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Canaveral National Seashore Moves Camping Reservations System Online

Feb 10th - 15:39pm | Anonymous

This Really Stinks and its spelled m-a-n-a-g-e-m-e-n-t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congressmen Call For More Wi-Fi In Parks, But Can National Park Service Manage It?

Feb 10th - 13:07pm | ecbuck

David - exactly! And Lee, you are right as well.  Opinion isn't fact and shouldn't be expressed as such - which was the point of my question to Smokies.

Feb 10th - 12:18pm | David Crowl

In my opinion... I think its ok to have wifi at hotels, lodges, visitor centers, and other commercial areas of the park. I think this is what they mean when they ask for more wifi. It is not the same as cell phone service. Wifi enables people to move data without the need to do it over cell towers.

Feb 10th - 11:43am | Lee Dalton

Sorry, Kurt.  I was trying to get the point across that this is one of those things that has no end because every comment is based upon opinion.  When anyone tries to pass their opinions off as some sort of concrete something or other, it simply ends up with a circular discussion that can go nowhere.  It's the very thing that stymies finding solutions by compromise.

Feb 10th - 09:05am | Kurt Repanshek

OK, guys, knock it off please.

Feb 10th - 09:04am | ecbuck

Obviously it's the same as yours. My what? What declaration did I make?

Feb 10th - 08:50am | Lee Dalton

 Folks don't want wifi in nature. Your basis for that statement?   Obviously it's the same as yours.

Feb 10th - 07:09am | trailadvocate

Progress in a National Park and the country as well is very subjective, Park Ranger.   The very idea of progress in something that most would agree needs to be preserved for it's redeeming qualities is a slippery slope in my opinion.

Feb 10th - 06:56am | trailadvocate

Forcing my priorities?  I'll leave that for the previous Superintendant of GCNP and his buddy Wessels at Intermountain (retired).   Im done for the day here, EC.  Heading into the Canyon to surf the web at a hot spot, not.  

Feb 9th - 22:54pm | Lee Dalton

Unfortunately, it also seems there is no stopping destruction either.

Feb 9th - 15:54pm | Park Ranger Gra...

Having the ability to use wi-fi for educational and interpretative purposes alone would make the installation expense worth it.  I agree that electronics should be left at home, but there is no stopping progress. 

Feb 9th - 12:54pm | ecbuck

 Folks don't want wifi in nature. Your basis for that statement?

Feb 9th - 12:51pm | ecbuck

You can't be accepting of the idea of being on a raft trip down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon with a group and there are folks that feel the need to be online or yack away on their cell phones. 

Feb 9th - 11:59am | trailadvocate

Sorry EC, you have lost me.  You can't be accepting of the idea of being on a raft trip down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon with a group and there are folks that feel the need to be online or yack away on their cell phones.  I know Boatman that avoid camping at places on the River where there is a signal because how it changes the experience for everyone.

Feb 9th - 11:47am | SmokiesBackpacker

It is distracting to see people attached to their devices in a place where most people go to get away from that kind of bleeping technology.  This proves that congress is out of touch with the people.  Folks don't want wifi in nature. Congress critters would like to stay connected so they can post selfies "in nature".  

Feb 9th - 11:36am | ecbuck

Distracts from the much needed restorative wildland experiences. Distracts who?  Who are you to define how someone else enjoys their wildland experiences.  If YOU don't want to be distracted, don't use wi-fi enabled devices.  

Feb 9th - 11:01am | trailadvocate

EC, the point was (and is) available WiFi in remote parts of our National Parks changes everything.   Distracts from the much needed restorative wildland experiences.  Talk with Rafting Guides, Backcountry Rangers or the great number of folks that enjoy the quiet and escape from technology.

Feb 9th - 08:57am | ecbuck

Well anonymous, just stay in your virtual world. I don't stay in any world, I enter and enjoy them all, natural, human and virtual.  I can assure you, if we see the end of civilization it won't be due to Wi-Fi.  Now, go live your life the way you want and let others do the same.  

Feb 9th - 08:40am | Sinewave

Doesn't make sense to spend taxpayer money to extend Wi-Fi and cellphone service to tourists who are already paying their carriers for service.  Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile should be picking up the tab.

