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National Park Foundation Sends $25,000 To Fire Relief Fund At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Apr 9th - 00:06am | Rick B.

Your county there has a population, per wiki, of around 99,000. Out of an approximate US population of 327,000.000, that makes for a goodly number of "out of towners", your derisive term. Around where I live we put it in terms of up river or down river. The further upriver, the more rural, and the more downriver the more like 'city folk'.

Apr 8th - 18:05pm | SmokiesBackpacker

There is a lot of money flowing to Sevier County these days from all over.  The Sevier county folks will be fine.  You might find it interesting that Sevier County is the most Republican county in the State of TN and arguably one of the most right wing enclaves in America. It is Trump County, a red as red can be commerce at all costs place.

Apr 7th - 13:26pm | Rick B.

Those were horrible and shameful incidents you cite, no way to justify them. And they have nothing to do with the donation that this article is about.

Apr 7th - 09:00am | SmokiesBackpacker

That's a great gesture.  However, if entities like this wanted to make some real, lasting change within the NPS, they should devote some time and resources to studying why the NPS allowed a woman to get mauled and eaten by bears in the GRSM while a ranger stood by doing nothing. Note that one of those NPS employees is still in a position of power at Great Smokies.

President Trump Donates $78,333 To National Park Service, Critics Label It Publicity Stunt

Apr 8th - 20:00pm | trailadvocate

Yep!  That's agreement to Mr. Runte.

Apr 8th - 19:43pm | Yacht Rocker

As a 36 year former employee of NPS, and no Trump lover, I was pleased that Mr T gave his paycheck to NPS.  NPS got off on the wrong foot with inane tweets that pulled the tiger's tail.  Totally unnecessary and incendiary.  Stupid!  Sad!  Anyways, glad he chipped in and I hope it was received with some graciousness - more than has been shown here by some commenters.

Apr 8th - 18:43pm | wild places

Of course critics will find fault. That's what makes them critics but it doesn't make them right. Trump could have wiped out the entire maintenance backlog and there would still be critics. Both sides play this game and it hurts everyone. Ask yourself how much was that backlog reduced under Obama's 8 years in office.

Apr 8th - 15:56pm | Alfred Runte

A few years ago, a Tacoma, Washington, billboard ran this headline for several months. The client was a local TV station advertising the "superiority" of its take on the news. "At 10 It's News. At 11 It's History."

Apr 8th - 13:10pm | Rick B.

We are talking today, concerned citizen, not the past. Although, with your "false narratives" I'm afraid you sip right at the party line on Fox, and we will not have a meaningful conversation.

Apr 8th - 07:40am | Concerned Citizen

Had Obama gave this money, which he never donated one thin dime to NPS, there would have so much praise.  President Trump gave money to the Park Service but the ungratefuls are lemmings spewing false narratives about his motives.  Tell me who, in the Obama administration gave an equal amount or more to the NPS.  

Apr 5th - 22:04pm | ecbuck

 The millions he's wasting simply by spending his weekends at the private club in Florida instead of Camp David show that he's adding to, not draining the swamp. And the Billions he is saving the American public proves just the opposite.  Sorry, I missed your whining when Obama was taking is multi-million vacations.

Apr 5th - 20:15pm | Glad2bretired

Yes, this was a shameful publicity stunt.  I doubt Trump really gives a hoot about the National Parks.  He will make up for his donation to the Parks exponentially by mixing his business with his Presidential duties.  I held out some hope that he might grow into his new job, but it is obvious now that he won't.

Apr 5th - 16:14pm | Lee Dalton

Martin and Alaska, thanks for two of the best comments posted here in a long time.

Apr 5th - 09:17am | Kristin C

Comments like that avoid the real issue. No, obviously, I am not a billionaire or the president, so I did not donate 78k. I have volunteered my time, but regardless, this is about politics and public budgets, not personal donations. Don't get distracted.

