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Outdoor Retailer Show Will Leave Utah Over Stance On Public Lands

Feb 17th - 23:51pm | Rick B.

Jwerry2  --- Wouldn't you think so? Apparently the campaign donations rom big oil and others have more pull. Illustrating my point are the disgusted citizens of Chaffitz at the town hall meeting.

Feb 17th - 15:57pm | Jerry2

I really don't have a dog in this hunt, but could RickB clarify something for me? Isn't it the citizens of Utah that elect the officials that he is so ashamed of?  Maybe the new, enlightened, generation should put to use their one right above all others. Vote.

Feb 17th - 13:52pm | Jerry

Bring the shows to Albuquerque New Mexico

Feb 17th - 13:51pm | Rusry Austin

God is truly perverse. He made Utah one of the most beautiful places on earth and then gave it to people least able to appreciate it.

Feb 17th - 12:32pm | Rick B.

It has been pretty well documented that there is a world of difference between the wishes of the citizens of utah and the wishes of the elected officials of Utah.

Feb 17th - 11:13am | Concerned Citizen

So for 20 years  the show went on w/o a hitch but because of some thing that happened 2 mos ago they withdraw.  What about the 20 yrs when there was no Bears Ear National Monument and the show went on?  Why are these retailers right but the citizens of Utah wrong?  

Feb 17th - 09:38am | Lee Dalton

Three Cheers for the Outdoor Retailer's board of directors.

No Backpacking In Arches National Park For Now

Feb 17th - 22:15pm | Danielle Graham

Moderator, the comment thread on here is why I cringe coming to this site.  I know you ran a poll a while back, but please, please, please, reconsider getting rid of comments on your articles.  Instead, use some of these "human" resources and maybe hold a moderated round table one e in a while.

Feb 17th - 21:34pm | Lee Dalton

Excellent, Tomp and Kelly.  But you're probably confusing some folks by laying out facts.  Let's see what kind of responses you get.

Feb 17th - 18:55pm | Kelly

The national parks (and so many other outdoor spaces) were absolutely mobbed last year. It was insane. I'm a "heavy user" of parks since I live near a few, and there were hours long lineups to get in, and just a staggering amount of people on the trails. I know there were a lot of complaints about that--that the NPS isn't adequately managing crowds and the wilderness experience.

Feb 17th - 16:42pm | tomp2

All-- Read the other recent NPT articles about Arches.

Feb 17th - 11:10am | Rick B.

Backpacker - NOT a government employee. NOT. Go pound sand.

Feb 17th - 09:12am | SmokiesBackpacker

Rick,  I've got news for ya.  I'm not the only one who gets tired of your NPS Kool Aid drinking.  The NPS does make grievous mistakes.  And you are totally blind to them because you are a government employee.  Just like the NPS, your blinders make for some laughable justifications.

Feb 17th - 02:00am | Lucky Larry

Unfortunately, I think it's very common for park backpackers to lack simple "Leave no Trace" ethics, or basic skills. Arches is a unique, delicate landscape, that sees an incredible amount of traffic. The only possible way a place like Arches (or many other parks) can keep most of their visitors safe, and keep them from spoiling every area of the park, is to devise systems and regulations.

Feb 16th - 20:31pm | Scott Barger

What they need to worry about is dumpster and his minions leasing the whole park to oil companies.

Standing Rock Tribes Requested Public Safety Assistance From Interior Department

Feb 17th - 18:44pm | ecbuck

So what m13?  There are 10s of thousands of "investors" with tens of trillons of assets.  One virtual bankrupt investor (Calpers) makes up half of the $685 bil identified above which is an infinitesimal percentage of all investor assets. 

Feb 17th - 18:20pm | [email protected]    

Feb 17th - 18:00pm | ecbuck

I don't know enough about what is "standard" and what is not to agree or disagree with you tomp2.  I understand the distinction you are trying to make but not sure the "facts" fit.  If the NPS is being called to the reservation, isn't it sovereign reservation lands? If they are going to where the mess was - wasn't that on private property?

Feb 17th - 17:09pm | tomp2


Feb 17th - 12:49pm | [email protected] Feb 17 The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS):  

Feb 17th - 11:02am | Rick B.

It does change the complexion of things a bit, Lee, but it is still going to be a mess.

Feb 17th - 10:06am | ecbuck

That changes things a bit, Why is that?  Either its a misuse or not.  Once again you try to have ideology trump the law.  Wondering who is paying for them.  

Feb 17th - 09:29am | Lee Dalton

So the Tribe requested this?  That changes things a bit, but I still question the whole mess. But given what's happening in Washington, nothing much makes sense any more.  

UPDATED: National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers Being Called To Standing Rock

Feb 17th - 16:10pm | ecbuck

oil companies won't divulge what "proprietary" chemicals  Absolute BS

Feb 17th - 13:15pm | wild places

For EC, while not a municipal water system there was a leak of a gasoline pipeline that rendered private wells unusable which I am sure was not fun for those residents. The siting below actually is a reference to the repair of another pipeline but references the outcome of the one effecting the private wells.

Feb 17th - 11:49am | wild places

Amarillobymorning, Except none of this is happening or being proposed. Nothing is crossing or being built on reservation land. If on the other hand I purchased property fully understanding the building codes and followed all the laws but then had my neighbors illegally camp out on my land to prevent me from building on it yes, I would have a big problem with that.

