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Op-Ed | Anti-Ranch Activists Use Familiar Playbook

Aug 8th - 13:13pm | NPSWatch

"NPT Staff", I read the scoping letter the ranchers sent to the park that you kindly provided the link to. It is 32 pages, so let me summarize it here. This is what the ranchers said in the letter:    Introduction:

Aug 6th - 20:49pm | FL

Working for an environmental nonprofit organization, as Ms. Trainer did, is not a definition of a paid publicist, at least not to anyone I know. Having a website that encourages people to hire one to write their stories certainly comes much closer. Ms. Trainer wasn't engaging in journalism when she went out with the reporter, Mr. Lopez (whose series has been excellent, by the way). Mr.

Aug 6th - 14:07pm | Sarah Rolph

The notion that either Phyllis Faber or I are paid publicists is absurd.  Ms. Faber is a respected scientist and environmental activist. She co-founded the Marin Agricultural Land Trust and was on the founding board of the California Coastal Commission. She is highly informed on this issue and would be the last person to oversimplify environmental issues. 

Aug 6th - 09:30am | Laurel Golden

I understand Ms Rolph had a point of view and a book to sell but her depiction of the oyster farm operation is incorrect. They oyster farm was not benign but diplaced the ecosystem that belongs in Drakes Bay. Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times writer, is currently on a trip down California's coast and stopped at Drakes Bay.

Aug 5th - 20:45pm | FL

Ms. Rolph obviously hasn't gotten over her disappointment at the loss of the oyster farm's lease. Many of us who love oysters love wilderness even more, though, and we were not sorry to see that Secty. Salazar did not renew Mr. Lunny's lease.

Aug 5th - 20:03pm | Gordon Bennett

Pro-Ranch Activists Use Familiar Playbook Ms. Rolph's simplistic celebration of Mr. Lunny's pro-ranching claim about the environmental benefits of current ranching practices at Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS) are intemperate boasts that have brought down upon PRNS ranchers themselves the similarly intemperate accusations of anti-ranching advocates.

Aug 5th - 10:02am | Phyllis Faber

This is a wonderful and accurate statement.

Are National Parks An Appropriate Backdrop For Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue?

Aug 8th - 12:31pm | argalite

Al Runte says Trump might make a good environmental president? Does not "believe" in science (climate change) Seleted an energy advisor that does not "believe" in science (climate change) Yes, that should be good

Aug 8th - 12:27pm | argalite

Busineses pay for comercials in parks.  Which is sicker, showing people, or showing the instrument that enables climate change (cars with internal combustion engines)?

Aug 8th - 12:27pm | trailadvocate

You (Tahoma) sure about that?  With Hilliarly's husband as Director of Artisitic Expression in our Parks, the White House and across the country, one can only imagine.  Probably would be just limitied to outdoor slumber parties leaving the Secret Service at the gate:).    

Aug 8th - 12:26pm | Gary Wilson

Can one get arrested for wearing a bikini in a National Park?  No.  So, the permit is pretty straight forward in my opinion.  If this same woman in the photo was seen firing an arrow into a grizzly bear, or using an axe to cut down a redwood tree, or whacking a salamander with a stick, then that would be harmful to the park resources and that would be a violation of the commercia

Aug 8th - 12:00pm | Alfred Runte

Good points, Gary, and Illex, and yes, the national parks have always been used as "backdrops." And always will be. What's the difference here? The elevation of a "backdrop" into a sales pitch. Does it matter what the "product" is?

Aug 8th - 11:37am | Gary Wilson

Ahh boy, I'm so offended.

Aug 8th - 11:24am | Alfred Runte

I would call it "hopeful" speculation, RodF. So far, the three men (dare I say men?) New York State has sent to the White House have been splendid conservationists. The distinguished historian Samuel P. Hays, observing that "fact" years ago, linked it to New York State's environment.

Aug 8th - 11:15am | Ilex_Opaca

Call me crazy, but I don't see the big deal. This thing has been going on the entire 13 years I worked for the parks. I've seen lingere shoots, bathing suits, other fashion shoots, music videos with scantly clad women, etc. Is it only causing a stir now because it's a big name magazine and it's the Centennial year?

Aug 8th - 06:59am | SmokiesBackpacker

More embarrassment for the NPS on their 100th anniversary.  Jarvis is providing us with more prostitutional fodder.  Beer and bathing suits.  Muir and Mather.  Rich heritage.

Aug 8th - 02:36am | RodF

Mr. Runte, "facts"?!  Or sheer speculation?  Please point us to a clear policy statement by Mr. Trump on National Parks, public lands, conservation or natural resource issues.  I am unable to find one. 

