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Friday, June 20th, 2008

  • Situated a few miles south of Miami, where it encompasses all but the northernmost part of Biscayne Bay, Biscayne National Park is one of our largest marine national parks as well as the only place in the world where a living tropical coral reef lies adjacent to a large urban center.

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

  • How's that saying go, the more things change, the more they stay the same? That certainly seems to be the truth in the case of national parks jammed with automobiles.

  • Backpackers Abby Flantz and Erica Nelson were rescued after being lost for six days in the Denali National Park wilderness. The two women, who were in good condition and high spirits, used a cell phone to help searchers locate them and were reunited with their families Wednesday afternoon.

  • It’s happened again. A party of Mexican nationals who entered the United States illegally tried to make their way across desert terrain in searing heat and fatally misjudged the risk.

  • Many nonnative plant and animal species that have invaded our national parks pose a danger to the native species. It’s a system wide problem, and it’s getting worse.