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Presidential Proclamation For National Park Week

Apr 18th - 12:20pm | ecbuck

Regulated grazing, timber cutting, water storage, and yes, even mineral development, can and do respect the land. Then you are not as absolute as I feared. We are very much in agreement.

Apr 18th - 12:13pm | Alfred Runte

EC, leasing the public lands is fine. And yes, there has been much talk about leasing out the services within the parks, specifically those currently provided by the NPS. As we know, the first leases were in 1864--in the Yosemite Grant awarded to California. It stuck. All concessions services are provided by leaseholders.

Apr 18th - 11:26am | ecbuck

Stop worrying about who is privatizing your national parks (no one), Thank you Alfred.  I agree with most everything you wrote above. Though, you seem to be more reluctant than I to lease federal lands. In some instances it may be inapproriate but I would not take a blanket stance against it.  

Apr 18th - 10:48am | Alfred Runte

Stop worrying about who is privatizing your national parks (no one), and start worrying about who is leasing away your public lands (everyone). Privatization is another smokescreen. For that matter, none of you has good documentation. You're all reaching for your holsters again. I know that none of you likes the facts here, but they are indeed the facts.

Apr 18th - 10:39am | Anonymous

Gosh, somehow I don't remember that.  Could you repost it? Its in the very post you responded to that started with "baloney".  I said " Please show me were any of them have said they want to privitize the Parks."  and not surprisingly, you have failed to do it. 

Apr 18th - 10:24am | Rick Smith

Gosh, somehow I don't remember that.  Could you repost it?  You are good at challenging others to document things but are woefiully short in that department yourself.

Apr 18th - 10:12am | ecbuck

Already have.  Challanged you to provide evidence the legislature and Cruz callled for privitizing the parks.  You have failed to provide it.

Apr 18th - 09:35am | Rick Smith

Hey, ec, show us how it's pure baloney.

Apr 18th - 09:21am | ecbuck

If your version is "reality" why can't you provide any evidence to back it up?  Show us were the Utah legislature and Ted Cruz have called for privitizing the parks.  Explain how paying $57 bil in taxes with $16 bil on net income is a subsidary.  Explain how Walmart is subsidized.  Your silence is evidence of the absense of substantiation. 

Apr 18th - 09:01am | Lee Dalton

Ah, Rick --- I'm really proud of you!  Thank you, Bro.  It's nice to know there are actually some intelligent and rational people out there who are able to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

Apr 17th - 16:17pm | ecbuck

Baloney.  Please show me were any of them have said they want to privitize the Parks.  Pure fabrications - you are making Lee proud.  

Apr 17th - 15:30pm | Rick Smith

The entire Utah delegation for starters and Ted Cruz for another.

Apr 17th - 14:37pm | ecbuck

What is worse by far...the Republicans who want to Privatize are Parks. Who might they be?

Apr 17th - 14:27pm | David Sherburne

What is worse by far...the Republicans who want to Privatize are Parks.

Apr 16th - 17:26pm | Harryb3570

Nice proclamation Mr. President but what the national parks really need is more money to hire staff and to begin to reduce the $12 billion backlog in maintenance needed to be done. Don't underfund our national parks. 

Scofflaws Piloting Drones In The National Park System

Apr 18th - 12:11pm | Kurt Repanshek

Actually, anonymous, you can't shoot your guns in the parks. You can carry them, but you can't shoot them.

Apr 18th - 12:09pm | Anonymous

You can shoot your guns in national parks but you cant fly a drone.. Murica.  I live in WA state and there are thousands of acres of national park in remote areas with nobody for miles and miles and I cant fly my drone but I can go out there and shoot beer bottles with a gun till the cows come home.  they should not be banned in remote wilderness areas where there are no people.

Crude Oil Refinery Proposed Next To Theodore Roosevelt National Park Raises Concerns

Apr 18th - 10:41am | Kaylin

I really liked this peice of info about the rosovelt national park

Apr 18th - 09:06am | Lee Dalton

I drove through the Refinery Corridor along I-15 north of Salt Lake and was reminded by the odour de jour that oil refineries really are CRUDE.  Anyone who made a similar odor in a public place would be shunned.  Very impolite.  You're supposed to save that for the restroom --- or at least step outside. That's why the title of this article seems so appropriate :

Apr 17th - 22:19pm | Judy Pelton

@Boufa - get real. our national parks are places we are trying to preserve for all time, for our children's children's great great grandchildren etc. who would want to go to them if they were surrounded by garbage, if the air was filled with chemicals, if the view from their mountains and rivers was of oil fields and fracking facilities and mining pits and shopping malls and thruways?

Apr 17th - 12:30pm | ecbuck

Well since it isn't on government land and isn't subsidized (unless you can finaly explain how $57 billion of taxes and $16 billion of income is a subsidy), I would say they have nothing in common. 

Apr 17th - 11:32am | Lee Dalton

In another feature in today's Traveler, we read about Soda Mountain. Isn't this just Soda Mountain north?

Apr 17th - 09:57am | Boufa

The parks have boundaries.   Yet they want to control the land outside of their boundaries.   I appreciate the environmental issues, but if that land needed protection then it should have been inside the boundaries.

Xanterra Parks & Resorts Sues National Park Service Over Grand Canyon Contracts

Apr 18th - 09:10am | Emmett Gomez

I told my boss a year and a half before the contract came out for bid that the franchise fees weren't doable.  I was told Washington had good accountants.  Yea, right!!!  That's why the contract was revised seven times and the franchise fees are around four percent.  I guess I knew what I was talking about.

