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UPDATED: Yosemite National Park To Change Historic Lodge Names To Avoid Trademark Fight

Jan 19th - 14:27pm | ecbuck

Aren't lawyers considered just one step above slime-mold on the evolutionary scale?? Until you need one.  

Jan 19th - 13:57pm | PO'd

Aren't lawyers considered just one step above slime-mold on the evolutionary scale??

Jan 16th - 15:17pm | Alfred Runte

Actually, EC, I was an expert witness on the Merced River case several years ago. Historians do that all the time. But that was a lawsuit against the National Park Service--which indeed lost, resulting in yet another multi-million dollar environmental impact statement that totally ignores the history.

UPDATED: Petition Drive To Keep Historic Names In Yosemite National Park Gaining Momentum

Jan 19th - 13:51pm | y_p_w

I'd note that it is a little bit more complex because of when the trademarks were filed.  I did a search and at least two were registered when Yosemite Park & Curry Company actually owned the Ahwahnee Hotel and operated the Bracebridge Dinner.  Now whether or not the title of those trademarks were properly transferred to Delaware North is another matter.

Jan 19th - 12:35pm | Jenny Munro

The historic names were there before the concessionaire was there. The names should remain with the park. If they don't, the concessionaire should not be allowed to use them. It's only a way  to try to rip off the taxpayer.

Jan 19th - 11:56am |

Lee, I am certainly not an expert in any of this, but I do think that, among other legal arguments, the Historic Preservation Act prohibits trademarking sites listed on the National register. But you are right, with that much money on the table, who pays attention to reading the law. The issue will probably have to be litigated, the courts sorting it all out. It is a darn shame in my view.

Jan 19th - 11:03am | ecbuck

 DNC cares nothing for the law Yeah, that's why they were using the legal process to keep what they thought was theirs.  And of course they are seeking to pull more money into their coffers.  That is the purpose of their existence.  

Jan 19th - 09:24am | Lee Dalton

Agreed, Comrade.  DNC cares nothing for the law nor, apparently, for much of anything else involving anything that won't pull more money into their coffers.  If they did, people wouldn't be upset about the situation.

Jan 19th - 08:37am | ecbuck

However,the petition cites no legal mechanism for Congress to use to achieve that goal. Of course not, the law means nothing to these folks.  

Reader Survey Day: What Untold Stories Do You Want Told?

Jan 19th - 13:45pm | NPS Lover

How about a story about how much NPS spends on "planning" at the Ice Age National Scenic Trail" compared to similar parks around the country and compared to what was spent on planning the AT? About ten years ago an NPS official from the east stated, "You are planning the Ice Age Trail to death" in a meeting with NPS IATR staff and partner organization officials.

Yellowstone National Park Proposing Bison Quarantine Program

Jan 19th - 12:59pm | jmeson75

I completely agree.

What Will Rep. Rob Bishop's "Grand Bargain" Offer The Public Lands Kingdom?

Jan 19th - 10:26am | Lee Dalton

A call to the capitol revealed that the "press conference" will be held a 9 a.m. in the Gold Room on the second floor of the main capitol building.  Attending should be an interesting experience.  I hope some other Traveler buffs from Utah will be there, too.

Mojave National Preserve Ranger Buys Fully Automatic Rifles And “Flash-Bang” Distraction Devices

Jan 19th - 08:18am | tahoma

I doubt flash bang devices or fully automatic weapons would have prevented Ranger Margaret Anderson's murder.  A WA fugitive alert had been issued the day before for her killer, but news reports at the time said the park was not connected to the alert system, so she never knew she was dealing with violent criminal on the run rather than a tire-chain scofflaw.

132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Found At Great Basin National Park

Jan 19th - 05:22am | Bowenb

This is a great find but just one thing. how old is the tree its leaning against? Is the tree over a 100 yrs,something to check.

Fatal Grizzly Mauling In Yellowstone National Park Highlights Need For Better Safety Practices By Hikers

Jan 18th - 23:57pm | Kevin Hock

I would only be in known bear country with a firearm. I wish to use all my resources to preserve my life. I would hate to need to use deadly force, I'm a human with the option to defend myself with a firearm, and feel if I want to be in the wild, prepare for it best I know how, and preservation of life is 1# in my book.

