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DNC Says National Park Service "Flip-Flops" On Trademark Issues

Jan 8th - 08:43am | Lee Dalton

This is nothing but another example of the  egregious corporate greed that infects America.

National Park Service Fires Highly Valued Superintendent For Refusing New Job

Jan 7th - 23:19pm | Paula McMurry

Unfortunately, you will NEVER hear the "rest of the story" or the "REAL story".  I've been wanting to know the "REAL stories" behind similar things I have witness throughout my 42 years with the National Park Service.  What wonderful reading that would be.

Jan 7th - 14:44pm | Another side

The federal circuit made their decsion on 9/2/2105, it took until 12/31/2015 for the MSPB to reverse their decsion based on the federal circuit court:

Jan 6th - 21:27pm | Plumbarus

You got a year or two? I could tell you many tales of idiocracy from the NPS  

Jan 6th - 21:05pm | Lee Dalton

Results of questions asked should be anonymous with only a summary provided. But........

Jan 6th - 17:54pm | Ray Bane

Sorry.  I failed to identify myself and the author to the last post.

Jan 6th - 12:37pm | Folks, the real...

The real issue here is not a single employee.  It is the system that would appear to lend itself to a lack of accountability on the part of upper level management.

Jan 6th - 12:34pm | tomp2

{This was a direct reply to Gila Monster's query about NPS positons being like Foreign Service pack on page 1. "Reply" doesn't seem to link comments.  But now, I'm happy with both Kurt's original post, which didn't have the whole story, and especially with the comments from folks in the know about what went on at Sitka.

Jan 6th - 12:11pm | $$$ for NPS

Does Mary have to repay the 2010-2013 salary and benefits she was awarded when reinstated in 2013?  In 2013, "the U.S.

Jan 6th - 10:32am | Sitka NHP

Mary Miller is not a valued employee, she thought of Sitka NHP as her park.  She wasted millions of taxpayers dollars on stopping projects that she signed off on, her background is in engineering, the project was laid out with blue prints and scales, something she should have great knowledge in understanding.

Jan 6th - 09:07am | Kurt Repanshek

As I understand it, Lee, that is the case now. And supposedly the results are provided to supervisors.

Jan 6th - 09:05am | Lee Dalton

Perhaps part of any supervisor's performance evaluation should include collection of evaluations provided by a large percentage of people supervised by the person.

Jan 6th - 06:21am | The Rest Of The...

There are a lot of terrible federal employees that receive decent performance appraisals. Why do terrible performance receive decent appraisals?  The work that goes into dealing with a bad performer is a full time job and supervisors don't want to deal with it. Therefore, they give the employee 3's-fully successful and walk away.  And supervisors are afraid of being grieved.

Jan 6th - 01:00am | Anonymous with ...

I'm glad this case puts a spotlight on pretext within management directed reassignments.  I hope it also puts a spotlight on how the NPS takes corrective action on conduct and performance problems in superintendents.  For a good case study, read about the problems at Effigy Mounds National Monument involving problems with not one but two former superintendents.

Jan 6th - 00:32am | Another side

Did anyone actually click on the link from the 2010 Juneau Empire article?  It states that: "Last February, the National Park Service dispatched a team of top officials from the West Coast to review Sitka operations. The review found that the work environment at SNHP was characterized by "very low morale."

Jan 6th - 00:16am | Rick B.

Click on the 'contact us' button on the masthead to reach out directly to Kurt.

Too Many Yellowstone Bison Means 600-900 Will Be Culled

Jan 7th - 19:56pm | ecbuck

eyes roll

Jan 7th - 16:45pm | Megaera

We don't thin people  -- oh, wait, we do.  It's called mass shootings. Doesn't make this right, though.

Jan 6th - 15:21pm | sharon firestenberg


Native American Tribes To Pursue Bear Ears National Monument With President Obama

Jan 7th - 17:50pm | Cliff Bove

Under federal control in trust for the American people and inspired by the American people, including Native Americans.

Jan 6th - 20:19pm | Mike Painter

Or maybe they'll put it under joint management ...

Jan 6th - 10:25am | COH

It won't be under Tribal control, it will be a National Monument - under federal control, as are all National Monuments.

Fall Rains Bringing Color To Death Valley National Park

Jan 7th - 16:41pm | Megaera

[envy]  Oh, I wish I could go!

Reader Survey Day: What National Parks Are On Your 2016 Calendar?

Jan 7th - 16:15pm | Old Finn

Haleakala & Volcano

Jan 7th - 15:02pm | Crystal

this year I will be employed at the north rim of the Grand Canyon may-October as a bus driver after that I think I will head to Gardiner to watch the elk rut. 

Jan 7th - 08:34am | Skins Dave

I have been lucky enough to visit almost all the NPs, many several times over. However, I still have a couple on my bucket list which I play to take care of this year - Big Bend, Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mnts., that will leave me with only Channel Islands, America Samoa & Virgin Islands as unseen.

