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Newfound Gap Road In Great Smoky Mountains National Park Being Considered For National Scenic Byway Designation

Jan 26th - 21:17pm | Alan Walker

The park was established as "forever free." FOREVER means just that.

Jan 26th - 17:01pm | Anon

  National Park Service OFFICIAL Comment Platform

Jan 26th - 17:00pm | Anon

Here is the link to the Official National Park Service Comment Section....please review the information and register your comment on the issue there also.    Help keep our Public Lands in Public Hands , Nobody should have to pay a Fee to enjoy our Great Smoky Mounatians National Park, that is the way it's supposed to be. 

Jan 26th - 07:02am | Ron

Completely false.. try checking FACTS before you post. This has absolutely nothing to do with an entrance fee.

Jan 26th - 05:54am | Rebecca

The article said they want the designation so they can apply for other grants-money sorely needed since the park's charter excludes a fee.

Jan 26th - 05:12am | Dakota

Amen, I agree There is a serious need for more revenue for the Smokies .  

Jan 26th - 05:08am | Dakota

The stipulation from the Tennessee Legislature back in the 1930s when giving the land they had bought was that there would never be a toll on the Newfound Gap Rd.   That didn't cover other parts of the park.  There was never any agreement that there would never be any charge for other locations.

Jan 26th - 05:01am | Dakota

I don't know how the Superintendent or anyone could be blamed for the fire.  If you live here then you know we had an historic drought and multiple fires all over Western NC, East Tn and North  Ga.  At least two of those fires burned for weeks and consumed over 25,000 acres.  Who should be fired for those ?

UPDATED: "Unofficial" National Park Service Twitter Accounts Challenge Trump Administration

Jan 26th - 20:58pm | wild places

Gary, I said nothing about "facts". My post was about the wisdom of tweeting anything to do with your employment. Of course I defend anyones right to do it but would also defend that employers right to fire them for doing so. And you infer far too much on my positions.

Jan 26th - 15:32pm | Rick B.

I just read an interesting article on Quartz media that mentioned a term from Germany in the 1930s that matches what is going on now --- Gleichschaltung. Interesting and scary.

Jan 26th - 14:30pm | Roger DeWitt

Education, dedication, and experience must trump Luddites. A nation thanks the UNDERGROUND AGENCIES of the the people of the United States!

Jan 26th - 13:45pm | dahkota

Congressman Zinke voted to: Weaken controls on air and water pollution in national parks, undermine protections for endangered species, de-fund efforts to clean up Chesapeake Bay, weaken the Antiquities Act by limiting the president's ability to designate new national monuments, has a 3% National Environmental Score from the League of Conservation Voters, and has an "F" from the NPAF for his vo

Jan 26th - 12:24pm | Gary Wilson

Tweeting facts?  Come on.  Get real, Wild Places - once again, this is getting ridiculous..  If you support anti-intellectualism or stand against science, then more power to you.  Then you stand in the corner of the de-evolutionists, and the anti-intellectuals that wish to shield people from truth and knowledge.

Jan 26th - 12:00pm | wild places

Agree or disagree with the viewpoint I can't imagine anyone in the private sector tweeting against their employer and have any expectation of keeping their job. Put yourself in the place of having employees criticize your business (or you) in their off hours.

Jan 26th - 11:59am | Ray Bane

The BNP employees are to be congratulated for their principled and courageous stand to uphold the ideals and traditions of the National Park System.  Hopefully the National Park Service will stand beside them in the commitment to scientific evidence and service to the owner public of our national parks.  The NPS is first and foremost the servant of the PEOPLE.

Jan 26th - 11:44am | sande


Jan 26th - 09:33am | Elizabeth Adamson

if, by any chance, the DT administration should defund national parks, I would still pay any amount to go to them.  They are our national treasure.... Keep on Brothers and Sisters.....

Jan 26th - 05:13am | beachdumb

Please take the fake news to the underground where it belongs. The climate change scam is over but please feel free provide your alternative views and data on your own dime and time.

Jan 26th - 01:24am | Susan watson

We will not go silently!

Jan 25th - 23:51pm | tomp2

Thanks for the reminder about Thunderbear, Lee!  I hadn't read him in several years.  A good way to unwind with a few laughs after a stressful day (completely unrelated to the new administration).

Jan 25th - 22:41pm | Alfred Runte

Tomp2, I have a salient fact--Ryan Zinke, who in Congress openly expressed his love for the national parks. Now, tell me what fact you have? None that I can see, except your assertion that I am the one being "disingenuous."

Jan 25th - 22:23pm | Lee Dalton

I've read only part of Thunderbear 302 --- only as far as the beginning of the Safety Message.  But I'll finish it before bedtime. P.J. Ryan is a genius.  His writings should be spread as far and wide as possible.

Jan 25th - 22:04pm | Bill Hardy

I suggest they just invert the Emblem - maybe reverse the lettering - and post it like the American Flag as a "distress" signal...

Jan 25th - 21:52pm | tomp2

1: I'm partial to BadHombreLandsNPS @BadHombreNPS mostly for the name.

Jan 25th - 21:47pm | Lee Dalton

Tahoma is right.  There are ways of quietly resisting without getting fired.  We do, however, need people with courage to stand up to Drumpf.  Just be careful that you don't sacrifice your career and your family's security. We will need you to begin leading the parks again in four years.

