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Traveler's View: National Park Service Wrong To Permit Zion Bike Race

Jun 10th - 22:52pm | Lee Dalton

You got it wild! Kind of like the old how many college boys can you get into a phone booth.  

Jun 10th - 21:43pm | wild places

I am less concerned with the bike race than I am with the mindset that success is measured in the number of people entering the parks and not the experience. It's destroying our parks

Jun 10th - 17:53pm | ecbuck

Bill - could you explain to me what net costs (i.e unreimbursed) the public will have and how much they will be?  And are you arguing that the NPS and the State of Utah will gain no benefit from the publicity?

Jun 10th - 16:46pm | Anonymous

There was a bike event through Shanendoah National Park while we stayed there.  It wasn't a problem.

Jun 10th - 15:55pm | Becky Miller

NO, NO, NO -- bike race or drones or helicopters!!!!!

Jun 10th - 15:18pm | Bill Borrie

It strikes me as another example of private-public partnerships where the public bears the cost and the private group gains the benefits.   By what critiera will the NPS judge the next request to partition off a public section of a park for a private event?

Jun 10th - 11:47am | Rick B.

I have to say I agree, Kurt. And, of course - follow the money.

Jun 10th - 11:17am | Debby Trunnell

I agree with their decision! The riders will be try their destination before most people are up and going . 

Jun 10th - 11:03am | Springdale Blues

Just wait until next year, folks, when the entire road from the Park entrance through Springdale to Rockville is to be torn up, starting in January and lasting ALL YEAR. Yup, if you want a braindead congressional delegation, you don't have to look much farther than Utah.

Jun 10th - 08:59am | David Crowl

To quote John Candy in the movie Vacation... "Wally Worlds closed. The moose out front should have told ya." Totally agree with Travlers view.

Jun 10th - 08:48am | ecbuck

Yeah, a 45 minute delay before most will have finished breakfast, much less entered the park, is just going to ruin their entire vacation. (sarcasm off)  Heck they will likely experience longer delays from TSA lines or road construction on their way to the park.  

Jun 10th - 07:53am | Lee Dalton

Excellent, Kurt. There's one key line in this article that everyone should heed: "In acquiescing to this race, and Utah's congressional delegation, the Park Service is turning its back on visitors who made vacation plans many months ago -- no doubt some once-in-a-lifetime plans -- and never anticipated that a professional bike race would impact their visit."

Death Valley's Heat Blamed For Motorcyclist's Death, Nearly Claims French Woman

Jun 10th - 20:41pm | Rick B.

No one who knows him will be surprised that Mike Reynolds, the park superintendent, was one of the responding rangers for the heat victim. He is one of the good ones.

Park Advocates Concerned By NPS Plans To Revise Fund-Raising Guidelines

Jun 10th - 20:07pm | Dave Sheridan

Given his recent 'ethics-lapse" regarding his book and his purposed changes for entering into philanthropic partnerships and accepting donations.  Director Jarvis is acting more like a politician than a steward of our parks, time for Sally Jewell to name a new director.

Restoring The Everglades Will Benefit Both Humans And Nature

Jun 10th - 18:33pm | Mary Millikin

We have learned in the American Southwest that storing water in lakes only causes it to evaporate.  I think the best solution is to control development in South Florida, and to recover what lands we can recover.  Loxahatchee is filtering water through a fascinating system, and more water needs to flow into the Everglades.

Oregon Man Just Wanted To "Dip His Toe" In A Yellowstone Hot Spring

Jun 10th - 11:22am | Nick

i was at Yellowstone last year and I was amazed at the number of people who went off trail.  It wasn't only at this park, however, but at several others as well.  

Jun 9th - 16:34pm | Diana Ewing


Op-Ed | When It Comes To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct, College Sports Have More Conscience Than NPS Officials

Jun 10th - 10:08am | Rick Smith

Backpacker--I think, as you can read above, your comments about the "NPS Kool-aid drinking club" are off base and wrong. Not one of us on NPT has any sympathy for what occurred at Grand Canyon.  It was wrong and unconciousnable.  Enough said?  

