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Renewed Effort To Build Tramway At Grand Canyon Draws Concern

Sep 2nd - 19:16pm | ecbuck

horrific genocide perpetrated upon the native inhabitants of this continent by my admitedly white ancestors Not to mention the horrific genocide perpetrated by those that became native inhabitants upon what were the native inhabitants. 

Sep 2nd - 18:11pm | Rick B.

Frankly, Shuntavi, I don't think that my personal opinion that the canyon should be unsullied by such a commercial enterprice equates with the horrific genocide perpetrated upon the native inhabitants of this continent by my admitedly white ancestors, as you inferred. But you, too, are entitled to your opinion.

Sep 2nd - 18:01pm | Shuntavi

Most of the commenters believe the land is theirs to control.  It is not.  It belongs to the creator, who has made the Navajo the stewards of the land, to be the care takers.  If they wish, they can build a tram, it is their land to govern, to control.

Sep 2nd - 13:52pm | LaLuna Moon

Why can't man just leave God's pristine and glorious creations stand alone without capitalism tarnishing the natural state of those creations? To do this would be akin to "tagging"  canyon with spray paint. Leave the Grand Canyon alone!!!  

Sep 2nd - 08:56am | Sten Johnson

PLEASE! Keep the canyon GRAND! Don't turn it into a strip-mall!

Sep 2nd - 00:56am | Bryanna Huff

why destroy something so naturally beautiful?

Sep 2nd - 00:44am | Alfred Runte

Tried it, Rick, with Skywalk. And the Hualapai still said yes. I quote from their website advertising:

Sep 1st - 22:58pm | Jean


Sep 1st - 21:01pm | Rick B.

Al, you're using aa lot of paragraphs full of nouns. verbs. adjectives, and other such terms, but the numerous folks who are saying, "Just say no" are much more succinct.

Sep 1st - 20:43pm | Michael mcleod

No way, no way ever!!

Sep 1st - 19:53pm | Alfred Runte

Of course, another point to consider is what the "original" developers did to Grand Canyon--and other major national parks. A century ago, it was proposed that a cable car span the entire canyon, linking both the North and South rims. That didn't happen, but a sprawling infrastructure did. If we're so concerned about this latest development, what do we propose doing about the historical one?

Sep 1st - 17:46pm | K Roberts

Leave the Canyon as is!

Sep 1st - 16:29pm | Victoria Muenchow

Where's the Monkey Wrench Gang when you need them...

Sep 1st - 16:25pm | Terra Douglas

we can see the Grand Canyon as nature presented it.  Greedy people want to come in and exploit what God so freely gave us. NO, NO! no to this development.    

Sep 1st - 16:24pm | Barbara freeman

just say no...protect the land

Centennial Series | Forward Into The Next Century

Sep 2nd - 16:02pm | Gary Wilson

No doubt, there are a lot of threats to our forests - many of them from human caused disturbances.  There is no questions that the parks face mulitple threats when it comes to invasive species, climate change, or even species loss.  Our National parks truly saved the alligator, the grizzly bear, and the Peregrine Falcon from extinction in the lower 48, and there are many other species

Sep 2nd - 14:09pm | Alfred Runte

Okay, Gary, as you say. It will take another century to get everything going, and I am just screaming from the bleachers when I advise that's too long. So you know "plenty of millennials that read." How many is "plenty," I am still left to wonder? The millennials I hear every day are miserable speakers, like, ah, you know what I mean?

Sep 2nd - 12:12pm | Gary Wilson


Sep 2nd - 11:46am | beachdumb

"Social media will never solve these issues unless millennials also READ. And most don't--except for texting with their friends. They don't read in high school; they don't read in college, and that is not anecdote. It is "real world" research. We can have all of the data we want, but without reading it is worthless."

Sep 2nd - 11:28am | Alfred Runte

Well, Gary, this wasn't bad--except the part, which you keep harping on, that we old folks don't do social media. What am I using now? And the insult about just one book, so again, how solid is your research? As you say, you're half my age, so you still have time to get off your derriere. Data you say? What do we do with the data? People still have to read it, after all.

Sep 2nd - 10:51am | Gary Wilson

We are very much affiliated, but that doesn't make me a government employee of the NPS. 

Sep 2nd - 10:26am | SmokiesBackpacker

"I don't work for the NPS?"  Really Gary?  So the GSMA is not affiliated with the Great Smoky Mtns National Park?  Last time I checked the organization for which you work was incorporated into the organizational structure of the NPS. 

Sep 2nd - 09:50am | Gary Wilson

My facts are from real world observations from working within a National Park.  Not sitting off in the nose bleed section of the upper deck. 

Sep 2nd - 00:25am | Alfred Runte

Very well, Gary. But where are YOUR facts and numbers? If it's so obvious Kurt and I lack the research, where in fact is yours? Many positions? Tell us where. What park is hiring "many" interpreters? For that matter, let's ask the readers. In your park, what do you consider "many," and how "many" have you hired? And please give us the name of your national park.

Sep 1st - 20:23pm | Gary Wilson

Yes, my best experiences were very much off road.

National Park Basics For RVing Newbies

Sep 2nd - 14:21pm | Bonnie H

Another thing you might want to check into is age restrictions on the RV.  

Scientists Fear Not Enough Being Done In United States To Prevent Widespread Extinctions

Sep 2nd - 14:08pm | argalite

Duh, ya think?  You don't have to be a scientist to know this. 