Apr 5th - 08:51am | ecbuck

Martin, I don't expect the current political situation to be benificial to me but I certainly think it wil be beneficial to my children, grandchildren and the rest of the country. My "meighbors" may have voted democratic but the country as a whole, which represents the vast majority of my customer base didn't.  Further, I don't care what my customers' think of my political views.

Apr 5th - 04:31am | beachdumb

Most here "run and hide" or "skip posts" when they are presented with facts. 

Apr 4th - 23:52pm | Martin Niemöller

ecbuck, you sound like someone who believes that the current political situation is somehow going to be beneficial to you and your loved ones. This is a terrible but understandable mistake. Unless you are motivated principally by greed and ego, the current political situation will not benefit you. Just the opposite!

Apr 4th - 21:24pm | ecbuck

 I don't have the answers to the questions

Apr 4th - 20:44pm | alaskaguest

Tammy - thank you for your civility.

Apr 4th - 19:36pm | Tammy

What has happened to simple manners?   Just say "thank you."

Apr 4th - 18:58pm | ecbuck

So alaska, how many people have died from chlorpyrifos?  And while you are tallying up those deaths, tell us how many people ate better and cheaper because of the benefits of using chlorpyrifos. And finally, chlorpyrifos wasn't banned before so how is it any different now with Trump in office?

Apr 4th - 18:08pm | alaskaguest

ebuck, One answer to your question, "What "dangerous chemicals" are on our crops?" is chlorpyrifos.  "Chlorpyrifos is a toxin that can affect the nervous system; children are particularly vulnerable, according to the advocacy group Californians for Pesticide Reform.

Apr 4th - 18:02pm | Rick B.

Don't bother, argalite. Once they start to publicly suck on Trumps hind teat, they have to continually work to justify each outrageious thing they say, even if it would mean dumping coal waste in their own drinking water.

Apr 4th - 17:34pm | argalite

ecbuck, try to keep up

Apr 4th - 17:12pm | ecbuck

I don't see his policies leading to filthy air and water much less their resulting in deaths.  Nor to I see actual "health care" under threat.  Further wage gaps?  could care less about the gaps, I care about the absolute level.  Trump's policies will raise all boats, or at least all boats that are willing to put an oar in the water.

Apr 4th - 17:02pm | argalite

What about the people that will die from his new policies with filthy air and water, no health care, further wage gaps, and don't forget climate change and the continued use of dangerous chemicals on our crops? Is money all we care about?

Apr 4th - 15:34pm | ecbuck

If those folks that are saving the money want to donate it to the NPS, like Trump did, yes. 

Apr 4th - 15:24pm | Kurt Repanshek

So if they've saved between $60 billion and "hundreds" of billions, does that mean the Park Service backlog can be wiped out? They'd still be ahead, right?  (rhetorical questions).

Apr 4th - 15:12pm | ecbuck

Here is one report Kurt. According to Senator Cory Gardner, regulatory savings alone have been around $60 billion.

Mount Who? How Did This Famous Park Get Its Name?

Apr 8th - 14:58pm | Tracker

To be fair, greed is how the lakota aquired it.  US treaty with the Crow (1825) outlined the Crow territory to include western minnesota and the dakotas. It was after that that the Souix desplaced the Crow by war.It wasn't until 1851 that the US govt recognized the Souix people has holding that land.  

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Apr 8th - 09:56am | Kurt Repanshek

Buy another when you get to the parks, Wanda.

Apr 8th - 09:48am | Wanda Schlutt

I recently lost my card on a trip, coming back from Hawaii .  How do I go about replacing it? I will be traveling this summer to parks,  do I just wait till I go to the parks and pay and replace it then? 

Heat Possibly Played Role In Death Of Grand Canyon National Park Hiker

Apr 7th - 10:35am | Rick

The wilderness areas in National Parks (and other agencies) are just that. Wilderness. You need to be prepared and aware of the dangers and your capabilities. I have permits for Half Dome this August and won't go if wet. I will have great gloves and a safety harness. I have hiked to Phantom Ranch 3 times (once in August) and The Wave in July.

