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Hillary Clinton Wants To Create An American Parks Trust Fund

Jun 3rd - 11:33am | SmokiesBackpacker

Kurt, it is always the same people with the same name calling of other contributors. The ad hominem attacks are so tirelessly predictable. I know that you are being very diplomatic but some of these same folks have been tossed off other forums for the same behavior.  Just sayin....   Perhaps you could consider requiring that folks donate to NPT for the ability to post here.

Jun 3rd - 10:51am | Kurt Repanshek

C'mon folks, please don't cast aspersions about...

Jun 3rd - 10:48am | Rick B.

You don't have what it takes to be my boss, my wife, my professor, or anything else. Why I would answer to someone stuck in junior high school debate society is beyond me. What is deafening is my mostly trying to ignore you for the sad troll you are.

Jun 3rd - 07:46am | ecbuck

Trying to blame the NPS for all this is a false assumption. I haven't "blamed" the NPS for anything on this thread.  In this case the blame would squarely land on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton and anyone that agreed to pursue her "various groups" agenda.   

Jun 2nd - 22:04pm | Rick B.

I agree with you, NAC.

Jun 2nd - 22:00pm | Lee Dalton

Trying to blame the NPS for all this is a false assumption.  In every case when a new area is proposed for inclusion, it is not the NPS where the idea originates.  Instead pressure begins with some group of people who have some kind of special interest for whatever reason in a particular area.

Jun 2nd - 20:21pm | ecbuck

NAC - look at the words.  "Preserves" not "creates".  "Cultures" not "various groups".  It says nothing about a "fair representation".  If there is a cultural resource that deserves and warrants preservation and can't get it any other way, OK.  But the NPS has no business identifying a culture or group and then looking for something to preserve.  

Jun 2nd - 20:07pm | rmackie

Agree Alfred, the part on renewables bothered me also.   

Jun 2nd - 17:09pm | Not A Conservative

It is not the mission of the NPS to " touch various groups and cultures not already represented in the system."   

Jun 2nd - 15:09pm | ecbuck

Fund the parks properly and be done with it. Yep - just print more money. Who cares you are bankrupting our kids and grandkids.

Jun 2nd - 15:04pm | Lee Dalton

Yeah, but have you ever heard of a floppy disk being hacked? Alfred is right.  Fund the parks properly and be done with it.  

Jun 2nd - 13:58pm | Alfred Runte

This is the part that worries me: The Democratic presidential candidate on Wednesday released the six-point plan, which also calls for revitalizing city parks, doubling the size of the outdoor economy over the next decade, and overseeing a "ten-fold increase in renewable energy production on public lands and waters within ten years."

Jun 2nd - 11:23am | ecbuck

Maybe by cutting Congressional pork at the Pentagon?  

Jun 2nd - 10:14am | Lee Dalton

"Of course the biggest question is how will this be funded?  " Maybe by cutting Congressional pork at the Pentagon?  

Jun 2nd - 09:35am | ecbuck

I don't have a problem with a Trust Fund and until the last two paragraphs, I agree with its mission.  It is not the mission of the NPS to " touch various groups and cultures not already represented in the system."  Of course the biggest question is how will this be funded?  

Jun 2nd - 09:34am | Todd N

You're funny

Jun 2nd - 08:56am | Danny Wells

More liberal b.s.!

Yellowstone National Park Releases Its Own App

Jun 2nd - 17:15pm | Not A Conservative

Though this app isn't the most outstanding example in the Apple app store really is fairly impressive with features that will be useful without being too bloated.

Traveler Poll: Should President Obama Designate A National Monument In Maine's North Woods?

Jun 2nd - 16:56pm | ecbuck

In fact, one of the prime arguments that opponents use to oppose the park idea is that it is "cut-over" forest that is nothing special.  And one the primary arguments for it is that it is "the wildest unprotected lands in the Northern Forest" that needs to be preserved.