Jan 6th - 23:30pm | rmab

BIG BEND in West TX!!  right in my neighborhood.  please visit us :)

Jan 6th - 22:27pm | J Martin

Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef along with Natural Bridges NM and Colorado NM in October. Can't wait!

Jan 6th - 20:32pm | LD Schmidt

Joshua Tree in January Statue of Liberty Island in March Either Acadia or Ranier/Olympia/Mt St Helens in July Fall is TBD.

Jan 6th - 19:59pm | Jgarcia

Mammoth Olympic Mount Rainer North Cascades

Jan 6th - 18:57pm | Raphael

It's not a national park, but if you're in California and want to see desert wildflowers, don't overlook Anza Borrego State Park. It's a stunner!

Jan 6th - 17:20pm | R. Wiener

Badlands, Devils Tower Nat. Monument, Little Big Horn Nat. Monument, Yellowstone, Grand Teton.

Jan 6th - 17:19pm | R. Wiener

Badlands, Devils Tower Nat. Monument, Little Big Horn Nat. Monument, Yellowstone, Grand Teton.

Jan 6th - 16:41pm | Rick Farber

I will be going with my brother to Yosemite for 5 days in the spring and MT Lassen NP in the summer. Maybe Channel Islands and Joshua in the spring.

Jan 6th - 14:10pm | Auntsuey

Every park in Utah this summer. Can't wait. 

Jan 6th - 13:31pm | capitolover

Crater Lake, Lassen Volcano, Redwoods, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Arches, Great Smokey Mountain.

Jan 6th - 12:54pm | tomp2

I'm taking a bussman's holiday with my Annual Leave! I hope to get out to Joshua Tree and maybe Mojave & Death Valley this spring, especially if they get lots of rain.  I'm resigned to using AL to do my own science.

Jan 6th - 11:09am | Gila Monster

Freycinet NP Tasman NP Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair NP Mt. Field NP Kalbarri NP Nambung NP Millstream-Chichester NP Karijini NP ... and hopefully some others in Western Australia.

Mammoth Cave National Park Looking For Help Battling Pot Growers

Jan 7th - 11:19am | Azle Hill Beckner

Off road vehicles are the essential vehicle for pot farmers who grow their crop in the woods of National Parks like Mammothe Cave.  Join with DEA to stop those vehicles everywhere.

Expect To Encounter Crowds On The Appalachian National Scenic Trail This Year

Jan 7th - 08:16am | Joseph Ortiz

Wow I plan my thru hike for march of 2017 wonder if things will change then this would be my first time there. Hopefully things will be OK in 2016.

Coalition To Protect America's Parks Asks Colorado National Monument Superintendent To Rule Out Pro Bike Race

Jan 6th - 19:41pm | Mark Skarpohl

Here we go again.  I quite honestly do not see what all the hubbub is about. 

Jan 6th - 11:41am | argalite

I was at Mount Rainier last Summer and we drove though a bike race in the park.  

Jan 6th - 11:18am | Kurt Repanshek

No confirmation yet, Gila Monster. NPS is going through the process and no final decision has been made as to whether the race can go through the park.

Jan 6th - 11:07am | Gila Monster

As far as I know the Tour of Utah has already confirmed that stage one of the 2016 edition will start in "Zion Village", whatever that means (Springdale?).    

Op-Ed | New National Parks For The Next Century

Jan 6th - 09:42am | Michael Kellett

Hi Drew, You are quite right. I was trying to provide only a sample of the full range of potential parks, because there was not enough space to provide an exhaustive list for each category. I was born and raised Michigan and now live in Massachusetts, so I am well aware that more national parks are needed in those region, as well as the Southeast.

Former Effigy Mounds National Monument Superintendent Pleads Guilty To Theft Of Artifacts

Jan 6th - 09:16am | NPS Lover

"[M]ore than meets the eye" indeed. This is a symptom of how NPS has for decades used the Midwest Region as a place to put incompetence out to pasture. There are many dedicated and incredibly talented staff in Midwest Region but the concentration of bad apples is not representative of NPS as a whole.

Jan 6th - 02:27am | Rick B.

I would hazard a pretty good guess that any NPS Cultural Resources staff member, whether archeological, curatorial, or other discipline.... winces when this affair is mentioned, and prays to whatever gods and goddesses that they never get tainted by such a snafu.

Jan 6th - 01:39am | KentuckyHiker

Jan 5th - 23:40pm | d-2

The newspaper articles stated "what is more to this story," and that is that the Native American groups assumed that the Superintendent objected to the principles of the "Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act." AKA Public Law 101-601.  Obliquely, that is what the state archaeologist is actually talking about when he says above 

National Water Trail Designated In Kansas, New Visitor Center Dedicated At Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Jan 6th - 02:36am | Cindy

You are an awesome blogger. This is one of the best blog I had visited so far. Hope to read more post from you in the future. Keep it up. God bless.

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