoot), admit it. Just for the record, I have not been a full-time professor since 1987, and yes, I do mention my books from time to time, since all of that time I have been self-employed. You, too, must be self-employed to spend so much time on this website. Or are you fudging on your employer's clock? 

Aug 11th - 07:50am | Beachdumb2

This is best article on NPT ever. I've read it dozens times now. I love to see how some folks are offended by this, just shows how delusional some are and thier ideology trumps rational thinking.  If no resources were harmed, I totally approve.

Aug 10th - 22:53pm | Gary Wilson

I agree EC and for a rare moment we agree at least on one thing.  Unfortunately, there's a lot of people here that don't seem to comprehend the rules, and so they float their BS, and propaganda because they disapprove of the art, and can't see beyond the photo.   Once again, i'll try this one last time. 

Aug 10th - 20:30pm | ecbuck

Can't believe this thread is still going on.  Must be everyone like scrolling through the story (pictures) to get to the comment section;)

Aug 10th - 19:35pm | Gary Wilson

Allfried, is there any day where you can go by without the self-promotion and especially hawking your books on this site?   The more I read you here, especially in regards to anthropogenic global warming, along with and many other topics, the more I pity any millenials that have to put up with you as a professor.

Aug 10th - 18:59pm | Alfred Runte

But Gary doesn't want to remember, Kurt. He wants to be selective. And is that not the point? He wants to select for what he approves, while condemning others for what they disapprove. And to make sure we accept his values, he reminds us of what we, too, must disapprove.

Aug 10th - 17:47pm | Gary Wilson

Unfortunately those acts of vandalism were not park approved activities. I was thinking more along the lines of activities that the NPS approved for the time period, which has led to this debate.  

Aug 10th - 17:26pm | Kurt Repanshek

P.T. Barnum?How about creepytings and her acrylic paintings in the parks?Or the guys who walked along the edges of Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone?Or the dude who crashed his drone into the spring?

Aug 10th - 17:20pm | Gary Wilson

Sorry Alfred, but i've been in National Parks for quite a lot of my life. Now, i'm in one full time, and I don't see more PT barnum, and less John Muir.  I just don't. I meet a lot of people that care about nature, and practice conservation.

Aug 10th - 16:16pm | Alfred Runte

Unfortunately, he also needs to get to the gym more often, but yes, he takes to the trails every year in Zion--and remains a hit with the ladies! (Only don't show this picture to my wife!)

Aug 10th - 15:12pm | Kurt Repanshek

Gary, the good Dr. Runte was on a Traveler adventure back in June, when we spent four days floating the Green River through the Gates of Lodore and Lodore Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument. He was a real hit with the ladies! And last summer he floated with us for five days down the Yampa through Dinosaur.

Aug 10th - 15:07pm | Gary Wilson

Alfred, you continue to present yourself as out of touch with the daily reality that goes on in our National Parks.  I have to admit, I find myself questioning when the last time you went off on a trail and had a real adventure in a park?

Aug 10th - 12:35pm | Alfred Runte

Gary, your list of "damaging" commercial intrusions is itself politically correct. You left out wind and solar farms impinging on park boundaries, viewsheds, resources, and wildlife. But I digress.

Aug 10th - 06:12am | Raine

This is just shameful!  Whoever allowed this should be removed from their office!

Aug 9th - 21:06pm | Gary Wilson

"Commercial exploitation" when no resources are harmed sounds like a harsh term.  Commercial exploitation is when the resources of the park are disrupted and harmed and the park is then altered.  To me, commercial exploitation is mining, logging, extracting water, damming a river for energy, killing or harvesting wildlife from the park boundaries.

Aug 9th - 18:07pm | Trailsman

Brickleberry has it right

Aug 9th - 18:02pm | Dan B

Gary, I agree, the Politically Correct Rangers are now out in full force.  This is getting silly now.  If you don't like, don't look.  And quit trying to push your values onto me.

Aug 9th - 17:25pm | Ethical Retired...

I was involved in monitoring a couple of location shots for the IMAX film "Grand Canyon the Hidden Secrets".  While this filming did cause some disruptions in Park activities, and had its share of inaccuracies, I feel its promoters made a decent effort to promote appreciation for the Park and its resources.

Aug 9th - 16:59pm | rmackie

Ethical Retired Ranger, yes, the short lived series "Sierra". Could pontificate at length on the lessons learned, but you have to be involved in one of these efforts to understand the logistics, closures, staff and field employee time, etc.  dedicated to accomplishing the project, all of which detracts from operating the park.

Aug 9th - 16:31pm | Ethical Retired...

Mackie, are you referring to the short-lived 1970's TV Series "Sierra", which was largely filmed at Yosemite National Park?  This production not only presented a highly inaccurate depiction of National Park Rangers, but seemed aimed at making them into cartoonish Jellystone Park characters.

Aug 9th - 15:53pm | alpineflora

The National Park Service rangers who were "required" by the stipulations of the permit must have really loved this assignment.

Aug 9th - 15:35pm | rmackie

Thank you Kurt, I agree that is the question. For the NPS to allow a filming permit that is so transparently commercial in its purpose with no intention of educating anyone to the ecological, historical or culture issues inherent in the area is a mistake, at least in my opinion.