Jun 2nd - 16:38pm | Michael Kellett

EC, Sorry Michael,  I have walked through these lands and find them far from degraded.   If that is her goal, prevent degradation, she can put the land in a trust, let her endowment fund it and prevent any of the activities you fear.  No need to get the feds involved at all. 

Jun 1st - 17:06pm | ecbuck

few people want to visit a "working" landscape degraded by logging, logging roads, and other industrial activities.

Jun 1st - 16:01pm | Michael Kellett

EC, There would be no roads, no campgrounds, no bath and shower facilities?  No visitor centers, no museums, no cafeterias?  It would indeed be a unique unit of the NPS system.

Jun 1st - 11:56am | ecbuck

The monument would be protected from development, In what way?  There would be no roads, no campgrounds, no bath and shower facilities?  No visitor centers, no museums, no cafeterias?  It would indeed be a unique unit of the NPS system.

Jun 1st - 11:34am | Michael Kellett

Some points in response to comments:

May 31st - 18:16pm | Siglin1

Someone mentioned  that the Quimby land could be donated to Baxter State Park. Sounded like a good ideea to me and less controversial.

The Real Story About The Bison Calf That Took A Ride In The Car

Jun 2nd - 11:14am | Mike Wood

I understand your point about the natural order of life but this calf could have been relocated. I would imagine 100s of people would have raised the calf. I don't like government as it is and Im sure they did not tell us the truth about the calf just like they did not tell the truth about the bear Scare Face death.  I'm just hate excuses.

Reflecting on America’s Great Outdoors: Persistent Challenges And Enduring Recommendations

Jun 2nd - 10:21am | Lee Dalton

A lot of food for thought here.  It all seems to come back to one basic foundational question, though. Are Americans willing to actually pay for the services and quality of life we want to have?

Should Anything Be Done With Angel's Landing?

Jun 2nd - 04:33am | Neil G. Barclay

Comparing Angel's Landing with the other "dangerous" places mentioned is not addressing the primary criteria.  Angel's Landing kills more people per year than any of the other trails, in Zion or elsewhere.  It is the frequency of deaths that is the issue.  Regarding which point, the thing to do is what I've advocated for years: close that damn trail.  The Park closed the tra

Oil Refinery CEO: Once Opponents Learn More, They'll Be "A Little Bit More Relaxed"

Jun 1st - 23:43pm | gaynor henry

I am in love with TRNP. The horses, the bison, the deer and other wildlife. I simply cannot believe that this is being considered much less allowed. How long before there is a leak? How long before that stench invades the lungs of every human and animal? Has there even been a lont-term environmental impact study done??? I am beyond appalled. 

Great Smoky Mountains Proposes Fee Increases For Campgrounds, Pavilions

Jun 1st - 21:18pm | asisson

      Have we forgotten what the NPS and our National Parks were founded on?  I do not have any sympathy for the GSMNP and their justification of needing more fees for the front country camping.  I just filled out a comment opposing this increase.   

Jun 1st - 20:19pm | ecbuck

Just as with the current anti-intellectual bent of the more conservative politicians these days, 

Jun 1st - 17:54pm | Rick B.

Just as with the current anti-intellectual bent of the more conservative politicians these days, I am concerned when I read of "so-called scientists" or "science" in bogie-man quote marks.  

Jun 1st - 15:48pm | Anonymous

Tahoma, I think every major national park, should have biologists and resource managers.  Mount Rainier has a wide variety of flora, and fauna and those resources should be protected, and hence, resource management becomes a necessity.  There is no doubt in my mind a botonist is of great importance at Mt Rainier.

Jun 1st - 15:32pm | Kurt Repanshek

OK, c'mon guys, please don't get started.

