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Wyoming Has No "Intent" To Allow Grizzly Hunt On NPS Lands If Grizzlies Delisted

Dec 2nd - 08:27am | Dave Smith

The claim that Wyoming has "no intent" to hunt grizzlies on park lands is meaningless because once grizzlies are delisted, there is not a legally binding agreement to prevent Wyoming from hunting grizzlies on park lands. 

Dec 1st - 19:47pm | bern barth

I want a no grizzly bear hunt boundary defined around national parks, such as Grand Teton and Yellowstone before delisting is approved. I want a  safety zone for visitor and tour guides on Bridger-Teton National Forest lands/

Dec 1st - 12:27pm | [email protected]


Dec 1st - 10:05am | Michael Kellett

We need to expand Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks to include all of the publicly owned grizzly habitat in the ecosystem. That is the only way we can be sure that the species is safe.

UPDATED: Death Toll From Great Smoky Mountains Fire At Seven, More Rain Needed

Dec 2nd - 02:01am | [email protected]

Story Includes Fire History Tree Ring Science

Dec 1st - 23:26pm | janes

I was there just a few weeks before the fires broke out. So sad for residents of Sevier County and Gatlinburg.

Nov 30th - 19:58pm | Connie Flood

We discovered Gatlinburg and the smokies several years ago.  Hubby loves the historical cabins and hiking.  I love horse riding especially out of Cades Cove    I'm sad at what is happening.  praying for the people.  

Nov 30th - 17:49pm | StormyKS

Camped in the Smokies for the first time in Spring 2015 and I lost my heart to GSMNP.  It is now my favorite NP, surpassing even Yellowstone.  My heart was aching as I read about the fires.  Prayers up to all people and areas affected by these fires.  

Nov 30th - 17:24pm | Megaera

This was beginning to bring back bad memories of the Yellowstone fires of 88.  I'm so glad the rain has come to the Smokies.

Step Back In Time At Fort Vancouver National Historic Site's Holiday Celebration

Dec 1st - 23:15pm | Rick B.

I've enjoyed my visits to Ft Vancouver in the past, and this sounds like a nicely enhanced experience I wish I could make.

Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument: A Pretty Magical Place

Dec 1st - 19:49pm | Rick B.

Yup - would love to see it some day.  

Nov 30th - 13:59pm | Lee Dalton

Wonderful.  Some day . . . . .

Western Frontier: Early Forts Regale America's Fur Trade Era

Dec 1st - 19:22pm | Anonymous

It's worth noting per Kurt's telling of Hugh Glass's story, a book entitled "Lord Grizzly" by Frederick Manfred was the first accounting of Glass's tale brought to publication. Manfred, a novelist born in Iowa, included Lord Grizzly as part of his five-volume series, The Buckskin Man Tales. That book was a finalist for the 1954 National Book Award.

UPDATED: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildfires Sweep Over Gatlinburg, Kill Three

Dec 1st - 18:51pm | Kim

Has anyone heard if Spence cabin on elkmont was damaged. I just got married there a year ago. 

Dec 1st - 14:36pm | Cheryl M..

God bless those fire fighters and other emergency crews that are helping. God be with all those that have been effected.

Dec 1st - 13:22pm | Gary Wilson

Well we just experienced a great "Server drought".  In fact, this was the 5 driest months on record, and the 5 warmest months on record and it culminated with this extreme wildfire conflagration outbreak. 

Dec 1st - 09:56am | Kurt Repanshek

Please, enough tit for tat. About the only thing being settled here is that there are wide differences of opinion that won't be swayed.

Dec 1st - 09:37am | ecbuck

He only repeats the same rhetoric over and over

Dec 1st - 09:22am | Gary Wilson

Yep, just as I thought.  He only repeats the same rhetoric over and over and can never go deep into any response because he's not programmed nor capable of doing it.  We are dealing with a mindless bot here.  

Dec 1st - 08:35am | ecbuck

 I just went to Scientific American. None of which meaured addressed "minority" views, most of which discuss effects of global warming without any evidence of a human cause and some repeat already disproven claims and predictions.  I will ask again, if the science is proven, why has the science been so wrong?  ......Crickets.  

Dec 1st - 00:52am | Rick B.

Getting back closer to the actual topic of this thread, Dolly Parton has once more demonstrated how big her heart and soul is.

Dec 1st - 00:04am | Gary Wilson

I've come to the conclusion EC is either an ignorant old man, or just a poorly programmed bot meant to tick us off.  I'm starting to think he's a poorly programmed bot that needs reprogrammed.

Nov 30th - 23:51pm | Rick B.

"And I recognize that that those that sustained damage and risk to their lives did, or should have known of the risks of building/living in a WUI.  We all make choices and we must live with the consequences of those choices."   Damn shame about your soulectomy.  

Nov 30th - 23:48pm | Gary Wilson

Ohh dailycaller. Well, that's such a great legit resource. I bow to the almighty EC in his ability to peddle mediocre barely legit news sites and not be able to recognize it as such.  I agree at least with your comment about living in a WUI.  That's the only thing I agree with though.

Nov 30th - 22:59pm | ecbuck

 get your damn extreme political rants out of here.

Nov 30th - 21:33pm | rmackie

Thank you BG, I must agree. I do have 56 years of experience in wildland fire, for what it is worth, the last 9 as a Fire Information Officer. There is no question that climate changes, the issue is do 7.5 billion of us, and counting, have an exacerbating effect on  the changes taking place. The vast majority of scientific opinion in our country, and world wide, agrees that we do.

