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New Superintendent Chosen For The Western Arctic Parklands

Sep 20th - 00:50am | Rick B.

I think it is great that the NPS reached outside themselves and hired an Inupiat who, per this article, seems to have the education and experience to truly connect responsibly with the lands she will be managing. She is already quite experienced in the issues of the land, although she will have a steep learning curve of the climate within her new agency.

"Animal Life As An Asset Of National Parks," A Path-Breaking Essay

Sep 19th - 22:51pm | RD Payne

Those interested in reading "Animal Life as an Asset of National Parks" a copy is available at:

Finding Pura Vida In Costa Rica

Sep 19th - 20:47pm | SmokiesBackpacker

I was there for 10 days in June.  It does seem a little bit scattered management wise.  We were down in Tortuguerra and up in Arenal.  Beautiful.

Sep 19th - 18:03pm | Rick Smith

CR has some beatiful parks, but I am a bit worried about the management of those areas.  Many CR rangers on Spanish language forums complain about the lack of attention the government pays to them.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Sep 19th - 20:32pm | J. Randall

Just a question for the adventurers that choose to go into griz territory. That is thier backyard why go in it? Bragging rights? Too many people crawling all over this planets' remote wilderness areas like ants. Just stay out and no harm to wildlife and your selfish selfs. Unless of course you need to boast about it in the bar and impress people that don't care anyway.

Sep 17th - 11:27am | Tim M.

calling someone a "stupid tree hugger" is a very convincing argument. Discussions on NPT have really gone to crap. 

Sep 15th - 16:43pm | Ronda

If a bear charges at 35 mph at me or my family time is can't over think. Sometimes common sense screams self preservation. I've been mauled before. Don't think I'll say oh nice Mr. Bear while he snacks on me. Split judgement split reaction. Human before animals.

Information Sought By Park Users, And That Provided By The National Park Service, Can Be Miles Apart

Sep 19th - 11:08am | Ethical Retired...

"Public comments do not constitute a vote".  That is true, the merits of a plan are what's important.  However, when 85% of respondents oppose the plan, that indicates that there is some kind of problem that needs to be addressed.  As noted above, too often the public involvement process is merely a formality rather than being substantive.

Sep 18th - 20:47pm | SmokiesBackpacker

"Public comments do not constitute a vote."    Superintendent Dale Ditmanson, 2012 following the inconvenient disclosure that 85% of respondents opposed the backcountry camping fee in GRSM. And they marched on in defiance of the bothersome taxpayers.

Sep 18th - 20:37pm | trailadvocate

Kurt, you have to know yourself after I provided you all of the public comments to an issue at Grand Canyon National Park that it is as BAhiker stated.  Just another formality then proceed to their preferred alternative.  You do remember don't you?  Where NPS released a statement that public comments supported their decision when they clearly did not?

Sep 15th - 18:57pm | SmokiesBackpacker

We lowly taxpayers are too stupid to understand the complicated matrix that is the NPS.  Thank you Dana Soehn for making us feel like the doormats we are to you.  And you wonder why locals are fed up with the Smokies "cognoscenti".  Everything you bureaucrats do is to suit yourselves.

Sep 14th - 11:54am | redstate guy

The Roman Empire all over again.

Sep 14th - 10:44am | Jim Casada

This unfolding fee saga is nothing new, and what is particularly exasperating is that spokeswoman Dana Soehn, whether intentionally or not, comes across as singularly condescending. Many who follow NPS matters closely have ample reason to think that an attitude of "we know what is good for you" or "we have the expertise" is their standard mindset.

Sep 14th - 10:05am | tahoma

Besides hills and curves, that "information highway between park managers and park users..." also contains some notable dead-ends in my experience.  NPS management whines constantly for more money, but good luck getting them to disclose how they spent the last batch.

Sep 14th - 09:59am | NoEditButton

*grateful  *Southern Forest Watch #proofread 

Sep 14th - 09:38am | ecbuck

Unfortunately this is just a minor example of what is terribly wrong with our federal government today.  Spinning information, avoiding transparency and providing minimal information in order to gain support for a predetermined outcome (and often unrelated agenda) is par for the course.  At least for the NPS it is a Constitutionally granted power.

