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Is The Chateau at Oregon Caves National Monument Haunted?

Apr 26th - 10:08am | TabbiThorn

Anything is possible in a world gone mad... And isn't that mad world we live in, isnt that the place in which we live?

Mules In Grand Canyon National Park: Should They Stay?

Apr 26th - 09:37am | Lana Horton

Have you actually looked at these animals? Have you seen the sores on some of their backs and they ribs sticking out? A rough coat in summer means an unhealthy animal; probably worms. How would anyone want to put their weight on an animal who looks unhealthy and half-starved?

Apr 26th - 09:35am | Lana Horton

Unless they are going to start feeding these horses and mules and caring for their sore backs, they should be removed from the program. They are clearly abused, starved, and over used. So sad to see them and all the dead ones that are just rotting away or already skeletons.

Study: National Parks Contributed $32 Billion To National Economy In '15

Apr 26th - 08:56am | tahoma

I'm not impressed by this economic activity propaganda.  It mostly measures how badly NPS management has lost its way.  The main factor in the calculation is visitation, which is an estimate at best and no doubt well-padded in some cases, such as Olympic National Park.  It also seems to ignore the fact that much of this economic activity would occur even if there were no national parks at those

Apr 24th - 16:56pm | warren mcguffin

Taht amount of money is why some politicians wan to privatize the parks.

Apr 24th - 14:02pm | Acadia on my mind

It's interesting to note the state by state, and park by park breakdowns are available on an interactive tool accompanying the new national report. We made use of that for our blog post the other day on Acadia National Park's impact on the Maine economy.

Crude Oil Refinery Proposed Next To Theodore Roosevelt National Park Raises Concerns

Apr 26th - 08:19am | Art Kreuter

Clean Refinery????? A big ugly plant that belches smoke and looks like what you see in Huston would not be a positive for the National Park. Oil and water do not mix. There must be more suitable locations in ND that are not 3 miles from the T. Roosevelt National Park.

Apr 25th - 08:41am | Lee Dalton

The problem is that what's on paper and what's actually happening are two different things.  The oil companies (and many other industries) take advantage of a cave of tax loopholes larger than Mammoth and Carlsbad combined.  Clever accounting allows them to hide the truth behind a smokescreen of gobblydegook.

Apr 25th - 02:22am | ecbuck

And no Lee you havent answered a single one of those.  You provide links but because you dont apear to have any real understanding of the issues you are oblivious to the fact those links are totally irrelevant. Lets try this one again.  Explain, in your own words, how is a company that pays $57 bil in taxes and nets $16 billion subsidies.

Apr 25th - 02:16am | ecbuck

the "jury" still out after 6 years is hardly an example of a lifetime of landscape alteration.

Apr 25th - 02:11am | ecbuck

Dont know why i am getting the double posts. Must be the Italian internet.

Apr 24th - 19:56pm | Lee Dalton

This is awfully tiresome -- I've answered all your questions many times over with documentation.  So have Kurt and many others.  You choose to ignore or dodge it. Has DJT been taking lessons from you?

Apr 24th - 19:09pm | Rick B.

Give him a mirror, Lee, monogrammed with Q.E.D., for that unglued thingie.  

Apr 24th - 17:19pm | Kurt Repanshek

Perhaps we should look at more recent articles, EC, which suggest the jury is still out on the damage to the Gulf:

Apr 24th - 16:53pm | ecbuck

Yes kurt, deepwater was drilled and as the article suggested it has largely recovered in 5 years, well short of a life time. The Valdez was not Drilled

Apr 24th - 15:54pm | Lee Dalton

The Artful Dodger is dodging again.

Apr 24th - 13:42pm | Kurt Repanshek

Wasn't the BP well drilled? Thanks for the link to that article. Interesting, but they also note:

Apr 24th - 13:18pm | ecbuck

We are discussing oil drilling/extraction not shipping.  I cant find any bona fide organization to say six years isnt a "lifetime" as that is self evident but i can find this:

Apr 24th - 12:41pm | Kurt Repanshek

Ask the folks in Alaska affected by Exxon Valdez if the impacts have been"minimal." Can you cite any bonafide organization that says, and has the science to show, the impacts from Deepwater have been minimal?From an NPR story:

Apr 24th - 12:31pm | Stephanie Ryan

The stink from the cracking plant can be filtered with scrubbers.  However I don't want to see all sorts of other development popping up all around this park.

