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Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammunition Stolen From Crater Lake National Park

Feb 10th - 16:44pm | John D MIchian

When a building like this is locked up for the winter and not guarded 24/7 all valuables "especially ammo" should have been removed. Not to smart!  

Feb 10th - 16:44pm | snochasr

Would be nice, though, if the NPS would offer us some simple explanation to defuse the anxiety of the headline.

Feb 10th - 12:54pm | [email protected]


Feb 9th - 20:59pm | Rick B.

I would expect any small police department to have a similar store in their armory. I would also suspect that this ammuniton is an item which is bought in case lots, probably ordered annually.

Feb 9th - 20:43pm | tahoma

Seems like ten or so law enforcement rangers, each using multiple types of firearms, might go through a thousand rounds in one training or recertification session?

Feb 9th - 16:03pm | RickyAZ

Just curious:  Why is a National Park storing 1000s of rounds of ammunition in the first place?  Dozens, scores, maybe hundreds I can see, but are these places now armories as well?

BLM Extends Comment Period For Proposed Oil And Gas Leases Near Zion National Park

Feb 10th - 16:44pm | Franklin Nanney

We already have an excess production capacity of oil and gas.  Oil and gas are at historically low prices and stand to go lower as more US capacity comes online.  Why risk drilling so close to a treasured National Park when the economic gain is decreasing and uncertain. I've been on BLM land in Virgin and enjoy is undisturbed, undeveloped beauty.

Utah Position On National Monuments Could Carry Dire Economic Impact To State

Feb 10th - 16:25pm | ecbuck

The internet never forgets.  Provide us a link to the reports of these violent Tea Party protests.

Feb 10th - 15:16pm | Lee Dalton

Apparently, in order to be a "conservative," one must have a very short memory and attention span.

Feb 10th - 11:54am | ecbuck

So you weren't watching the news when the Tea Party were doing all their costume balls

Feb 10th - 11:37am | Rick B.

So you weren't watching the news when the Tea Party were doing all their costume balls, replete with racist posters and signs all picturing President Obama in a most despicable way? They were EXACTLY what you are claiming conservatives don't do.

Feb 10th - 11:35am | beachdumb

Very well said wild places. The adults will welcome you to reality. The left is imploding and it's very embarrassing for us all.

Feb 10th - 10:18am | ecbuck

There's nothing fake about concerns over health care, women's health, and more. Its fake when in fact healh care will be better, there is no threat to women's health and the "more" is just as invalid. 

Feb 10th - 10:17am | ecbuck

Well said wild.

Feb 10th - 10:10am | wild places

I for one am very tired of protests and corporate boycotts. I have noticed that they only seem to come from one side. I don't recall conservatives marching, rioting and staging corporate boycotts when obama was elected. I find myself being pushed to the right with each additional childish protest, especially when they pretend to speak for me. Many others feel the same way.

Feb 10th - 09:56am | Lee Dalton

I met a man at the freedom march in Salt Lake last Saturday who was carrying a sign that said: I Voted For Trump :: Please Forgive Me I asked if he really had voted that way.  He replied that he had, but explained that it was because he just couldn't vote for Hillary.  So his vote was a protest of her candidacy . . . . he never expected Drumpf to actually win.

Feb 10th - 09:44am | Kurt Repanshek

I would disagree with you, EC. There's nothing "fake" about what transpired last night. Was it a vocal minority? Perhaps. But remember, the bulk of Utah's population lives on the Wasatch Front. This was Chaffitz' wheelhouse. Also notable is that similar turnouts have occurred in California, Tennessee, and I believe Michigan, at least.

Feb 10th - 08:19am | ecbuck

OK, then We are supposed to believe that represents the common opinion of people from Utah?  Hardly.  Trump won Utah by almost 20 points.  Fake news at its best.  

Feb 10th - 01:57am | Rick B.

OK, then - that sure went well.

Feb 9th - 16:59pm | Lee Dalton

m13, it looks like you got snookered by one of those False News sites.  There is absolutely no basis for this.  This is a prominent Hate the Mormons website.  About as dependable as Breitbart -- or even less so.

Feb 9th - 12:27pm | [email protected]

READ  about Mormons and Public Lands Transfers:,1934269

Feb 9th - 10:47am | Lee Dalton

From today's Deseret News:

Feb 7th - 21:31pm | SLCnative

Would personally like to see all the liberals boycott Utah.  The parks are overcrowded, and the infrastructure can't handle the growth.  I think Boulder, CO would make a wonderful new home for the show.   

Feb 7th - 20:18pm | ecbuck

Yes dahkota, you may boycott the state.  On the other hand, I may visit it.  The country is split 50/50. For every boycott, there is likely an endorsement visit. And no, fake news is not something you don't agree on.  Fake news is taking an event, comment, opinion.... and expressing it as significant fact when it is neither significant or a fact.    

Feb 7th - 19:41pm | ecbuck

1)Do the math - its minor fraction of a percent of business in the state.  2) Takes no account of the business that may flow because of the reversal.  At its worst, it might be called incovenient for some, they might "miss" it but "Dire"?  Hardly.  

