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Is Global Climate Change A Threat to National Parks? Another Response

Aug 8th - 11:54am | ecbuck

"to show the strong consensus that exists" There is not "strong consensus" it is pure fabrication by the "true believers" just like the numbers they make up to justify their stance.

Aug 8th - 10:36am | Owen Hoffman

Alfred, a brief search of the internet will reveal lots of discussion on the link between human-caused global climate change and overpopulation. See as an example:

Aug 8th - 08:01am | ecbuck

"That was not true 55 years ago when I first moved into this area." That's interesting since LA smog peaked in the 40s and 50s and has been abating ever since. Wonder where it is coming from.

Aug 7th - 23:36pm | rmackie

Alfred, I agree, but I think it is stretch not to include fossil fuels as a contributor. Here in the Sierra Foothills after every weather front moves through, you can get on a local Peak, 5000 feet or above, and during the progress of the first clear day, see the smog line starting on I-5, moving to Highway 99 and into the foothills.

Aug 7th - 11:04am | Alfred Runte

Personally, I continue to wait for the latest scientific information that human-caused overpopulation--leading to the destruction of coastal wetlands, rainforests, deserts, farmlands, etc., etc.--is itself the root cause of global warming. But again, I'm not holding my breath on that one, because that is not PC. Rather, we have to turn the United States of America into another industrial slum.

Aug 6th - 19:39pm | ecbuck

Latests? This is the same garbage that has been debunked for years.

Aug 6th - 14:29pm | Owen Hoffman The latest from NASA and 18 other scientific organizations about the reality of human-caused climate change.

Bison 5, Humans 0 At Yellowstone National Park

Aug 8th - 09:37am | Rick Smith

In the early 60's when I was a seasonal ranger in YELL, I was driving on road patrol and came upon a massive bear jam. While getting out of the patrol car to see if I could get traffic moving again, I saw something that horrified me. A couple was spreading jam on their young daughter's face so that they could get a photo of it.

Aug 8th - 08:31am | Read and Follow...

Read and Follow the Warnings

National Park Service Officials Disavow Scathing Report On Effigy Mounds Desecration

Aug 7th - 19:47pm | Anonymous

Patty Trap has been an unmitigated disaster during her tenure at the Midwest Regional Office. She was acting Regional Director for a year. During that time there were between 12 and 15 superintendent positions vacant. She only filled a couple of these, while allowing the parks to languish under temporary leadership.

Aug 7th - 10:28am | SmokiesBackpacker

I'm gratified to see that other people are taking note of the crooked leadership of Jon Jarvis. What he has done to the NPS is change the culture from one of trusted public servants to that of money grubbing, retribution oriented, boot licking lackeys and anyone who dares question him is discredited by an army of nameless NPS sycophants.

Aug 6th - 10:55am | Ghost of Steven...

Although the initial violations took place many years ago, many of the violations occurred under the current director. More importantly, the point of the article is how contemporary NPS managers (this week) "disavowed" its own "Serious Mismanagement Report." They only acknowledged it when it was leaked by concerned NPS employees to watchdog groups.

Aug 6th - 07:04am | Anonymous

Director in place when this happened is gone, regional director, deputy regional director in place when this happened is gone, superintendent in place when this happened is gone. Which pike?

Aug 5th - 22:47pm | Anonymous

This started a decade before Jarvis was even in office. The past 5+ years have been dealing with the aftermath. Get your timelines straight.

Aug 5th - 19:25pm | Sally B.

As a former NPS employee, I see no surprises here. In fact, I heard about the problems at Effigy Mounds from former colleagues several months ago. At that time, former colleagues lamented "but, of course, this will be buried and NPS leadership will do all they can to protect the friends they have put in leadership positions."

Aug 5th - 16:40pm | Rick B.

What's so hard to understand that, sooner or later, putting an appropriate Head on an appropriate Pike is necessary, and might even buy management a few minutes of breathing room?

Aug 5th - 13:35pm | Ghost of Steven...

My God! So many issues here: 1) NPS pushes the quals of a "preferred," but unqualified individual to Superintendent, for all the wrong reasons (system-wide leadership identification and development failure). *An issue in itself.

