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State Of The Park: Zion National Park Facing Some Serious Issues

Jan 23rd - 09:08am | Paul Pritchard

We created the National Park Trust because the problem of inholdings is throughout the park system. There are ways to deal with the land values of these unique properties. There just needs to be the will.

Jan 22nd - 22:00pm | rmackie

My apologies Lee, you are right, thanks again. 

Jan 22nd - 20:28pm | Lee Dalton

Ron, I'm not sure I want to publish my email address here, but if you contact Kurt, he can provide it.

Jan 22nd - 19:06pm | rmackie

Agree Lee thank you for your efforts on the Bishop bill. Lee I have some information ,comment, I would like to forward to you. I do not have your email. 

Jan 22nd - 18:31pm | Lee Dalton

I hope that the readers who so often criticize or even condemn the Park Service for some of the decisions made by park management take the time to download and actually READ all of this report.  Just the little side box in this Traveler article recounting removal of tons of human waste from potties at Scout's Landing should help them understand the challenges faced by mana

Jan 22nd - 16:04pm | Sandy Heins

this is so sad and troubling. Zion and The Grand Canyon are my favorite parks In the whole United States. I hope they can come to some resolution. The first time I saw those red rocks and brilliant blue sky I was totally mezmerized.

59 Illustrated National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years Of Wilderness And Wonder

Jan 22nd - 20:22pm | Laurie Tice

Who sells this book other than Amazon?

National Park Service Fires Highly Valued Superintendent For Refusing New Job

Jan 22nd - 16:39pm | Kurt Repanshek

Folks, this is not a forum to launch vitriolic attacks on individuals, and it's been way overdone here so we're going to shut down comments.

Jan 22nd - 11:05am | Unknown

I completly agree.  I was one that worked for her during all of this.  Yes, a lot more to the story...her performance was terrible and how she treated folks that worked for her was more than a disgrace.  NPS should have documented her performance accuratly, which was very poor, and they should have reprimanded her based upon the investigation of all the park employees t

Jan 20th - 10:21am | Anonymous

@Forest Lover - No, more like a Forest Supervisor. Some national forests like San Bernandino are incredibly complex with hundreds and hundreds of employees, some are like the somewhat-tiny Sam Houston National Forest where the total acreage and staff is smaller than any one district in San Bernandino. Just like there is a big difference between Sitka NHP versus Yellowstone NP.

Jan 20th - 02:36am | Forest Lover

A National Park Service Superintendent is equivalent to a Forest Service District Ranger, both are responsible for managing public land acres and employees that do the work.

Jan 19th - 18:01pm | Another Sitka P...

"The only thing the National Park Service did wrong was to take so long to remove her from office." I FULLY agree with this response. In the Juneau Empire article from 2010, I'd like to point out this excerpt:

National Park System Units Closing Down In Advance Of Winter Storm

Jan 22nd - 12:15pm | Lee Dalton

Chickens.  They need to come out west and see what REAL snow looks like! (On the other hand, I really don't want to go to the east or midwest to find out what a tornado or hurricane looks like. I guess that means I'm a chicken, too.)

Jan 22nd - 10:36am | Anonymous

"At Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, park operations were being suspended during the duration of the storm, and no search and rescue teams would be available, the park website said." Oh, please. Either close the park or open it. Quit bluffing when you know full well that "search and rescue teams" will be available when called.

UPDATED: Draft Of "Grand Bargain" For Utah Public Lands Draws Attacks

Jan 22nd - 08:51am | Lee Dalton

The more I study this, the more I can see some things that are awfully vague or downright confusing.  For example, I just caught the last paragraph in Kurt's article in which he mentions Dugout Ranch:

Jan 22nd - 06:14am |

This is classic Mormon Extremism toward Public Lands: Read:

Jan 21st - 21:58pm | rmackie

Thank you Traveler and mucho thanks Lee for your efforts here, I will try to keep an open mind, read more of the bill, here expert analysis of said. I am skeptical at this point, but do not want to be negative. 

Jan 20th - 22:43pm | Lee Dalton

Utah newspapers wasted no time getting some articles into print.  Here are two from Salt Lake Tribune:

Jan 20th - 19:11pm | Lee Dalton

Well, Rick, I just started reading and have gotten only as far as page 9, Section 103 WILDERNESS ADMINISTRATION.  Here's a sample of some of it:

Jan 20th - 17:32pm | Rick Smith

Without even reading it, one can be sure that ii is a sell out to energy industry.  Otherwise, Bishop would not be involved.

Jan 20th - 17:01pm | Lee Dalton

As far as I could tell, there were no tribal representatives present.  It was mostly press and a very small number of ordinary citizens.

Jan 20th - 16:39pm | Rick B.

Was there any comment or response from the tribes?

Jan 20th - 14:27pm | Lee Dalton

Not yet, Bob.  I haven't had a chance to look at the website yet.  But just noticed that Kurt (who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time at the press conference) has added a map to the top of this article.

Jan 20th - 14:12pm | Bob Pahre

Thanks for the info, Lee.  I know the tiny small parcel at the south of Arches.  Do you know what would be protected in the other two?

Jan 20th - 12:17pm | Lee Dalton

I attended the meeting at the Capitol this morning.  Simply listening to Bishop and Chafetz, the whole thing sounded wonderful.  Then some people started asking questions and Bishop responded with some attacks on "environmentalists."  He specifically pointed a claim that "some of them have been using an old draft version of the bill" and that their concerns were not valid because

"It Is Obvious We Need To Educate The Visitors"

Jan 21st - 09:16am | PO'd

ecbuck-- I think you hit the nail on the head--- seems like people today really don't have a sense of personal responsibility. It's more like "It's all about me and what I want". Little consideration for others. Its a lack of respect for the land,the concept of the place and for other people. A sign of the times.