Feb 9th - 00:07am | Rich Granberg (...

Stop the madness.  I suppose there has to be a comparative 911 to see where we're going, it would seem.  Crazy!

Feb 9th - 00:03am | Rich Granberg

Well anonymous, just stay in your virtual world.  This trend could be a a sorry end to a great civilization.   Just OD on Heroin and leave us neanderthals to our nature (and hardships)!

Feb 8th - 15:14pm | Anonymous

We're just sick, Hmm, I don't see anything "sick" about going to Disneyland, drinking beer or using Wi-Fi.

Feb 8th - 14:39pm | Alfred Runte

It used to be that the winning quarterback in the Super Bowl said: "I'm going to Disneyland!" Now he says: "I'm going to drink lots of Budweiser Beer!" Before you know it, he'll be saying: "I'm going to Yellowstone because they have the best WiFi!" We're just sick, good people, just sick, sick, sick.

Feb 8th - 08:18am | Kurt Repanshek

Sorry, Ed, the petition period closed some time ago.

Feb 8th - 08:16am | ed123

where do i sign?

White-Nose Syndrome Creating "Wildlife Crisis" For Bat Deaths At Mammoth Cave National Park

Feb 10th - 11:50am | Anonymous

I think the difference is that this event is not natural, in the sense that is is caused by humans. Some argue that humans are a part of nature, so all of our actions must be natural by extension, and while I agree with that to a certain point, I also believe that we have a responsibility to be concientious about our actions.

Essential Paddling Guide: Rivers, Rapids, & Reptiles Deep In Canyonlands National Park

Feb 9th - 15:09pm | Ray Bane

Great shots of an obviouly wonderful float, Kurt.   Thank you for sharing it with us.

Traveler's Gear Box: OOFOS, Easy On Your Soles

Feb 9th - 13:42pm | Kurt Repanshek

Les, I've had great success with Danner as well as Zamberlan for hiking/backpacking, and currently am checking out a pair of Chaco Jaegers, which would probably suffice for very light hiking and casual knock-arounds in the parks.

Feb 9th - 13:39pm | Les Taylor

Any tips on walking/hiking shoes?

A Travel Guide To Mammoth Cave National Park, Vintage 1851

Feb 9th - 08:50am | Lee Dalton

Ah, the luxuriant language of the 1800's!  What a contrast with today's vocabulary deprived electronic communications -- OMG, LOL and cool dude!

What's In Your Paddling Library?

Feb 9th - 00:59am | Ray Bane

I had the great pleasure of meeting John McPhee and being a part of an informal group known as The Kerchner Club that had improptu meetings at John Kauffmann's home in Anchorage back in the 1970s.  McPhee displayed a passion for the wilds and was an inspiration to those who shared his feelings.  In the years that followed I did trips through Yukon-Charley Rivers Nat.

Maintenance Backlog Reaches $11.9 Billion, National Park Service Says

Feb 8th - 11:32am | SmokiesBackpacker

Rick Smith,

Feb 8th - 10:57am | Rick Smith

Jees, backpacker, your quips are cute but your dislike of the leadership of the NPS isn't.  You need to get over the backcountry fee in Smokies.  Lots of park areas have similar fees.  They represent an attempt to close the gap between costs and appropriations.  It's what you would do were you in the position that many park superintendents find thenselves.  But, then ag

Feb 7th - 21:16pm | SmokiesBackpacker

It doesn't matter how much money taxpayers give Jarvis your air force analogy will need replacing for a naval one, eg leaking ship.  Jarvis is the money begger.  Maybe he can hit up another beer company or perhaps a medical marijuana syndicate for advertising.  I hear they've got millions with no where to stash it.

Feb 7th - 11:16am | Lee Dalton

"Congressional allocation for the National Park Service in 2016 includes an additional $90 million for non-transportation maintenance. Congress also passed a new highway bill that will provide a $28 million increase for transportation projects in parks this year.

Casa Grande Ruins On The Air With Amateur Radio

Feb 8th - 07:18am | Sean Kutzko

Good morning!   National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) was developed by the American Radio Relay League, the National Association for Amateur Radio. There are nearly 800,000 licensed hams in the US now.