Apr 24th - 12:31pm | ecbuck

Deep water has been six years, far from a lifetime and has minimal residual effects on the landscape, particularly relative to the predictions

Apr 24th - 11:19am | Kurt Repanshek

Well, EC, some would say the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico will live up to that. While it's only been six years, if you look at the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez spill of more than a quarter-century ago, it seems likely that the aftermath of Deepwater Horizon will linger for quite some time.

Apr 24th - 09:47am | ecbuck

Jeffery, could you provide an example of an oil drilling/extraction accident that led to a lifetime of ruined landscape?

Apr 24th - 09:04am | Jeffrey J. Hill

Putting oil exploration equipment & a oil refinery so close to park boudaries is reckless.  The oil industry's record for land preservation is not good, "How can it be?"  Their primary motive is to pull oil out of the ground in the most cost effecive manner.  And that is n-e-v-e-r good for the environment. One accident and the landscape is ruined for a lifetime, if not more.

Op-Ed | The True Meaning Of Soda Mountain: The White House Is Giving Away Our Public Lands

Apr 25th - 19:24pm | Lee Dalton

Fascinating, Cliff.  How many gallons of water do those bits of ice comets add to Earth's supply every day?

Apr 25th - 16:56pm | Cliff Leverette

You should never, I repeat NEVER give in to a lie from a known liar who eschews truth all the time, that we can say for a second, is lie is the truth. Never do that. The truth is not in him.

Apr 25th - 15:39pm | Alfred Runte

Lee, you hit the nail on the head the moment you said: "Might it be possible in a relatively few years to find that the huge solar and wind farms are no longer needed?  And if that is the case, they should be removable with little permanent damage."

Apr 21st - 08:10am | Lee Dalton

Agreed, Ron.  Earth is so full of humans and we are having such enormous impacts upon our planet that a growing number of geologists believe there should be a new epoch of geologic time -- the Anthropocene. 

Discovery Channel Version Of NPS Mystery Also Offers A Challenge For Sharp-Eyed Viewers

Apr 25th - 14:45pm | GCSB

Also the tent scene itself is amateur. When the side arm is first discovered it is pointing one way, the scene cuts to the Special Agent then back to the foot locker and the weapon is facing the other way.

Politicians, Conservationists, And National Parks

Apr 24th - 17:19pm | Lee Dalton

Here's the latest from Utah and Bears Ears National Monument.

Days End At Banff National Park

Apr 24th - 16:47pm | Lee Dalton

Wow, Rebecca, that is one fantastic photo.

UPDATED: Biscayne National Park Threatened By Discharge Waters From Nuclear Reactors

Apr 23rd - 22:18pm | Tom Mallard

Consider San Onofre's effluent changed the entire bottom ecosystem as a result of warmer water, with a warming ocean with acidification it's added a negative influence, how can the outcome using Steam Age technology for electricity?

Armchair Photography Guides

Apr 23rd - 14:17pm | Kurt Repanshek

Could you be more specific, Amarillobymorning. Not sure off the top of my head what photo guides you're referring to. Those by Rebecca Latson?

To Teakettle Junction And Beyond In Death Valley National Park

Apr 23rd - 07:13am | Cathy Janus

I agree, we rented from Farabee's & it was a great experience!

Apr 22nd - 19:32pm | Amarillobymorning

That's good to know, Lee. Thanks for adding it. Knowing this is available makes Teakettle Junction a "must" on my list.

Apr 22nd - 08:37am | Lee Dalton

A visit to the Racetrack is a great adventure.  But as Kurt points out, it's not a highway leading out there. 

"The Last Spike" - Separating Fact From Tradition At Golden Spike National Historic Site

Apr 22nd - 17:49pm | Lee Dalton

On page 363 of Stephen E. Ambrose's book NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE WORLD, we find that the engineer of the Union Pacific's locomotive Jupiter was George Booth.  The fireman was R.A. Murphy.  The train's conductor was Eli Dennison. Sam Bradford was engineer on 119 with Cyrus Sweet as fireman and Benjamin Mallory, conductor.

