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Why Preserve One Square Mile Of State Land Inside Grand Teton National Park?

Nov 16th - 20:23pm | n ziw

It's not Glacier Nat'l Park; it's Grand Tetons... you better read the article again.....

Between Two Fires: A Fire History Of Contemporary America

Nov 16th - 20:14pm | Lee Dalton

NOAA data shows that as temperature patterns change worldwide, as arctic ice rapidly melts and allows waters in the Arctic Ocean to warm -- even ever so slightly -- airflow tracks around the Northern Hemisphere are profoundly affected.  Thus, we are experiencing drier "weather" in some places and wetter in others.  The recent extremely cold winters in the Northeast developed as a resu

Nov 16th - 19:54pm | Gary Wilson

You obviously don't understand my post, which i'm not suprised.  Secondly, M13 was posting a quote from a book, obviously.  Since around the mid 90s the trend is beginning to show an amplification in extreme fluctuations.  A large portion of Texas for example, went through a 5 year drought that was considered one of the worst in their history.

Nov 16th - 19:41pm | ecbuck

Oh, so M13 thinks AGW is causing drought and you think it is causing excessive rain.  But hey, the science is settled.  LOL

Nov 16th - 19:39pm | Gary Wilson

The amplification between extreme drought and extreme rainfalls (ie floods) is definitely occuring in this region too.  We've seen the driest year on record in 2007, the wettest year on record in 2013, and now the warmest period on record over the last 5 months, which will make 2016 be one of, if not the driest on record after december 31st comes and goes.

Nov 16th - 17:40pm | ecbuck

To deny the role of climate change toward more intense droughts is to bury your head in the sand.   No its awareness of the facts rather than making up data to support something you want to believe.  There haven't been "more intense droughts" .  If anything we have averaged on the wet side since the 1970s

Nov 16th - 12:08pm | [email protected]

Read Stephen Pyne's great books on America's Cultural Fire History: The increasing numbers of humans living in forested landscapes means a greater fire incidence combined with dreadful droughts.  Humans are the primary ignition source

Nov 16th - 11:23am | Gary Wilson

I've been pulling a lot of data as well as filming quite a bit of the drought that has led to these fires that are occurring in the southeast.  This is definitely an interesting time.  I think years worth of fire suppression, combined with what seems to be a pattern of extreme climate varability where we fluctuate betwen warmest pattern on record to driest pattern on record all within

Nov 16th - 08:19am | ecbuck

I guess you didn't read the article, m13,  

Nov 16th - 02:32am | [email protected]

The New Normal of Climate Change and the Reality of Dreadful Droughts  

The Park Under the Bridge

Nov 16th - 16:16pm | F DeL

Many of the major bridges have forts under them. There's at least 5 to 10 under the New York City bridges.

Angels Landing In Zion National Park To Close Thursday For Cleaning

Nov 16th - 09:44am | tahoma

You haven't seen a National Park Service budget lately, I'll bet.Very few people have:

Nov 16th - 09:27am | Rocky Mountain Mike

You haven't seen a National Park Service budget lately, I'll bet.

Nov 15th - 20:35pm | Norman cote

The park should only be visited by people that are accompanied  by a guide.

Nov 15th - 18:15pm | Anonymous

This is terrible. I used to think people who go to national park are those who love and protect nature. I am wrong. Guess I will still see lots of things next week when I hike. I am going to pick up trash I see on my way. 

Nov 15th - 17:52pm | Lee Dalton

So because of some absolute slobs, NPS personnel must risk their lives to clean up after them.  Even though climbing is reasonably safe if you know what you're doing, there is still considerable risk on sandstone in a place like this. I hope they will be getting hazard pay.

Nov 15th - 16:49pm | Anonymous

Smh... bunch of kooks.

Nov 15th - 09:32am | Travis

Disgusting.  My wife and I hiked the trail last Wednesday and we were shocked by the sheer volume of people on the trail in the early morning.  We only made it about half way up the chains section past scouts lookout before heading back due to safety concerns.

Bridge And Boardwalk To Span Brooks River At Katmai National Park Gets Park Service Approval

Nov 16th - 09:07am | snowchaser

Having been there a couple of times, I think this is exactly the right thing to do for the bears, the salmon, AND the people.  The new bridge will keep people away from the bears much better because it is high above the river and considerably longer than the old bank-to-bank bridge.  This prevents having to close the bridge while the bears are nearby, both so as not to disturb the bea

Nov 16th - 06:17am | Rebecca Latson ...

Hell, it's not about the wildlife, it's about the people, fer cryin' out loud. Right?  I sure hope that elevated bridge can withstand alot of weight, because not only will people be crowding the original viewing platform but they will be lining the elevated bridge cheek by jowl.

UPDATE: Men Pay More Than $52,000 For Cutting Down 400 Trees In Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Nov 16th - 09:00am | SmokiesBackpacker

You are close to being spot on, Lee. However, move up one level to the Senate.  And this proves it.

Nov 15th - 17:56pm | Lee Dalton

"Money talks in the NPS" Congress would probably be more accurate. I'll bet a hamburger that pressure came down from somewhere above the NPS.  

Nov 15th - 16:11pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Yet in Great Smoky Mtns NP a higbrow resort clear cuts a thousand trees, blazes their own trail system WITHIN park boundaries and is rewarded with a guiding concession in the park after the park had asked them to quit doing so.   Money talks in the NPS.  How much did this private resort pay in form of restitution?  ZERO.  Who went to jail?  No one.    

Nov 14th - 10:18am | Bill Leeper

And this is how it should work. Great that both parties could come to an equitable agreement that helps restore the land as well not send these well intentioned men to prison.

