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UPDATED: Hiring Freeze Blocks National Park Service Permanent Hiring, Seasonal Jobs Up In The Air

Jan 29th - 21:04pm | Rick B.

By the way - which country and religion was Timothy McVeigh from? Scott Roeder? Jim David Adkisson, Paul Jennings Hill, Eric Rudolph. James Charles Kopp, John C. Salvi, Joseph Stack, David Lane and Bruce Pierce, along with McVeigh & Roeder would not be stopped by Your Trump's Muslim ban.

Jan 29th - 21:03pm | ecbuck

So what is your proposa Tahoma?  Ban alcohol?

Jan 29th - 20:49pm | ecbuck

Produce proof of current terrorist As previously posted:  

Jan 29th - 20:32pm | tahoma

...the question is, who is a threat NOW...

Jan 29th - 20:31pm | Rick B.

Produce proof of current terrorist threats from the banned nations, or admit you're just WAGing, emphasis on the A.   Most of what you're saying is either deflecting or supposing what you thiink might "really have been meant". You are baseless. Bsaeless.

Jan 29th - 19:33pm | ecbuck

with the bulk of those killed being victims of the 9/11 attacks. 

Jan 29th - 19:32pm | Steve Nelson

It's wrong to violate the law to "postpone immigration."  We'll see what the courts say as this situation moves through the process.

Jan 29th - 19:06pm | Lee Dalton

We need patriots to stand up to those who have been suckered in by Der Drumpf. You're wasting your time, Kurt.   This comment has been edited to remove gratuitous language. Let's try to be constructive, folks, not denigrating. -- ED

Jan 29th - 18:52pm | Kurt Repanshek

Again, I refer you to the NY Daily News and its citation from the Cato Institute:Not a single American was killed on U.S. soil by citizens from any of those countries between 1975 and 2015, according to statistics tallied by the conservative-leaning Cato Institute.

Jan 29th - 18:49pm | ecbuck

.Frankly, whatever perspective is drawn about the president is based on his actions and his bluster.

Jan 29th - 18:45pm | ecbuck

why can't the White House think to shut down the web site?  Because the freeze allows for exceptions, and i suspect as in prior freezes, NPS seasonals will be among them. 

Jan 29th - 18:43pm | Lee Dalton

One of the people banned from entering yesterday was the elderly mother of a Navy Seal who came to us from one of these countries.  She was finally released to her son.  He is a Navy Seal who is not yet a citizen.  He is also a Muslim.  They were welcomed to America by a crowd of patriots protesting at JFK.  Thank goodness there are people who recognize wrong when they

Jan 29th - 18:13pm | Steve Nelson

I am just looking at this for the first time since this morning.  Ec, 4 federal judges issued restraining orders in less than 36 hours after Trump issued his now-infamous executive order.  It's not chaos that people with legal immigration papers are held at airports with no real explanation and no warning because they were in the air?

Jan 29th - 18:12pm | Rick B.

I do know that no terrorist killings have occurred on American civilians from the countries he banned, and thousands have died from the other countries beyond those, starting with Saudi Arabia.  

Jan 29th - 18:06pm | Kurt Repanshek

Sure would be nice to see those tax returns to confirm your statement, EC....Frankly, whatever perspective is drawn about the president is based on his actions and his bluster.

Jan 29th - 18:02pm | ecbuck

Ronald Reagan 1964.  "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn't so"  

Jan 29th - 17:53pm | ecbuck

His businesses in Saudia Arabia and Azerbaijan  where closed or disposed.  So neither a conflict of interest or coincidence.

Jan 29th - 17:47pm | Rick B.

Jonathan Swift, 1738 & Rick B., 2017: There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know'

Jan 29th - 17:37pm | Kurt Repanshek

Eric, from the NY Daily News:Conspicuously, Trump doesn't hold any business interests in any of the countries on the list, but holds major stakes in several of those excluded from it, records show.Friday’s executive order, signed at the Pentagon, suspends the issuing of U.S. visas or travel permits to people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Jan 29th - 17:36pm | Lee Dalton

There is a truly great story on Traveler's front page today.  A beautifully written reminder that the diversity of our nation is one of our greatest strengths.  But that will go right over the heads of those whose little minds are so constipated that they cannot or will not see that goodness isn't limited to those who look like, worship like, sound like, and think like they do.

