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Op-Ed | The True Meaning Of Soda Mountain: The White House Is Giving Away Our Public Lands

Aug 17th - 18:09pm | ecbuck

Beach - a very good watch.  Clearly shows the many horrendously inaccurate predictions of AGW "science" as well as the massive manipulation of data.  Also an interesting story about how his mentor had his government funding cut off after he told Al Gore (then VP) that he didn't believe in Al's GW theories.  

Aug 17th - 16:32pm | Siglin1

          +1# wantrealdemocracy 2016-08-17 14:05 "There is no doubt what's heating up the atmosphere: it's the carbon and methane we're pouring into the atmosphere" WRONG!!

Aug 17th - 14:05pm | beachdumb

Here is the best overview of why a lot of people are skeptical of the climate change agenda. It's a video made last month.

Aug 17th - 13:14pm | Anonymous

Predicting the coming of christ, is not quantifiable.  Measuring weather patterns and anomalies, and observing distinct changes in the behavior of wildlife species within an environment to predict future results is very much quantifiable.  May we quit with the hyperbole?

Aug 17th - 12:44pm | Alfred Runte

As you all banter, you prove my point. Anonymous says: "these results occur over decades, into centuries." Exactly. And what does Mother Earth have in store for us next? Even if Adam and Eve began our current bout of climate change, Mother Earth will still get her say.

Aug 17th - 10:43am | ecbuck

Your talking points don't address at all the inaccurate forecasts identified in my links.  And the fact that a few predictions were true doesn't negate the fact that the vast majority were wrong.  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.  

Aug 17th - 10:30am | tahoma

I read the denial links ec provided a couple days ago and was not impressed.  Most of their talking points are well-rebutted at these links:

Aug 17th - 09:59am | Kurt Repanshek

I think it would really help lend some credence, Anonymous, if you would reveal yourself. One of the downfalls of the Internet is hiding behind a wall of invisibility. While there certainly are times for anonymity, a discussion on climate change and its drivers is not one of them.

Aug 17th - 09:55am | Anonymous

You continue to talk like someone that has never spent a day in a lab, or even has an iota of understanding in regards to the scientific method.  The problem seems to stem from allowing politicians to shape your opinion. 

Aug 17th - 09:32am | ecbuck

You don't need peer reviewed research to observe that a prediction didn't come true.  Are you claiming all the AGW predictions have been accurate?  Even the UNIPCC doesn't beleive that.  The predictions have been horribly wrong because the "science" upon which they were based is garbage.

Aug 17th - 09:08am | Anonymous

Please post peer-reviewed research documents, and not links to propaganda sites if you want intelligent people to take you seriously.

Aug 17th - 08:30am | ecbuck

anon - baseless accusations? Questionable publications?  Perhaps you would like to get specific and identify those baseless accusations. The National Review is a questionable publication?  The Washington Times is a questionable publication? The Telegraph and the UNIPCC are questionable publications?

Aug 17th - 06:47am | beachdumb

More accurate satellite measurements of the lower troposphere show July as quite a bit cooler than both July 1998 and 2010. In fact, this is the coolest El Nino July in over 20 years. 

Aug 16th - 22:09pm | Anonymous

Seems that those predictions are coming to pass even as NPT s resident troll makes baseless accusations based on stories in a few questionable publications.   He must be a fiddle player.

Aug 16th - 19:53pm | Anonymous

Realtors killing off scientists?  Sounds like the same thing is happens here, except in this case they are being drowned out by a realtor without any obvious skillset in science.  

Aug 16th - 18:48pm | ecbuck

So tell us Siglin1 - why have the predictions been so wrong?  Whether July was the hotest month of any year since record keeping began (which is a miniscule fraction of the history of our planet)  is irrelevant.

Aug 16th - 17:52pm | Siglin1

"July 2016 was the warmest month ever recorded, the latest in a slew of new temperature records set in the past several years, according to two new reports.

