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UPDATED: Glacial Outburst Floods Portion Of Mount Rainier National Park

Aug 22nd - 10:37am | tahoma

The Westside Road has reopened three miles to Dry Creek for vehicles, and beyond for bikes and hikers.  Here's an interesting account of the flooding by a volunteer who was first on the scene:

Sound Studies Under Way At Grand Teton National Park

Aug 22nd - 09:59am | realist

good article, the usual straying comments. there is no "overcrowding" as there is no limit to the number set by Nature to the number of visitors. All the other prople in your park are looking at you as the problem. Back to the issue of noise pollution, ban motorcycles!

Aug 18th - 17:41pm | Jennifer Bradbury

As a former park ranger I would advise visitors who want to avoid the large crowds is go on the off season which is usually the summer for most parks. Stay away on free days if possible those are packed with visitors went last fall to Rocky Mountain and yikes the traffic was bad hard to enjoy yourself when you are in a traffic jam.

Facilities In Kings Canyon National Park Closed Due To Wildfire

Aug 22nd - 07:52am | Jim Burnett

re: "I didn't know there were that many firefighters in the whole world." Indeed, Lee - the well is bound to be dry when it comes to trained resources, and risks increase as the same people work long, hard days on multiple fires over the summer and fall. 

Aug 21st - 17:37pm | Lee Dalton

From this morning's Morning Report: National Fire Activity NIFC is at PL 5. There are 66 uncontained large fires burning nationwide, down 27 from yesterday. Current resource commitments appear below, with changes from yesterday's numbers in parentheses:

"Python Challenge" Coming To Everglades National Park In January

Aug 21st - 18:52pm | dave

ummm. 1600 people.  68 snakes.  have at it.

Aug 21st - 12:13pm | Bob DeGross

I believe the NPS kills pigs in the Smokies to eradicate the invasive species, if I am not mistaken.

Aug 21st - 09:21am | Rick Smith

Hunting in a national park?  Does that mean that we will soon go after burros in Death Valley or pigs in the Smokies?  Seems like a strange decision by the superintendent.

Ranking The National Parks By Visitation In 2011

Aug 20th - 21:57pm | Yeshua

Yellowstone National Park is amazing!! The paint pots are just breathtaking! (but don't take too big of a breath because it smells like rotten eggs. :p

Heavy Metals Polluting Colorado River In Grand Canyon National Park

Aug 20th - 19:03pm | Kurt Repanshek

A great question! You can find your answer at the following link: short answer is some do filter heavy metals)

Aug 20th - 18:58pm | John A

what about campers on the river in the canyon who treat and drink river water?

Touring The National Parks: What Does It Take To Get Into An RV Today?

Aug 20th - 14:52pm | Deb C in OH

My dream is not to drive alot...but find a park where I can park, set up and return to seasonally.

National Park Service Sued Over Potential For Grizzly Deaths At Grand Teton National Park

Aug 20th - 13:40pm | Leann Hall

Humans tip the balance when they begin feeding wildlife in this manner. There would be no reason for the elk hunt if they did not inflate the numbers because of this type of feeding. So then they now have to deal with the grizzlies who also want to hunt the elk. The FWS was given instructions to stop this feeding but haven't.

Appellate Court Affirms National Park Service Immunity In Deadly Mountain Goat Attack

Aug 20th - 08:42am | Bandit


Reader Survey Day: What's Scarier, Sharks Or Grizzlies?

Aug 19th - 22:57pm | Lee Dalton

Uh, Oh.  I think I've just been Trumped.

Aug 19th - 22:15pm | Rick B.

Thank you, Eric. It's been a rough day but you always have the ability to make me chuckle.

Aug 19th - 21:39pm | ecbuck

Lee, once again you ruin an innocuous thread with your political rants.  The fact that you have no understanding of how Wall Street or big banks work or the enormous contribution they have made to making American the strongest country in the world is no reason for you to be casting aspertions upon the hundreds of thousands of people that work and invest in those fields.

Aug 19th - 18:57pm | Gary Wilson

Incompetent people that act they are above the law and rules shouldn't apply to them.

Aug 19th - 17:50pm | Lee Dalton

Wall Street speculators, Big Banks, and Politicians are much, much scarier than either sharks or bears.   Then again, if you have enough money you might be able to buy a speculator, banker, or politician.  I don't think it would influence either of the others very much.   I guess bears and sharks are just more ethical and honest. 

Aug 19th - 17:11pm | mtgnppics

Well, since I'm afraid of water the shark is more frightening to me.  I've encountered grizzlies a few times. They've been quite "polite" as they waited for me to get out of their way.

Aug 19th - 15:35pm | wild places

I consider it a special treat to encounter either. Like another poster said, sometimes things just happen, regardless of what you are doing or where.

Aug 19th - 14:44pm | Rick B.

There is no bear song like the Jaws theme. I can't help it - when I go in the ocean, I hear it.

Aug 19th - 13:12pm | NP_Day_Hiker

I guess I would have to say I'm more concerned about sharks, because I've hiked in grizzly territory many times.  If I knew sharks might be in the area I would stay out of the water, at least anything more than waist-deep.

Aug 19th - 12:59pm | Larissa @ The P...