Sep 14th - 07:16am | BAhiker

This has been happening for years in our national park system. I thought everyone knew by now that the "public comment" thing is just some extra red tape that the bureaucrats have to jump through. It almost never really changes the outcome of what the government wants to do.

Sep 14th - 07:15am | A Deal's a Deal!

'no toll or license fee shall ever be imposed...' - No spinning it. That is the agreement. No 'if', 'ands' or 'buts'.   Our park and our way of life is under attack. The efforts of the Great Southern Forest Watch has brought this to my attention very clearly. I am greatful for Kurt Repanshek for telling it like it is in this article. 

Sep 14th - 06:49am | SmokiesBackpacker

It's gonna be hard for Cash to spin this one.  The NPS own is criticizing the process.  What Kurt didn't mention is that over half of respondents OPPOSE this fee increase.  So here is what Ca$h will do.  Instead of a 25%, he will modify to %20 and act like he is doing everyone a favor.   The public comments are nothing more than a checked box on FLREA.

Hunting, Fencing Part Of Plan To Address White-tailed Deer At Fire Island National Seashore

Sep 18th - 15:22pm | Millie P. Schaf...

Once again, the NPS failed to manage deer humanely.  Killing fixes nothing and this curelty will never end.  I hope the people rise up and fight this aggressively.  There are humane options - that work!  

Photography In The National Parks: The Great Rewards Of Lowered Expectations

Sep 18th - 11:53am | Carol White

I also visited Big Bend National Part in late March -April 2016.  The Claret Cup cactus were blooming everywhere along the Window Trail and as you mentioned the Ocotillo were all blooming throughout the park. 

Sep 13th - 07:27am | Anonymous

Love the heart shaped cactus!

Park Service Cancels Contract Offers To Mountaineering Guides At Denali National Park

Sep 18th - 08:15am | SmokiesBackpacker

Colby Coombs is an Alaska legend.  AMS is probably the most dialed in guide service in the Range.  They would be foolish to discontinue their contract at any point although I know this is just window dressing for the sake of avoiding impropriety.

Put A National Park With This Sign

Sep 16th - 15:55pm | Kurt Repanshek

Right you are, gentlemen! I was fortunate to be there earlier this week and enjoy the mountains.

Sep 16th - 15:52pm | Jim Gramann

I agree. Shenandoah National Park.

Sep 15th - 10:15am | Brandon Strohl

Big Meadows Entrance Road in Shenandoah National Park.

Exploring The Parks: High Season In Jasper National Park

Sep 16th - 15:03pm | Rick B.

Great images to go along with the article.

Sep 16th - 06:47am | Gustopher

My wife and I visited Jasper only one month ago. We marveled at the majestic beauty all about, and were especially excited to come across a black bear with two cubs during a hike one day. We'll not soon forget this trip.

Woman Dies in Fall From Angel's Landing

Sep 15th - 18:33pm | Ed Pomphrey

Keep in mind afternoon heat and chance tunderstorm (lightning).  Otherwise go for it and have fun. Ed Pomphrey Rumosn, N.J.

Accessible Cave Tours Return To Mammoth Cave National Park

Sep 14th - 21:42pm | Lynn M Cates

About time. Can't wait to see. 

National Park Mystery Photo 13 Revealed: Listening Chairs at Yellowstone's Grant Village Visitor Center

Sep 14th - 12:36pm | orville bach

I have worked as a seasonal ranger in Yellowstone for over 40 years and remember them well.  In fact, I still have a copy of the wonderful 6 minute message that was played.  It was about why we need wilderness.  The message applies today even more so than it did in the 70s.  If you are in Bozeman on Oct.

Fish Continue To Return To Elwha River After Dam Removal In Olympic National Park

Sep 12th - 12:11pm | Rick B.

Good news.

