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Association Calls For Tobacco Ban At All Parks And Recreation Centers

Sep 28th - 21:59pm | Randy N

as long as they agree not to accept any tax money from tobacco or related items from local state or federal agencie. they should also refuse any and all tax monies from alcohol sales or allow it in the parks...alcohol has been traced back to more whole family deaths at one time than second hand smoke.....also ban football baseball  bike riding........I think you get the point

Sep 28th - 21:37pm | Lee Dalton

NRPA, like thousands of other organizations and groups, is perfectly within its rights to advocate for government agencies to enact -- or repeal -- rules.  I was responding to an earlier commenter who seemed to think it was coming from the NPS or some other government agency. Gary's comment is absolutely correct. So I guess we all agree on this one.

Sep 28th - 18:51pm | ecbuck

Gary, for once we agree.  And for Lee - it is not a government agency advocating for this move (at least not in this article) but the NRPA is advocating that a government agency enact the rule  

Sep 28th - 18:41pm | Gary Wilson

I'm definitely not a smoker, and personally hate being anywhere near people that are smoking.  I do find it irritating when I walk to a visitor center, and there's always some guy standing right near the entrance smoking while kids and people are entering.

Sep 28th - 17:43pm | Lee Dalton

Let's make it clear that this is not a government agency advocating this move. 

Sep 28th - 16:33pm | Rick B.


Sep 28th - 16:23pm | ecbuck

When I tell you how to live your life, you can call me a snob.  Until then, you can claim that self proclaimed title for your self.  

Sep 28th - 14:45pm | Rick B.

OK, fellow snob.

Sep 28th - 14:41pm | ecbuck

Them smoking where the smoke affects me

Sep 28th - 13:18pm | Rick B.

Sorry, fellow healthy person Eric. Them smoking where the smoke affects me is THEM forcing their lifestyle choices on me and others non-consensually. How common-people of you to accuse others with an education of snobbery. Right off the RNC talking points memo.    

Sep 28th - 08:38am | ecbuck

Rick -Despite your baseless claim,  I do know it is not healthy and I don't smoke.  But I don't make that choice for others.  Some may be willing to give up years of their life for what they believe is the pleasure of smoking.  They know it isn't healthy but they make that choice. Should we ban sugar in the parks?  Alcohol?   Risky activities?

Sep 27th - 21:51pm | Robert Mitchell

While your at it you should ban camp fires because it triggers asthma attacks. If health is your thing I think you should outlaw soda, hot dogs, marshmallows and Hershey bars. I know you don't get it but you are a government agency and should be restricted by The Constitution.

Sep 27th - 21:08pm | Rick B.

It isn't second hand "nuisance". It isn't a "lifestyle choice". Unless you are the bought-and-paid-for Mike Pence telling us tobacco doesn't cause cancer, it is a HEALTH issue. It isn't snobbery to know more about health issues than you - it is education.

Sep 27th - 19:10pm | ecbuck

Any intent to prevent a second hand nuisance is fine by me but to enforce their lifestyle choices on others is just more "we know better than you" snobery.  Who are they to tell others what their life choices should be?

Sep 27th - 16:50pm | John Campbell

As long as vaping is allowed, I'm ok with it. But if the nicotine nazi's demand they be banned, also, they should not.

House Bill Requests Granting National Park Status To Chiricahua National Monument

Sep 28th - 19:51pm | Gary Wilson


Sep 28th - 16:49pm | Michael Kellett

I love Chiricahua National Monument. But this would be the third smallest national park -- smaller than Virgin Islands National Park. It is great that Rep. McSally is a national park advocate and willing to introduce this legislation. However, such a small park would not do this amazing ecosystem justice.

Sep 28th - 11:28am | CJDillon

A perfect example of the ridiculous notion that the term national "park" has any more meaning that national monument, lakeshore, historic site, or other designation.

Sep 28th - 11:17am | Dick

Chiricahua is a lovely park, but it doesn't strike me as "National Park" calibre (a subjective assessment, to be sure). I'd prefer to see this one remain a hidden (i.e. uncrowded) treasure.

