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OIG: National Park Service's Northeast Regional Director Committed Travel Fraud

Dec 31st - 14:34pm | Michael Stronski

On Mr. Caldwell's Fraud ordeal, the charges and penalty for a one time offense for what he did is a Written Reprimand to Removal. A subsequent offense 14 day Supension to Removal. So how many years was this going on and how many nature of offenses was committed. Now I see why the AG let him off the hook because he would be serving some time. Where did I get my info From, he taught me well.

Dec 31st - 14:17pm | Atascadero

I seem to recall, not two months ago, that Bill Clinton expected to return to the White House. That's pretty recent history, if you ask me.

Dec 31st - 13:08pm | Rick B.

Atascadero - and it is also history. Trump, the grabber and pedophile, is right now.

Dec 31st - 11:49am | Atascadero

Come on, Mr. Dalton. Give us all a break. If you want to speak of sexual harassment as an art form, Bill Clinton was Picasso. I didn't see liberals complaining then.

Dec 31st - 11:03am | Lee Dalton

And now we are going to be faced with trying to eliminate sexual harrassment and bullying in a government led by a man who has bragged about his sexual harrassment and outright assaults of women and has shown by his words and actions that bullying is a depraved art form.

Dec 31st - 09:59am | Glad2bretired

They're caught alright, but the crimes have all too often been swept under the rug with no real consequences to the offenders.  From my experience, there's a lot of truth in Schundler's post.  This lack of accountability for top managers degrades the entire Service, and must be institutionally changed.

Dec 31st - 08:19am | Sickofitall

long record of not being caught you mean!

Dec 30th - 19:37pm | beschundler


Dec 29th - 13:55pm | Rick B.

tomp2 ---   That sounds like an informed voice of experience, and mirrors much of what I've heard from career, seasonal, and temp NPSers of my acquaintance.

Dec 29th - 13:02pm | tomp2

Anonymous 1:24am Dec 24--

Bears Ears, Jigsaw Piece In Southeastern Utah's National Park Landscape, Declared National Monument

Dec 31st - 14:04pm | dahkota

Muley Point is BLM land. Goosnecks is a STATE park, owned by the state of Utah. Any fees are the decision of Utah.

Dec 31st - 13:05pm | Rick B.

Yeah - the shouter lost his credibility also in glossing over the "cattle grazing'. I was reading elsewhere last night about the Bundy's "gathering their gear" in a call to arms. That petulance needs to be smacked down quick. Because they got away with stealing cattle grazing on federal lands for years now they think the land was their own personal property.  

Dec 31st - 11:07am | Lee Dalton

AND NO THE LAND WAS NOT ALREADY FEDERAL.. Completely false . . . . and so is virtually everything else in that comment. See the link to an article from the Salt Lake Tribune that was posted yesterday.

Dec 31st - 09:49am | Glad2bretired


Dec 31st - 06:59am | JimJenkins


Dec 30th - 23:04pm | Rick B.

d-2   ....   Just what I was thinking but ever so much better said than I could.

Dec 30th - 18:02pm | tahoma

Bravo, D-2!  Well said!

Dec 30th - 15:00pm | d-2

Isn't it amazing that our level of education and patriotism has sunk so low that people like Freedom Eagle can actually believe "his" "freedom" is being taken away in the creation of a national monument?  I mean, think about it.

Dec 30th - 12:58pm | [email protected]


Dec 30th - 11:20am | Lee Dalton

Here is a link to an aritcle in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune that does a good job of answering some questions about Bears Ears.  It also contains the full proclamation for anyone who would like to read it.

Dec 30th - 01:38am | Linda Ann Herri...

I have begun to appreciate you President Obama, as your time AND place IN the Presidency comes to a close.He has fire in him now.Perhaps the realization of heart.This would allow his children and their children to have a legacy left by their father, for posterity.The land can be treassured,by all.Our horses could be returned to their ancestral lands to live free and not live penned in stockaide

Dec 29th - 21:08pm | Ted Lowe

Been to the Bears ears area many times, Gods Country!  Manage it well and fair! 

Dec 29th - 20:16pm | rmackie

Agree justinh, just great news as is Gold Butte, 

Dec 29th - 20:01pm | Freedom Eagle

Very sad that a president of the United States of America is continuing to take away our freedoms with such cowardly acts of power. 

Dec 29th - 19:07pm | Rick B.

I've got a headache from trying to follow the circuitous rambling, Eric, so I'll be the one of us who does what Kurt wants us to do. I'll walk away.

Dec 29th - 18:48pm | ecbuck

Your common refrain: Which you have never answered And, by the way, 2.8 million difference IS s landslide.

Dec 29th - 18:10pm | Rick B.

97 percent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree, you - a non scientist - disagree.   Your common refrain: "then why are they so wrong"?   Sez you, in your usual "why are you still beating your wife" manner. Cherrypicking this and that. Only a few true-believers of your ilk agree with you.  

Dec 29th - 17:40pm | ecbuck

but the surveys were wrong about the supposed Electorial College lock. And that is what mattered.  The surveys which called for victory in the swing states and and overall "landslide" victory (also called by one or more of our local posters) were wrong.  Perhaps the surveys were done by the same folks that make AGW forecasts.  

Dec 29th - 13:47pm | justinh

Great news.