Jan 25th - 21:09pm | Alfred Runte

Say again, Rick? Don't tell you what to fear or trust? Well, you're telling the rest of us to fear and mistrust our president. How about taking your own advice?

Jan 25th - 20:55pm | tahoma

Thanks, Sara!  How about just flipping it upside down, like the flag, as a symbol of distress?A couple of previously crucified NPS employees, Rob Danno and Teresa Chambers, offer excellent advice for those brave souls behind this resistance:

Jan 25th - 20:45pm | Sara

"In  accordance  with 36 CFR  Part 11, no entity  outside the Service  may  use  the  Arrowhead without  approval from the  Director or  the Director's delegated  representative." 

UPDATED: Hiring Freeze Blocks National Park Service Permanent Hiring, Seasonal Jobs Up In The Air

Jan 26th - 14:20pm | d-2

I would agree with ecbuck that the seasonal freeze is normal, if he did not ruin his good sense by throwing in the bit about getting another job. Not only callous, but inefficient. NPS needs the best people it can get, and does not need to keep making it harder and harder for people to want to work there.

Jan 26th - 12:48pm | wild places

"the best solution would be to give the Park Service a set personnel budget and let the agency decide which positions to fill." I whole heatedly agree.

Jan 26th - 12:15pm |

National Park Advocate Ken Burns on Idiot Trump, the Liar  

Jan 26th - 12:15pm | BL

My son, a seasonal NPS law enforcement ranger (also a certified EMT and firefighter) was told by the parks he was interviewing with for the upcoming summer season that all hiring processes are indeed on hold until further notice.

Jan 26th - 10:05am | Kurt Repanshek

Actually, beach, it's a travesty that Congress fails to properly fund the park system, and largely has ignored the maintenance backlog.

Jan 26th - 10:04am | ecbuck

When you get the notice there is no seasonal hiring, let us know.  Until then, it would appear to be much ado about nothing.  If your are worried, get another job.

Jan 26th - 10:01am | beachdumb

National Parks are crumbling from over use and lack of funding and lack of staffing for this.  It's a travesty that the last administration didn't use its pen and phone to fix any of this. 

Jan 26th - 09:49am | RJ

"Much ado about nothing" is easy to say, unless you are one of the employee's expecting to return to work soon.

Jan 25th - 20:40pm | Rick B.

Now is the time that seasonal hiring has begun. The process in a normal year is lengthy and cumbersome. NPS HR is not all that functional on a good day recently. Days lost now will impact negatively on visitors' park experience this summer.

Jan 25th - 20:01pm | ecbuck

K - in the last "freeze" seasonal hires at traditional levels were allowed.  I suspect the same will happen here.  Much ado about nothing.  

Jan 25th - 19:39pm | K Light

This will really hurt the Smokies. It is the most visited park in the country and there is no admission fee. Seasonal rangers are a big help, especially in the summer time.  

Has The Day Arrived For A Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park?

Jan 26th - 13:51pm | d-2

after 5 years I was rereading Kurt's story and Justin's and Rick B's thoughts, I could not resist reply to admin's point about "Heritage Newtwork" only existing in the Chesapeake Bay. Well in fact all the national heritage corridors and national heritage areas are (generically) 'heritage networks,' and in someways Chesapeake was based on the existing heritage areas. 

Dan Wenk Moving From NPS Headquarters to Yellowstone National Park as Superintendent

Jan 26th - 12:46pm | Jon Bodnyk

I spent two days earlier this week snowmobiling into the park and it was incredible.  There are many understandable concerns  about the impact of snowmobiles in the park. However,  The park experience when there is an abundance of snow is incredible and I feel the impact of the winter visitors on the park has to be insignificant vs. that from visitors the rest of the year.

The Glacier Skywalk Is Open At Jasper National Park In Alberta

Jan 26th - 09:35am | Don Howie

"Privatization of a national park" So how does that happen? Why is it allowed to happen?Why this company?

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Jan 26th - 09:31am | Linda Allen

Sorry no.  I used to work at a Yellowstone campground and you had to be a US citizen.

Jan 26th - 06:05am | Jean smith

Will I be able to purchase Senior pass  for $10 at Roger William Park in February?

National Parks: Going To The Dogs!

Jan 26th - 09:13am | Really?

Really? REALLY??? 

Zion National Park's Scenic Drive Reopened After Rock Slide

Jan 26th - 08:41am |

Sad to see our beautifu rocks crumble.    

Coalition To Protect America's National Parks Has List Of Suggestions For Trump Administration

Jan 26th - 00:32am | Jon Albright

The NPS continues to show incompetence. When will this agency own up to their shortcomings? The majority of those in leadership roles don't possess attributes remotely close to being true leaders.  Far too many career employees within the NPS are just consuming monetary, capital, and a myriad of resources.

President Trump's Freeze On Federal Hiring Will Impact National Parks

Jan 25th - 21:38pm | M.E.

Do you have any idea how important tourism including foreign tourism is to the economy of the National  Parks?

Jan 25th - 18:38pm | Kurt Repanshek

OK, folks, getting close to that time when the moderator institutes that "three comment" limit on individual know who you are.

Jan 25th - 18:36pm | Rick B.

I've taught myself well, however unlike you there were classes on compassion, humanity, and ethics. Go away. If my son offers me a gook of manga, of which I have no interest at all, I'm more likely to read it than anything you mention.

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