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UPDATED: Yosemite National Park To Change Historic Lodge Names To Avoid Trademark Fight

Jan 15th - 00:57am | JHT

I wonder what they want to call Asilomar next!

Jan 15th - 00:55am | JHT

DNC did pretty much a horrible job in the winter providing food service in Yosemite Valley! No choice but pizza that made my family sick on a Thanksgiving weekend. DNC was a vendor (HA-HA no more) so how can they get away with messing over iconic monument names?

Jan 14th - 22:49pm | grgeory

Yes ,very silly. Its the park that counts ,not the name of buildings .

Jan 14th - 22:14pm | Mike W

It seems to me that any new concessionaire contract would have to include verbiage to strictly limit ownership of trademarks to the NPS.  And that any concessionaire who wanted to use said trademarks would have to lease them from the NPS.

Jan 14th - 21:35pm | barbso


Jan 14th - 21:16pm | ecbuck

This is so funny.  All those that espouse the wonders of the National Parks for the natural beauty and inherent qualities are going apolegtic over changing the names of man made edifices.   As the Bard said.  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.  The names of these buildings mean nothing - except that the NPS seems to be acknowledging they screwed up.

Jan 14th - 19:48pm | Lee Dalton

Greed and stupidity are alive and well in America.  This is just plain dumb.  Can we get a list of parks in which DNC holds contracts so we may avoid spending any money at their operations anywhere?   They need to have contracts in any parks cancelled as soon as possible.

Jan 14th - 19:43pm | sierragal

much as I want to see yosemite in the snow, I won't visit until after March 1, so that DNC can't profit on my visit. I've already had to give up on Asilomar, since DNC raised the prices there.

Jan 14th - 18:06pm | Delaware North ...

This is Capitalism at its greedy worst.  Who was the moron at the National Parks System who agreed to let these jackals in?  This is a travesty!

Jan 14th - 16:53pm | julie

I don't even understand this. Why does the contract holder get the trademarks to these names in the first place?

Reimagining Maine’s North Woods: Is A National Park Hidden Among The Trees?

Jan 14th - 12:22pm | Michael Kellett

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Jan 13th - 17:57pm | Greg Hills

Thoreau lived just out of town. His mother delivered a hot meal to him every Sunday,on foot, to Walden. He may have gone on a walk about in Maine, but he has been elevated far beyond his contributions to this world. The other falsehood in this is that Roxanne's scheme is all her land, it is not. It doesn't matter Quimby or Thoreau altruism is just hype and legend.

Jan 11th - 19:16pm | Lee Dalton

Homo Sapiens Consumaticus --- love it!

Jan 11th - 16:31pm | Acadia on my mind

Glad to see your latest article, National Parks Traveler 101, link to this update on the proposed Maine Woods national park or national monument. Missed this the first time around.

Comment Period Open On Proposed Plan For Operating Glen Canyon Dam

Jan 14th - 11:54am | Michael Kellett

Glen Canyon Institute is reviewing the LTEMP DEIS and will encourage our members to comment.

Jan 13th - 16:54pm | Craig Mankowski

decommission the damn and restore to natural landscape.

Jan 12th - 17:37pm | Gayle Hoffman

decommision the dam and restore the river to it's natural state.

Jan 12th - 11:48am | tahoma

It's not just evaporation:"There’s also this: Lake Powell leaks like a sieve. As much as 123 billion gallons of water — 2.6 percent of the entire flow of the Colorado River — seeps into fissures in the porous sandstone underlying the lake and disappears each year."

Jan 12th - 10:42am | Karin Kruse

You are absolutely correct. The one thing I do wonder about: why is it ok for Las Vegas inhabitants to clean their sidewalks with water? Hopefully that will change immediately!

Jan 12th - 07:33am | Al Marks

In the flow of history, decommissioning and demolition of the Glen Canyon Dam is inevitable... the only question is, When will wisdom overtake us?