Three Days In Big Bend National Park

Nov 16th - 08:49am | Lee Dalton

Thank you, Dick.  I travel with my little portable motel -- a 16ft Casita trailer -- so I'm only concerned with very cold temps that might freeze pipes.  What concerns me most these days is whether or not I will need to try to reserve a campsite ahead of time or not.   Any intel on that?

Nov 16th - 08:22am | Courtney Lyons-...

Thanks for the article Rebecca!  It was nice seeing you when you were in the Park.  

Nov 15th - 22:54pm | Dick Shattuck


Nov 15th - 17:49pm | Lee Dalton

How is Big Bend in January for camping?  I think I just decided that I really, really, really need to head in that direction after Christmas in Phoenix.

Nov 15th - 15:25pm | Dick Shattuck

"Of course, there are many other enjoyable diversions in Big Bend."   You hit the nail on the head. I go to Big Bend for 6-8 nights every couple of years (just got back at the end of last month) and I'm always making a list of things to do on the next trip as I'm driving home.   Definitely the underrated jewel of the system in my opinion.

Nov 14th - 08:06am | Anonymous

Enjoyed reading your article! Makes me want to go back this winter!

Endangered Condors Get Boost With Plan For Release In Redwood National Park

Nov 16th - 02:47am | [email protected]

Historic Encounters with the Condor  

Nov 15th - 20:56pm | Lois Barber

I have wanted to visit the Redwood Forest since I was a little girl . I hope to in about two years when my husband retires. I also love my birds here in Michigan and wherever I travel .  I so look forward to seeing more of the good ole' USA!

Solar Panel Seen As Sustainable Power Solution For Great Smoky Mountains National Park Communications

Nov 15th - 19:38pm | Gary Wilson

So they sacrifice a 40 square foot space by sacrificing 10 trees (probably dead conifers anyway, since it's on mt sterling), and allow a transmission line right away to be removed and return back to it's natural state, which would return upwards of a thousands to five thousand trees depending on the species?  And that is seen as bad?  Come on...

Nov 15th - 19:22pm | Troy

Seems to me if the line itself is 13 acres of area, the solar array would take up less space overall.  Placing the array in the existing right-of-way probably wouldn't be sufficient either.

Nov 15th - 07:53am | SmokiesBackpacker

That is a lot of panels for a communications tower. I have concerns about the impact on the landscape with cutting trees.  I know the area very well and would suggest they place the panels in the area already cleared for the power lines.  There is a voltage drop with length of photovoltaic production module and actual site but that can be offset my another panel or two.

Traveler's View: Concerning Times For National Park System

Nov 15th - 13:28pm | ecbuck

One tragic reality will be increasing the cumulative national DEBT to 25 $ TRILLION plus ?  If it only goes to 25 Trillion he will be doing 50% better than O.  But I suspect he will do even better than that. 

Nov 15th - 12:09pm | [email protected]

Wonder if any of the planned borrowing for Infrastructure Spending by the TRUMP Administration will find its way into the national parks ?   

Nov 14th - 13:13pm | Ethical Retired...

Jonathan, I stand corrected.  But that quote was still pretty ridiculous.

Nov 14th - 01:27am | Cornell

This is the Presiden-elect who has announced he will appoint alt-Right Steve Bannon as his chhief strategist. 

Nov 13th - 20:05pm | ecbuck

Anyone catch the Trump interview on 60 minutes.  I caugh much but not all.  Didn't seem to be any discussion of NPS or federal lands but I have may have missed it.  Otherwise, what could anyone possibly object to? Anti alt-right attacks, OK with LGGTQ, OK with precondition coverage and child covverage.  Whats not to like - other than his comments on the electorial college.

Nov 13th - 18:31pm | Rick B.

I do remember her saying I quit.

Nov 13th - 17:48pm | Jonathan Devereaux

You do realize she never said she could see Russia from Wasilla. She commented on how you can see Russia from Alaska, and guess what, you can. Here is her EXACT quote, "They're our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."

Nov 13th - 16:33pm | Lee Dalton

Here's another column by Peggy Noonan - worth reading and considering: It's the first one on  a collection of her recent columns.  All worth reading.

Nov 13th - 13:18pm | Rick B.

The only comfort if she gets the job is that she'll quit after a year or two.

Nov 13th - 08:31am | Ethical Retired...

I find it hard to believe that even Trump would appoint Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior.  Though I give her credit for having telescopic vision, being able to see Mother Russia from Wasilla.  Maybe Steven Griles will get the job, so he can go to prison again.

What Should The National Park Service Do With The Enchanted Valley Chalet At Olympic National Park?

Nov 14th - 21:01pm | Kevin Woodland

The Enchanted Valley Chalet should be saved.   If we need to change the wilderness act so be it.    

USFWS Proposal To Delist Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Grizzly Bears Controversial

Nov 14th - 19:02pm | Heather Wells

For 41 years we at Travel Guide Magazine have filmed bears and other wildlife from afar ethically with a camera. We applaud Lush Cosmetics North America for their documentary Trophy. Please give us 1/2 an hour of your time to watch this movie and add your signature to the petition to save the once Iconic Grizzly Bear from extinction.

Castle Rock Cut To Be Deepened Again at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Nov 14th - 16:06pm | john carter

Next time leave your skis in a dock overnight at Antelope.  Cost is only $30 a nigh and the slip will easily hold 6 jet skis.

Sound And Light At Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Nov 14th - 10:03am | Mike Painter

The process isn't getting off to a good start:   BLM walks out of Shiprock meeting

How Will A Trump Administration Treat The National Park System?

Nov 13th - 22:19pm | Jason

Longtime reader and very occasional poster.  Do you guys remember that discussion a month or so ago about how the comment threads get out of hand and people need to make their point and walk away?   This would be one of those threads.

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