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No Charges Yet In "Creepytings" Vandalism Case That Left Painted Images Across The National Park System

Jan 21st - 19:16pm | DaraLynn78620

Primary info source Glad she didn't get away with it!    

Jan 21st - 19:12pm | DaraLynn78620

Update: June 14, 2016 - On Tuesday, Casey Nocket was sentenced to two years' probation and 200 hours of community service in a Fresno, California, federal court. At her trial, Ms. Nocket pled guilty to seven misdemeanor counts of damaging government property.

National Park Service Back On Twitter After Apologizing

Jan 21st - 19:00pm | tominantarctica

It's obvious that the government isn't run like a corporation.  It would have been bankrupt years ago.  Oh...wait....

Jan 21st - 16:43pm | Lee Dalton

Watching FOX "News" while on the gym treadmill.  Trump, visiting CIA headquarters today, says news reports of a smaller crowd at his inauguration compared to Obama's are just not right.  He had at least as many, and "some people" say twice as many.  

Jan 21st - 14:56pm | Gary Wilson

Trump is not dictator, EC.   Nor is the government ran like a corporation. You are obviously confused.  They showed two historical photographs of two inagurations taken from the same angle.  The end.  

Jan 21st - 14:48pm | ecbuck

What do you think would happen in the private sector if an employee used corporate resources in an attempt to publicly mock his CEO?

Jan 21st - 14:48pm | ecbuck

What do you think would happen in the private sector if an employee used corporate resources in an attempt to publicly mock his CEO?

Jan 21st - 14:39pm | Gary Wilson

I see no reason why an appology is needed. It's just a historical photograph that compares two events.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  Just because there was about a 1/2 the crowd for Trump doesn't change FACTS!

Jan 21st - 14:05pm | Bart Dickens

So sad that American citizens are lo longer allowed to see historical protographs documenting reality. It is now up to the Dictator to tell us if his thin skin is willing to allow facts, photographs, science etc....       

Jan 21st - 12:14pm | Lee Dalton

This would be funny if it wasn't such a tragic reflection on the state of our nation.

UPDATED: Trump Administration Orders Interior Department To Shut Down Twitter Accounts

Jan 21st - 19:00pm | Gary Wilson

Trump is a NEW YORKER!

Jan 21st - 18:06pm | Rick B.

I saw this morning the new White House spokeswhore ws chastizing the press corps for reporting on the meager attendance at the inaugural, and for having the audacity to compare it to the millions who showed up for President Obama.   I can't wait to hear how he, and his ilk, try to minimize the worldwide women's marches today.

Jan 21st - 17:38pm | Doug Dolde

The Fuhrer was offended.  Thank you

Jan 21st - 16:48pm | Trumpyswin

This is the end of free speech as we know it. It's not coming - it's already here!    

Jan 21st - 16:34pm | Ranger Bill

Neophytes now running NPS need to read Machiavelli, "Never wound the king."

Jan 21st - 16:15pm | Science

you clearly don't understand what fake news means 

Jan 21st - 15:16pm | Gary Wilson

Ohh...more "edumakation" from purveyers of fake news..  Did you even take a collegiate course in your life, Beachy?  I'd be surprised if you have.  Sorry, but unlike you, i'd do a little more research before promoting "REALclimatechange" as if it were the authoritative messiah of facts.

Jan 21st - 15:02pm | beachdumb

Totally expected response from you Gary. I would again provide you with scientific data but you wouldnt be able understand it. The climate scam is officially over.

Jan 21st - 14:36pm | Gary Wilson

Can someone please let me know what "politized adjusted data" means?   I assume it means when the police state takes over and tries to remove historical records in order to benefit their corporate masters that own them?  I might be wrong.

Jan 21st - 13:25pm | ecbuck

 When you try to speak of a national mandate, 2.6 million more people disagreed with Trump than supported him.

Jan 21st - 13:09pm | Whatareyoudefending?

"Time to be mature and learn there is a new boss and official federal social media sites are not for personal messaging".  Are they not following the precidence set forth by their new boss?

Jan 21st - 13:07pm | Doyoulikestalin?

Shaming and silencing those who disagree with you is a very old political tactic.  But it is not an American one.

Jan 21st - 13:05pm | Rick B.

Man oh man, the trogolodytes are really feeling emboldened by their proven ability to elect a subliterate self-admitted sexual predator to the nation's highest office.  

Jan 21st - 11:50am | Christina Benson

If you think suppressing free speech is ok, then you need to study the constituion that this country is frounded on.  A president who shuts off communication because he is so think skinned is not going to do good for this country.  

Jan 21st - 09:57am | Siglin1

The quote below is from a Mr. Banks who was a big money man behind the UK's vote to leave the EU. It helps explain why Trump is our president. Facts on global warming will never matter to the deniers.

Jan 21st - 08:51am | beachdumb

There has been beach erosion long before the SUV.  There is a difference between politized "adjusted" data and real raw data, I'll stick with the real raw scientific data. That real raw data shows virtually no global warming and no acceleration of sea levels. I look forward to getting real information from our government now. 