Mount Rainier National Park Swamped With Backcountry Permit Requests

Apr 7th - 09:56am | tahoma

It's good to see the NPS managing the Wonderland Trail and backpacking based on carrying capacity.   I wish Mount Rainier would do the same for vehicles at Nisqually Entrance during the majority of each year when the road to Paradise is a dead-end.  The parking capacity along this twenty-mile road must be only a few thousand, yet there seems no limit to the number of vehicles admitted on some w

Sens. Warner, Portman Introduce Legislation To Wipe Out National Park Service Maintenance Backlog

Apr 7th - 09:05am | Abe Medina

While its a great idea, and legislative step in the right direction, it doesnt move fast enough. By the time all 12 billion is spent on deferred maintenance (2047), the population of the US will have grown to over 400 million, and our parks will have gone through 30 more years of more backlogged maintenance.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Apr 6th - 17:27pm | JBnID

Only an idiot would pick a fight with a bear in thick brush with a pistol, so I have to assume he was defending his partner. It worked.  Some other things 'might' have worked, but this one did for sure.  

Mountain Man: John Colter, The Lewis & Clark Expedition, And The Call Of The American West

Apr 6th - 17:25pm | Karolyn Kinsey

I took classes in Yellowstone about mRNA men in the park which earned me 8 credit hrs from byu so learned about Colter. Great a new book about him

Apr 6th - 12:04pm | Rick B.

I'm looking forward to reading the book. Mountain men of that era have always been a fascination of mine, as my family was distantly related to a prominent one.

Tracking Yosemite National Park Black Bears? This Website Lets You Do That

Apr 6th - 16:32pm | tomp2

EC-- Alas, when I took this job I joked that it took a 9 month FBI background check for me to be able to work with data on bears, not even bears themselves.  While I'm sure they have a research permit and thus an entry in RPRS, I don't have access to those data.  

Apr 5th - 16:53pm | ecbuck

Thanks Tomp2,   I realize there is a delay but from the tracks of the two bears that are on the site, it would appear that keep in a realtively confined area.  But I am curious, how many of the bears are actually GPS tracked.

Apr 5th - 16:38pm | tomp2


Apr 5th - 11:23am | ecbuck

Interesting but at the moment it looks like only two bears are being tracked.  Are the others still hibernating?  Doing a backpack trip in September.  Would be nice to know where the bears are active then. 

Fossilized Tracks Stolen From Death Valley National Park

Apr 5th - 18:03pm | Daryl L. Hunter

It would be helpful if the NPS had supplied larger photos of the backpackers.  It looks like they are carrying something that doesn't look like backpacker gear, can't tell for sure in small photo.

Apr 5th - 08:00am | Pam

What Mike said!

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Apr 5th - 16:44pm | Dave

The back end of the Boomers take another one in the shorts.

Motor Vehicle Accidents In Yellowstone Skyrocketing

Apr 5th - 14:45pm | V.C. Wald

For Ryan Atwell: I would like to see an analysis of the countries in which the drivers involved in Yellowstone vehicle accidents obtained their licenses, because it could align in an explanatory way with the influx of foreign visitation, especially from countries like the People's Republic of China where individually owned autos are still quite rare.

Visiting Dry Tortugas National Park: The Logistics

Apr 5th - 00:37am | fashionclothing

Thank you for your great and useful article on DTNP and it looks like great location to visit in summer and beautiful to enjoy with family.

Photography In The National Parks: Shoot Some Video

Apr 4th - 21:56pm | Gary Wilson

I tend to be in the video first, photography second mindset when it comes to the camera.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million.

Apr 4th - 20:59pm | mtgnppics

Great article !  I do stills, but forget all about video.  Trying to be more conscious of it, though.

Cabrillo National Monument Proposes Adding New Trails

Apr 4th - 16:34pm | tomp2

Please send your comments to the planning website as well as make them here. The proposed trails do a couple of things: reduce long-term trail maintenence costs. reduce safety issue of visitors walking down the road to the tidepools, on a road with no sidewalks or shoulders or walkable area off the pavement.

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