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Reader Survey Day: What Are The Top 5 National Park Lodges

Jul 8th - 12:39pm | Matthew Wakelee

I'd probably go with Old Faithful Inn, Many Glacier Hotel, Crater Lake Lodge, Bryce Canyon Lodge, and Kalaloch Lodge.

Jul 8th - 12:30pm | Anonymous

I would second Lake Quinault Lodge, and also mention the Paradise Inn at Rainier.

Jul 8th - 11:42am | Derrick Crandall

El Tovar and the Grand Canyon Lodge (North Rim) have to be on the list. And Jackson Lake Lodge is a good candidate. Ahwahnee is an obvious qualifier. Oh, wait -- you want to ID only 5! Can't be done.

Jul 8th - 11:29am | andrea lankford

I'm partial to the quaint little lodge at Oregon Caves.

Jul 8th - 10:29am | Gigi Burke

Lodge at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

Jul 8th - 07:00am | justinh

Not sure which of these qualify, but they stand out for me: Vaoto Lodge (NP American Samoa), Inn at Brandywine Falls (Cuyahoga Falls), Lake Quinault Lodge (Olympic NP), Skyland Resort (Shenandoah NP).

Is Global Climate Change A Threat to National Parks? Another Response

Jul 8th - 12:37pm | Anonymous

Rather than pretty graphs with colored lines and arrows, here [ are photographs of the human cost of climate change.

Jul 8th - 11:42am | beachdumb

Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Who Endorsed Obama Now Says Prez. is 'Ridiculous' & 'Dead Wrong' on 'Global Warming' Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever: 'Global warming is a non-problem' 'I say this to Obama: Excuse me, Mr. President, but you're wrong. Dead wrong.' 'Global warming really has become a new religion.'

Photography In The National Parks: Framing Wildflowers In The Parks

Jul 8th - 12:08pm | Acadia on my mind

Springtime in Acadia National Park appears the best time to see wildflowers there, based on our interviews and research for a recent blog post. The rhodora in Great Meadow in particular are spectacular, and have been the subject of park commentaries for nearly 100 years.

Jul 7th - 20:39pm | Jim Burnett

Great tips - and outstanding, sharp images. Thanks!

Jul 7th - 16:56pm | Rick B.

Even such an amateur photographer such as myself could learn from a reading of this article.

Jul 7th - 15:41pm | randy muir

I love your recent article, esp. the pictures

Celebration At Apostle Islands National Lakeshore To Welcome New Light Station To Park System

Jul 8th - 09:43am | Lee Dalton

I admit that I have mixed feelings about this and certainly have some questions. Is this an example of "mission creep" in our national parks?

Op-Ed| SOS--Saving Our (National Park) System

Jul 8th - 08:15am | Lee Dalton

RDPayne's comments this morning were excellent -- and, unfortunately, right on the mark. Thank you for posting it.

Jul 8th - 01:56am | RD Payne

In the Summer 1991 issue of Ranger: The Journal of the Association of National Park Rangers, Robert Chan wrote:

Jul 7th - 19:57pm | d-2

-- TO ecbuck: ecbuck is right that neither Democrats nor Republicans have stepped up very well recently. Although, to generalize, Republicans a little worse, occasional a lot worse, but once in a while Republicans are much better than Democrats. Obviously McCain had a much stronger "National Park Platform" when he ran than Obama did.

Jul 7th - 18:24pm | d-2

-- Dr. Butowsky you say again we have parks we cannot afford. But: you explain nothing, you counter nothing in just repeating this untrue statement.

Jul 7th - 11:09am | Kurt Repanshek

A point of order is necessary in light of D-2's comment. The above article is clearly marked as an Op-Ed, not a position taken by the Traveler.

Jul 7th - 10:42am | Anonymous

D2 is obviously an NPS King and the arrows have hit into his lair. Or should I say liar. How do we know this? Because discrediting individuals instead of addressing issues is the Jarvis model. You folks bring it on yourselves.