Sep 28th - 09:06am | ecbuck

Interesting that it wasn't mentioned that McSally is a Republican.  BTW Did we ever get an answer regarding who has authority to add/expand/contract a park?  Why is she proposing legislation if it can be done by DOI fiat as some suggested earlier?

Higher Entrance, Camping Fees Coming To Olympic National Park

Sep 28th - 18:01pm | micha

I was told there is no more fees for the entrence to the sul duc valley. True?  

House Committee Grills National Park Service Deputy Director Over Misconduct

Sep 27th - 21:34pm | Rick B.

At least be accurate in your hate, TA. I heard her apologize, millions who watched the debate last night heard her apologize. Get some other malfeasant to cite.

Sep 27th - 20:37pm | trailadvocate

Maybe they should never apologize (Like Hillary).  Never give up the lie, right?  That's what those at the top of the pyramid does.  Something to think about, no?  

Sep 27th - 11:11am | ecbuck

Neubacher appologizes.

Sep 27th - 08:31am | Lilly42

For the good of the agency, Jarvis needs to publicly apologize and STEP DOWN NOW not in January. Along with the corrupt superintendents at Yellowstone, Yosemite  the deputy superintendent at the Grand Canyon and the Intermountain regional director. How will anything change with that "leadership"

Sep 25th - 11:27am | Victim

the untold part of this story is that the OIG is not to be trusted as an investigative body.  Their political agenda and "guilty until proven innocent" mindset offend me as much as the acts they investigate. 

Sep 25th - 10:14am | ecbuck

but probably not. As I thought, another purveyor of baseless accusations.  In contrast, trailadvocate documents his corruption charges.  Of course it is much easier when the corruption actually exists.  

Sep 25th - 09:44am | trailadvocate

This woman and her ex boss set the tone for all those on down the line.  Some accept the corruption but many just try and exist despite the extreme distaste for what is going on around them.  Yes, morall is a problem for many when the deck is stacked against them.  Cleaning one's nest would seem to be the best strategy.

Sep 24th - 16:26pm | R. Wilson

Cynthia Lummis may be all that you say, but there is bi-partisan support by the Oversight committee against the policies and practices of NPS. 

Sep 24th - 16:22pm | R. Wilson

The Natinal Park Serice is in crisis. Why aren't outsiders being brought in to make cultural and oprational changes? 

Sep 24th - 11:27am | trailadvocate

None of this should come as any surprise considering the absolute sewer that the highest positions in Washington DC have become.  It all trickles or floods down routinely on a daily basis.  All seemingly accepted by the environmental community for mere gifting of a monument here or there.  The new normal it would appear!  

Sep 24th - 09:03am | [email protected]

To quote Ethical Retired Ranger:  Conversely, the NPS comes after whistleblowers with unbelievable vindictiveness and resources This revolting development has long been true at Redwood NP where many superintendents arrive only seeking their highest executive pay grade prior to retirement or seeking other better paying positions; they have had LITTLE PASSION for protecting

Sep 23rd - 14:13pm | Ethical Retired...

I forgot to mention in my previous post, regarding the 1987 voyeurism incident the witness mentioned at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon:  The accused Ranger's problem was common knowledge among his peers in 1987, as was the National Park Service's unwillingness to meaningfully confront the issue.

Sep 23rd - 13:01pm | Ethical Retired...

It is interesting that the infamous "Peeper" has made yet another appearance in this story.  I was at the Grand Canyon and briefly worked with him there in 1987.  As mentioned elsewhere, he was caught several times peeking into women's restrooms at various National Parks where he worked.

Sep 23rd - 10:51am | ecbuck

Don't know much about her, Gary, but looking at her website she seems pretty solid on the issues.  Perhaps you could identify some of her corrupt acts - but probably not.  

Sep 23rd - 10:31am | Lee Dalton

While housecleaning may be needed, we also need to remember that this is an election year.  A time when members of the House desperately seek headlines in their continuing efforts to fool voters into believing they may actually do something once in awhile.