Aug 9th - 14:26pm | Beachwalker

At least they have some clothes on.  Try enjoying walking the beaches of Canaveral National Seahore and being subjected to comments  and astoundingly up front and personal visuals of the fully nude visitors  along with some of their sexual antics that the NPS allows.  Anything for a buck I guess.

Aug 9th - 13:22pm | Elena Robisch

This is unbelievable and in such bad taste.  Stupid NPS  

Writers Speak Out For A Bears Ears National Monument

Aug 11th - 13:39pm | Lee Dalton

Rob is at it again.  He just added a significant and sneaky line to his Public Lands Initiative Bill.  Read all about it here: A few excerpts:

Reader Participation Day: How Crowded Are The National Parks?

Aug 11th - 10:51am | David Cole

i have been to a number of parks this year and last. The experience of gaining acces and particularly of being able to stay in the parks has become dreadful. it seems the parks are content with achieving their mission of protecting the environment but has abandoned any concern for protecting quality experiences. Sad to see the quest for quantity given priority over quality.

Leslie Reynolds, Chief Ranger At Cape Cod, Awarded Top Honor For A Ranger

Aug 11th - 09:36am | steve stockdale

Chief Ranger Reynolds Well done, richly deserved        Stock

Aug 9th - 14:16pm | Rick B.

Congratulations for a peer-nominated award, obviously well deserved.

National Parks Are Managed In Very Inconsistent Ways...Or Are They?

Aug 11th - 09:25am | tahoma

Really, ec?  You need documentation that dogs degrade water quality and scare wildlife and some visitors?  Try searching dogs + water pollution.  There will be more results than you can read, for exampe:

Aug 11th - 08:46am | ecbuck

but this dog management policy has much larger and lasting effects on visitors, wildlife and water quality Could you elaborate on those "lasting effects'? I regularly hike National Forest Trails that have similar regulations and have never seen any such thing.  

Aug 11th - 08:41am | tahoma

Speaking of management inconsistency, a place where dogs are allowed on 99% of the trails is not a National Park I would care to visit:

Centennial Series | Reform, Don't Replace, The National Park Service

Aug 10th - 22:29pm | ecbuck

As I suspected.  Crickets from you Rick.  You were more than willing to go off topic until you actually had to defend your statements.  

Aug 10th - 22:18pm | Rick B.

Where were we? That's right: Centennial Series | Reform, Don't Replace, The National Park Service

Aug 10th - 22:16pm | ecbuck

And you are buying in to the old Democratic tradition of making baseless accusations.  Show me a Republican that has changed his position due to being bought and I am willing to throw him in the slammer.  Are you willing to throw Hillary in the slammer for selling her position as Secretary of State?  The evidence came out loud and clear today.

Aug 10th - 21:58pm | Rick B.

Glad you are in favor of supporting the old Republican tradition of buying the best politicians you can.

Aug 10th - 21:43pm | ecbuck

"corruption and bribery "- do I hear Clinton Foundation and State Department - are crimes that have nothing to do with free speech.  Expressing your preference for a political candidate is the epitomy of free speech.  

Aug 10th - 21:21pm | Rick B.

Again with that nonnsense that money equals speech. Follow that out and every corruption and bribery conviction infringes first amendment rights.

Aug 10th - 20:38pm | ecbuck

With you Lee on term limits, not so much on eliminating the 1st amendment.  Unfortunately I don't think either would substantially change the plight of the NPS.

Aug 10th - 10:49am | tahoma

"This paper is not intended to suggest that the NPS is doing everything right. As we and many other analysts have argued, the National Park System is plagued with significant problems, such as deteriorating infrastructure, micromanagement from political authorities, and difficulties in restoring important natural ecosystems..."

Aug 10th - 09:51am | Lee Dalton

Maybe the best place to start would be to reform Congress with term limits and strict regulation of campaign funding.

Alaska's Predator Control Efforts Kill National Park Service Predator-Prey Study

Aug 10th - 20:26pm | Juan Carlos Bravo

"... the state's intensive management program," More like a KILLING program, no need for euphemisms we're all adults premusably, and can call killing by its name. It will make it easier to ask: Why does the state have a predator killing prgram? and harder to answer it.

Artist-In-Residence In The Parks

Aug 10th - 16:59pm | Arlene Linder

I was picked to be an artist in residence at Yosemite durring the month of August for next year and I lost the letter telling me the date. It is important that I know because I have been attending classes at Oxford University in the summer and I don't want to have a conflicting date for next summer. Thank you

Woman Dies in Fall From Angel's Landing

Aug 9th - 19:28pm | Bill B

I climbed to  Scouts Lookout today with my family.  My wife and boys of 17 and 14 took a look and decided not to go on.  Instead they continued on the West Rim trail to a point higher than Angel's Landing.  I went on to Angel's Landing.  I would not do it again.  All of us are quite athletic and sure of ourselves, my family would have made it.

Op-Ed | Anti-Ranch Activists Use Familiar Playbook

Aug 9th - 14:26pm | Rick B.

Using a group-sounding nym with an "official, oversight" sounding name like "NPS Watch", but then throughout your comments using the "I" word ["I will summaarize, I read..." etc] is curious. Since everyone else commenting on this have used their own names or organizations, I'm curious who you - and I'm using the word as a singular, not a plural - are or represent.

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