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Public Comment Period Opens On Dog Walking Rule For Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Feb 24th - 13:44pm | Kurt Repanshek

Ted, your link doesn't appear to work. Beyond that, perhaps you should have sent your release to the Traveler, eh?

Feb 24th - 13:41pm | Ted Edwards

Kurt, since you pulled quotes from the Park Service press release and the NCPA press release, I wanted to provide you with our press release that, along with the first two, was used in every other single news and blog report for balance about the announcement of the proposed rule.  Cheers. 

Feb 24th - 13:19pm | Kurt Repanshek

Ted, with one person at the keyboard, and 410 units of the park system, we don't pretend to report on every issue out there. 

Feb 24th - 13:16pm | Ted Edwards

As usual, NPT is acting as the mouthpiece for NPS rather than reporting. You do not need to wait two months to know how people engaged in the EIS process feel about the rule. They are against it. 22 of 22 elected officials in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo are opposed to it.

California Condor Pair Thought To Have Hatched A Chick In Zion National Park

Feb 24th - 09:45am | Beverly

We had the great pleasure of visiting Zion several year ago.  It's really a magnificent wilderness area and now to have the chance to see these birds there - well what a treat that would be.  I remember seeing Ospreys in Yellowstone and that was very exciting too.  Kudos to the dedicated people who have brought the animals back from the brink of extinction and introduced them bac

Push To “Wire” National Parks Scrutinized By Nonprofit

Feb 24th - 08:35am | ecbuck

Sorry Gary, with a six year old and a dog, there isn't much deep backcountry exploring that can be done.  Spent a full day at Mesa Verde yesterday.  My granddaughter complete her Jr Ranger badge and we visited all the sites that where open and viewed most the rest from afar.  I think we "experienced" it as best could be done at this time of the year.  

Feb 24th - 07:41am | Gary Wilson

So basically one of those park travelers who goes from park to park, spends a few hours, and checks it off, but really doesn't experience it.  Gotcha... Why do you guys let this troll dictate conversation on this forum?  It gets old quickly!

Feb 23rd - 17:49pm | ecbuck

That device is a walkie talkie.  It does voice and text to nearby users.  It does not provide internet connections or the ability to call/text everyone.  

Feb 23rd - 13:08pm | Lee Dalton

Just came across this on Gizmag.  Some of you might be interested in this device that allegedly allows internet connections without the connection.  Good for backcountry is the claim.  Maybe something like this could solve the NPS wired dilemma.

Feb 23rd - 08:18am | ecbuck

And there are those Chicken Littles that will constantly scream the "sky is falling"  especially when it will give them the power to run others' lives.

Feb 22nd - 22:03pm | Lee Dalton

there are those who insist on hiding their eyes, plugging their ears, and insisting that there's no problem today, so there won't be one tomorrow.

Feb 22nd - 19:07pm | ecbuck

 could be having an effect on Old Faithful, the scientists say. "Could"  And they don't have a clue about whether those effects might be positive or negative.  

Feb 22nd - 11:16am | Kurt Repanshek

From the Traveler archives:

Feb 22nd - 10:25am | ecbuck

Can anyone tell us for certain that all that hard surface is NOT having negative effects on groundwater infiltration that could cause irreverseable damage to the geysers in the basin?

Feb 22nd - 09:44am | Lee Dalton

About the acres and acres of parking lots at Old Faithful.  (Nearly 100 acres of pavement and buildings) Can anyone tell us for certain that all that hard surface is NOT having negative effects on groundwater infiltration that could cause irreverseable damage to the geysers in the basin? No.

Feb 21st - 22:15pm | rmackie

Alfred Runte, you make a good point. I was once on the campaign staff of gentleman running for the California State Senate. He wanted to me to take him to Yosemite on a summer day. Once in the park, we started talking about the issue of public transportation and he suggested a monorail from El Portal to Yosemite Valley.