Sep 23rd - 07:45am | Gary Wilson

I can't believe that hack, Cynthia Lummis is quoted in this article.   She's a long time pawn of the killing and grilling industry, and is no fan of National Parks or public lands. She'll run to any microphone if she can make the NPS or any public land service look bad.  She's one of the most corrupt politicians in congress. 

Sep 22nd - 23:10pm | Quite Please

Gosh,our government sure knows how to waste money. No sexual harassment is right but it has been going on since the beginning of time. Look at how our past presidents have acted in of all places the Oval Office.  

Sep 22nd - 22:15pm | SmokiesBackpacker

Wow.  Wow.  Wow. I'll bet Jarvis response will be to decry lack of funding and harp some more on the maintenance backlog.  Seems the only backlog here is Jarvis culture.  Clean house at NPS and fire every super in the system.  

Sep 22nd - 20:29pm | Jean Franklynn

I watched a guy get fired because of "boby language" yes our supervisor said his body language said he didn't care and no that was not the real reason, (he didn't do the supervisors friends job).  This reason (body language) was on his termination papers.  When that supervisors successor (yes the supervisor made sure his friend got the supervisory position) tried the same s$

Exploring The Parks: High Season In Yoho National Park

Sep 27th - 20:43pm | Hiker Stuck in ...

One of my favorite parks in North America. Great, not good hiking. The Lake O'Hara area (the Alpine Curcuit!!!!) is up there with Yosemite, Berner Oberland, NZ Alps, you name it. Nearby McCarthur Lake is my all-time favorite lake. I've done the Burgess Shale guided hike as well as the Iceline and Emerald Triangle. Hope to return (for the 6th time) in 2018.

Sep 27th - 11:10am | mtgnppics

Great article on a less-familiar park.  We've been there and stayed in Field, hiked in Ohara.  Fabulous experience. SO glad we did (about 10 years ago).

A Promising Future For Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument

Sep 25th - 18:44pm | Steven B

You're glad the Appalachian trail is federally protected? That trail has more trail destruction and erosion than any other trail in the world. Baxter State Park has stricter environmental rules than the National Park Service, who feel that it's acceptable to put a massive parking lot on the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia NP. How is this a good thing?

Sep 25th - 18:39pm | Steven B

The state doesn't run Baxter State Park and they have no authority over it. Baxter Park does have logging, but this was included in the original charter and they do this for forest scientific reasons, not to make money.

Move To Change Access To Fiery Furnace In Arches National Park Draws Ire

Sep 25th - 17:31pm | Mike Coronella

Commercial guides are the real stewards of the land--we watch what happens in places like the Fiery Furnace and keep people within the scope of the regulations.I call the Fiery Furnace "my office" say it's simply about money is simply say we don't care about the land is simply dishonest.

Presidents And The American Environment: An Election Primer For 2016

Sep 25th - 09:09am | ecbuck

Apparently he hasn't been home for a while.  His country is a mess. 

Sep 25th - 08:57am | Lee Dalton

While I was in Lassen Volcanic National Park last week, I met a man from Germany.  We had a long and wide ranging talk.  He finally asked about our upcoming election.  One of his remarks stood out: "In Europe, we don't know whether to laugh at you or cry for you."  

Visitor Survey: Bryce Canyon National Park

Sep 24th - 16:03pm | jim sheldon

Mary Kay at the Bryce Lodge was helpful, professional, and fun!

Petrified Forest National Park is Still Being Stolen One Piece at a Time

Sep 23rd - 21:02pm | Brian Saint Louis

The park is 147 square miles with numerous roads running through it. Even if there was one ranger, per square mile, 24 hours a day ... it would be next to impossible to stop the theft.  It is simply too large and there is no way the national park system could even begin to afford this kind of added security.  Most National Parks run on a very low ranger to area ratio.

Trails I've Hiked: Tundra Communities Trail At Rocky Mountain National Park

Sep 22nd - 20:59pm | Debbie B.

If you walk at a leisurely pace, it's not hard.  And the mushroom rocks are fascinating! People were carrying their small dogs up the hill as we were descending.

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