UPDATED: Yosemite National Park To Change Historic Lodge Names To Avoid Trademark Fight

Jan 20th - 22:11pm | Will S

Corporations have no shame... But people do.  This newspaper article lists DNC owner Jeremy Jacobs, Sr as the person responsible for this crappy stick-up job of traditional NPS names.

Jan 20th - 04:36am | sjh0006

Agreed!  Lease don't sell.

Jan 19th - 15:07pm | Angelo

On the one hand, the name change is great, as the conspicuous appearance of these strange names, and the historic signage not matching the names in the brochures will call attention to a very relevant theme in national park and American history.

Jan 19th - 14:29pm | PO'd

I can't think of any time that will happen....

Photography In The National Parks: Capturing Winter In Our National Parks

Jan 20th - 21:20pm | Jean Bjerke

Excellent article and great ideas for how to approach wither in the parks. You cover a lot of ground, a lot of parks. I love this. Nice to mention capturing the little details, too.

Pinnacles National Monument: Should It Be Labeled A National Park?

Jan 20th - 18:05pm | Mark ՟՜ ҉ ☺‽

Because we need one more dingy park, while the existing ones complain for lack of funds to fulfill their missions?

UPDATED: Petition Drive To Keep Historic Names In Yosemite National Park Gaining Momentum

Jan 20th - 16:20pm | Lee Dalton

You did? Where? Aw, shucks, thanks for the offer, but I don't know about buying the bridge.  What would you have to live under? Keep smiling and watch out for low flying turtles.

Jan 20th - 16:19pm | ecbuck

How many of those pages contain things that actually weaken regulation? Not enough

Jan 20th - 16:15pm | Lee Dalton

How many of those pages contain things that actually weaken regulation?  Some in Congress have been working hard to eliminate regulation on their pet industries or corporations.  Did anyone catch Frontline last night with it's expose' of health foods and supplements?  Merely looking at the pile of paper proves nothing.  Start reading, ec, and let us know what you find. 

Jan 20th - 16:14pm | ecbuck

claims about Minuteman Missile top secrecy.  Already provided that Lee, as opposed to your failures to provide examples of DNC engaging in unethical or illegal activity.  Do you really think those pages are removing regulations?  If so, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.  

Jan 20th - 14:37pm | ecbuck

 That's their spin, but it's not good history. Sure there are some regulations that have gone away but they have been supplanted by far more. 

Jan 20th - 13:35pm | rmackie

Good point David Crowl, I know it is a complex issue. One interesting comment by ypc pointed out, that upon the change from MCA to a new concessionaire,there was much that happened.

Jan 20th - 12:07pm | David Crowl

If the trade mark names are proven to belong to DNC it still is only worth what the market will bear. rmackie brings up a possibility that this was not transfered could be proven in court. All interesting. But you cannot just petition away someones ownership of a trademark.

Jan 20th - 11:01am | Alfred Runte

Oh, please, EC. "Corporations are more heavily regulated today than they have ever been before." That's their spin, but it's not good history. Look at all of the crap the airlines have been pulling since the elimination of the Civil Aeronautics Board. Same with the railroads and the elimination of the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Jan 20th - 08:44am | ecbuck

rmackie, "Was" a time when they were heavily regulated?  Corporations are more heavily regulated today than they ever have been before.  

Jan 20th - 08:13am | Waz

Changing the names was a smart move.  It prevents DNC from making an argument in court that the parks and new concessionaire are illegally using the names startinbg 3/1.  It also reduces the value of the names as a barganing chip for DNC.  I don't think the name change will be in place forever and expect the NPS to evenually get the names back in a court settlement.

Jan 19th - 22:57pm | rmackie

Unfortunately Lee,I think it is more than a few. There was a time in this country when corporate entities where tightly regulated. Across most states ,they were prohibited  from, among other things, making political contributions. That changed after the Civil War with the growth of railroad monopolies., industrialization, etc. and the wealth and power they obtained.

Jan 19th - 19:04pm | ecbuck

 just a few large corporations that have completely abandoned even a pretense of exercising ethical conduct or using honesty as their standard.

Jan 19th - 14:57pm | Lee Dalton

Unfortunately, there are more than just a few large corporations that have completely abandoned even a pretense of exercising ethical conduct or using honesty as their standard.  But then again, I guess that's really nothing new.

Jan 19th - 14:48pm | ecbuck

EC has a point, many believe, and some state supreme courts have so stated, that the sole purpose of a corporation is to make a profit for its shareholders/stakeholders. Unless you are a socialist or a communist, I can't see on what basis anyone could come to any other conclusion. 

Reader Survey Day: What Untold Stories Do You Want Told?

Jan 19th - 23:25pm | Tom Harvey

I would like to see a story about the native American rock art in the Parks, especially the least accessible.  It's getting almost impossible to get info from NPS employees.  It seems like their assumption is that if the locations are made too easy to obtain, We The People will over run the site or vandalize it.

B-29 Superfortress That Lies at the Bottom of Lake Mead Continues to Draw Attention

Jan 19th - 21:59pm | Boeing emp

The B 29 is  history and should be raised and preserved 

Montana Man Had Little Time To React To Grizzly Attack

Jan 19th - 16:24pm | Ray Bane

Bear spray is great stuff, but it's a good idea to get a little training in using it.  Distance, wind direction, bear escape options, presence of cubs, etc. all play a role in deciding when and how to employ pepper spray.  When I was flying NPS aircraftI made it a policy to place bear spray in the floats.

Grand Canyon National Park Officials Accused Of Overlooking Sexually Hostile Environment

Jan 19th - 14:31pm | clueless

Does anyone know what a "penis straw"is....?

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