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Summer Road Trip: Discover The Corps Of Discovery’s Trail

Jun 29th - 18:32pm | Chris Neilson

The Trail takes you through some of the most beautiful areas of our country, from St. Louis, MO, along the magnificent Columbia Rover, to the Trail terminus at Seaside Heights, Oregon. Bring the journals of Captains Lewis and Clark with you so that you can enjoy their words as you travel.

Jun 29th - 16:44pm | Gene Estensen

I have been over much of the route and it flows through beautiful country. Do the trip while you can.

Pancho Villa, the Army Air Corps and Big Bend National Park

Jun 29th - 17:26pm | David smith

Uncle Elmo's guest and flight log book, signed by several later WWII greats can be seen in the archives at the Sul Ross Library in Alpine.

Vapur In Partnership To Slake Thirst Of Bryce Canyon National Park Visitors

Jun 29th - 15:41pm | Rick B.

This is all good. It doesn't even take a special fancy custom-designed dispenser. Just one of those drinking fountains like at my local gym with one of those inverted-J dispensers. It is all baby steps to reduce waste. Add in recent factors like the e-coli in bottle water alert and Nestle looking to drain reservoirs to market their bottled water, and it all adds up.

National Park Gift Shops Halting Sale Of Confederate Flags

Jun 29th - 14:23pm | ecbuck

"Is the claim of ecbuck and anonymous and others really that stand-alone confederate flags _must_ be available for sale at park gift shops? " No the observation is that the actions of some wacko should not be rationale for their removal from the gift shops - or anywhere else for that matter.

Jun 29th - 14:08pm | tomp2

The policy explicitly supports flying Confederate flags where the flag provides historical context. The flags aren't being removed from display at Gettysburg or any of the Civil War parks. Contra anonymous on June 26, the flags will continue to be part of park interpretive programs.

Jun 29th - 14:04pm | ecbuck

"do you still beat your wife" question Hardly - a legitimate question whose honest answer would clearly negate your position. Not everyone - or even most, of those that display the Stars and Bars are racist.

Jun 29th - 13:55pm | Rick B.

Eric, you just go on ahead choosing who and what to defend in your screeds and folks will pretty much decide about you without Lee or myself coloring the picture. You've done pretty well in this most recent in staking out your ground. And, by the way, ignoring a "do you still beat your wife" question of your construction is not the same as running away.

Jun 29th - 13:37pm | ecbuck

"I won't stop pointing a loud public finger at racism and it's apologists." Good. But don't falsely accuse others in the process.

Jun 29th - 13:29pm | Rick B.

In addition to the horrific church shooting in South Carolina there have been five black churches burned by arson in the past week. I won't stop pointing a loud public finger at racism and it's apologists.

Jun 29th - 12:20pm | ecbuck

"Allowing it to continue flying as a middle finger salute to good people is something we need to stop."

Jun 29th - 11:56am | Lee Dalton

Only if we allow them. Right. So let's stop them and put that flag in its rightful place in history. Allowing it to continue flying as a middle finger salute to good people is something we need to stop. But allowing it to play its part in a proper context is entirely different. See the Morning Report.

Jun 29th - 10:45am | ecbuck

"and a bunch of hateful whites ruined a historic US symbol." Only if we allow them.

Jun 29th - 10:09am | NormalReactionS...

When a symbol is embraced by a hateful group, it ruins it for everyone else. I was in China and bought a nice, natural Buddhist related hand made bracelet. I flipped it over and was amazed to see a symbol of ultimate hate on it. A bunch of hateful Germans ruined a Buddhist good luck symbol and a bunch of hateful whites ruined a historic US symbol.

Jun 29th - 09:36am | Lee Dalton

There was an interesting item regarding this in this morning's NPS MORNING REPORT. Here's a link: Scroll down. It's not visible until you do.

Jun 29th - 08:28am | Lee Dalton

ec, Kurt has asked repeatedly for all of us to avoid trolling. Did you get the memo?

