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UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Dec 21st - 13:16pm | Alfred Runte

It's in the platform, EC, and has been in the past, but yes, written nebulously and not with any specific reference to the national parks. It's a general statement about the pubic lands. No matter, Ryan Zimke as the new Interior Secretary is adamantly opposed to transferring any public lands to the states. I wish the same could have been said about Ken Salazar and Sally Jewell.

Dec 21st - 12:30pm | Rick B.

Specifically correct, but the platform itself is speciously written.

Dec 21st - 10:30am | ecbuck

Written perfectly And not written the way Claudette claimed.  No meaningful leader of the Republican party has called for getting rid of the National Parks.  Claiming so is flat out wrong.  

Dec 21st - 08:40am | ecbuck

There is a plank in the Republican platform that supports "every effort" to wrest away from the Federal government the control of federal public lands, including National Parks.

Dec 20th - 22:10pm | Craig 20

Looks like you need to be a citizen or permanent resident.

Dec 20th - 21:20pm | Heywwjd

Yes, you can get one free. I just filled out form stating I was disabled. They didn't even ask for proof, although I would have gotten it for them.

Dec 20th - 21:00pm | Lee Dalton

"Any revenues above $10 million would be deposited into a Centennial Challenge fund for projects in the parks. However, those dollars would need to be matched by private dollars before they could be spent." There has to be a mousetrap hidden in that part of Bishop's bill.  Private dollars from where?  And with what considerations?

Dec 20th - 16:17pm | Mike Preston

People with a permanent disability are eligible for the Interagency Access pass which there is no charge for.

Dec 20th - 15:54pm | Mikec

No.  Permanent US Residents only.

Dec 20th - 15:18pm | Anne Hamblin

when will the price of the pass increase  

Dec 20th - 15:11pm | GG

Is there a park pass discount for disabled people.

Dec 20th - 14:59pm | Claudette Paige

Thanks for pointing out the antipathy with which Representative Bishop, and his Republican cohorts, regard the National public lands owned by the American people.  There is a plank in the Republican platform that supports "every effort" to wrest away from the Federal government the control of federal public lands, including National Parks.

Dec 20th - 14:47pm | mtgnppics

Seems to me that's quite a jump in price.   Why not $50?  I know older folks who would cringe at that price.

Dec 20th - 14:39pm | William Baehr

Free for US Citizens only. Charge foreigners and non-citizens enough to pay for any deficits to the Park budgets.

Dec 20th - 13:45pm | Marc Norton

Entry to our National Parks should be free for everyone. Tax the rich.

Dec 20th - 13:37pm | Jon

Donald- why do you say sales of the passes are blocked? I just bought one.

Dec 20th - 12:59pm | Kurt Repanshek

Donald, NPS says sales have not been blocked.

Dec 20th - 12:49pm | Donald Scott

Kitty Benzar speaks the only truth in this article.   Bishop is one of the most right-wing, anti-public lands people in Congress - wants to privatize all public lands.  The article should have stressed that point.  Why didn't Bishop pass a law increasing the NPS budget from its current shameful $3 billion if he was such a friend of the parks.  And I want to know why the

Dec 20th - 12:37pm | Gloria

No, The $10 is good only for U.S. citizens

Dec 20th - 12:22pm | John Rabold

For Mr. Brian Pepper: Please see this document, which contains the information you are seeking:

Dec 20th - 11:58am | Brian R Pepper

Hi I am 62 and live in the UK, would I be eligable for a lifetime pass for $10? If so, how do I apply Thanks Brian R Pepper

Essay: Connections Are As Deep As Your Roots

Dec 21st - 11:37am | Cynthia Donisi

Yeah - well written and I agree.  I was also honored to have Laura Martin guide and teach me about the area during a recent visit.  She is very knowledgeable and cares about our natural resources and history.  She is a treasure!

Dec 20th - 21:17pm | Rick B.

What a great experience, indeed.

Dec 20th - 20:40pm | rmackie

Agree Lee,

Dec 20th - 16:38pm | Lee Dalton

Neat!  What a wonderful opportunity for young people.  We need a lot more of this kind of stuff.

Favorite National Park for wildlife? Tips for viewing?

Dec 21st - 10:41am | Ferrell

Wild horses on the island.

B-29 Superfortress That Lies at the Bottom of Lake Mead Continues to Draw Attention

Dec 20th - 16:01pm | Anonymous

Any Chance there is a Video of the Aeroplane, if so please pos a link

To Make “Glory,” Hollywood Moved the Atlantic Ocean

Dec 20th - 13:34pm | Joan Johnson

i visited the state park south of Myrtle Beach. That summer if 1989, the dunes were all destroyed. An article run in their SUNNY DAYS booklet had stated that the dunes were destroyed by the making of the movie Glory!  The desperation of sand dunes that the regiment walks thru is the same area that I travel to get to the beach. I recognize it- I go there every year! 

Moose And Wolves: Managing For Wilderness Values At Isle Royale National Park

Dec 20th - 12:49pm | Michele C

I grew up in Minnesota and always understood that wolves were introduced to Isle Royal in order to control the moose population.  The ice bridge idea appears to be a new theory..........    

Dec 19th - 19:22pm | justinh

You make very good points, Gary.  And I'm not sure I disagree with you.  Those last couple of paragraphs in the article (quotes from Goepfert and Petersen) do give me pause, though.

Dec 19th - 16:56pm | Joeirbersky

Hogwash. I hike that island almost every summer and have never noticed damage from overeating moose. No mention of the numerous coyote, they will complicate things as well.   Those majestic moose now have a sanctuary. Since wolves have be reintroduced the moose in Minnesota have declined And not from ticks; I've seen enough evidence. Like Dr.

