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Special Tours Offered To Flood-Stricken Scotty’s Castle In Death Valley National Park

Mar 7th - 13:33pm | Death Valley Na...

All the Scotty's Castle Flood Recovery Tours are currently SOLD OUT! We hope to be able to add more walking tours next season so keep an eye out for future Death Valley National Park press releases! Thank you to everyone for your support of this amazing national treasure.

BLM Extends Comment Period For Proposed Oil And Gas Leases Near Zion National Park

Mar 7th - 11:13am | Barbara Lentz

My comment is a very personal comment. I've spent many trips camping and hiking in Zion National Park. I met my husband there 30 years ago while hiking, and we got married later within the park's main campground. Its a beautiful area, both in the park and outside the park. I appreciate that there is now a shuttle system within the park, to improve access.

Skier Shocked Back To Life In Grand Teton National Park's Backcountry

Mar 7th - 07:28am | SM

So much respect and gratitude for our first responders.

Falling Tree Kills Woman In Yosemite National Park

Mar 6th - 21:46pm | Rick B.

An unneccessary loss of life is always sad, but someone so young and just starting on their adult adventures is doubly so.

Battling A Pest To Save A Majestic Tree: The Eastern Hemlock Forests Of The Park System

Mar 6th - 18:26pm | Kurt Repanshek

Hope springs eternal, John. Even for the American Chestnut!

Mar 6th - 18:23pm | SmokiesBackpacker

You've obviously put a lot of time into this article, Kurt and the perspectives from throughout the NPS system paint a broad picture of a problem I am afraid we are powerless to stop.  Here in the Smokies, many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent waging chemical warfare against this pestilence but it seems to be of little value.  I was told by a biologist I met atop Mt.

Interior Secretary Zinke: Infrastructure Legislation Needs To Address National Park System Needs

Mar 6th - 13:49pm | ecbuck

Yes birds are killed by lead bullets/shot.  But as your first article indicates, not at a rate that is threatening to the species. In fact from that study the birds were being killed by other factor at 4 times the rate.  And what does lead in Flint's water have to do with bullets and birdshot?

Mar 6th - 12:10pm | [email protected]

Lead Poisoning Is Serious for both Wildlife and Humans: 

Mar 4th - 11:10am | Alfred Runte

Dear Dex. Glad to hear it. It would mean that my Ph.D. is from a foreign country. However, I do believe California has "lost it," from social programs to state-sponsored retirements that cannot possibly ever be paid. Forty years ago, still with a population of only 20 million, California was Heaven on Earth. Now, even Santa Barbara is so clogged with traffic I hardly recognize the place.

Mar 3rd - 22:10pm | Dex

The majority of Californians are not in favor of secession. 

Mar 3rd - 18:15pm | [email protected]

On the issue of wealthy New York Hunters: Former President TR Roosevelt, the hunter, had some knowledge to imagine Earth's Human Population Exponential Growth 115 Years into the future and its cumulative negative Impacts Upon Earth's Biota.  TR clearly achieved amazing results protecting America's public lands. 

Mar 3rd - 17:28pm | Lee Dalton

Actually, lead shot has been banned for shooting waterfowl for about 25 years.  The Obama "ban" was actually just an extension of some already existing rules and clarification of some others.

Mar 3rd - 16:37pm | argalite

That is not an accurate account of bird deaths, and it's from 2011.  New studies have shown that birds kill more, in a 2013 study, the authors found that:

Mar 3rd - 16:16pm | ecbuck

sentencing 20 million birds and animals to hideous death each year

Mar 3rd - 15:57pm | Alfred Runte

"Zinke already has shown himself to be worse by rescinding the lead ammo and tackle rule."

Mar 3rd - 15:08pm | argalite

Zinke already has shown himself to be worse by rescinding the lead ammo and tackle rule.  He just gave toxicity back to the fish and wildlife.  He has a all time lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters of 4%, and I don't care what political party you are from, that is a low score.  Jewel was not a bureaucrat, previously was the CEO of REI.