Jun 29th - 08:21am | ecbuck

" I can easily and comfortably answer." By making up things. Again were Hillary and Obama expressing racism in their use of the flag? Was the NPS expressing racism when they sold it?

Jun 28th - 23:27pm | Rick B.

"And the issue today regarding the Stars and Bars has nothing to do with slavery." But everything to do with racism. You may or may not have noticed a slight linkage between the two.

Jun 28th - 22:54pm | ecbuck

There never was a "right" to keep slaves. The 13th amendment using the Constitutional process made it illegal at the federal level. And the issue today regarding the Stars and Bars has nothing to do with slavery.

Jun 28th - 22:18pm | Lee Dalton

How about enlightening us on exactly whose rights were guaranteed by the Constitution? White rights? Black rights? Was the right to keep slaves guaranteed in the Constitution? If so, where?

Jun 28th - 19:04pm | ecbuck

"If one checks wikipedia for William Tappan Thompson, who helped to design the confederate flag" Sorry Rick, that is not the flag that is being discussed today. That flag put the Stars and Bars on a white field to express white supremacy. The flag under discussion today has no white field and was not designed by William Tappan Thompson.

Jun 28th - 18:32pm | Anonymous

This flag is part of the history of the United States

Jun 28th - 18:18pm | ecbuck

"Which states rights were they in favor of?" The rights guaranteed them by the Constitution

Jun 27th - 17:19pm | Lee Dalton

Fascinating. Thank you Rick.

Jun 27th - 16:32pm | Rick B.

Lee ---

Jun 27th - 14:07pm | Lee Dalton

Dumb, you are putting words in that were not written. Nowhere was there any mention of political parties. Who did it is not important. Only fact that it happened counts. Now go back and re-read my first post.

Jun 27th - 13:11pm | beachdumb

Lee, you are still having that comprehension problem. I believe I saw the same story and they were talking specifically about South Carolina. In 1962 a Democrat governor, the party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws, put the flag over the Capital building, then a Republican governor in 1998 moved it to the State's grounds, and finally another Republican governor removed it entirely.

Five Days On The Yampa Through Dinosaur National Monument

Jun 29th - 11:47am | Philip Kinzli

I just returned from a visit to Dinosaur with a drive down to Echo Park and Steamboat Rock…Very impressed by the magnificent scenery….Great story on rafting the Yampa !…I would love to do it …Maybe next year.

By the Numbers: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Jun 29th - 10:05am | NormalReactionS...

I was there yesterday and it was too busy for an enjoyable visit. it's mostly a cemetery and I wanted to visit it as such. Couldn't with the crowds. I'll have to try to come back when school is in session mid-week.

Jun 29th - 01:16am | Linda Currie

I will never forget our visit to the battlefield over fifteen years ago. It comes to mind now and then and when it does it is with much clarity. The wind blowing across the long grass like waves and the wonderful smell of - I don't know if it was the grass, or wild flowers, or a kind of spiritual energy surrounding the place.

Camping In The National Parks: North Rim Campground At Grand Canyon National Park

Jun 28th - 22:15pm | Lee Dalton

The surrounding Kaibab National Forest is a superb place for dispersed camping. No campground. (But no water, either.) Just be careful with fire and don't follow the lead of Utah and Arizona natives. Leave a clean campsite instead of a pile of beer cans and bullet casings. Of course, it's a bit of a drive to the Canyon.

Jun 28th - 17:41pm | Rick B.

Well, anonymous, if you want to be secluded and away from the normal noise of families then choosing a family campground isn't your best bet. Try the back country. Odds are you won't find a family campground without the sounds of kids.

Jun 28th - 16:34pm | campingquarterm...

While this sounds cheap and convenient, it looks like everyone is right on top of each other while I would prefer to be secluded.