Feb 5th - 18:33pm | Kurt Repanshek

Many thanks for the clarification, Michael!

Feb 5th - 17:46pm | Michael K. Murphy

Quick point of clarification. Amatuer radio does not send "programs" like those found on commercial radio. It consists of mainly station-to-station communications. The only "broadcasts" are those directly related to information concerning ham radio operations. All operators who transmit must be licensed by the FCC.

Grand Canyon National Park Officials Accused Of Overlooking Sexually Hostile Environment

Feb 7th - 08:40am | tahoma

This sordid tale of sexual harassment at Grand Canyon is not an isolated incident within the NPS.  There were similar complaints for years from female climbing rangers at Mount Rainier and Andrea Lankford lists it as one of the reasons she left the climbing ranger program at Yosemite:

Yellowstone, Cutthroats and Me: A Fishing Guide’s Autobiography

Feb 6th - 20:01pm | Bernetta

Too bad my Dad isn't still alive - he guided on Yellowstone lake from before WWII when the docks were at Bridge bay and when he returned in 1945 he guided out of Fishing Bridge - our folks managed Fishing Bridge in 1948/49, He worked there and later Lake Dock till the early 60's.   I also recall him taking my

1895 Schooner Gets New Masts, Gold Piece, At San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Feb 6th - 17:42pm | SfBayAreaGreg

Great job by the Shipwrights at Bay Ship & Yacht.  Keep up the good work.

National Mall And Memorial Parks Digging Out From Historic Snowstorm

Feb 5th - 11:12am | rmackie

Nice comment, the vast majority of our public service employees including the National Park Service personnel do a great job, I agree Andrea Saxton. 

Feb 5th - 07:44am | Andrea Sexton

We are so proud of our Park Service workforce. They worked herculean hours, in some cases not going home for days, to clear the streets, paths and memorials of the National Mall and Memorial Parks and keep everything safe for all of us.  Administrative Specialist for the Divisions of Facilities Management and Professional Services.

Exploring The Parks: Saguaro National Park In Spring

Feb 4th - 21:55pm | Dick Shattuck

Thanks for the fast follow-up, Kurt.

Feb 3rd - 10:49am | Kurt Repanshek

Dick, you're absolutely right. NPS folks tell me that 95 percent of the traffic on Highway 85 is considered "non-recreational" visitation, hence the large numbers.And Virginia, thanks for your sharp eyes. We've fixed the misspelling.

Traveler's View: Utah Public Lands Initiative Defines Political Chasm Over "Conservation"

Feb 4th - 09:39am | Lee Dalton Thank goodness we still have some newspapers willing to keep any eye on things like this for us.

Fall In The National Parks: Some Great Activities To Put On Your Calendar

Feb 4th - 01:00am | Mark Woodward

The man driving the green John Deere tractor is my father James Woodward.  He drove that same tractor the following August during the Powell County Fair tractor pull.  He won his class.  Two months later, dad passed away at the ripe old age of 90.  He loved the Deer Lodge Valley and spent most of his life there since the 1930's.

"It Is Obvious We Need To Educate The Visitors"

Feb 3rd - 16:27pm | Smokey Bear

Bravo! Well said Mr. Runte. I work for the Forest Service, and they also cannot say no. I have found old reports and e-mails that document the problem of too many visitors on this Forest that stem back for over a century. To say that it's a generational change is a cop out.

As The Trademark Turns: Delaware North Amends Yosemite Lawsuit

Feb 3rd - 10:46am | Lee Dalton

Thanks, Ron.  I'm waiting for our library to obtain a copy of Your Yosemite.  They have it ordered and I'm first on the list of requests.

Feb 3rd - 10:44am | Lee Dalton

Y'can find all sorts of nifty-snifty things with Google.  Here's another very interesting article -- from the New York Times -- that tells a story of the intense political skullduggery that seems to occur behind the smokescreen.  This might help explain some of the "reasons" park service administrators do what they do as they wrestle with how to handle what they are TOLD to do vs what

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide

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