Jan 12th - 05:51am | Carl Womack

It would be my fervent hope that the Glen Canyon dam be decommissioned and removed at the earliest possible moment with the utmost consideration for the protection of the Grand Canyon and restoration of Glen Canyon as closely as possible to its pre-dam condition.

Jan 12th - 01:19am | Rudy Stefancik

In the mean time, millions of acre feet of badly needed water evaporate into the air every year behind the Glen Canyon Dam. Water that is badly needed down stream in the Colorado River and in Las Vegas.

Jan 11th - 21:56pm | Lowell

....somewhere, Edward Abbey is rolling his eyes.

Yellowstone National Park Proposing Bison Quarantine Program

Jan 14th - 11:13am | devildoc68

So often it is forgotten that this brucellosis was originally brought here by imported cattle and is very prevelent in elk...which amazingly we never hear about that part.  This whole bison thing would not even be an issue were it not for the whining of cattle ranchers who cry foul for any number of reasons all the while knowing full well that bison meat is much heathier than beef.  Y

Traveler’s Checklist: Congaree National Park

Jan 13th - 20:32pm | JC_Friday

This park is really great for die-hard naturalists.

Take To The Open Road On The Natchez Trace Parkway This Fall

Jan 13th - 13:57pm | Natchez Hills

Remember to visit the Natchez Trace Wine Trail located off mile marker 391 of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Hampshire, TN.  There are three wineries to visit and they are all located within just a few miles of each other.  We would love to have you!

Preliminary Backcountry Access Plan For Big Cypress National Preserve Focuses On ORV Travel

Jan 13th - 13:26pm | Rick B.

Skipper...   I'm caucasian, but ORVs are far from my version of "traditional to the hearitage of the anglo man". Frankly, again speaking as a white man, I'm embarrassed to be associated with your racist arguments.

Jan 13th - 13:15pm | Alfred Runte

As we know, Congress invited an enormity of problems in Big Cypress by calling it a "preserve." In that case, we can agree that traditional uses should be "consistent." No one should get special treatment.

Jan 13th - 08:28am | Capt.Skip Strong

I want our 1200 Miles of trails that was MANDATED by Congress. Yes the Congress of the United States of America. The 1200 miles of trails was cut to 400 miles by an illegal frivilous lawsuit against the NPS & BCY.Congress did not properly approve the reduction in trails!!!

Jan 13th - 02:18am | Frank Denninger

NPT refers to "non-motorized trail miles" in Big C using finite numbers of miles which doesn't make sense due to the fact that every square foot of Big C can be hiked anytime of the day and night. Hiking is totally unlimited throughout the 729,000 acres of Big C. so to allude that there is some limit seems quite incorrect to this reader.

A Day At The Presidio

Jan 13th - 12:57pm | Mike Painter

I'm not sure that all the otions for the Presidio were explored. Removing many of the buildings, keeping only some as examples of the architecture, might have been a possibility. Much of the area could have been returned to open space and native species restored. That would certainly have eliminated the maintenance costs of all those buildings.

Jan 11th - 16:15pm | Anonymous

There are plenty of National Park lodges that have rediculously-priced overnight prices, one being just across the Golden Gate Bridge at the concessioner-operated Cavallo Point Lodge within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. $300/night is average pricing for anything above three star accomodations in San Francisco.

Native American Tribes To Pursue Bear Ears National Monument With President Obama

Jan 13th - 10:17am | Anonymous

As long as hiking and dog/pack animal access is preserved, we will all win if mineral extraction and ranching is kept off the Cedar Mesa and its gorgeous canyons.

National Park Service Fires Highly Valued Superintendent For Refusing New Job

Jan 12th - 20:17pm | Rick B.

And the soap opera continues.   At a certain point, after multiple rulings against you, further appeals appear to be an exercise in spite as much as any realistic hope for an optimal outcome.

