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National Park Service Approves Seismic Testing For Oil In Big Cypress National Preserve

May 14th - 09:13am | ecbuck

 In the meantime, just prove that I and others here are wrong. You've made the accusation, Lee, it is up to you to prove it right.  Otherwise it is baseless. 

May 14th - 09:08am | Lee Dalton

Ah, Esteemed Comrade, try reading the legislative history of the creation of Big Cypress.  I'll not waste time trying to point anything out to you because you'll simply sidestep it.  In the meantime, just prove that I and others here are wrong.  Unless you can do that, your responses are "baseless."  In the meantime, why not follow the advice of Follow the Money and see what

May 14th - 07:58am | patricia esposito

What happened to Humanity?

May 13th - 19:24pm | Margo Robison

When I emailed Mr DeGross about the crushing destruction of Gopher Tortoise tunnels he said that   "Gopher Tortoises do not live in Big Cypress Preserve ". ...Unbelievable ignorance. ... doesn't he know that FWC has an entire mandate on gopher tortoises protection,  stating that they do in fact exists in every County in Florida and throughout every Terrain?

Tours Of Cliff Dwellings At Mesa Verde National Park Resume April 10

May 14th - 01:44am | Patricia Cantu

Will be visiting on or about mid-May and hoping to visit all three sites on the same day. Is it possible?

Devils Hole Vandals Facing Felony Charges

May 13th - 21:14pm | Kris

I'd like to know why they're not already in jail. 

May 13th - 19:14pm | Megaera

I hope they throw the book at them, that it's a nice, heavy one, and that it lands squarely on their pointy little heads.

Op-Ed | The True Meaning Of Soda Mountain: The White House Is Giving Away Our Public Lands

May 13th - 18:27pm | Alfred Runte

I certainly don't eat farmed salmon, and now wish only that we would stop consuming farmed wind. As you say, the salmon farms are often poorly sited--and that also applies to wind.

May 13th - 16:31pm | argalite

Yes, here is a site showing the incredible amount of listed ESU's for salmon and steelhead in Washington state: and that is just Washington state.  Oregon has some and California has more listed salmon, as their streams are growing warmer.

May 13th - 15:19pm | Alfred Runte

Thank you, Argalite. I will indeed check out their site. Meanwhile, here is the latest interpretation from Snopes. I totally disagree that the Administration is intending this ruling for the eagles' benefit, or that eagle deaths are being properly reported. But yes, I do try to read everything and keep an open mind.

May 13th - 11:29am | argalite

How nice you supported it.  You might want to look at the NOAA site and see the likelyhood of losing salmon.  Many are in much more danger than the eagles. 

May 12th - 16:16pm | Alfred Runte

I am all for removing salmon-killing dams, as well. Here is one project in particular I supported. At least, we are not about to run out of salmon, even with millions of people (and bears) eating them. However, if eagles were to be put on the Thanksgiving menu, even Rhode Island could not be fed.

May 12th - 11:58am | argalite

I can tell you how many eagles are enough when you can tell me how many salmon are enough, when killed by dams.

May 12th - 11:10am | Alfred Runte

Carson left her job with the Department of the Interior (Fish and Wildlife Service) in 1952 to devote full time to writing. Silent Spring was written in the late 1950s and early 1960s and was published in 1962. Carson died in 1964 of breast cancer. Her biographer, Linda Lear, wrote a gem of a book about her, RACHEL CARSON: WITNESS FOR NATURE. 

May 12th - 10:35am | argalite

Rachel Carson was working for the Dept of the Interior when she wrote Silent Spring.  Yes, the removed those turbines and placed new ones that were situated better to avoid eagles.

May 12th - 07:21am | ecbuck

Ron - you think more social programs and give aways will reduce population growth?  I think you have it exactly backwards.  

May 11th - 21:51pm | rmackie

Thank you Alfred for a very informative post. There was a time in the dear old USA when states actually regulated corporations. One common restriction was that corporations could not contribute to political campaigns. It is always interesting to read about a public official justify extensions, deregulation, poor development proposals, with the phrase , "we must strike a balance".

May 11th - 18:35pm | Alfred Runte

Say again? The Department of the Interior published Silent Spring? I believe that was Rachel Carson, the distinguished naturalist, and an independent scholar through and through. As for the so-called party line, that these days holds wind power harmless to raptors, provided we allow the industry to do it right.

May 11th - 17:45pm | argalite

You were working for the Dept of Interior, which had published Silent Spring and were defending the party line.

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

May 13th - 15:45pm | The Thing From ...

Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.

May 13th - 13:13pm | Derp

He didn't get body slammed for dancing.. He was resisting arrest. If you dont go peacefully with the police wtf do you think is going to happen, they are not going to through pillows or flowers at you.. Maybe a elbow to the face. Wake up spoiled self entitled brats, Jefferson Memorial isn't a dance party place.

'Not A Pretty Picture': Biscayne National Park Works To Remove Underwater Debris

May 13th - 12:21pm | Hazel B.

Good conversation on population etc. I  just want to say thank you to Vanessa McDonough and all the good people who work with her for choosing to go into this line of work, putting the hard work and hearts into their jobs and trying to make a difference in this world against insurmountable odds. 