Jun 1st - 15:32pm | Gary Wilson

LOL!  Yeah, right.  I have to laugh at Johnny Quillen (smokies hack) thinking he is a beneficiary to the park.  You have actually cost the park (and the taxpayers that fund it) quite a lot money in your lies, and trumped up conspiracies.  I'm willing to bet those frivilous lawsuits you like to file have cost taxpayers, as well as the park 10's if not over a hundred thousands

Jun 1st - 11:52am | tahoma

Lee Dalton asks:If YOU were the NPS director or head of BLM or USFS or even state and local parks, what would YOU do?I'd suggest the following as some ways a NPS Director might provide more funding, if their first priority was the best-possible current system rather than more units, more programs, and more development.

Jun 1st - 10:04am | KBenzar


Jun 1st - 09:53am | Lee Dalton

There is a difference between people who live in their large RVs and those who go "camping" a few weekends a year.  In the past, many Americans would never have considered going camping.  But now that they can take all the comforts of home with them, they are filling the woods and parks and deserts.

Jun 1st - 09:07am | rmackie

A good point Dahkota, I have retired friends who do as you do, their motor home is their residence. Ido think fees are an issue, I support camping, entrance fees, but it can get get out of hand. Here in  California we have state parks that charge 50.00 a night for a campsite, there are now proposals for parking fees in high use areas for pullouts.  

Jun 1st - 07:30am | dahkota doesn't add a fee to reservations at Smoky Mountain National Park. In fact, they don't add fees to most of their campground reservations. ReserveAmerica does, but transfers users to for any bookings for federal sites.

Jun 1st - 07:07am | SmokiesBackpacker

As a park volunteer I donate a lot of time to the Smokies.  If I were to put a dollar figure on it I would say that I personally donate $2000 dollars per year in time to the Smokies, based on my pay in the private sector.  How about you, Leo?  

May 31st - 22:13pm | Lee Dalton

Smoky, first you're dodging the question and failed to tell us how much YOU personally contributed to the parks in your taxes. Second, you're misinterpreting data from the Green Book.  The president proposes a budget.  Congress than adds to or subtracts from the proposal.  The Park Service is not assured of annual budget increases.

May 31st - 17:31pm | ecbuck

While I am not one that is diametrically opposed to rising fees I wouldn't lobby for more parks that would further stretch the budget (North Woods) and instead would work to eliminate certain park units that either don't fit the mission or could be managed effectively by state, local or private entities.  

May 31st - 17:30pm | Lee Dalton

There are three major dealers of RV vehicles within a few miles of my home.  They all have at least 100 RVs in their lots waiting to be sold.    Some are nearly 40 feet long.  They will be purchased by Americans and will add to the already clogged campgrounds in our parks and forests.  How many other similar dealerships exist nation wide?

May 31st - 16:31pm | Sonja Dohse

These parks are ours!  Sick of the Park Service.  They market Yosemite like Disneyland all over the world.  I am born in America and I can't reserve a campground, unless I do it 6 months ahead of time.  The Park Service/National Forest just want to make money to feather thier pockets and fund thier benifits and retirement.  We are all stupid....we can complain all

May 31st - 14:10pm | KBenzar

There is an 800-pound gorilla in this proposal that is easily overlooked. It's hidden in this sentence:

Two Dead, Four Saved After Fishing Boat Capsizes At Glacier Bay National Park

Jun 1st - 17:59pm | Rick B.

One of the last things we did before moving out of Alaska was a halibut/salmon fishing charter right in this area. I feel for everyone in this small community, and am comforted by the near-universal turnout of support from local folks, NPSers, Coast Guard, etc.

Jun 1st - 17:01pm | Ken McMullin

My heart felt prayers go out to the entire party.  I have fished on this boat and in the specific fishing hole near Strawberry.  I am sincerely impacted by this tragic event.

National Park Service Director Apologizes For Ethics Lapse

Jun 1st - 06:50am | Anonymouse

The Interior IG says he lied to the Secretary, violated ethics rules, and had the poor judgment to think that a book of his would be "really powerful."   Good job JJ. Do the honorable thing and resign. 

3 Perfectly Blue Days At Crater Lake National Park

May 31st - 17:28pm | Ron Mastrogiuseppe


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