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NPS Joins International Slave Wrecks Project

Aug 4th - 23:36pm | WodaabeMan

The shipwreck is in a NPS national park. Therefore, NPS is obligated by an act of the U.S. congress to document the shipwreck.

Aug 4th - 17:50pm | wild places

While the project itself sounds rather fascinating it doesn't belong in the NPS. Just my opinion.

Op-Ed|National Park Service Has Correct Approach To Bear Viewing At Katmai National Park

Aug 4th - 20:57pm | Ray Bane

I am aware of Jim Stratton's close working relationship with the National Park Service regarding Brooks River, and I respect his opinion.

Too Many Retirements Impacting National Park Service Law Enforcement Ranks

Aug 4th - 20:53pm | Longstreet

In my park, there are not enough protection rangers -- the ones that do law enforcement but also emergency medicine, search and rescue, fire management, etc. These are multi-skilled professionals but they are not simply "law enforcement" rangers.

Aug 4th - 17:02pm | US Park Rangers...

The NPS implies that there is an increasing number of retirements causing this situation. This would not be correct. There is no such demographic crisis in NPS law enforcement. The situation is caused by the NPS failing to follow its own policy of "no net loss" of law enforcement personnel.

Appellate Court Affirms National Park Service Immunity In Deadly Mountain Goat Attack

Aug 4th - 18:25pm | Paulette

Since you're "not native" to the Olympics, perhaps you should stay away.

Aug 4th - 14:58pm | Brenda

The professionals at Olympic National Park have experimented with many non-lethal methods of controlling mountain goats with marginal success. Capture and release, sterilization - expensive, stressful for the animal, and dangerous to the people performing the act. An inexpensive and effective method is using experienced archers to kill the goats.

Aug 1st - 15:08pm | David Hagert

I think the park should do away with all the mountain goats. These animals are not native to the Olympics. And this attack will happen again, and again, how many people will die because these goats who have no fear of humans at all. Even the bears and mountain lions fear humans in the Olympic mountains.

Jul 31st - 12:40pm | Jack

It is the duty of these parks to maintain a safe environment for both the animals and the humans. Animals that show aggression towards people cannot be allowed to continue to do so. Every other park puts bears to rest for attacking camp grounds. This case should be no different.

Jul 30th - 20:29pm | Anonymous

at some point, man has to be responsible for his actions. Especially when he/she does follow the rules

Jul 30th - 14:38pm | Tanya Rogish

I can't understand how a judge can compare a wild animal in its natural habitat to that of an aggressive dog whose owner didn't properly handle. This is a wild animal and any human entering a national park should understand that and keep clear of it. The mans actions in protecting others was heroic, but ultimately his decision and not the parks fault.

Traveler's View: Wilderness Hanging In Balance At Big Cypress National Preserve

Aug 4th - 16:50pm | d-2

Those interventions are the exceptions that prove the rule. Just look at the delegations of authority before you go headhunting.

Aug 4th - 16:14pm | Fred J Fagergren

Thank you for this excellent article stating clearly the problems that continue to exist at Big Cypress National Preserve after Superintendent John Donahue's excellent tenure. Both the article and the comments by d-2 accurately convey the priorities set forth in the original legislation for Big Cypress and the House and Senate legislative histories.

Aug 4th - 15:05pm | d-2

Let me add, on the issues of substance this is an excellent and important analysis of threats to Big Cypress.

Aug 4th - 14:58pm | Kurt Repanshek

D-2, you're correct that many superintendents have great latitude, but history has shown that directors insert themselves into park matters/politics (Grand Canyon and water bottles comes to mind; both the regional director at the time and superintendent were overruled) when it fits them.

Aug 4th - 14:42pm | d-2

I think saying the legislative purposes and statutory language of Big Cyprus National Preserve "permits" ORVs gets it about backward. It may sound like a distinction without a difference, but it goes to the heart of what the idea was when Congress and the National Park Service were considering establishing two national preserves, the first two, for Big Thicket and Big Cypress.

Jul 31st - 10:03am | Longstreet

I have to admit I'm disappointed in both my colleagues and in the inconsistencies in Washington. Kudos to Supt. Carlstrom and his staff at Biscayne for following the law and policy and doing what is possible to "conserve unimpaired." Unfortunately, the leaders of Big Cypress have succumbed to the pressure from the locals and the state.