Sharks for sure!  There is just something about encountering a deadly predator AND being out of your element that has always terrified me.  We camped in Yellowstone last year and had a HUGE grizzly walk through our camp without giving us a second look.  Scary, for sure, but nothing like seeing a shark next to you.

Aug 19th - 11:32am | ecbuck

Sequoia doesn't allow bear spray?  Why would that be?

Aug 19th - 11:02am | kari k

Neither one of these really "worries" me.  If you enter the parks with respect for what they represent, know the dangers, heed the warnings, and stay aware of your surroundings, most of the time you're going to be just fine.  And then,sometimes things just happen, no matter where you are.  No use living life in fear of "what if"!

Aug 19th - 10:52am | Jesus castillo

since i hike more im always  concerned about running into a bear. It happened about two years ago at  Yosemite national park. We were walking on a simple path when we heard branches breaking and we saw two bears walking in the  opposite direction. They looked at us and kept walking.

Wildfire Closes Campgrounds At North Cascades National Park

Aug 19th - 22:20pm | Rick B.

My Mrs. made it home safely, but I just read that we lost three front line firefighters in the Twisp area, details at

Aug 19th - 17:54pm | Lee Dalton

I drove through southeastern Oregon day before yesterday.  Visibility less than a mile in smoke in many places.  Drove through a recent burn in grass (BLM fire?  State?  Private?) that went on for miles and miles alongside the highway.  Still a few hotspots smoldering.  Saw fire crews from White Mountain Forest in New York, Dixie in southern Utah, and loads of mili

Aug 19th - 14:09pm | Rick B.

And, I woke this morning to a text from my wife, the NOCA curator, that she was spending the day in Newhalem evacuating the cultural resources artifacts. Yeah - I'm having an anxious day.

Where in the World is Paul Fugate?

Aug 19th - 21:06pm | Bea Simpson

It's not a drug transaction they are talking about, but drug trafficking.  Big difference.  Cartels and smugglers would kill a ranger in a New York minute if it was one man against several and they were looking at life in prison if they allowed him to arrest them.

Wildfire Leads To Closure Of Crater Lake National Park's North Entrance, PCT

Aug 19th - 18:37pm | Helen Hardenbrook

What is the latest on the fire and smoke at the park?

Aug 18th - 22:32pm | Lee Dalton

But there is a $10 service fee for cancellations.

Aug 18th - 18:48pm | Helen Hardenbrook


Aug 18th - 11:41am | Kurt Repanshek

You must cancel 48 hours in advance of your arrival to get your deposit back. Here's the lodge's cancellation policy:Reservations may be modified or canceled up to 48 hours (2 days) prior to your arrival; after that date, the deposit is non-refundable

Rockfall Kills Hiker At North Cascades National Park

Aug 19th - 12:21pm | Random Walker

Hikers are encouraged to wear helmets and hike parallel to one another rather than... LOL!

Aug 18th - 22:27pm | Rick B.

Folks, these aren't dictated mandates from Daddy Obama & Jarvis - they are just suggested things that in some circumstances may help mitigate or minimize risk.

Aug 18th - 20:53pm | Because Words Matter

"Hiking parallel" ?!

Aug 18th - 20:51pm | Skeeter

love this idea.  ;-)

The Mountains Are Calling, Enjoying Fall At Rocky Mountain National Park

Aug 19th - 11:05am | Kurt Repanshek

Re directions to the park, duly noted.While we did mention "Colorado," it could have been more prominent. Main gateway towns are Estes Park, Colorado, on the eastern side, and Grand Lake, Colorado, on the west.

Aug 19th - 10:54am | ecbuck


Aug 19th - 09:31am | Steve B.

It seems like it would be helpful for articles like this to actually tell where the park is (other than "Rocky Mountains").  A quick word on where the park's main entrance is or how to get there would be of great benefit to those who don't already know where the park is.

UPDATED: Grizzly Tied To Fatal Hiker Mauling At Yellowstone Euthanized

Aug 19th - 10:57am | ecbuck

Yep BTW Kurt, I see my entry on the forums 2 hrs ago (listed as anon) in the comments feed but not in the forum itself. 

Aug 19th - 09:10am | rob

Makes me wonder. Would that bear receive a death sentence if this had happened in Colorado?

Spare the bear or kill the bear?

Aug 19th - 08:08am | Anonymous

"let the Bear Be the Bear"   Do we let the squirrels, chipmunks and other rodents be themselves?

National Park Service Slips Slightly In "Best Places To Work" Survey

Aug 18th - 18:45pm | Ranger Knows

You nailed it.

Photography In The National Parks: Your Armchair Guide To Glacier National Park – Part 2: Syeh Bend To The Saint Mary Entrance

Aug 18th - 18:31pm | Rick B.

Just beautiful.

Aug 18th - 15:35pm | Art Mullis

Thanks for these articles on Glacier NP! I am headed there in about 4 weeks for a photography workshop and appreciate reading your thoughtful tips and advice. Hurry and get part 3 put before I leave!

Water Cooler Time: Yosemite Campgrounds

Aug 18th - 15:58pm | Anonymous

Yes - though I would check to make sure there were no major dead branches.

Parks Canada, National Park Service Collaborate To Fight Fire In Glacier National Park

Aug 18th - 11:52am | Rick B.

I apologize. I had a log-in problem yesterday and didn't mean to post anonymously. And yes, I've now moved from Alaska to North Cascades.

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