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Entrance, Camping Fees Going Up At Death Valley National Park

Oct 13th - 17:11pm | Jdocter7

We have camping reservations beginning 10/17--prepaid, of course.  Will we be required to pay more when we arrive, or are our reservations grandfathered in at the rate when we made them months ago?

Oct 13th - 12:50pm | Anonymous

"I would love for all services in parks to be free. However, visitor fees provide revenue that helps us enhance visitors' experiences in the park," said Death Valley Superintendent Mike Reynolds.   Do you work for free? Is your pension free? Is the maintenance free? Love the Parks, hate that mindset. They are a great bargain at a more than reasonable cost.

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Oct 13th - 16:18pm | Tamara

I have been a long-time supporter and user of national parks, and I'm a first-time dog owner. Maybe I'm missing something because these restrictions don't seem that unreasonable. I've hiked the Grand Canyon twice, and there is no way I would ever take my GSD with me into the canyon because it's too risky.

Stormy Forecast Has Olympic National Park Shutting Things Down, Mount Rainier Visitors Warned

Oct 13th - 14:06pm | Rick B.

Living just outside North Cascades NP, we're replacing generator cables and taking appropriate steps. Forecasts for the PNW sound dramatic.

Study Identifies Places And Events Associated With LGBTQ Community

Oct 13th - 11:55am | Rick B.

The NPS is a leading agency for preserving and presenting both the natural and the cultural history of the nation. Both are under attack. It is a sad fact that recent political movements have enabled the homophobes and other bigots to crawl out from under their rocks and present their faces. I'm happy to see the NPS taking these actions.

Oct 13th - 10:42am | wild places

What a colossal and inappropriate waste of time and money.  The NPS (and the country for that matter) has truly lost its collective mind. 

UPDATED: Company Applies For Permit To Build Oil Refinery Near Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Oct 13th - 11:40am | Todd N

Sorry dude, when the best and brightest scientists in the world say it's so, that's who I'm going with. Not ecbuck on the comment boards of the internet. I don't need to explain it, our best experts already have. 

Oct 13th - 02:02am | Quite Please

Well,you can  kiss this  nice QUIET National  Park good  bye if this were to happen. When I  visited  this park years ago you could  smell the clean air and hear the  wind on the prairies. Now you will smell  and hear something  else  in the  air.  Sadly  we live in a greed driven World

Oct 12th - 19:40pm | ecbuck

Ah the old prove a negative tactic.  You made the accusation, it is up to you to substantiate it.  I guess this establishes you as a proud member of Lee and Rick's Baseless Accusation Club.  

Oct 12th - 16:57pm | Anonymous

Can you document that it is not?

Oct 12th - 16:02pm | ecbuck

The proposed location is a deiberate stick in the eye to the natiional park and a notice to everybody that the oil industry can do whatever it wants wherever it wants in North Dakota. Could you document that? 

Oct 12th - 15:03pm | justinh

Doubt TR had this in mind.  What a disaster.

Oct 12th - 14:31pm | LJ

For those who don't know the location well-  The refinery could be moved 10-15 miles east, right along the BNSF rail line to near the city of Dickinson where it would be welcomed by nearly everybody.  The proposed location is a deiberate stick in the eye to the natiional park and a notice to everybody that the oil industry can do whatever it wants wherever it wants in North Dakota.&nb

Oct 12th - 11:24am | Anonymous

This is tragic

Oct 12th - 09:43am | ecbuck

Rick, I don't have to be certified smarter to know the predictions have been horribly wrong.   Perhaps Neil can explain why the predictions have been so wrong because you certainly can't.  And its funny you claim you turn your back to me yet you try an attack post every time I make a comment (BTW that is the definition of a troll).

Oct 11th - 22:34pm | rmackie

I vote no on this refinery proposal. 

Oct 11th - 22:22pm | Rick B.

Tell ya what, the day you get certified smarter than Neil deGrasse Tyson, let me know. You pull this horsefeathers in front of him or hundreds of other scholars. you'll be laughed out of the room. As you know, I don't run from you, I turn my back.   Todd - you were warned about the troll.

Oct 11th - 22:04pm | ecbuck

Rick - just because you run doesn't mean anyone else should - unless their position is as defenesless as yours.  

Oct 11th - 21:29pm | Rick B.

Don't fall for it, Todd. He will phrase things so that, if you answer or even debate his question, you will have accepted his premises. He has been pulling this fertilizer around here for years. Stand by for his baseless and predictatble outrage that I have pointed out his methods.

Oct 11th - 21:09pm | ecbuck

 The scientific consensus is overwhelming. Overwelmingly corrupt. Tell us Todd, if the science is so strong, why have the predictions been so wrong?

Oct 11th - 20:44pm | Troy

There's not many trees around this park.  Not to mention the Little Missouri River runs through the park.  Maybe they should build it somewhere it doesn't affect the air quality, water quality, and scenic beauty of a national park.

Oct 11th - 20:15pm | Todd N

"Normal guys without agendas" don't use charged language like "global warming religion". The scientific consensus is overwhelming. Good to know, though, that if you're not perceptive enough to know what something is it won't affect the environment.

Oct 11th - 18:44pm | Bob Mitchell

I drove past a refinery for years before I knew what it was. It was in Washington and had tall trees around it. My point would be that if you belong to the global warming religion nothing they do will be good enough. I'm just a regular guy without an agenda. I'd say just tell the truth.  