Jul 7th - 08:59am | tahoma

This is indeed a thought-provoking article worthy of a serious discussion.  Thanks to Kurt and NPT and the author for having the courage to publish it!  D-2's angry, semi-coherent reply is a good example of why NPS senior management will probably never take such a discussion seriously.  They are too obsessed with More, at any price, to care about sustainability.  This attitude that the

Jul 7th - 08:23am | ecbuck

d-2, you may have your disagreements with Harry (most of which seem to be based on self-preservation of the sources) but I for one appreciate the discussion. As is typically the case the "science" isn't settled and shutting down dissent is not the way to get to the solution. I thank Kurt presenting diverse views.

Jul 7th - 08:10am | ecbuck

'Your disagreement does nothing to invalidate them" But the facts do. When dems where in control, the funding for the Parks did not grow materially. It isn't a political issue as you try to make it. But it is no wonder that budgets and fiscal discipline are alien to you.

Jul 7th - 01:55am | Rick B.

Eric.. I understand your attempt to defend your extremist politics, including transference or saying that only I politicize the conversation and also the patronizing manner you attempt to ever so gently correct me. That said, I'll go ahead and stand by my opinions. Your disagreement does nothing to invalidate them, but it does remind me why I try not to interact with you. Bye.

Jul 7th - 00:05am | ecbuck

"I can't help but to think that if responsible budgeting by Congress was to be ripped from the claws of the parsimonious tea partiers and their ilk, and restored to the true needs of the mandate of the parks, then this debate would fade"

Jul 6th - 22:36pm | ron mackie

Thank you d-2, I agree. I do not think Dr. Butowsky has this right, you pointed it out very well. There are some excellent books on these issues, Dwight Rettie, "Our National Parks" has an excellent discussion on why we do not want to decommission units of our park system. A book coming out on July 15th, "Your Yosemite", by Bob Binnewies is just excellent, addresses Dr.

Jul 6th - 20:42pm |

Fair enough, D-2. I am a discredit to the parks. But at least I sign my name. Why have you not done so? I'll tell you why, and it's what I have been driving at. Park Service management does not want this debate. It rather wants to assure Congress and the American people that the only debate needed is from within.

Jul 6th - 19:12pm | Rick B.

I can't help but to think that if responsible budgeting by Congress was to be ripped from the claws of the parsimonious tea partiers and their ilk, and restored to the true needs of the mandate of the parks, then this debate would fade. The parks have an intangible value, and I believe they should not be put into a profit-making dollarization.

Jul 6th - 18:09pm | d-2

"have that discussion?" These articles by Dr. Butowsky are so depressing. Partly because they are never "a discussion." Factual refutations that remove the substance to these articles make no difference to him, they are just repeated over and over.

Jul 6th - 17:08pm | tomp2

As someone familiar with the several efforts to delist Saguaro National Monument (which each seemed like good ideas at the time), I'm cautious about blanket recommendations for reducing the number of parks.

Jul 6th - 15:27pm | Lee Dalton

zrf brings up some excellent points -- and once again greed rears its ugly head. There are a lot of developers in this state who are constantly drooling in hopes that they might someday be able to get their paws on some choice land so they slap up a few mega-mansion vacation homes for those who can afford them. One such parcel sits just outside the Needles Unit of Canyonlands.

Jul 6th - 14:33pm | zrfphoto

I run the website you linked about new National Park proposals, I'm a pragmatist above all things, and while I hope for a large expansion of the NPS in the future, I'd also be very happy to see some lands transferred to different agencies, as well as some NPS sites decommissioned. I think this is a reasoned approach.

Jul 6th - 12:11pm | Lee Dalton

A serious and thought-provoking article. I've often wondered at presidential sites. How many are there for Clinton alone? Three? How many of our current parks (using the term very broadly) are direct results of some Congress critter seeking a load of bacon to haul home to impress the folks?

Jul 6th - 11:13am | SmokiesBackpacker

Great article, Mr. B. I would like to see new administration that values visitation and the wishes of stakeholding communities instead of increasing their fiefdom and ruling like Kings and Queens. A guy I know cornered Jarvis the other day to express concerns and Jarvis couldn't answer any of the guys' questions.

Jul 6th - 08:32am | Jim Burnett

Thanks for a thought-provoking article. I certainly agree about the role of other organizations in running presidential homes, especially those of recent, current and future presidents, where there are other organizations capable of running them.