Feb 21st - 19:49pm | Bill Baehr

The National Parks conservation is so arbitrary and compromised that it really is a joke to even worry about cell towers destroying any pristine wilderness. The Parks are a dynamic environrment that is always changing in spite of the efforts to keep them static. The Parks are for the enjoyment American People, so let's ban all foreigners from the Parks and increase cell service.

Feb 21st - 17:40pm | Neaderthal

As a Neaderthal, yes, I DO know better than you!

Feb 21st - 17:19pm | ecbuck

 Do you want to see Yellowstone, or tweet to your friends?

Feb 21st - 16:27pm | Alfred Runte

No, I am saying that the front country the railroads built was still limited by public transportation. Case in point: Old Faithful Inn. Look at it now--surrounded by parking lots. Look at it then--free-standing in the midst of nature. Sure, it represented development, but nothing like the development we have today.

Feb 21st - 14:39pm | ecbuck

Alfred, Are you saying its OK for the railroads to build "front country" but not autos?

Feb 21st - 14:38pm | ecbuck

Agree Hardy, the carriers should bear the financial burden.  

Feb 21st - 12:04pm | Alfred Runte

Every inch of a national park should be thought of as "the backcountry." That is how the railroads thought of them, but not the automobile, so yes, thousands of acres of our major national parks have been redesignated as "front country" by the National Park Service. Don't like the asphalt? Take a hike. There's plenty of "backcountry" at 10,000 feet that we've set aside just for you!

Feb 21st - 11:27am | WE Hardy

Once the backlog of maintenance NECESSITIES has been completed, I would have no objections to adding the capabilities to buildings in the common areas where the "towers" could be integrated & hidden. HOWEVER, I feel the already existing repairs should be accomplished FIRST, or negotiate the costs being paid by the carriers & NOT burden the underfunded  NPS with yet more costs.

Feb 21st - 10:04am | ecbuck

I understand not wanting to put towers in the backcountry but I can't fathom the objection to adding wifi to buildings or even cell arrays to existing buildings and towers.  What makes music downloads, streamng videos and online games any worse than mp3 players, video players and a deck of cards?

Photography In The National Parks: Big Bend National Park - Instagram It!

Feb 23rd - 22:09pm | Jean Bjerke

Hi Rebecca, I always enjoy your articles. It is interesting to me how Instagram has grown from the "fun and quirky way to share your life with friends" to have quite a few other uses.

Favorite National Park for wildlife? Tips for viewing?

Feb 23rd - 21:40pm | Jean Bjerke

It's been a long time since I've been to Everglades, and it was wonderful. But I would have to put Yellowstone and Denali at the top of my list for favorite national parks I have visited for wildlife. Especially Yellowstone early season (April/May/June) for grizzly & black bears, and new born bison. Yellowstone in fall for the elk rut. Denali in fall for the moose rut.

Male Mountain Lion Captured At Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Feb 23rd - 14:36pm | Lee Dalton

How do you know it's "this" cat?  Has there been verification?  Packs of dogs can do the same thing and commonly do.

Feb 22nd - 21:59pm | malibu resident

this cat has killed over 30 animals in a very small radius since December 2015. It's not killing and eating the kills - it's just killing them and leaving the carcasses. Sheep, goats, alpacas, dogs, miniature horses,'s a menace and I hope those aren't it's kittens that they found..don't need those genes represented anymore.

Another Yellowstone National Park Wolf Reaches Colorado

Feb 22nd - 21:52pm | PZ

Definite lone wolf sighting on CO 14 on 2/20. Don't tell the ranchers he/she was beautiful.    

The Grand Teton

Feb 22nd - 11:50am | Lee Dalton

Too often, in this world of digital color and all sorts of computerized editing programs, we forget the beauty Black and White photography can offer.

Arguments Against New Federal Lands Ignore Historic Benefits Of Parks, Report Says

Feb 22nd - 10:38am | Lee Dalton

From today's Deseret News --

Count On Crowds At Zion National Park This Weekend

Feb 22nd - 09:49am | Lee Dalton

Sorry, Rick.  Not this winter, anyway. (Unless maybe on a winter weekday during a raging snowstorm.)