Jun 28th - 16:02pm | zorra

Great memories of our stay in a cabin near the Lodge in 2012, and the day we enjoyed hiking the Transept Canyon Trail to this campground with two backpacks full of dirty laundry, and strolling back with clean clothes. I love the North Rim and hope to see it again some day.

Jun 28th - 12:52pm | Acadia on my mind

Point Sublime, down a long dirt road, offers a primitive campsite on the North Rim that is, truly, sublime. Camped there twice and both times were there alone. Saw a thunderstorm in the distance. Sublime indeed.

Jun 28th - 12:11pm | Anonymous

All I hear are kids thanks

Swimmer Attacked By Shark At Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Second In Two Days

Jun 28th - 14:04pm | beachdumb

I don't if it was same shark, but highly doubt it. Lots of food in the surf zone, lots of nesting turtles (all along SE coast), lots of Spanish Mackerel, and the water has been since mid April. Before the NPS closed the beaches for birds, we hooked a lot sharks while red drum fishing. I didn't land any, because they were just too big for drum fishing gear.

Jun 28th - 11:35am | Kathy

same shark?

Jun 28th - 11:26am | Dan Vitale

I don't swim, I fish.

Former Katmai National Park Superintendent Fears Park Service Values Visitation More Than Bears

Jun 28th - 13:42pm | rmackie

Lee, tahoma, I know I am sounding like a broken record promoting a book, but on the subject of both your comments, "YOUR YOSEMITE" by Robert O. Binnewies is right on target. It is a great read, well researched history, coupled with the risks and rewards of the job (right on target with Ray Bane), and without rancor.

Jun 28th - 12:37pm | Lee Dalton

Good points, Tahoma, but I still have to question how much might be preconceived MANAGEMENT opinions and how many are actually preconceived POLITICAL opinions being forced onto NPS managers by politicians whose most generous supporters stand to profit.

Jun 28th - 12:22pm | tahoma

Many thanks to Ray Bane for publicizing this issue!  I hope it's not too late to put the brakes on this development that mostly benefits a well-off minority.

Jun 27th - 22:19pm | rmackie

Mr. Bane, I think the coalition of Retired NPS employees might be helpful. There are many former top notch officials in that group that might be able to get the attention of decision makers in Washington. I also have a very high opinion of the Sierra Club, they have an active staff and very informed people on Alaska issues. You can get touch with the National Headquarters in San Francisco.

Jun 27th - 20:54pm | Ray Bane

It is gratifying to see the interest expressed by readers of National Parks Traveler. The Brooks River issue has ramifications that potentially radiate throughout the National Park Service and National Park System. Brooks River is unquestionably one of (if not the) primer concentration of wild bears in the entire National Park System.

Jun 27th - 20:23pm | rmackie

Clint, thank you for a very informative post. I think you are right on. Having some knowledge of Mr. Bane's professional standing, I am in support of his efforts. Let us hope posts like yours are responded to and action is taken. Thanks again.

Jun 27th - 17:22pm | Lee Dalton

Doesn't it all come down to that old buggaboo $$$$$$$$$?

Jun 27th - 17:12pm | Rebecca Latson ...

This is more of an observation than anything else.  Having traveled to Katmai National Park in 2013, I can attest to the growing number of visitors to the park.  This includes not only those who have made reservations with the lodging concession but also the myriad numbers arriving via flight tours for a day of bear watching.

Jun 27th - 15:36pm | Cynthia

Sounds like what they did at Fish Creek in Hyder, AK. The boardwalk they built for viewing is above ground, instead of on it. I think it made things better for people and bears alike.

Jun 27th - 15:25pm | Clint Hlebechuk

Mr. Bane makes sense in regard to the impact on Brooks Falls habitat. The Pacific Coast of Katmai is another story.

Classic National Park Hikes: The Teton Crest Trail

Jun 27th - 23:02pm | wild places

Thanks Kurt, I wasn't aware of this one before. Sounds like a good one to check out.

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