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Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

  • National park visitation during 2007 showed a boost of roughly 3 million visitors over 2006 totals, to a total of 275.6 million, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park again led all the "national parks" in visits, with 9.4 million.

    Should these numbers be applauded?

  • How do you like your fish seasoned? A little mercury, perhaps some DDT? That's what you might get if you eat fish caught in national parks in the American West. From Alaska to the U.S.-Mexico border, fish being pulled from national park waters are showing alarming concentrations of heavy metals and pesticides.

  • Russell Dickenson, who managed to survive as director of the National Park Service under four different Interior secretaries and both a Democratic and a Republican president, has died. Mr. Dickenson, Park Service director from May 15, 1980, until March 3, 1985, passed away on February 19 at the age of 84.

  • Negative public reaction to a proposed increase in Olympic National Park's entrance fees has prompted park officials to leave the current fees in place through 2009.

  • Tick off a list of Grand Teton National Park's wildlife and bison, elk, moose and bears come immediately to mind. Bighorn sheep? Not so quickly, but they're there.