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Sullivan’s Island Was the African-American Ellis Island

Feb 12th - 22:35pm | Lee Dalton

Angela: For whatever it may be worth, the LDS Church manages one of the most extensive geneology libraries in the world in Salt Lake.  To be honest, I know almost nothing at all about it, but do know that the church has recently opened extensive African American records.  This link may help you learn more. Good luck.

Feb 12th - 21:06pm | Angela R Sullivan

Hi, I am researching my ancestors, the Sullivan's of Alabama. I know most of the slaves took their master last name, if so, Sullivan name must have derived from Sullivan island and migrated to the south. Please help me in my quest, My father name was Jeffie D Sullivan born 1916 in Madison county Alabama. His mother Mattie Sullivan had to be born in the 1900's.

Study: $389 Million Of Park Service Backlog Is Responsibility Of Concessionaires

Feb 12th - 22:04pm | KJ

I do not understand why republicans hate clean air, clean water & our park system???  The National Park system with their paltry budget gets axed every time they need to reign in spending while they keep increasing the defense budget which is already astronomical and probably 500x the budget of the Park system.  It makes no sense to the average american.

Feb 12th - 09:09am | ecbuck

The CAP, which says it "does not support or oppose candidates or political parties, That is laughable:

Effort To Overturn Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument Designation Not Expected

Feb 12th - 19:58pm | Steve Wight

So excited to see articles like this giving those of us who have worked for the establishment of KW&W National Monument realization of our dreams!

Problems Plague World-Class Museum At Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Feb 12th - 11:17am | Lee Dalton

It sounds as if the superintendent made a courageous decision here.  It would have been easy, and perhaps without any immediate backlash, to have allowed the exhibit to proceed.  Thanks for a decision that put the resource first.

Oil Refinery Proposed Near Theodore Roosevelt National Park Applies For Water Permit

Feb 12th - 09:00am | ecbuck

I'm guessing he is measuring from the North Unit. 

Feb 11th - 21:45pm | justinh

Just three miles, isn't it?

Feb 11th - 17:17pm | Kurt Repanshek

The site is reportedly just several miles east of the park.

Feb 11th - 17:08pm | Concerned Citizen

This site appears to be about 60 miles from the Park.  That is quite a distance and with the current excellent refinery technology there should be no legitimate reason to stpop.  Of course the political trolls will fid some miniscule issue to complain about.   

Feb 10th - 08:37am | justinh

This is really, really awful.  I doubt TR would approve of this project.

Utah Position On National Monuments Could Carry Dire Economic Impact To State

Feb 11th - 21:23pm | Lee Dalton More power to them.  Money talks in Utah, so maybe there's a chance our legislators will begin listening.

Feb 11th - 12:36pm | Rick B.

By your friends you are known.

Feb 11th - 08:55am | ecbuck

But the original and obviously false claim was that conservatives don't do this stuff.  But that wasn't the initial claim.  The claim was:  I don't recall conservatives marching, rioting and staging corporate boycotts when obama was elected.

Feb 11th - 04:17am | beachdumb

Rick, it appears your lying. Presenting fake spin, did you even read the articles you linked? Here's a quote from your CNN link. Again, you people are a joke!

Feb 10th - 22:11pm | Rick B.

My fault Lee, to use the term 'costume ball' to allude to all the three corner hats, fife and drum corps, tea bags hanging from hat brims. Our local apologists chose to lay a distraction from my literary license. These were a few of the images I had in mind. Don't worery that they were documented in progressive journals - the images are the images.

Feb 10th - 19:15pm | Lee Dalton

When Drumpf needs someone to replace either Spicer or Conway as fib spinners, you need to apply. Meanwhile, two more outdoor suppliers have withdrawn from the Salt Lake conventions.

Feb 10th - 18:56pm | beachdumb

Feb 10th - 18:09pm | ecbuck

All I saw in those, Lee, were people peacefully assembling to express their griviences.  I didn't see thousands blocking streets, cars set on fire, windows smashed, people making unprovoked attacks, protesters blocking public officials.  The right comes nowhere close to the incivility and destruction of the protestors on the left.  

Feb 10th - 17:37pm | Lee Dalton

Feb 10th - 16:25pm | ecbuck

The internet never forgets.  Provide us a link to the reports of these violent Tea Party protests.

Feb 10th - 15:16pm | Lee Dalton

Apparently, in order to be a "conservative," one must have a very short memory and attention span.

Feb 10th - 11:54am | ecbuck

So you weren't watching the news when the Tea Party were doing all their costume balls

Feb 10th - 11:37am | Rick B.

So you weren't watching the news when the Tea Party were doing all their costume balls, replete with racist posters and signs all picturing President Obama in a most despicable way? They were EXACTLY what you are claiming conservatives don't do.

Feb 10th - 11:35am | beachdumb

Very well said wild places. The adults will welcome you to reality. The left is imploding and it's very embarrassing for us all.

Feb 10th - 10:18am | ecbuck

There's nothing fake about concerns over health care, women's health, and more. Its fake when in fact healh care will be better, there is no threat to women's health and the "more" is just as invalid. 