Dec 29th - 12:59pm | Glad2bretired

Wow, Jim!  Bet you didn't already know this area is already under Government "Control".  The National Monument designation doesn't increase government, but changes some of the management practices to better protect the area.  Having visited the Indian Creek area of the new Monument many times, I believe that the further emphasis on protection is needed here.  People will con

Dec 29th - 12:27pm | Lee Dalton

Glad, one very unfortunate fact about Utah (among others) is that Utah consitently has the lowest percentage of voter turnout in the U.S.   Because it's a single party state, too many voters feel it's a waste of time and effort. As a result, election results are almost always foregone conclusions.

Dec 29th - 12:17pm | Jim Jenkins

I have been to this area many times and it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Too bad Hussein Obama our  America hating Muslim loving president has done what socialist do best, put everything under government control .  This place is remote and visitors have always enjoyed it and protected it.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Dec 31st - 03:33am | Marc Norton

Mtgnppics, they "get it." They just don't care.

Dec 30th - 20:47pm | mtgnppics

Maybe enough people don't "get it" that there are many seniors that don't have $100 to gas up a mobile home (which they don't have and can't afford) to make a trip to a national park.  I sure couldn't. Luckily I live close enough to one to make a day-trip.  But for me to go to another national park in a different state may be less likely to happen. I'd have to sleep in a tent.

Dec 30th - 16:50pm | Glad2bretired

The powers that be have created unnecessary anxiety and confusion with such a drastic increase in price.  I agree in raising the $10 cost of the Senior Pass, but it would have been done better if done incrementally.

Dec 30th - 12:09pm | M. Anderson

I sell these passes for the US Forest Service.  We have been given no direction to block sales of the 10.00 passes.  The problem is, we are selling them like hotcakes to people who probably never even leave their homes, and running out, because their 'friends' or facebook or AARP tell them they better get one now.  We also have been given no direction as to when this change may t

Dec 29th - 19:12pm | carl

Great post, well put and right on point.. too many "old folks" whining aboui the cost going from 10 to 80 buck for a life time benefit not worrying about putting 100 gal of diesel in the motor home they are driving to get there..  

Dec 29th - 14:31pm | CWT

I want to make sure I undestand this change. When the changes are made, senoir's can purchase an annual pass for $20 dollars each year for 4 years, save their receipt and exchange them for a senoir pass? Will their be two different annual passes, one for twenty and one for $80? If not, how will the retail shops keep track of the annual passes that are sold at two prices?

Op-Ed | A Black Letter Day For America's National Parks

Dec 30th - 10:17am | Lee Dalton

Here is an NPS news release posted this morning that points up at least one of the innacuracies contained in this op-ed:   Joshua Tree National Park Experiencing Record Visitation      

Dec 29th - 23:55pm | Jimmy Pepper

Crandall needed to twist the words in the law to make his case! The law does not say "promote" is a purpose of parks.  And, despite Crandall's contortions, the law has no dual mission.  The law has one purpose for parks. According to the actual words of the law, here is the purpose of the parks:

Dec 29th - 20:55pm | rmackie

Gary, thank you and thank you for your posts. The book is just a must read for those interested in our National Parks. I could not put it down. 

Dec 29th - 20:37pm | Gary Wilson

Thanks for the book suggestion, Ron... I'll definitely check that one out..

Dec 29th - 20:11pm | rmackie

Dr. John Lemons has written an excellent response to Mr. Crandall's op ed. Thank you John. For those that would like to have a very enjoyable and educational read that touches on some of issues discussed above, try "Inferno by Committee" by Tom Ribe. Tom's book is a history of the Cerro Grande (Los Alamos) Fire. It goes into a very readable and in depth account of the incident.

Dec 29th - 12:34pm | Lee Dalton

No, Wild, we need to thank Kurt for keeping Traveler an open site.  It prevents it from becoming just another echo chamber.  It's vital for all of us to pay attention and read or listen to what the other side is saying.  That's the only way we can be ready to counter their destructive efforts.

Park Service Releases New Guidelines For Donations And Philanthropic Partnerships

Dec 29th - 16:52pm | David Monahan

Why hasn't the NPS provided access to the 350 public comments filed?  My organization, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, obtained them through FOIA, posted them, and found that 78% of commenters were AGAINST the new policy. 

Dec 29th - 16:00pm | Audrey Peterman

Curious if a side-by-side comparison has been done between the draft and the final? If it has changed, how has it changed? As I, along with the coaliton of NPS retirees,, PEER and others including found much we objected to. What does it mean " we have the benefit of law" relative to asking staff to be in the room when money is being solicited?

Charting National Parks Traveler's Future

Dec 29th - 16:06pm | Ellen Tobler

Good luck Kurt--here's to a wonderful 2017 for NPT!

National Park Service Adopts New Guidelines For Resource Protection

Dec 29th - 13:56pm | tomp2

Hey now!  _Sometimes_ anonymous is a posting/login snafu of a registered user.   I'd like to turn this thread into something useful to me (and to new park employees).  Harry, what books would be on your list?  Rather than give my 5, I'll just nominate one:  

National Park Service Director Jarvis Announces Retirement

Dec 29th - 13:45pm | YosemiteValleyCamper

Farewell to another director and to the Yosemite Superintendent that were unfriendly to the Valley Campers for as long as they reined.

Park History: Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Dec 29th - 13:37pm | dahlia blue

wow! such great detail :) taught me a lot  

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