Photography In The National Parks: Don’t Let A Little Bad Weather Stop You

Oct 13th - 01:39am | Quite Please

I had the good fortune  to see it both ways. Bright sunny day and the next day we woke to low clouds and fog. Had a good  time  both days taking  pictures of this awesome  park. Nice story and super pictures,Rebecca   .

Oct 12th - 03:48am | Raj Kapoor

Excellent pictures

Oct 11th - 10:54am | mtgnppics

Thanks for another great article.  I know some of my best photos were in cloudy situations, so I don't ususally hesitate to get out there.

Oct 11th - 10:15am | Rick B.

And great images!

Oct 11th - 08:00am | roseman2000

Thanks for another enjoyable article!

Endangered Frogs To Benefit From Trout Removal At Sierra Nevada Lakes And Streams

Oct 12th - 21:54pm | Rick B.

A similar situation is occurring here in North Cascades NP. The trout had been introduced for recreational fishing reasons decades ago [1930's] and park biologists are reporting a quick return of the frogs with the advent of the program in the lakes where they are allowed to do so. Political powers have forced NOCA to keep a few lakes full of trout.

Oct 12th - 21:48pm | justinh

Good one, Phil.

Oct 12th - 21:20pm | rmackie

A question, probably should do my own homework, but what chemical is being used to kill the fish, I am surprised it is being used in wilderness.

Oct 12th - 17:20pm | Phil Pister

As one who endorses native species (frogs) in favor of introduced trout,  I am frequently asked "what good are frogs?" I have found a good response to this question is "What good are you?" A thoughtful question.

Oct 9th - 22:59pm | Sharon Lucille Power

I was at Dog Lake in Yosemite NTL Park last year and I couldn't help but stepl on frogs because they were so numerous. LOL  

Scientists in Hot Water at Yellowstone National Park—for a Good Cause

Oct 12th - 13:54pm | rmackie

Thank you Traveler for an interesting post. The science research in Yellowstone may help us reduce the problems of toxic waste in mining dumps, landfills, etc.  Thanks to those working on the issue.  

Oct 12th - 12:10pm | keith watson

Yellowstone ought to be classified ad superfund cleanup site. It's national park classification happened in 1872,  before we knew anything about industry produced toxins. Tremendous geothermal electricity potential  being ignored due to ignorant misclassofication.

Entrance Fees Increase At Everglades National Park

Oct 11th - 22:02pm | Kathy

Support the fee increase. Beautiful park that like all of them need these funds for restoration.  

A View From The Overlook: Tim Murphy, A Revolutionary Marksman...And Possible Hero

Oct 11th - 19:02pm | MaryBeth Murphy

My 13 year old daughter just came home tonight sharing what she learned at school from Mrs. Morris in social studies at Woodbury school in Salem NH. Coincidentally our son is Tim Murphy (her brother) who is in boot camp in Fort Benning Georgia. Wait until he hears this!!!

Random Musings From Great Basin National Park

Oct 11th - 15:03pm | Rick B.

Always enjoy your wander-abouts, Lee.  

Oct 11th - 14:42pm | Sarah

I went to Great Basin for the first time at the beginning of October. We did a quick drive-through with the in-laws. I can't wait to come back & camp & explore. What a gorgeous place.

Oct 11th - 13:42pm | Mike Painter

I was there last week at Baker Creek an did the caves and bristlecone pine hike. Did you see the albino turkey in the Baker Creek flock?

Oct 9th - 13:32pm | [email protected]

Below Wheeler Peak along the lateral moraine, grow ancient bristlecone pines.  This was the study site for comparing the Great Basin and Rocky Mountain disjunct populations of bristlecone pine by Dr. Dana K.

Would You Love Zion National Park As Much If It Were Called Mukuntuweap National Park?

Oct 11th - 01:32am | G

Beamis quite clearly is pushing his or her point of view, and it's not terribly hard to deduce why that might be. Michael Flaherty is spot on in his deconstruction of Beamis' arguments.  I, for one, use Mukuntuweap. I don't like what Zion is associated with. 

Scorecard Indicates That Congress Isn't Terribly Fond Of National Park Service

Oct 9th - 17:06pm | ecbuck

So funny, your answer to tyranical government is -- wait for it ---- more government.  Nothing stopping you and the hunters from making your bid.  

Oct 9th - 12:02pm | Lee Dalton

It's not just Congress we need to watch -- it's government at all levels in which legislators and lobbyists place development above conservation of our parks. Here's an article from the Salt Lake Tribune that illustrates why it's so necessary to keep fighting against "returning" public lands to the state of Utah:

Oct 8th - 23:43pm | Quite Please

If I had my way I would vote all of Congress out of office. And start over with term limits.   But these fools have ways like this to draw attention. 

Oct 7th - 18:57pm | ecbuck

you just go on ahead and decide what are facts, Tell me, what isn't a fact in your world?   1) The NPCA used 11 votes some of which were on legislations that did not directly mention National parks.  

Was This the Best-Ever Use of a Bra in a National Park?

Oct 9th - 11:06am | Ann

God put the right people in the right place to help my uncle 

Centennial Series | Forward Into The Next Century

Oct 8th - 22:12pm | Randall Dick

You say nothing about the primarily parks and historic sites. Where do they fit into your scheme. They have gotten the short end all year. Also, how do you deal with a presidential monument designation that's nice but not essential. Like your idea to get the politics out of the agency. 

UPDATED: Former Yellowstone Chief Ranger Investigated For Letting Guests Stay In His Park Housing

Oct 7th - 20:45pm | rmackie

Could not agree more Roger.

Oct 7th - 19:08pm | Roger

Sounds like much to do about nothing regarding a dedicated NPS employee who has given years of loyal service.

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