Jan 21st - 08:39am | beachdumb

In 1923, scientists predicted Glacier National Park would be ice-free by 1948, due to a warming climate.  

Jan 21st - 08:26am | Rebecca Latson ...

Wow!  It's always such a mind-blower to read so many non-park-related commentors being so vitriolic to others on this national park-oriented website (and most of you commentors aren't even members of this site).  Really, look at these comments - many of them have nothing to do with the national parks.

Jan 21st - 08:17am | Gary Wilson

Ohh no.... data is EVIL, eh beachdump!

Jan 21st - 07:43am | tahoma

Robert Reich on Trump vs. media (~3 min):

Jan 21st - 07:38am | lc

No you have a young intern at NPS running their social media accounts, and s/he thinks that it is ok to take a political posture and RT a politically angled tweet because it was ok for the past 8 years and everybody here thinks alike. Time to be mature and learn there is a new boss and official federal social media sites are not for personal messaging, at least in the career service.

Jan 21st - 07:29am | Troy

You obviously haven't been in a national park lately.  I've seen the effects of climate change in our parks.  Glacier National Park almost has no glaciers left.  Alaska was 5 degrees above normal.  The permafrost is melting.  The problem is people are so partisan nowadays that they can't even see the truth (which is science, natural laws that don't change).

Jan 21st - 06:55am | Patriot226

Give him a chance? Wait a while before criticizing? Stop whining because we didn't get our way? Get real! This has nothing to do with party politics. The so-called "president" is actively violating the 1st Amendment by censoring public service announcements for millions of our citizens less than 24 hours after his swearing in and you louts expect us to just be silent on the matter? Never!

Jan 21st - 06:18am | beachdumb

The end of fake news from our government, especially all the climate change lies. Thank goodness we will be returning our government back to reality.  I live close enough to have gone inauguration and wanted to but choose to keep my family safe from liberals/progressives protesters lighting fires and destroying the city. 

Jan 21st - 06:02am | edmond macgregor

Give the president a chance, wait awhile before criticizing him and stop the childish whining because you didn't get your way.

Jan 20th - 23:09pm | Fred

Stop being stupid and grow up. The people of this country elected him and he is now the president. Its much better than the reckless Obama letting Gito murders of of jail. Or giving a pardon to that tranny.

Jan 20th - 22:46pm | Rick B.

The ongoing revisionist history has begun.   Time to brush up on your Newspeak

Jan 20th - 22:21pm | Lee Dalton

Why is this not a surprise? I'll bet a burger that a day will soon come when some terrible news reporter will ask DJT why some of the "promises" made in today's harangue have not been fulfilled and the answer will be "I never said that!"

Jan 20th - 21:57pm | Loy Turns

This is something a tyrant does.

Jan 20th - 21:41pm | Rick B.

That thin-skinned ego is going to be a problem.

Jan 20th - 21:13pm | Mary Sohl

Resist and do all we can to get him impeached.

Scottish Holiday Celebration Coming To Homestead National Monument Of America

Jan 21st - 12:40pm | RedrightIndian

The  beginning of white privilege for this nation! 

Interpreting National Park Settings Is a Skill, Not Something You Wing

Jan 20th - 16:00pm | Anonymous

I don't think Danny has posted anything else on here for a long time but she has a great book and has an active Facebook page.

Jan 20th - 01:57am | molengwachris18...

such an interesting information for us learning guides....hope to find more interesting articles from you.

Some Slight Changes If You're Planning To Boat At Grand Teton And Yellowstone National Parks

Jan 20th - 15:32pm | Anonymous

JudyG - If you are entering Grand Tetnon NP from the east or south, the state of Wyoming does the inspections. You can have this inspection done at any station in the state and receive your sticker, or you will have to do it at one of the state stations on Hwy 89 in the park.

High On Life Group Plead Guilty To National Park Violations

Jan 19th - 21:21pm | Rick B.

Hit them in the wallet. That's the only thing some people listen to. Hopefully this will also complicate their passage through US Customs when entering the US.  

Yellowstone National Park Set Visitation Records In 2016, But That's Not Necessarily Welcome News

Jan 19th - 17:44pm | Sean Flynn

The bus tour companies should be charged an expensive entrance fee and then give American citizens free entrance.  The magnificence of Yellowstone is not as appreciated by foreigners who defficate and urinate on the side of roads.  Many Americans can't even appreciate the beauty of the park because they can't afford the fees and they get overrun by the obnoxious busses.

Joyriders Leave Tracks Across Death Valley National Park Treasures

Jan 18th - 20:48pm | rmackie

Dittos justinh.

UPDATED: Price Of Senior Pass Going To $80; Buy It Now For $10

Jan 18th - 20:31pm | Vickie

where can we purchase the $10.00 pass now for seniors?

GAO: National Park Service Needs To Evaluate Its Approach To Tackling Deferred Maintenance

Jan 18th - 17:16pm | Lee Dalton

Desertrat, nice idea, but the local chambers of commerce would go bugnuts.  They'd be sure they might miss four or five customers because of it.  (With the probable exception of the Springdale chamber.  They are smart enough to realize that too many visitors to Zion are destroying the park, and they need the park to attract future visitors and their dollars..)

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