Feb 7th - 19:36pm | dahkota

Yes, ec, it will have just a small effect. However, if many people decide to vacation somewhere besides Utah, and other companies/events start boycotting Utah, the small effect will add up. Just take a look at North Carolina. While the direct effect on tax revenue may be small, the economic impact on businesses that depend on tourist trade is large.

Feb 7th - 19:30pm | Rick B.

Thank you, Kurt. Let those businesses themselves tell us that they won't miss 45 million.

Feb 7th - 19:24pm | justinh

Agreed, Megaera.

National Park Service Completes Planning For Rehabbing Arlington Memorial Bridge, Needs $100 Million+ To Do The Work

Feb 10th - 08:58am | ecbuck

The fact the Park Service is responsible for this bridge and the  GW, BW Parkways is ridiculous. 

Oil Refinery Proposed Near Theodore Roosevelt National Park Applies For Water Permit

Feb 10th - 08:37am | justinh

This is really, really awful.  I doubt TR would approve of this project.

Your Guide To The National Parks, 2nd Edition

Feb 9th - 19:08pm | Kathy

I have the first addition and it is my go to book when planning our national park adventure.  Info is accurate and relevant.  Especially like the don't miss highlights

Culled Gettysburg Deer Provide Nearly 8,500 Pounds Of Venison For Food Banks

Feb 9th - 18:36pm | drew hanson

Great story. I am in complete support.

Plains Bison Have Officially Returned To Banff National Park

Feb 9th - 12:45pm | Rick B.

Great story indeed. Which herd were these transplants from?

Feb 9th - 08:38am | justinh

Great story.

Musings About National Park Diplomacy

Feb 9th - 08:07am | justinh

Same here, Gary.

Feb 8th - 20:30pm | Gary Wilson

Articles like this bring a smile to many faces.  Thanks Lee!  During the height of tourist season, when i'm out in the field and trying to get to a location, I find that some of my favorite trail conversations are with those visiting from other countries.

Feb 8th - 15:55pm | Mike Painter

It's always nice to read your writings, Lee. Thanks!

Feb 8th - 13:56pm | rmackie

Lee, just a wonderful post, thank you for your efforts. 

Feb 8th - 11:47am | y_p_w

In the current political climate, I've even heard a few calls saying that our federal lands should only be accessible to citizens and perhaps permanent residents.  I personally think that kind of xenophobia is sad.  International visitors are an important source of tourist income.

Feb 8th - 11:17am | Owen Hoffman

Thank you Lee for a wonderful article.  You prove once again that you can take the ranger out of the park, but you cannot take the park out of the ranger (America's best outdoor ambassadors).  Many more of us should follow your outstanding example and try our skills at Overlook Outdoor Ambassadors even though we no longer wear the green and grey of the NPS.

Feb 8th - 09:51am | Rick B.

Great article, Lee. I admire your experience, and have to wonder what sort o experience they would have had i one o the xenophobes who want to keep international visitors out, or to charge them a greater fee.

Feb 8th - 09:28am | Danielle Graham

Thank you, Lee Dalton.  You make Americans and grandfathers proud. 

Feb 8th - 07:24am | Rebecca Latson ...

Lee, I love this article!  National Parks not only make great introductions to others of America, but also great introductions to who we are as Americans - at least, for those of us willing to reach out and make that introduction to a stranger from a different country.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Feb 8th - 19:23pm | Jack Hix

I believe the hiker did what he had to do at the time the bear was charging at the other hiker when he fired his weapon.and a bear can cover quite a distance in a Split Second. The bear was found a hundred feet away from the shell casings you better reread the article again.

Poll Says Westerners Want Public Lands Protected, But Will It Matter?

Feb 8th - 16:12pm | Rick B.

Thanks, tomp2. That makes sense. Can't let a snail darter or an old growth forest stand in the way of development.

Feb 8th - 15:52pm | tomp2

Rick B. The refuge system is only 1 of 6 or 7 parts of what FWS does.  They also do endangered species act listings and section 10 permitting, and substantial numbers of citizens are opposed to letting a tiny fish or slow bird stand in the way of what they want to do with public lands & waters.

National Park Service History eLibrary Additions For February

Feb 8th - 16:05pm | tomp2

Thank you for maintaining this resource, Harry!   I have a suggestion for you:

Hiring Freeze Leaves National Park Staffing In Limbo

Feb 8th - 10:45am | Sue Ann Wolven

I have been employed commercially on the north entrance of Yellowstone Park and I have seen first hand all the work park employees have had over the past several years.

Ten Important African American Sites You Might Not Know

Feb 8th - 10:31am | justinh

Great article.

Congressmen Wants To Restrict National Park Service Oversight Of Oil And Gas Development In Parks

Feb 7th - 22:33pm | Tim Slack

After native peoples were driven out of their lands onto what were thought to be barren portions of Oklahoma, those Oklahoma lands later were found to hold oil and gas. Greedy politicians & equally greedy corporations then lied, cheated and otherwise stole THOSE lands.

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