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Change In Administrations Puts Zion National Park In Bind Over Drilling Proposal

Feb 5th - 13:31pm | Bill Smith

You can thank SUWA for making a visit to Angel Arch a 20 mile round-trip hike instead of a short hike off the road.  These are the same people that did that.  

Wildfire Experts To Review Deadly Chimney Tops 2 Fire At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Feb 5th - 10:51am | rmackie

Thank you Gary for an informative post. I agree, a well conducted review will bring out the totality of the incident.

Feb 5th - 09:51am | Gary Wilson

Beach,  Can you point to where you are getting your "alternative facts".. .  We've been through this before, and that is not facts.

Feb 5th - 09:39am | Gary Wilson


Feb 5th - 09:34am | beachdumb

US wildfires are down 75% since the 1930's. In 1937, fires burned 22 million acres, compared to to 5 million this year. But the actual decline is much more than that, because the recent numbers include Alaska and the 1930's numbers didn't.

Feb 4th - 20:41pm | rmackie

Smokiesbackpacker, "Inferno by Committee" was extremely well researched. Tom Ribe had an extensive fire backgroud at the grass roots level plus. Tom documents the problems beginning with the ecological history of the area to the changes inherent in growth, sprawl, conflicting management policies, the human factor, could go on and on.

Feb 4th - 08:40am | SmokiesBackpacker

RMackie, We have no choice but to trust the panel.  I will look into the book.  Sounds like you have some experience on the subject.

Feb 3rd - 22:23pm | rmackie

I think Mr. Grubb should be contacted by the panel review team, his allegations are serious and should be investigated. A board of inquiry will be necessary, but lets give the review panel a chance, I do not believe they are just a bunch of yes men/women.  All those involved should be heard but due process needs to be followed.

Feb 3rd - 21:39pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Grubb also makes some serious allegations about the only fatal bear mauling in the Smokies and how they were directed not to respond as bears were feeding on a human.   The NPS here is crooked. 

Feb 3rd - 21:32pm | SmokiesBackpacker

The difference now, Rick is that the agency has killed 14 people with their negligence.  And since I was there and you were not, I clearly saw a fire that looked like it could have been squelched from the air.  But since you don't believe me, how about one of your beloved NPS Rangers?

Feb 3rd - 20:25pm | Rick B.

That would be no more unbiased than the industry experts, who you call sycophants. Let's be really unbiased - pick people who have no past training or experience in fire fighting and have no relation to anyone with a financial or emotional investment. Do you know any of the current panel? Do you have any specific individual reason to impugn their ethics more than your NPS-hate?

Feb 3rd - 20:11pm | SmokiesBackpacker

How can you have a review from a hand picked panel of NPS sycophants?  You can't.  It needs to be a panel picked by someone other than the Superintendent in question.  It should be the citizens of Sevier County who lost loved ones, not the freaking NPS guy responsible.

Feb 3rd - 19:59pm | rmackie

It is important to give the review panel a chance to get the facts from a variety of sources. If we can keep some of the politics out of it, hard to do in these polarizing times, they will do a good job. Everyone involved, including the citizens of the community deserve due process. That takes some time and support.

Feb 3rd - 19:14pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Take a look at the makeup of the "review" panel.  The majority of them work for the Dept of Agriculture or Interior in some shape or form.  Cash has stacked the deck in his favor but it won't curtail the lawsuits likely coming. I was there. I saw the fire the day before it spread out of control.  Looks like it could have easily have been doused from the air.

Bypass Road Provides Access To Cape Point On Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Feb 5th - 05:34am | beachdumb

Rick, Ive known all along that anything you post doesn't mean anything. 

Feb 4th - 13:37pm | Rick Smith

Beach--I have finally figured out that "unscientific" means anything you don't agree with.   This will help me understand your posts.

Feb 4th - 08:19am | beachdumb

Superintendent David Hallac is turning out to be a positive for the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area. He is truly working to improve access for all. This bypass will allow safer Cape Point access but will likely be useless when the unscientific resource "protection" management starts in a few months.

Rainbow Trout Stocked At Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Feb 4th - 20:05pm | Becki Vowles

thank you Hildy Angius and all those you worked with to make this a reality. 

Get To Know What Grizzlies Could Bring To The North Cascades

Feb 4th - 15:22pm | Bette Ford

Great information, especially for those of us who are planning a visit to national parks in the northwest.

Development of Valley Forge National Historical Park Inholding Gets Green Light from Planners

Feb 4th - 15:04pm | Jeni Hartleyy

I was looking for information on Pawlings Farm and came across this article. Please leave the beautiful area known as Pawlings Farm alone. It is such a quiet and beautiful place, a refuge from the chaotic and noisy world in which we find ourselves on a daily basis. To destroy this to put up a museum and information center would be a travesty. 

2017 State Of The National Parks

Feb 4th - 12:11pm | Jerry G.

Harry, you are right on, of course, but given the capabilities exhibited by the current administration I fear NPS is in for a long and difficult four years.

Treasure Your National Park Visits With A Photo Album From Shutterfly

Feb 3rd - 19:01pm | Frank Rodriguez

Had a great time here at the puerto rico national park el morro

Poll Says Westerners Want Public Lands Protected, But Will It Matter?

Feb 3rd - 17:45pm | Rick B.

Kurt - I'm curious why FWS is so low. Is it mostly disgruntled hunters and fishermen? I always thought of them as a very benign resource protector.

Feb 3rd - 16:02pm | Rick B.

Not only realize it, Lee, but have the brass and the wherewithal to do something about it.

Feb 3rd - 12:05pm | rmackie

Traveler, thank you for an informative and interesting post.

