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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

  • September 3, 1964, was truly a red letter day. It was then that President Johnson signed into law two of the more influential pieces of recreation- and environment-related legislation produced on Capitol Hill. One was the Wilderness Act, the passage of which signaled the onset of the modern environmental movement.

  • Officials at Big Bend National Park in Texas want to know what you think of a plan to develop a multi-use trail backcountry trail, one whose primary mission would be to accommodate mountain bikers.

  • Here's a novel solution to the woes Montana's livestock industry suffers from elk and bison in Yellowstone National Park: Kill them all. Yup, that's the panacea being promoted by an Oklahoma newspaper.

  • Is the salvation of our natural souls tied to the preservation of wilderness? And if it is, must we actually travel into the wilderness to achieve its benefits, or is it simply enough to know wilderness exists? As the Wilderness Act turns 44, how much has it done to protect nature?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

  • It’s well established that high gas prices are causing many day-trippers, weekenders, and vacationers to travel less and choose destinations closer to home. Travel experts have assumed (but not conclusively proven) that national parks in more distant locations may experience significant long term declines in attendance.