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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

  • In light of the weak economy, should it be any surprise that lodging deals are starting to materialize in the national parks? At Glacier National Park, for instance, you can find lodging discounts up to 40 percent per night for visits this coming June.

  • Normally when you hear "22 below" you think of places like Fraser, Colorado, or Ice Box Canyon, North Dakota, not Tennessee.

    But that was the temperature near the top of Great Smoky Mountains National Park early the other morning.

  • Yellowstone National Park entered the new year shaking and rattling. Fortunately, there hasn’t been any real rolling just yet.

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

  • Bullets, not wolves, worked on culling the elk herds in Rocky Mountain National Park on Wednesday with sharpshooters taking down one cow.

    It wasn't much harder than shooting the livestock variety of cows, either, as the shooters were able to get quite close to a small band of elk before a single shot did the deed.

  • Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, in a move that repudiates the Bush administration's energy policies, on Wednesday scuttled a series of controversial oil and gas leases near national parks in Utah.