Feb 22nd - 00:06am | Rick


The National Park to Park Highway

Feb 21st - 20:43pm | Anonymous

One of the best documentaries i have ever wached. I believe i could live my whole life & never  leave the United States & still not see everything this country has to offer 

National Park Service Proposing Changes To How Objects Left At Vietnam Memorial Are Handled

Feb 21st - 13:02pm | Hank Brightwell

As others have stated, items left have a very personal meaning for those who have left them. They should be preserved.

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Feb 20th - 14:40pm | Anonymous


National Park System Had 307.2 Million Visitors In 2015, According To National Park Service

Feb 20th - 09:39am | Lee Dalton

Complete agreement, Wild.  One of my biggest fears is that they (probably the state, county, or Navajo tribe) will PAVE the roads leading into Chaco Canyon to replace the very rough dirt and gravel roads that help protect the place now.

Feb 20th - 05:53am | wild places

I think it is imperative the NPS sits back to evaluate just what it is trying to accomplish.

Feb 19th - 06:50am | Tom hoppius

my wife and I were blessed to be able to visit 4 of the top 10 parks...

Tectonic Plates Thought Responsible for Swarm of Yellowstone National Park Earthquakes

Feb 20th - 08:12am | Julia

At school right now we are doing a project on tectonic plates, and this really helped!

No Charges Yet In "Creepytings" Vandalism Case That Left Painted Images Across The National Park System

Feb 20th - 05:18am | wild places

I am certainly no legal expert but this doesn't appear to be that complicated a case. That said, I agree with the sentiments of better to get it right than risk her going unpunished. I also hope that punishment is harsh enough to send a strong message.

Feb 18th - 23:51pm | J Bonetti

Don't go doing the Liberal, bleeding heart thing and let her off with a minor charge and "fade away". What? LIke nothing ever happened? The woman did SERIOUS, EXPENSIVE-TO-CLEAN-UP DAMAGE! She deserves to pay for ALL of the cleanup and do a few thousand hours of other community service! Stop horsing around with this case.

The Glacier Skywalk Is Open At Jasper National Park In Alberta

Feb 19th - 19:10pm | fleurdelis82

Alfred, what is your problem, exactly? Are you afraid that it won't hold you, after all that Indian bread that you've indulged in?

Musings From An IMAX Theater: What Did You Think Of "National Parks Adventure"?

Feb 19th - 13:22pm | Lee Dalton

" It was beautiful but sad at the same time, because it talked about stewardship but didn't appear to understand what that means." Anne, that line perfectly expresses my feelings about the movie.  I wish you'd said that earlier.  I'd have stolen the line for my article.

Feb 18th - 21:26pm | Anne S.

Yes, a thousand times yes! All of this. The parks are precious to me and as a frequent visitor, camper, hiker and backpacker it bothered me to see the parks portrayed as a playground for extreme sports. I'd like to have seen WHERE they were, for every beautiful scene they showed - let us know where it is so we can go visit!

Four-And-A-Half Minutes Of Acadia National Park

Feb 19th - 13:04pm | Lee Dalton

Thank you, Will and Jim. Simple, serene, gentle.  Just as a national park video should be.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Feb 19th - 02:44am | Steve B

The odds may be "excruciatingly rare" unless you or your family are attacked, then, and only then, will you understand.

Politicians, Conservationists, And National Parks

Feb 18th - 19:27pm | rmackie

Lee, such lunacy, not worth spending much time on it. There is some interesting reading onthe  charges filed by the US attorney's office on Mr. Clive Bundy. Quite detailed background information on the way he ran his "ranching" operation, of course no rules or laws applied, be it the feds, states, county or his neighbors.  His way or the highway. 

Feb 18th - 11:13am | Lee Dalton

Just when you start to think that lunacy couldn't become any loonier, here comes this:

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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