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Nesting Green Sea Turtle Apparently Run Over At Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Aug 29th - 21:37pm | Rick B.

I'm certain, dumb, that the only reason the park closed an access point was specifically to hurt local businesses. As you say.   Of COURSE, it was a criminal. When you and all y'all's four wheelin' cowboys get together for your morning coffee and grits, feel free to point out the visible diffences between the recreationalists and the criminals.

Aug 29th - 21:20pm | beachdumb

Ramp 32, known as Little Kinnakeet, was opened last year as part of the Park Service's commitment to increase beach access under the Seashore's ORV Management Plan

Centennial Series | Forward Into The Next Century

Aug 29th - 12:19pm | Gary Wilson

I always love reading these articles - "If al runte was king this is how things should be" as he sits in his bunker in sealitter, and snipes the park service at every chance from a long distance...

Aug 28th - 14:40pm | ecbuck

Not at all Rick.  The fact the "park" was state, or privately owned wouldn't change the visitors free will to enjoy as they wished.  

Aug 28th - 14:16pm | Rick B.

The drive to prune the NPS would include, perforce, the conceit that one can define how others see the parks.

Aug 28th - 10:28am | tahoma

Lots of food for thought in this essay, a fine finale to NPT's Centennial Series.  

Aug 28th - 08:48am | ecbuck

Interesting piece.  Spot on with your first point.  The NPS needs to be heavily pruned.  Making Yellowstone (and by inference all other crown jewels) look like they did in 1872 is probably a little overboard and like the currently popular toothpaste and toothpic PC fad, probably undoable.  

Climbing Guide Was Trying To Free Gear When He Fell To His Death At Grand Teton National Park

Aug 29th - 09:07am | James

why would you be sharing a rappel device, when you don't have to, each climber should have had their own individual device.

A Promising Future For Katahdin Woods And Waters National Monument

Aug 28th - 22:59pm | Rick B.

I wouldn't try to argue with a literate spokesman like that.

Aug 28th - 19:59pm | Native Maine

The people her dont want this nice over reach of the governmet Thanks Obummer way to nopt listen to the people nice way to save swamp land and  waste land . Hey want to save maine stop wind power from blasting off our mountains and killing the bats and raptors the filling of the wet lands the clear cuts help save Maine from the out of state wind bandits 

Aug 28th - 15:23pm | Michael Kellett

EC, You are probably right that there will be more development in the future. That can be OK, or even a good thing if it is in the right place, such as in or around existing communities.

Aug 28th - 11:21am | ecbuck

My bet - the area will see far more development the next 50 years than the last.    

Aug 28th - 11:10am | Acadia on my mind

Having spent much time in Maine's North Woods, both along the Appalachian Trail and in Baxter State Park, we are glad to see so much of it now federally protected, through the new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

Grizzly Bear Shot and Killed By Hikers In Denali National Park and Preserve

Aug 28th - 20:57pm | asdadsfadf reads in the article that the bear came out of a bush and ran toward the female hiker.  If that were my GF you better beleive I would unload my rounds into the bear.  stupid tree hugger 

Notes From The Parks

Aug 28th - 08:23am | Rebecca Latson ...

Apparently, some readers of this article are just kinda grumpy.  The goal of the article was to review a series of lodgings for people who do not wish to or are unable to camp in a tent or on a picnic table for whatever reason, be it physical constraints or simply that they don't want to.  I much prefer a lodge over a tent, and that's my pesonal choice.

Aug 27th - 14:28pm | [email protected]

Since the general public is made up of visitors from all income levels, it makes sense that there is a choice among those who prefer more comfortable lodging especially because of health issues or merely the fatigue and mobility issues of aging.  If Tim Cook, Bill Gates,

Aug 26th - 21:44pm | ecbuck

 but one young  camper recently posted something like take out the hotels, replace them with campsites. I am beginning to think he is right.   The two aren't mutually exclusive.  

Aug 26th - 21:33pm | rmackie

David and Kay Scott, thank you for an interesting post. I have seen the escalation of prices for prime units in our iconic parks, they are a little out of my range now. During the Yosemite Merced River Plan litigation, the park was proposing 500 new motel units at Yosemite Lodge while tearing out 500 campsites in Yosemite Valley.

Aug 26th - 13:25pm | David Scott

You are correct, of course.  They rode to SLC on the Zephyr and were riding the Empire Builder back to Chicago.

Aug 26th - 12:24pm | Craig R.

Really? Parks are crowded and expensive during the height of summer? What a shocker. What was the goal of this article? Seriously. You also said, "Fortunately, unusually dry weather appears to have caused many of the bison to head for higher elevations, resulting in fewer traffic jams along the park's crowded roads."

Aug 26th - 08:49am | sheldon

Thank you for an interesting report. We expect to visit Yellowstone and Grand Teton next summer, but circumstances have conspired to prevent a visit to Glacier. It is still on the to-do list.

Re-enactment Coming To Valley Forge National Historical Park

Aug 27th - 15:53pm | Cynthia Mercati

It's 2016, is this re-enactment still being staged?

Lifetime "Senior" and "Access" Park Passes Now Available By Mail

Aug 27th - 15:39pm | KBenzar

You do not have to provide any medical documentation to obtain an Access Pass. You can simply sign a form (under penalty of perjury) stating that you have a permanent disability. You do not have to tell them what your disability is, and they are prohibited from evaluating or judging your disability in any way.

Aug 27th - 15:28pm | KBenzar

The most recent Standard Operating Procedures for interagency passes is downloadable here and answers all of the questions in this thread:

Aug 27th - 12:06pm | Thomas L Engleby

I lost my senior card.  Do I need to buy a new one? Sorry, yes.  Moderator

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Quarter To Be Unveiled August 25

Aug 26th - 23:18pm | Robert "Bob" Pr...