Mar 3rd - 14:43pm | Lee Dalton

I just listened to part of Zinke's speech to Interior employees and then a follow-up interview on FOX.  It's much too early to be certain, but based on what I heard him say today, I'm guardedly optimistic. We need to watch and listen.  Carefully.

Mar 3rd - 14:36pm | Alfred Runte

"I wish he was as capable or as conservation-minded as Ken Salizar or Sally Jewel." Excuse me, Argalite? Under both, I seem to recall a great deal of heavy-handedness in the placement of wind and solar power on our public lands. Suddenly, everyone in the conservation community is worried about lead shot? Sure, it's a reasonable thing to worry about, but why not worry about the rest?

Mar 3rd - 14:01pm | argalite

I wish he was as capable or as conservation-minded as Ken Salizar or Sally Jewel.  I heard his speech to Interior today and I can honestly say I have no faith in this guy at all.

Mar 3rd - 12:08pm | [email protected]

INTERIOR SECRETARY NO FRIEND TO WILDLIFE: This on top of the news today that the Interior Dept Secretary just signed the lead shot repeal into effect sentencing 20 million birds and animals to hideous death each year 

Mar 3rd - 11:39am | Alfred Runte

As a matter of fact, Lee, hunting and fishing organizations were critical in the founding of conservation. Here is the definitive work by a colleague of mine:

Mar 3rd - 11:03am | Lee Dalton

Good thing we have those hunting and fishing organizations trying to help keep our environment livable.

Mar 3rd - 10:45am | ecbuck

And dozens of other hunting and fishing organizations

Mar 3rd - 10:14am | Siglin1

If nothing else it indicates the power of the NRA.

Mar 3rd - 10:11am | ecbuck

Makes one question the credibility of the article.  Personally, I haven't seen much evidence this is a major problem. Are some birds killed by lead poisoning, yeah but is it a signficant threat to the population?  I don't see it.  On the other hand, the cost to move from lead to some other metal doesn't seem to be that high.

Mar 3rd - 09:58am | tahoma

Dunno, EC, but good catch.  I suspect it's an error and the author meant 'spent lead shot'.

Mar 3rd - 09:09am | ecbuck

I am a little confused by your article tahoma, what is a "spent lead casing"?

Mar 3rd - 08:48am | tahoma

Perhaps Secretary Zinke neads to re-read his Boy Scout Manual?"Evans called it ironic that one of the first actions by Zinke — a self-described champion of hunters and anglers — "leads to poisoning of game and waterfowl eaten by those same hunting families."

Mar 3rd - 08:43am | Lee Dalton

Or is it called reality?

Mar 3rd - 07:15am | beachdumb

Maybe if I were a dishonest immoral paranoid egotistical schizophrenic fibber, I might.   I think you are, this is called projection.

Mar 2nd - 19:49pm | Lee Dalton

Well, Alfred, if the idea that Bishop was NOT being considered as SecDOI, someone didn't tell Bishop's office.  His folks were pretty excited for a while.

Mar 2nd - 15:52pm | Melanie Pratt

I'm with you Lee, cautiously optimistic about this appointment. Let's see if the man can walk the walk now that we have heard his talk. Unfortunately he will have to overcome the negative reputation of the administration for whom he works. Best of luck Secretary Zinke, we'll be watching!

Mar 2nd - 15:12pm | Alfred Runte

No, Lee. We would never have "wound up" with Rob Bishop or Sarah Palin. That was all "fake news." President Trump is a maverick neither party understands. Only the public understands him and wants him to succeed.

Mar 2nd - 13:54pm | Lee Dalton

I'm cautiously hopeful.  After all, we could easily have wound up with Rob Bishop or Sarah Palin in this office. Time will tell. His limousine is kinda cool, too.

Mar 2nd - 13:15pm | Mike Lesnik

Suggested reading for Mr. Zinke:  'Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs'  by Wallae Stegner.