Apr 22nd - 16:09pm | Gaylel Gale

  do  you  have  the  names  of  those  who  actually were working on  either  engine during  the ceremon  or regular  workers  who actually  brought  the  engines  tgether?  

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Apr 22nd - 17:01pm | Aubry Collins

My local park said that I can obtain an all access pass due to my disabilty by bringing in documentation from my physician. Do I have to disclose all my medical inforamation to get this pass and do I have to hand over this letter with my personal information on it to park personnel? I don't want my HIPPA rights violated or to risk identity theft or theft of medical information.

Grand Canyon National Park Searching For Ways To Replace River District Operation

Apr 22nd - 15:46pm | To Lori, You do...

Its natural to assume the harrassment was by men towards women, but the actual truth is women were also the harrassers in this situation. Some employees did lose their jobs, some were reassigned, both MEN and WOMEN. There are male and female victims here, so know the whole story before you criticize.

The Monkey Wrench Gang Movie?: Forty Years Later

Apr 22nd - 13:11pm | JohnBick

"Had Abbey written MWG in 2016, would the Gang's targets have changed? In addition to oil wells and coal trains and bridges, would he have expanded his list to include trophy homes and elevated bikeways and luxury tour companies?" -- Probably. And toss in industrial wind farms and solar panel arrays on public lands, too.

Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument Latest Addition To National Park System

Apr 22nd - 12:24pm | Anonymous

Why don't you post the address???

Exploring The Parks: Musings From Island In The Sky At Canyonlands National Park

Apr 22nd - 00:41am | Testarossa Travel

I really loved the end of this article. This is what travel is all about, isn't it? The opportunity to see how we're all alike, no matter our language or culture. Nicely done.

Lake Mead Wants To Make Summer Closures Permanent At Two Dangerous Trails

Apr 21st - 23:46pm | Chris M

I simply state hiking in those areas in the Summer results in one simple conclusion. "Exit your vehicle! Join the food chain!" The only predators found in the Summer are Sun, Heat, Ignorance, and Thirst. Take the first letters of those words to describe your situation. Don't become another statistics stating that word! Sensible people do not hike those trails in the Summer!

Utah Delegation Asks President Obama Not To Use Antiquities Act In Utah

Apr 21st - 19:24pm | Lee Dalton

Trevor, respectuflly disagree with you.  All the land is already federal land.  None is private, although grazing has been allowed -- and may perhaps continue.  (That will depend upon how the monument's creation is written.)  I may well remain under adminstration by the Forest Service.  There are many unknowns at this point.

Apr 21st - 17:26pm | Trevor V

I Agree that we as a nation should protect certain areas as "National Parks".  But I invite you to visit the proposed area in San Juan County, to see what they are trying to do.  In a majority agricultural community it would devistate the cattle ranchers and their familys in the area.  This is not a good plan. 

Wolverine Sightings Growing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Apr 21st - 16:30pm | Tom 59

I was backpacking in the San Juans with 3 friends in early jJune 1978 or 79.  We were all very knwoledgeable about wildlife and we spotted a wolverine at the top of Endlich mesa above Durango Reservoir.  It was a particulrly heavy snow year and it took us 2 days to get to this area that typcially takes an hour and half.  Needless to say, we were the frist ones in that year.&

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Apr 21st - 12:39pm | Btoo

Well stated.  I had a solo encounter in Denali back 15yrs ago where it was a Grizzly and me coming head to head on the park road.  There was no option for me to escape.   I did exactly as the Rangers teach in the class, the bear bluff charged a couple times and then took off into the brush.

National Park Websites Get Extreme Makeover For National Park Week

Apr 21st - 10:31am | Harryb3570

Many promises here for creating a first class site but without funding and supportive management it will never happen. The National Park Service is a first class organization with a third class web site. The American people and the parks deserve a better site at least one without broken links and out of date information.

Group Identifies 20 "Anti-Public Lands" Politicians

Apr 20th - 22:58pm | Lee Dalton

The lead story on one Salt Lake TV news show this evening was a squabble in the Utah legislature over the lawsuit idea that is being funded with taxpayer dollars.  A Louisiana law firm is being paid $1700 per hour and have apparently recently released a secret report.  The Republican leadership refuses to make it public.  They are claiming doing so would violate attorney / client

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