Aug 8th - 01:10am | Rick B.

Understood, Lee, but I don't think they should take pictures for "Killing Endangered Species Monthly" in the parks either.

Aug 7th - 23:03pm | Lee Dalton

That would be nice, Rick, but consider this: We need to stay alert because there are real threats out there.

Aug 7th - 22:47pm | rmackie

Nice response Alfred, the issue however was the SI article and the loosening of the commercialization standards in our National Parks. I felt your response, as much as I agree with most of it, was not on subject, I understand it is difficult to discuss some of the issues without bringing in the political realities.

Aug 7th - 22:20pm | Cher

its a vicinity shoot. Not playboy or penthouse or hustler. SI is going down hill. More trash than beauty. And the women lower their standards.  Sad and Pathetic. Leave our national parks out of your trashy magazines. 

Aug 7th - 18:11pm | Rick B.

Call me silly, but I kinda think "you liberal god haters" sounds pretty ad hominem for these halls.   I'd be pretty happy if we could keep the mud blood and beer of the Presidential campaigns out of NPT. Once either the candidates wins we can contemplate the projected effects on the NPS.

Aug 7th - 17:53pm | Alfred Runte

No one is asking you to go anywhere, Ron. The history speaks for itself. If you don't like the history, there is nothing I can do about it. Certainly, when Americans start calling history "stirring the pot," our problems go deeper than we know. As for my interpretations, they are still based on observable history. In that case, tell me where I am wrong.

Aug 7th - 17:08pm | rmackie

Alfred, I know you like to stir the pot, one of the reasons I read your posts. On this one, I am not going to go there. . 

Aug 7th - 16:18pm | Alfred Runte

Repeat after me: This happened under the Obama Administration. So far, at least, Donald Trump has taken no oath of office that binds him to protect the parks. Mr. Obama, Mr. Salazar, Ms. Jewell, and Mr. Jarvis have. That's point number one.

Aug 7th - 16:04pm | Ethical Retired...

Jon Jaris's "Zero tolerance" policy regarding sexual harassement is off to a great start, with apparent NPS approval of these sexually provocative poses using Yellowstone National Park as a backdrop.  The NPS Public Affairs guy may not have a problem with this, but I agree with others who believe that using a National Park in this context is offensive.

Aug 7th - 15:43pm | David Hernandez

Hell YES!  

Aug 7th - 14:37pm | Vic chamoun

what does Trump have to do with any of this? I would think your liberal God haters would be responsible for the lack of morals in this country! 

Aug 7th - 14:09pm | Lee Dalton

One important detail that is not included in the article is the fact that during the photo shoot at Yellowstone Falls, three husbands were tossed into the canyon by their wives because they were looking too long at the scenery. But this is probably a logical extension of NPS endorsement of various beverages that "remove NO from your vocabulary . . . "

Aug 7th - 13:43pm | Siglin1

Unbelievable. The NPS is really going downhill and I hope PEER gets a full answer to it's FOI. It remindes me of how the 100th aniversary is being used to promote visitation with little mention of the purposes of NP's and the Service as laid out in the founding legislation and subsequent legislation.

Aug 7th - 13:09pm | rmackie

Thank you Jane Anzelmo, so much for keeping the National Parks free from commercialization, I feel this is the product of the current disregard for the policies long established for our parks. shame on the NPS Director  A sad day indeed. 

Aug 7th - 12:35pm | SR

People pay to preserve and see the natural beauty of the national parks.  We don't pay to preserve it so that Sports Illustrated can make money off of it at our expense. These preserved national parks should be kept natural and undefiled. 

Aug 7th - 12:26pm | JW

You know what hurts the National Park Service image?  Slaughtering bison & poisoning streams and lakes.  

Aug 7th - 11:57am | DA

What I see here is not a swimsuit issue. One of the photos doesn't even have all the swimsuit pieces! And these poses. Really?! They're not how real people look when they're outdoors in active wear. In my opinion, it cheapens the NP image... I'd prefer the family friendly one. I've never had any use for Sports Illustrated, and am not in their target market. Even less so, now.

Aug 7th - 10:01am | Joan Anzelmo

This is very disturbing for numerous reasons. This year the NPS invited every fourth grader in the U.S. and their families to visit parks and provided a park pass to enable this. Surely this is not the image the NPS wants to display to millions of American families they have expressly invited to visit.

