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UPDATED: Forest Service Rejects Permit Request That Could Have Led To Development Near Grand Canyon

Mar 4th - 21:10pm | Tree Hugger

So grateful that sanity has prevailed.

Mar 4th - 21:00pm | Paula

Thank you is not enough. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Mar 4th - 18:38pm | Cascade River Gear

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  We are with the rest let's do some serious happy dancing to celebrate a victory for the Grand Canyon and her people!  Now if we can stop the Escalade project we will all rest a little easier!

Mar 4th - 17:53pm | Megaera

So, so, SO happy about this!!!

Mar 4th - 15:31pm | Toni Tagliarino

DOING A HAPPY DANCE! This is awesome news!!

Mar 4th - 15:29pm | Lee Dalton


Your Yosemite, A Threatened Public Treasure

Mar 4th - 11:18am | Alfred Runte

I am fine, Jeffrey, until you get to the buses part. Why should Yosemite Valley be rimmed with parking lots? As in Europe, I would do light rail. As for the historical structures, they would stay, but yes, you make terrific points about America's persistent loss of wilderness by overdeveloping the national parks.

Mar 4th - 08:45am | ecbuck

 I support tearing down all the lodging and banning personal motor vehicles from the Valley. To what purpose?  What exactly does that accomplish other than inconvenience those that want to enjoy the park in a way different from you.  

Mar 4th - 06:47am | Jeffrey Van Mid...

I'm well aware of Yosemite's vast backcountry, ECBuck. I've hiked literally every trail in the Park, climbed all of its major peaks and many of its granite walls, domes, and spires. I'm not an anti-democratic-access elitist who would seek to keep Yosemite Valley for a few privileged individuals, but it is being "loved to death".

Mar 3rd - 09:29am | ecbuck

Jeffery - there are 1169 square miles to Yosemite Park and 94% of that is designated Wilderness.  Actually developed area represent a fraction of a percent of the park's area.  It is a shame you break your "wilderness loving heart" by not walking the 10 minutes it will take you to get to that wilderness.

Mar 3rd - 08:42am | Jeffrey Van Mid...

I was a seasonal ranger in Yosemite during Robert Binnewies' first year there (I also knew Ron Mackie who was my reason I got hired). It was during the former Superintendent's first address to we gathered rangers that I "confronted" him regarding the proposed General Master Plan for Yosemite.

Traveler's Gear Box: A Tale Of Shell Jackets

Mar 4th - 10:14am | Kapil

Hi e271828, I am Kapil, the founder of Mishmi Takin. I completely share your sentiment regarding Pink. We ended up on Pink due to some unavoidable circumstances during the sampling process. But, you can bet that this is going to change soon. We are working to get atleast one more color for women by the time the product comes out in market in fall.

Mar 2nd - 11:48am | e271828

It is NOT refreshing to see yet more women's outdoor merchandise in (*&#$@! pink.

Mar 2nd - 08:47am | ecbuck

Styling Kurt.  You even have the "skinny arm" pose.   Abel Van Oeveren look out. ;)

Reader Survey Day: Which Is Your Favorite National Seashore?

Mar 3rd - 21:04pm | Patricia turner

Grew up on Long Island and just love Fire Island, it needs all the protection it can get.

Mar 3rd - 20:38pm | Anonymous

Fire Island National Seashore

Joshua Tree National Park's 75th Anniversary Winding Down With Crossroads Conference

Mar 3rd - 15:52pm | Skyline Conneticut

I think discussing global climate change is super important now, things are just getting worse and worse esepecially after the amazonian oil spills.

National Park Service Proposing Changes To How Objects Left At Vietnam Memorial Are Handled

Mar 3rd - 14:50pm | Patricia Barnety

I agree, every item left, with very few exceptions, has meaning to the person leaving at the name of their loved one...

OIG: National Park Service Director Skirted Ethics Office In Writing Book, Reprimanded

Mar 3rd - 11:25am | SmokiesBackpacker

If this, most recent Jarvis scandal, isn't evidence of a culture of arrogance and abuse of power.  Then nothing is.  I have dealt with his superintendents and they carry the Jarvis banner well.  If someone disagrees with the NPS, they can expect ad hominem attacks from government employees currying favor from someone they obviously fear.

Mar 3rd - 10:26am | ecbuck

when the mechanisms necessary to do so have been purchased by a powerful and corrupt few.

Mar 3rd - 10:16am | Lee Dalton

You're painting a whole lot of people with an awfully large brush in those accusations.  It's pretty hard to live up to your responsibilities when the mechanisms necessary to do so have been purchased by a powerful and corrupt few.

Mar 3rd - 09:16am | ecbuck

EC, tell us how all this crap can be flushed, please. We have only ourselves to blame.  People (as a whole) don't seek to be educated, they don't particpate in the process, they don't live their convictions and they are more than willing to rely on the government rather than take care of themselves.

Mar 2nd - 22:42pm | trailadvocate

Lee, could we agree that the whole mechanism is corrupted?   I'd like to believe we are making progress on that point.  Seems the basic ground rules have gone by the wayside.  Jarvis is a piker compared to those on up the ladder.  They all seem to keep their jobs by submitting to the corruption.  EC, tell us how all this crap can be flushed, please.

Mar 2nd - 21:27pm | Lee Dalton

You mean Congress?  Or some of our current presidential wannbes?

Mar 2nd - 18:11pm | redstate guy

Liars, cheaters and thieves.

Mar 2nd - 15:48pm | RodF

Bravo, Jon Jarvis!  I've ordered a copy and expect to be inspired by reading it. "Director Jarvis lists more than 50 values--such as bravery, patriotism, honesty, sacrifice, and honor, and provides examples of parks that illuminate them. This book features dozens of color photographs of national parks and includes a preface written by Dayton Duncan.