Jun 10th - 08:12am | Newly retired

Unfortunately not much has changed regarding the " good old boy" network in the NPS in the last 40 years since I " joined" the NPS.  The crowning experience I had, after numerous sexual harassment incidents I both experienced and watched was when I was sexually harassed by a WASO division chief.  This was witnessed by a number of people.

Jun 8th - 17:04pm | beschundler

This article is great! And together with a number of other recent events and articles (like Corbin Hiar's editorial entitled "NPS2100: Park Service Leaders Break Rules but Skate By" Greenwire, June 7, 2016), it highlights how the National Park Service and Jon Jarvis and many of its other top leaders just haven't changed, and are still using outdated management techniques.

UPDATED: National Park Service Approves Pro Bike Race Through Zion National Park

Jun 10th - 09:16am | Kurt Repanshek

Gila Monster, that count was based on the teams entered in the tour and the number of riders per team, as taken from the tour's website:

Jun 10th - 08:58am | Gila Monster

Nearly 300 riders are entered in the professional race This is not correct. Professional bike races rarely have more then 200 participants; the Tour of Utah's last editions had circa 120 riders.      

Jun 9th - 21:19pm | rmackie

I agree Rick, a bad precedent, it would be interesting to know the pressure applied and on whom it was applied. 

Jun 9th - 20:58pm | Rick Smith


Jun 9th - 20:12pm | Lee Dalton

From today's SLC Tribune:

Jun 9th - 20:03pm | Lee Dalton

How early in the morning will this occur and what route will it follow?

A National Park Superintendent And His Questionable Real Estate Deal

Jun 9th - 22:11pm | convicted felon

How about the fact that under Uberuaga's watch at My Rainer Natl.Park the Paradise wastewater plant never had a wastewater discharge permit, which is required of every wastewater plant in the U.S. by the EPA.

Special Agents Seeking Couple In Connection With Grand Canyon Vandalism

Jun 9th - 22:06pm | Justme

Hell no. They know better and should be given the max penalty. 

Jun 8th - 08:00am | Hartie

Fools names in fools places!

Jun 8th - 00:10am | TP in SL

While I am sympathetic that they should be prosecuted for vandalism, when I was pickpocketed in Yellowstone Park's gift shop I couldnt even get access to the videos without a Federal Court Order, much less any other information. The issue could have been resolved within minutes, except the park and store and rangers all report to different agencies who refuse to communicate.

UPDATED: Oregon Man IDed As Hot Spring Victim At Yellowstone National Park

Jun 9th - 19:35pm | mtgnppics

Maybe this would have an impact on visitors:  In the packets handed out at entrances, add copies of newpaper reports of the incidents and their consequences that have occured in Yellowstone.

Jun 9th - 18:06pm | S Holladay

I've been to Yellowstone twice so far and was very impressed by the NPS efforts to ensure visitors' safety.  If the current warnings do not work, I'm pretty sure  additional warnings will be just as thoroughly ignored.  

Young Man Seen Falling Into Hot Spring At Yellowstone National Park

Jun 9th - 12:05pm | Marcia Higgins

This was a terrible accident, that was totally preventable, had the young man followed the rules. Too many people think "this is a free country" I don't have to follow the rules. This is what can happen. I'm sure his family is devastated, and will want someone to blame. They'll get a lawyer and then the fun begins.

Jun 8th - 15:56pm | Anonymous

I hope these idiots don't ruin these beautiful places for the rest of us who respect nature and the warning signs. 

Jun 8th - 14:42pm | [email protected]

Doesn't matter what signs, fences or posts NPS puts up, some tourists think they are at Wally World... or that these warnings not mean them. It's going to just keep happenng, whether picking up bison calves, grizzly bear maulings, or the "invincibles" who just want to jump into a hot spirngs for a little dip.  May be a long season in YNP.

