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UPDATED: Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wildfires Sweep Over Gatlinburg, Kill Three

Nov 30th - 15:57pm | Gary Wilson

Map of the wildfire conflagration event that happened in the Smokies.  We just recieved copious amount of rain this, the event is more than likely nearing its end.

Nov 30th - 12:29pm | Gary Wilson

Nature is amoral.  Science is amoral.  Politics is just a human created endevour.  Science and the study of nature goes beyond the left/right division.

Nov 30th - 12:19pm | Retha Martin

Donations of time and money as well as sweat wiill sure be needed.We intend to get up there in the spring to help.

Nov 30th - 12:10pm | Kurt Repanshek

Yes. Please read our latest update:

Nov 30th - 12:08pm | Tasca heard

Is Cades cove ok

Nov 30th - 11:07am | R M

We vacation there also and love the whole area This fire was human started. I don't think we need to have global warming a ND politics brought into this horrible event.  Pray for the area and hold the people up to the Lord, and contribute to Red Cross and other stuff.  We will be back!

Nov 30th - 10:43am | rmackie

Gary, Smokiesbackpacker, thank you for your posts. Whoa, 500 to 15,000 acres in such a short time, that is a firestorm. I feel badly for the property loss to the town and its citizens. Gary, your post was very informative. 

Nov 30th - 10:35am | Gary Wilson

Ashley, unknown at this time.  It did sound like the fire burned through that area, however the lodging area that is above the falls did survive through the fire, so it sounds like if it did rage through there it burned around the area.  I'll be more than likely allowed to return tomorrow, so i'll provide more info here as I get to see with my eyes what has happened.

Nov 30th - 09:36am | Ashley Hicks

Was there any fire damage to the trail area behind Sugarland's Visitor Center? Especially around the waterfall area?     My prayers are with everyone there. 

Nov 30th - 08:44am | SmokiesBackpacker

RMackie, We have had a night of much needed soaking rains so I am not hearing of any uncontained blazes presently.  Because of the lack of precip these rains are flooding the valley areas presently.  I too hope that future development will take into account the changing climactic conditions that precipitated this blaze.  

Nov 30th - 08:23am | Gary Wilson

Cades Cove was not effected by the fires.  The Great Smoky Mountains National Park will come out of this just fine.  Just like the Yellowstone fires when people thought the park was dead, they were wrong, because nature bounces back. It might be different in spots.  I doubt we will see great hemlocks forests ever again, but the park will bounce back.

Nov 30th - 06:08am | Buccoboss

My family loved to vacation in Tennessee and the thought that now its all gone is terrifying.  It makes me heart broken that now knowing we can't go Back for years while they fix the damage.  If you can, please keep me updated That would be wonderful!

Nov 30th - 05:34am | Jayme williams

My daughter and her husband had their honeymoon at cade's cove. They loved it and spoke of it's beautiful  senery , and lots of bear sightings,. They were so sure that I would really enjoy it , can you comment , was Cades cove effected by these fires? May GOD ALMIGHTY  PLACE A HEDGE OF ANGELS AROUND THE PEOPLE AND ANIMAL'S OF TENNESSEE . 

Nov 30th - 03:36am | Gary Wilson

Cades Cove was removed from this fire, although that does NOT make it immune to future outbreaks.  There's a lot of dead debris in the mountain surrounding the Cades Cove area that has primed it for a conflagration event, which is a very real probability in the future.

Nov 30th - 00:32am | Auburn wildlife...

Cultural defect? So you think arson is limited to southerners. Thanks for that racism. All these people have lost their homes and you're focusing on Trump and climate change? FYI we are in a cyclical La Nina year which has caused the drought here in the South. Clearly you not only lack compassion but education as well. 

Nov 30th - 00:30am | Joyce Murillo

Praying for everyone . I'm SO worried about the wildlife . could the bear's survive in their coves ? If someone started this fire. they need prosecuted to the fullest

Nov 29th - 23:49pm | Deborah Roseboom

As someone whose family has been coming to the Smoky Mountains for more than 50 years, we are devastated and heartbroken to see what is happening to our beloved vacation areas.  Our hearts and lots of prayers go out to all who are being affected by this tragedy.  We are hoping the rain will at least give the firefighters and volunteers some much needed relief.

Nov 29th - 21:56pm | janet franklin

Like u I have spent so much time in the Smokies.  Told my husband I feel like I've lost my second home.  

Nov 29th - 21:20pm | rmackie

Smokiesbackpacker, do you know the current acreage of this fire, is it still not contained? 

Nov 29th - 21:00pm | adamrich33

"Climatic warming events" ? Global warming or Climate change. you can keep calling it what you want but that doesnt make it true. Remember it wasnt that long ago we were taught the Ozone had holes and they could never be repaired, but by some miraculous reason the holes are closing up? Sorry but your twisted politcal views have no use here. #MAGA

Nov 29th - 20:29pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Haven't heard anything about Cades Cove being affected.  I came through Sunday evening and shot a video of the initial Chimneys fire that spread into downtown.  Here is a link to that.  Hard to imagine this small, 50 acre fire led to the devastation now in Gatlinburg.

Nov 29th - 20:29pm | Stacey

I have been down there so many times I love the mountains . My heart breaks for everyone that is impacted by this tragedy . 