Mar 2nd - 15:14pm | Ethical Retired...

Former Speaker of the House Jim Wright resigned in disgrace.  The appearance of impropriety surrounding his book case was the tip of the iceberg of his ethics problems, much as I believe the Director's current book case is too.

Mar 2nd - 15:13pm | turtle

Mr. Jarvis should have been gone a long time ago....he is selling out the park service every day!

Mar 2nd - 14:13pm | Shadowmag

Is this another Jim Wright book case?  Why can't people get off trying to cause a problem?  

Mar 2nd - 08:32am | Ethical Retired...

Ax to grind?  Not personally here.  Just disgusted at the obvious and blatant hypocrisy displayed by a Director who knows better and considers himself above the rules he sets for others.  Conversely, I suspect that at least some of his defenders on this site are beneficiaries of his "Leadership".  If there is any doubt, check out NPS abysmal, declining scores in recent

Mar 2nd - 00:56am | trailadvocate

So who sets the example for every department on the Federal Level?   You can look at every department at the Federal Level and see in many of them, if not all, GROSS ethics problems and unconstitutional behavior.  How can Jarvis or any Director not be affected by the corrupted politics of their bosses.

Mar 1st - 22:58pm | Ghost of Steven...

Director Jarvis has failed in his leadership responsibilities and this fact is reflected in how he consistently fails to model effective leadership conduct and intentionally violates the rules of his own organization.  Good leaders never brag about intentionally violating policy, to the contrary, they use their challenges to demonstrate their leadership commitment to exce

Mar 1st - 19:12pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Jarvis was a regional director of the NPS and thus in upper echelon positions and fully part of the cabal prior to his confirmation in 09.  He didn't just "ascend" to the NPS directorship on Obama wings.   And the comments on this forum through the past years from retired NPS folks has indicated as much.  

Mar 1st - 19:08pm | Bernard Katz

It was a lapse of judgment and in the hustle and bustle of everyday work, sometimes the rules tend to be overlooked.  Strong character, probably, but common sense? I wonder if none of his subordinates didn't call this to his attention. I am not sure he's being driven out of government. And as to being punished for doing right--well, I'd take that chance. At least I could sleep on that.

Mar 1st - 18:36pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Oh, how the worm has turned.  Those who are above having to clear their backroom dealings with the lower echelon peons.  Jarvis is and has been a crook.  His scandals are well documented and all you NPS kool aid drinkers need to take note.  His brother lobbied the NPS on behalf of river operators and he didn't think that was a scandal.

Mar 1st - 17:22pm | Siglin1

I support Jon Jarvis. The negative comments are from people who had other axes to grind.

Mar 1st - 17:07pm | ArielB

I am greatly disappointed in his response to the IG and his efforts to involve others to cover-up his actions.  Had this been one of the last two directors (both women) - I doubt they would have survived misleading the Secretary of Interior.  One more example of an entrenched good ol' boy club.  People can have the best of intentions can be blind to their own predjudices. &n

Mar 1st - 14:55pm | Julia Lynam

When I, as a humble and sporadic seasonal interpretive ranger was about to publish abook about the NPS: "Treasures On Your Doorstep,  I had to go through the hoops of consulting my (temporary) park's ethics advisor, and being very careful about explaining my associationw ith the NPS. so I really think it's only right that Director Jarvis should stick to the rules. 

Mar 1st - 14:41pm | Kathleen Needham

Seems a bit harsh for what appears to be a positive effort on the part of the Directior. It will, however, probably increase his book sales as I know I want to read his book after this controversy.  

Mar 1st - 14:21pm | Nicky Ducommun


Mar 1st - 14:15pm | Kate

i have to side with Jarvis on this.  Too much stupidity in the red tape and risk of meddling/editing.  

Mar 1st - 14:06pm | Ray Bane

I have had disagreements with Director Jarvis, particularly re: the developments of Katmai's Brooks River, but I have never questioned his dedication to the National Park Service.  This story is sad for all concerned, particularly for Jon.  

Mar 1st - 13:22pm | Disgusted

Why wasn't he fired immediately for this intentional violation of his employer's code of conduct?  

Budget Problems Prevent Everglades National Park From Opening Chekika Day-Use Area

Mar 3rd - 10:09am | carr

came here in2013!!! came back again in 2016 found it CLOSED!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOO broken hearted!1

U.S. Senator Calls For "Comprehensive" Review Of Proposal To Conduct Seismic Testing In Big Cypress National Preserve

Mar 3rd - 09:09am | Betty Osceola

How do we find out where in the process the Dept. of Interior is in the application review process?

Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand on America's National Parks?

Mar 2nd - 08:39am | Jon

How about one of these for 2016/2017 :)

New Concessionaire Takes Over At Yosemite National Park Today

Mar 1st - 20:47pm | tahoma

"Memorabilia collectors have an extra incentive to visit Yosemite National Park this year"I hope someone didn't take first sentence of this article literally; 'The Ahwahnee Hotel' sign has been stolen:

Mar 1st - 20:33pm | Lee Dalton

Write to your Congress critter, Linda.

Mar 1st - 20:22pm | Linda Haverstock

Just visited Yosemite in January and was dismayed by the condition of the park. No visible effort has been made to polish up the park for celebration.  I am very tired of outhouses being used instead of flush toilets.  Yosemite has a sewer system.

Tent Sites Now Available At Gateway National Recreation Area's Fort Wadsworth On Staten Island

Mar 1st - 18:30pm | theresa bradley

Does your sites have electric and or water. I would be coming in on aug 1 through sunday aug 7. There are 4 of us.

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