Jan 18th - 21:53pm | Dave Smith

It's impossilbe to make a valid comparison of the studies on bear spray and firearms. The majority of bear-human encounters in the 2 studies on bear spray are about people--including wildlife professionals--using bear spray to haze curious or non-aggressive bears.

Jan 18th - 21:53pm | Lee Dalton The full study is available, but costs about $45 to obtain a copy. Then there is this from Field and Stream. 

Jan 18th - 16:31pm | ecbuck

Perhaps Dave and dahkota could link us to their respective studies. 

Jan 18th - 16:02pm | dahkota

Interesting, Dave Smith. In reports I read, Bear Spray was effective in 92% of brown bear close encounters, 90% of black bear close encounters, and 100% of polar bear encounters (there were only two). Further, 98% of people, in bear/human encounters, came out with only minor, if any, injuries.

Jan 18th - 10:27am | Lee Dalton

Ed Abbey said it very well.  "If humans insist on invading grizzly bear territory, they shouldn't object when a bear occasionally harvests a trespasser."

Jan 18th - 10:02am | som sai

Yellowstone is a lot of fun and beautiful too, but lets face it it's just a zoo for city folks, playground, like Central Park. People want to see wildlife and pretend they are wild. Some are going to get eaten. Bears do eat people.

Jan 18th - 09:26am | Dave Smith

I am not a true believer in bear spray, however, the question I would ask to people who choose not to carry bear spray or a firearm for self-defense while hiking in grizzly country is, "What are your options during a worst-case scenario?" Running is not a option. Running for a climbable tree and then climbing until your feet are a minimum of 10 ft.

Jan 18th - 09:19am | dahkota

I think the time would be better spent training the humans to be afraid of bears. Or at least a little less stupid. I spent more than a month this summer in Montana and Wyoming and I always carried bear spray. Hiking alone in known bear territory - he knew better but went anyway. He wanted to use his "vigilance?" I guess it works, until it doesn't.

Jan 18th - 08:45am | Rick Smith

And how do you plan to have the rangers train the bears?

Jan 17th - 23:07pm | William Baehr

The Park Service should train the bears to fear and avoid people instead of allowing the bears to habituated to people. I have seen grizzled along the roads for hours and the rangers do nothing to run them off allowing the bears to learn to not fear people. 

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Home To More Than 100 Eagles

Jan 18th - 17:39pm | Alfred Runte

Before anyone gets too confident about these eagles, you should know that the environs of the Lake Mead National Recreation just east of Searchlight, Nevada, have been targeted for a massive wind farm. A poor environmental impact statement has temporarily stalled it, but you know what they say about patience and money. Here is the latest from the Desert Protective Council:

Assateague Island's Horses Cooling Off In The Surf

Jan 18th - 15:34pm | Del Higgins

Sorry to hear you did not like the fade in or outs of the vdeo. I just didnt want to cut to a different scene without some kind of fade.

Jan 18th - 15:30pm | Del Higgins

Thank you for sharing my video.

Toddler Dies After Drinking Citronella Oil at Chickasaw National Recreation Area Campsite

Jan 18th - 14:18pm | Anonymous User

I suspect the first commentor assumes that the citronella oil belonged to the park facilities. But that isn't specified.

Montana Man Had Little Time To React To Grizzly Attack

Jan 18th - 08:48am | Rick Smith

And not carrying bear spray?

Jan 17th - 23:13pm | William Baehr

Why hike off trail? Why hike by yourself? The man was acting stupid and a bear needlessly died.

Jan 17th - 14:21pm | Kurt Repanshek

Actually, that statement was made by the BOR authors. I overlooked inserting an attribution in that quote; it's there now.

Jan 17th - 13:43pm | Ray Bane

"Bears are an intelligent, highly adaptable species that quickly learn to exploit new food resources," Kurt Repanshek.