Aug 16th - 15:46pm | Alfred Runte

Better said, everyone, the science is "incomplete." It's why we are still doing research. The question is: What will even that research show? My position is that it will never show a roadmap to sustainability, because the very thought goes against the physics. We all die, for one thing. Some scientists promise us a lifespan of 200 years, but we still seem to die at 70 or 80.

Aug 16th - 12:29pm | ecbuck

No. We turn our back on you, personally, and ignore whatever questions you pose.

Aug 16th - 12:03pm | Rick B.

No. We turn our back on you, personally, and ignore whatever questions you pose.We have all tried. For years NO engagement with you has been productive. "Discussing" with you is like sticking your finger into one of those Chinese finger traps. A decision to not engage is not a confession.

Aug 16th - 11:44am | ecbuck

Argalite, why have the predictions been so wrong?

Aug 16th - 10:52am | Rick B.

Bottom line, argalite, no one is obligated to engage with those who live under bridges.

Aug 16th - 10:30am | argalite

Ecbuck is teasing me!  Statements without references are just bait.  The world is hotter, glaciers are melting, get a clue loser.

Aug 15th - 22:12pm | Anonymous

Since you seem to deny everything, perhaps you can add to the data of cancer research in radioactive exclusion zones by spending a few months living within Fukushima, or Chernobyl.

Aug 15th - 21:56pm | ecbuck

Still waiting argalite, and the Ricks and Lee and Ron and half dozen others,  if it is science.  if it is quatified data, if it is undenyable, why have the predictions been so wrong.    Crickets.

Reader Participation Day: Are You Avoiding National Parks This Year?

Aug 17th - 17:22pm | Kurt Repanshek

Send us pictures, Megaera, or post some on our flickr site:

Aug 17th - 17:20pm | Megaera

I've been traveling cross-countries (U.S. and now I'm in Canada) for the last 2 1/2 months (a couple of months to go still), and have visited maybe 20 or so different national park units in the U.S. during that time.  The only place I ran into really bad crowds was Acadia.

Aug 17th - 17:16pm | Rick Farber


Aug 17th - 15:25pm | Kurt Repanshek

George, just an FYI, but October is cruise ship season at Acadia. Can be quite crowded.

Aug 17th - 15:09pm | George Sanders

I visited one park so far, Glacier NP. I avoided the more popular areas like Logan Pass and Lake McDonald, so I didn't run into the crowds. Acadia NP is also on my travel schedule, but not until late in the season, October, so I should avoid the summer crowds their.

Aug 17th - 13:45pm | Rebecca Latson ...

Heading to Mt. Rainier National Park in a couple of weeks.  I like to visit the parks either during spring or autumn, not only for the temps and fall colors but also because they currently are less crowded around that time.

Aug 17th - 11:52am | mtgnppics

Went fewer times than usual due to crowds, no place to park.  Hoping things  slow up a little in a couple of weeks.

Aug 17th - 10:28am | Early riser

My wife and I are in our 70s. We visited more than 20 national parks and monuments in June and July. The strategy that works for us is to be in the parks in the early morning, before the crowds, tour busses and hot temperatures arrive.

Aug 17th - 08:54am | Ottoman

Let's see, in May I went to Keweenaw NHP, Pictured Rocks NL and Sleeping Bear Dunes NL. In June I went to Effigy Mounds NM. This August I went to Harry S Truman NHS, Homestead NM, Scott's Bluff NM, Fort Laramie NM, Agate Fossil Beds NM, Wind Cave NP, Jewel Cave NM, Mt Rushmore N Mem., Minuteman Missile NHS, Badlands NP, and Niobrara NSR.

Aug 17th - 08:47am | Lee Dalton

I'll be heading for Crater Lake, Oregon Caves, Lassen and a few others in southwestern Oregon and northern California in a few weeks.  Trying to wait until after the normally heavy season in hopes it will be a bit quieter and easier to find campsites.  We'll see.  Honestly, I'm not very optimistic in light of experiences late last fall in YELL and GRTE.