Jun 8th - 08:07am | Anonymous

What a horrible way to die  

Short Delays, Nighttime Closures Possible On Yellowstone Roads This Summer

Jun 9th - 08:23am | Elaine Lee

I sent this to all my friends to encourage them to get on the list to receive it for themselves, and  encourage their children to learn about the parks. Not sure if you have a kids edition  As kids we went to alot of parks, and now I live in one here at the Cuyahoga Valley.  Thank you for the beautiful videos about the Grand Canyon.

Photography In The National Parks: From Banff National Park To The Border Of Jasper National Park - An Armchair Photographer’s Guide Part 1

Jun 9th - 06:56am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thank you so much, LindaLu for your kind compliments.  I envy you your trip as the weather should be at its best in July.  You'll get to all the places that were previously snowed-in.  Have a grand time!

Jun 8th - 14:23pm | LindaLu

Your Photos are fabulous! We have been to Banff and Jasper twice in our 66 years of living and plan to visit this year from July 3 - 8, staying in the town of Banff. Your photos and "hints" for capturing the right exposure have been very helpful and made me realize I better brush up on the settings on my camera!

Jun 8th - 05:54am | Rebecca Latson ...

Thank you, AnnD for the kind comments.  I had to laugh over this all and I'm glad you liked the photos and article.

Jun 8th - 05:52am | Rebecca Latson ...

My hero!  The next time I write a single paragraph about metrics or math, I'm running it by you first (grin).

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

Jun 8th - 23:31pm | Harold Chrishna

Thomas jefferson disagrees with you.  He said:  "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniencies attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it."

Couple Wanted In Connection With Grand Canyon National Park Vandalism Located

Jun 8th - 21:45pm | Lee Dalton

Unfortunately, vandalism of this sort is a misdemeanor.  But just maybe, maybe, the magistrate might include a few hundred hours of serious public service in the sentence.  Spending a week or two of full time litter clean-up might be a very appropriate lesson.  

Jun 8th - 15:02pm | Rick B.

Well, DO something to them this time.

Ocean Exploration Center Opens At Point Reyes National Seashore

Jun 8th - 18:36pm | Garry Gitzen

This will bring a lot more people to a natural area than a few cow roaming the countryside.  How hypocritical of the National Parks and those who promote natural areas.

Creature Feature: The Banana Slug is Living Proof that a Slimy Little Gastropod Mollusk Can be Loaded with Charisma

Jun 8th - 15:54pm | KJ

Howdy, I was led to this article because I was looking for an answer to a question. Lets see if someone can answer it. I recently found a banana slug in a small pool of water. It wasnt moving so I assumed it drowned. But I didnt know if a banana slug could drown? I moved it to some dirt and it started moving again, definitely alive. So do slugs use puddles of water for something?

DNC Parks & Resorts Retains Concessions Business At Sequoia National Park

Jun 8th - 13:52pm | Frequent park goer

This is disappointing.   We stayed at the park a few years ago and DNC was the worst service, food and attitude we've ever experienced in the park system.  We puposely avoid Parks where they are the vendor.  We did express our concerns to management and where , effectively, blown off.  

Traveler Special Report: Separating Oil And Water At Big Cypress National Preserve

Jun 8th - 12:27pm | d-2

!.  The Big Cypress legislation provides no special protection for oil and gas development. 2.  There is no legal "multiple use" because the site is a Preserve.  A Preserve under the law is managed as a park except where specific exceptions are in the law, the Act of 1916, as is all National Park units.

Traveler’s View: Grand Canyon’s Sexual Harassment Chapter Demands Transparency

Jun 8th - 11:58am | d-2

The Canyon harassment is a horror.  Although it looked like a lower-level person would take the hit, in the end the NPS pushed out the Superintendent.  Forcing him to resign, which is what the Director did, is much surer than ending up in litigation and in court.

Snakes Alive! There's An App For That At Everglades National Park

Jun 8th - 08:02am | great

awesome application

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide