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May 26th - 15:08pm | Amarillobymorning

Thanks for your reply. I like your site a lot because it has so much useful information and frequently is the only place where issues concerning our parks get much, if any, coverage. And I enjoy reading comments on those issues from all the different sides. Seems like this is one of the few forums where the comments are (almost always) civil and respectful of different viewpoints.

National Park Service Approves Seismic Testing For Oil In Big Cypress National Preserve

May 26th - 12:27pm | argalite


May 24th - 17:10pm | argalite

I worked at Big Cypress on their fire crew.  We reduced the vegetation from around their oil pumping plant, and hunters cabins, driving swamp buggies made into fire trucks.  In the winter I was there, the ground (limestone) was covered with 2 feet of water.  With what has gone on in that area, seismic testing is not a pressing problem.  They need to continue to try and get t

May 24th - 17:03pm | argalite

Funny how some people can read minds of others (Dr. Runte and the President).

May 24th - 14:12pm | fjfagergren

Several folks commented on the EA versus and EIS and some suggest the EA was prompted by pressures from Interior or higher.  This might be true, however, I must note there have been several other decision at Big Cypress where the legislation and legislative history has not being followed:  e.g., the use of "multiple use" with planning documents to justify expansion of some uses.

May 24th - 14:04pm | fjfagergren

There is great danger in making such general statements such as these.  ORV impacts directly related to where the use occurs and this is true with the proposed seismic equipment.  Previous ORV Impact studies have concluded that there is permanent damage from ORVs, especially but not only in the many sensitive areas already identified within the Preserve.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Visitors Warned About Shark Dangers

May 26th - 09:47am | John Diggby

The Real Story About The Bison Calf That Took A Ride In The Car

May 26th - 06:31am | Tom P

there is no locatin certified to provide a quarantine for an animal that may carry bruciosis. Besides that, special formulas are needed, and for bison it would be in large quantities.  

May 25th - 11:46am | Sarita Elman

Debi, your exceptional article about this event should be take as the 'be all and end all' about the laws of nature. We humans feel we can't stand by and watch an animal suffer, but we are not creatures of the wild. In nature, it is truly the survival of the fittest. Bringing a wild animal to a preserve does not always end happily.

May 24th - 21:54pm | Jane, New Zealand

Exactly. Give your wildlife room to roam outside the park as nature intended and stop bowing down to ranching. Also horrified that they are looking to delist grizzly bears so knuckle draggers can take pot shots at them. Leave the bison, bears and wolves alone.

May 24th - 15:59pm | Susan thomas

From what I read, the bison in Yellowstone have a disease that will not allow other sanctuaries take the calf in, for fear of the disease spreading to their livestock. That is why the Rangers could not save its life. Very sad, but true. I have been to Yellowstone and seen

May 24th - 15:36pm | 46er

Unfortunately, you completely miss the author's point.

May 24th - 13:46pm | Vicki Wantland

Thank You Debi for your article. I imagine that many who visit Yellowstone are naive with regard to the animals and the territory. I was there in 2013, the first time in nearly fifty years. We loved it and are going back next month, hopefully a little smarter.

May 24th - 13:14pm | Anonymous

Sad, but even Yellowstone is not "nature". There is not one unturned stone of this land left that is "nature". A bison steps over Yellowstone boundary and it will unnaturally be shot and taken from it's healthy herd "unnaturally".

May 24th - 13:00pm | Retired Ethical...

Will, this is just an assumption, but the Rangers and Park Biologists may have been watching this calf to see if it would be re-accepted by its mother or rejected.

May 24th - 12:27pm | E. Will


May 24th - 12:00pm | Sarah Irwin

You say that they never interfere except for disease or similar exceptions but you killed the bear last year that killed a hiker. There are definitely times when Yellowstone cares more about the tourism dollars than leaving nature to be. If the hiker wanted to go off then you should let him be, just as the bison calf was let to be. It's just the nature of the wild as you say

May 23rd - 23:41pm | Rick B.

I'm seeing a lot of emotional commentary after the fact from people who weren't there, talking either about their personal opinion on what other people should have done, or talking about their opinion on what they themselves would have done different had they been there. None of them were there however.

May 23rd - 22:32pm | susan egan

altho well wrtten i totaly disagree i worked with animals for many years and it icludes the wildlife,their are many options that could have be taken,after all i can see it maybe 50 years ago before they came up with the many options they have now even a farmer would have taken care of the baby and bottle feed it just like calfs who lost their moms to death and then send the

May 23rd - 21:45pm | Barbara Daiana ...

But if an animal asking for help, cross in our way , nature tell us to help she/he. We are human, we are natural "felling" animals.

When Did Dancing In The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Become A Crime?

May 26th - 03:26am | Melissa G

did they put a warning out side of the memorial if not how would anyone know what is and is not allowed there.

May 25th - 08:17am | Lee Dalton

hmmmm --- a very wise man wrote that "Foul language is the pitiful attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully."  

May 25th - 04:38am | amy

if they had of ignored them, it wouldnt have made a big deal. But by doing this, the police gave these people the crowd and audience they were seeking. 

May 25th - 02:45am | Miguel

You obviously stunt l don't understand the definition of police state.  Read the article before making stupid commentary. 

May 25th - 00:21am | Lisa

Personally, I have never felt the urge to make a scene in public by conducting my private moments with the man I love in the open. There's a reason it's called a "private" life. They were groping and kissing and that's nowhere near as attractive as they think. While I didn't see children in the video, it's especially wrong where children are present.

May 24th - 15:43pm | eganser

How is shoplifting a victomless crime? Your argument is invalid.

May 24th - 14:37pm | Anonymous

I agree. By the responses to the officer warning them not to dance, you can tell that they WANTED to cause a disturbance. Then, they post these videos and say the police are the bad people here?? That's the comical part to me, but so many jump on their wagon and defend them, while bashing the police! I hope that those bashing never need the help of an officer..

May 24th - 13:42pm | hmmm

Those cops should be arrested for drawing attention to themselves since that's what's illegal.  

May 24th - 12:34pm | Morgan


May 24th - 12:06pm | A Brit

Probably best to use guns. That would really work!   So unnecessary to over react like that.  Ignore them and they'll go away.

May 24th - 07:02am | Non-Liberal

The people who did this planned this out and were doing this on purpose to get this on camera and claim that they're patriots for free speech, freedom of expression and what not.. They aren't. they're just a bunch of liberals wasting the time and energy of officers that would rather just be patrolling the area instead of arresting someone. 

May 24th - 05:54am | Katherine

They might have been out to provoke a response but they deliberately did a non-threatening, nonviolent, quiet thing, to show how even that can get you judo slammed on the floor with 4 police officers on top of you in America. Watch the video notice how they purposely weren't resisting, but the police were still repeatedly screaming, "Stop resisting!

A Tough Week for Hikers and Mule Riders at Grand Canyon National Park

May 25th - 23:19pm | trailadvocate

Responding to an earlier negative posting (admin):

May 25th - 10:11am | Rob P

My wife and I rode mules in the GC 24 years ago and again recently with our 22 year old daughter, taking the full 2 day trip to Phantom Ranch. Both trips fantastic! Guides were great ans give thorough training and description of what you will encounter. Fear of heights?  They offer an on the spot refund.

Walking Among Giants: A Three-Generation Hut Trek In Norway's Jotunheimen National Park

May 25th - 22:12pm | michelle

Coming To Terms With Death In The Backcountry

May 25th - 11:49am | Tim Slack

An apt and accurate article. Venturing into the wild - whether for adventure, recreation or sport - necessarily entails risk, up to and including death. After years of one-, two- and three-week backpack trips into the Grand Canyon, life circumstances compelled me to make a more protracted experience in that canyon I loved so much.

Dwindling Numbers Of Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly In Biscayne National Park Lead To Collecting Decision

May 25th - 11:40am | valeria

im doing a power point for school on the Schaus swallowtail butterfly

House Republicans Maneuvering To Drop ESA Protections For Wolves, Keep Disposable Water Bottles In Parks

May 24th - 23:22pm | Rick B.

Follow the money.

May 24th - 21:51pm | Lee Dalton

Meanwhile, in Utah the battle over Bears Ears as a national monument continues with fake letters using outright lies to try to scare Navajos into opposing the monument.

May 24th - 21:50pm | rmackie

Lee, right in the middle of it.

May 24th - 21:31pm | Lee Dalton

No surprise here.  Disguting.  But no surprise.  Where is Rob Bishop in this?

National Park Service Director Impressed With Maine North Woods, National Park Proponents Hopeful

May 24th - 21:10pm | Acadia on my mind

There are some interesting parallels between the history of Acadia, and the current debate over the proposed Maine Woods National Monument, as we explore in our latest blog post:

May 24th - 14:45pm | Greenville

This,  is not in your backyard. Newport, Maine is 100 miles from the proposed Monument Park. The local towns most proximate to the Park, have all voted 2 - 1 against it. This has been consistent for 30 years.

Moses H. Cone Memorial Park: A Jewel Along The Blue Ridge Parkway

May 24th - 20:22pm | Rebecca Johnson

Hello, I visited the Moses Cone estate in 2011. It was beautiful.  Now I see it looks like it is in disrepair! Why is this happening to this beautiful home? I do not understand why vendors dominate the house with overpriced junk they peddle, and visitors cannot see the whole house! I I am disgusted to see another piece of history neglected.   Rebecca Johnson 

Lodging In The Parks: New Badlands Cabins A Major Upgrade

May 24th - 19:23pm | Dave Waltz

For all of you that think the cabins to expensive.There is still a campground and you can buy a tent at Walmart for $29.

Wrong Bear Put Down In Connection With Hiker Attack At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

May 24th - 16:44pm | Paulette B

Where did these "biologists" get their degree -- Walmart?

House Natural Resources Committee To Hold Field Hearing In Maine

May 24th - 14:39pm | Greenville

The most proximate communities to the proposed monument have individually voted 2 -1 against the proposal. There is firm and compelling feeling against it. This has remained consistent for 30 years.

UPDATED: Bear Bites Hiker At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

May 24th - 14:35pm | TJ

If this person was a thruhiker tenting near the shelter would be fine.

Cycling at Haleakala National Park Given "High Risk" Rating

May 24th - 12:33pm | argalite

If they just ban commercial bicycle use, that's fine.  To keep private citizens from using the road would be a horrible mistake.

May 24th - 09:00am | Janet Forde

I am so  tired of hearing that when an accident happens it is always rider error. My husband and I were married in Maui and decided to go back to celebrate our 10 year wedding aniversary. We really looked forward to this 2 week vacation and made a lot of plans, including the bike tour through what was referred to as the safest bike company.

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