Congressman Requests Interior Department Briefing On National Park Service Mismanagement

Sep 2nd - 13:24pm | Rick B.

Like your use of "people would be...".   Time to move on here.

Sep 2nd - 08:22am | ecbuck

Rick, you can express opinions all you want.  It would be nice and people would be more willing to listen to them if they had some basis.  Baseless accusations are just that, baseless.   Oh, and BTW, when you say "we know" you either have a mouse in your pocket or are expressing what you believe to be fact not your personal opinion.  

Sep 1st - 21:11pm | Rick B.

Forgive me, Obi-wan-wallstreet, for forming my own opinions without consulting you first.

Sep 1st - 20:23pm | ecbuck

So we know that Bishop is an easily bought crook I don't know that.  Show us where Bishop has changed a vote because he was "bought".  Baseless accusation - as usual.  

Sep 1st - 20:22pm | ecbuck

 So, we can say that Hillary Clinton is besting Donald Trump in fundraising because more people "agree" with her? More people with money, perhaps.  More people that will gain by her policies, probably.  

Sep 1st - 19:48pm | Rick B.

So we know that Bishop is an easily bought crook and hates the parks. I don't see why we have to allow him to abuse his congressional powers to bully like Joe McCarthy and Trey Gowdy have.

Sep 1st - 19:33pm | Alfred Runte

And then there are the candidates who get money from "both" sides of an issue--having learned how to "play" both sides. Doublespeak abounds in Washington--and every state capitol building in the land. But yes, EC, I see your point. So, we can say that Hillary Clinton is besting Donald Trump in fundraising because more people "agree" with her?

Sep 1st - 19:14pm | Kurt Repanshek

No, my point was that it'd be interested to see how the election would play out if Bishop's opponent had the same financial resources to campaign with. 

Sep 1st - 19:09pm | ecbuck

but that industry can't match Defense or Oil and Gas in terms of $$$.  Do you think Bishop would change his vote if they could?  I don't. 

Sep 1st - 17:45pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, no surprise at all. I was just making the connection between the donations and the AFB and oil and gas drilling in the district.That said, there's also a lot of tourism in the district, too, but that industry can't match Defense or Oil and Gas in terms of $$$. 

Sep 1st - 16:51pm | ecbuck

Telling of what?  That oil & gas companies and aerospace companies want to support a candidate that favors the development of oil & gas and national defense?  Where is the surprise in that?  Happens by both sides all over the country.  

Sep 1st - 16:41pm | Kurt Repanshek

Well, Veritas, the discussion centered on Mr. Bishop, a congressman from one district in Utah, not someone running for president.That said, Hill AFB is in the district, too, which explains Defense Aerospace donations, and there's quite a bit of oil and gas in the district, too. But isn't it telling that so few donations come from within his district? But that's off-topic.

Sep 1st - 16:37pm | ecbuck

My point Al is that people give money to people they agree with.  People they want elected.  Elected officials don't change votes for money, the get money because of the way they were going to vote anyway.  

Sep 1st - 16:31pm | Alfred Runte

Hmm. That's a new one, even for me, EC. Exactly how does money follow the people? Perhaps you have a dog named "Money." Otherwise, money has no legs that I know of, but people sure do. And yes, Mr. Bishop, Hillary Clinton, et al., are beating a path toward money. How do they get it? By thanking people who give the money, and yes, by hiding their emails when they return the favor. Oops!

Sep 1st - 16:19pm | Veritas

Now, can we see those same figures for Hillary Clinton, Mr. Repanshek? No, they will not be "out of district," but why stop with Mr. Bishop? Or Donald Trump?

Sep 1st - 16:14pm | ecbuck

Yes Kurt, those are the aggregate of all donations.  That same source will give you by individual donor.  

Sep 1st - 16:09pm | Alfred Runte

Remember Parkinson's Law. No bureaucracy is ever satisfied with the money it gets. Mission creep demands new increments of money, which are always labeled projects "in arrears." Would taxpayers accept the mission creep without its being justified as "making up" for some "loss?" If park roads were still 35 mph, would there be a $12 billion backlog? Think about it.

Sep 1st - 16:02pm | Kurt Repanshek

EC, not sure what docs you're looking at, but over at, they list the following for Mr. Bishop for the current election cycle:Oil and Gas: $113,616Casinos and Gambling: $61,000Defense Aerospace: $38,000

Sep 1st - 15:58pm | Ethical Retired...

Right message, wrong messenger.  

Sep 1st - 15:56pm | ecbuck

Smokies, I am curious what those numbers are supposed to be.  They are not the enacted budget. Nevertheless I agree the between Congressional funding, higher visitation and major hikes in fees, the trend has been up.  

Sep 1st - 15:49pm | ecbuck

Not perfect?  Its hard to find an attribute or policy that is acceptable.  I will take an honest thin skinned narcisicist with the right policies over a lying, deceitful, globalist who thinks and acts as if she is above the law and cost peoples lives in the process.  

Sep 1st - 15:48pm | Anonymous

The National Parks have been mismanaged for far too long. Its time to clean house instead of covering it up.

Study: Roughly One-Third Of Yosemite National Park Lost For Resource Extraction

Sep 2nd - 12:43pm | Deanna Lynn Wulff

I am working to protect the area between Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon and I have been diligently building support for about three years. We have a proposal to unite the parks by creating a national monument out of the federal land between the two.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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