Musings From Minidoka National Historic Site

Aug 4th - 12:53pm | bob Miller

And Texans were ridiculed for questioning the purposes of Jade Helm. Always trust your government. Ask the survivors of this camp.

Assateague Island's Horses Cooling Off In The Surf

Aug 3rd - 21:02pm | Anonymous

I like the photos, but I didn't see any horses swimming!

Aug 2nd - 20:51pm | James Mason

Really interesting video and I'd like to see more. I could watch for an hour! But the special effects are irritating. Before you include something like that you need to ask yourself "Have I ever seen this in a professional production? Or only in my neighbors home movies?"

On The Road In The Parks: Muir Woods, Muir Beach, And Point Bonita Light

Aug 3rd - 18:40pm | Sam Russo

Great Info

LTE-Florida Congressional Offices Want To Block Biscayne National Park's Fisheries Plan

Aug 3rd - 14:12pm | Rick Smith

I agree, Anon. I would rather be sued by the fishing interests than by the Ocean Conservancy were I the superintendent of Biscayne.

Aug 2nd - 14:55pm | Gary Bremen

Nobody, NOBODY, should EVER apologize for doing the right thing. Being honest is never something to apologize for. The Marine Reserve Zone for Biscayne National Park is a late, but nevertheless critically important, effort to protect a place I have seen change drastically over the course of my lifetime in South Florida. Once the Congressional Circus is over, I just hope it is not too late.

National Park Service Says Ranger Ranks On Decline

Aug 3rd - 13:19pm | SmokiesBackpacker

The NPS would never take volunteers when they can milk taxpayers for money to fund staff. I say this as someone who did the same thing, volunteered to help solve a "crisis" in the backcountry office.

Aug 3rd - 10:10am | Stanwood Albright

Too little LE, too much LGBT. Personnel dept was renamed HR and now is Workforce Relavancy & Inclusion. I am not kidding.

Aug 2nd - 23:10pm | slowboat

I offered to volunteer two different summers on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia (I live in the area, know the area, have NPS experience, and am retired.), and they did not even bother to respond to either of my offers. So I said, "fook 'em, they don't need me and I can find better things to do with my time."

Jul 31st - 08:52am | Anonymous Ranger

Actually, I should have clarified. Permanent Rangers who particularly worked their way through years of seasonal positions, survived by either ben lucky or pursuing training and experience wherever they could find it, rather than the Pro Ranger program, are far more experienced than the typical nearby police officer. Though nice idea, I can't in good conscious support the Pro Ranger program.

Jul 31st - 08:41am | Anonymous Ranger

That's too bad you feel that way. Because, actually, most permanent Rangers are far more experienced regarding their park and crimes within it, as well criminal law and tactics, than their local counterparts, particularly in wilderness and rural areas. They also have access, like 4WD, and knowledge of access to areas that most of the local PDs do not.

Jul 31st - 05:45am | Joseph Hayward

In many parks there are local police forces available and they are the ones who end up coming to the rescue when there is a real emergency. They have more experience and they are the ones I am going to call when the you know what hits the fan!

Jul 30th - 18:53pm | NCali Ranger

It's entertaining that the PEER study was about NPS Law Enforcement positions yet the National Parks Traveler picture is of an interpretive ranger. This just further shows the lack of respect of law enforcement in the NPS. Many in the NPS see LE as an evil, and in many parks an unnecessary evil.

Lost in the Desert: Proposed Mojave Trails National Monument Remains In Limbo

Aug 2nd - 14:45pm | Alfred Runte

Good to hear about Bob's old bus! And he was so proud of his father, the alleged "founder" of the corn dog. As for the Hualapai, they really disappointed me. They started out "hot" to save the canyon, then in an instant cooled. "The politics of Indian country," I was told by one of their leaders. Make of that statement what you will.

Aug 2nd - 14:22pm | Grizz

Here is an article about the county and fixing the road: I never met Bob, but know his reputation well. His bus is now on display in Pontiac, IL.

Aug 2nd - 13:45pm | Alfred Runte

Good points. As you say, so much of the road's preservation has been a private-sector effort. Did you ever know Bob Waldmire at Hackberry, Arizona, 25 miles east of Kingman? He ran a Route 66 museum there, at the edge of Crozier Canyon. And then the rock quarrying began.