Feb 3rd - 12:03pm | Lee Dalton

Yawn.  We all know the only thing that really counts in Washington now are those TV ratings. Truth?  Why bother? A few alternative facts do a great job of driving them up. I wonder how long it will be before some people begin to ask, "My God, what have we done?"  I also wonder if they will find the honesty needed to admit they made a YUGE mistake?

Feb 3rd - 11:22am | Glad2bretired

Beachguy:  Neither the left nor the right "own" fake news exclusively.   In my view, fake news is something knowingly false which is intended to deliberately mislead people.  I don't think your 6 examples are representative of this.

Feb 3rd - 11:12am | Glad2bretired

Re:  Fake news.  I know this is off topic, but I can't resist.  Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway got caught telling a whopper yesterday, about the domestic terrorist Bowling Green "Massacre" (her words) which never occurred.  Instead, 2 Iraqi Nationals caught conspiring to smuggle weapons back to Iraq were convicted and imprisoned.

Feb 3rd - 10:31am | beachdumb

These are some widely reported fake news over the past 8 years I can think off the top my head.

Feb 3rd - 08:52am | justinh

Chaffetz withdrew his bill, apparently as a result of public opposition to it.  

Feb 3rd - 08:32am | ecbuck

Trump trying to point out "fake news', isn't trying to fan it it is trying to undermine its credibility. The other half of the stories you posted are fake news in themselves.

Feb 3rd - 08:17am | Kurt Repanshek

Feb 3rd - 05:48am | beachdumb

 The rise of "fake news," fanned by the Trump administration and embraced by many of its followers,  Thats rich. Totally expected from NPT.  From my view most of the "fake news" is generated and embraced by left. A current example is the "alt" NPS twitter feeds, mostly fake news embraced by koolaide guzzling left.

Feb 2nd - 23:55pm | trailadvocate

Hmmm, decisions, decisions.  Where is my bread buttered....  

Feb 2nd - 21:45pm | ecbuck

 The rise of "fake news," fanned by the Trump administration and embraced by many of its followers,  That is below you Kurt. While some on the right might generate "fake news" it is certainly no more than those on the left and the Trump admin is fanning neither.

Nearly $100,000 Grant To Fund Research, Restoration At Sequoia And Kings Canyon National Parks

Feb 2nd - 19:14pm | [email protected]

Tis Curious that the Iconic SEQUOIADENDRONS are absent from the funded Research; Like we wonder how many ancient trees have fallen due to failed Prescribed Fire Implementation allowing fire to re-enter old burn scars; thus, burning their last remaining critical support/wooden strength ?

Hiring Freeze Exemptions Help National Park Service In Short Term, But Long-Term Concerns Persist

Feb 2nd - 14:41pm | wild places

"I really hope our minority vote getting president does nothing to endanger "America's Best Idea" You mean like the previous administration?

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Feb 2nd - 13:46pm | LRuff

I can understand some places being inappropriate or off limits but I think the reasons given in the article are quite ridiculous.

Traveler's View: A $15 Billion Wall Vs. A $12 Billion Backlog

Feb 2nd - 10:23am | Kurt Repanshek

Ok, we're going to let Constitutional law be tackled by other sites, so we're shutting this thread down and hope you'll seek out park stories to discuss.

Feb 2nd - 10:03am | ecbuck

Total BS - The temporary hiatas isn't against any race or religion.  There are 40 muslim countries non covered and this has no effect on US Citiizens regardless of race or religion.  The is a common sense act aimed at insuring our vetting system is adequate.

Feb 2nd - 02:33am | Rick B.

Eric and others -   Start by working your way through this:

Feb 1st - 22:36pm | ecbuck

Exactly what part of the Constitution did Turmp violate?  

Feb 1st - 22:10pm | Rick B.

Eric - insulting my respect for the Constitution, which I went to war to defend, is beyond the pale.   Just go away.

Feb 1st - 21:09pm | ecbuck

Just like now, with your guy trump breaking laws and the consitution left and right Oh please, all of a sudden you have respect for the Constitution?  Exactly what part of the Constitution did Trump violate?

Feb 1st - 20:53pm | Rick B.

Going to grad school and paying for it, and then being an educated member oif society.  

Feb 1st - 20:16pm | beachdumb

Illegals going to grad school? Those rednecks, executives and everyone else had to pay back society. The illegals disappear into the shadows. i voted for rule of law, you better get used to it.

Feb 1st - 19:28pm | Rick B.

Dumb - the same damn thing happens all the time from drunken rednecks, drunken business executives, drunken televangelists, and everything else. What you mention is a tragedy, one of a million similar tragedies. There are many moire immigrants paying taxes, going to grad school, raising kids and doing the dirty jobs you don't want to do yourself.

Feb 1st - 19:15pm | ecbuck

It always amuses me when someone from NC comments on border security. Well since NC is in the top quartile of illegal immigrants as a percent of the population, I think he has good standing to comment.   

UPDATED: "Unofficial" National Park Service Twitter Accounts Challenge Trump Administration

Feb 1st - 22:31pm | Rusty Shackleford

Meanwhile, the communications office at the NPS headquarters scrambles to create an action plan. I believe this is the same office that got rid of a few contracts to promote citizen journalism and have park employees run their web/social media. I wish somebody would take ownership for once and level the playing field.

Good Books For Visiting...Yellowstone National Park

Feb 1st - 19:29pm | Megaera

Janet Chapple's Yellowstone Treasures is the best Yellowstone guide I've run across in almost 20 years of visiting the park and being something of a guidebook connoisseur.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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