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Former Katmai National Park Superintendent Fears Park Service Values Visitation More Than Bears

Jun 26th - 20:56pm | Ray Bane

Thank you for publishing excerpts from my letter to Sec. Jewell re: Brooks River. Just a few minor corrections: The Final Brooks River DCP was completed after I had transferred from Katmai.

Jun 26th - 12:09pm | SmokiesBackpacker

The NPS values visitation because that gives them numbers. And numbers equates to dollars. And dollars are all Jarvis and his cabal care about.

Jun 26th - 10:20am | laborman1

As Congress cuts funds for preservation and talk radio hammers environmentalists, climate change and science itself, I have realized that some imperfect actions must be taken and tolerated to encourage another generation to appreciate remaining wild places and its inhabitants.

Jun 26th - 10:00am | rmackie

Thank you Traveler for this informative post, having little knowledge of the issue, but knowing that former Supt. Ray Bane is an accomplished professional, I suspect he is right. Thank you Ray Bane for speaking out on the issue.

Is Global Climate Change A Threat to National Parks? Another Response

Jun 26th - 20:45pm | ecbuck

And alas, with all this global warming, I can't do my reserved hike in RMNP because one section, normally open by now, is still impassable. NPS is $26 richer and I get to enjoy the Lost Creek Wilderness instead.

Jun 26th - 11:50am | ecbuck

"why would any company promoting centralized energy not want to "deter" Congress and the state houses from subsidizing its competition?"

Jun 26th - 11:33am | Alfred Runte

Okay. Let's split hairs. No one is "preventing" me from going off the grid. If I were to order rooftop solar, Seattle City Light would not "impede" my decision, or otherwise erect a "barrier" against my choice.

Jun 25th - 21:43pm | beachdumb

Jun 25th - 20:18pm | ecbuck

And Kurt, where is the "edit" button to correct my grammar?

Jun 25th - 20:17pm | ecbuck

Alfred - once again there is nothing they are doing that prevents you from putting solar panels on your roof and going off the grid. They are opposed to "net metering" because they have to build the infrastructure and then don't get paid for it. Its not politics, it basic business sense. You don't provide services for something you won't get paid for.

Jun 25th - 18:04pm | Alfred Runte

Here is a link to some "evidence."

Jun 25th - 15:45pm | ecbuck

"The political opposition comes from the big energy companies with a vested interest in centralized power distributed on the grid."

Jun 25th - 14:39pm | rmackie

Thank you Alfred, that is my understanding also.

Jun 25th - 14:31pm | Alfred Runte

The political opposition comes from the big energy companies with a vested interest in centralized power distributed on the grid. So yes, there is opposition to rooftop solar, just as there remains opposition to hydroelectric power and nuclear power from wind and solar conglomerates. In Washington State, they even insist that hydroelectric power does not meet "green" requirements.

Jun 25th - 13:44pm | ecbuck

"there is much resistance to the concept politically" Who is politically opposed to people putting solar on their rooftops? No one that I know of. What people are politically opposed to is subsidizing these uneconomic installations and their required backups.

Jun 25th - 13:33pm | rmackie

This is a good post Alfred. My limited understanding of the "trains issue", having attended some work shops on urban transportation planning and high speed rail. is that to make it work, it must be developed in the urban areas first, systems like BART in the SF Bay Area, are very good. All planners agreed it is to late to get people out of cars at the portals of National Parks.

Jun 25th - 13:07pm | beachdumb

Rick, what evidence?

Jun 25th - 12:36pm | Rick B.

Sorry, dumb, but every schoolchild here in Alaska sees evidence of global warming daily all around them. Sorry about yours.

Jun 25th - 11:13am | Alfred Runte

Years ago, a magnificent exhibit on the world's rainforests toured the country. I happened to see it in Cleveland after speaking at Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. Using an amazing time-lapse map, the exhibit showed the continuing disappearance of the rainforests, with a countdown to 2050. By then, the exhibit estimated, all of the rainforests would be gone.

Jun 25th - 09:52am | Lee Dalton

Jun 25th - 06:30am | beachdumb

No Schoolchild Has Seen Any Global Warming Every public schoolchild has been exposed to massive amounts of global warming propaganda. But none have experienced any global warming. Both sets of satellite data show no warming for nearly 19 years.

Jun 24th - 23:00pm | Lee Dalton

Just today the National Research Council of Patagonia released a definitive study that proves beyond any doubt that the REAL cause of Global Warming is friction between the believers and deniers. It's simple physics and accounts for at least a 5 degree increase in both air and ocean temperatures every year.

Jun 24th - 21:30pm | rmackie

Agree with Lee, thanks d-2

Jun 24th - 21:03pm | ecbuck

"The colored temperature lines are the modeled estimates " Your "facts" are "modeled estimates". In other words they were made up. But hey, the fabrications support your beliefs so I guess that makes them "facts".

Jun 24th - 20:53pm | Anonymous

"The colored temperature lines are the modeled estimates " Rick, your "facts" are "modeled estimates". In other words, they are made up.

Jun 24th - 20:33pm | beachdumb

Hey Kurt, is the rich editor not available anymore? HTML is not interpreted anymore or is it because I'm on a detected mobile device?