Aug 2nd - 12:52pm | Grizz

I can't answer why the road has not yet been fixed, except to speculate that it is a cost issue. You have to ask the county. I would suggest that a better option than having the NPS or BLM take over road maintenance, is to have Congress pass a healthy transportation bill that would provide funding for such repairs.

Aug 2nd - 11:10am | Alfred Runte

I agree, Grizz, but you still haven't answered the $64,000 question. Why is the road not fixed? You talk about studies and initiatives, but none of that is getting the road fixed--either in California or the rest of the route. This is government today--studies, roundtables, initiatives, and excuses.

Aug 1st - 18:50pm | Grizz

There are almost 2448 miles of Route 66 alignments that can be driven from Chicago to Santa Monica. Focusing only on this segment in the desert ignores the broader needs for historic preservation along the road. Granted it is a lovely section, but it needs to be considered in perspective.

Concessionaires Push Point That National Park Service Lacks Business Savvy

Aug 2nd - 08:42am | ecbuck

"Here's an article about concessions and he turns into an argument trying to justify his stupidity in bear country."

Aug 1st - 20:14pm | Anonymous

Good heavens is this ecbuck guy serious or is he putting us on? Here's an article about concessions and he turns into an argument trying to justify his stupidity in bear country. If it was an article about proper anchors in rock climbing, would he try to tell us how silly it is to obey the law of gravity?

Aug 1st - 18:16pm | ecbuck

Once again I would punish the offenders (those with dirty dishes) rather than inconvenience the many. But I will give you credit for the best excuse put forth yet. BTW is was the camp manager not a ranger that posted the notice.

Aug 1st - 16:17pm | wild places

EC, while you may have only used your stove and coffee pot to boil water I suspect you would be in the minority in that most people brew coffee and cook on their stoves. I wouldn't expect the rangers to take time out to smell everyone's coffee pot and stove, hence the rule.

Aug 1st - 10:27am | ecbuck

" They will instead seek out (or be tempted by) easier targets" For which, like the dumpsters and food storage containers they will get no reward. What's the difference?

Aug 1st - 08:13am | ecbuck

And then some people are just sheep and despite the nonsense of the rules and regulations they blindly follow along. Rather than casting aspersions, perhaps you would like to explain why a stove and coffee pot are more a threat than a garbage dumpster and food storage boxes? I'm not " throw(ing) a foot stomping hold the breath and turn blue tantrum", I am asking a question.

Aug 1st - 00:32am | Anonymous

Fortunately most park visitors are intelligent people capable of understanding that rules and regulations usually have good reasons behind them.

Jul 31st - 08:55am | ecbuck

Then perhaps Ron can explain why we should be more concerned about a clean stove and pot than a garbage dumpster and food storage boxes?

Jul 30th - 13:32pm | Rangerskip

Ron, I suspect you know your way around bears fairly well after spending most of your career in Yosemite! Skip Prange

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Jul 31st - 14:42pm | edfardos

Bears evolved by tooth and claw. Humans evolved by tool and weapon making. I'll give up my tools, when you remove the teeth and claws from bears.

Op-Ed| Correcting The Record On The Biscayne Marine Reserve

Jul 31st - 14:33pm | Stevef

The outcome was predetermined by people that don't fish. They want to swim around in an aquarium and look at fish and coral. If there is no take from the area then, yes there will be more fish in the area but that will do nothing for the resource. That is Mr Lieberman's point and the FWC's point. It is basically a lazy and unproven way to manage a resource.

Living History Program On Frontier West Offered At Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site

Jul 31st - 06:16am | estle denny

The event will help people to be thankful for the progress man has made since then.

Glacier National Park Fire More Than Half Contained, Possibly Human-Caused

Jul 30th - 18:38pm | mandy Cripps

We were at the St Mary's visitor centre today. It was not closed.

Climber Who Abandoned Companion In Grand Teton National Park Cited For Disorderly Conduct

Jul 30th - 17:31pm | cj stevens

I don't understand the kerfuffle. What am I missing? "Not long after the device was activitated, rangers aboard a Teton Interagency helicopter hovered over the duo's location, and Mr. Selwyn signaled that he wanted to be rescued, the release said."

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