A Whimsical Video Primer On Mountain Goats And Bighorn Sheep From Parks Canada

Apr 18th - 08:56am | Lee Dalton

That's an absolute HOOT!  Thanks for a laughing start to the day.  (Other readers, be sure you wait until the very end before you turn it off . .  . )

Apr 17th - 15:19pm | Mary Beth Maassen

OMG! That was hysterical! Thanks!

Apr 17th - 15:14pm | Kurt Repanshek

Here you go, Mary Beth!

Apr 17th - 15:12pm | Mary Beth Maassen

Can't wait to see the video

Op-Ed | The True Meaning Of Soda Mountain: The White House Is Giving Away Our Public Lands

Apr 17th - 23:45pm | Rick B.

I'm glad this is listed as an op-ed.

Apr 17th - 11:53am | ecbuck

At it again with your unsubstantiated accusations.  MONEY, PROFIT, and GREED as obstacles 

Apr 17th - 11:29am | Lee Dalton

"The problem is that developers don't read environmental history--or think critically about it if they do." Let's change just one small part of that sentence -- let's make it read "developers and their purchased allies in legislatures." We could even add "and the American public" to make it even more accurate.

National Park Websites Get Extreme Makeover For National Park Week

Apr 17th - 14:08pm | Anonymous

To many dead links and outdated info.

Musings From Death Valley National Park

Apr 17th - 13:54pm | mrmark

If its not the NPS, then who allowed the Yosemite trademarks to be approved for an outside company in the first place??  

Cleanup From October Storms Continues At Death Valley National Park

Apr 17th - 13:37pm | Mark Anthony

When was the last time you looked at the cost to maintain the road in front of your house??  $12 Mil to essentially replace a road in the middle of the desert is pretty cheap as well as necessary.  Considering the other foolish things our government is spending money on, its a bargain and very well worth the effort.  

Birding In The National Parks: An Early Spring Cacophony At Congaree National Park

Apr 16th - 18:25pm | JEAN

So forrunate to have Patrick with his sensitivity to bird song and desire to increase our knowledge!  

Go Take A Long Hike, It Really Will Help Your Mental Performance

Apr 16th - 16:51pm | Shoshana Biro

I fully agree with this article. I always go to the park to feel better. I feel rejuvenated and able to solve complicated programming or and mathematical problems.

Desert RVing In SoCal's Best National Parks

Apr 16th - 14:36pm | Richard Wear

Imperial Valley is fantastic for a winter vacation or getaway

Apr 16th - 10:22am | Lee Dalton

A couple of comments about Death Valley: Last time I visited DEVA, gasoline at Stovepipe Wells was something like 20 cents a gallon less than at Furnace Creek.  And after a very forgetable Christmas dinner at Furnace Creek, someone who lived and worked in the park told me that there's a different concessionaire at Stovepipe and food service there was much, much better.

The Monkey Wrench Gang Movie?: Forty Years Later

Apr 15th - 16:23pm | John D Lemons

Unfortunately, Kurt and Jim Stiles have fallen for a sort of joke. Since the late 1970s, various announcements and posters have circulated about a forthcoming movie to be produced based on "The Monkey Wrench Gang." While I would hope this would be the case, a lot of time has passed with variou announcements about a forthcoming movie but, alas, there has been no movie.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Apr 15th - 14:48pm | Beth Pedersen

People who enjoy the outdoors, wildlife and parks are very often pet owners.  The majority of which are responsible.  Recently walking on a "No dogs" beach I was watching horses and unsupervised children all of which were doing more damage than my dog would.  Years ago we were required to show proof of vaccination when we entered a park with our pets.  Owners who do not

Apr 15th - 14:32pm | Beth Pedersen

Absolutely right!  I can't believe that my dog isn't allowed in areas that horses are!  These policies are ridiculous.

Trails I've Hiked: Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Apr 15th - 12:58pm | ecbuck

Why is it more difficult, Tony?  You can enter the lottery like anyone else.  They don't ask where you are from.  

Apr 15th - 12:40pm | Tony from Scotland

I climbed  half  dome  in my sixties a few years ago but last year we had to make do with walking down from Glacier Point because it is almost impossible for overseas visitors to get Half Dome permits

Op-Ed | How To Create A National Park Without Taxpayers Footing The Bill

Apr 15th - 11:00am | ecbuck

Yup, the stated goal and real goal are often completely different when our politicians start their backroom dealings to repay their campaign contributors Care to give an example of that or will you just accuse and run again as you have with oil subsidies, walmart subsidies, unglued conservatives re bottle bills etc, etc, etc

Apr 15th - 10:22am | Lee Dalton

So what?  A prime example of how for some the stated goal and the real goal are quite different.   Isn't that called lying? Yup, the stated goal and real goal are often completely different when our politicians start their backroom dealings to repay their campaign contributors and uphold their commitments to Republican Plutocratic Socialism. 

Apr 15th - 08:10am | ecbuck

Kurt - love the new feature.

Apr 14th - 19:35pm | ecbuck

here would be no national ownership of the park. So what?  A prime example of how for some the stated goal and the real goal are quite different. 

Apr 14th - 19:22pm | Also Anonymous

The franchise will not create national parks. It will create private parks endorsed by the National Park Service. There would be no permanent protection of the land and its resources under such a system and there would be no national ownership of the park. Calling such an enterprise anything other than a federally endorsed,or possibly a federaly subsidized, private venture is a farce.

Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument Latest Addition To National Park System

Apr 15th - 10:19am | Nate Levin

Other great suffrage leaders worthy of note include Lucy Stone, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B.

Group Identifies 20 "Anti-Public Lands" Politicians

Apr 15th - 08:10am | Dorothy Lemmey

We are having significant problems with tea party diminishing our public parks. The probate judge has appointed all tea party members and they are bent on making these natural environments profit making entities.

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