Nov 29th - 20:27pm | Dave R.

Cades Cove has apparently escaped the fires...............they do a controlled burn every Spring to help contain wildfires and improve habitat.

Nov 29th - 20:22pm | [email protected]..

You just have to insert politics into it, rather than accept the fact that is part of a natural weather cycle, that has nothing to do with any perceived "global warming" or other business driven, profit making idea of a few who would fleece the sheeple out of their meager earnings.

Nov 29th - 18:58pm | Anonymous

Any knowledge about Cades Cove - damage?

Nov 29th - 18:25pm | Kimmie

I am devastated to see my beloved forest destroyed. 

Nov 29th - 17:55pm | Tonya Adams-Brisson

any word on Cades Cove? 

Nov 29th - 16:55pm | amazed

wow.  "Arson is a major cause of fire and a cultural defect in the southern Appalachian communities and southeast states."  I was going to say this is the stupidest thing I have ever read online.  Instead, I think I'll wait until you respond to this post before passing judgement.  Who knows.  You just might top it.

Nov 29th - 13:33pm | Debbie Aldred

Sending prayers to all involved, be they residents, visitors, firefighters or animals. Y'all stay safe!

Nov 29th - 12:34pm | [email protected]  

Nov 29th - 10:37am | rmackie

Thank you Gary and Traveler for the posts on the fire situation in Great Smokies. I am reading Dr. Stephens Pyne's book, "Between two Fires", in my own opinion. he has it right. Cannot put the book down.  

Nov 29th - 10:23am | Susan Welsh

I've been vacationing in the GSMNP for the last 30+ years. It breaks my heart to see this devastation. We'll be back in April and hope we can be of assistance since this looks like it will take a long recovery/rebuilding to come back from the destruction.

Bridge And Boardwalk To Span Brooks River At Katmai National Park Gets Park Service Approval

Nov 30th - 14:21pm | Donna Ann

It seems apparent to me that those with the "power" to approve this did NOT make the bears, wildlife, and grounds, their number one priority! It has always been my understanding that our, not yours, but our National parks were intended to preserve and protect nature and it's gifts of wildlife and all they encompass, obviously, that was NOT the priority in this case.

Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument: A Pretty Magical Place

Nov 30th - 13:59pm | Lee Dalton

Wonderful.  Some day . . . . .

Familiar Bryce Canyon National Park Hoodoo Falls From Grace

Nov 30th - 10:47am | Atascadero

Personally, I would love to see a few more of these fall down. . .

Nov 29th - 22:15pm | Kamille Marshall

Hi! My family and I traveled to Bryce Canyon for Thanksgiving weekend, I have a picture of the Sentinel that was taken on Saturday November 26th at 2:11pm (time stamp from my camera) and the Sentinel had already fallen down, I think the dates are inaccurate.          I will give the park a call tomorrow and send them my picture with evidence of the time stamp.

Nov 29th - 21:05pm | Tom Reynolds

A few drops of super glue can fix anything.  (I read it on the Internet)

Nov 29th - 18:48pm | peter

Duct tape works better.

Nov 29th - 18:44pm | Melanie Pratt

"Don't mess with Mother Nature!" ;)

Nov 29th - 14:26pm | Steve Cartwright

Why don't they glue it back together?

Nov 29th - 13:00pm | David Beatty

This makes me sad.  Just hope is was from natural causes.

Sunrise Viewing Reservations Coming To Haleakala National Park

Nov 30th - 09:52am | Lee Dalton

It's either this or expanded development and risk to the resource in many of our parks.  Unfortunately, this is not unique to Haleakala.

Nov 30th - 07:38am | Rebecca Latson ...

I know there will be people grousing about this, but I totally get the reasons behind this.  I've been to an autumn sunrise photo shoot of Maroon Bells outside of Aspen, CO, and the crowds were so large that they had staff out there directing cars to parking spots.  Those cars that couldn't find a spot ended up parking on either side of the narrow road leading to the parking lot.

Nine Black-Footed Ferrets Released At Wind Cave National Park

Nov 29th - 20:28pm | drew hanson

Fantastic news for a great park!

Fence Proposed To Keep ORVs, Target Shooters Out Of Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

Nov 29th - 18:18pm | Nevada hunter

I support NPS moving here to better protect these public park lands.

National Park Service Extends Dozens Of Concessions Contracts

Nov 29th - 15:04pm | D Scott

The budgets are a disgrace.  So is the practice of too often hiring and promoting on political bases rather than most-highly qualified. 

Traveler's View: Concerning Times For National Park System

Nov 29th - 13:58pm | ecbuck

Total crock. 

Nov 29th - 13:31pm | [email protected]

Utah Mormon Attempts To Block A Monumental Gift To the American People  

Nov 29th - 13:13pm | Lee Dalton

KSL Radio's morning talk show mentioned that Rob Bishop "may" be under consideration to become Secretary of Interior. The chairman of Trump's Utah campaign said he could not confrim nor deny it at this time.  But assured everyone that in between angry tweets about all the imaginary voting fraud, DJT is looking for "the best qualified people" for his cabinet.  

Wyoming Has No "Intent" To Allow Grizzly Hunt On NPS Lands If Grizzlies Delisted

Nov 29th - 11:01am | tomp2

Gregg-- Is the best current draft of the Conservation Strategy for GYE?  

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