Nov 30th - 21:29pm | Rick B.

For pete's sake, at a time when property is being lost, an entire town is burned, and multiple lives are lost, will you and the horse you rode in on get your damn extreme political rants out of here.  

Nov 30th - 21:28pm | Gary Wilson

The only farce here is the resident troll that lives in a temperature controlled bubble posting blabber on the internets.  Sorry, but I refuse to take the "knowledge" of a land prostitute over people that are actually studying these events.  As I sit here and look around my devestated community i'll try not to let you anger me today.

Nov 30th - 21:07pm | ecbuck

Except BG, this is no "extreme" event.  It is a normal event of nature. It is part of normal "climate change".  The IPCC is a farce and they (or their contributors) have been exposed for their lies, manufactured data and efforts to suppress the truth.  

Nov 30th - 20:18pm | BG

RM et al., well yes, we DO have to bring "politics" and "climate change" into it because as Gary Wilson so capably and thoroughly explained, these two things made a bad situation much much worse. It's really discouraging to see people who share my love of this beautiful part of the country put their blinders on when it comes to understanding WHY this historically unprecedented fire happened.

Nov 30th - 16:21pm | KCouvillon

Anybody hear anything about the Roaring Forks historic area? I've been visiting the Smokies for 20+ years and when I heard about the huge amount of fires around the Park Vista and Cherokee Orchard Road, I immediately was concerned about that area (obviously, I'm distressed about all the affected areas, but they ain't making 200 year old cabins and barns anymore).

Nov 30th - 15:57pm | Gary Wilson

Map of the wildfire conflagration event that happened in the Smokies.  We just recieved copious amount of rain this, the event is more than likely nearing its end.

Nov 30th - 12:29pm | Gary Wilson

Nature is amoral.  Science is amoral.  Politics is just a human created endevour.  Science and the study of nature goes beyond the left/right division.

Nov 30th - 12:19pm | Retha Martin

Donations of time and money as well as sweat wiill sure be needed.We intend to get up there in the spring to help.

Nov 30th - 12:10pm | Kurt Repanshek

Yes. Please read our latest update:

Nov 30th - 12:08pm | Tasca heard

Is Cades cove ok

Nov 30th - 11:07am | R M

We vacation there also and love the whole area This fire was human started. I don't think we need to have global warming a ND politics brought into this horrible event.  Pray for the area and hold the people up to the Lord, and contribute to Red Cross and other stuff.  We will be back!

Nov 30th - 10:43am | rmackie

Gary, Smokiesbackpacker, thank you for your posts. Whoa, 500 to 15,000 acres in such a short time, that is a firestorm. I feel badly for the property loss to the town and its citizens. Gary, your post was very informative. 

Nov 30th - 10:35am | Gary Wilson

Ashley, unknown at this time.  It did sound like the fire burned through that area, however the lodging area that is above the falls did survive through the fire, so it sounds like if it did rage through there it burned around the area.  I'll be more than likely allowed to return tomorrow, so i'll provide more info here as I get to see with my eyes what has happened.

Nov 30th - 09:36am | Ashley Hicks

Was there any fire damage to the trail area behind Sugarland's Visitor Center? Especially around the waterfall area?     My prayers are with everyone there. 

Nov 30th - 08:44am | SmokiesBackpacker

RMackie, We have had a night of much needed soaking rains so I am not hearing of any uncontained blazes presently.  Because of the lack of precip these rains are flooding the valley areas presently.  I too hope that future development will take into account the changing climactic conditions that precipitated this blaze.  

Road Construction Will Close Arches National Park's Campground For Most Of 2017

Dec 1st - 16:01pm | Michele Hill Mo...

Just wanted to highlight from above report, the sentence - The park anticipates that much of the pulverizing, paving and other work will occur at night -

Nation's Christmas Tree Ceremony At Kings Canyon National Park Set For December 11

Dec 1st - 15:47pm | Kurt Repanshek

Great question, Ranger.Sunday, December 11, 2016 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. at Kings Canyon National Park.

Dec 1st - 15:37pm | Ranger

What time?

Bat Survey Underscores Threats To Species Across National Park System

Nov 30th - 21:16pm | Steve Nelson

This sounds like a good study that I should read.  This is the type of work that needs to be done to manage the national parks overall and help out the bats.  More information is always better than less when you are making decisions.

Sunrise Viewing Reservations Coming To Haleakala National Park

Nov 30th - 18:53pm | ecbuck

Hence peoples opposition to North Woods.    

Nov 30th - 18:51pm | wild places

I'm coming to the conclusion the quickest way to destroy a place is to make it a National Park.

Nov 30th - 09:52am | Lee Dalton

It's either this or expanded development and risk to the resource in many of our parks.  Unfortunately, this is not unique to Haleakala.

Bridge And Boardwalk To Span Brooks River At Katmai National Park Gets Park Service Approval

Nov 30th - 14:21pm | Donna Ann

It seems apparent to me that those with the "power" to approve this did NOT make the bears, wildlife, and grounds, their number one priority! It has always been my understanding that our, not yours, but our National parks were intended to preserve and protect nature and it's gifts of wildlife and all they encompass, obviously, that was NOT the priority in this case.

Familiar Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoo Falls From Grace

Nov 30th - 10:47am | Atascadero

Personally, I would love to see a few more of these fall down. . .

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