Feb 17th - 10:44am | ptwa

From an academic standpoint (I'm a PhD Environmental Chemist) every groundwater aquifer that has been contaminated by an oil pipeline (or other pervasive contaminant) leak has been permanently impaired - the aquifers flush very slowly, sometimes as long as 10,000 years.

Feb 17th - 10:01am | ecbuck

I'd venture to suggest that the family of the man who was incinerated recently in a pipeline explosion in the Southeast believe the damage is permanent

Feb 17th - 09:37am | Lee Dalton

Rather than play endless word games that depend upon the meaning of a single word, let's just keep in mind that "permanent" is entirely relative depending upon the viewpoint of the person using it. I'd venture to suggest that the family of the man who was incinerated recently in a pipeline explosion in the Southeast believe the damage is permanent.

Feb 17th - 09:07am | ecbuck

Sheeple.  Pipelines occassionally leak.  None that I am aware of (and noone has shown) had a permant impairment to a municipal water source. On the other hand, 99+% of oil & gas shipped in pipelines doesn't leak and the benefits we obtain from that oil and gas are massive from heating our homes to providing transportation for goods and people.

Feb 17th - 02:33am | Karen Cokenour

Amen! Of all the gall. Money sucks the feeling out of everyone. How can so many souls hate so much?  #IStandWithStandingRock

Feb 16th - 23:50pm | sheeple

"Bring a vest" seriously, you think that guy with the post following yours is an LE? What's he threatening? This is a federal law enforcement ranger or a troll?

Feb 16th - 23:47pm | sheeple This impacts more than just the Dakota Natives. Name one pipeline that HASN'T leaked at some point?

Feb 16th - 23:40pm | rangerdanger

Are you an LE? Is this true?

Feb 16th - 22:07pm | ecbuck

*What does this add up to? Tin foil.

Feb 16th - 22:06pm | ecbuck

Hmmm, just read of two major pipeline leaks and fires in the last two days. So what?  Are any threatening permanent destructon of a water source?  Are you ready to live without any of the benefits of petroleum products?

Feb 16th - 22:03pm | paleface

red yellow black and tan-white is the color of the new boss man

Feb 16th - 21:34pm | Lee Dalton

Hmmm, just read of two major pipeline leaks and fires in the last two days.

Feb 16th - 21:18pm | Rick B.

Little - that same "pit them against their brothers" strategy is what Trump traditionally does. That was the path to the top floor of Trump Tower, That is what he is doing with his senior White House staff right now. It is organizational nihilism.

Feb 16th - 20:58pm | Jdlk

theres a pipeline in Minnesota that is aging and leaking.   And instead of repairing it, it's gonna get replaced and abandoned.  Do your research before  talk. 

Feb 16th - 20:54pm | Crystal Colvin

*What is Russia's number 1 export? Fossil fuels (Oil and Coal) *Who is Trump's Secretary of State? Rex Tillerson *Where did Tillerson come from? Exxon Mobile *Who gave Tillerson a partnership award? Vladimir Putin 

Feb 16th - 20:48pm | ecbuck

Not from pipelines, Thank you.   Thats what we are taking about - pipelines.  But then the Valdez and BP didn't permantly destroy any water supply either.  

Feb 16th - 20:42pm | Amarillobymorning

Doyle Hargrave: They aren't. They should be cleaned up. It is shameful for people professing concern for the environment to trash it. I guess that's why the park rangers need to bring their night scopes, thermal vision and other riot gear. 

Feb 16th - 19:08pm | Lee Dalton

"Please tell me what water supply has been permentantly impaired by an oil pipeline leak." Not from pipelines, but the damage from the Exxon Valdez and the Gulf spill of a few years ago are still there and still affecting environments in Alaska and along the Gulf Coast.

Feb 16th - 18:53pm | Llittle

With NPS and BIA both being agencies within the DEPT OF THE  INTERIOR it kind of seems like Trump is trying to create inter-departmental chaos and conflict by causing the agencies to turn against each other.

Feb 16th - 18:29pm | ecbuck

Read the question again Rick, Please tell me what water supply has been permentantly impaired by an oil pipeline leak.  Emphasis added. Perhaps you should put more than 15 seconds into your knee jerk responses.

Feb 16th - 17:47pm | Rick B.

For those who care:   The googlesearch took me 15 seconds.

Scofflaws Piloting Drones In The National Park System

Feb 17th - 15:24pm | dino

The Rangers in the Park are busy patrolling popular places where ripoffs occur, like where a carload of thugs will smash your window to get to your purse....while you are taking selfies at the overlook.

UPDATED: National Park Service Lays Out Four Options On Whether To Help Isle Royale National Park Wolves

Feb 17th - 07:49am | Susan and John Brant

Giving new blood to the Isle Royale wolf population needs to be done to save the delicate ecosystem with it's checks and balances.  We heartily support introducing more wolves to Isle Royale to keep un mosse population in check.

Lewd Behavior Prompts Closure Of Camping Area In Gulf Islands National Seashore

Feb 16th - 19:44pm | June

I am very sadded that a few morons have spoiled things for the rest of us. I have camped there and there is no experience like it. It was amazing.  People should practice leave no trace and take take of our natural wonders.

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