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Thursday, June 4th, 2009

  • If you've ever driven through the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, which straddles the Wyoming-Montana border, you know how serpentine that road can be and how deep the drop-off is. After all, it's called a "canyon" for good reason.

  • The body of a Florida man who went missing in Lake Powell at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area late in April has been recovered more than 400 feet beneath the lake's surface.

  • The longstanding relations between the United States and Canada are being strained a bit by a proposal to mine for coal in a biologically rich and diverse region of British Columbia that just happens to be upstream of Glacier National Park.

  • Make sure you know where the beef is if you're visiting Grand Teton National Park this weekend.

  • It seems non-native species are reaching all ends of the National Park System. In Glacier National Park, non-native lake trout have made it all the way into Quartz Lake, and officials are not happy about that.