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Group Thinks NPS Uniforms, Vehicles, Play A Role In Lack Of Diversity In National Parks

May 3rd - 21:13pm | Ray Bane

"As I read the comments above I realized that probably not one of the commenters is from anything other than a WASP background," Lee Dalton.

May 3rd - 20:20pm | Lee Dalton

There are several short stories in this month's issue of AARP magazine about national parks. One of them particularly caught my eye.  In Nature's Pied Piper, a woman of Native American descent tells of a program she is running that takes young people from inner cities to our parks.

May 3rd - 20:06pm | Ray Bane

I find it interesting that some (many?) find the NPS uniform intimidating.  Park rangers, particularly those with law enforcemrnt responsibilities, do project a certain degree of authority - but there is no reason to interpret that as "negative" authority.  It is - or should be - seen as protective of both the parks and the visitors.

May 3rd - 19:00pm | Stunned

This is ridiculous really, We can't afford to fund the needed repairs the parks need but these folks think we can afford or need this? There is something worng with the people pushing this tripe.

May 3rd - 18:29pm | Kurt Repanshek

Perhaps to lure more diverse audiences, we need to do a better job of explaining to all why the National Park System is a collection of exemplary places, rather than trying to mold the parks in such a way to suit a particular visitor.

May 3rd - 18:21pm | Green Thumb

I disagree.  I believe there is a diversity problem in the park service, and I value diversity.  I also believe serving the public trust means the park service needs to be relevant to a representative cross section of its citizenry.

May 3rd - 17:38pm | Bill

Clearly all the commenters here are not minorities as their statements indicate their ignorance of the oppersion many minorities (especially blacks and hispanics) are under.   Don't think for a second that we don't live in a police state, we absolutely do.

May 3rd - 16:06pm | Steve E

It's incredible how far "political correctness" can go. Lack of diversity automatically triggers the response in some groups that their must be a problem.  There is no problem and especially not because of National Park Ranger's dress or vehicles. Give me a break!!!

May 3rd - 15:24pm | Harry Diamond

The National Parks are small cities and need the visibility of those that are designated to help and protect within very busy areas and heave traffic conditions, wild animals, etc. I  can't understand why anyone would feel threatened with this presence. If there are people that are threatened they should probably stay home.

May 3rd - 14:42pm | Alan B

There are children and adults in our wonderful country who have not eaten a meal today or are in need of medical care. I don't think they are concerned with the color of the park ranger vehicles or the appearance of the uniforms. Taxpayer dollars are a precious commodity and we must prioritize how and where that money is spent.

May 3rd - 13:30pm | Karl Scott

As usual the PC crowd wants changes.  Are they willing to pay for them?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Don't be fooled by this.  It is an attempt to extend power and control.  That is what they are all about.  On one hand it is all about diversity.  Then it is all about the group they ID with.  Are we united or diverse.

May 3rd - 12:41pm | Deb P.

People already ignore the rules of the parks and seeing how there really isn't any punishment for breaking them, the only alternative is to have someone dressed like an officer that just might do something if you do break the rules. To remove that deterent will only lead to more destruction and disrespect of the natural environment i.e.

May 3rd - 12:19pm | Rick B.

Hopefully we'll also be removing all girl scouts from the parks.

May 3rd - 11:48am | Lee Dalton

As with other similar articles I've read recently -- from all kinds of "special" groups -- I think I see only complaints here and vague generalizations.  What I don't see is anything specific telling exactly what is wrong and how it can be addressed without causing angst to others. Compromise and cooperation are in danger of extinction in America.

May 3rd - 10:05am | Gila Monster

We should remove all bears, snakes and wolves from the parks, as they may present a significant impediment to engaging all Americans.

May 3rd - 09:36am | mtgnppics

I'm not impressed.  If you're in a park and you need a ranger, you want to recognize and find one FAST! 

May 3rd - 09:22am | David Crowl

I do not want to feel like the parks are a "police state" but I understand the need for a park ranger to have authority. Having authority does need the appearance of authority. Maybe interpritive rangers could have a more relaxed look but I am not sure I would change it much.

May 3rd - 09:09am | DonJ

Stop with the namby pamby cry baby oh my feelings get hurt to easily crowd. So sick of these weenies.

May 3rd - 09:09am | tahoma

I was a bit skeptical of this article at first, but then remembered my own reaction on first seeing the park service winter uniforms resembling those of the enemy in the Korean War.  Those 'iconic' NPS flat hats do look a lot like those worn by about ten thousand soldiers on Pershing's punative expedition into Mexico during WW I.

May 3rd - 08:45am | ecbuck

What poppy cock. If the look of law enforcement is an "impediment" to someone coming to a park, I don't want them (the visitor) there in the first place.  Currently am in Florence.  The streets are filled with police and military, all carrying weapons of some kind including assault rifles.  The streets are packed with a very diverse and well protected crowd.  

U.S. Postage Stamps Showcase Beauty, Diversity Of National Park Landscapes

May 3rd - 18:10pm | barb cohen

I have visited 31 of 58 national parks, and hope to finish before I die! Thanks for this tribute to the BEST IDEA in the USA! 