Yosemite National Park Grows By 400 Acres With Donation Of Meadow

Sep 12th - 10:57am | ecbuck

CJ - As discussed earlier, the legislation I cited doesn't seem to require the NPS to get authorization.  Yet, we have had many Congressional Authorizations in the past.  Is there some other legislation that requires it? Perhpas Kurt could contact Bishop's office and ask where the requirement for Congressional Authorization is spelled out.  

Sep 12th - 10:32am | CJDillon

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acquires land by purchase and donation as a regular course of business and does not need Congressional approval for adding to refuges or establishing new refuges. By contrast, the NPS cannot establish a new park on its own and is restricted by law (as identified in this discussion) as to how much and how it can acquire land.

Sep 11th - 18:01pm | ecbuck

Ethical, perhaps you are right.  I was reading the limitations of Paragraph 2 as applying to all actions of Paragraph 1.  On deeper inspection those limitations seem to only apply to the changes in (i) - minor boundary adjustments.

Sep 11th - 16:42pm | Ethical Retired...

With all of the inclusions, exceptions, etc in this statute, my take is that Section 2, which places these limitations, is mandatory for the purposes of clause (i) of Paragraph 1.  This donation is covered under clause (ii), which is less restrictive.  In other words, I think clause (i) applies, not clause (ii).

Sep 11th - 15:27pm | ecbuck

Ethical, I don't see how you can come to that conclusion.  The only authorization granted in the law cited above is for acquisitions that meet all the requirements of A through G.  A says it has to be less than 200 acres, C says less than $750,000.  The law does require publication in the Register and notification for these properties.

Sep 11th - 14:16pm | Ethical Retired...

My reading of this law is that the transfer is legal if the proposed acquistion was published in the Federal Register and the appropriate congressional committees were notified in writing.  Was this done?  Congressional approval does not seem to be needed here as Bishop alleges.

Sep 11th - 09:59am | ecbuck

(c) Boundary changes; donations; authority of Secretary

Sep 10th - 21:48pm | ecbuck

It is unfortunate that Congressman Bishop speaks out in such a negative and uniformed manner on this issue

Sep 10th - 21:41pm | rmackie

Thank you Rick B, the NPS policy stated by their officials is my understanding also. This is an important addition. Ackerson Meadow is one of the largest, if not the largest,  meadows on the western boundary of the park. The Middle Fork of the Tuolumne Meadows flows through it, it is a beautiful place. Extremely important Great Gray Owl habitat along with other birds,  animals etc.

Sep 10th - 21:23pm | ecbuck

So once again we have a baseless accusation from Lee. Glad you agree.   only because he can't

Sep 10th - 21:06pm | Rick B.

Yeah. But only because he can't. He is still a bottom feeder.

Sep 10th - 20:11pm | ecbuck

Thanks Rick for confirming via the Chiicago Times that Bishop has no intention of forcing the transaction to be reversed.  

Sep 10th - 20:09pm | ecbuck

she says he specifically stated several times in the broadcast that we was going to require cancellation of this plan 

Sep 10th - 19:55pm | Rick B.

I too have not heard Bishop bloviate personally, however the Chicago Times report on his bloviating stated: Bishop said he does not want Yosemite to give back the land but wants answers. He said federal law requires approval of additions to a national park that are more than 200 acres and worth over $750,000.

Sep 10th - 18:03pm | Lee Dalton

As I said above, I heard that Bishop was on the radio blasting this.  That information from a friend whose information is normally trustworthy.

Sep 10th - 17:59pm | ecbuck

 Did you hear the broadcast? Nope, but I did see an independent third party's reporting of Bishop's comments which I cited.  Nothing baseless about my comment.  What is baseless is your hearsay report from a unidentified source which was obviously wrong.  

Move Over Baseball, National Parks Have Trading Cards, Too

Sep 11th - 15:53pm | Bob Krumenaker

Hi Kurt, Nice addition.  Please include Apostle Islands on your list of Junior Ranger links:

Exploring The Parks: Obed Wild And Scenic River

Sep 10th - 17:45pm | Dick

Beautiful video! We camped at Obed two years ago and loved the rural character of the park.

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