I should be invited to the ceremony because I had a lead role in the movie "Rough Riders, starring Tom Berenger as Teddy Roosevelt.  My character was Indian Bob, and I represented the real 50 American Indians who were real Rough Riders and I'm an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North Dakota.  I was born in Minot, and raised in North Dakota, and I'm the only North D

Will Congress Pass A Centennial Bill For The National Park Service?

Aug 26th - 20:56pm | LindaN

Seniors must live on a fixed income as it is.  The increase in Social Security is a joke.  For goodness sake let this be ONE thing where they get a break.  This is rediculous.

Soda Mountain Solar Project Fails To Get Key Permits

Aug 26th - 08:25am | ecbuck

do we not see on virtually every side people and organizations decrying "subsidies" while holding their hands outstretched to receive "assistance" for whatever their pet project may be?

Aug 25th - 21:51pm | Lee Dalton

Ah, Ha, Alfred, you hit the nail when you wrote: "Rather developers are in charge of these gargantuan projects, and they are laughing all the way to the bank."

Aug 25th - 19:40pm | Alfred Runte

You make a good point, Lee. Whenever Americans want a subsidy for themselves, they refer to it as "the pioneering spirit." Whenever they object to a subsidy for others, they refer to it as a government giveaway. In this case, all I can say is that I am proud of San Bernardino County for rejecting the industrialization of its desert backdoor.

Aug 25th - 16:55pm | ecbuck

who oppose roof top solar Nobody opposes roof top solar per se.  What they oppose is being forced to subsidize it or being forced to use it or forced to look at it.  

Aug 25th - 15:31pm | Lee Dalton

Alfred, there is an interesting dichotomy between those who oppose roof top solar for whatever reasons and those who have installed them and say they love them.  Many of those with whom I've talked realize it is not going to be an entirely profitable venture for a long, long time -- if ever.  But they went into it with eyes open and what might be called a pioneering spirit.  They

Aug 25th - 11:28am | ecbuck

The problem with roof top solar is that it still isn't economic without subsidies and most people still need the back-up from the electric/gas utility but are unwilling to pay the infrastructure cost.  

Aug 25th - 10:09am | Alfred Runte

However, Lee. California is a leader in rooftop solar. My brother installed panels on his home last year, and LOVES them. This remains a commercial boondoggle intended entirely to stick it to the taxpayers--and the public lands. Meanwhile, here's more from the good people at the Desert Protective Council.

Aug 25th - 09:25am | Lee Dalton

Rooftop solar is a much better answer.  But until legislatures begin making such installations easier by removing blocks such as zoning regulations, that will be an uphill battle.  In many places around the country, opposition to rooftop installations is led by power and energy companies that see threats to their bottom lines.  And they have the dollars to spend on opposition.

Aug 25th - 00:55am | Tom Budlong

The Supervisors showed that they understand the value of undisturbed desert, and the indefencisble imbalance of a damaged pristine desert while the the countyu's huge roof-top acreage in the county stays naked. The board is to be congratulated in resisting the short term benefit of spending pristine desert.

Parking Just Got More Expensive at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Aug 26th - 02:48am | Bob DuBois

I agree - they found a way to take money from the retired who earned the right to see the sites.  I had the same exact question and thank you for saying what you did. 

UPDATED: President Obama Designates National Monument In Maine's North Woods

Aug 25th - 21:06pm | ecbuck

Sure Lee, you can ask questions, but you can't call the their questioning ironic. 

Aug 25th - 20:37pm | Lee Dalton

But shouldn't we really be questioning the wisdom of the people who question her wisdom?

Aug 25th - 16:49pm | ecbuck

Raphael - I don't see anyone questioning the rights of a private landowner.  What I see is people questioning the wisdom of her and the governments actions.  

Aug 25th - 12:37pm | Raphael

Oh, the irnony of Republicans complaining about a private landowner (Roxanne Quimby) doing what she wants with her privately owned land (creating a new national park)

Aug 25th - 12:35pm | Raphael

The landowner donated $20 M for that purpose.

Aug 25th - 11:09am | Steve K

Finally! Wonderful news. Over the past 20 years a remarkable amount of land has been conserved in the Maine Northwoods. Still a lot of work remains....

Aug 25th - 00:21am | rmackie

Lou Ureneck, this is nice letter. I can relate to the locals concerns, I live in a county that has a population of about 18,000. One small town basically, not a stoplight in the county. The locals do see the urban sprawl coming closer with the population growth and all the development that goes with it. I think some locals will have some resentments toward the Monument.

Aug 24th - 21:03pm | Lou Ureneck

Applause but also dissent

Impasse Means Yosemite Trademark Issue Could Drag On Deep Into 2017

Aug 25th - 20:07pm | Rick B.

In my experience, most "impasses" are fascilitated by attorneys with billable hours.

Aug 25th - 14:41pm | Bill

They bought all the assets of the original concession company including the intellectual property which included trademarks.  Their contract with NPS said the next concession company would be required to buy it from them at the end of that contract. The disagreement is on the value of those trademarks, not who owned them. 

Wildfires Keep South Entrance To Yellowstone National Park Closed

Aug 25th - 20:04pm | Cat McPeek

Thank you for the update... we are in Gardiner at the Birthday Party and want to enjoy the park for a few more days.. 

Park History: Grand Teton National Park

Aug 25th - 13:47pm | [email protected]

Had the ranchers known that the key buyer was J. D. Rockefeller Jr., their selling price would have been much higher given the AmericanGreed factor.  The ranchers had little interest or appreciation of wildlife habitat, forests,

Aug 25th - 12:25pm | Rick Silverstein

jim, not sure if you are a political libertarian, a reactionary, an isolationist or just an unsocial product of live free and on your own thinking. 

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