Aug 7th - 09:54am | tahoma

We can expect a lot more outrageous exploitation of our parks after the Trumpocalypse:

Colorful Mount Rainier

Aug 8th - 11:06am | Peg O'Mallley

Gary Vogt has been taking awsome nature photographs of Mt. Rainier for years.   It's great that he's published here.

National Parks Are Managed In Very Inconsistent Ways...Or Are They?

Aug 8th - 10:17am | Abby Wines

Death Valley National Park had moratorium on all sporting events, which included the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon, while safety protocols for these permits were evaluated. That evaluation period is done, and sporting events have been permitted again the last two years. The Badwater 135 Ultramarathon used to start in the morning from Badwater, but is now required by the NPS to start at night.

Will Congress Pass A Centennial Bill For The National Park Service?

Aug 8th - 08:29am | Lee Dalton

No matter what Congress may do, we all have to remain vigilant and watch out for all sorts of possible riders or amendments that might be sneaked into an appropriations bill.

Meet The Press: National Park Service Director Addresses National Press Club

Aug 7th - 15:40pm | Anonymous

ecbuck asks "Please share that [maintenance backlog] information with us."

A View From The Overlook: Nudity And The National Parks

Aug 7th - 09:32am | Captain Mitch

We have been to the hot springs at BB NP, enjoyed 20 or 30 minutes there, nude before a bunch of toursts showed up. Also have enjoyed nude hiking all over the country. Most adults sleep in the nude, so when I have to urinate at 0'dark thirty I'm not going to get dressed to leave the tent !  So, as the whole world knows, are completely childish and immature when it comes to nudity.

Summer's Crowds Bursting At The Seams In Some National Parks

Aug 6th - 19:23pm | tahoma

"[Mount Rainier] is experiencing extremely high visitation that is creating long wait times at the Nisqually and White River entrances, and heavy road and parking lot congestion. On July 31, wait times to enter the park approached two hours in the early afternoon at the Nisqually Entrance, and exceeded one hour at the White River Entrance.

Aug 6th - 08:17am | Jane

I juste visites Canyonlands too, the south rim anyway, and it was the only actual park I visited where I felt surrounded by wilderness. There was one moment where all other cars had departed from trailhead and I was left alone near a series of petroglyphs, and for just a few fleeting moments I had what I would call the "national parks experience." All other parks were packed. My pet peeve?

This Internship with NPS Submerged Resources Center Could be a Diver's Dream

Aug 6th - 19:10pm | Bryan Smith

I'm a Assistant Scuba Instructor,and Head Tech repairman at the world headquarters for Scuba Educators International-{The old YMCA scuba program}, We also operatate PDIC agency. I'm very interested in becoming a National Park Diver!  I've logged close to 3000 dives, most of witch are saltwater dives.

Xanterra Parks & Resorts Abandoning Efforts To Trademark Business Names On South Rim Of Grand Canyon National Park

Aug 6th - 13:53pm | David Corban

This effort to trademark historic names that belong to the people of the United States must stop.

By the Numbers: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Aug 5th - 22:13pm | Lee Dalton

Amen, Rick.  We may not be able to change history, but we should all be working hard not to repeat our past errors instead of trying to Make America Hate Again.  

Aug 5th - 16:37pm | Rick B.

Sorry, Fred, about your headache, but your justifications would excuse the excesses of the Crusades and every other roughshod and genocidal memory. Frankly, I'd rather treat every body better, and have less history to complain about.

Aug 5th - 15:43pm | Fred T Coffman

All of the whining on here makes me wonder just how smart America is. Do the Indians really believe the land is theirs? Where did they get it from? Simple answer is they conquered some other people that were there before them. That is the way all of history went down. Russia just annexed Crimea, do you think they will give out reparations?

Conversation With A Concessionaire: Running The Pisgah Inn On The Blue Ridge Parkway

Aug 5th - 09:13am | Lynda Damrill

This area is close to my childhood home so I know how beautiful it is.Thanks to your incredible pictures more of your readers will be able to share its beauty as well. It is always wonderful to hear about the little guy winning over the conglomerate .Great job Bruce.Wish there were more like you.Thanks for your heartfelt article ;t gave me lots to smile about.

Adventure-Journal: Mr. Uberuaga Should Not Have Been Given Grand Canyon National Park Promotion

Aug 5th - 01:13am | trailadvocate

Well, don't stop at Jarvis or his superior or her superior.  They all serve at the pleasure of , who?  It's all rigged!  What a mess!  Good people are being eliminated because of who?   What a mess!  Clean house and I dont mean just the fall guys!

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