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Boating Industry Aims To Block Marine Reserve At Biscayne National Park

Jun 30th - 10:08am | tahoma

"Additionally, the bill calls for science produced by the state of Florida to take precedence over the science the Park Service used to justify creation of the marine reserve."Holy guacamole!  Real science doesn't have legislatively dictated values or results.  The Florida delegation appears to have a serious case of cranial-rectal insertion:

Jun 30th - 07:55am | Gary Wilson

The only thing I have to say is only 6%?  Jeez...

Jun 30th - 07:45am | Lee Dalton

Ah, nothing like bipartisan Congressional greed and pandering to their contributors.  After all, aren't $$$$$$$$ more important than a bunch of coral and a few smelly fish?  (Unless you've just caught one of them on your hook or want to drop your anchor on a reef.)

Four-Year Rehabilitation Of Grand Canyon Of Yellowstone Overlooks, Trails Underway In Yellowstone National Park

Jun 30th - 07:54am | Gary Wilson

I'm surprised this is just beginning, but i'm grateful for the Yellowstone Foundation for starting this!!!  I remember taking my pops here in the latter part of last decade and some of the steps and walkway was eroded to the point, where I had an uneasy feeling just being on sections of it.  Glad to see they are finally rehabing this.

Two Bears Struck By Vehicles, Killed Sunday In Grand Teton National Park

Jun 30th - 07:38am | Lee Dalton

Dare I try to point out that some comments here speak volumes about the mentality of some who hold extreme views regardless of which side of the fence they happen to be on?

Jun 29th - 23:37pm | Rick B.

Funny Bubba [or Bu - how many IDs do you have?]. It is actually the orange faced R candidate who has been censoring media. You just go ahead with as many generalizations as make it easy for you. Me? I was a conservative R thirty years ago, was on staff for both Jerry Ford and Ronald Reagan, but I evolved and don't affiliate with a party these days.

Jun 29th - 22:19pm | Bu

kurt, I apologize for calling you a democrat. If you were, my post would likely been censored. I still believe that MOST democrats are idiots and most stupidity in the parks is caused by people who identify as democrats. 

Jun 29th - 22:18pm | rmackie

EC, a nice response. My own experience is that speeding on park roadways is a serious problem. It is not only our own citizens, but visitors from countries all over the world. Employees with long commutes also have an issue.

Jun 29th - 21:14pm | Steve Nelson

I am a registered Democrat, so I guess Bubba would screen me out, even though I came up with the idea.

Jun 29th - 21:14pm | ecbuck

Bubba - Idiots come in all persuasions, particularly the ones that do idiotic things in national parks.  I can assure you, whatever persuasion, Kurt is not an idiot.

Jun 29th - 20:35pm | Kurt Repanshek

No, actually I'm not. 

Jun 29th - 20:20pm | Bubba

of course you would disagree, you are a democrat.

Jun 29th - 14:52pm | Kurt Repanshek

Bubba, I'd disagree. Partisanship and idiocy can, and do, often go hand-in-hand.

Jun 29th - 14:49pm | Bubba

ive found that most idiots are registered democrats. The safest we can do for the animals and environment is to ban them from entering our parks. NPS could check your political affiliation at the gate. 

Jun 28th - 19:30pm | Steve Nelson

When I was driving in Glacier, at night, serveral years ago, I had the high beams on and drove very slowly.  I was deathly afraid of hitting one of the many large mammals there, as such a collision could be fatal, FOR ME, if I was going too fast.  Apparently some people can't figure this out.  Amazing.  Too bad we can't invent an idiot detector.

Festivities, Closures Part Of Independence Day Celebrations At National Mall

Jun 29th - 13:56pm | ecbuck

Fire away!  