May 13th - 10:12am | Alfred Runte

A million boat-owning morons indeed. No, it is probably just a few thousand, but again, that is all it takes. If you want to solve this problem you don't start by dissing the entire population, right? You go after the perpetrators--and again my point. No one insists we do that, since society now trains us to be tolerant and not judgmental of anyone else.

May 12th - 22:48pm | rmackie

Dittos Max.

May 12th - 21:09pm | Rick B.

Thanks for an on-topic comment, Max. Refreshing.

May 12th - 19:47pm | Max

Vanessa and the RM Staff have their work cut out for them. Between invasive species, marine debris,  and the million boat owning morons in Miami that don't know how to use a trash can or a navigational chart, the natural resources in that park are in a precarious situation.  As a former BISC RM diver, I've seen it first hand and it ain't pretty. 

May 12th - 11:33am | Alfred Runte

Yes, the birthrate in the 1890s was seven plus. The key is also the death rate. Death rates dramatically dropped after World War II, while birth rates still averaged in the high threes. Still in 1960 the prediction was that the U.S. by 2000 would have 400 million people. It didn't "happen," but we still got 300 million--up 140 million in 40 years.

May 12th - 10:35am | ecbuck

 If we can wisely employ birth control, the issue will take care of itself. And how would you propose doing that?  Are you proposing some kind of governmental action or do you think it can be accomplished through "education''?  

May 12th - 10:17am | Alfred Runte

The drivers of population are indeed the rich and the poor, although the poor tend to have many more children overall, since they are a far bigger proportion of the population to start with.

May 12th - 07:27am | ecbuck

In general I don't think tax policy should be used with the intent to drive behavior.  Further, my guess is that the drivers of excess population are probably in a tax bracket where child deductions are meaningless.  More effective would be the elimination of the giveaways for having children.

May 11th - 19:28pm | Alfred Runte

A fair question, EC, and let us keep it close to home--since home and not the world is the only thing we control.  No tax breaks for having children. Rather a tax break for NOT having them. Up to two you get to deduct. After two no deductions. We need 1.8 children for replacement, and replacement is good to do. Look at Europe falling below the replacement rate.

May 11th - 18:39pm | ecbuck

-and that problem was population. I don't necessarily disagree that "population" is an issue.  I'm just curious what your solution to the population problem would be?

May 11th - 17:40pm | Alfred Runte

I am no cranky old grandpa, although I do qualify by age. When I was a kid, my aunt moved to Florida from Binghamton, New York. I looked Florida up in my World Book Encyclopedia and saw it had just under 3 million people (the 1950 Census). Now how many people does it have? Try 19 million (the 2010 Census). 60 years and a sixfold increase.

May 11th - 16:57pm | ecbuck

 He thinks he is a scientist

May 11th - 16:12pm | Rick B.

Don't get into it, Rick. He thinks he is a scientist and Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't. He's not going to change - just let his grandchildren be quietly embarrassed by cranky old grampa.

Video Of Vandals At Devils Hole Released By National Park Service

May 13th - 12:07pm | Rick B.

And, felony charges have been filed.

May 13th - 11:43am | Retired Ethical...

For those who don't know this yet, the 3 men in the video have been identified.  According to a story in the Las Vegas Review Register, hey have not been arrested or charged yet, but that seems a formality.  I hope that, if convicted, they are dealt with harshly to deter others who might have similar thoughts.

May 13th - 00:13am | tomp2

ec-- Thanks!  Cool video.  My guess is that the orientation and frequency of the shake sloshed the water in the (open) hole.  

May 12th - 23:06pm | tomp2


May 12th - 22:51pm | Shellie

Your comment is ridiculous!

May 12th - 22:47pm | tomp2


May 12th - 01:23am | Djacks

Please don't take an unlawful event such this and turn it into something anthropocentrically focused to fit people's whims and unecessary needs, human entitlement, so to speak, seems to be an ever increasing focus of our society.

May 11th - 22:42pm | Cliff Hawley

You can go visit and see the pupfish. You just can't get super close or get in the water like these idiots did.

Discover The Beginning Of The Lewis And Clark Story

May 13th - 07:27am | Kurt Repanshek

Try it now, Kurt.

May 12th - 18:55pm | Kurt Andrews

link to the journals doesnt work

UPDATED: Bear Bites Hiker At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

May 12th - 21:47pm | Anna

Some sites accommodate both tents and shelter, especially in the more popular sections of the trail.  Bear poles or cables are provided for both.  

May 12th - 14:49pm | HikingDiva

When there are more people than the shelter can comfortably accommodate... I never sleep in the shelter myself. 

May 12th - 11:59am | Buttercup

That's odd I thought camping in a tent at a shelter was not allowed??

Elegance In The Wilds Of Yellowstone National Park

May 11th - 19:42pm | Julie Baird

Always interesting, Christine Barnes!  

Creature Feature: The American Crocodile is Florida’s Comeback Kid

May 11th - 13:33pm | kylei

It does not tell me about what i wantto know!!!!!

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