Jan 29th - 17:28pm | ecbuck

Kurt, I don't know why the Saudis aren't on there but I doubt it is because of Trump business dealings.  Can you identify those dealings?  I suspect it is because intellegence indicates that the threat is coming from the named countries and not Saudi Arabia.  In any case I don't see how this constitutes "chaos".

Jan 29th - 17:21pm | Kurt Repanshek

Nothing chaotic? Why isn't Saudi Arabia on his executive order regarding immigration? As I recall, the majority of the 9-11 terrorists (15), were Saudis. Could it be because Trump has business dealings there? And his failure to adequately vet the order led to some walking back by his staff on who was affected by it. Heck, even the Koch brothers are criticizing him.

Jan 29th - 15:30pm | ecbuck

Steve - no I haven't seen how chaotic the Trump administration has been in the first few days.  I see Trump implementing the very policies he advocated in a clear, concise and deliberate manner.  I don't agree with everything he has done but I see nothing chaotic about it.  The only chaos is from the folks on the left that are going hysterical and violent.  

Jan 29th - 15:26pm | ecbuck

ou just don't give a damn about others Like I said, you don't have a clue. But as usual, that doesn't stop you from jumping to uninformed conclusions and making baseless accusations.  

Jan 29th - 15:23pm | Rick B.

I do have a pretty good idea, and the words that come out of your mouth pretty much add up to Q.E.D. Judged solely by the words you type into that computer, you just don't give a damn about others, and you are explicit about it.

Jan 29th - 14:54pm | ecbuck

Whiners, screwing over the health of their country? From an ideologue who has NEVER done a thing for another that doesn't pay himself first. Another baseless acqusation.  You have no clue what I have or have not done for others.

Jan 29th - 12:13pm | Rick B.

Again with the negative buzz word "entitled". Used to slime good people who just want to keep on doing what they've gotten good at. I know people who have put in 6, 10, 17 years at a job that they love, but have no stability with. No pension, no insurance but they do a damn good job they have worked hard to learn.

Jan 29th - 11:12am | Steve Nelson

They probably haven't had a chance to update websites yet.  You've seen how chaotic the Trump administration is in the first few days.  I'll bet the people who run the USJobs web site have not heard anything about what to do with positions posted on it.

Jan 29th - 10:53am | ecbuck

There is no seasonal hiring as of 1/23/17. Well that is interesting since there are many NPS jobs, permanrnt and temporary advertise on the website.   And for Glad, yes, I am unsympathetic to whiners that believe they are entitled to a government job and put that as a priority over the health of their country.  

Jan 28th - 22:11pm | jn

There is no seasonal hiring as of 1/23/17.

Jan 28th - 10:06am | Glad2bretired

This is not much ado about nothing.  Thousands of talented individuals who otherwise would be looking forward to their seasonal NPS jobs now have their seasonal positions in uncertainty.  Expecting this administration to eventually do the right thing is risky considering the President's erratic and often irrational behavior.

Jan 28th - 07:09am | Thunderfish

Commenters from outside the system do not understand the real hiring issues. It is not as easy as just reviewing a handful of applications, selecting, and having someone start the next day. Due to downsizing/consolidation of personnel staff into "clusters" during the Bush administration, it now takes 9 months just to fill a 3-month summer seasonal position. 

Jan 27th - 22:08pm | Mitchell

All seasonal workers are needed to operate a park efficiently. I respect all seasonal employees as I am one. Lets support each other and remember that all workers not just Rangers, TrailCrew and Fire fighters play a part in keeping the public safe and healthy. All aspects that help keep a Park running efficiently contribute to the publics Safety.