Dec 19th - 15:10pm | Gary Wilson

The real question, which we don't know a true answer, unless they find fossil records, is how often do packs of wolves or moose make it to this island, survive for a limited amount of time, then die off as the food sources deplete, or they dieoff from disease?  If that occurs at a relative frequency (perhaps every other century), then perhaps they will find this region as a niche again..

Dec 19th - 14:29pm | justinh

With the wolves not arriving to the island (or at least not staying there) until the late 1940s, and then again in the late 1990s, I wonder if changes to their corridors/habitat brought about by humans can explain why they didn't inhabit the island until then.  If that were to be the case, then untangling what "human interference/intervention" means might be a bit tricky.

Dec 19th - 14:06pm | Gary Wilson

From what i've read and studied, both the wolves and moose were not exactly native to the island, but opportunists that found the habitat suitable for them.  Regardless, the ticks will play the role of the predator as the climate warms, and they become more prevalent playing the role of the pathogen...  Humans should bug out in this case.

Dec 19th - 13:46pm | justinh

One of my favorite parks.  Hope more wolves are introduced.

Dec 19th - 12:58pm | Mooseburger

Suggest 200 hunting permits per year until moose population is between 800-1000. Eventually wolves will return over the ice then we can continue to balance the equation until they are strong enough to take over again.  Have you ever had slow cooked moose meat balls in the crock pot?  One of the best items at a pot luck I attended.  

Dec 19th - 11:17am | Sharon Mason

yellowstone national park introduced wolves into the park several years ago.  They were a natural predator until they died out or were killed.  Since the reintroduction the park as benefited in many ways.  I believe this is a great idea. Can the park sustain a healthy moose population without a natural predator?  I say bring on the wolves.

Dec 19th - 10:22am | Minnesotan

Why not wait until superior freezes again, (if global warming is real, it's not happening here, winters are colder and summer is getting milder every year, we are in a significant drought but that's another discussion) and tranquilize the wolves of they make it that long and all the moose, relocate them back to the mainland where the moose are almost completely gone and wolves are doing great.

Dec 19th - 08:44am | wild places

Let Mother Nature take it's course.

Dec 18th - 16:30pm | Anonymous

Very good article.  Humans have had an impact on the Island's ecosystem for hundreds of years.  Hopefully they will for hundreds more.  Lets bring some new genes and hold onto what we have for a little longer.

Judge Upholds Olympic National Park's Maintenance Work On Historic Structures In Official Wilderness

Dec 20th - 09:32am | Alfred Runte

The late Carsten Lien, author of OLYMPIC BATTLEGROUND, worried the most about Park Service indifference, namely, the deterioration of Olympic's backcountry trails. As he wrote, and often testified, once the public lost interest in the backcountry, the loggers could move back in. Never has the Park Service fully accepted its obligations as a wilderness steward.

Dec 20th - 08:00am | Gary Wilson

Thanks Rod, with that viewpoint, I can see why they would want to preserve those remaining shelter.  The Smokies would face a similar situation with the graveyards, and historical structures if parts of this park ever became a desiganated wilderness, so I can see the point to maintain them to preserve their historic character.

Dec 19th - 18:42pm | RodF

Wilderness "may also contain ecological, geological, or other features of scientific, educational, scenic, or historical value" and "shall be devoted to the public purposes of recreational, scenic, scientific, educational, conservation, and historical use", all of which "shall be administered for the use and enjoyment of the American people in such manner as wi

Dec 19th - 14:35pm | Gary Wilson

Eventually one of those tall trees will fall on that structure and obliverate it. 

Dec 18th - 12:47pm | [email protected]

More Reasons to have Watchdog Organizations Monitoringthe Behavior and Project Proposals of NPS SUPERINTENDENTS: IMAGINE,  ALL the Historic Ranger Patrol Cabins in Crater Lake NP were actually destroyed under former Supt. Donald Spalding, 1970. 

Wyoming Has No "Intent" To Allow Grizzly Hunt On NPS Lands If Grizzlies Delisted

Dec 20th - 02:39am | grandheritage

Isn't it interesting how half a million homo sapiens (a large omnivorous mammal) is considered a low population density for a state like Wyoming, but only 700 bears (a large ominvorous mammal) is considered to be 200 bears too many over the population limit. Only 1 bear allowed for every thousand humans, even less if you count all the tourists.

A Silly Way to Die - Friends Don't Let Friends Teak Surf

Dec 19th - 19:49pm | Anonymous

One side of the story.

National Park Service Inches Up A Bit In Best Places To Work In Federal Government Survey

Dec 19th - 18:44pm | DB

Yes an intresting finding indeed that the men ranked the NPS considerably lower than the women in this survey especially with all the sexual harassment finding...........HMMMMM, sombody should look into that..........maybe Sally Jewell can send down the Inspector General to look into that.

Move To Change Access To Fiery Furnace In Arches National Park Draws Ire

Dec 19th - 14:44pm | Reality Check 2016

Such is the paradox of "government owned" land. Since it's owned and paid-for by "everyone," no-one has a right to use it and no-one really cares to clean it up or keep it as-is or develop it or whatever.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Dec 18th - 22:14pm | Concerned

"I have no dobt" Hmmm, that is a unsubstantiated opinion. You were not there and you said your self that you do not know all the facts. This may be a justified bear shooting or maybe not. However it seems quite clear that jumping to conclusions makes you appear  as an idiot.

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