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Sunday, June 7th, 2009

  • While Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is allowing free entry to national parks for three weekends this summer to boost visitation, it seems many park travelers already are heading back to the national parks, at least in the case of [url=]Yellowstone

  • Not all encounters with park bears are as cordial as the one depicted in the archival photo accompanying this article. In fact, the one I'm going to tell you about was a bit on the stressful side. I swear this story is true. A ranger related it to me, and rangers never lie.

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

  • The National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia, is reportedly almost out of money and may have to close later this year. A Virginia congressman has introduced legislation to "bring the Memorial under the supervision of the National Park Service." Is an NPS bailout the right answer?

    Here's some background information:

  • Memo to TripAdvisor: If you're going to crow about your survey running down the top 10 parks in the National Park System, make sure they're all in the National Park System and, preferably, make sure they're all "national parks."

  • While one chapter of the climbing history of Mount McKinley remains unfinished, another has been closed with the discovery of two partially buried bodies high on the unforgiving mountain.