Jan 27th - 21:39pm | Dylan R

This is unfortunately much ado about something. This would be my girlfriend's 3rd season working as an interpretive ranger with NPS. They have told her to hang tight because everything is on hold right now. Offers/interviews are usually made around this time and delays mean that parks open later or, god forbid, not at all for the season.

Jan 27th - 16:46pm | Allan Bray

This was my first thought, i visit the smokies at least twice a year. They have had a rough couple months with the fires, they don't need this. 

2017 State Of The National Parks

Jan 29th - 20:14pm | BillB61

The very best part of the new administration is that the cabinet picks are all people with real world experience in the private sector where steadily increasing budgets and staffing are not expected. A $11 billion dollar maintenance hole is a monument to mismanagement and can only happen in a culture that believes that they will be bailed out if they let things decline enough.

Jan 29th - 19:47pm | Bill Baehr

The Park Service needs an overhaul because they don't really know what they are doing at the most basic level which is evalutation of their mission.

Jan 29th - 15:00pm | Harryb3570

Your article is spot on Kurt. The next few months and years will be difficult for the National Parks and National Park Service. We cannot count on additional money and staff. The country is running huge deficits and there are many other needs and priorities. So what can we do? I suggest that now is the time to do the following. 

President Trump's Freeze On Federal Hiring Will Impact National Parks

Jan 29th - 17:32pm | ecbuck

Guess what Lee, I agree.  The wall is a bad idea.  Way to expensive and not necessary. No jobs, no school, no medical care, no driver licenses, no handouts - we won't need a wall.  The won't come in the first place and the ones (illegal aliens) that are here will go home.  

Jan 29th - 17:24pm | Lee Dalton

But we need all that extra money now to build THE WALL and to build something like two hundred more ships for the Navy and to keep all those non-Christians out of the country. The fear mongers are winning. Arrrrgh!  

Jan 29th - 16:23pm | npsranger

Parks are for ALL people, not just U.S. citizens

Jan 28th - 13:39pm | NPS Employee

Our Nations Parks are for the enjoyment of all people. The mountains, streams, historical monuments and other protected places within the NPS system know no political boundaries; they demand respect from all people. 

Road Into Olympic National Park’s Elwha Valley Reopens After More Than A Year

Jan 29th - 17:18pm | Lee Dalton

I really, really, really hope they will be able to soon re-open the Elwha Campground.  That place was a little gem.

Mount Rainier, “A Significant Winter Playground”

Jan 29th - 16:32pm | Peg O'Mallley

What amazing photos and beautiful writing.  I can almost feel the crisp air on my cheek and the bluebird sky shines in my imagination.  Well done.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Jan 29th - 10:14am | deborah Patton

First of all, I LOVE the National Park Service.  My father, my sister, Me, my husband, brother-in-law and hundreds of friends currently work or are retired from NPS.  

Jan 28th - 12:26pm | Lee Dalton

Dan, so am I.  I just try to find ways to economize.  For example, I don't pay for cable TV.  That saves me about $100 a month.

Jan 28th - 11:18am | Dan Anderson

Carl, Stop the gross generalizations.  My wife and I travel in our Rabbit and tent camp.  Some Parks can be reached by public transportation.  It is possible to travel on a tight budget.  As I said earlier, the National Parks are a national treasure the and the maintenance costs should be born by all tax payers, not by increased user fees  

Jan 28th - 11:08am | Dan Anderson

Mr. Dalton,  Some of us are living simply on limited incomes.  The National Parks are a National treasure that have been underfunded for decades.  The costs should be born by all, not just leaning increasingly on user fees.

Off The Well-Trod Path: The Mayna Avent Cabin In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Jan 27th - 18:16pm | Rob

Cucumber Gap is at .8 from trailhead. Meigs is .9

Officials Propose Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan For North Cascades National Park

Jan 27th - 17:09pm | justinh

Great piece.  Thanks for posting it, Rick B.  It would be wonderful to see grizzly bears back in the North Cascades.

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