European Rabbits Facing Death Sentence at San Juan Island National Historical Park

Jan 17th - 19:27pm | glenn how

yes take care of the problem,, and make money,,hunting meat and community income  charity hunts,, tourist promotions just manage well- use your brain and not and not poor poor wrabbits no kill by un relealistic people.

Jan 16th - 16:10pm | balger

I remember as a kid going rabbit hunting at night up there with long handled fish nets. The problem could be turned into a tourest happening. Come to the San Juan Rabbit Festival have a contest for best rabbit recipe. Make a book out of the recipes to help schools and such on the island. Have a rabbit hunt with nets. Prize for biggest rabbit limit the take on the number of entrants.

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, Ground Zero In America's Nuclear Heartland

Jan 17th - 16:27pm | Lee Dalton

A little documentation regarding the "secret" status of Minuteman Missile silos and their locations is available in an NPS PDF from Minuteman Missile.  I haven't been able to get a workable link, but if you go to the park's website, and then look under BROCHURES below the BASIC INFORMATION selection, you should find it.  The rest of the site makes very ineresting reading, too.  D

Jan 17th - 11:37am | Lee Dalton

In the meantime, I highly recommend a visit to Minuteman Missile.  It's a fascinating place that relates just a small part of the history of the Cold War.

Jan 17th - 08:39am | ecbuck

Rick, nice exit to run from having to show the Bundy group wants to overthrow the government.  Guess we will put that down as another baseless accusation.  And Matt, someone has to engage these folks and expose them even if they are here just for argument.  

Jan 17th - 00:49am | Rick B.

You're right, Lee. What is, is, and I need to just walk away. Apologies to the group for my anger.

Jan 16th - 23:27pm | Matt M

it bottles my mind that some of you still try to engage with someone who just wants to argue with you. why waste your time?

Jan 16th - 21:25pm | Lee Dalton

It sure was pleasant around here for a couple of weeks.  There were actually some coherent, thoughtful and interesting exchanges of ideas.  What happened?

Jan 16th - 20:55pm | ecbuck

They have stated many times in many similar words that they wish to overthrow at least some of the federal government.  How do your overthrow "some" of the federal goverment?  Please show me any statement of their's where they want to "overthrow" the Constitutional goverment of the U.S. 

Jan 16th - 20:19pm | Rick B.

"They are armed and their avowed purpose is to overthrow the US government." 'That is a gross (and probably intentional) misrepresentation of their goals.'   =================  

Jan 16th - 19:13pm |

Thank you Vernon, others and traveler for this informative discussion. 

Jan 16th - 17:53pm | Vernon Brechin

I greatly admired the book Nuclear Heartland. It revealed aspects of U.S. defense spending that few Americans were aware of. It helped guide me on about a two-decade quest to reveal more wasteful spending.

Jan 16th - 17:37pm | Vernon Brechin

@Kurt Repanshek - A well functioning democracy requires a well informed public. A free and open press is key to that. It's well known that official secrecy has been used to cover up embarrassing activities of our government. A free press can reveal such things, which can include a wasting of general funds. Some sectors of U.S.

Jan 16th - 15:30pm | ecbuck

 Shouldn't you be praising watchdogs who had the courage to stand up and speak out when necessary?  Everyone knew we had nukes.  You could speak up without betraying your country and identifying where they were.    

Jan 16th - 15:25pm | ecbuck

 Is the "Bundy militia" I don't know that it reaches the level of treason.  No "aiding and abetting" the enemy.  But, I don't approve of their methods. They are armed and their avowed purpose is to overthrow the US government.

National Park Service Fires Highly Valued Superintendent For Refusing New Job

Jan 17th - 01:36am | More appeals

Here is the article suggesting a new appeal

A Return To Joshua Tree National Park

Jan 16th - 21:45pm | Jean Bjerke

Enjoyed your article! I have been visiting Joshua Tree National Park (formerly Monument) since I was a child. It has always been an interesting place to me. I especially enjoy the short hike around Hidden Vally where cattle rustlers are said to have hidden their stolen stock back in the early days. Every time I visit, I make sure I do that hike.

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