Jun 29th - 10:15am | tahoma

“Independence Day culminates with a spectacular fireworks display over the National Mall. The fireworks will be launched from the area of the Reflecting Pool, and will be visible from many locations throughout D.C. and Northern Virginia.”A NPT story earlier this year reported on fireworks pollution at Mt. Rushmore:

UPDATED: Congressman Asks For National Park Service Director's Resignation

Jun 29th - 08:07am | Bubba

sorry rick, the progressives are bad. you guys are so gullible and so far from reality it's scary. Jarvis is a progressive and no one is surprised of his dishonesty. Remember Drakes Bay Oyster farm, he should imprisioned based on that mess alone.

Jun 28th - 18:48pm | Rick B.

Sorry, Bubba, but 'progressive' isn't a bad word. Delusional is bad, yup, and scum is bad, yessiree, but that's it.

Jun 28th - 15:43pm | ecbuck

And something like 95% of all Americans agree.

Jun 28th - 15:15pm | Bubba

i think Jarvis does have a lower opinion rating than Congress. He is just delusional progressive scum.

Jun 28th - 10:58am | Lee Dalton

Right, because we can be absoluely certain that our Congress is rotten to the core.  And something like 95% of all Americans agree. It's a lot like the old days in Yosemite when the hippies tossed pot into their campfires.  You could smell it everywhere, but it was almost impossible to track it down.

Jun 27th - 21:27pm | ecbuck

We will never know for sure. But that won't stop you from making the baseless accusations with absolute certainty.

Jun 27th - 19:22pm | Rick B.

One thing we do know is that Congress has a much lower opinion rating than Jarvis.  

Jun 27th - 15:40pm | hatrasfevr

If Jon Jarvis goes what will happen to his Lobbyist brother Destry Jarvis who's had an open back door into the NPS for many years? ANSWER: He may have to get a real job where opportunities to influence NPS and Environmental actions may not fall into his lap from his brother.

Jun 27th - 14:09pm | Lee Dalton

Complete agreement with Alfred's comment from here. Are we still under the influence of President Cheney's Privatize the Parks campaign? How much of all this comes from shady back door pressures from Capitol Hill? We will never know for sure.

Jun 27th - 11:39am | Alfred Runte

Unfortunately, we Americans have forgotten how to distinguish between corporations seeking profits and simple greed. It's not just the organization; it is also the culture now teaching Americans that money comes first. In the old days, the concessionaires (then mostly railroads) were happy to be making modest profits--or none at all.

Jun 27th - 10:19am | rmackie

Thank you Audrey, I agree. It is a sad day when our Parks and their employees have to be involved in this corporate presence. 

Jun 27th - 00:30am | Audrey Peterman

Mr Jarvis directors order 21 openibg the door to increased corporate presence and influence in our national parks is unacceptable. Forcing NPS employees to be   part of fundraising gives me the shivers as i know our civil servants are I'll equipped to go head to head with corporate wolves that I personally know have been lusting after our parks for years    

Jun 25th - 08:57am | GC Boatman

Removing Director Jarvis will hardly solve all of the NPS's problems, but it is a necessary step.  The trust of integrity in public service needs to be restored.

Jun 24th - 22:57pm | Lee Dalton

Wyoming, you left out the most common Congressional lubricant : MONEY!

Jun 24th - 21:38pm | Lorreta

Fire this man!

Jun 24th - 19:19pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Jarvis has long been a bad seed and I personally don't give a crap about his book deal. He's being punished for the Myriad other sins he's committed. I hope the next director learns that their job is to serve the public and not their cronies underlings. But Jarvis is so conceited and arrogant he will probably stay in office. Sally Jewell will appoint another clone of him. 

Is NPS Getting Ready To Toss Bluffs Lodge On The Scrap Heap?

Jun 28th - 17:48pm | Kurt Repanshek

I suppose we could start passing the hat (or maybe start a Kickstarter campaign), Julie, though not sure NPS would go along....

Jun 28th - 17:46pm | Julie Murphy

We moved to Sparta, NC is large part because of Doughton Park and the lodge/coffee shop. It's closing has been a tremendous loss to us. We still hike there and spend time on the stone patio dreaming of what could still be a grand beauty. What can we do as average citizens to show our support for the renovation of this property?

Defending Mongolia’s Growing National Park System

Jun 28th - 13:54pm | Dev Nazare

wow Mongolia has some cool looking forests and their nationa parks is similar to some in the U.S. please kindly email me if interested in talkin about places, feel free to send me some pictures of mongolias parks 

Death Valley Considers Fee Increases To Fund Fixes At Scotty’s Castle

Jun 27th - 20:30pm | Ruth Teller

$16 for a tour of what?  Empty buildings? Damaged road?  I will pass.  So sad about the damage, but please manage my tax dollars better and fix the more visited sections of the park first.  I love Death Valley, but you have two of the worst campgrounds (embarrassing actually) in the country, Stovepipe and Sunset in Furnace Creek.

Cleanup From October Storms Continues At Death Valley National Park

Jun 27th - 20:22pm | Ruth Teller

Such a lovely place, but what a waste of money.  There are now areas of the park in much more need of repairs (Sunset Camp, Stovepipe Camp, the list goes on). To spend all of the parks money on a location that gets little visitation, likely none in the summer, is such bad management.

Denali National Park Hikers Have Run-Ins With Grizzlies

Jun 27th - 16:56pm | Ray Bane

1st, the entire park, with the possible exception of the rocky and ice covered upper mountains, is "bear habitat".  Some areas may be more heavily used by bears than others, but one should never assume that bears are not present in most park lands.

Jun 27th - 10:01am | mtgnppics

Hey!  What about using/carrying BEAR SPRAY?????????   Not a word about it here.

Mount Who? How Did This Famous Park Get Its Name?

Jun 27th - 12:45pm | Runs to Water

Um, Lakota not Sioux.

Armchair Photography Guides

Jun 26th - 21:46pm | Amarillobymorning

Looking forward to the Banff guide. As for future guides, if you'd like any tips or suggestions I would be happy to supply from wherever we visit. This summer we'll be at Wind Cave, Theodore Roosevelt, Apostle Island, Pictured Rocks and Sleeping Bear. Past visits include Canyon De Chelly, Glacier, Natural Bridges, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Bisti Badlands, Big Bend and some more back east.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road, Not A Good Place For Vertigo

Jun 25th - 18:55pm | Another Anonymous

Many years ago, while working road patrol on Trail Ridge Road, I encountered a woman who had stopped in the middle of the road with a death grip on the steering wheel.  She had vertigo much like as described by Anonymous.  After my attempts to calm her failed, I arranged for somebody to drive her vehicle to lower elevation.  I never considered the tundra area on top of

Jun 25th - 16:30pm | Rick B.

Just curious, Anonymous - how slow do folks drive there?

Jun 25th - 12:57pm | Anonymous

Just drove over Trail Ridge on Wednesday, June 22.

President Adds Stonewall National Monument To National Park System

Jun 25th - 09:08am | wild places

Another example of how the NPS has lost it's way

Jun 24th - 22:44pm | Debby

Why can't we make the Geronimo monument part of the National Park systems ? 

Chinese Visitor Fined $1,000 For Going Off Boardwalk In Yellowstone National Park

Jun 25th - 00:55am | nwiz

It's time for Yellowstone to ban boardwalk closures; guests do NOT appreciate the natural beauty.  Their stupidity will close natural settings for all.

Minute Man National Historical Park To Reopen The Wayside

Jun 24th - 19:34pm | Leslie

The Wayside is located at 455 Lexington Road in Concord,MA

The Case of the Cigarette Smoking Woman At Petrified Forest National Park

Jun 24th - 18:56pm | Wiseowl

Dear admin, tourists were traveling the National Trails Highway in 1924, which was the predesessor to Route 66, and before that, it was Beale's Trail.

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