Jun 24th - 20:24pm | Alfred Runte

Hold on just a minute. Does this graph really mean to suggest that deforestation is the difference between "lighter" and "darker" areas? I rather thought deforestation to be the difference between the absorption and non-absorption of CO2. If we cut down the trees, we lose the carbon sink.

Jun 24th - 19:45pm | ecbuck

Facts Rick? Perhaps you can explain how the measurements were created. But then how they were created isn't important to you because facts are never important to the "believers" .

Jun 24th - 19:39pm | Rick B.

Thanks, Owen. Facts never convince the deniers, sadly.

Jun 24th - 19:35pm | beachdumb

In the 1990 IPCC report, the Medieval Warm Period was much warmer than the late 20th century. But the truth doesn't fit tye political agenda...

Jun 24th - 18:45pm | ecbuck

Lee or Owen, Perhaps you can explain how they isolated the influence of the axis, solar or volcanoes every year since 1880? (Hint - they made the numbers up)

National Park Gift Shops Halting Sale Of Confederate Flags

Jun 26th - 17:37pm | Harryb3570

It is hard to see how this policy will be implemented at Manassas NBP. Almost evey sale item comes with the Confederate flag.

Jun 26th - 15:51pm | Jim Burnett

According to the NPS Facebook page, "The flag will continue to be used or displayed in national parks when it is in a historical context, such as in a museum exhibit, to signify troop locations, or in a reenactment or living history program."

Jun 26th - 14:19pm | beachdumb

According to Rick, the NPS supported racism until yesterday.

Jun 26th - 13:36pm | ecbuck

Was it racism when Hilary put the Stars and Bars on her campaign buttons? Was it racist for Obama to put it on his? Was it racist for the NPS to sell the flag in the past. Is the SC legislature racists for flying the flag? Was anyone watching Dukes of Hazard a racist because the Stars and Bars were on the car General Lee?

Jun 26th - 13:05pm | Rick B.

Not at all a surprise to see the far right wing falling all over itself to justify emblems of both racism and at the same time fitting in a bit of homophobia.

Jun 26th - 11:05am | beachdumb

Thanks to the new activist SCOTUS, we can now replace all those confederate flags with rainbow flags.

Jun 26th - 10:59am | Person

Confederate flags have long been associated with the NPS interpretive programming at Civil War sites and the living history programming as well as the commercialism that frequently surrounds most Civil War communities. This liberal media/activist agenda to steer social issues is detrimental.

Jun 26th - 10:38am | ecbuck

Amen. It is amazing that the actions of some wacko can totally redefine a banner that has been deemed acceptable for so long.

Jun 26th - 09:08am | Anonymous

I have little interest in the confederate flag other than it's place in history but find this decision along with that of walmart, amazon etc. an overreaction and just one more example of political correctness hysteria that has become so common today.

Jun 26th - 08:12am | Acadia on my mind

Surprised to learn that the National Park Service was even selling Confederate flags. Guess we haven't been to a national park in the south in a while, although we've visited Civil War sites in the north like Gettysburg.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Biologists Kill Wrong Bear In Effort To Catch One That Attacked Backpacker

Jun 26th - 13:47pm | SmokiesBackpacker

The genius's at Sugarlands decided to kill another bear about a month ago high atop Mt. Leconte because it was apparently bothering the paying guests at Leconte Lodge. No DNA test was done on that bear and they pronounced, in infinite NPS wisdom, that the cause was the backpackers who stayed at the shelter some quarter mile away.

The Pony Express Returns To Scotts Bluff National Monument

Jun 26th - 06:14am | David Bush

Very interesting...had no idea there was such a support group in place. Always thought the Federal Gov ran it. Interresting that today's PO is being squeezed by technology also. Very nice that they are still recognizing the Pony Express.

Treasure Your National Park Visits With A Photo Album From Shutterfly

Jun 25th - 15:27pm | Judy ladouceur

Grandkids loved it

Family of Man Killed By Mountain Goat in Olympic National Park Sues National Park Service

Jun 25th - 10:34am | what

I thought it was illegal to carry guns, even licensed ones, into State Parks.

Agreement Reached To Reduce Pollution Impacting National Parks In The Southwest

Jun 25th - 09:17am | Lee Dalton

Good news and long overdue.

Reader Participation Day: Should BASE Jumping Be Legal In National Parks

Jun 25th - 08:43am | ecbuck

"why should the rest of us have to pay rangers to deal with their mess?" Agreed - any why should the rest of us have to pay for the mess from fallen rock climbers, drowned rafters, lost hikers?

Jun 24th - 22:32pm | Max A. Million

If they are willing to post a bond of say $100,000 and take out a permit, let 'em jump. If they have a successful trip, they can have their money back. If not, the government can pay morticians to scoop up the remains and clean up the site. Until then, why should the rest of us have to pay rangers to deal with their mess?

Jun 24th - 18:36pm | ecbuck

"Deaths per attempt is the better statistic"

Jun 24th - 18:18pm | NormalReactionS...

So, don't do your dangerous activities near me. I can avoid your rock climbing and rafting areas. Someone falling on my head is not under my control. Your hazard guess is a classic simpleton argument meant to sway unintelligent people that don't know statistics. Deaths per attempt is the better statistic, not a pure count.

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