Jan 12th - 12:30pm | Another side

The full article is behind a paywall, but this didn't take long: Former Park Supt. Miller Plans to Appeal Removal08 Jan 2016 23:20 By Sentinel Staff Mary Miller, who was removed as superintendent of Sitka National Historical Park  [ ... ]

Jan 11th - 15:58pm | Ranger

That the regional director originally chose this 'pretextual' method to remove her from causing further damage at Sitka instead of doing the hard work necessary to institute a disciplinary or performance action for removal is unfortunate; however, to anyone who is actually familiar with the situation instead of basing their knowledge on a brief blurb by Kurt, the correct result was achieved in

Jan 11th - 14:51pm | Not Performing

The permance evaluations is not the story.  That was how she managed to get reinstated in 2013, not the reason she was terminated in 2010.  FOIA the Management Review as previously stated as well as the Employee Viewpoint surveys for the last decade. 

Jan 11th - 12:59pm | Truth

Kurt, you need to ask for the 2010 Management Review that was done in Sitka, it will start you down the right path for the whole story!  People deserve to know what kind of manager this woman really is and then you can piece together the actions of the NPS.  She deserved to be fired but for different reasons....

Reader Survey Day: What National Parks Are On Your 2016 Calendar?

Jan 12th - 20:11pm | Rick B.

Having just moved to [the doorstep of] North Cascades National Park this last summer, that's probably where we're going to do most of our exploring this year.

Jan 12th - 19:38pm | Teresa

My husband and I are headed to Everglades, Dry Tortugas, Biscayne, Hawaii Volcanoes, Haleakala, Badlands, Wind Cave, Great Sand Dunes, Yosemite, Katmai, Denali, Crater Lake, Lassen, and Grand Tetons in 2016. 

Jan 12th - 17:18pm | Steve Clough

Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Teton, Capitol Reef, Flaming Gorge NRA, Lee's Ferry NRA, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Everglades

Jan 12th - 16:29pm | Sherry

Hunsband and I will be going to Rocky Mountain National Park in October.   Hope to also visit Arches.

Jan 12th - 14:41pm | R. Murphy

Acadia NP this summer

Jan 12th - 12:53pm | Bob Washburn

Spring trek is usually set around Grand Canyon Members Association weekend in May.  Taking an extended trek to hit some on the West coast haven't been too.  Current plan leaving from St.

Expect To Encounter Crowds On The Appalachian National Scenic Trail This Year

Jan 12th - 18:28pm | Skylar L

I'm planning my hike for the same time. Hoping the same.

Parks Canada Offering Free Entry To All Parks in 2017

Jan 12th - 17:27pm | KBenzar

Compare this to the NPS's approach to celebrating their centennial by jacking up entrance fees at nearly every park, imposing extra fees for backcountry access, and seeking to increase the price and reduce the benefits of annual and senior passes. I guess I know which system really wants me to visit and which one just wants me to stay away. Canada here I come!

New Beach Access ORV Ramp Coming To Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Jan 12th - 13:15pm | Anonymous

Thanks for the background information, Kurt.  It helps to clarify the access issues specific to Cape Hatteras.  However, my concern re: ATV/ORV access on conservation lands, particularly national parks, goes far beyond the cape.

Jan 12th - 08:26am | Kurt Repanshek

Ray, it goes back to around 2007 when things got pretty ugly at Cape Hatteras over efforts to craft an ORV Management Plan, as required by President Nixon but which had never been done at the Cape.

Jan 12th - 00:07am | Ray Bane

Whatever happened to feet?  You know, those things at the lower end of our legs.  Why must park visitors ride four-wheel motocycles across the beach dunes instead of slowly walking and observing the wonders of the beach and near shore waters?  Yes, I understand that some may not be able to walk, but they can be accommodated without throwing open the doors to ATVs.

Cape Lookout National Seashore Proposes ORV Guidelines

Jan 11th - 17:05pm | Brian King

The plan is wrong. I will not be able to camp and fish with my family . We go in April and November. Part of the adventure is fishing the tides. No night driving makes no sense. We might as well stay home and watch TV. It is sad that some people get lost in there offices and do not know what a night of Moon,stars, incoming tide and a big Redfish can do for a family's sole.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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