Adopt A Wolf And Help Yellowstone Park Foundation Support Wildlife Projects in Yellowstone National Park

May 3rd - 15:22pm | hghkgju

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Benefits Of The Rocky MTN Fire At Shenandoah National Park

May 3rd - 15:16pm | Tom Nichols

Actually, many wildfires can be beneficial to park ecosystems and will reduce hazardous amounts of fuels, mitigating future, more intense fires. The Superintendent and his staff should be applauded for implementing the federal fire policy as it was intended to be used, and not just pushing the easy button and hammering the fire, as many managers tend to do.   

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site To Reopen Visitor Center

May 3rd - 14:39pm | Kellie Etherson

Wonderful news!  I, too, last visited in 2011 when the Visitor's Center was a trailer.  Congratulations on your new center and the new exhibits!  Can't wait to revisit!  

Enthusiast Builds Website To Collect, Share Free National Park Maps

May 3rd - 14:36pm | Matt Holly

I appreciate all the comments and for the great article, Scott! QT is right that the HFC site is great if your goal is to download large PDF files of the official NPS unigrid maps. My goal was to gather all the other different maps the NPS publishes for free (trails, shuttles, campgrounds, etc) as well.

May 3rd - 11:38am | QT Luong

Little known, but not for to my readers, since I shared that resource on my blog half a decade ago:

May 3rd - 05:55am | Rebecca Latson ...

I think "little-known" are the key words here, regarding NPS cataloguing their own maps.  At least, with this article, Mr. Holly's site is out there as another resource - one which I have bookmarked.

May 2nd - 17:41pm | Elaine H.

i, too, have a fat stack. I go one step further and put the park date stamp, (the one for the Passport) on the map, reminding me of when I was there. I look at them from time to time when home. 

May 2nd - 12:39pm | QT Luong

This is a nice effort, but note that the NPS had already neatly catalogued all their map resources at the little known URL: 

May 2nd - 08:24am | hatrasfevr

Awesome........ We are trip planning now from PA to AK. These will be a tremendous help to us.

May 1st - 16:50pm | Megaera

This makes me smile.  I have a rubber-banded stack of NP maps that's about 6" thick, and I just keep adding to it.  I suspect I'm one of a lot of people who do this.

An Open Letter To Interior Secretary Jewell: End Helicopter Overflights At Glacier National Park

May 3rd - 14:21pm | Stephanie Jackson

I agree with banning air tours at ALL national parks. It is disruptive in so many ways! Add my name!!

May 3rd - 13:15pm | Anonymous

yep, add me too, & thanx, Cb

May 3rd - 08:03am | tahoma

i'd support ending all air tours over all national parks.

May 2nd - 20:28pm | Gary W. Gadouas

We need to be able to hear the quiet places in Glacier. No helicoptors PLEASE!

May 2nd - 10:43am | mtgnppics

Add mine, too.  I'm tired of the wop-wop-wop over my head.

May 2nd - 06:40am | ecbuck

Add my name to the list.

Oil Refinery CEO: Once Opponents Learn More, They'll Be "A Little Bit More Relaxed"

May 3rd - 13:01pm | Alfred Runte

Meanwhile, back at Soda Mountain. . .

May 3rd - 10:48am | Evelyn

We are tired of hearing the corporate spin on why everything they do is ok and won't hurt anything. We need to protect our last wild places at all cost, and if that hurts you bottom line, I don't care.  

May 2nd - 21:18pm | Rick B.

Reminds me a lot of the advice that used to be given to rape victims, to just lay back and enjoy it. Didn't work then, doesn't work now.

May 2nd - 19:03pm | Megaera

Argh.  Glad I saw TRNP when I did, RIP.

May 2nd - 18:53pm | David Allan Cole Sr.

May 2nd - 09:54am | Lee Dalton

Hmmmm.  Why does this remind me of the commander of a firing squad telling the target as he is being tied to the stake, "Don't worry.  We use really, really good bullets.  So relax, you probably won't feel a thing."    

Trails I've Hiked: Far Below And Long Ago—Basin Creek Trail to Caudill Cabin in Doughton Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway

May 3rd - 11:01am | Phoebe Caudill'...

Thank you for the article and especially the video.

UPDATE: Missing Hiker In Denali Found Dead From Fall

May 2nd - 17:56pm | Murray

May Michael Purdy rest in peace.  I pray that his loved ones will somehow manage to find comfort.

The Ghosts Of Yellowstone National Park

May 2nd - 16:21pm | Bill

I live in King's Canyon and after seeing an out of place moving light among the trees I started searching for people with similar experiences.

"Camper Cabins" At Isle Royale National Park Extend Lodging Options To Windigo Area

May 1st - 09:24am | Kurt Repanshek

You'd have to call the concessionaire, Mary Ann:

Apr 30th - 22:16pm | Mary Ann Scott

Which nights (if any) during July and August is a Windigo camper cabin available for reservation?

Interior Secretary Jewell Lays Out Vision For Next 100 Years Of Conservation In America

Apr 30th - 08:33am | Lee Dalton

Here's a link to an article in this week's Southern Utah News out of Kanab regarding local opposition (justified this time, I think) to changes being made in the LOTTERY system that now allows visitors to try to be one of the lucky recipients of a permit to visit The Wave in Paria Canyon.

The World's Top Ten National Parks

Apr 29th - 16:39pm | lily

I thought that Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park was the second ever park in the world.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide