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Yosemite National Park Superintendent Resigns Amid Allegations

Oct 2nd - 20:19pm | Ethical Retired...

Morale within the NPS is bad and getting worse, according to friends who still work for the agency.  The "Best Places to Work in the Federal Government" survey results from recent years give a clear picture of an agency in trouble and decline.  This problem is much worse than "Employees who cry over nothing, are never satisfied", etc.

Oct 2nd - 15:41pm | R. Wilson

Our Natinal Park Service is in full meltdown. Instead of being recognized for its remarkable 100th anniversay, the 2016 legacy will reveal a mismanaged organization with a toxic culture. How many more stories must come out about gross misconduct by park service leaders before there is a real culture change? How does Jonathan Jarvis keep his job?

Oct 2nd - 08:22am | wild places

"There was nothing about ....the fundamental behind "microaggressions" and bullying"

Oct 1st - 21:40pm | anonymous coward

I read that the PWR regional director said that Yosemite needed new leadership to move forward from these issues (true dat!), and offered Don Neubacher a position in the Denver Service Center, not in the PWR office in San Francisco where his wife works.  He retired instead.

Oct 1st - 18:35pm | Joshua

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell made a horrible mistake and sent exactly the wrong message when she gave NPS Director Jarvis a meaningless reprimand, but didn't fire him for the massive ethics violations which have occurred during his tenure.  Allowing a corrupt Director to preside over the NPS' 100th birthday is a travesty. 

Oct 1st - 14:50pm | beschundler

What's sad is that within rules and regulations of the National Park Service, there are well-defined procedures through which complaints should be heard and problems resolved.  But the procedures don't work, complaints are't recognized, and retaliation against anyone submitting a complaint or reporting a problem is more often the norm than the exception.

Sep 30th - 15:07pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Heaven forbid Jarvis ever resign, despite being asked to do so by many congress folks.  It's just his agency responsible for all this. Too embarassing for the NPS on their 100th anniv.

Presidents And The American Environment: An Election Primer For 2016

Oct 2nd - 13:13pm | Alfred Runte

Dear Ed, Yes, all of what you mention is in Dr. Graham's book. It's just that, as he notes, national monuments are but one factor in environmental protection. As for me, the poor reviewer, it is virturally impossible to fully summarize everything in a 400-page book. By all means, I urge you and everyone else to read it. You will not be disappointed that you did.

Oct 2nd - 10:58am | emadej

I will have to read this book to find out for sure, but I think there are several items missing here. The greatest environmental president of modern times is Jimmy Carter, who championed the Alaska National Interest Lands Act which doubled the size of the National Park System.

A Winter Visit To Sequoia National Park

Oct 2nd - 11:56am | M. .D. Vaden

It's worth noting that John Muir never got to see the coast redwoods discovered recently between 2008 and 2016. Sequoia semperivens now exceeds all Sequoiadendron for trunk girth, and exceeds General Sherman's 1321 champion tree points by no less than 40 points, based on the American Forest's champion tree scale. 

House Bill Requests Granting National Park Status To Chiricahua National Monument

Oct 1st - 20:16pm | Lee Dalton

Bravo, Alfred.  Bravo! (And Peggy Noonan, too.)

Oct 1st - 16:42pm | Alfred Runte

Consider this observation from Peggy Noonan this morning:

Oct 1st - 15:45pm | Lee Dalton

If they deserve the F, they should get it.  Period. Trouble is, it's much easier and better suited to conservative agendas to blame schools and teachers than it is to place responsibility where it actually belongs -- with students and parents in most cases.  But perhaps that's part of the new American "human naure."

Oct 1st - 14:46pm | English Teacher

No, their parents would scream, but yes, 50 percent sometimes deserve an F. They don't read; they complain about every assignment, but again, they know their parents will take it out on me. Homework? If they can't finish it in under a minute, they can't be bothered. I can just imagine, if Donald Trump is elected president, what will happen to the English language then.

Oct 1st - 11:53am | ecbuck

Engliish Teacher- Do 50% of your students get an F on your exams?  I doubt it.  

Oct 1st - 10:28am | English Teacher

"And no Lee, if 50% of the students are failing, its [sic] not the students that have a problem."

Sep 30th - 22:21pm | Lee Dalton

Human naure might be, but I haven't experienced much of that.

Sep 30th - 20:00pm | ecbuck

There are a lot of things in this poor old world that just don't make a whole lot of sense, aren't there? Actually Lee, human naure is quite predictable.  

Sep 30th - 19:51pm | Lee Dalton

Yes.  There are a lot of things in this poor old world that just don't make a whole lot of sense, aren't there? Politics has to be right there at the top of the list of nonsensical nonsense.  

Sep 30th - 19:13pm | ecbuck

 currently Congress gets a passing grade from only 20% of Americans with 76% saying they are failing Yet around 50% like their own Congressman and the reelection rate is some 90%.  Obviously these folks are not

Sep 30th - 16:29pm | Rick B.

Watch out, Lee. You don't wanna be labelled baseless again.  

Sep 30th - 16:09pm | Lee Dalton

If 50% of the students in a class received an F, the first place to look is at the students.  Blaming the teacher is the usual escape route these days, but students just might be the cause of the problem.

Sep 30th - 15:11pm | ecbuck

You have no idea how their grading system works I know that if they are giving 50% an F, they are out of line with what the rest of the country thinks. If 50% of a class of students recieved an F, would you blame it on the students or the teacher/test? 

Sep 30th - 14:55pm | Rick B.

You have no idea how their grading system works, just that you have different opinions. Another baseless "out of wack [sic]".  

Sep 30th - 13:37pm | ecbuck

54% of House members and 47% of senators received an F That tells me that is is NPAF's grading system that is out of wack not McSally's voting record.  

Sep 30th - 12:20pm | Frank Bergen


Sep 29th - 12:55pm | CJDillon

Gary -

Sep 29th - 10:16am | Ghost of Steven...

Creating Chirichaua National Park is a wonderful idea and much overdue; albeit not in its current form.  CNM is surrounded by Coronado National Forest, Douglas Ranger District.  This "sky island" range is very diverse and much of this district should be included within the national park proposal.

Sep 28th - 19:51pm | Gary Wilson


Sep 28th - 16:49pm | Michael Kellett

I love Chiricahua National Monument. But this would be the third smallest national park -- smaller than Virgin Islands National Park. It is great that Rep. McSally is a national park advocate and willing to introduce this legislation. However, such a small park would not do this amazing ecosystem justice.

Capture The "Golden Hours" At Yosemite National Park This Fall

Oct 1st - 12:35pm | Patrick

Was just there for my first time. Stayed 1 week at Big Trees. Explored many trails including Mist to Nevada Falls and down the JMT. Also Cathedral Lake on first day. Altitude kicked our butts. Beautiful Park! Looking forward to return and backpack. 

Survey Says National Park Service Is Far from the Best Government Agency to Work For

Oct 1st - 05:31am | Rob

I have worked seasonally, and term, since 9/11.

Stargazing Event Coming To Cades Cove In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Sep 30th - 13:18pm | Owen Hoffman

Dome out and join the fun!  There will be a large number of different types of telescopes being used, each staffed by a knowledgeable amateur astronomer (and at least one professional astronomer).  I will serve as the roving MC for this event.  Let's hope for clear skies.

Segways in the National Parks: Do We Really Need Them?

Sep 30th - 11:25am | argalite

To the people with bad knees:  get a wheelchair!  I have bad knees and would rather ride a bike, particularly in wilderness, but I can't.  Segways are not street legal, so no roads, and they take up too much room on the trails, which were not designed for them.  Now if you want to use the Honda U3X, that might be ok, as it does not take up too much room

Sep 29th - 18:14pm | Wil

OIG: National Park Service Director Skirted Ethics Office In Writing Book, Reprimanded

Sep 30th - 10:53am | Pennsylvania Farmboy

It's curious to me, Disgruntled Citizen, that you mention only Republican presidents.

Sep 29th - 12:34pm | Disgruntled Citizen

The man knew the rules when he accepted the appointment,  so there is NO excuse for breaking them! The public's lack of trust in our government is due to such actions by the likes of Nixon, Reagan, George W. Bush and now Jarvis. Why are others made to"toe the line", while Jarvis be excused? No, his reprimand was necessary.

Clyde Butcher Captures National Parks In Black And White

Sep 30th - 09:16am | Gail Jenner

Love anything that portrays our beautiful national parks....would love to share that my book, HISTORIC REDWOODS NATIONAL AND STATE PARKS, also just out in celebration of the NPS's 100th Anniversary! We have so much to be grateful for in the preservation of these sacred places! I will be looking for this book, to be sure!  Gail L. Jenner

Rebirth Spreading Across Burned Area Of Shenandoah National Park

Sep 29th - 14:14pm | Alex M

Do eastern hemlocks typically show regeneration after a fire?

Association Calls For Tobacco Ban At All Parks And Recreation Centers

Sep 29th - 12:16pm | JoAnne Bissell

Research shows in the US we have 36.1 + million people with respiratory diseases. This does not include the new lung cancers diagnosed every year. We also need campfire free areas for those of us who do not want to or cannot stand the exposure (many things are burned besides wood). I go to the country for clean air not campfire smoke.

Sep 29th - 11:16am | John Grabill

National parks have much bigger problems then visitors that smoke.  How about concentrating on those issues rather then telling me how to live my life!  Smoking is banned in buildings and on most trails.  I don't like hearing generators running and they pollute the air too.  Let's ban them.  Campfires are not good for the environment, so let's ban them.

Sep 29th - 08:38am | ecbuck

So I guess we all agree on this one. Everyone but Rick who wants to force others to live the way Rick thinks they should live.  

Sep 29th - 06:33am | Richard B. Atki...

If the National or State parks want to do this, then they will lose business.  I don't mind not smoking in doors, however, if I am outdoors in the open, people around me will not be that affected from "secondary smoke".  It will disapate rapidly.  Smokers, believe it or not, have constitutional rights also and this could be a possible lawsuit if enough smokers wanted to challenge

Sep 28th - 21:59pm | Randy N

as long as they agree not to accept any tax money from tobacco or related items from local state or federal agencie. they should also refuse any and all tax monies from alcohol sales or allow it in the parks...alcohol has been traced back to more whole family deaths at one time than second hand smoke.....also ban football baseball  bike riding........I think you get the point

Sep 28th - 21:37pm | Lee Dalton

NRPA, like thousands of other organizations and groups, is perfectly within its rights to advocate for government agencies to enact -- or repeal -- rules.  I was responding to an earlier commenter who seemed to think it was coming from the NPS or some other government agency. Gary's comment is absolutely correct. So I guess we all agree on this one.

Sep 28th - 18:51pm | ecbuck

Gary, for once we agree.  And for Lee - it is not a government agency advocating for this move (at least not in this article) but the NRPA is advocating that a government agency enact the rule  

Sep 28th - 18:41pm | Gary Wilson

I'm definitely not a smoker, and personally hate being anywhere near people that are smoking.  I do find it irritating when I walk to a visitor center, and there's always some guy standing right near the entrance smoking while kids and people are entering.

Sep 28th - 17:43pm | Lee Dalton

Let's make it clear that this is not a government agency advocating this move. 

Sep 28th - 16:33pm | Rick B.


Higher Entrance, Camping Fees Coming To Olympic National Park

Sep 28th - 18:01pm | micha

I was told there is no more fees for the entrence to the sul duc valley. True?  

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