Jul 6th - 08:32am | ecbuck

Definitely a discussion worth having. Perhaps the 100th anniversary would be a good time to revisit the scope of the NPS. A great combo would be reduced units and expanded funding. Meanwhile, I'm on my way to my favorite, Yellowstone, today.

Conservationists: Big Cypress National Preserve Wilderness Assessment Places ORVs Above Preservation

Jul 8th - 05:44am | southfloridawild

Nice job Kurt on a very complex issue. Some thoughts. The first litigation in the Big Cypress on the off-road vehicle issue was launched in 1995 by the Florida Biodiversity Project. At that time, there were no limitations on the number of vehicles accessing the preserve - or where they could go.

Jul 7th - 19:56pm | Longstreet

There's nothing in the original enabling legislation for the Preserve or the Addition Lands that speaks to former Superintendent Ramos' assertion that the NPS is to "balance preservation and traditional access into the preserve." He misreads the law and, unfortunately so did the judge in the recent case, which I expect will be overturned upon appeal.

Park Service Struggling To Find Concessionaire For Mammoth Cave National Park

Jul 7th - 19:01pm | Danny Bernstein

What a shame. Earlier, I stayed in the wing that they are going to tear down. Yes, they're small but I couldn't detect any smell. And you can't beat the location.Why tear down perfectly good lodging?Danny 

The Year Yellowstone Burned: A Twenty-Five-Year Perspective

Jul 6th - 18:54pm | tomp2

There's been _much_ greater regrowth in most of the area that burned in 1988. Very little lodgepole regeneration after more recent fires that were followed by dry years...

Jul 6th - 08:33am | Bill Stock

So a 12' regrowth in 25 years since devastation / picture on book cover

132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Found At Great Basin National Park Now On Display

Jul 6th - 15:51pm | tomp2

I'd love for the preservation folks to figure out a way to get that cartridge out and a way to date it (via different chemistry of the gunpowder, bullet, or something).

Petition Urges Interior Secretary To Intervene Over Killings Of Denali National Park Wolves

Jul 5th - 12:59pm | ron mackie

I do not know SmokiesBackpacker, I do think Sally Jewel is well qualified for the job, she is also an avid mountaineer, very fit, quite experienced. Is she committed to the serious threats our parks face, we will see, perhaps I am wrong but I think that is your point and I think it is a valid question.

Jul 5th - 09:30am | ecbuck

"She was head of large outdoor retailer and NPS concessionare REI, then she had ties with the oil industry prior to that."

Jul 5th - 09:10am | SmokiesBackpacker

I don't know. Jewell is the prototypical DOI head. She was head of large outdoor retailer and NPS concessionare REI, then she had ties with the oil industry prior to that. She would never stand up to Jarvis which suits his needs perfectly. She is your usual NPS crony.

Jul 4th - 00:01am | RR Mier

Jewell will never win against the old timer heathens on AKs game board shes thhe worst Obamer apptee for that job shes weak with no heart

Cape Hatteras National Seashore To Adjust Wildlife Boundaries

Jul 5th - 10:00am | beachdumb

"NPS should be ashamed and do better at protecting our country's great places!" In no way would what the has proposed harm this park or its species. Just more progressive dishonesty...

Jul 4th - 10:26am | Redfish

In addition to the bad decisions by NPS, the changes are illegal.

Jul 4th - 10:09am | Redfish

Bad, blatant shortsightedness, and not supported by science. NPS should be ashamed and do better at protecting our country's great places!

Vapur In Partnership To Slake Thirst Of Bryce Canyon National Park Visitors

Jul 5th - 09:15am | Jan S.

And another great feature of the Vapur anti-Bottle, is that is FLAT which means when visitors drop them at viewpoints as they're fiddling with their cameras, the bottle DOESN'T ROLL into the canyon! Look below any viewpoint and count the number of round bottles that have rolled into Bryce Canyon. Vapur anti-bottles won't do that! They're great.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Visitors Warned About Shark Dangers

Jul 3rd - 14:48pm | Rick B.


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