Aug 5th - 12:14pm | Timothy Mason

The agency is so swollen with money hungry ladder climbing bureaucrats it can't perform true preservation. There is a strong element of builder mentality in the National Park Service. It must end & return to what John Muir and others envisioned. Mr. Muir actually tramped the hills just a couple miles from the Effigy Mounds National Monument in his youth.

Camping In The Parks: Big Creek Campground At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Aug 7th - 15:58pm | TallyL

How hard is it to get a site? Have people had trouble with it filling up early?

Falcon Nesting Done, Trails In Acadia National Park Open To Hikers

Aug 7th - 13:30pm | Acadia on my mind

The comeback of peregrine falcons in Acadia National Park is quite an environmental success story. This year there were 7 peregrine falcon chicks that fledged.

Touring Cliff Palace At Mesa Verde National Park

Aug 6th - 17:03pm | Christiane Thaxton

When my husband and I visited many years ago we had to use a fallen tree to get to the cliff side.It looks like a lot was rebuilt or added and I do not think that that would be a good thing.It should have stayed as it was discovered.It is a very magic place and now I think it has lost some of the magic because of the alterations.

Aug 6th - 13:14pm | Tom Lorig

What is with the hat that the ranger is wearing? Is it something that has been recently approved to go with the uniform? I was under the impression that for tours such as this one, only the flat hats were approved?

Aug 6th - 13:10pm | Dennis P. Lima

We just visited Mesa Verde and did the Cliff Palace tour this past Independence Day weekend. Our 6 year old son enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended.

NPS Joins International Slave Wrecks Project

Aug 6th - 13:51pm | wild places

Perhaps I was too hasty in saying this doesn't belong in the NPS. After re-reading I am not sure exactly what role or to what extent the NPS is involved. What troubled me initially is it sounded like they were in the shipwreck search, recovery, restoration and training business all the way from St. Croix to South Africa and everywhere in-between.

Aug 5th - 11:09am | Rick B.

The NPS is one of the premier agencies in the US for the preservation of and interpretation of history.

Aug 4th - 23:36pm | WodaabeMan

The shipwreck is in a NPS national park. Therefore, NPS is obligated by an act of the U.S. congress to document the shipwreck.

Aug 4th - 17:50pm | wild places

While the project itself sounds rather fascinating it doesn't belong in the NPS. Just my opinion.

Mishaps And Missteps In Yellowstone National Park Claim One, Injure Others

Aug 6th - 08:14am | Shepsl Topaz

It strikes me that there just may be far too few park rangers to monitor the hordes of people who visit. That's a function of federal funding, and unfortunately the view by many legislators is that if it's not making gobs of money for some company, it's funding that can be skimped on. Penny wise and pound foolish.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Decision Not To Use Wolves To Reduce Elk Upheld By Appellate Court

Aug 6th - 01:00am | Sue Hamber

I just visited Rocky Mt. Nat'l Park for the first time and came away disappointed. For all its majesty, something was missing: wolves. In their place, there are fences all over the park to keep elk out of riparian areas. I felt like I was on a ranch instead of a great national park that embraced the natural order of things.

Musings From Fort Vancouver National Historic Site: A Hodgepodge Of History

Aug 5th - 23:14pm | Julia

I find it interesting that so many of your articles question whether or not national parks - including Hagerman Fossil Beds and Minidoka, in addition to Fort Vancouver - should be administered by the National Park Service.

Op-Ed|National Park Service Has Correct Approach To Bear Viewing At Katmai National Park

Aug 5th - 15:32pm | Ray Bane

Pardon my failure to more closely edit my last post. Please change "two superintendents" to "a superintendent."

Aug 4th - 20:57pm | Ray Bane

I am aware of Jim Stratton's close working relationship with the National Park Service regarding Brooks River, and I respect his opinion.

Flood-Damaged Old Fall River Road Reopens At Rocky Mountain National Park

Aug 5th - 14:20pm | Dave Crowl

Took Fall River Road on Sunday. Had not been there in years. It was busy, but the views were amazing. I would recommend to anyone visiting during good weather.