Aug 17th - 08:11am | wild places

Avoiding them altogether. Enjoying visiting less crowded less costly and off the beaten path wilderness areas.

More Than 200,000 Signatures On Petition Against Corporate Advertising In National Parks

Aug 17th - 15:50pm | ecbuck

Headline is a little misleading as we aren't really talking about advertising.  I too would be agains full fledged advertising but see nothing wrong with a small plaque acknowledging a gift.  Are all you anti guys & gals willing to step up and replace those corporate contributions?

Aug 17th - 15:18pm | Sue wanzer

lets just say the parks are the citizens parks - not to be be bought and sold and a promotional tool for corporations- enough is enough- give us our parks! 

Aug 17th - 13:55pm | Rebecca Latson ...

At the risk of sounding pessimistic, while 200,000 (or 200,001 if Lee Dalton's signature is added) seems like alot to many of us, I'm afraid that number is probably pretty paltry in terms of having any real pull with the NPS.  And no, I don't really trust that you are protecting these assets from branding and labeling.  You talk the talk, now let's see you walk the walk.

Aug 17th - 08:49am | Lee Dalton

Can they make my name number 200,001 on that petition?

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Aug 17th - 15:50pm | robert quinn

I also cant find my senoir pass. It it computorized that can be looked up when I enter the park?

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Aug 17th - 06:54am | barbw

Yes, if you want to truly experience the parks.  It's also much easier than unhooking your camper every time you want to do or see something.  It's well worth the money!  

Changing Climate Conditions Will Affect Winter Use In Yellowstone National Park

Aug 16th - 20:00pm | Alfred Runte

Before you know it, someone will be suggesting that Yellowstone make artificial snow. Indeed, why do I smell that rat in this report? Could it be in the term "bad snow year?" The proper adjective, after all, is poor. In other words, deficient in terms of what WE want. How is what nature wants (or does) ever "bad?" It can't be, since nature has no conscience.

Aug 16th - 17:45pm | Sandiawho

they should also extend the open season dates earlier in Spring & latter into fall

Bears And Dogs Don't Mix At Shenandoah National Park

Aug 16th - 15:01pm | Paulette

Most, if not all, Western national parks prohibit dogs from trails; the Eastern parks should do the same. I love dogs, but I know that if I encounter one on a trail in Shenandoah, along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or in Smoky Mountains National Park, my chances of encountering wildlife crash to near zero. Leave Fifi or Fido home!

Aug 16th - 13:20pm | Anonymous

  On 6/7/16, we were hiking up from South River Falls when 3 hikers, also going up, reversed when they saw 3 cubs ahead. They gave us a heads up and all of us advanced very cautiously until a cub was spotted. We made as much noise as we could including a very loud whistle to no avail. The cubs just looked at us as strange martians.

With Record Crowds At Iconic National Parks, Some Calling For Entry Quotas

Aug 16th - 13:51pm | Jonathan

the National Park Service spent $100mm this year on the 100th anniversary and the "Find Your Park" media campaign. I'm not saying promotion of the parks is a bad idea, specifically when targeting segments of the population where use or understand of parks resources are not understood.

Aug 16th - 13:05pm | Kimi

Please don't lump all Asian women as being disrespectful as these 50 women were.  I am Asian and have traveled to many national parks and am very respectful of the parks and others.  Everyone should be respectful of our wonderful parks no matter their ethnicity.  Being a visitor from another country does not give the permission to do dumb things or be disrespectful of the parks a

Aug 16th - 07:59am | Christy Crosson

CROWD CONTROL or we're not going to have anything to visit. Period. Wait and plan, people! it's the wave of the future... your insatiable need for instantaneous pleasure will be best served from behind your remote!! Save our natural Parks and Wildlife. As Smokey The Bear would say, "Only You Can.."

Road Construction Will Close Arches National Park's Campground For Most Of 2017

Aug 16th - 12:16pm | Shannon Rodgers

Thank you for keeping us informed! It will be hard to get around, but know that updating road and hiking trails is necessary and temporary closures have to happen! 

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