Feb 10th - 10:17am | ecbuck

Well said wild.

Feb 10th - 10:10am | wild places

I for one am very tired of protests and corporate boycotts. I have noticed that they only seem to come from one side. I don't recall conservatives marching, rioting and staging corporate boycotts when obama was elected. I find myself being pushed to the right with each additional childish protest, especially when they pretend to speak for me. Many others feel the same way.

Feb 10th - 09:56am | Lee Dalton

I met a man at the freedom march in Salt Lake last Saturday who was carrying a sign that said: I Voted For Trump :: Please Forgive Me I asked if he really had voted that way.  He replied that he had, but explained that it was because he just couldn't vote for Hillary.  So his vote was a protest of her candidacy . . . . he never expected Drumpf to actually win.

Feb 10th - 09:44am | Kurt Repanshek

I would disagree with you, EC. There's nothing "fake" about what transpired last night. Was it a vocal minority? Perhaps. But remember, the bulk of Utah's population lives on the Wasatch Front. This was Chaffitz' wheelhouse. Also notable is that similar turnouts have occurred in California, Tennessee, and I believe Michigan, at least.

Feb 10th - 08:19am | ecbuck

OK, then We are supposed to believe that represents the common opinion of people from Utah?  Hardly.  Trump won Utah by almost 20 points.  Fake news at its best.  

Feb 10th - 01:57am | Rick B.

OK, then - that sure went well.

Feb 9th - 16:59pm | Lee Dalton

m13, it looks like you got snookered by one of those False News sites.  There is absolutely no basis for this.  This is a prominent Hate the Mormons website.  About as dependable as Breitbart -- or even less so.

Feb 9th - 12:27pm | [email protected]

READ  about Mormons and Public Lands Transfers:,1934269

Feb 9th - 10:47am | Lee Dalton

From today's Deseret News:

Comments Being Taken on Proposal To Stop Importation, Transportation of Burmese Pythons

Feb 11th - 18:39pm | Rick B.

TL/dr. I'm certain that your last comment is correct - you are speaking for breeders and people in the industry of exotic snakes. Speaking for me, myself, and I, I believe that if we have fewer of these non-native species here then we will have fewer of them becoming non-native pests and predators in the wild here.

Feb 11th - 17:28pm | Ilan t

The ban on interstate transportation of the Burmese Python, Indian Python, Yellow Anaconda, and Nothern and Southern Rock Pythons is simply unnecessary. There are many more effective preventive steps against the spreading of these snakes in the everglades.

Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammunition Stolen From Crater Lake National Park

Feb 10th - 21:56pm | Rick B.

"The skulduggery inherent within the NPS Culture tolerates this reported thievery..."   I thought with the failure of Jade Helm that the black helicopters who bring in the skullduggery were grounded.

Feb 10th - 16:44pm | John D MIchian

When a building like this is locked up for the winter and not guarded 24/7 all valuables "especially ammo" should have been removed. Not to smart!  

Feb 10th - 16:44pm | snochasr

Would be nice, though, if the NPS would offer us some simple explanation to defuse the anxiety of the headline.

Feb 10th - 12:54pm | [email protected]


Feb 9th - 20:59pm | Rick B.

I would expect any small police department to have a similar store in their armory. I would also suspect that this ammuniton is an item which is bought in case lots, probably ordered annually.

Feb 9th - 20:43pm | tahoma

Seems like ten or so law enforcement rangers, each using multiple types of firearms, might go through a thousand rounds in one training or recertification session?

Feb 9th - 16:03pm | RickyAZ

Just curious:  Why is a National Park storing 1000s of rounds of ammunition in the first place?  Dozens, scores, maybe hundreds I can see, but are these places now armories as well?

BLM Extends Comment Period For Proposed Oil And Gas Leases Near Zion National Park

Feb 10th - 16:44pm | Franklin Nanney

We already have an excess production capacity of oil and gas.  Oil and gas are at historically low prices and stand to go lower as more US capacity comes online.  Why risk drilling so close to a treasured National Park when the economic gain is decreasing and uncertain. I've been on BLM land in Virgin and enjoy is undisturbed, undeveloped beauty.

National Park Service Completes Planning For Rehabbing Arlington Memorial Bridge, Needs $100 Million+ To Do The Work

Feb 10th - 08:58am | ecbuck

The fact the Park Service is responsible for this bridge and the  GW, BW Parkways is ridiculous. 

Your Guide To The National Parks, 2nd Edition

Feb 9th - 19:08pm | Kathy

I have the first addition and it is my go to book when planning our national park adventure.  Info is accurate and relevant.  Especially like the don't miss highlights

Culled Gettysburg Deer Provide Nearly 8,500 Pounds Of Venison For Food Banks

Feb 9th - 18:36pm | drew hanson

Great story. I am in complete support.

Plains Bison Have Officially Returned To Banff National Park

Feb 9th - 12:45pm | Rick B.

Great story indeed. Which herd were these transplants from?

Feb 9th - 08:38am | justinh

Great story.

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