Too Many Retirements Impacting National Park Service Law Enforcement Ranks

Aug 5th - 10:58am | Rick B.

In my personal experience and opinion, this is a problem not restricted to LE or even to NPS. It is a universal concern. Succession planning is an ongoing vision of the future which involves management investing time and expense into the process.

Aug 5th - 10:44am | Stormy

This isn't limited to the NPS. My own (former) agency has been experiencing the same thing since about 2005, as have many others. Those of us who were hired in the 'boom years' of the late 70s/early 80s are now reaching retirement age and getting the hell out of Dodge and we are not being replaced.

Aug 4th - 20:53pm | Longstreet

In my park, there are not enough protection rangers -- the ones that do law enforcement but also emergency medicine, search and rescue, fire management, etc. These are multi-skilled professionals but they are not simply "law enforcement" rangers.

Aug 4th - 17:02pm | US Park Rangers...

The NPS implies that there is an increasing number of retirements causing this situation. This would not be correct. There is no such demographic crisis in NPS law enforcement. The situation is caused by the NPS failing to follow its own policy of "no net loss" of law enforcement personnel.

Appellate Court Affirms National Park Service Immunity In Deadly Mountain Goat Attack

Aug 5th - 10:48am | Ghost of Steven...

Judge Kleinfeld is correct, on merit. The agency was negligent. This was a known, documented and long-term hazard, which was mismanaged. No different than a hazard tree program.

Aug 4th - 18:25pm | Paulette

Since you're "not native" to the Olympics, perhaps you should stay away.

Aug 4th - 14:58pm | Brenda

The professionals at Olympic National Park have experimented with many non-lethal methods of controlling mountain goats with marginal success. Capture and release, sterilization - expensive, stressful for the animal, and dangerous to the people performing the act. An inexpensive and effective method is using experienced archers to kill the goats.

Traveler's View: Wilderness Hanging In Balance At Big Cypress National Preserve

Aug 5th - 07:54am | Anonymous

d-2, should we have pushed harder to eliminate at all motorized access at Hatteras? I suspect ORV impact is greater in Big Cypress but not having been there I couldn't make an informed comment.

Aug 4th - 16:50pm | d-2

Those interventions are the exceptions that prove the rule. Just look at the delegations of authority before you go headhunting.

Aug 4th - 16:14pm | Fred J Fagergren

Thank you for this excellent article stating clearly the problems that continue to exist at Big Cypress National Preserve after Superintendent John Donahue's excellent tenure. Both the article and the comments by d-2 accurately convey the priorities set forth in the original legislation for Big Cypress and the House and Senate legislative histories.

Aug 4th - 15:05pm | d-2

Let me add, on the issues of substance this is an excellent and important analysis of threats to Big Cypress.

Aug 4th - 14:58pm | Kurt Repanshek

D-2, you're correct that many superintendents have great latitude, but history has shown that directors insert themselves into park matters/politics (Grand Canyon and water bottles comes to mind; both the regional director at the time and superintendent were overruled) when it fits them.

Aug 4th - 14:42pm | d-2

I think saying the legislative purposes and statutory language of Big Cyprus National Preserve "permits" ORVs gets it about backward. It may sound like a distinction without a difference, but it goes to the heart of what the idea was when Congress and the National Park Service were considering establishing two national preserves, the first two, for Big Thicket and Big Cypress.

Musings From Minidoka National Historic Site

Aug 4th - 12:53pm | bob Miller

And Texans were ridiculed for questioning the purposes of Jade Helm. Always trust your government. Ask the survivors of this camp.

Assateague Island's Horses Cooling Off In The Surf

Aug 3rd - 21:02pm | Anonymous

I like the photos, but I didn't see any horses swimming!

On The Road In The Parks: Muir Woods, Muir Beach, And Point Bonita Light

Aug 3rd - 18:40pm | Sam Russo

Great Info

LTE-Florida Congressional Offices Want To Block Biscayne National Park's Fisheries Plan

Aug 3rd - 14:12pm | Rick Smith

I agree, Anon. I would rather be sued by the fishing interests than by the Ocean Conservancy were I the superintendent of Biscayne.

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