Mar 2nd - 10:59am | Shelby Lindley

This is truly the FIRST positive position I've heard from this new administration.  Secretary Zinke I honestly hope your reteric is honest and you can defend our public lands from the GOP.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Mar 6th - 06:51am | C.P.SAWIN

I purchased my pass yesterday  March 5 2017 .  Not Blocked

Mar 5th - 22:51pm | Kurt Repanshek

Actually, Richard, you can thank Congress. Rep. Rob Bishop of Utah, specifically, for the higher senior pass fee.

Mar 5th - 22:11pm | Richard Molinar

thanks Ex-president Obama for thinking of all of us seniors.  Your actions will go down in infamy as "hard-hearted, ruthless, and cold".  

A Tough Week for Hikers and Mule Riders at Grand Canyon National Park

Mar 5th - 17:16pm | LoveGrandCanyon

Living in the area, we are frequent visitors to GC Park, and a few years back my husband snagged last minute spaces for us on a mule ride To The Rim. During the summer, especially July, sudden afternoon rain storms are quite common in the Park. During our instructions for our trip, the instructor noted it looked like rain and we would be given rain gear.

What Happens When A Massive Redwood Tree Falls

Mar 4th - 16:49pm | [email protected]

As ancient trees lose their stability, crashing to earth, new canopy gaps are created allowing more sunlight to reach the forest floor and providing new seedlings  essential sunlight to fill the higher canopy space, Scholarly articles for redwood canopy gap dynamics  

Mar 3rd - 14:57pm | Sue Lucchesi

my husband and I were hiking in Silver Falls State Park in Salem, Oregon, 2010, when we heard a huge thud! The air was very still so it was quite surprising to us.  I was scared but thankful we didn't hear any screams. We never saw it but suprised that it didn't sound like other trees were taken down along with it.  Still amazes me to think about it Mother Nature!

Mar 3rd - 11:24am | [email protected]

On the mystery of Ghost Redwood foliage/albino without  Green-Chlorophyll:

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Planning Solar Eclipse Party

Mar 3rd - 15:01pm | SmokiesBackpacker

The Almighty Creator crafted the Smokies land. Timber barons raped it. Tennesseans and North Carolineans rescued it through fund drives and herculean private financial efforts.  Then they turned it over to the NPS for protection and preservation.  Then the NPS monetized this resource freely given to their care.  I believe in the Almighty and judgement.

Mar 2nd - 08:21am | JimCasada01

Joy--Chances are that concessionaires gobbled up all the tickets in advance. That certainly happens, and on a regular basis, with choice back country campsites in prime camping time frames. There is abundant evidence that they enjoy favored status.

Fort Union National Monument Receives Funding For New Exhibits

Mar 2nd - 15:13pm | Dave Crowl

I think Battle of the Little Big Horn National Monument may be good example of changeing used to be called Custer Battlefield, the only battlefield named after the loser. It did not incorporate all views, only one side. Now they have markers for many of the indians who perrished and the last time I was there, the story teller there told the Native American Perspective. 

Mar 2nd - 12:03pm | ecbuck

Lee, if you paid attention to my comments rather than trying to find ways to attack them, you would see that I have repeatedly said any new information should be incorporated.  And, I have no objection to updating the technology.  What I object to is changing the history or its interpretation merely to please a "changing society".

Mar 2nd - 09:03am | Lee Dalton

It's not at all uncommon for historians to discover "new" history as they dig through old archives and find information that has never been published before.  Just one example is the sudden surge in elderly veterans of WWII who are now telling their stories after years of remaining silent because memories were too painful.  Or the recent case of a family from North Carolina who found

Mar 2nd - 08:46am | trailadvocate

Hmmm, sounds like we're witnessing elements of Faux News the way some make words and history what they want them to be.  Pretty disturbing, really.

President's Budget Proposal Would Be "Devastating" To National Parks

Mar 2nd - 14:48pm | First-hand

The National Park Service is already severly underfunded and quite understaffed. The record number of visitors are physically destroying the parks and there aren't enough personnel to enforce the rules or manage the surge in people.  Busy Restrooms cannot be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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